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Eagles Offense Overhauled With Wide Receiver Additions

huffThe Eagles are undergoing an intense transformation at the wide receiver position. The electricity and playmaking of the speedster Desean Jackson and the sure handedness of Avant are gone.

This season a combination of Sproles and Maclin will be complimented by second rounder Jordan Matthews and third rounder Josh Huff.

Jordan Matthews is both book-smart and intelligent on the football field. Huge hands, tremendous blocker and a kid who is a true “professional” and a “team player.” Likely to be the second tallest wide receiver behind Riley Cooper on the depth chart, Chip has visions of lining up Mathews in the slot to begin the season.

This is a bit of a change to the “norm” of what size/speed combination travels to the uncharted territories of the dangerous football field. It makes complete sense that a guy like Chip would evoke such an offensive scheme. It’s what makes him who he is.

One receiver was a nice addition to the offense, but the Eagles elected to double up on new weapons for our 2014 offensive attack.

Josh Huff is reunited with his former Oregon head coach. This home coming is huge for the transition to the NFL level. His familiarity with the “Kelly Lingo” is going to give Chip confidence in the rookie. Huff is a tough kid; he speaks with a hardened tone. Huff knows what will be expected of him.

He steps onto the football field willing to do anything and everything to help his football team win. He is going to take a violent hit and not turn his head or short arm the football.

We were not going to replace Desean Jackson and what he offered skill set wise. Brandin Cooks could have been close, but it wasn’t meant to be. Avant was a locker room leader, but he was limited talent-wise.

Every receiver who now touches the football can make plays after the catch. Do we have that threat of electric speed? Sproles has another gear, and can do some “special” things to make a lot out of very little.

If Maclin remains healthy throughout the season, he will have the opportunity to break all his previous records with receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. Matthews and Huff are rookies, but they will be major contributors to the 2014 Eagles offense. Jeff Maehl, Brad Smith or Arrelious Benn as our #5 looks a lot better than our depth chart to start the day.

If you take a moment to really digest how different the Eagles offense will look in season two of the Chip Kelly era, you can crack a smile with the possibilities.

Essentially we will deploy a first, second and third round receiver into the line-up that was not contributing last season. Throw in what a guy like Sproles has done his entire career, and sprinkle in the expected jump from Ertz in his second season.

How many days until training camp? The first pre-season game starts at what time?

I was excited to see how Kelly could deploy the “speed” element of our offense last year.

This season he has an arsenal of a handful of new offensive weapons that have a different skill set.

My thoughts after the Eagles added these two receivers?

If all stay healthy, this offense even with the harder schedule will be better than the 2013 showing. on Facebook

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57 Comments for “Eagles Offense Overhauled With Wide Receiver Additions”

  1. Dude. Seriously…? Pump your brakes. I’m happier this second day than I was the first day but you sound like a straight up cheerleader. Not a bit of impartiality. Did Chip or Howie write this article??

  2. This tells me that Jeremey Maclins days are numbered. If Maclin gets injured, has another avg season or has a great year and demands a big long term contract his ass is gone. One thing that is genius about Barney Rubble is sticking Matthews in the slot. With his size and speed the tiny slot corners like Brandon Boykins have no shot on covering him hes to big, strong and fast.

    • Agree completely with Maclin, this does not tie their hands if he has a big season to resign him.

      I’m going to get this out there now and take the lashings from fans….

      Huff could very well be “Hines Ward” like.

      • I agree with you from a physicality standpoint. He’s more shifty and dangerous in open space than Hines Ward. But, he has to do it on the NFL level now.

  3. I think it’s more of Riley cooper might be gone next year not Maclin there not gonna have cooper over Maclin.

  4. I see Huff as a real Wildcard in this Offense
    He’s almost like an adopted son of Chip Kelly as they very close
    Watch WR Jordan on the Outside with Huff in the Slot, man in motion,
    Kick-off & Punt Returns over the aging Sproles
    Red-Zone Offense with Jordan & Cooper Split out Wide,
    Sproles and TE Ertz in the Slots with McCoy
    In the backfield would be an awesome package..

    I see Huff utilized a lot like Randall Cobb is up in Green Bay
    Lots of bubble screens, end arounds, quick slants and hitches
    He’s a converted RB to WR and has lower body, leg strength
    To break thru tackles from DB’s out in space
    Wow, this Offense should be lethal
    Now let’s add Secondary,DT & OL Depth today with
    Final 5 picks. Camp should have some excellent battles at
    WR & LB & Secondary Positions which should elevate all
    Eagle Players..

    • Huff is essentially Sproles replacement. Sproles is 31 and on the decline. I see Huff filling Sproles shoes. Sproles has no future here if this is a 2-3 year project. Huff will come in and learn from Sproles.

      • Huff is a tough little multi-faceted player. He will line-up all around the formation. He knows the offense. He will be our kick off return guy. Sproles has lost a step and it wouldn’t surprise me if his game fell off completely this year and he became James Casey. Get Huff into the game because he is our future.

        • I agree 100% dag. Multi-faceted is an excellent description. And he’s tough. Though I don’t agree with the bs spin in regards to how they handled the Djack release, Chip is clearly getting “his” type of guys. I believe barring injury, there will be open comp at the wide-out position from top to bottom.

  5. Cooper deal isn’t a 5yr deal it’s really only a two yr deal no way you keep cooper over Maclin if Maclin is healthy and has a very good year hell they already offered Maclin a long term deal he turned it down and him and howie said they should be able to work something out during the season.

  6. Expect the Eagles to trade the 1st pick of the 4th round. Someone is gonna trade up for Tom Savage the Pitt QB. I would swap 4th round picks and a 3rd round pick in next years draft.

    • And someone is going to get a tough, talented qb who will challenge for the starting job regardless of who the starter is. I wish Savage was the ‘value” pick we took Barkley with last year. He passed the same eye test with me that Foles did. Too many Kolb like vibes with Barkley.

  7. Josh Gordon expected to be suspended for the 2014 season for another failed drug test. SMH. Reports are that the front office knew about this but the coaching staff didn’t. They passed on Watkins and any receiver thus far.lf this is true if I would be furious if I was the HC.

  8. Cooper Casey Celek Ertz holdovers
    Maclin Sproles Huff Matthews new additions
    wow – they have depth in the passing game now —

  9. Don’t see Maclin staying long term. If he had Matthews’s toughness, maybe.

  10. Jaylen Watkins 5’11 ran a 4.40…

  11. Shit I wanted Keith McGill

  12. Let the bitching commence!

  13. I see them drafting at least 1 more corner today

  14. Couldn’t get Sammy take his brother, this kid will play right away . Would have loved Desir though.

  15. JWatkins visited with the Eagles a few weeks ago so they’ve had their eyes on him for awhile… Good value pick

  16. Lol…Jaylen Watkins home economics teacher was Nate Allen’s mom. No joke

  17. Im happy they have more speed in that secondary… The only one with speed is Boykin, now we have a burner Watkins has some wheels..

  18. Jags got Aaron Colvin

  19. 2002 – The Eagles know Hugh Douglas the unsung leader of the defensive line is due a big payday after the season and will save some serious coin if they can replace him in next year’s draft.

    So, the spin machine begins…….

    Dave Spadaro (with a receding headline at this time) downplays the importance of leadership and start openly question whether or not Hugh is worth more money getting up in years.

    The writing is on the wall and the “Golden Standard” of the NFL let Hugh walks.

    The fans were livid at this blatant cheap action with an Eagle’s team so close to the prize, so the Eagles scouting team goes to work.

    2003- The draft……..

    The Eagles have swung a trade up from the 30th pick!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eagles fans are leaning forward and can’t wait to hear the good news!!!!

    Is this Troy Polamalu to be paired with the relentless Brian Dawkins?


    “The San Diego Chargers have traded the 15th pick in the draft to the Philadelphia Eagles for their 30th and 52nd pick in this year’s draft, and with the 15th pick in the 2003 the Philadelphia Eagles pick Miami’s “Jerome McDougle”.

    He sucks ass and get shot waiting to get a blow job behind walmart.

    The Eagles lose again the the NFC Championship game becuse they couldn’t get a decent pass rush when it counted along with shit at the wide reciever position.

    next 1st round bust post in an hour.

  20. Part of that Bryce deal, the eagles may have swapped 7ths with the Bills this yr

  21. come on…no DT ?? can we at least get a prospect there???

  22. What’s the over under on how many Oregon Ducks Chip drafts next year?

  23. article written by Dave Spadarooooooh……ummmm

    Almost gave it away.

    “I’m really Jeff Kolsky”.


  24. How is Reynolds going to make this team? Maragos isn’t going anywhere he is ST ace that we desperately need and went out and acquired. Jenkins is set as one starter. Wolfe isnt going anywhere. It will come down to Nate Allen a veteran backup or going with rookies. Plus Watkins is projected at both S and CB. They only keep 4 safties. Reynolds will mysteriously have to go to IR or the practice squad IMO.

    • After drafting Reynolds, in his presser, Kelly stated that they can keep 4-5 safeties. I think Reynolds will be around.

      • Reynolds will replace Allen next year as he is only in a one year contract. Reynolds will be Allen’s understudy and take his place next year. Don’t be surprised if Malcolm Jenkins is gone after next year too.

  25. Reynolds game is very similar to Nate Allen,
    Has some size but is just not a very physical Player though he’s fundamentally
    more advanced than when Allen came out of College
    I’m curious to see how he looks. He’s a good Player, well Coached with upside just plays a little tentative and soft when watching him similar to how Nate Allen
    Plays, where it appears they tend to think too much instead of just letting it rip and trusting your own game..

  26. Hey guys this draft blows chunks and I’m trying to look for positives. They could have done better than Hart and Reynolds but again they haven’t even put the pads on so now we wait to see if these guys can play.

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