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Eagles Select Jaylen Watkins At #101

watkinsThe Eagles began the third day of the NFL Draft by addressing a need on the defensive side of the ball, selecting cornerback Jaylen Watkins with the 101st pick.

Watkins is 5’11, and 194 lbs. He’s a fast corner with decent ball skills that can play either safety or corner.

The knock on Watkins is that he’s not very big, and could stand to increase his strength a bit.

Watkins could potentially compete with Roc Carmichael for a spot on the depth chart. on Facebook

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109 Comments for “Eagles Select Jaylen Watkins At #101”

  1. I like this pic. I watched a few Florida games this past season, and the kid was all over the field.

  2. I think I was the only person calling for Jaylen Watkins on this board (to go along with Purifoy in the later rounds). Love this pick

    • Good Call Pheags, trust me Purifoy may go undrafted kid is a straight up criminal.

      • Biglion I was really high on the Florida corners. You have probably seen them play much more than me. Purifoy has talent too I would have taken him as well in the 7th.
        I know he has some questionable character tho. What about Christian Jones falling like this? he must of killed somebody, something is not right with that

        Its all luck at this point but I just dont like Reynolds. I would have taken Craig Loston who I have been calling for as well. Dude can flat out hit

        • Christian Smith has failed multiple drug tests going back to FSU, Purifoy is actually better than Watkins but that kid is trouble. Watkins will challenge for a starting job this year.

  3. By Roc Carmichael. Go kick the ball in the end zone for a touch back on another team.

  4. Like the Pick,
    I was very high on Watkins also and had him mocked in many of my thousand mocks leading up to the Draft..
    6-0, 195 lbs, good hands & feet, and great upside
    And has played well versus good WR in the SEC
    Will compete by 2015 for Starting outside CB
    And will be a rotational/special Teams Player in 2014
    Nice Job Howie & Co..


  6. Bryce brown traded to the Bills for a 4th rd pick

  7. Birds get a future pick for Bryce..

  8. Now we need to trade away Brandon Graham

  9. More trades on the way, players for picks..

  10. Raiders got McGill….. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT

    • Eagles weren’t goingvto take him because of off the field issues. I’m thinking they’re not taking Christian Jones because of failed drug test.

  11. Doesn’t make sense the bills gave up a 1&4 in 2015 to move up this year to get Sammy Watkins

  12. This is exactly what we need!!!!

    a repalcement for Roc Carmichael!


  13. I wonder if Christian Jones will still be available when the Eagles pick

  14. They should’ve picked him at 101

  15. The black mamba to KC.

  16. There picks in the 5th need to be Christian jones and mccullers

  17. Damn Desir has some skills.

  18. I want dion bailey and christian jones in 5th

  19. Telvin smith messed up his draft with all that talk about not playing safety IMO

  20. Oh wow another Oregon player lol

  21. We are officially the Philadelphia ducks

  22. Hahaha I was just about to post that

  23. Easily the best draft in the division!!! Not the NFC but in the divison!

  24. Is our next pick at #162?

  25. Good off-season. Lost DMe and Brown but added Sproles, Matthews, Huff, Jenkins, Smith and Watkins. Plus Kruger will be ready to compete this year with Hart and whomever else we add. Extended Kelce, Peters and brought back Maclin and Cooper.

  26. They must not be very high on LB Christian Jones like the rest of us

  27. ****Breaking News****
    Chip Kelly to have “William Penn” removed from atop the City Hall Bldg
    And replaced with a large Duck ..
    but Construction to begin around July 4th Weekend,
    More Details at 11pm…

  28. 49ers are killing it this Draft..
    They reloading with a lot of young Talent

  29. SF will be a good team for the next decade. They stock pilled picks a few yrs back and now it’s paying off.

  30. Jordie Tripp is still on the board

  31. This draft is so freakin deep my god

  32. ILB Shane Skov here???
    RB Lache Seastrunk
    Safety Ahmad Dixon

  33. Ed Reynolds…that’s a good value pick.
    Nope..they don’t like Christian Jones. Drug test killed him I think.

  34. Had the right School (Stanford) but wrong player.
    Safety Ed Reynolds a solid pick here,
    Good Cover Safety and Plays Special Teams..
    He will compete as a 4th/5th Safety

  35. Do we not have a 6th rd pick?

  36. Ed Reynolds = Chris Maragos. We already have the same type play on the team. He will have a hard time making this team. Look for Reynolds to be on practice squad.

    • I think he’s a more physical Nate Allen with better ball skills. Better than Maragos.

    • I agree Dag – It’s more of the Pac 12 Homeboy network….

    • Reynolds is nothing like Chris Maragos who is a in the box type of Safety with limited coverage ability..
      Reynolds game is very similar to Nate Allen’s.. A deep centerfielder type with good ball skills, just not very physical though he has good size
      And upside, well coached and has avoid shot at making the Team

      • I disagree, Reynolds is way more physical. He was suspended a game for targeting and kicked out of a game for the way he was going after the ball carrier, may have been targeting too. He does hit and can play with a mean streak. He can play in the box and zone as well.

  37. Chip Kelly about to talk on espn

  38. In my opinion the jags have had the best draft so far.

    • They had a great second round. two very good receivers. However, the reached big time with Bortles. Totally over-hyped. They learned nothing from the Gabbert selection. The 2 best were Derek Carr and Bridgewater. My value steals are Savage from Pitt; the undervalued Mccarron from Alabama, and Tajh Boyd from Clemson. They could have traded back and still landed Carr or Bridgewater and really deserved your praise. Bortles deserved the same scrutiny given to last year’s crop. I’d also take Johnny Football over him as well. But Carr and Bridgewater will prove to be the initial studs of this draft. Mark it down.

      • The Bortles reach was horrendous. People get enamored with a “look” of a guy and forget to pay attention to what matters – the tape.

        Bridgeater by far was the best QB in the draft and the Vikings got a STEAL. Carr is a decent pick there are some questions but I think he could pan out to be a decent QB.

        In the right system Manziel will do well But losing Gordon is a HUGE blow. Bortles is the most likely of the group to be a huge bust. There is nothing good about him but size and a big arm. He’s a project QB at best. And Jags shoot themselves in the foot again.

        • TS he doesn’t even really have a big arm.

          • All I know is he should have been taken no higher than round 2.

            Hell they could have taken Mack wheeled and dealed and STILL got Bortles. I was looking at the screen like O_o – it’s like they learned NOTHING from the Gabbert over reach. SMH.

  39. I like that they drafted my cousin Taylor haha hes a good kid, his parents raised him very well…

  40. Don’t like this draft fellas, I like Matthews and Watkins and that’s it.

  41. 49ers,Ravens,Steelers and Panthers all had nice Drafts

  42. Mettenberger will be the Titans QB of the future he’s better then Locker right now.

  43. The Steelers did it again, drafted another gem in the 6th DT Daniel McCullers. He may start day 1 though they’re known for stashing their draft picks the 1st yr then letting them loose the following years (What I believe the Eagles are trying to build here I.e Joe Krueger)..

    I like the Eagles picks but they were limited because of the small amount of draft picks they had.. wish they would have had a 6th rounder dag man.. their were gems left..

  44. Did the big receiver from Missouri get drafted? I think Washington is his name.

  45. Time for the UDFA list.

  46. The 2014 NFL draft…..making people’s mock drafts and arm chair analysis look like horseshit.

    Lmao Christian Jones

    • Jones did not get drafted because of the drug concern, nothing to do with a lack of talent.

      • He was 4th Rounder at best and probably a 5th Rounder without
        The Drug Test hanging over him,
        LB’s just don’t have the Value inked your a special Pass-Rusher or just a stud in the middle which Jones is neither

    • I had many Players selected in the Rounds
      Close to where I predicted..

      The Eagles moved up and drop back in almost every round
      That it made it impossible to be close on who they actually Selected
      I called that Marquise Lee, Kony Ealy, C Kouandijo , T Jernigan & L Nix
      Would all drop into 2nd Round
      I had Eagles Trading Down to #26 with Browns
      And getting their #83 Pick to do so
      I had TE Niklas at #54 to the Eagles and he went
      #52 to Cardinaks
      I had WR Moncrief going to Eagles at #83
      And he went #90 to the Colts
      I had CB Watkins at #126 in many Mocks and the Eagles took
      him at #101
      I had DE Tyler Hart & Safety Reynolds in some Mocks in the correct Rounds
      And even had DT Beau Allen as a 7th Rounder in a couple

      All in all I was pretty close with nany Players,
      which is always a crapshoot

  47. Jones did not get drafted. Thats all that needs to be said.

    • Nor did Vontaze Burfict!
      He signed with the Jags, if he can leave the weed alone he will be a baller.

      • He went undrafted. That is all. People’s 1st and 2nds end ed up being 3rd 4th 5ths and 6ths. Just show the relentless analysis is meaningless

      • Trust me Gus Bradley will have this kid breathing fire and if he stays clean will make every team who passed on him look stupid. Signed with the perfect team.

        • He already has one foot out the door in the NFL.

          • So he better keep it on the straight and narrow then.

            • Big does he make Jags? There’s more to his story especially Jernigan gets drafted.

              • Izell he failed numerous drug tests at FSU, when he failed the combine test he told teams about the tests he failed at FSU. Jimbo Fisher kept it quiet. If he’s clean he starts for the Jags at some point and is on the field in the nickel package from day 1.

              • If he failed numerous tests at FSU then at combine he’s not with it. Kid is clueless.

              • Why did he confess to the failed tests at FSU?

                That’s insane.

                It’s always moronic to test positive for weed. There are SO many products that will clear that out of your system in little to no time. And you KNOW you’re gonna be tested. Why the hell won’t you dry out?

              • TSu
                Thats just pure mental immaturity or just stupidity either way thats not a guy you want to invest in.

                Hell look at Josh Gordon. Already in the program. Coming off a monster year and going to throw away millions for something that tops even the finest weed, worth thousands.

                Idiots at their finest.

              • Who knows why these kids do what they do, I also heard it didn’t interview well at all.

              • Big

                Derrick Dockery was at the gym today and he said the same thing Chris Cooley told me a long time ago…if you get busted for weed you dont care and your an idiot. They long gives you the exact window you will be tested and if you arent in the program you dont get tested during the season. so literally theres a 4 month window before the preseason you cant smoke weed or do PEDs.


  48. anyone got any Eagle non drafted rookie free agent signing info ?

  49. nobody has signed purify or colt lyria ill take a flier

    • I’m surprised Lyeria wasn’t drafted, he has 2nd or 3rd round talent. Purifoy does as well but he has court cases pending stay far away from that kid.

      • That kid messed with coke I believe…you dont want anything to do with someone on hard drugs.

      • No surprise at all,
        Was a pretty weak TE Class too..
        He was projected as a 7th Rounder/UDFA
        All Draft Run up.. He’s too small beside his Drug Issues

  50. League drug rules are no joke not worth it

  51. I love the Huff pick….the kid is a beast. His blocking has me hype. He blocks like Hines Ward

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