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Eagles Trade Bryce Brown To Buffalo

BryceBrown1The Eagles continued to stay active on the trade front during the draft, sending running back Bryce Brown to Buffalo in exchange for a conditional draft pick. Its a fourth-round pick for next year that could potentially become a third.

Brown showed us during his two years in Philadelphia that he had tremendous potential, but was still a little raw and wasn’t quite an ideal fit for what Chip Kelly wanted to do offensively. Still, Brown made some big plays for the Eagles towards the end of last season, including an important touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys.

Brown became expendable when the Eagles picked up Darren Sproles. With Chris Polk also on the roster, it would have been difficult for the Eagles to keep four running backs. Brown was the most tradable of the three, but he was also the one guy I would have been most confident in giving a featured workload to in the event that LeSean McCoy sustains an injury. Sproles is more of a utility player than a true running back, and Polk has had constant durability concerns. on Facebook

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71 Comments for “Eagles Trade Bryce Brown To Buffalo”

  1. Amazing how a Bryce Brown a back up RB (one trick pony) gets the Eagles a good draft pick but you don’t get a bag of footballs for Djax. The Eagles fucked that up. If Djax didn’t sign for 8 million a year from Washington I would give the Eagles the money issue thing but clearly that wasn’t a issue. Teams knew he would be released. Doesn’t make sense. Kudos to the Eagles for getting a nice haul for Brown.

  2. It was clear to me last year that this kid wasn’t part of Kelly’s plans. Glad we got something for. him. I agree Dag this only highlights how much they phucced up the desean release. Aside from the reach in the 1st round, they appear to be drafting very solid with an emphasis on toughness.

  3. Nobody was trading for 10mill

  4. Taylor hart wow the Philly ducks

  5. I will now translate some of the Eagles lawyer verbage.

    When you hear phrases like….

    “This kid character fits in well with our locker room”.

    They’re really saying…

    “This guy will save us millions when we replace a current player who is due a big payday next year”.

    “We buy time by using words like, “kid”, “character”, “great learning curve”.

    “Hell, the apologist Eagles fans led by our “Captain “nut sniffer” Howard Eskin will allow us to continue to bend over the fan base while we steal their money and dry rape em.”

    “GO EAGLES!”

  6. Do you see what he got traded for Paulman???….That’s not a 6th Round pick.

    A 4th, that could be a 3rd – which I said he was worth talent wise.

    • LOL, there is no owner- they are selling the draft out the back door for future employment and or cash bonuses in yellow envelopes at the doughnut shop – if Ralph Wilson is alive no trades get made — every man for themselves up in Buffalo

    • A future Draft Pick typically returns 1 Round Higher
      Than the current Value since it’s in the Future, GMCliff
      They apparently got no offers for a mid-round pick in this Years Deep Draft Class or they would have taken it, right Cliff??
      And it’s the Bills so good deal for Eagles..

      • Paul, no need to overanalyze the situation….Bottom Line, I told you that he was worth more than the 6th round pick you were underestimating him for. I applaud Howie for that move.

        • Like I said, a good Feal for Eagles since Brown is not a fit for Kelly’s Scheme who prefers in-between Runners and Brown has NFL Talent for sure but has to stop trying to bounce every run outside and must improve his Blocking, pass Receivibg Skills if he ever want to be more than a back-up
          I still don’t understand why Brandon Graham wasn’t traded even if for a 2015 Pick for both Brown & Graham are not going to make the
          Eagles 53 Man Roster anyways..

          • Graham, has no value now….they could have traded him 2 offseasons ago…He has no value

            • Yep Cliff, I agree with you..
              If they could have gotten a 6th/7th for even Next Years Draft,
              Then it would have happened already ..
              They should just flat out release him tommorrow along with Danarius Johnson & Casey Matthews.. No need for these 3 to take Reps away from all the young players they are bringing in..

              • So do you see why I wanted to trade him the year before when some thought he was going to led the league in sacks???

                The would have got at least a 3rd round pick for him that offseason, and would have gotten something for Jason Babin that year as well following his 18 sack mirage…..

                The Eagles have got to do a better job, in recognizing when it’s time to release a player, and stop rationalizing that they’re worth more than they are….like Cole, Babin, Fletcher, and Logan

              • Trade him and release him for what? That makes no sense. The guy was the main sub at OLB of the bench last year and room a pure pass rush perspective wasn’t a disappointment. They played it out with Graham here’s nothing wrong with that. With your identify release early I will show Clemons Barnes Witherspoon. Guys they supposedly pegged early couldn’t fit play then next v year double digit sacks.
                You can hold on to Graham til the end of preseason same with Curry.
                Moving Cox and Logan makes no sense at all.

              • Another reason why Marcus Smith shouldn’t have been drafted at 26.

              • No he wasn’t IJ….Vinny Curry was the main sub…There were games that outside of special teams, Graham didn’t even get in a game….

                What I was referring to Paul, was the year some claimed he got a certain amount of sacks based on his snap count that him starting would result in more sacks, and better production,,,I said that was BS, and we should have traded him anyway. His value couldn’t have been higher…….The next year, what I said would happen happened….now he has No value…..

                Brandon Graham isn’t crap IJ. ….That has been proven over the years, and he should have been traded years ago. Its nonsense to rationalize he’s better than he really is to save face. The got it wrong with him….That’s a fact, otherwise there would have been no need to draft Marcus Smith…

                Cox, Logan, Barwin – Moving them makes sense IJ, when you can get value for their sorry asses, and get better with quality draft picks.

              • Graham and Curry both played 25% of the snaps in 2013 but Curry played inside while Graham played outside, additionally Curry was a healthy scratch the first 2 games. The same amount of snaps Jamie Collins ( 26%) played that GMCliff gets a hard on for.
                Barwins played 94% Cox 73%, Cole 73%, Thornton 60%, Boykin 51%, Wolff 43%,Logan 40%

              • and yet despite your denial, of his talent still was the one who also made the all rookie team, that LAME Johnson DIDN’T..

                Curry’s production can’t be matched by Grahams, those snaps don’t mean crap. Graham wasn’t anything close to a player of any value last year….

              • Curry also played both inside, and outside…FYI

              • Sorry Cliff but youre off base on Lane Johnson and Barwin Cox. Nothing really supports the claim other than you don’t like them. Lane Johnson isnt a stiff and using the all rookie team as the basis of the argument really makes the argument look dumb. Popularity contests dont cement player status. Evan Mathis is an afterthought amongst his peers because he was a journeyman that came out of nowhere.

                Lane Johnson has been praised by scouts and players alike. I personally have spoken to both sides.

                I really don’t know what the hell youre talking about when it comes to Barwin. Without him this offense would be an atrocity at the LB level.

                You would have gotten nothing for Babin coming off of 18 sacks because his value was always overshadowed by the fact that his production only came in the wide 9. Lets not have revisionist history about a journeyman DE that had 2 years of play at the expense of the overall defense.

              • and I am not getting involved in you and E0S pissing contest but Brandon Graham was the main sub off the bench at end and Vinny Currys primary role was at DE. It can’t be disputed.

                Bryce Brown actually showed flashes of play and that is why he returned some value…and bluntly the Eagles fleeced the Bills who made dumb trades all weekend.

                The moment they drafted Graham and both players drafted around him achieved better success he had no value other than to the Eagles. No ones giving up a 3rd round pick for a guy who you don’t see major pass rush potential from.

              • Respect your position on it IJ,…but I still disagree…..

  7. Once the Eagles make a pick in the 7th round, they will have 72 players on their roster. So room for 18 UDFAs if they want…

    They’re gonna be busy busy busy when this draft ends.. this has to be one of if not the deepest draft in history..

  8. Fellas honestly I love the birds, but this draft fuckin suck. I only like the wide receivers the rest of these project ass players suck dick. Hope I am wrong go birds.

    • Jaylen Watkins is good value as well Diddy, and I am not so down on Marcus Smith as I was originally because of where he was drafted, but I agree with you about the rest of the draft outside the WR’s and those players..

      I’d give them a SOLID C… upgrade from last years draft, which I gave a Z-

  9. Michael Sam the open fag is still waiting to be called.

    Maybe he run out of the closet to the “pillow biters” anthem
    “IT’S RAINING MEN”, once his name is called.

    • The NFL has spoken. Him not being selected speaks volumes. You cant tell me he isn’t worthy of a pick. It didn’t help him that they showed him at home with his boyfriend by his side.



  10. Dam McCullers just went to Pittsburgh in the sixth. Why can’t the eagles understand, in order to run a 3-4 effectively you need a true Nt. They need to get bigger up front, that’s why they couldn’t stop New Orleans in the playoffs. It all starts up front.

    • Steelers have had an excellent Draft
      Their best one in 10 Years
      Added Dri Archer, Martavius Bryant, Jordan Zumwalt,
      Though I was not crazy about their 1st Rd Pick in Shazier who is about 235lbs and will have a difficult time getting off blocks at the NFL Level

      • Paulman, Shazier is a tackling machine he will do wonders in The Steelers LB style defense.

        • At 235lbs, he will get tossed around and have a hard to he getting off blocks.. Just not a good fit for him ..
          He will be a good Blitzer due to his Speed but neither him or Jarvis Jones are very good in Pass-Coverages so if they are both out there on the field at the same time in a passing situation
          I’m passing the ball to the flats that they vacated and blitzed from easy 10-15 Yard gains..

      • They sure did….I loved what OAKLAND DID!!!

        • Panthers wasn’t bad either..
          They ended up with 6 Picks
          WR Benjamin (Big Target with promise)
          DE Ealy (who is a prefect fit for their 4-3)
          Guard Trai Turner (Compete at RG for Starter)
          CB Benewicke (Nickle Back-Special Teamer)
          RB T Gaffney (a versatile, tough back)

          They failed to get an OT or any speed at WR

      • Ray Lewis was 225-235 when he was drafted by the Ravens, then bulked up to 255 260 all muscle..

    • Howie doesn’t want to lose face for drafting Benny Logan, so he’ll stick with him until his job is on the line……Meanwhile, Everybody else, and their mother knows he’s too small, and just an average rotational player.

      So teams will continue to run up the middle on us…….

  11. Yes a big fat nose tackle thank you eagles

  12. If Christian jones goes undrafted they better get him as a undrafted rookie.

  13. Beau Allen from Wisconsin was a nice pick,
    He’s a big load, high energy, tough, run-stopper who has a real good chance of making the Team.. He’s not very athletic or do much of anything in rushing the passer but is very stout and good in short-yardage & Red-Zone Defense to stop the run which the Eagles desperately need..

  14. GMCliff- as promised — ( without Howie’s help)
    The 2014 2nd Annual Beat Howie Roseman Challenge —
    #26 – Stephon Tuitt
    #42 – Jordan Matthews agree with the pick ( Cody Latimer )
    #82- Carl Bradford
    #101- Jaylen Watkins agree with the pick ( Daquan Jones)
    #141- Jared Abbrederis
    #162- Kendall James
    # 224- Jackson Jeffcoat
    I hated the first round draft selection,
    I give the draft a C grade. I would have went 5 tech DE first round ( Tuitt vs Hart) then OLB in the 3rd ( Bradford vs Marcus Smith) . I like the Matthews and Watkins draft selections and would have done the same.

  15. Redskins has a questionable Draft

    OT Moses from Va is considered soft
    DE Trent Murphy is not athletic, strong enough
    Guard/Center S Long was considered a 5th/6th Rd Prospect
    CB Breeland is a solid Developmental Player & Special Teams
    A Kicker where they could have signed on as an UDFA

    They addressed their OL but with questionablr Talent but failed to address their Secondary.. Selecting Trent Murphy when LB Jeremiah Attachou was still on the Board is a head scratcher.

  16. Cowboys had 2 excellent Picks out of the Gate in
    OL Zac Martin and DE D Lawrence who will start right away
    They traded a 2nd/3rd to Redskins to move up in the 2nd To grab Lawrence
    But after that made some questionable Picks
    They took LB A Hitchens in 4th when he was considered a 6th Are Prospect
    But did 2 Select players late that can help their Secondary
    In Safety Ahmad Dixon & CB Terrance Mitchell

    • Both Redskins and Cowboys were after Smith and Lawrence was the trade up.

      Smith and Matthews flip flopped and no one would say otherwise.

      • TE’s reports thT Redskins was going to select at #33 and once Eagles took him decided to move back and get additional Picks
        Reports also that Patriots were also very high on Marcus Smith
        And were the 49ers.. If Eagles didn’t Select him

        • The Eagles made the right move in taking Smith when they did.

          • If he can play, I would have drafted Bucannon at 26 and tried to get Ealy later. My reasoning is Bucannon and Jenkins would be my safeties. Smith may not see the field.

            • Early is a 4/3 end with no ability to transition to 3/4 Big.

              At the Senior Bowl they put him at OLB and he graded out better than DEs there for the conversion.

              I would rather take a chance on pass rush then take Buchanon at 26 and he’s just a guy.

              Plus it wouldn’t be fair to him because with no pass rush he gets exposed early.

              I understand where your coming from though.

  17. Giants Draft was solid by unspectacular
    Added Playmaing WR & Return Odell Beckham which gives them speed on the outside, then added the best Center in the Draft in Weston Richburg
    Who will be a 10 Year Starter from Day 1
    Then took big RB A Williams from BC who is a typical downhill RB that agiants like and then Safety Nate Behre from San Diego St
    They are still in need at WR, TE and DL but did add 4-5 Quality Players in Free Agency on Defense..
    The RB Tandem of Rashard Jennings and Rookie Williams are the type that will pound the Eagles between the Tackles and give them fits, which the blue print that many Teams will use against the Eagles in 2014 as did the Saints in last years Playoff Game.. Pound, pound, pound and wear the Eagles Front 7 down, shorten the game and Keep QN Foles,McCoy & Co on the sidelines..

  18. 2014 Offensive Rookie of the Year
    WR DaVante Adams of the Packers
    2014 Defensive Rookie of the Year
    CB Justin Gilbert of the Browns who will see a lot of passes his way since most Team will chalkenge him instead of CB Joe Hayden

    • nice, good idea –
      Ebron– Rookie of the Year
      Tuitt — Defensive rookie of the year

      • Ebron could put up huge numbers with teh Lions Weapons..
        if Stafford matures under new Coach Caldwell, their Offense will be scary
        Megatron, Golden Tate as Receivers, Reggie Bush adn Joquie Bell in the backfield and then Ebron splitting the seams

    • That’s really so hard to predict Paul, this draft is so watered down with overdrafted players..

      • The Players were Drafated where they were Drafted, we’ll find out this Fall which Players were ready to take the next Step and alot has to do with who they end up playing for..
        I look at 2 WR’s that will have a lot of Success out of the gate

        Saints WR Brandin Cooks for example.. There’s a good Possiblity that TE Graham holds out due to Contract Dispute, Colston is another year older, The Saints Released Lewis Moore & Robert Meachem and have Kenny Stills returning so Brandin Cooks may get a lot of Passes his way

        Packers WR Davante Adams will replace James Jones in the Packers Scheme who had a career year who replaced Greg Jennings the year before as that X or Y Receiver in the Packers Scheme..
        Adams can play inside or outside and QB Aaron Rodgers is primed for an MVP Season and I see Davante Adams catching a lot of passes

        • I agree with your call on Brandon Cooks, only because he will be playing with Brees…….

          I disagree with you about DaVonte Adams. He is in a learning mode this year…The Packers have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and don’t forget about Jarrett Boykins, who showed out when Cobb was hurt…They also have Chris Harper, and also drafted Jeff Janis who could surprise….

          Adams won’t be featured in any way this year to warrant such an accolade…

  19. GMChicken, lets go narrow that impact list down and help the birds draft posthumously — its time for you to take on Howie Roseman ( mano a mano)

  20. NFL Coach’s Fired after the 2014 Season

    Cowboys – Jason Garrett
    Dolphins – Joe Philbin

    Players that will announce their Retirement from the NFL after the 2014 Season
    Mike Vick, Champ Bailey, Ed Reed, Charles Woodson,Jason Whitten
    Vince Wolfork, Santan Moss, Justin Smith and Troy Palomulo…

  21. New Coach’s hired next Off-Season

    Cowboys – Hire Jim Mora, Jr
    Dolphins – Hire Jimbo Fisher of Florida State

  22. I don’t know what is more amazing Rex Ryan remaining as head coach or Rex getting another 1st round pick for that defense again.

  23. NFC Comeback Player of the Year
    Tie between Falcons Julius Jones & Eagles Jeremy Maclin & Cardinals OL Jonathon Cooper

    AFC Comeback Player of the Year
    Colts WR Reggie Wayne & TE Dustin Keller

    NFL Offensive MVP – QB Aaron Rogers of the Packers
    NFL Defensive MVP – Tie between DE Robert Quinn of the St Louis Rams
    and Panthers MLB Luke Kuechley

    Most Yards Rushing – KC Chiefs Jamaal Charles
    Total Yards from Scrimmage – Bears Matt Forte
    Most Pass Receptions & Yards – Broncos Demarius Thomas

  24. ***NFL News**
    The “Washington Redskins” have agreed to change their Nick-Name for the Start of the 2015 Football Season
    Details on how they will go about Selecting their new Name will be given out this week or next as Owner Daniel Snyder and his Team figure out whats the best Way to Select a New Name
    There is a Proposal that they will have the Fans select their New Name from a list of the Following 5 Names

    1) Washington Generals
    2) Washington Cherries
    3) Washington Lobbyists
    4) Washington Scroundrels
    5) Washington Monuments

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