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Eagles Extend Reserve Offensive Lineman Alan Barbre

barbreThe Eagles plan on having an extremely stable offensive line situation for the next few years.

They’ve got all of their starters under contract for multiple years, and today they announced that their top backup has been signed through the 2017 season.

The team has come to terms with Alan Barbre on a three-year extension. Barbre proved to be a very valuable reserve for the team in 2013, showing that he was capable of playing either guard or tackle quite well in a pinch.

The coaching staff liked him so much that there was some talk of him replacing Todd Herremans in the starting lineup early in the season while Herremans was struggling, and Barbre stepped up when called upon to replace an injured Jason Peters for the entirety of the game against Green Bay. on Facebook

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74 Comments for “Eagles Extend Reserve Offensive Lineman Alan Barbre”

  1. Nice job by Eagles of locking up Barbree for the next 3 Seasons and believe he will be Todd Herremans replacement at RG by 2015 for sure, if not sooner
    One the big reasons the Eagles did not Draft an OL is the Depth and youth they already have along the OL.. Dennis Kelly, J Vanbdervelde, Matt Tobin, David Molk & Mike Bamiro are all young promising Payers who can be groomed as Quality Back-ups and possibly as Starters.. and then the 4-5 Undrafted/Camp Players who they may find 1 or 2 Players to groom
    one thing that Coach Kelly and OL Coach like are versatile,athletic OL with long arm reach and good feet, they groom these young Players to play all Postion which adds to versatility and Depth in case of injuries..

    I would not be surprised to see both Barbree & Kelly replace Guards Mathis and Herremans come 2015 as they are on wrong side of 30 and making big Salary’s at a Position which usually doesn’t command Top $$$

  2. From all accounts, the eagles wanted to draft an OL in round 3, but an unexpected run forced them into drafting the BAA ((Huff). I look for them to draft a OLman early next year.

  3. In the 3rd Round when Eagles Selected WR Josh Huff (#86 Overall)
    the Following OL Prospects were on the Board

    Guard Chris Watt from Notre Dame who went to the Chargers at # 89
    Guard Trai Turner from LSU who went to Panthers at # 92
    Guard Brandon Linder from Miami who went to Jaguars at # 93
    OT Michael Schofield from Michigan who went to Broncos at # 95
    Guard Brandon Thomas from Clemson who went to 49ers at # 100

    I like Trai Turner and Brandon Thomas upside from this bunch…

    • Gabe Jackson was also available

      • Incorrect GMCliff
        Gabe Jackson was selected by the Raiders with the #81st Selection
        so Gabe Jackson was not available when the Eagles were due to Select
        at the #86 Pick..

        • With Lane Johnson headed to many years as a Pro Bowl Tackle and Barbre to replace Herremans this OL is going to be the best in the NFL for years to come. Kelce is here for years, Peters has 4-5 good yrs left, and they can groom Mathis’ replacement this OL is set barring injuries.

          • My surprise OL this Camp is Center/Guard David Molk
            (from Michigan) and 3 year Eagle OT/Guard Dennis Kelly
            If both these Players perform well and push the Starters along with Barbre, this OL is in pretty good shape
            I also like Matt Tobin as a swing RT/Guard

            The Eagles have a pretty Deep OL in comparison to many Teams in the NFL

  4. I don’t know why I notice things like this, but when you are at games you have to do something during TV timeouts. I watch what players do on the sideline….

    I notice that a lot of players flock around Alan Barbre. When the defense is on the field every offensive lineman is chatting with Barbre… When the offense is on the field all the defensive lineman are chatting with Barbre. He seems to be one of the most popular players among his teammates.

    At least it appears that way…

  5. WOW San Fran just gave them bum Krappernick 126 million. lmfao guy cant throw for shit and just got the biggest qb deal ever. haaaaaaaaaaaa

    sucks for the niners awesome for krappernick and jewelers and sunglass makers world wide

    • 6 Year $110 Million Extension with a NFL Record $61 Million in Guaranteed Money…which is crazy $$$…
      The Happiest 3 People in the NFL and probably the entire Planet are the Agents for Russell Wilson, Cam Newton & Nick Foles…

      • Now Paulman let’s revisit something I said before about Foles, if he has anywhere close to the year he had last year he’d be a fool not to ask for nothing short of Cutler/Romo money period!!!

        • If Foles has a similar Season Stats wise and
          Leads the Eagles to the NFC East Crown and to the Playoffs and
          Wins a game or 2 in the Playoffs, he will get
          A Top 10 QB Salary and deservedly so, with how the market is for NFL QB for the Top 10-12 Teams.. It is what it is…

          • I don’t even think he has to win a playoff game, go 35/8 win the division and Chi Ching money in the bank.

            • He’ll get a good Contract with 35/8 TD’s and 2nd NFC East Crown in a row, No doubt about that, but to get into the Top 7-8 QB $$$,
              He and the Team will have to have some success in the Post-Season
              Bottom line to me, is that if Foles has a very good Season,
              Than chances are, The Team is having success and a good Season.

              • The NFC crown is shit!

                The division is atrocious,so winning the NFC East is not saying much.

                Let’s see what they can do in the Playoffs beyond getting booted out wildcard week, the we can talk about crowns.

              • A typical Assanine response Songs,
                It all starts with Winning the NFC East first with the hopes
                Of possibly getting a Bye and a Home Game..
                No Wild-Card from the East is going to happen with a stacked
                NFC Conference
                Maybe the Teams in the North,South & West can all beat each other down a bit while Eagles dominate the East
                And end up with a better overall Conference Record and Seed
                But you have to make it first..

    • Maybe the 49ers and there terrible history should of asked the Eagles there advice on how to build a champion. Hell Kapernick has never even won a playoff oh wait, hes never been to a Super no wait hes old and no wait. Oh hell forget it.

  6. I know one thing I saw Peyton Manning and his epic season and his 7 td game play Seattle. I also saw the non throwing Kapernick give Seattle fits. I then heard Richard Sherman and company say they would much rather play that record setting statue then Kapernick. Go figure.

    • good points dag, the new age qb should throw for a completion % lower than 99% of his peers, should throw for 1000 + yards less than his peers, 10 + tds less than his peers, have a top 5 d and have no ability to throw guys open. if u have all those things u 2 can be the highest paid qb in the game.

      • Colin better be buying everyone on his squads d something sick. Without that d he would be looked at as a bottom 10 qb

      • His defense sucked against the Ravens in the SB. His defense gave up a ton to GB in the playoffs and that stellar defense got knocked the f&&k out last year by Seattle. If it wasn’t for Kapernicks playmaking ability it would of never came down to the last play. SF would of got what the all mighty career leading 1 SB winner Peyton got. Embarrassed.

        • Mhenski the wonderffulthing about it is the Eagles will get to see how bad Kapernick is this year. Hell he might not even complete a pass in that game.

      • Good points????

        17 – 10 SF. ALmost entirely on Kaep scrambling (I think he had 100 yards by the early 3rd Q. What does Seattle do. change the way they rush Kap, keep him in the pocket and watch the wheels fall off.

        Last Q and a half. Sack Fumble. Interception. Interception.

        Would love to read what you’d be saying if Foles closed out a 4th Q in a playoff game (that they were leading) like that.

        • Vinnie I would say thanks for the SB appearance and the thrilling last play of the game NFC championship game in your 1/ 1;/2 years as our starting QB. How about that?

  7. Richard Sherman and company say they would much rather play that record setting statue then Kapernick.

    Bullshit! I would like to see that in writing…. Was that before or after Sherman made the choke sign in his direction after Kaepernick threw the game-ending interception in the NFC Championship Game.

    Was that before or after Kaepernick said “He’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I’m looking forward to exploiting next year.”?

    If Richard Sherman ever said a kind word about Keapernick I never heard about it…

    About Manning, Sherman said – “The Broncos stand in our way, and it’s a large obstacle. They’ve got the smartest quarterback in football and receivers who are large (mostly), explosive with the football and run great routes.”

    • I don’t care what you believe. Like I said Richard Sherman said that Kapernick gives them fits because of his mobility and that they would much rather play against Peyton Manning. He never said Kapernick was fucking better than Peyton he said that they could do everything right and Kapernick was the X factor with his legs. Whats so far fetched about that?

  8. Hey Look. I’m a happy guy. SF just tossed 60 million guaranteed at a bad QB.

    They’ve demolished their own salary structure, thus eliminating themselves from future playoffs consideration after this year.

    Again, all on a guy who can’t throw accurately.

    This is Fantastic news for the Eagles.

    • The salary cap is going up 25-30 million in the next 2 years. The Eagles are the only team that doesn’t realize that. What do you think Jim Harbaugh and the 5 time world champion and 49ers are dumb. Like I said Harbaugh and company should of consulted with the crew for there advice because we all know if you don’t have a certain, let me say, feature at the QB position you suck.

    • Bad Quartershback in Kap?

      What is a QB that leads his team to the Superbowl then have his team in the NFC Championip worth?

  9. Against Settle
    13 of 28 for 127 and 3 ints
    15 of 29 for 150 and a pick
    14 of 24 for 153 and 2 picks

    Against Indy
    13 of 27 for 150 and an int

    Against Carolina
    11 of 22 for 91 yrds and a pick

    Good thing this guy got to pas his stats against the lowly defenses of the world like Washington, TB, GB etc (wait – who we talking about here), because when he faces a good D (esp on the road) he gets eaten up.

    7 games last year below 55% (and 3 below 45%) when the league average is in the 60s.

    Keep running around Kaepernick….its all you got….2 more years of punishment on those legs + salary cap hell = bub-bye 49ers.

  10. Kap is a good QB, and he is tough and a winner. But I’d take Luck, Wilson and Foles over Kap for sure. Unsure about RG 3… if he’d never had knee surgeries, I’d definitely take him over RG3. Alex Smith had a 104 qb rating and was 6-2 for them just two seasons ago before Kap took over and they went to the Superbowl.. so they were already bound for a top season. Certainly a different story than the Eagles last year when we had a terrible record before Foles took over.

    • meant i’d take a never been hurt edition of RG3 over Kap…

    • i’ll go on record right now. Luck will never make it to the AFC Championship game and will be another Matt Ryan.

      • I wi go on record and state that Luck will not only have an outstanding NFZl Career, but will get to 1-2 Super Bowls and win at least 1..
        He is the total package and best QB to come along in 10 Years..
        If the Colts ever get a legitimate RB, they will be contenders on the AFC
        For years to come.. They do get RB Vic Balkard back who missed all of last Season to go along with Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson
        So they will have a good shot at a deep Playoff run in a pretty weak AFC outside of Broncos/Pats and the rising SD Chargers

        • really all the Colts need is a legit RB???? they need a legit offensive line… there are many RB’s in this league who will be successful with a legit O line. Maybe not Shady/AP territory, but a RB is usually the product of the o – line.

  11. Its always a excuse when its a certain “type” of QB. Yeah yeah yeah it was the defense. Yeah it was the defense that did it. comicalHe had nothing to do with it. He cant throw, he cant read defenses, he sucks. It was the defense.

    • Dude,

      The D (and rest of team) is being brought up because….

      3 years ago SF were a dropped punt away from the SB the year before with Alex Smith.

      2 years ago hey were 6-2 with Smith and 5-3-1 without him.

      1 year ago they were in the exact same place as 3 years ago.

      I don’t hear you clamoring over how good Smith is. You probably think he stinks (I do). But seeing that the 49ers accomplishments with either QB was just about the exact same, I don’t see why its such a great leap to think that Kap isn’t as important as you seem to think he is.

      • And Smith is so good the Georgia kid will be starting in KC by the end of the year. No later than the 2015 season.

        • Agreed. He isn’t any good. I just said that.

          But what I’m also saying is that with all his supposed “ability to make plays” the inaccurate kaepernick hasn’t been able to lead the 40ers anywhere the shitty Smith has.

          So 60 mil for a guy who took the team no further than Smith would have if that punt returner had just taken a step back.

  12. Kapernick isn’t good he’s a good runner but as a passer he sucks if he is worth that foles might get 160mill cause he is 10x better than him.

    • I give up. You are correct. The 49ers and Harbaugh and the great pro bowl producing staff are stupid and gloomy, Vinnie, irish from are geniuses and knows whats best for the 49ers. lmao.

  13. Wonder if Vick will get a Contract Offer from any Team after this 2014 Season with the Jets.. It would be pretty bad for him not to be able to beat out Geno Smith…

  14. Its just hard for me to believe a team with 8 homegrown probowlers who in the last 3 years have been to 3 NFC championship games and 1 superbowl don’t know what they are doing. But hey the mighty Philly fans know best. The never won anything know it all fans.

    • 49ers issues will be on Defense
      With DE Aldon Smith Likely Suspension
      LB N Bowmna likely to start Season on the
      PUP List for the first 4-5 Weeks..
      And a new and young Secondary
      LB P Willis and DE Justin Smith do not have much left in the Tank
      A Wildcard is RB Lattimore after missing all of last Season with his
      3rd Knee Injury & Surgery, but boy, when healthy as he is now and 100% cleared, this back can dominate and I expect him to take over for Frank Gore as the feature back for the 49ers by mid-season

  15. The Philadelphia Eagles have never won a fucking thing and our fans have the audacity to criticize the San Francisco 49ers. lol. That takes a lot of fucking nerve. The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t even in the same hemisphere as that organization. Are you kidding me. At our pace if we win 1 SB in the next 3 years it would take us 300 years at the pace we win SB to even be in the same sentence as them. And we criticize there moves. LMFAO.

    • Hey the niners can do whatever they want! They are a well run organization with a good track record and a good QB. I’m happy for Kap for cashing in also. Opportunities like that don’t come for many people at all, so good for him. Can’t criticize the niners because that is just the market for top QB’s these days… all I will say in comparison to Philly is that I really like Foles and would rather have him as my QB.. though Kap is a real competitor and winner and will have a fine career.

  16. You stick Kapernick and the 49ers in the NFC East next year and stick the Eagles in the NFC west and the 49ers go 15-1 and the Eagles would be 7-9. Then the 49ers with Kapernick would be hosting Seattle in SF and going to the SB again. I guarantee you that.

  17. That’s why they play the aGames
    I fully expect the Arizona Cardinals to beat out the 49ers
    For a Wildcard Spot behing the Seahawks leaving 49ers out of the hunt
    For 2014 Playoffs..
    The other Wildcard will come from NFC South or North

  18. Eagles are 2 Years away from legitimately contending with the
    Seahawks,Packers,Saints, 49ers & Cardinals in 2014
    They are 2nd Tier along with Panthers,Bears & Lions
    I’ve satiated 50 Years do another 2-3 Tears is not going to kill me..
    Eagles will continue to build Roster Talent & Drpth thru the Draft and stay away from any big name agree-Agent signings which I am all in favor of
    90% of Free-Agents end up being overpaid and under perform
    Out with the old and In with the new..
    Players older than 29-30 I would toss out and replace, outside of an
    Elite QB or a atop LT,
    Position Players like RB’s, WR’s, DB’s, are replaceable every Year or Two..

  19. Wait so Kaepernick is going to be the highest paid player in the NFL now? if its true might be the funniest thing I’ve heard in sports all year.
    O wait because the Niners actually won Superbowls over a decade ago the moves they make must be genius.
    I guess all the moves Jerry and the Cowboys make every year have to be genius too since they got some Superbowls back then too…Paying Romo (who is a arguably a better QB than Kaep) all that money must be genius move. How dare knowledgeable football fans call those moves stupid? LMAO

    Hey Good for the Eagles. This will kill the Niners cap to keep the best actual talent on their team. The cap will need to go up 50 million to keep all that talent they have in defense, Oline, WR, TE(isnt Davis holding out already) Hell that team was dominant with Alex Smith. The Niners could have some bum like Ryan Fitzpatrick as their QB and get to the Superbowl.

    Hopefully the Eagles can pick up some of the defensive players they cant afford to pay in the next 2-3 years

    • Cap goes up 25-30 million over that time span. There cap situation should be fine.

      • Arron Rodgers 68% 4700 yrds 45tds 6 ints….guatanteed 54million
        Drew Brees 71% 5400 yrds 46 tds 14 ints….guaranteed 40 million

        • Didn’t finish…

          Manning 68% 5500yrds 49tds 10 ints….guaranteed 30 million

          Kaepernick….58% 3200 yrds 21 tds 8 ints….guaranteed 60 million


    • You think the cheap ass Eagles brass will pay 49ers defensive players to come here?

      Where have you guys been in a cave?

      • Did they not pay Runyan? (highest contract for a OT at the time I believe) Did they not pay Kearse? (highest free agent contract at the time I believe).

        They’ll bring in FAs when they need to.

        But not yet – for 2 reasons:

        1 – They’re not close enough yet when a FA or two would push them ‘over the top’ as they say.
        2 – They have to sign their own young players to LT deals (and won’t you hate that when it happens)
        3 – There weren;t any good FAs available for the kind of stupid $$ that was being tossed around this year. I guarantee you both the Saints and Broncos were wishing there was a 30 day $$ back guarantee on the 2 overrated safeties they wasted their cap space on.

  20. This board is funny.

    I said month ago Kaep was getting paid. Whether or not folk think he’s a bad QB or good QB didn’t matter. Market had already been set for QB pay (Thanks Bears and Dallas) and any QB that had made noise in the post would want AT LEAST Cutler money.

    The usual suspects bitched and moaned and declared how dumb I was. So typical. But I said it then and I’ll say it now. Cutler and Romo’s contracts are going to dictate QB pay for a minute.

    No agent who wants to keep his client and continue to grow his roster is going to allow his QB client with a history of getting to and winning post season games to take less money than Jay Cutler.

    Not. Going. To. Happen.

    So ya’ll can continue to bitch and moan about the worthlessness of Kaep and “running” Qbs in general (funny how the NFC playoffs featured 4 “running” QBs), but what you need to worry about is if Foles leads the team to the playoffs with a playoff win especially he’s gonna want Cutler money too.

    It will be fun to see how that plays out.

    • Exactly TS, the penny pinchers are going to have to ante up if old Nick puts up anything close to last years numbers.

      • No Surprise really, about 1/2 of the NFL Starting QB’s are close or above the $15 Million a Season Salary.. It is what it is and what the “Market” will pay…
        I think Foles with a good 2014 Season and Team Success with get in that $13-$15 Range for the next 2 Seasons and then bounce up to the $17-$18 Range with probably around that $45 Million Figure in Guaranteed $$$ on a 5-6 Year Deal

        • lmfao at tsjohnson trying to proclaim that she got bitched at and called dumb for saying kaepernick was going to get paid. haaaaaaaaaaa SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH

          everyone that follows football knew he was getting paid, EVERYONE


          how about your proclamation that mccoy wouldnt be able to run anymore when foles took over? and that foles couldnt throw deep and that foles is like alex smith? they are your predictions that matter because we care about the eagles not 49ers

          • regarding Kaepernick, more news about his deal

            Colin Kaepernick’s new contract is a year-to-year deal.
            Armchair GMs that spent Wednesday bashing the 49ers for the “$126 million” deal with “$61 million guaranteed” need to click the link below. Essentially, the Niners can cut Kaepernick before April 1 of each year without owing any more money — so the actual guarantee is just $13 million ($12.3M signing bonus, $645K ’14 base salary, $100K ’14 workout bonus). There is also a de-escalator in the contract that can only be halted if Kaepernick takes the team to the Super Bowl or he is named first- or second-team All-Pro. A source tells Pro Football Talk that San Francisco is “thrilled” with the pact.
            Source: Profootballtalk on
            Jun 5 – 8:31 AM

            NOW THIS MAKES A LOT MORE SENSE FOR SAN FRAN. although he wont really be cuttable because they have no fallback option

            • That’s a good deal for the 49ers and protects them if Kapernick has issues or plays poorly, gets injured, etc,etc…

    • TS the only QBs they complain about is McNabb, Vick, RGIII, and nos its Kapernick. Lol

  21. TS the only QBs they complain about is McNabb, Vick, RGIII, and nos its Kapernick. Lol

    Not one of those QBs you named ever won a super bowl… You can add Tony Romo and Jay Cutler to the list of over-paid QBs as well.

    I think Kaepernick deserving a huge contract. He is better than stiffs like Romo and Cutler, and they set the current market value. Wait till you see what Wilson and Luck get….

    • krappernick is nowhere near as good as romo. cutler is a bum so ur probably right there but maybe not

      • and Matt Ryan as Overpaid as well.
        So is Matt Stafford who puts up big numbers every Season, but is dumb as rocks and lacks leadership big time..
        Joe Flacco is Overpaid and Overrrated, soon as they built that offense around him and his passing game and abandoned the Run, their Team became a .500 Team..
        Andrew Dalton is about to get overpaid here real soon too..

    • They only complain about……blah blah blah

      Convieniently ignoring posts stating Alex Smith is shit a half page up. Ignoring constant bashing of Stafford, Cutler, Palmer and on and on.

      Blinders on to only see what they wanna see.

      • None of the players give a fuck what you think. 61 million guaranteed. “You can tell everybody Im the man Im the man Im the man. Engoy tending to you sheep in whatever country your in right now.

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