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Making The Opening Day Roster: James Casey

JamesCasey2What went wrong in 2013 because very little went right.  Casey received a lucrative contract to bring his multi-dimensional skill set to the Eagles had a forgettable season.

With Celek and Ertz in front of him on the depth chart, there were only so many snaps for tight-ends.  Chip was public about his admiration for the way Celek blocked, an intangible that Casey was never known for during his time in Houston.  Ertz was blessed with the combination of size and athleticism to be used in multiple formations that trumped what Casey could provide to the offensive arsenal.

There is talent that warranted the Eagles to target him in free agency a year ago.  Is there still a chance to prove his worth?   With the trust Chip has in Celek and the increase in snaps and expected production in year two of Ertz, where does Casey fit?

Emil Igwenagu would be the next name in line for the 3rd tight-end spot, and undrafted rookie Trey Burton played multiple positions in college and would come with a cheaper price tag.

A strong camp by either of these players could be enough for the Eagles to search for a trade partner; and end Casey’s tenure in Philadelphia.

Casey works hard at his craft and has proven that he can be productive at the professional level.  Will his dedication and efforts earn him a roster spot with the Eagles for 2014? on Facebook

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10 Comments for “Making The Opening Day Roster: James Casey”

  1. Kolsky kills it with another ground breaking article.

    • Ryan, we are at a time in the Eagles season where OTA’s and player/coach interviews give us our football fix. It is a time to look at both the Eagles depth, offense is what will carry us under head coach Chip Kelly. He runs a ton of plays, he likes to use multiple weapons, and tight-ends have always been a big part of his game plan. Casey was the biggest free agent signing last season for the offense. There was talk about all of the ways Kelly would use him, and for the reasons I mentioned, he never became a big part of the offense. With Ertz showing that he can be used as both a TE/WR, a 3rd TE will see an increase in playing time this season.

      If the film on Casey showed last season that he could not play, I would not consider looking at what he could do for the Eagles this season. The more weapons that can produce the better, the Eagles will keep atleast 3 TE’s and use all 3 of them.

  2. There will be no Trade Partner for Casey who will end up being Released unless he has a very Strong Camp.. You do have to remember that when he signed last Off-Season, he ended up having a Scope Surgery on his Knee last mid-May which set him back, missing many of the OTA’s and Football Drills thru much of of August and was not really a 100% until the early Fall, Not making any excuses for Casey, just keeping it real, but he was behind all last Camp in picking up this Offense and getting the Reps needed on the Practice field due to a gimpy knee.
    Now it’s 2014 and he needs to put out or he will be released since it’s very unlikely a Team would take on his Current Salary
    There are many Teams in need of 2nd/3rd TE like the Jets,Dolphins,Giants,Steelers,Browns,Bills,Raiders, etc,etc, but no one is taking his current Salary of $3.5 + Million..

  3. That was Barneys 2nd bad move last year in wasting money and a roster spot on Casey. Honestly Barney should of given Casey the courtesy and released him by now so he could latch on to another team before training camp. In fairness the Eagles didn’t know Ertz was going to be there in the 2nd round. Barneys biggest mistake was drafting Barkley. There was atleast 5 QBs in this draft that could of been had in round 5,6 or 7 that were much better developmental players than Barkley. I. wouldof loved to have picked up McCarrons. Its all in hindsight. This years 4th round pick Watkins is a potential starting CB. Last years 4th round pick Barkley is a 3rd string backup QB.

  4. If UDFA TE Trey Burton can pick up Kelly’s System quickly and show the ability to Block, he will be the 3rd String TE over Casey.. Burton is not big, but is a super athketic, versatile, play Special Teams and is the type of Player that Kelky likes, he’s smart and played QB,RB,TE while at University of Florida

  5. Burton went undrafted for a reason! He just simply is not that good. Just bc he went to Florida and played 3 positions doesn’t mean he is good. Think about it….3 positions and couldn’t stick to be the starter for long at any of them. He is another Tebow type…..plays just good enough to be a college player but against good competition week in and week out HE ISN”T ANY GOOD.

    • Burton is only 6-2 250lbs which is why no one Drafted him as he is not your proto-typical size TE.. What he does offer is Versatility, the ability to play multiple positions Split out in the Slot, Set in Motion, Coming out of the backfield and Play and contribute on Special Teams which most 6-5/6-6 270lbs TE’s cannot do…
      This is his best Chance to land in the NFL is with the Eagles, so let him give it a shot…


  7. Burton is nowhere close to 250 lbs, he won’t be a TE in this league anytime soon. Even at 230 which is still heavy for him I like him better than Casey, he needs to find a new home he’s damn near stealing money.

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