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Notes From The Phillies’ 4-1 Loss To Cincinnati

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Arizona DiamondbacksThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their second straight game on Sunday afternoon, falling to the Reds 4-1. Their record drops to 25-36.

  • David Buchanan pitched six innings, allowing four runs on six hits.
  • Buchanan started strong with four scoreless innings, but came unraveled in the fifth when he allowed all four of his runs.
  • It was just another dreadful day for the offense, scoring just one run on six hits.
  • The bats went 0-5 with runners in scoring position.
  • All six of the Phillies’ hits were singles.
  • Chase Utley went 0-3 and drove in the team’s only run with a sacrifice fly in the third inning.
  • Ben Revere went 1-3 with a single, a walk, and a stolen base and came around to score the lone run.
  • Cesar Hernandez went 0-4, starting at third base.
  • The bats completed their miserable effort by going down with three strikeouts against Aroldis Chapman in the ninth.
  • Antonio Bastardo pitched two scoreless innings to finish the game.

Final Thoughts

It just gets worse and worse, folks.

The Phillies follow a 4-7 homestand with a 1-5 road trip, and put themselves 11 games below .500.

This team is about as close to unwatchable as you can get, and we just finished the first week in June. The way things are going, its scary to think about what this group will look like after the trade deadline.

We knew this team was bad going into the year, but we didn’t expect them to be a contender for the worst record in the majors, and the way things are going they’re almost certainly going to be one of the top candidates for that illustrious distinction. on Facebook

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71 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 4-1 Loss To Cincinnati”

  1. They are so bad & irrelevant, that I can’t even get angry anymore. I’m now totally apathetic towards them. How this ownership group still hangs on to the architects of this organization, is nauseating, & infuriating! It’s unbelievable, & an embarrassment!

  2. They will be a basement Team for the next 3-4 Seasons..

    Some of here stated over the last 2 Years that since the Phils had success and Sell-Out Games every night that they would now become like the Red-Sox/Yankees/Dodgers where they don’t rebuild, but instead, they reload every Off-Season..
    I told him then and I repeat this again, the Phillies Ownership Group are not similar to the Red- Sox/Yankees and are not as determines and hell bent on trying to Win every Season.. They are driven to make a profit which is about all they care about and a please fan experience at their Stadium..
    Some Fans just don’t get it, This Ownership are not Baseball People, have very little understanding about the Game and are business people first…

  3. can we talk about how much of a disgrace it is the sixers are building their practice facility in fucking camden?

    our front office keeps preaching how important it is to have a state of the art practice facility and that it is a major factor in recruiting players to sign here and now they are going to throw it in fucking camden???????????? haaaaaaaaa

    what free agent is gonna take a spin through fucking camden and be like oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is the place for me???????????????

  4. Paulman’s 2014 NBA Mock Draft

    # 1 – Cavaliers – SF Andrew Wiggins – Kansas
    # 2 – Bucks – SF Jabari Parker – Duke
    # 3 – 76ers – TRADE back to Celtics for their # 6th & # 17th Selections
    Celtics take Center Joel Embiid from Kansas
    # 4 – Orlando – Guard Dante Exum from Australia
    # 5 – Utah – PF Noah Vonleah – Indiana
    # 6 – 76ers – PF Julius Randle – Kentucky
    # 7 – LA Lakers – PF Aaron Gordon – Arizona
    # 8 – Sacramento – PG Marcus Smart – Oklahoma St
    # 9 – Charlotte – Guard Elfird Payton – Louisiana Lafayette
    # 10 – 76ers – SF Doug Mcdermott – Creighton
    # 11 – Denver – PF Dario Saric – Croatia
    # 12 – Orlando – SG Nik Stauskas – Michigan
    # 13 – Minnesota – Center Jusuf Nurkic – Bosnia
    # 14 – Phoenix – Guard Zach LaVine – UCLA
    # 15 – Atlanta – PF Adrienne Payne – Mich State
    # 16 – Chicago – SG Gary Harris – Mich State
    # 17 – 76ers – SF TY Warren – NC State
    # 18 – Phoenix – Guard Tyler Ennis – Syracuse
    # 19 – Chicago – SF James Young – Kentucky
    # 20 – Toronto – SF Kyle Anderson – UCLA

    • That is the dumbest move you’ve ever suggested.

      I would be okay with Randle if they moved up to get him from #10, and McDermott, as a Kyle Korver specialist, but Ty Warren isn’t an NBA Quality Prospect.

      Every player on your mock after Randle will stink as a Pro…….EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM

      • I think there are about 5 Quality NBA Players
        (Wiggins, Parker,Smart,Randle, Payton & McDermott)
        And that’s about it…
        Guard Elfird Payton is my Darkhorse Player in this Draft ,
        Though the 76ers don’t need him since MCW is their Guard,
        But this kid can Play and take over games

        • What about your boy Harris? You love that guy.

          • I like his NBA upside very much, but he would have been better staying at Mich State to improve his Ball Skills/Shooting..
            He can play Defense, run the Floor & Pass pretty well out of the gate,
            but needs to improve his Shooting which I think he will

            • But this is not a new thing. Almost every player on your list would have benefited from another year in college. Maybe Smart is the only one. All of them could use another year to become better basketball players and not just great athletes with potential.

              • I agree Biggy, Which again is why I think 76ers need to Draft multiple Players by Trading back..
                It’s not like 1-2 Players are going to turn around this Franchise within a year or two, but 3-4-5 Playwrs in the Top 40 will
                Speed up the process

              • make that Bugsy..

  5. This Draft is not as good as many think
    Lots of ??? all around the Top 20 Prospects
    Embiid? Exum? Vonleah? Ennis?
    Will all be Boom or Busts with my $&$ leaning towards busts

    • Everybody should be smart enough to see Tyler Ennis should have stayed in school. There is no ???? when it comes to him – it’s obvious he’s nothing special.

      • About 1/2 these Underclassmen should have stayed in
        School.. Ennis, Young,McAdoo,Stauskus,
        Gordon,Grant,the kids from UCLA, etc, etc and could have
        Used another Season at the College Level

        • I agree Paul…their games won’t develop sitting on the bench or in limited play…

          • Which is why I have the 76ers trading back a few Spots to get an additional 1st Round Selection
            To me, after Wiggins, Parker, then next 15 Players or so need time, have upside but not a lot of difference in upside based on Team Needs
            so why not get that 3rd Pick
            76ers 3rd & 10th could end up with 6th,10th & 17th which down the road may be better for them in the long run..
            76ers need Players (bodies) and Quality Players with upside, so why not get a 3rd one in 1st Round, as it will still take 2 Years to reap the benefits & develop any of these Draft Picks

            • Yeah but there is a serious fall of after #6. I wouldn’t trade down for even more serious question marks, or even someone who will be relegated to the bench the majority of their career…or barely make the team……

              Makes no sense to trade down for something less talented….

              • There is a Fall-off after the Top 2 Players
                then a 2nd Tier from # 3 to about #7 and then a Crap Shoot after that ..

              • Yup. I agree Paul.

                But I wouldn’t draft any of those prospects from 8 on.

                I would try to get back into the 1st Round, with some of those 2nd rounders to trade, and perhaps get a #1 for next year, 2016, or 2017

              • yeah I agree with gmcliff on this one. If there is a big fall off after 6 or 7 (depending on how you see it) I would rather try to move up and get one of the PFs to go with Parker at 3.

              • It will be tough to move up to Top # 6 Spots with every other
                Team wanted the same Players

  6. Did the Phils lose again last evening..
    I heard the Team was Down to the US Air Crew in a Team Game of Rummy
    Last evening at 35,000Ft… This Team can’t catch a break!!!

  7. ***Sixers Draft News***

    The Sixers are actively trying to move up into the 1st spot of the NBA Draft, with all intention of picking Andrew Wiggins, who they are absolutely in love with.

    I’m hearing that they are willing to trade their # 3 pick along with possibly throwing in Thad Young, but under no circumstances will they trade both the 3rd and the 10th to move up. Its only one or the other.

    The Sixers also have workouts scheduled with both Andrew Wiggins and Dante Exum (Further emphasizing my previous posts from weeks and months ago about the Sixers wanting both players) Dante is a lock to go top 4.

    Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, are players the Sixers aren’t opposed to selecting either if Wiggins isn’t there. Dante is looking to be their second option (depends on his workout, has to “Wow” them)

  8. You’re hearing? Or did you just read both article in about this yesterday?

    • The 76ers have reportedly inquired about trading for the Cavaliers’ No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft, with Thaddeus Young potentially part of a theoretical deal.
      The Sixers hold picks Nos. 3 and 10 in the draft. They’re reportedly unwilling to trade both selections, but would “possibly” give up the No. 3 pick along with Young, who wasn’t happy about Philadelphia’s transparent tanking of the 2013-14 season. By trading Young this season, to the Cavaliers or elsewhere, Philly could get substantial value for him before potentially losing him in free agency next summer. The draft will be held on June 26, so the Cavs have a few more weeks to weigh offers for the coveted No. 1 pick.
      Related: Cavaliers
      Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
      Jun 10 – 4:00 PM

  9. Sixers are all in for Wiggins, and also love Exum. But it will all come down to what the Cavs want to do. If the Cavs dont bite and end up picking either Embiid or Wiggins and the Bucks take whichever one that falls, the birds could very well go Exum at 3, especially if he wows them at his upcoming workout..

    It all comes down to what the Cavs wanna do and if Exum impresses (I know he will)..

    • I see them trading MCW to get Exum, and a future #1 JH, and still draft Wiggins either at #1, or #3……

      Exum, and Wiggins, should be our backcourt of the future. Then they pursue Kevin Love, or LaMarcus Aldridge, with the #10, some 2nd rounders, and Thad.

      • GM, I totally totally agree and Ive been on here for a loooong time saying they want Wiggins and Exum (“they could trade Mcw for Exum”) been saying this for awhile.

        Next years draft is another pretty good one but Id still trade that 1st next year protected top 5 if it meant getting both Exum and Wiggins, they both are studs. They could still get a good power forward in this years draft by trading Thad and that 10th pick, could be for Vonleh or Randle (hope not Randle, too small, no natural position in the league)

        • “hope not Randle, too small, no natural position in the league”

          LOL. this shows how clueless jonhart is. Julius Randle is a PROTOTYPICAL power forwrard. lmfao 6’9″, 250 lbs is too small haaaaaaaaaaa

          • Check his arm length genius. They’re small, therefore he will struggle at the power forward position, being the height he is means very little.. Hes too small to run PF because of his small arms..

            Case and point, Zach Randolph, theyre the same height only huge difference is that Randolph has a wing span of 7’4-7’5, why hes able to score over virtually anyone…

            He should be a small forward but hes too slow to keep up with
            players at that position, too small to contend with the bigger longer guys at the PF position..

          • No reply? Instead you fish elsewhere because I shut you up. If you don’t know what you’re talking about and bring zero knowledge to the site, take your crap somewhere else..

            If you knew anything you’d know that its not all about height. You probably think that if you’re tall than that means you’re good ha

            You’re determined to make this more than sports. You quote me, then insult me but don’t add any wisdom to anything you say, just bash bash, no knowledge no nothing just loserville talk..

            There is always a reason behind what I say, I don’t pull this out of thin air as you just witnessed..

            So you run along now and study up on basketball, then come back and tell us what you learned

  10. I believe the 76ers have set their sights on Wiggins and then Vonaleh
    I think they will look at Parker/Embiid or whoever falls if they sit Tight # 3
    but are not crazy about either one
    I am not sold where Drafting Exum at # 3 really fits in playing along with MCW..

    If Wiggins is gone (which I think he goes #1) then I see the 76ers Trading back a few Spots and grabbing Vonleah/Randle plus gain additional assets.. It’s all about Value for GM Hinkle..

  11. Its all a smokescreen for Wiggens. After the surprise trade of Holliday out of left field last year I just cant imagine the Sixers front office tipping their hand and telling the world they want Wiggens all of the sudden.They must really like Embid. The key to there draft is (what I am hearing) is the # 10 pick and packaging Thad to move up to 6,7,8 to take Randolf. The problem is the Lakers and Celtics are there and are rebuilding and probably don’t want Thad.

  12. All the Teams in Top #10 are rebuilding and want
    Many of these same Young Players…
    A trade a partner could be Charlotte at #9
    Who is further along in their rebuilding process than these other Teams
    In the Top #10..

    • Paul stop with the garbage. The Sixers WILL NOT TRADE BACK OUT OF A TOP 3 SPOT.

      Please man, you’re sounding ridiculous. They need impact impact impact not just a lot of bodies.

      Noway in HELL are they trading back noway nohow..

      Theyre shooting for 2 of the top 4 players (Wiggins and Exum). Would it be Wacky if the drafted Wiggins and Parker? Sheesh.. Anything can happen

      A lot of surprises await us on draft night…

      They just put the paper work through for the building of the new state of the art Gym/Training facility in Camden NJ and were approved..

      There is a lot of buzz around the Sixers league wide, two top 10 picks with ammo to make moves and add more lottery picks..

      Like I said before on here, the Sixers could potentially control this entire draft and I can see them doing just that, both rounds 1 and 2…

  13. yeah, but at 9, you still won’t be able to get one of the PFs. They will probably be gone by 7.

    • PF at # 9 or #10 that are should still be on the Board

      Dario Saric – Croatia (6-10″ – 225lbs)
      Adrien Payne – Mich State (6-10′ – 240lbs)

  14. 2nd tier PFs will be on he board at 9/10.

    Not Vonleh, Randle or Gordon.

    • We already know this Bugs
      Also, Gordon is not a PF at the NBA Level, at least not anytime soon,
      he projects more of a SF, who cannot shoot yet..

  15. Does the draft even matter? Im so confused. Say we get the 2 players in the 1st round we like are we still 2 years away as being just as good as a Washington team who has good young talent. This report that Melo may be headed to Miami to make the fantastic 4 is very troublesome. Its obvious that the way of the “super team” is here to stay. This situation is only going to get worse. Getting lucky like OKC with drafting studs like Westbrook and KD is nice but a once in a 20 year thing. SA with Popovich is a situation that may never be duplicated because of him at coach, the drafting etc etc. So going forward when these teams continue(and they will continue) to make super teams where does that leave the Denvers, GS and Portlands of the world who have drafted pretty damn good.. It leaves them without a shot against what they are going to eventually face. The Sixers are 2-3 years behind all them teams. Someway, somehow they will need to create a super team here to have a realistic chance I would think.

  16. “Sixers Draft Buzz”

    The Sixers have worked out Julius Randle. Word is that Randle has a foot injury that will require surgery after the draft, “allegedly”… interesting that this injury became public after he worked out for the Sixers(more gamesmanship and maneuvering by these guys and there agents, he must wanna be a sixer too)..

    I’m hearing that their is a report out stating that Wiggins and his camp prefer the Sixers over the other top 2 teams. This isn’t news to me because I was on here months ago telling you all that the top guys want to play for the Sixers and that from a growth prospective and everything else tied to this team the new state of the art facility they’re building and Hinkies vision and the coach we have and his developmental program he’s running here, the top 10 or more guys would want to play here…

    I told you guys all of this already. Wiggins wants to play here. Were also witnessing some the gamesmanship I was talking about from these top picks. These high profile players have a measure of power and them along with there agents can maneuver things so it becomes very clear where they want to play and where they dont and its evident that Andrew Wiggins does not want to play for neither the Cavs and especially not the Bucks.

    Weve seen the agents refusing workouts for the bucks etc (none have refused to for the sixers).. By the end of this draft Wiggins must be a Sixer, and if that includes trading MCW and #10 or next years 1st for it then so be it. Ive been willing to pull the trigger on that trade for months if that means solidifying our backcourt for the next 10-15 years with both Exum and Wiggins.

    Both Exum and Wiggins are studs and this city would be ecstatic to have them here, they are the future of this league…

    Players like this literally only come around maybe every 10 years.. The Sixers must seize the opportunity and ride the wave..

    Great times ahead


    • WOW!!! JUST WOW!!!! Is all that can be said……..

      • Donald Sterling has hired 4 Private Investigation firms to dig up dirt on former commissioner David Stern current commissioner Adam Silver and the other 29 GMs in the NBA. He will then disclose every extra marital affair, criminal activity, racist remark etc etc etc. lol. The sad part about this is I would probably do the same shit if I was in his position. Mark Cuban warned the NBA you were going down a “slippery slope” with Sterling. 2 billion at 80 years old to Sterling means nothing. Its like him winning a Hyundai when he already has a warehouse full of Bentleys. Get your popcorn ready.

    • I’m hearing that none of the Top Draft Prospects wants to play for the 76ers, not even the Croat Dario Sarcic, who doesn’t even know where Philadelphia is …

  17. ***Sixers Draft Buzz***

    I’m hearing that Joel Embiid’s physical with the Cavs went very very bad and looks to have fallen out of the top spot on there board “allegedly.” They may now turn there attention to Andrew Wiggins and or Jabari Parker..

    Andrew Wiggins will work out for the Sixers on Monday!

    Its gonna all come to a head soon guys, we have the ammo, and what’s even better is that we have a trigger happy GM Sam Hinkie who said “we will be active”..

    I hope we trade for Wiggins then turn right around and draft Exum, or even parker…

    I’m hearing that the Bucks are very high on both Wiggins and Exum…

    What if the Cavs lost hope in Anthony Bennett last years 1st round pick, and they send him in a trade to the Sixers for that 1st overall pick.. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me… Anything can happen…

    Expect the unexpected

    • Wrong again

      It’s being reported that Cleveland’s doctors did indeed clear Joel Embiid, and that the previous report of his physical not going well was leaked on purpose.
      The logic here is that Cleveland leaked a report that Embiid’s physical did not go well in order to deter the Bucks from selecting Embiid at No. 2, if Cleveland decides to swap picks with the 76ers (whom own the No. 3 pick in this year’s draft). There are conflicting reports about the results of Embiid’s physical, but given how well his workouts have been going, it would seem Embiid is closer to healthy than not. It’s worth being said, that all reports leading up to the 2014 draft should be viewed with a bit of skepticism, as it’s difficult to separate fact from smokescreen.

      • Its very possible that this is a smokescreen, gamesmanship by the players and there agents etc, and he could be just fine, feeling more better than good..

        Seems to me that the Cavs and Sixers are working very closely together in attempting to formulate a trade while the hapless Bucks are left in the dust..

  18. Interesting NBA News that could impact 76ers & Draft
    Charlotte Bobcats have fired GM Ron Higgins who I thought
    Did a pretty good job in re shaping Charlotte with a competitive and up and coming Roster.. Anyways, Team President am Jordan is said to be in love with Wiggins & Parker and are looking to move up from their #9th Spot to get one of them.. Could the 76ers trade their #3 and get a Player or 2 from them plus their 9th Pick…lots of Possibilities…

    • Make that the Charlotte Hornets…

      • Silly stuff paul. Makes 0 sense and will never ever happen.

        This isn’t the NFL.. You don’t trade out the top 3 to move back especially in a deep deep draft claiming its for value. The top 4 are the best in this draft then their is a bit of a drop off (Wiggins,Exum,Parker,Embiid).

        That’s as far as you trade with. I’m being generous adding the 4 pick in there, because really when you’re picking in the top 3 you usually only have dealings with the top 3 alone.. on either moving up/down etc..

        Expect the Sixers to move up from the top 3 and that’s it. They want to draft Andrew Wiggins and will more than likely need to move up to the 1st pick because the Bucks are sitting and waiting for him to fall in there laps…

        • They Want Wiggins, and so do many Teams..
          Parker & Embiid,Exum are all after-thoughts
          If 76ers can’t move up or get Wiggins,
          They will a trade down a few Spots to obtain another Pick
          And possibly another 1st Rounder in 2015

  19. That scenario could play out with their second 1st rounder #10 overall not their TOP 3 OVERALL PICK PAUL

    If they cant get Wiggins, they will draft Exum, Parker or Embiid depending on whose available..

    The only way they trade #3 overall is if they’re moving up not down in the draft..

  20. The only team the Cavs will be listening to are the Sixers. They’re in the top 3 so its not much of a fall off between 1-3 talent wise where we sit right now..

    They could possibly be leaking reports to the media that Embiid struggled during his workout with them and that he failed a physical hoping the Sixers mortgage their future for that 1st overall pick..

    The risk the Sixers take with staying put is that even if the Cavs decide to select Embiid, they still need to worry about the Bucks..

    I don’t want to sound like I have two tongues but I could see the Bucks taking Wiggins at two even though they have a good young wing player who they selected in last years draft Giannis Antetokounmpo who has big upside… Depends on what the Cavs do ultimately…

    So its a touchy situation… The Sixers need to really think long about whether they want to stay put or move up..

    If its me I move up.. Wiggins has super talent that doesn’t come around often, maybe every 10-12 years if not more…

    • I could also see the Bucks drafting Parker even if Wiggins is there because the Bucks have a lot of pressure on them to win now, and having a packed crowd in Milwaukee watching Andrew Wiggins dunk on a fast break wont cut it..

      I could see them going with the guy that’s ready to score 20 pts a game now, Jabari Parker…

  21. The Cavs will talk to many Teams including the Miami Heat about bringing back LeBron James. The Heat’s run is over after this Season
    With 1/3 of Roster likely to retire (Battier,Haslam,Allen,Lewis and possibly even
    Wade).. Pat Riley may just blow it up and rebuild again with a
    The Cavs 1st Pick + 2015 1st Pick + Kyrie Irving and go out and Sign Melo
    And still have Bosh, Chalmers, etc to go along with the Top Pick in either Wiggins or Embiid allowing the Heatvto compete again Next Season in a weak Eastern Conference

    • You do know that Lebron, Wade and Bosh are all free agents right and may decide to opt in or out? And Melo will only play in Miami if Lebron is staying

      • LeBron could Opt-In with Heat only to work out a Deal with the Cavs so that
        Heat get something in return so LeBron could “pay-back”
        Pat Riley and the Heat for a great 3 year run.. Lots of possibilities here

        • Lebrun would not want to play with Melo
          For they too similar type of Players..
          LeBron has to have the ball and be the focal point
          as Kobe is and like what Melo tries to be..

  22. **Sixers Draft News**

    Andrew Wiggins has arrived in Philly on Sunday. He will be here Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for the workout so 1 night and 2 days (longest visit Andrew has had with any team)

    Seems to me that the Sixers want to get a long hard look at Andrew to see if he’s the guy they want to either move up in the draft for and or draft at #3.

    • “The only team the Cavs will be listening to are the Sixers.” How the f^#@ do know who they are listening too? There is an entire NBA, that will be calling, & trying to get that pick! The Sixers aren’t the only team with draft assets, you imbecile! Stop with your buffoonery already!
      “He will be here Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for the workout so 1 night and 2 days” Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday, but he’s here for 1 night & 2 days.
      HMMMM, that math just doesn’t quite add up there, does it?

      • You’re back for more brokeman?!

        They will be listening to and dealing exclusively with the Sixers because they own the #3 pick, its not much of a fall off talent wise from the 1st overall pick. Yes other teams will make offers but none will interest them unless a superstar is involved and multiple 1st round picks

        No you’re the buffoon.. Sunday night dummy is 1 night in philly, he arrived last night and Monday and Tuesday are 2 days. Do you understand now?! I didnt realize you were that slow..

        Think before directing a post at me, you just made an idiot out of yourself, not anything new for you though

        • Stupid f^#@, if he came here Sunday night, & he is here until Tuesday, that’s 2 overnights, during 3 days, you stupid imbecilic bastard! Who’s the slow one, you court jester, bumbling fool! Get lost with your buffoonery!

          • You pay too close attention to what I say. Find another thing to do with your time bum

            You knew exactly what was meant by him coming here sunday night and staying for the next two days dumb dumb

            Between you and henski idk who worse, you both have brain issues seriously

            • You said it dumb f^#@, not me! Don’t back track & deflect things now, because you are a stupid, bumbling, court jester, @$$muppet! You spend all your time on here, acting like an attention seeking, no life loser, reporting $#!T that everyone already knows about, acting like you are breaking the news, with your imaginary sources! Just STFU, & go away! BTW, Lil Bron-Bron, how’s it feel that your GF Bron-Bron lost? Don’t worry, in your retarded mind, he’s signing here, along with Love, after we corner the market in the draft, & get all the good players. F^#@ing buffoon!!!!!

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