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Expect More From Connor Barwin In 2014

ConnorBarwin18Connor Barwin was signed by the Eagles with the promise of repeating his 2011 campaign in which he registered 11.5 sacks; and expectations that he could be a key component with the defensive transformation process the Eagles were going through.

With the learning curve that the 3-4 presented for the defense, plans for Barwin and how he was utilized were modified throughout the season.  Barwin often times became the coach and vocal leader on the field, directing teammates to adjust what gap they were attacking and coverage assignments.

His final stat totals were solid but far from great, 59 tackles, 5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 1 interception.  The stats don’t include his relentless work ethic, tipped passes, and the pressure he got on the quarterback that resulted in sacks by a fellow teammate.

Barwin was used all over the field; he took snaps at inside/outside linebacker, defensive end and defensive tackle.  Year two in 3-4 and the familiarity of the defense, Barwin should see an increase in all major statistical categories.

The pressure that fell on his shoulders last season to make sure his teammates were in the right place at the right time was an unselfish role that he accepted by the coaching staff.  The players around him will be flowing in the defense; no longer counting steps and measuring the correct distance in their football stance.

Barwin should approach and possibly surpass double digit sacks this season.  His role will be refined with the improved play of the defensive line, backers and secondary.

Last season was the coming out party for cornerback Brandn Boykin, 2014 may certainly be remembered the same way for Connor Barwin. on Facebook

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55 Comments for “Expect More From Connor Barwin In 2014”

  1. I disagree 100% on what Barwin’s Role and Expectations will be for the Eagles in 21014.. He is not the designated Pass-Rushing OLB Specialist for this Defense (that belongs to Trent Cole and soon to be Marcus Smith)
    Barwin will drop back in Pass-Coverages more often than not and very unlikely that he will be blitzing in after teh QB so a Double-Digit Sack Total is very unlikely
    If you look at Barwin’s Career and Season he had in 2011 with the Texans
    Barwin was their primary Pass-Rush Specialists along with Mario Williams, which is when Barwin put up some #’s .. but 2012 that changed with addition of JJ Watt on the Texans and the fact the LB Pat Cushing became injured and the Texans needed Barwin to become more of a Pass-Coverage LB and not a Pass-Rusher..
    I think Barwin has the tools,athelticism and determination to be a double-digit Sack producer, but I don’t believe the Eagles will be asking him to do so very often as this will be what Trent Cole, Marcus Smith, Michael Kendricks will be asked to do a lot more often than Connor Barwin will be.

    • One thing you will quickly learn about me, I enjoy opinions and reasons that completely disagree with my take on a player, coach or team situation. I can’t argue who is right or who is wrong, I believe the Philly fan base knows football and are also diehard Eagle fans.

      Your take on how he was used in Houston, I’m right there with you. Yes, Cole is limited to just rushing the passer, so he could very well do the same thing he was doing last season.

      I know what the other roles on defense are with the linebackers from last season, the addition of Smith, and even the backend depth of Graham, Bramin and a roster hopeful in Long.

      Barwin is a guy who the Eagles can blitz once the ball is snapped. Kendricks has terrific speed and athleticism but for him to be able to get to the QB, an overload blitz or delayed blitz is what will get him through the traffic.

      Ryans has terrific fundlementals and football IQ, and provides that safety to minimize big runs.

      Barwin has a bit of everything, and last year he was used to cover up what others lacked or were still adjusting to learn.

      I try to put myself in the coaching perspective, knowing what he can do to force turnovers and disrrupt the timing of the QB throws, I would be doing him and the team a disservice if I did not let him do some of the special things that he can do.

      • “One thing you will quickly learn about me, I enjoy opinions and reasons that completely disagree with my take on a player, coach or team situation.”
        Really Jeff? Is that why you deleted my “opinion”, of your illiteracy of not knowing the difference between digress, & regress, then didn’t have the balls to respond to it? That was bush league, & as a matter of fact, wasn’t really that big of a deal, but you got butthurt, because you were exposed, in another one of your bogus articles! A clueless coward is what you are.

        • Maybe if you had any couth you would have emailed him and helped Jeff learn. But instead you acted like a barbaric savage that has similar manners to a man raised by wolves.

          I think Jeff should delete more of your posts, the site would not miss all of your crying, whining and tantrums.

          • gangrapedbytheTeam&itHurnt, in response to you sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, if you consider brutal honesty, truth telling, not standing for stupidity & my warranted criticisms, to be crying, whining, & tantrums, then you have thin skin, no brain, nor balls! I don’t know what to tell you Tootsie boy. Who are you anyways???? Couldn’t care any less!

        • DCar, I spent 10 years of my life dedicated to the mental health field. If there is anything you need to talk about, please, let me know. Unfortunately providing any response to what you enjoy posting would simply continue what is better with an end point. I appreciate your sincere thoughts about me, I truly do.

          • WOW, Jeff just choke slammed DCar!

            • Man I’m getting my popcorn ready for this, don’t hurt em too bad DCar. LOL

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              • So, he’s not allowed to be critical because he hasn’t written a article? Using that logic half the clowns on this site needs to stop being critical of any player because the closest they came to a field was during marching band tryouts. SMH!!!

            • Passive-Aggressive-being, marked by, or displaying behavior characterized by the expression of negative feelings, resentment, and aggression in an unassertive passive way (as through procrastination and stubbornness).

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  2. By the way, I am a big fan of Connor Barwin and think he is a very solid, all-around good NFL LB and the best All-Around LB on the Eagles Roster with Michael Kendricks & DeMeco Ryans right behind him ..

  3. Hey Jeff,
    I didn’t mean to diss your opinion/analysis for if Barwin
    Was used more as a Pass-Rusher/Blitzer like he was in 2011
    With Yexans, I believe he would get Double’-Digit Sacks
    But unfortunately the Eagles done have other OLB
    Who have proven they can pass-cover well yet so that duty is passed onto Barwin.. But I do believe he will generate a rush, sacks and pass deflections when used to blitz, which will depend on the development of the Eagles other LB’s .. I try to look at who else is ok Roster to play roles and right now the Eagles LB weakness is in Pass-Coverage which Barwin is the best one they have, maybe Kendrick’s, Braman or Smith can develop into this and allow Barwin to blitz more often.. We will see

    • Paulman, I took it as no diss, simply you had a perspective to add/counter the one I had. It’s what makes sports talk “tick.” If everyone thought the same, there would be little to add to conversations/articles.

      • No problem Jeff. I have no problems with any of your opinions/analysis and enjoy your articles.. We can agree to disagree with no personal mudslinging needed or stated as adults, though I do enjoy busting stones from time to time… Ha ..
        I am expecting a big year from LB Barwin and have been a supporter of his and even actually called for Eagles to sign-him in Free-Agency in the 2013 Off-Season.. I stated that he would become a Fan Favorite for his hustle, high energy & blue-collar style of play as well as being a good Teammate in the Locker Room & Community…

  4. Perhaps – and this is just a maybe (how is that for hedging bets) – the Eagles are looking for 2 OLBs that can both cover AND rush the passer? Wouldn;t that throw a wrinkle in the pre-snap read of the QB and the person calling the blocking if they were not sure which OLB was designated to rush on the play – and having two OLBs that can cover would eliminate the quick hot read? Then drop both OLBs and send Kendricks up the middle…. I don;t think Cole is that person but didn;t I read somewhere that Smith said he dropped in coverage half the snaps last year…

    production wise out of a 3-4 if we can get 12/13 (you give me the number 15?) sacks from all or our OLBs isn;t that what we are looking for vice one guy getting 12 but leaving 5 or 6 on the field becuase of a quick check down cause the QB was eyeing him? Thoughts

    • In a 3-4 Scheme (Steelers,Ravens,Chiefs,etc,etc) the LB Corps usually account for 25 + Sacks or more.. The DE’s are used more to crash down on OT’s/Guard or to Set the Edge and turn plays inside more often than lets say rushing the Passer in a base 3-4

    • That is the perfect scenario invino to have athletic big lb’s that can cover and blitz and allow Kendrick’s to rush the passer as well.

  5. Smith is being worked in behind Barwin in my opinion so they can use Barwin in more of a rush mode this year, we may see Smith more in a drop back mode than rush mode this year it will allow both of them to be on the field in obvious passing downs.

  6. To Jeff..

    Check your Title again, before Posters start giving you a hard time

    Should be “Expect” and not “Except”…

    • Yeah, that’s strike two on me. I want to blame it on the computer font getting smaller and not my eyes working less, but that type of stuff can’t happen.

      Good looking out.

  7. I have a good question.

    Can we as Eagle’s fans say that the Eagle’s organization has been more successful the the Lion’s organization?

    If someone think yes, please expound.

    • What is your functional definition of success as it pertains to this matter? If you are talking about wins vs. losses, playoff wins and appearances, division titles, then the answer is yes. If you are using Superbowl wins as your measure of success, the answer is no.

    • Eagles Head-to-Head vs Lions 16-13-2

      Eagles Regular Season Record (all-time) : 531-567-26
      Lions Regular Season Record (all-time) : 517-620-32

      Eagles Playoff Record (all-time) : 19-21 (Last appearance 2013)
      Lions Playoff Record (all-time) : 7-11 (Last appearance 2011)

      Eagles Super Bowls Won: 0 out of 2 appearances
      Lions Super Bowls Won: 0 out of 0 appearances

      Eagles NFL Championships Won – 3
      Lions NFL Championships Won – 4

      I would say the Eagles have had more success overall.

    • Can anyone expound that SONGSRME2 is smarter then a moron?

      Crickets is all I hear…….

  8. It wouldn’t shock me if the eagles still traded for dion Jordan and they moved Connor Barwin to ilb in 2015 and he takes over for demeco Ryan’s. Then the lb cor would be smith,Kendrick’s,Barwin & Jordan.

    • Gloomy, I thought you put away the “Draft-Day-Trade Chart for Dion Jordan”
      until next Season
      Why would the Dolphins who moved up and traded for Dion Jordan in the 2013 Draft want to trade him after 1 Season.. because he had a mediocre Rookie Season… You can say the same thing about 1/2 the Players Drafted every Year.. Dion Jordan is not going anywhere

      Look for Eagles to Pursue ILB KJ Wright from the Seahawks in Free-Agency next off-Season to replace Ryans..

    • gloomy, we’ll find out after 2morrow. After 6/11/14, if Miami trades him, the dead money that counts against their cap, is half it would have been before.

      • The issue for the Eagles is with the inside LB position, we have decent depth at OLB and just spent a first rd pick on that position.

        After Ryans and Kendricks, it’s slim pickings for guys that could start a few games if need be.

        • Drew Brees pulls a Donovan McNabb. Brees states that NO will be good with or without Graham. He also said they were a very good offense before Graham ever arrived. McNabb had some similar comments about TO with his contract demands and was labeled a “company Man” and not standing up for TO. Its going to be interesting how Jimmy Graham views Bresses comments.

          • He should have kept his mouth shut, no reason to even comment on that.

          • I think the Saints are in for a train wreck Season
            They have gotten rid of a lot of locker room
            Leaders and good experienced Players in
            Sproles, Moore,Meachem on Offense and on Defense Players like Will Smith, J Vilma & M Jenkins all to make room
            For Safety J Byrd and to be able to resign J Graham..
            I see a lot of issues if they get off off to a slow start
            Every mSeason there is a Talented Team or two who just self-implode
            For lots if reasons (Last year it was Redskins,Lions &Texans)
            Year before it was Eagles, Steelers & Chiefs)
            This year, who knows..

            • The Saints beat us to punch…we were out coached in the Playoffs by Sean Payton and the Saints. . They drafted fresh new talent in Brandin Cooks to replace an older Sproles. They snatched up an All-Pro safety in Jarius Byrd…Payton’s offensive genius is proven he has a Superbowl ring to show his skills. Their offensive and defensive lines pushed us around last year like a bully taking a school boy’s lunch money.
              I don’t think the Saints are going to be bad at all…

              • KB I beg to differ.We sacfrificed our run defense to totally shut down Brees and his passing game, kept the game close and had a chance to win.Thats all you can ask for.I think Billy Davis did a good job besides the last drive(which he should of sold all out vs ther run)If Foles may have took some more chances down the field and not been conservative, and Cooper doesn’t drop that ball, who knows.I don’t think that happens again this year if they meet.

        • Nagil Goode played well in spots last Season, Jason Phillips who was signed as Free-Agent in 2013 from the Ravens and missed all of last Season should be finally healthy to get some Reps and cleared to play to go along with McCoy, J Knotts, & Matthews so it’s not as bare as you think Jeff..

  9. I am really looking forward to training camp getting started and contact between the players. This defense has a lot to prove, and there is some pretty good competition at some key spots. All of this off-season hype is getting old, and playing in the shorts can only be so much….we need to see how this team is going to improve its pass rush. They have to develop a better rotation of players on the DLine and find a way to get much more pressure than last year. Based on last year we can be assured that the Eagles defense will be on the filed more than most any other defense in the league due to the uptempo style of the coaches offense. Therefore we need to have a strong rotation of players that can make plays and keep pressure on the opposing QB. Camp cannot start too soon for me.

    GO BIRDS!!!!!

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