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What To Take From OTA’s

Chip KellyChip Kelly and the coaching staff are trying to get as much information as possible from the organized team activities.  The more plays they run, the more information to critique, digest and then bring back to the players.

They will break down video footage second by second.  Coaches will be looking for which player was in the right position at the appropriate time, and which player is still thinking about the play-call instead of instinctively reacting to it.

Position battles are not being decided by the practices during the OTA period.  Chip Kelly has a first, second and third team, all taking snaps with the same play being called.  The goal is one minute for the length of time devoted to three separate offenses and three separate defenses to all run the same play. This leaves little time to gather your thoughts from a previous mistake or to catch your breath.  It provides the staff a baseline to judge how much you have retained from the playbook, the current recovery speed for your body and how quickly you can “learn on the fly.”

Chip wants to know which players are putting in the time and work off of the field.  Conditioning; being in shape and then being in “Chip Kelly” shape are two different definitions.  Guys coming from the college ranks and veterans from previous organizations are speechless with how quickly plays are being called.  At first it’s difficult to make sense of, and then it’s difficult to keep up stamina wise.  Once your mind and body have adjusted, you slowly begin to understand why Kelly runs his team this way, and the payoff it will have for the season to come.

We have been asked to not make irrational judgments with assigning the current 2014 offensive and defensive starters based solely on who is running with the first team.  Players are without pads, no battles to be won in the trenches; it’s about preventing injuries and keeping guys upright.

This is a teaching time for players, and a data collection period for the coaching staff.   It’s merely the beginning for big things to come, and it leaves you counting down the days until training camp officially begins. on Facebook

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4 Comments for “What To Take From OTA’s”

  1. The biggest things to get out of OTA’s
    Is players staying healthy, learning the System and preparing mentally
    & physically for Camp in July..
    Sone of the Young & new Players have performed well by most reports
    J Matthews, E Wolff, N Carroll, M Jenkins,
    N Allen, L Johnson, the young Kicker, etc..

  2. Happy Father’s Day to Gary Cobb, Writers & fellow Poster’s out there
    Enjoy your Weekend…

  3. I hope the eagles make a run at Brandon flowers.

    • Flowers is small at 5-9″ and the Eagles already have one of the best Slot CB’s in Boykin in his Prime right now..
      Flowers is a good Cover-2, Zone CB , but not very good at Press-
      man Coverage which the Eagles like to Employ
      To be honest, with additions if Nolan Carroll and the Drafting of J Watkins to go along with Fletcher & Williams, there is not a need at CB
      For the Eagles for 2014 and Brandon Flowers is just not a good fit for Eaglez Scheme.. He will end up with the Redskins, Saints,Lions or Colts
      Who have a need for a Slot CB and play more Zone in their Coverages
      Than the Eagles do..

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