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Chip Kelly Has Something New To Offer Rookies This Season

ChipKelly4The life of a rookie certainly has its perks.  You are now an employee of an NFL team; cashing a paycheck bigger than any of your college pals their first year out of school.  This is a lifestyle only a fractional percent of people can tell from a first person perspective, and now as a rookie you are living the dream.

The transition to the professional level is challenging, expectations are high and this is now your “career” and no longer just a “game.”  Rookies form bonds as the “new kids,” eating together in the cafeteria and holding study sessions with their playbooks.  They lean on one another during times of doubt, helping one another through adversity, and keeping the confidence levels up with the type of talent surrounding them.

There was a reason they were drafted by the Eagles or signed as an undrafted free agent rookie.  Many were the best player on their respected team, some were captains and others showed enough on film and with their athleticism to earn a camp invite.

Prior to last season; Chip knew about the differences from the college level to the pros from stories he heard from former players and coaches/football people he knew with NFL experience.  In 2013, Chip not only coached at the professional level, but he had the opportunity to observe all of the mental, emotional and physical triumphs that rookies endure in their first professional season.

Chip will not publicly address the notion that rookies need “special treatment.”  Rookies saw plenty of action on the football field last year, so by no means does he doubt that their talent can contribute in year one.  What Chip has admitted, is that he relies on his veteran players, he arranges meetings, practices and off the field activities to provide the rookies a mentoring opportunity from guys who truly understand what it takes to be successful both on and off the field as a NFL player.

Last season Chip was experiencing everything for the first time much like the 2013 rookie class.  He relied heavily on his coaching staff and players like Avant, Celek, Ryans and Cole to take the lead with areas he needed to get a better feel for.

This season Chip has the “data” that he often will refer to, and this data can be used to provide feedback and advice to rookies. Kelly is no longer a college coach coming to the professional level in the eyes of the 2014 rookie class.  He not only has one year under his belt, but the success that he demonstrated motivates the first year pros, giving them proof that hard work and confidence does translate to the next level of football.

Chip did a remarkable job last season with re-building a locker room atmosphere where teammates supported one another and wanted to win as a “team.”  He did so when tenured NFL players were introduced to a new style of football and training program and had questions if what worked at Eugene Oregon could also succeed in Philadelphia.

Having only one season in the books may still have people wondering what Chip will do when the other coaches around the league watch video, study habits and adjust to what we witnessed in 2013.  In terms of the rookies, Chip provides them with a success story.

He is more than just a coach, but a man who walked similar steps, to those they prepare to follow in for the very first time. on Facebook

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15 Comments for “Chip Kelly Has Something New To Offer Rookies This Season”

  1. Word is that the Rookie Smoothies has an old Japenese Herb
    Called “Kaithini” in it, which helps players grow a 1/2 -1 Inch Taller
    And was used by Japenese Leaders years ago
    To help improve the appearance and size of the Royal Families and Top
    Military Generals…
    I am not sure if this True, but something I came across and thought I would share…

  2. Nice article Jeff, I guess Chip has it all figured out and will reinvent the NFL? Come on man he looks to be successful and so far so good but let’s see how his program progresses or deals with adversity before we start crowning him.

  3. Besides offering something new to the rookies I hope he has something new to offer us die hard fans, a Super Bowl!

    • About 2 Years away Andrew
      The Seahawks/49ers are currently ahead of the rest of NFC in Yerms of Coaching,Talent & Scheme, once they finish their runs,
      Players leave for more $$$, Holdouts, Coach’s move on for other opportunities, while the Eagles continue to add to their Roster with Talent and what Kelky wants, then the Eagles can compete at the Elite Level of the NFC,
      They simply are not ready yet and although they are a very exciting Team to watch, they still remain a 2nd Tier Team for 2014..

      • Paulman aren’t other teams adding to there roster to?

        • You have some new 1st Year Coach’s in the NFC
          With Tampa, Detroit & Minnesota, Redskins
          You have 2-3 Coach’s on their last chance with
          Cowboys, Falcons, Giants & Rams
          Coach Kelky is siting in good shape with a clear focus on what he wants and a Front Office to make it happen..
          For how long who knows..
          Only Seahawks, 49ers, Packers, Cardinals & Bears are in as good as position with safe CoCh’s and good Frobt Offices
          Panthers lost their entire WR Coros and 3 of their OL
          Saints lost 6-8 Veterans to clear Cap Space for Graham & Safety Byrd
          As I see it, Kelky and Eagles are looking good for the next 3-4 Season which I cannot say for 1/2 the Teams in the NFC

          • Paulman the team and coach I really like is the Arizona Cardinals. I think Bruce Arians is a very very good coach with a edge. They are on the verge of being a great team. Palmer is the key and Im not crazy about him. This will be Palmers last chance and I expect if he doesn’t get it done the Cardinals will try to bring in the best FA QB next year to make their run.

            • If Palmer doesn’t turn the ball over and if Arizona can some how not have to go to Seattle in the playoffs they are my dark horse team to go to the superbowl this year. If they do have to go to Seattle I believe them and SF are the only teams that have a shot out there. I know they lost Washington but I believe those 2 stud DT make the LBs(no matter who is at LB) job a lot easier. Also Arians demeanor reminds me of Buddy Ryan.

  4. I agree the Cardinals,who have one of the Top DL,
    best Secondaries in the NFL..
    The upgraded their OL getting the LT from Raiders,
    And their return of Guard Jon Cooper who injured his Knee
    In their first game last year and missed the rest of the Season
    They added a dynamic playmaker in The Draft in the
    3rd/4th Round named John Brown who is another
    TY Hilton, D-Jax Type to go along Fitz, Floyd, and Free-Agent
    pick-up of Ted Ginn Jr giving Palmer weapons with Speed
    If Palmer plays well as he did the last 10 Weeks of last season and they develop a reliable Rushing attack with Ellington & J Dwyer
    They will make sone noise and possibly overtake the 49ers in the NFC West
    Behind the Seahawks…
    I’ve been a big Bruce Arian’s Fan since his days at Temple
    Who fielded an exciting Team with little talent and depth
    I actually wanted the Eagles to pursue him as HC
    When AR was fired..

  5. My 2 Surprise Playoff Teams on the NFC are
    The Cardinals & Bears
    My 2-3 Teams with question marks in the NFC are the
    49ers, Panthers & Saints..

  6. In the AFC,
    I like the Chargers & Jets to have good Seasons and make the Playoffs
    After Broncos & Patriots, then it’s the Colts and wide Open
    Afterwards .. The Bengals, Ravens & Steelers could all Win the AFC North
    With 9-10 Wins as they will likely beat each other up
    During the regular Season..
    Chiefs will fall back to earth and gave issues along OL and really did very little to add to their WR Corps to give Alex Smith any weapons outside of RB J Charles as they have had a head scratching off-season and an average Draft
    I like the Chargers to finish 2nd to the Broncos out West

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