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Notes From The Phillies’ 7-4 Win Over Chicago

Jimmy RollinsThe Philadelphia Phillies won their match against the Chicago Cubs on Saturday afternoon 7-4. Their record improves to 29-37.

  • David Buchanan allowed three runs over five innings, earning his second win of the season.
  • Buchanan allowed a run in three separate innings, giving up three solo homers.
  • Jimmy Rollins picked up a base hit, giving him the team’s all-time record for hits.
  • Marlon Byrd went 2-3 with a walk, a double, and a triple.
  • Chase Utley went 1-4 with a solo home run in the first inning. It was Utley’s fifth long ball of the year.
  • Domonic Brown hit a three-run homer in the fifth that proved to be the difference in the game.
  • Carlos Ruiz went 2-4 with a couple of singles and drove in a run.
  • Mario Hollands pitched a scoreless sixth, lowering his ERA to 2.66.
  • Justin De Fratus worked a clean seventh.
  • Jake Diekman gave up a run on three hits in the eighth inning.
  • Jonathan Papelbon earned his 15th save in the ninth. on Facebook

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44 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 7-4 Win Over Chicago”

  1. It absolutely amazes me that there are peopłe who thought signing 11 to a club friendly 11 million contract was a bad idea. They sctually wanted Galvis. They claim to know sports and the market. I will agree with 20 when he says jimmy is a helluva player that gives you a chance to win.

    • Basens you are a joke, racist I believe

      Jroll sets the all time hit record in the oldest franchise of oldest sport and barely gets a mention

      Either get educated or stop with your bias against Rollins

      Stop with you paulman, another closet racist

      • jake, you are an absolute nutjob!!!! You are one of the biggest racist creeps on here, but have the balls to call someone else racist? You’re a drunken, racist, whackjob!

    • What absolutely amazes me, is that there are people who only comment on the Phils, when they actually do win a game, or they want to attempt to beat their chest. like the buffoons they are! Giving a $11M a year contract, to an 34 old declining player, about to hit his 10-5 rights, & also giving him an option, was an absolutely retarded idea. So, no matter how you spin your verbal diarrhea BS, doesn’t change that. I give him all the props in the world. He is our best all-time SS & was a good player, but he is a dog, & a selfish, flawed player, that should not have got re-signed! Period! They needed to rebuild 2 off seasons ago! Your GF Ruin 2morrow is an idiot, just like you. BTW, how does his colon look? GTFO!

        • Jose Reyes who never plays 150 games per year will make 22$ million at 35! Hanley Ramirez who will probably. Move to third because he isn’t a good defender mlbtraderumors is predicting a 7 year (taking him to 38) $120million contract … You continue to show your stupidity and your negative loser attitude

      • He was 32 when they gave the contract and in year one hit 23 hr and won a GG… That’s all

  2. 1 Day after setting the Phil’s Franchise All-Time Hit Record,
    Jimmy Rollins says he will now consider waiving his No-Trade Clause,
    If Phils are to “Blow-up the Team” this Trade Deadline…
    He’s such a Team Player…

    • Paulman relax, lets not start with the team player thing all over again. He is by far the best Phillie over the last 14 years. Lets compare him to Saint Utley. Rollis will end up with 1000 more hits that Utley(yeah that’s right 1000), Stolen bases, HRs(he is a handful behind Utley, Triples etc etc etc. Utley cant tie Rollins shoes in the field. Utleys batting avg is higher and he runs hard to 1st base lol. JRoll is top 10 in every SS category of the SS in the HOF. Yes iif JRoll plays 3 more years he will be in the HOF.I do love Utleys game but hate the JRoll negativity but it is expected in this city. Utley, JRoll and Howard get a lifetime pass in my view for 2008. JRoll is selfish, yeah so what.

    • He answered a question honestly… Isn’t that we as fans ask? If they are out of it isn’t a trade the best thing for the team?

  3. Baseball the ultimate game of individual milestones. But yet when players try to reach said milestones are labeled selfish. LOL how ridiculous, Rollins has earned the right to decline to be traded to Minnesota or Seattle or some other wasteland on top of the fact he has put down roots and loves it here. Yep what a dick.

  4. There is a short list of Phillies that have been great in the context of the entirety of MLB and Rollins is on that list. Should be celebrated. His offensive production has raised expectations for what a SS should be in Philly.

    I hope that they can find a place to send him where he has a chance to win and the Phils are definitely going to miss him. Not even sure who would play short. If it is Galvis, I am going to just stop watching completely. Watch them try to fast track Crawford to have him ready for next season.

  5. 2014 NBA FIRST 3 PICKS

    1st Cavs select Andrew Wiggins
    2nd Bucks select Jabari Parker
    3rd Sixers select Embiid

    • That would be great Big Mhenski…..

      Then we’ll still have no star power on this team, along with an overrated Power Forward, and a Center that can’t play….Just great…we’ll suck next year for sure……

      • im just calling it like i see it cliff. the more i assess the situation at hand the more i realize parker and wiggins are going 1 & 2.

        who knows maybe the sixers pass on embiid? no clue

        sixers gotta give up the 3, 10 and maybe even a protected future 1 to move up to get parker or wiggins

        • Lets hope it won’t take that much Mhenski…..The tank would have been for nothing to end up with anything but Wiggins.

          Guarantee they won’t trade back in such a weak draft. Jabari Parker isn’t a Power Forward, and can’t guard NBA Small Forwards

          Also, I would trade Nerlens Noel for a better player, and MCW as well…

  6. 1st Pick – Cavs Trade to Heat in part of huge Lebron James Deal who will return to the Cavs to finish his Career.. (Wade,Battier, Allen, Haslam all retiring from the Heat) Cavs Send Guard Kyrie Irving, PF T Thompson, 2014 1st Overall Pick and their 2015 1st Round Pick to the Heat for the Rights of Lebron James.. Heat then Select Center Joel Embiid with 1st Overall Pick

    2nd Pick – Milwaukee Bucks – SF Alan Wiggins
    3rd Pick- 76ers Trade w/Celtics for 6th & 17th Picks (Celtics Select J Parker)
    4th Pick – Orlando – Select Guard D Exum
    5th Pick – Utah Jazz – Select Guard Marcus Smart
    6th Pick – 76ers – Select PF Noah Vonleh (Indiana 6-10 250lbs)
    10th Pick – 76ers – Select SF Doug McDermott (Creighton 6-8 220lbs)
    17th Pick – 76ers – Select Guard Zac Lavine (UCLA 6-6 185lbs)

    • paul please stop embarrassing yourself.

      alan wiggins haaaaaaaaaa

      wade retiring and walking away from $40+million

      that lebron trade scenario is your grand finale even though you listed it first

      • You have to think out of the box sometimes Mhenski….
        Pat Riley is going to blow the Heat up
        Lebron wants back to Cleveland to bring a Championship home to Ohio
        and to finish what he started for his Legacy…
        The Stars are aligned.. The 76ers and GM Hinkle want assets
        if 76ers can’t get Wiggins, they are trading back to get more assets

        • lol pat Riley ain’t blowing up the heat. that would make zero sense and will not happen

          also Lebron doesn’t want back in Cleveland and definitely not with no Irving Thompson

      • Alan WIggins was OF for the Padres, my bad…

  7. **Sixers Draft News**

    A few hours ago Andrew Wiggins was spotted leaving Pcom along with prized Sixers center Nerlens Noel and their Assistant GM in a black suburban with tinted windows

    MCW was nowhere in sight

    I’m hearing that Andrew is getting the “presidential treatment” being wined and dined all over town..

    Both Andrew and the Sixers seem to be a great match…Its almost like they’re made for each other..

    I heard they brought him to the location of where the new training facility will be located, in Camden, right next door to “Wiggins Park” I’m sure he was made aware of that…

    He’s gonna be the guy they target on the 26th of June.. Even if that means moving up to get him..

    • Mcw had obligations hosting the special Olympics that’s why he wasn’t there.

      I hope they helicoptered wiggins to Camden so he didn’t see the worst city in America in person. If he did see it in person I could see him pulling an Eli manning…. What multi millionaire would ever want to drive through that neighborhood everyday for work.

      U read stories about athletes working in their practice facility all hours of the day and night but no athlete is gonna wanna do that if it entails driving through Camden at night.

      • You have to believe that the place will be covered with police and security just to be safe..

        But where they’re putting the practice facility actually isn’t a bad area at all… Its actually pretty nice over in that spot… The players will be fine…

  8. *Wiggins Update*

    As we speak Andrew Wiggins is enjoying a nice dinner at the Barclay Prime with non other than our mastermind GM Sam Hinkie

  9. I’m also hearing that pcom security kept the media/reporters away from Wiggins and they refused to answer any questions. The secrecy continues…

  10. **Sixers Draft News**

    Dante Exum worked out for the Sixers yesterday and I’m hearing that if Wiggins is gone at 3, they will draft Exum

    • If no Wiggins, 76ers are trading down for more Assets..
      Exum is a 2-3 Year Project and doesn’t fit the 76ers with MCW

    • “I’m hearing”
      Those imaginary sources, in your retarded mind, are a bitch, aren’t they? SMMFH……

      • **Sixers Draft News**

        Noah Vonleh will work out for the Sixers on Thursday.

        Seems to me that both Wiggins and Vonleh are guys that the Sixers could be targeting..

        Both have very high ceilings and an abundance of talent..

        • Sixers are controlling this draft. I can see them trading Thad and one of their 2nd round picks for the #1 pick and selecting wiggins then turn take embiid at #3. Then trading #10 and a 2nd round pick for the #4 pick and selecting exum. Then trading 2 more 2nd round picks for the #9 pick and taking Gordon.

          I can see them controlling free agency also. Lebron will opt out and so will his childhood friend melo and they will come to philly to team up.

          I can see the sixers controlling the trade market also. I think they will trade mcmullens and a future 1st rounder to Portland for Aldridge, Brandon Davies and a lottery protected 1st rounder for cousins

          Ur starting lineup

          Pg mcw
          Sg bron
          Sf melo
          Pf Aldridge
          C cousins

          Bench Gordon, nerlins, exum, embiid and wroten.

          I see multiple championships and I see the sixers buying the entire city of Camden and turning it into a major metropolis that will eventually become part of philadelphia. And it will all be because of the mastermind who operates under the cloak of secrecy – Sam Hinkie

          Show ya luv!!!!

          • LMFBO! Classic!!!!

            • Ahhh well isn’t this nice, mhenski and Dcar, two guys that fight like girls with each other, but need to team up to take down the big bad JH hahaha

              Now that’s classic! Hahaaa

              • big bad & you, are as polar opposite as the North & South pole. Give it a rest you delusional, retarded sissy! BTW, I don’t need anyone to team up with, to expose your imbecilic, attention seeking @$$!

          • You had me Henski, until you stated that Camden would become a major city… 🙂

          • According to my sources the money man Josh Harris is working with world renowned engineers to turn the Delaware River into the next Atlantis (the Bahamas one) complete with tropical blue water, underwater tunnels and walkways, and for those that don’t want to walk there will be a monorail like at disney to “drive” and navigate through the next wonder of the world that will be the Delaware River from Philadelphia to the Camden waterfront where the new state of the art sixers practice facility will be. I am hearing that the area from Penns Landing to the Camden waterfront will be like the jetsons and every top free agent will want to come to Camden.

            Josh has also been negotiating with the State of New Jersey to buy the Camden waterfront area and build a mote around it to keep the Camden residents out, the only way in will be from Philadelphia.

            My thoughts although this may seem crazy the silence from the sixers is very telling and I believe my source.

            Show YA luv!

        • What happened to Exum?

          • Bugsy he’s potentially a top 3 pick, he won’t get past number 4. He’s very very high on the Sixers radar and if Wiggins is gone will be the next guy on their list…

            He worked out for the Sixers on Monday but everything was hush hush, no word on how it went…

            Sam Hinkie has some tricks up his sleeve lol

            • So you think that if they can’t get Wiggins, then they will take Exum even if Parker is available? Just want to be clear here.

              Because I think that they would take Parker and Vonleh before Exum.

              • Paulman’s take
                If Wiggins & Embiid are both gone with the Top 2 Selections
                leaving Parker,Exum,Vonleh and the others on the Board,
                that GM Hinkle & 76ers will trade back a couple of Spots and Select Vonleh and gain another Draft Pick by doing so (even if it’s a 2015 Draft Pick)

                There would be plenty of Good Offers from Teams who will want to Trade Up to Select Parker at that #3 Spot if the above Scenario holds true.. In fact, I expect this to occur..

                I believe 76ers like Exum & Vonleh, but not at # 3, GM Hinkle is all about Value and knows he can get either of these Players at #4,#5 or #6 and gain more Assets in the process
                This will be his Plan…
                Only way the 76ers Stay at #3 is if Wiggins is still on the Board…

  11. I believe Noah Vonleh will be the 76ers 1st Pick of Draft
    For Wiggins is going 1st or 2nd..
    I also Believe it won’t be at #3, but 1-2 Spots back
    After 76ers slide back for more Assets..

  12. This is all for nothing. With the 1st pick in the 2014 NBA draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Andrew Wiggens out of Kansas. lol, Do you think Cleveland gives a shit where you took him to dinner? The Sixers don’t control shit. Cleveland controls the draft for us. They can take him to tim buck two. It doesn’t matter. We don’t want Parker or Embid and we love Wiggens upside. What makes you think Cleveland and Milwaukee don’t feel the same. lol

  13. ****** SIXERS NEWS

    According to my source Andrew Wiggins and Sam Hinkie were seen leaving Barclay Prime and were together but would not even walk together back to the car. My source stated that Andrew was consistently 5 steps behind Sam and looked to be sulking.

    My thoughts – the secrecy of Sam is insane, clearly we have some “gamesmanship” going on here and it appears that we have proof the Sixers are putting out this smoke that they love Wiggins but they really dont. This could mean they are going to “control the entire draft” and that we should expect the unexpected. Hinkie has tricks up his sleeve and he is about to play the entire NBA like a fiddle.

    SHOW YA LUV!!!!!!!!!!!

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