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Where Does Nick Foles Rank Among Top Quarterbacks?

NickFoles101. Peyton Manning: Delivered his best season in the pros to date last season, throwing nearly 5,500 yards and an NFL-record 55 touchdowns. He may not have much time left in the league, but he’s showed very little signs of wearing down.

2. Aaron Rodgers: Had a down year statistically due to injury, but he should be back among the league leaders in passing this season. For years, Rodgers led the high-powered Green Bay offense with no quality running game, and this year he’ll have a chance to show what he can do playing with Eddie Lacy for a full season.

3. Drew Brees: Brees is the heart and soul of New Orleans, and makes the guys around him better. He puts up tremendous statistics every year, and succeeds despite having an inconsistent running game. The only thing that prevents him from going any higher is that he’s a lock to throw a decent number of interceptions every year.

4. Tom Brady: Brady makes the New England offense dangerous as long as he’s in the lineup. His touchdown numbers did take a noticeable dip last season, throwing for just 25, his lowest total since 2006 (not counting 2008, the year he missed due to injury) and the first time he’s thrown less than 30 since 2009.

5. Russel Wilson: He’s thrown 52 touchdowns and 19 interceptions and won a Super Bowl in his first two years. And that’s with a pretty average group of receivers around him. He’s already accomplished so much, and he’s got a very exciting future ahead of him.

6. Andrew Luck: Luck has been the driving force in the quick turnaround of the Indianapolis Colts. He cut his interception total from 18 in his rookie year to nine last season. Also showed the ability to bring the Colts back in impossible situations, overcoming an enormous deficit in the playoff victory against the Chiefs.

7. Colin Kaepernick: Kaepernick has some of the highest upside that I’ve ever seen. He’s got an absolute cannon of an arm, and can also beat you with his feet. Unlike a lot of mobile quarterbacks, he’s also got a big enough frame to take more of a pounding. Once San Francisco establishes some better receiving talent around him, look out.

8. Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben won’t ever post flashy numbers, but the guy just knows how to lead and win in this league. He’s the engine that keeps that Steelers relevant.

9. Matt Ryan: Ryan played most of 2013 without Julio Jones and still threw for over 4,500 yards. However, there’s still questions about whether or not he can win a big game. At age 29, he may have already hit his ceiling.

10. Joe Flacco: Solid starter, but I’ve never really looked at Flacco as one of the truly elite quarterbacks in the game. The thing he’s missing that guys like Manning, Rodgers, and Brees have is that Flacco isn’t the type of quarterback that can make mediocre guys around him better.

11. Cam Newton: Physical talent was always there for Newton, but in his third year he finally began to figure out what it is to be a leader and winner in the NFL. Still developing, and has a sky-high ceiling.

12. Philip Rivers: Revived his career under Mike McCoy, throwing over 4,400 yards with 32 touchdowns and just 11 interceptions, helping the Chargers back to the playoff scene. And he also did it with absolutely mediocre talent at the receiver position.

13. Nick Foles: Set the world on fire when he was given the opportunity to run Chip Kelly’s offense. Makes smart decisions, accurate passes, and avoids turnovers. However, there are legitimate questions about whether or not he can succeed now that the league will have a year to catch up to him and Chip Kelly’s offense, especially after having lost his top receiver, DeSean Jackson.

14. Eli Manning: Manning had a lot of rough performances last season on his way to tossing a career-high 27 interceptions. Some in New York are beginning to question how much he has left. Defenders will say that Manning played in a rough system last year with a bad offensive line, but no top quarterback throws nearly 30 interceptions by accident. When you have that many picks, that’s a sign that your quarterback is making a lot of poor decisions.

15. Tony Romo: Despite continuing to produce solid statistics (3,800 yards, 31 touchdowns, 10 interceptions last year) Romo just can’t ever seem to win a big game. Several of those 10 interceptions also turned out to be back-breaking plays that cost Dallas a couple of games, and by extension a playoff spot. He’s now almost 35, and is coming off of a significant back injury.

16. Matthew Stafford: Makes a living off of working with Calvin Johnson, and turns the ball over too much to be as successful as he could be. He’s thrown 52 interceptions in the last three years. Still very young at age 26, and he still may not have hit his ceiling. Detroit added another nice weapon for him by selecting Eric Ebron in the first round.

17. Robert Griffin: Took a big step back in his sophomore season as he recovered from his knee injury, and also questions about his attitude have arisen as well. Griffin was missing a lot of his explosiveness from his rookie year, and turned the ball over frequently after protecting it so well in 2012 (interception total jumped from five to 12). Also failed to score a single rushing touchdown after accumulating seven in the year before. Griffin has a chance to bounce back and play much better than he did a year ago now that he’s got a new coaching staff and a new top weapon in DeSean Jackson, but durability is also a major concern here.

18. Alex Smith: Efficient, though unspectacular. He’s a smart guy that can run Andy Reid’s offense and take care of the football, throwing just seven picks in 2013. There’s a ceiling to how good he can be, but his record over the last few years with San Francisco and Kansas City speaks for itself: he can help a team win games.

19. Andy Dalton: Set career high’s in yardage (over 4,200) and touchdowns (33), but also in interceptions (20). There’s also serious questions about his ability to win in the postseason with a touchdown-interception ratio of 1-6 in three games. But the good news is that he’s only entering his fourth year, and just the fact that he’s improving statistically and has gotten his team to three straight playoff appearances in a very competitive division/conference speaks well to his upside.

20. Ryan Tannehill: The Dolphins organization may be a mess, but Tannehill made some nice strides in his development, throwing for nearly 4,000 yards and 24 touchdowns. If he can build on those numbers and cut down on his interceptions (17), Miami will win some more games.

21. Josh McCown: Lit up the league for 13 touchdowns with only one interception in eight appearances for the Bears last year, and turned that solid play into a starting job with Tampa where he’ll work with Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, and Doug Martin. If his play from last season carries over, he could make the Bucs dangerous again.

22. Carson Palmer: Palmer did some nice things under Bruce Arians in Arizona, but he’s still a turnover machine and the balls that he puts up for grabs helped cost Arizona a playoff spot last year.

23. Sam Bradford: Five years after being selected number one overall, the Rams still waiting for Bradford to make his mark on the NFL. The good news for St. Louis is that he was sporting an excellent touchdown-interception ratio (14-4) in just seven games before going down for the season, so there is still some hope here.

24. Jay Cutler: Cutler has proven over time to be nothing more than an average starter. He’s only thrown over 4,000 yards once in his career (with Denver), and he’s thrown below 3,000 in two of the last three years, and he hasn’t thrown more than 20 touchdowns since 2010. And the Bears recommitted to this guy with a contract extension?

25. E.J. Manuel: Showed some decent promise in his rookie year, and now has Sammy Watkins to play with. A potential breakout guy in 2014, but he’s got stay healthy.

26. Matt Schaub: Schaub was the scapegoat for a lot of Houston’s problems in 2013, and while his level of play has certainly declined, I think he still has a little something left. The problem is that Oakland isn’t exactly a stable situation that can help revive a guy’s career.

27. Chad Henne: I think Henne is better than most give him credit for. He’s been sentenced to some god awful terrible teams in his career. Gus Bradley liked him enough to bring him back to start while Blake Bortles learns the ropes, and I think he could benefit from replenished, fresh receiving corp. that will feature Cecil Shorts, Marquis Lee, and Allen Robinson.

28. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Houston Texans): Journeyman who is the favorite to win starting job, might benefit from playing with Andre Johnson. Had a couple of decent years in Buffalo, but throws too many interceptions (54 in three years as a starter for the Bills).

29. Jake Locker: The only thing that Locker has proven in this three-year career is that he can’t stay healthy. He appeared in just seven games last season, and he’s never played more than 11. While the Titans haven’t given up on him, this is probably his last chance to make or break himself as a starter in this league.

30. Brian Hoyer: Looked good in three starts before going down with an injury, but he’s doomed to fail with all of Cleveland eagerly anticipating the Johnny Manziel era.

31. Matt Cassel: The Vikings liked him enough to bring him back, but he’s just a barely serviceable veteran holding down the job until Teddy Bridgewater is ready.

32. Geno Smith: Smith struggled last year with a 12-21 touchdown-interception ratio, and the now the Jets have put him into a very difficult position by bringing in Michael Vick. Even though Vick will support Smith as the starter, New York will inevitably grow impatient with Geno, and Rex Ryan will also have a quick hook to turn to Vick in order to give him the best chance to save his job. on Facebook

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103 Comments for “Where Does Nick Foles Rank Among Top Quarterbacks?”

  1. I’m just glad the guy that tossed 2 interceptions all season was ranked ahead of the guy that threw 27!

  2. I know it’s a small sample size, but please Denny you could move him to 5 and get no argument from me. Wilson and Kap and Luck are good but I’d take Foles over all 3. Matt Ryan and Joe I had one great post season now I’m grossly overpaid Flacco’s seriously? LOL this is going to be a great debate. For instance I can’t stand Rivers but I think he’s low and Stafford is low. I’m totally with you on Cutler!!!!!

    • I can’t rate Stafford higher than the middle of the pack until the guy can at least consistently get his team to the playoffs.

      I respect what Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan have done in their careers since entering the league in 2008…both guys have been very consistent and have had their teams in very good standing for almost every year of their career, which is a lot more than I could say about most (if not all) of the guys I have rated below them.

      I agree about Rivers, you could make a case for him to be higher, and I’m with you in the sense that he’s certainly an unlikable guy.

  3. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are too high in my Opinion as is RG3
    Your Top # 8 looks pretty good..
    I could see Rivers being Rated Higher than #12

    On Foles, It’s hard to really place him in the Top #10-#12 only after what
    12 Starts in 2013.. Let’s see how he does this Season as the # 1 Starter coming in and with the expectations, pressure and Teams that will now focus Game Plan’s on stopping him… Another Good Season will put him in that
    #8-#12 Range depending on the Team’s Success

    • Paul, who else along with Rivers would you rate above Ryan/Flacco?

      And how much lower would you drop Griffin?

      • kaepernick cant throw dude. no way he is a top 10 qb. 18 is about right for him

        • Your drunk…Kaepernick has won playoff games and made plays in those games for them to win. He belongs in the top ten for sure!

          • After looking and thinking about it,
            I would have Rivers up there ahead of Ryans/Flacco who should be in the 8th-10th Spots.
            Then, I think you can lump in QB’s Eli Manning, A Dalton, A Smith & J Cutler since all have more years experience and have led Teams to the Playoffs in that 10th-15th Range .. I am not a big fan of Alex Smith or Jay Cutler, but they have led 2 different Franchises under different Coach’s to the Post-Season so this has to mean something… Andrew Dalton has taken the Bengals to the Playoffs for 3 Straight Season, though he has not Won a Playoff Game yet..
            QB’s like RG3, Foles just don’t have enough Games Played in my opinion to warrant a Top # 20 Rating right now
            Cam Newton is a wild-card here and has all the Tools to be Top #6 QB in the next Few Season or remain in the 12th Range, I expect him to make a nice move this Season

  4. Rating Nick Foles 13th is ridiculous. He should be ranked at about 19 or 20. No playoff wins and has never beaten a top flight defense. Not one. You surely can’t rate him with quarterbacks like RG3 who has won playoff games

    • What playoff game has RGIII won Koolidiot?

      • I stand corrected..vinnietheloser..I meant to say quarterbacks like Russell Wilson…RG3 has not won a playoff game

        • RG3 had 6-7 Good Games his Rookie Season and crap since then
          and was benched with 3-4 Weeks to GO..
          He should not be Ranked in the Top 20-24 in my Opinion
          Tannehill has done more with less than RG3…

  5. Foles will play like a top 10 QB this year…even without D-Jax in the mix

  6. Riley Coopers situation. It seems to me that there isn’t a lot of talk about Cooper who just signed a long term deal for 25 million. For a receiver who “by far” has the biggest contract at WR on the team he sure flies under the radar. I hear Maclin, Matthews, Huff and Benn all the time. I mean to pay Cooper 25 mill for a guy who had 4 good games and avg 29 yards the other 12 he is paid pretty good. I don’t know his contract details but it wouldn’t surprise me if he is one and done. I mean they seem to really like Brad Smith, Maclin and Matthews. Then you add Huff moving forward. What if Benn is healthy? All I hear is Maclin, Sproles, Ertz, McCoy and Matthews getting the ball. If that’s the case what the hell is Cooper making 25 mill for? He is the 2nd highest paid skill position player on the offense but the least talked about. 25 mill for him seems like a waste of money IMO.

    • Dag, he has more of a chance being one and done than Maclin, if the rookies show promise and Benn is healthy there will be no need for him at that salary. I like Cooper but the one of the reasons he got that deal was they knew DJax was gone and couldn’t cut ties with both of them. So now you have 2 rookies and a large salaried # 2 receiver because you released your main threat because as Shady said didn’t buy in 100%. If it works Ego is the man if not all that in Chip we trust money is gone.

    • Dag, I don’t know his contract details either. I don’t think that he has a lot of that guaranteed, so after this year it would be more on his production versus a cap hit that they would take if they cut him.

      I agree, the Birds have put together a number of recievers that could give them many options going forward. For the vast majority of his pro career, I have been disappointed with Cooper and his play. He came out of FLA with great size, speed and hands, but he has never really produced much except for a handful of games last year. For years the Birds were looking for an answer in the RedZone, and with his size and hands he should have produced more IMO. He didn’t immediately step up his play when Maclin went down, but he did seem to click with Foles once Foles became the starter. If Benn, Matthews or Ertz can start to contibute more I can see Cooper being less of a contributor…..but hopefully he and Foles will continue to play like they did last year and we will have a well balanced team of offensive weapons that will make it tougher and tougher for oposing defenses to match because we have multiple players that can make plays and a coach that will let the match-ups dictate who is getting the ball.

      GO BIRDS!!

  7. I think you have to seperate the Qbs into (at least) 3 groups.

    Firstly we have the Brady, Manning, Brees group. All SB and probable HOF guys. Fine. Its easy to just automatically drop them in the top 5, but I wouldn’t be so quick to do that.

    To start this season they will be 37, 38, and 35 years old respectively. They are well past their ‘best before’ dates. I think you saw major regression last year with Brady, and Brees TD totals have dropped for 3 straight years. I expect these trends to continue, and in fact accelerate. How Manning keeps throwing at his age is beyond me, but he’s going to fall apart sometime soon.

    I would not be suprised, at all, to see one, if not 2 of these guys really deteriorate and drop out of the top 10 this year.

    Then you’ve got the middle guys, those with 4-5 years under their belt. The Flaccos, the Ryans, the Rothlessburgs. We know who these guys are. Good enough. They’re not going to ever be in the HOF like the 3 old men, but they’re serviceable….and, in the case of Flacco, can obviously catch fire and carry a team for a bit. Will they be @top 10@ QBs this year? I think Ryan has the best chance to rebound.

    Then you’ve got the young guys. And thats who you can compare Foles to. I think he grades out very well with this class. He’s better than Kaepernick and RGIII. Very comparable to Wilson. Not as prolific as Luck (yet).

    If I were starting a franchise, or rebuilding a program (which the Eagles are), I’d be very comfortable with any of those 3 running the O.

    QB rankings for the Eagles (who would be best for this young re-tooling team moving forward)

    1 – Rodgers – obv
    2 – Luck – pretty obv
    3 – Foles or Wilson – I think both have very similar career progressions so far
    4 – Kap and RGIII – these guys seem more interested in being twitter superstars than football superstars

    Foles will be a ‘top 110’ QB this year, with a very good chance of putting up ‘top 5’ numbers in this offense. He’s a good Qb to have going forward.
    4 –

    • Vinnie, I’m not a big fan of Luck, I don’t see him reaching a Rodgers or Brees level, I wanted them to draft Wilson when he came out but for what this offense does is it really an upgrade if Wilson was running it and not Foles? I also think IF RGIII can stay healthy he’s better than Luck and Kap but that’s a big if.

      • I am not sure as a Football how you cannot be impressed by Luck’s 1st 2 Seasons as a PRo..
        He’s led the Colts to back to back Playoff Spots with 11-5 Records in his 1st 2 Years and thus without a real strong OL or even a decent Running Game.. Did you see the Receivers that Luck had to work with last Season after Reggie Wayne and TE Allen went down early with season-ending injuries.. Outside of TY Hilton, who did he have to work with,
        plus RB T Richardson has given them absolutely zero and that their Defense is decent, but surely not a Top #10 Defense that scares anyone..
        Simple as this, Put Russell Wilson on Indy and they are a 7-8 Win Team, Put Luck on the Seahawks, and they are probably 14-15 Win or even an Undefeated Team – QB A Luck is the best young QB to come into the NFL since Peyton Manning and has done very well with a Team without a lot of Talent just yet..

        • Most if not all footballs cannot read or see Paulman so dont be surprised if they arent impressed with Luck’s first two seasons

          • Well most don’t follow the Sport as I do , is all I can say..
            Luck is the Real Deal

            Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck are the Top # 2 QB’s for the next 5-8 Seasons..

            • lol. my post went over ur head buddy. haaa

              • “Footballs” or “Football Fans”, same difference..

              • there ya go! just messing with ya paul. i agree with most of ur point, just not when talking about wilson and luck flipping teams. wilsons offensive weapons also blow

              • But with the Seahawks, QB Wilson is not asked to pass 35-40 Times a game, Seahawks have a strong Running Game, the NFL’s best Defense that also scores Points and Great Special Teams..
                QB Luck has to win games almost by himself for the Colts to Win, Russell Wilson just needs to protect the ball which are 2 different but huge different scenario’s

        • I don’t like him paulman I think he’s overhyped. Indy has done a great job building that team one piece at a time it’s not just the QB.

          • Makes a ton of mistakes and takes too many unnecessary chances with the ball.

            • Luck will force the ball, there is no doubt about that, at the end of the Day and NFL Career’s, Luck will surpass Wilson & Kapernick in all Passing Categories, while playing for a less Talented Team but the COlts made some acquisition’s this year and should be a better all-around Team… WR Combo of Reggie Wayne, Hakeem Nicks and TY Hilton along with both TE’s back in Allen & Fleener and a RB by Committee of Bradshaw, Richardson and the returning big back Ballard should give Luck many more options and weapons than he’s had as a Pro

              • I see MVP’s for Luck by 2015 & beyond as Manning,Brady,Brees continue to age and get close to retiring …
                It will be Rodgers,Luck as the NFL’s Elite QB’s for a while,
                with Russell,Kap, maybe a Rivers & Newton as that 2nd Tier with Flacco,Foles,Ryan & Stafford as the next Group

        • Paulman, do you honestly watch football? How can anyone watch Seattle closely and fail to see the brilliance of Russell Wilson? His receivers were at best average…he consistently made clutch, excellent throws in tight windows during tough parts of the game. He does not have to throw the ball 40 times a game to get in the flow of the game…he can hand the ball off to their running game…but when he needed to throw…he is on the money in very tight windows.
          He scrambles very effectively without taking big hits, he is smart, efficient, and extremely effective in the pocket and outside of the pocket. But his best quality is simple:

          Russell Wilson is a winner…put him on Indy and does the same thing he did for Seattle…win games, make key plays at important times of the game. Indy would have went to the SuperBowl with Russell Wilson. Put Luck on Seattle and you got more turnovers, more interceptions, less game winning clutch plays. Seattle probably gets beat by Denver in the Superbowl.

    • VinnietheStupid! Foles or Wilson it’s not close except with regards to the time they have been in the NFL! One QB has a Superbowl ring and several crunch time performances against excellent defenses in playoff games. The other has never won a playoff game against a playoff team! Never…Foles has to be ranked last when compared to Rodgers, Wilson, Luck, Kap, and RG3..Foles is on the bottom of that list. RG3 suffered a serious knee injury…not fair to really compare them but in terms of talent…RG3 far exceeds Nick Foles.

  8. “The whole DeSean Jackson thing, that helped out, to be honest, in making all the other guys aware,” McCoy told last week for a story posted Monday. “It’s all possible. They’ll cut one of your best guys if [he’s] not buying in.

    “On any team — any team — you look at that, and as a player, you can look at it from so many different sides, but no matter how good you are, you gotta follow these guidelines. And if you don’t, you could be gone. … You gotta buy in.”

    • Sounds like a “Football Decision” to me …

    • “All I can say is I never had a problem with DeSean Jackson,” Bicknell said. “I enjoyed coaching him. I enjoyed the year I had with him. … Once that decision was made, I’ve moved on. I wish him nothing but the best. He did everything I asked him to do, and I enjoyed being around him.”
      Maybe he didnt drink his smoothies and go to bed on time or maybe he asked for more money so this constitutes not ‘buying in” …its was a dumb decision point blank! DJax should still be an Eagle!

      • KB you left out the beginning part of his quote where he said that in this system they are looking for bigger receivers….bigger receivers who will block and aid in the running attack.

        I don’t like the idea of just cutting DJax….he is a special player, but I am also not part of that team and do not know if he was more of a distraction than he is worth. Shadey made some comments today about the signal that it sent to all of the players…to paraphrase, he said that it was a wake up call to every player that they either “get with the system” or get gone. No doubt that this team is being constructed to Kelly’s image, now if they succeed he will be here for a long time…conversely, if the team does not perform he will be gone faster than Andy Reid in a cheeseburger eating contest.

        • Greenfan, I am merely debunking the implication that DJax failure to “buy-in” meant that he was breaking team rules or being a disruption on the team. Bigger does not always mean better and I am strongly convinced that DJax talent just as much as Chip Kelly’s football acumen enabled the Eagles to beat up on weaker teams.
          We will see…I hope they succeed…but I predict that they will be 7-9 and miss the playoffs.

          • Good Christ, you are an idiot!

            Bicknell is an intelligent coach who isn’t going to get pulled into saying ANYTHING mildly controversial about a former player. He has to think about his role on the team, he has to floow the prescribed script handed down to him by his superiors, and he has to think of his future in the league for when its time to move on.

            No one is going to hire a guy who spouts off about any players.

            Bicknell’s quote was him being a professional you twit, and nothing more. Something you, nor your secondary crush Desean, neapparently understand.

      • Hot air have you ever heard of “coach speak”? You cannot believe anything

  9. If you watch football Luck is actually a beast when it comes to 4th quarter game winners, come from behind wins. I like Wilson but he isn’t as good as Luck, I don’t even think its close. Luck started on a team that won like what 2 games. And the guy he is replacing if one of the best Qbs ever btw. Just saying if Luck was on Seattle he would easily have a ring. Hell, Seatle would have won the superbowl this year with Ryan Fitzpatrick as their QB. The seattle defense scored more points than Denver’s offense did. Put Wilson on the clots, which is nowhere near as good in talent as Seattle, and he doesn’t even have a playoff win.
    Just saying I would take Luck out of all the young Qbs right now including Foles.

    • Luck is an excellent young quarterback…I’d take Russell Wilson over him! Luck has the stats, the big time arm, gritty, tough…I’d take Russell Wilson over him. Russell Wilson makes game winning plays…period. Yes Luck is very good at bringing his team from behind…he has had far better receivers to throw the ball too. Seattle’s receivers are average…many of the completions they have is Wilson throwing the ball in very tight windows by receivers that are well covered. Which is another reason why Seattle emphasizes the running game. Wilson has the worst receivers to throw too out of all the young QB’s we have mentioned….he won with the worst.
      Wilson is one of the key reasons Seattle does have a ring…stats don’t tell the story about Russell Wilson…he is clearly the best out of the young QB’s in the league now because he is the one who took Seattle to the playoffs and won the big one…not Luck, not Kap, not RG3…and definitely not Foles who don’t belong in the conversation…Wilson is the best young QB in the league and he is getting better.

      • I’m curious Mr Koolbreeze – what ‘game winning plays’ are you refering to that Wilson made?? Could you please provide a specific example? I am curious how you explain the fact that in the playoffs last year – the Foles lead Eagles scored 24 points against the Saints (with Henery missing a 1st qtr field goal) and the mighty Seahawks could only muster 23?? I find it humorous that QBs somehow manage to get credit for outstanding defenses.. kind of like Brad Johnson, Eli Manning, and Trent Dilfer are really top line QBs (yeah right!) Did you WATCH the super bowl last year – safety – great field position – settle for FG, d stop – settle for FG interception – great field position – the Borncos stopped Russel but a penalty – they RAN for a TD – Wilson didn;t do crap – the D and special teams dominated the Broncos…. second half started with a KOR for a TD –

        but please – inform this non playing nerd how Wilson made ‘game winning plays’…. agsint the Saints the D shut them out for 3 qtrs in the NFCC game he threw for a whole 215 yards…

        • Wilson could have kneeled down that entire SB and the Hawks would have won.

          Against the Saints, Wilson “game winning played” his way to a WHOPPING 9 of 18 for 103 yards and no tds.

          Of course he used his legs to add to those “game winning plays” by rushing 3 times for a massive 16 yards.

          He “game winning played his way to 2 of 5 passing in the 4th Q when the game was getting close.

          Remember, whatever Koolidiot says, the exact opposite is true.

    • I don’t like him Pheags, I’ll take Foles over Luck the 4th quarter comebacks are nice but most of those comebacks were because of holes he put the team in by turning the ball over.

      • Biglion, he definitely makes some mistakes like all young QBs do but the Colts have nothing in the running game, one of the worst Oline in the league, below average receiving weapons, and a shitty defense. Imagine if Wilson or Kap actually had to throw 40-50 times a game cause they got nothing else going for them and no defense to hold opponents to the teens. But anyways, everyone feels their own way.

        I just don’t know how somebody can logically say Wilson is the best young QB when he attempts about 17 passes a game I believe (that tells me all I need to know right there). I also believe his yards per attempt/game are nothing special at all. Lots of dink and dunk passes. Again I like the kid, he seems to be a real pro but taking him over Luck IMO is laughable. Thats like saying Trent Dilfer was the best QB after the 2000 season.

  10. I applaud you Koolidiot.

    Your’re the last of the steadfast idiots that thinks ‘shouting things out’ and putting exclamations marks at the end of their sentences makes what they say reality.

    When of course everything you say is incorrect.

    EX) ” Put Luck on Seattle and you got more turnovers, more interceptions, less game winning clutch plays”

    Koolidiot says Luck on Seattle means more turnovers, interceptsions and less clutch plays.

    Interception %
    Luck 1.6
    Wilson 2.5
    Luck throws LESS interceptions per dropback

    Sack %
    Luck 5.1%
    Wilson 9.8%
    Wilson gets sacked for negative plays on twice as many of his dropbacks as luck

    Luck 6
    Wilson 12

    So lets review

    Wilson throws ints at almost double the pace, fumbles at double the pace, and takes sacks at double the pace as Luck.

    The exact oppostie of what Koolidiot said.

    What a suprisse.

    Read Koolidiot’s posts, then think the opposite and you’ll be in good shape.

    • Luck is a stud but when you bring up numbers you always omit some important shit. Can we factor in that Wilson plays SF, ST Louis and Arizonas defense 6 times a year. # of the best defenses in the land. While Luck plays the Titans, Texans and Jaguars 6 times a year. Its like saying any QB that plays in the NFC East should put up monster numbers against the 4 worst defenses in the NFL.The division you play in has a huge impact in the numbers you put up. I do agree with Paulman and think that Luck will be a perennial MVP candidate for years to come but numbers don’t always paint the picture. Oh and before you post his numbers vs Seattle last year that wasn’t the norm.

  11. Bottom line Luck & Wilson are Winners in the NFL
    And will be very productive WB’s for a long time
    If I had to choose a QB Today to start a Franchise,
    I would pick Andrew Luck without hesitation..
    Wilson on an average to bad Team would be simply
    Average.. Luck has been asked and relied up “to Win Games” for the Colts
    While Wilson has been asked “not to lose games” which are
    2 entirely different things…

      • Luck is big, strong, can run, smart, can throw,, a leader, tough as nails, humble, no distractions off the field and he has the “it” factor. He can thrive in any system you put him in. . For the next 15 years barring injury the Colts will never have to worry about the QB position. My goodness he is like the perfect QB. Damn they “Lucked” into him. lol

        • Quite honestly Foles has some of Lucks qualities. If Foles can get that swagger, that confidence, I can see a little bit of Luck in Foles. If Foles can go into Indy week 2 and go toe to toe with Luck I think that can catapult Foles for the remainder of the year and let him know he can be every bit as good as Luck. IMO. Foles needs to show us that he to will do anything to get a crucial 1st down, he will do anything to carry his team. That “Opie” me and my teammates line is fine and dandy but there needs to come a time when Foles needs a signature moment. The time when we stop saying Chips system is unstoppable.. When we say Foles carried us and won that game for us with that great play. When things aren’t going good and he just willed us to win. We will all know when that happens. Then he will have arrived.

  12. I wish Foles had been included in this analysis on MMQB. (well, do and don;t – still happy that he’s under the radar)

    Clockwise: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images; Zach Bolinger/Icon SMI; Jim Dedmon/Icon SMI; Jeff Lewis/Icon SMI; Norm Hall/Getty Images
    Deep Dive2 weeks ago
    NFL’s Best Running Quarterback? The Answer May Surprise You
    Athletic QBs add a new dimension to offenses, but often the decision to scramble comes at the expense of the passing game. Hours of film study show how Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III rate as decision-makers—and difference-makers—with their legs

    Andy Benoit· More from Andy·159
    Two weeks ago I spent some time at NFL Films, a mecca for any football nerd. They have an incredible system for all their footage and audio, called Saber. Using Saber you can, among other things, view and sort All-22 coaches film by almost any factor imaginable. Want to see every Peyton Manning pass on 2nd-and-8 since 2005? You can! How about every Patrick Willis third-quarter tackle? Of course! Or every incompletion targeted for Darrius Heyward-Bey? You bet! (If you have a month to spend, anyway.)

    I took the opportunity to break down every run by Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck from the 2013 regular season. Each player, save for Luck, had about 100 rushing attempts. After watching them all in a row, you start to notice patterns. I charted those patterns, focusing on (a) how successful each player’s scrambles and designed runs were, and (b) whether the scrambles stemmed from good or bad decisions.

    So often, running quarterbacks run because they can’t recognize where to throw. I’m not talking about receivers being covered or the defense befuddling a passer; I’m talking about a QB dropping back and failing to execute within the structure of a well-designed play. Sacks often stem from this, too, which is why I also charted them in a separate study.

    Football is not baseball; no statistical formula can portray exactly what is happening on the field. I would have loved to include incomplete passes in my study because, like scrambles and sacks, they often stem from undeveloped decision-making and unrefined fundamentals. Unfortunately, with only five days available at NFL Films, and only 12 hours available in each of those days, there was not enough time to view every incompletion.

    Nevertheless, the running plays and sacks revealed plenty. The conclusions: Newton, Wilson and Kaepernick are insanely talented athletes, Griffin was not himself last year and Luck is a comparable athlete to all of them and an overwhelmingly better quarterback.

    Here are the specifics…

    Player Sacks Taken QB at Fault Pct. QB at Fault
    Andrew Luck 36 0 0.0%
    Cam Newton 47 9 19.1%
    Colin Kaepernick 37 8 21.6%
    Robert Griffin III 38 10 26.3%
    Russell Wilson 48 15 31.3%

    That’s right: Luck was not the primary culpable offender for a single sack he took. The extremity of that statistic—ZERO!—is surprising, but the gist of it is not. Quarterbacks who keep their eyes downfield and move in the pocket with near-perfect mechanics don’t create their own sacks.

    How other quarterback sacks were faulted:

    Player Sacks Coverage Sack Blockers Protection Concept Quarterback Garbage
    Andrew Luck 36 12 (33.3%) 13 (36.1%) 11 (30.6%) 0 0
    Cam Newton 47 17 (36.2%) 11 (23.4%) 9 (19.1%) 9 (19.1%) 1 (2.1%)
    Colin Kaepernick 39 12 (30.8%) 7 (17.9%) 10 (25.6%) 8 (21.6%) 0
    Robert Griffin III 38 9 (23.7%) 9 (23.7%) 10 (26.3%) 10 (26.3%) 0
    Russell Wilson 48 8 (16.7%) 18 (37.5%) 7 (14.6%) 15 (31.3%) 0

    A note on Wilson: All but one of the sacks that were a blocker’s fault came against a simple four-man rush.

    Also worth noting: Some of the “protection concept” sacks—and, to a lesser degree, some of the coverage sacks—could be on the quarterback, depending on what his play-calling and protection-setting responsibilities are. But without being in the team meetings, we have no way of knowing that.

    A “correct decision” scramble was any scramble caused by pressure or no receivers getting open. An “incorrect decision” scramble was when the quarterback blatantly abandoned a play design that worked. A “successful” scramble was something like, say, a first-down run that gained four-plus yards, or a third-down run that moved the chains.

    Player Scrambles Good Decision Pct. Good Decision Successful Pct. Successful
    Andrew Luck 44 39 88.6% 33 75.0%
    Colin Kaepernick 55 41 74.5% 34 61.8%
    Russell Wilson 55 40 72.7% 33 60.0%
    Robert Griffin III 34 22 64.7% 16 47.1%
    Cam Newton 41 25 61.0% 30 73.2%

    Just as with sacks, Luck graded out the best.

    Some other highlights:

    •Newton moved the chains 17 times by scrambling on third down (21 attempts). And he was 8-for-8 on QB sneaks.
    •Wilson was 4-for-15 moving the chains when scrambling on third down, and just 1-for-6 on QB sneaks.
    •18 of Wilson’s “rushing attempts” for the season were QB kneel-downs. Take those out and his yards per run goes from 5.6 to 7.1.
    •Also, 18 of Luck’s “rushing attempts” were kneel-downs. Take those out and his yards per run goes from 6.0 to 8.8. (Luck, however, attempted just 45 runs to Wilson’s 78.)
    •Of Newton’s 16 “incorrect decision” scrambles, 13 still produced a successful outcome. In fact, several of his longest runs on the year came off incorrect decisions.
    •Kaepernick was clearly the most dangerous scrambler in terms of speed and agility, though only 9 of his 22 third-down scrambles were successful.
    •Griffin had the worst scrambling numbers, but he had (by a narrow margin) the best success rate on designed runs.
    Designed Runs
    Here’s the breakdown on success of designed runs:

    Designed Runs
    Successful Pct. Success on
    Designed Runs
    Robert Griffin III 42 25 59.5%
    Cam Newton 59 33 55.9%
    Russell Wilson 27 14 51.8%
    Colin Kaepernick 37 19 51.3%
    Andrew Luck 2 0 0.0%

    Unquantifiable things that stood out:

    ◦Newton is clearly a half-field reader. He also did not slide at all, though he managed to avoid any big hits. He gives himself up in the name of safety; his style is just to fall forward and essentially tackle himself.
    ◦Wilson is another half-field reader, though his scrambles are, by indirect design, a major facet of Seattle’s offense. Seahawks coaches seem to instruct Wilson to run early in the down if that’s what he’s comfortable with. That changed the definition of some of his correct/incorrect scrambles.
    ◦Kaepernick does not read the defense before the snap. You can tell because he shows no understanding of this basic quarterbacking concept: When one receiver is covered, it often means another receiver is not. There’s no awareness of route combinations.
    ◦Griffin takes far too many punishing hits, especially at the end of runs in mildly critical situations (like, say, a 3rd-and-6 early in the first half). He’s been taught to protect himself, but the execution is not natural.
    ◦Luck was impressive even on a lot of negative plays. He always tried to keep plays alive, running extremely late in the down and rarely compromising his physical readiness to throw.
    The takeaway: About one out of four times, a young running quarterback will make a poor decision to scramble or do something to get himself sacked. That is, unless he’s Andrew Luck, who is basically a 10-year veteran in his approach to running with the ball (and treated as such; notice the Colts did not jeopardize his safety with designed run calls). In terms of efficiency, which is crucial to quarterbacking, Luck was clearly the best of this bunch—and that’s just in the running department. Based on what his decision-making revealed in this instance, my guess is he’d be even further ahead of Griffin, Kaepernick, Newton and Wilson if we conducted a passing-game analysis. Right now, these running quarterbacks are dominant athletes—which can be enough if they have a strong supporting cast. But with a 15-percentage-point jump in their decision-making proficiency, they’d become dominant quarterbacks.

    • ◦Kaepernick does not read the defense before the snap. You can tell because he shows no understanding of this basic quarterbacking concept: When one receiver is covered, it often means another receiver is not. There’s no awareness of route combinations.

      anyone who has ever watched football knew this

      • I watch football………

        Kap played a hell of a game against
        seattle in the NFC Championship game.

        Did he not?

        How did Peyton Manning do against Seattle’s defense?

        He’s a master at pre-snap reads……


        • Kap did play a good game versus a Divisional Rival that they see and play each other Twice a Year so a lot of familiarity between both Teams…
          Manning & Bronco’s Offense never saw what hit them and were scared and intimidated after Safety Cam Chancellor knocked WR D Thomas back 5 Yards after Catching a short slant. The Super Bowl was over right then and there for all intents and purposes on the Bronco’s 4th/5th Play from Scirmmage

      • He has no understanding is a kind way of saying he is stupid. He doesn’t read the defense before the snap? You know this because you can read defenses before the snap and this is what you have determined. hmmm. Hell maybe you should be the starting QB for the 49ers.

        • tape dont lie. krappernick is clueless

          • Yep a rich clueless idiot.

          • We will revisit this when SF hosts the Eagles this year. I guess we will see which QB has the better game. No excuses.

            • Since Kapernick sucks as a QB the Eagles should win handily out there this year. No excuses. SF shouldn’t score a point. No excuses

            • Ahhh Mhenski so logic says since Foles is playing against a top 3 defense he wont do well. Hmmmm then logic tells me Kaperncks numbers shouldn’t be great since his whole fucking division has great defenses. If he played the NFC East and those weak ass defenses Foles sees naturally Foles should have better numbers. Thanks for making my point. No excuses.


              • well logic would be correct Kapernik did NOT have greta numbers….. he was 20th in yardage – 36th in yds per game (less then 200) – 22nd in completions (behind Geno Smith!) – did not even crack the top 50 i terms of completion percentage – Matt Schaub completed a higher percetage of passes then him he completed less then 60% –

                the problem with your logic is that it is on par with a kindergartner – no, that would be cruel to the kindergarteners – pre-schoolers – if you are good you get ice cream, if not, none….

                The Eagles – 49ers game will be detemrined by how improved the Eagles defense is from last year. If they can generate steady pressure without blitzing, keep Kapernik in the pocket and force him to beat them with his arm and to make fast decisions (wait – isn;t this how teams defended against Vick! excpet they blitzed cause Vick could not read a blitz to save his bacon) they stand a pretty good chance – but the logic of adults would say you also have special teams and how well the Eagles O (things like run blocking ) perfomrs outside of Foles – you know all three phases, try to elevate your logic level to at least middle school and acknowledge football is a team game and history has shown an average QB can win with a great D and a solid running game…

              • Great job invino. Once I realized I was talking with someone illogical that was trying to act logically I shut it down. You can’t engage in healthy sports dialogue with them.

                Funny some of these guys love to prop up overrated qbs and belittle their home team qb. Makes no sense

              • Invino/Mhenski don’t get mad at me I didn’t prop up Kapernick that would be the 49ers and the long term deal they gave to Kapernick.I didn’t prop him up that’s every NFL player who has him ranked in the top 20 players of 2014. I didn’t prop him up, hell this article has him ranked as the 7th best QB in the NFL. So actually im in the norm you guys are the delusional ones. Oh and by the way your constant racist talk(im talking to a kindergartner who is illogical) is comical. It always seems to come back to some kind of educational thing with you hillbillies. sigh.

              • Wait the same Vick who in 2011 threw for a then career high of 416 yards and lead them to a 23-3 4th quarter lead against the 49’ers and then watched the defense give it all back? The same Vick who in a bad year had the best passer rating against the blitz? That Vick? I guess Kap will never be able to fix the flaws in his game.

    • Excellent Article Vinnie,

      Thanks for sharing.. When watching Football and taking the “biased fan” out the equation, anyone can tell that Andrew Luck is much more advanced in his “decision-making” skills than the other Young QB’s in the NFL.. Luck going into his 3rd Season, is just a step behind the Future Hall-Of-Famers in Manning/Brady’s/Brees & probably Rodgers who have all playing for many Years
      Put Luck’s Overall Stats & Efficiency after his first 2 Seasons & 32 Games in the NFL versus anyone (Manning,Brady,Elway, Aikman,Kelly,Young, etc) and it’s scary to think where will be in 2-3 Seasons more as he continues to develop, learn and mature with better weapons around him…
      Just think of the Colts going from Peyton Manning for 13-14 Seasons to Luck for another 10-12 Seasons… That’s like 25 Years of Excellent QB Play..
      Same with Packers who went from Farve for 12-13 Years to now Rodgers for another 10-12 Years…

      • You can also tell they consider him more a running QB than a pocket passer. And I bet you can find someone to dispute every statistic in that article. I’m not a huge Russell Wilson fan but guess what he has already in his possession?

  13. Nick foles played some good Ds last year and performed very well.

    Against Arizona he was 21 of 34 (62%) for 237 3 tds and 0 ints
    Against Chicago he was 21 of 25 (84%) for 230 2 tds and 0 ints

    I am not worried about Nick Foles against good defenses.

    If you want to compare the two – why not compare against common opponents? Here Foles does very well against Kap.

    VS Arizona
    Kap 16 of 29 (55%) 252 2td 1 int
    Kap 21 of 34 (62%) 310 yrds 2 td 1 int (in a meaningless game for Ariz)
    Foles 21 of 34 (62%) for 237 3 tds and 0 ints

    VS Saints
    Kap 17 of 31 (55%) 127 yrds 2 td 1 int
    Foles 23 of 33 (70%) 195 yrds 2 td 0 int

    VS TB
    Kap 19 of 29 (66%) 203 yrds 2 td 0 ints
    Foles 22 of 28 (71%) 296 yrds 3 td 0 int

    VS WSH
    Kap 15 of 24 (63%) 235 yrds 3 td 0 int
    Foles 17 of 26 (65%) 298 0 td 0 int

    VS GB
    Kap 27 of 39 (69%) 412 yrds 3 td 0 ints
    Kap 17 of 31 (55%) 263 yrds 2 td 1 int
    Foles 12 of 18 (67%) 228 3 td 0 int

    Not sure what to do against with the fat that Kap played 2 teams twice. SHould I take an average? Should I take the game closer to when Foles played them – as teams (perhaps) performing at the same level?

    I’ll take averages of the Ariz and GB games….so….

    Versus common opponents:

    92 of 151 (61%) 1183 yrds 11 tds 3 ints

    95 of 139 (68%) 1254 yrds 11 tds 0 ints…oh and Foles had 2 rushing Tds against those common opponents…Kap 0

    Against common opponents Foles had higher comp %, higher yards, more tds and less ints that the much heralded Kap.

    Take out that one GB game to start the Season (clearly an outlier that doesn;t match anything else Kap does) and Foles grades out even better against Kap.

    I’ll take Foles over Kap in a heartbeat.

    • Good stuff Vinnie,
      Do note that the Bears had one of the worst Defenses in the NFL
      As injuries to DT Melton, LB Briggs & CB Tillman had a major impact on their overall Defense last Season..

      • Cant let a few important facts get in the way of the stats that you like, huh Vinnie!
        You are a complete fool!
        The comparison to Kap is meaningless. The common opponent argument of comparison is stupid. The endless drivel of stats to assess Quaterbacks is dumb. Which QB makes game winning plays at key moments of tough ball games? Which QB has made tough plays in playoff games?
        I’ll take Kap over Foles any day of the week…and in Chip Kelly’s offense with the offensive talent that we had last year…Kap would have been dangerous. He didn’t have a burner like DJax, or Shady McCoy on his team…another factor that makes your ‘stats’ arguments the height of stupidity…San Francisco and Seattle had less offensive talent surrounding their QB’s than Foles had in supporting him. DJax and Shady were better as a combination than anything San Fran or Seattle had in their offense.
        Kap and Wilson are much better than Foles…no doubt about it!

  14. I’m so glad you guys are going on record praisng Foles, so you’ll will be exposed when he suck ass this year.

    No excuses!!!


    • The same way that you went on the record as a self declared Redskins fan.

      Go troll another site, like WebMD where I am sure you can teach them a thing or two about vaccines……you are a loser FraudSongs.

    • so wait – by exposed do you mean they will look like a stupid jackass that is absolutely clueless –

      bet your hoping for some company in that category – must get lonely over there all by yourself

  15. vinnie you are a clown and a fool. You are always throwing stats out there and like dagolden mentioned…you leave out key important, common sense factors that provides a needed context to intelligent analysis. Comparing Foles to Kap is pure ignorance…the bottom line is that Kap has won playoff games-Foles has not. Comparing them to similar bad terrible defenses in the regular season is ridiculous. Calling the Chicago Bears team that the Eagles throttled last year-a good defense- is downright stupid.. for all of your ‘stats’ you suddenly forget that they were the worst team in the League against the run.
    The Eagles team with the powerful weapons we had on offense last year performed well below average in the playoff game against the Saints. At home, the meager 195 yards Foles put up constitutes a poor performance when your team relies so heavily on offense.
    Only a fool relies on stats the way you do Vinnie…you miss key elements of the game. The bottom line is that Foles has not proven himself to be a franchise QB yet…he has no playoff wins, and has never beaten a playoff team! Bottom line…stick that in your stat pipe and smoke it!~

    • I will keep posting this after you say how poorly Foles played against the Saints. Didn’t he lead them on a drive and gave them the lead on a td pass to Ertz with under 5 minutes left?

      Then Foles kicked off short to Sproles.
      Then Foles horscollared Sproles to give him an extra 15 yards
      Then Foles led the porous defense that let the Saints run the ball down their throat to run the clock out and win the game.

      I don’t know what he is yet, because he has only been the starter for half a year, but that was a damn fine half a year and he played well enough for them to win that game against the Saints.

  16. um Mr Koolbreeze – as a math professor, one that also teaches logic – doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical (that’s a big word for don’t you realize you are talking out your ass) that you have rejected every argument Mr Vinnie has made because it is based on ‘stats’ and then you pick on topic, which also happens to be…. wait for it – a stat – to argue his stat is not valid….

    So logically, since winning a playoff game is the criteria – the eagles should now hand the starting QB job to MArk Sanchez – because according to your ‘stat’ he has more playoff wins (4 I think) then Foles –

  17. Damn all this Nick Foles talk, can we cut that stiff Barkley right now PLEASE!!!! Bring back Dennis Dixon dammit. Even in OTA’s he SUCKS.

    • you may get ur wish!!!!!!

      After observing Eagles OTAs and minicamp,’s Jimmy Kempski observed that second-year QB Matt Barkley’s “arm simply isn’t good.”
      Per Kempski, “everything (Barkley) throws has way too much air under it,” which was evident on Barkley’s USC tape. He was a rainbow thrower, and can’t drive the ball. Kempski saw Barkley get intercepted by third-string CB Curtis Marsh in Wednesday’s practice, and called the pass “just not an NFL throw.” In a recap column, Kempski deemed Barkley’s arm strength a “major concern,” and suggested the 23-year-old may not last much longer in the league.
      Source: Jimmy Kempski on Twitter
      Jun 18 – 5:11 PM

      • I believe the Opening Season Roster at QB for the Eagles will be

        Starter – Foles
        Back-up – Sanchez
        3rd String – Kinnie

        Barkley will be traded to a Team in need of a Back-up/3rd Stringer
        perhaps to Arizona, Seattle or San Diego for a late Round Draft Pick in Return..

        • Paulman if Howie and Chip pull that off, they get a one year pass where I will not write a negative word. LOL

          • I hope they do it Biggy,
            Barkley is not an NFL QB which is why all 32 Teams passed on him 3 times in the 2013 Draft, before the Eagles selected him in the 4th Round..
            I hope they don’t keep him just because they Drafted him last year
            Some things,skills you either have or don’t at the QB Position..
            A back-up/3rd Stringer better either have a big arm or be able to move around and Barkley has neither, so why keep him on the Roster. I actually like Kinnie and think he can legitimately be the Back-up to Foles by 2015 and needs as many reps this Summer as possible which is another reason I want Barkley gone..

  18. ********* JON HART NEWS

    According to my source Jon Hart will be telling us that Joel Embiid injured his foot and possibly broke it.

    Sixers are controlling everything in this draft, Hinkie probably broke his foot on purpose

    • Womp womp

      This proves 1 thing, you’re obsession with my post on here has risen to unfathomable heights..

      Prayers for mhenski.. sheesh

  19. No way…smoke screen to control where Embiid goes is what he is going to say.

    • This is what I think is going on bugsy.. I believe the Sixers will move up to 1 and will draft Wiggins but with them moving up will have to forfeit the 3rd overall pick and Thad Young etc to do it.

      With this report dropping about “Embiids foot” this was in an effort to keep him away from the Bucks so the Cavs can draft him 3rd. (Ive been saying no one wants to play for the Bucks no one)

      And if you weren’t aware, Embiid had a workout scheduled with none other than the Bucks this week and canceled that and all other workouts all together, they’ve shut him down all together..

      This is definitely gamesmanship definitely maneuvering being done by the agents and players. Embiid wants to be a Cav and Wiggins wants to be a Sixer and that’s what will happen on draft night…

      Book it

  20. I think Mhenski is right. I don’t think that 3 and Thad would do it.

  21. 1. Peyton Manning
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Drew Brees
    5. Ben Roethlisberger
    6. Andrew Luck

    Wilson, Kaepernick & Foles can go in any order that fits your prejudice… None of them are as good as Luck, in my opinion.

    As far as I’m concerned, the 49er and Seahawks could have done just as well over the last two seasons with almost any decent quarterback.

    As for Nick Foles – he has to be good for more than one season before he can be up in the top group. But Foles was more important to his team than Wilson, Kaepernick were to their team.

  22. Paulman’s 76ers 2014 Mock Draft (Version #1)

    1st Rd –
    # 3 – SF Andrew Wiggins – Kansas (6-8 200lbs)
    #10 – PF Adreian Payne – Mich State (6-10 245lbs)

    2nd Rd
    # 32 – SG Spencer Dinwiddie – Colorado (6-6 200lbs)
    # 39 – PG Russ Smith – Louisville ( 6-0 175lbs)
    # 47 – Center Aterm Klimenko – Russia (7-1 230lbs Stash in Europe)
    # 52 – PF Cory Jefferson – Baylor (6-9 220lbs)
    # 54 – Center – Moussa Diagne – Senagal (6-11 230lbs – Stash in Europe)

    *** I could see a Trade involving Thadd Young and 1 or 2 of these 2nd Round Selections to a Team to move back into the late 1st Round – Bulls at #19,
    Raptors at #20, Jazz at #23 or Rockets at 25

  23. The Cavs have been all in for Embiid and they still are all in on Embiid. The Cavs asking price actually may go down.. Heres why..

    Why stay at 1 and take a guy that is injured and not get anything more in return?

    I see them willing to trade that 1st overall pick more than ever for less than before, not for picks 3 & 10 but maybe 3, Thad and a few 2nds etc etc…

    The Cavs would still be able to draft Embiid for teams are fearful of his injury and they’d add players and assets..

    Sixers still get Wiggins…

    I also see them adding another Lotto pick..

    I’ve been saying mcw could be traded.. If they did do that they’d for sure get another lotto pick..

    I just heard a deal thrown out there, MCW & Thad along with some of your 2nds for another Lotto pick…

    Sounds like a bit much that youre giving up but it could happen…

    • Lmfao yep all realistic stuff Jon. Sixers r in total control of this draft!

      Show ya tits!

      • Joel Embiid – C – Player
        Joel Embiid’s draft stock has fallen to the “three-to-six” range according to Chad Ford of ESPN.
        Embiid was projected to go as high as first overall, but news of a stress fracture in his right foot has caused his draft stock to plummet. The teams drafting from three to six are the 76ers, Magic, Jazz, and Celtics. Chad Ford also mentions that Embiid’s status could drop even further once teams receive his medicals.
        Source: Chad Ford on Twitter Jun 19 – 6:55 PM

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