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Could Zach Ertz Lead The Eagles In Receiving?

Zach ErtzTight end Zach Ertz comes into his sophomore season with “breakout candidate” potential.  He has the versatility as shown during the second half of 2013 to be used both as tight-end and split outside in the wide receiver role.  He possesses terrific body control in space, and is able to create separation with his combination of size and speed.

If you were to double his stat output from last season, Ertz would walk away in 2014 with 72 receptions, 938 yards and 8 touchdowns.  The speculation is that Jeremy Maclin will slide right into the vacancy left behind by former Eagle Desean Jackson.  Maclin will have every opportunity to have his best season of his professional career.  All signs point to a full recovery from the injury that sidelined him last season, and how Chip Kelly will use Maclin all over the football.   So much of the Eagles success for the upcoming season lingers on the recovery and ability for Maclin to stay healthy.

After Maclin, the remainder of the receiving core has their role and their anticipated impact for the offense.   Riley Cooper has good size, terrific chemistry with Foles and can find opening in small spaces.  The two rookie receivers are going to be eased into the mix.  Celek is a better blocker then Ertz.  Sproles will catch his fair share of footballs, but he is not going to lead this Eagles team in receiving.  I would like to think that Maclin will finally show why the Eagles drafted him in the first round in 2009, but I’m hesitant, I don’t want to be the one to jinx him.

Over 200 passing targets were attempted in the direction of former Eagles Desean Jackson and Jason Avant last season.  Ertz played sparingly in the early part of the season, as he learned the playbook and gained the trust of Chip Kelly.  The type of production we witnessed down the stretch was a mere sampling of what this kid could do at the professional level.

The Eagles no longer possess that top end speed which required double coverage by the opposing defense.  Their new arsenal is to attack with multiple receivers who possess combinations of speed and size and who can play multiple positions.  Kelly is attacking with combinations for opposing defenders and coaches to quickly answer before every snap of the football field.

Ertz is going to have space to work the middle of the football field as a tight-end.  There will also be a percent of snaps that Ertz is going to see in the wide-receiver role.  Ertz is not going to be confused with the ratio that tight-end Jimmy Graham sees out in New Orleans, but Ertz has the ability to be used in similar ways.

A lot of attention is going to how Maclin is looking, dissecting Sproles in the offense and the progression of unproven rookie Jordan Matthews.  All three will play their respected role in the Eagle offense this season.

The most talented receiver on the roster, who is ready to take that next step in an offense that suits him perfectly, tight-end Zach Ertz.  Expect big things, Ertz has made it known that he has set the bar high for himself, it would only be fair if we also did the same. on Facebook

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54 Comments for “Could Zach Ertz Lead The Eagles In Receiving?”

  1. I don’t believe you can simply “Double” TE Ertz Stats from 2013 and think that’s a realistic expectation for 2014 Season.. The Eagles have a lot more Weapons in the passing game than in 2013 even without D-Jax
    You have to figure Darren Sproles will catch 35-40 Passes
    Also Cooper will get 15-20 More Receptions playing all season with FOles and then Maclin with get his 55-65 Receptions..
    The Eagles will attempt to run the Ball more to begin with
    I think a Realistic expectation for Ertz in his 2nd Season is a 20% increase in his Production Stats.. which ends up about 45 Catches for 550-600 Yards and about 6 TD Receptions
    With the Eagles employing a double TE Sets (Celek/Ertz) and the additions of Sproles,Matthews & Huff to the mix, I just don’t see Ertz being targeted enough to ever get 70 + Receptions… Combine Ertz & Celek and you will see about 75 Receptions between them, but not individually

  2. Jeff simple answer is no. My reasoning he’s not that good yet to see that big a increase in targets and also Kelly’s offense isn’t built to get a TE 72 receptions.

    • I agree Big. The ball is going to spread around too much for Ertz to have that kind of season. With Sproles, Maclin, Cooper, McCoy, Ertz, Celek, and the rooks, its going to be tough for a TE to get 72 receptions. Kelly’s system at the NFL level requires many different targets, this is how he’ll get mismatches. He’ll be able to control what matchup he wants. The offense should still be explosive, even without the deep speed. But my question is and will always be, how will the defense do?

  3. I just don;t think the Eagles will run enough total offensive plays to get him that many receptions – if you take all the touches Djax and Avant had – they will now be split out between Maclin and the two rookie WRs, Sproles and Ertz… It appears the staff likes Polk – so giving Polk a few more touches (maybe 5?) to reduce McCoy –
    I think the two above have it right – this offense isn’t built to ave one guy gettng all those touches, it is built to spread the ball all over the field with a very liberal dose of running (McCoy) as the D starts to wear down… I like the idea of the total number of receptions for all the TEs combined – I think we will se emore double TE sets this season in an effort to get the TEs and RB withan LB – if the D matches witha nickel (what we did against New Orleans in the playoffs to stop Graham) we run..if not – one of the three (Ertz, Celeck or the RB) will be one on one with an LB –

  4. Last year the Eagles completed 310 passes on 508 passing attempts. (61%)

    I see the 310 completions rising for 3 reasons:
    1 – more accurate QB
    2 – 48 sacks was 8th worst in the league…that will drop meaning about 10 more attempts
    3 – Less QB scrambling = more pass attempts
    4 – Law of averages. Eagles were 27th in attempted passes in the league, if that rises to middle of the pack, that’ll be about 50 more attempts

    S0 I am predicting about 360 completions (65% of 560 attempts). Perhaps 370?? 50-60 more completions than last year (that’s a pretty substansial increase)

    Where do the 360 completions go?

    Maclin 60
    McCoy 60
    Ertz 50
    Cooper 50
    Sproles 40
    Celek 40
    Matthews 35
    The field: 20

    If its 370 completions, then spread those 10 extras around.

    Is it possible that one of these guys will ‘break out’ and be an 85 catch guy? Possible, but I don’t think the offense is built like that.

  5. I think the Eagles Run the Ball 75% of the Snaps this Year catching everyone by Surprise…
    So using Vinnie’s #’s as a Standard, I look at about 200 Completions

    Maclin 34
    Cooper 35
    Matthews 22
    Etz 31
    Celek 22
    Huff 13
    McCoy 25
    Sproles 18

  6. So they added all these weapons to run the ball lol chip needs to shoot himself if he does that I do think it will be 50/50

    • Just for the first 10 Games of the Season, Gloomy…
      There will be a few Games where Foles only has 10 Pass Attempts..
      Coach Kelly will slow the clock way down,
      Run 35-38 Seconds between Plays to throw
      His opponents in a tizzy..and to rest the aeagkes Defense
      They change it back to a very high Tempi
      4 WR Sets once the weather gets cold & windy
      In Kate fall to again, keep his opponents off guard
      Pure Genius..

  7. Report just out stating that Lane Johnson will be suspended for 4 games for PED’s.

    Is this the Sports Science we have been told about?

    So much for continuity on the line. At least we will have a training camp to have his backup playing with the 1’s.

    • Will they run him out if town? Is he selfishly putting himself above the team ? Hey paulman will ole Jeff get rid of him because he soiling the gold standard? Is this bad character? I could go on and on. Sport Science at it’s best. Oh wait it was a mistake he didn’t know whatever substance he was using was on the banned list, honest mistake. SMDH

      • Biggie…give me a heads up for how this season is going to roll…do you plan on making every negative aspect of the team a comment on DJax and how they let him go? I get it. I hated seeing him go too…and hated seeing him go with nothing in return even more, but to bring everything back to him gets old. Just asking….you are going to comment how you feel, I get it, and you should. But at what point will everything not relate back to DJax?

        • Greenfan when it becomes a non story I nor the media created the DJax story, I actually think Desean will be a non factor in how this Eagles season plays out, I just like pointing out the whole buying in men of character nonsense. It’s a slippery slope and Chip chose it.

          • Honestly, I am not sure that I read the quotes from Kelly related to character. I know that Reid and at times Roseman and Banner (I guess Lurie also) talked about character.

            I believe that Kelly was more interested in having players that bought into “his system”. I guess you could argue that PEDs are not part of “his system”.

            I have said it before, these decisions are Chips and Chips alone. If the team fails, he will be gone. If he continues to progress and he has his “team players” installed he will be here for a long time. He didn’t have choir boys in Oregon, he had players that bought into what he was doing. There is a difference and it doesn’t have to do with character.

            • Your right Greenfan let me clarify something, this is to all the posters spouting that nonsense about CHARACTER when they know nothing about these guys only what they read or assume. By the way where is that article about who Lane Johnson was hanging around with and who was supplying him with PED’s? See where I’m going with this Greenfan?

              • You’re right Big, fans know nothing about players CHARACTER. Fans know nothing about what players are like in the locker room. Fans no nothing about players carrying out assignments. Fans know nothing about players work and study habits – but coaches do.

              • Did they know Lane was juicing?

              • They knew Allen Barbre had been suspended for PEDs in the past, but his on the team….

                Apparently, the moral outrage that people feel about PEDs in baseball is not the same in football.

              • Bigger stronger faster more violent collisions more concussions hmmm maybe there should be more of a moral outrage.

  8. Read all winter about how Johnson had bulked up/ gained weight/ looked cut etc. and all I kept thinking was how good the Eagles ‘roid/ hormone prgm must be.

    Largest coaching staff in the NFL and they don’t have a guy to ensure they don’t get caught? Disappointing. (not that he did it – they all do it- just that he got caught.)

  9. LOL!!!!……….You know how I feel about Lame Johnson. He was garbage even on the juice!!! So, I guess they should have no problem giving Josh Gordon a chance huh??!!!………………HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

    Let’s here it for the perennial Pro Bowler!!!!

    Matt Tobin, won’t give up as many sacks, so biased statisticians, won’t have to hid sacks by classifying them as hurries……pwbwhahahahahaaa!!!!

    Did I call it on him, or what!!!????…..Even if some come to his defense, the bottom line is he cheated, and was still booty..

    • Guess we know why he outgrew the QB position now huh. LOL

    • Hey gm, the Lame Johnson pick isn’t getting any better, is it? Hated then, & my thoughts haven’t changed! You don’t waste a #4 pick in the draft, on a reach project, who was a converted QB-TE-OL. Now we know how he packed on weight so fast! The geniuses in positions of power in this city, are a f^#@ing joke!!!! Thank God it’s the summer, so I can spend long weekends with my old lady, kids, & grandbabies, because if I had to keep watching, this garbage, I’d be even more on a rampage! Question, who is more irritating right now, Ruin 2morrow & his clan of boobs, Hinkie Dinkie doo, or the geniuses Weaselman, & Kelly? SMMFH……

  10. Maybe one of the wait staff slipped some PED’s in his food because they knew he was going to be a bad tipper during that 17k dinner.

  11. A real Opportunity for Matt Tobin, Dennis Kelly and Alan Barbree to battle for the Starters Spot all Camp.. This is a do or die Camp for Dennis Kelly who was hurt last Camp and never really got the reps in the groove to do anything
    He’s a Former 5th Round Pick by the former regime, so it’s time to show up and be released, Tobin I like at RT and even Barbree can play there if need be but this will give ampl snaps and reps to some of the Young Players to see what they have..
    Someone can correct me, but if he’s out the first 4 Weeks, doe this also mean he’s banned from Practice and any Team Functions, Meetings,etc,etc for if so, this will have a long term negative impact on Johnson, If his Suspension is just missing games but able to practice, keep in game shape and head into whats happening week to week, then not a real big deal in th long run… Either way, he just on Coach Kelly’s/Roseman’s shit list and will now be on a short leash and possibly moved or traded come next Year if they don’t like or see from him when he returns…

    • Barbaree was just resigned. Odds are in his favor that he will be the back-up. I belive that his suspension is only for the 4 games, and during that time he cannot be in the facility or with the team. He will be able to be with the team through training camp and the preseason. It will be interesting to see where he plays in the preseason. No doubt that the right side of our OLine was a bit of a question mark with Herremans and Johnson….each played better as the season went along. This suspension will hurt that development and the performance of the offense early in the season. I am interested to hear the excuses..”.it was a generic supliment I bought at GNC…blah, blah, blah”… well you let down your team former 1st rounder. This sucks all around.


    This had to be known by the Eagles well before this came out.

    This is how you go from a 5th Round pick talent, to a over drafted 1st round pick after the combine……….

    • Come on all you Lame Johnson Fans……GET UP!!!!

      He’ll have to take twice as many PED’s to replace Jason Peters, without REAL TALENT……

      Come on where are you at??!!!!

  13. I am not ready to Write Lane Johnson off,
    Let’s see what the Circumstances and Substances
    Are first before tossing him aside…
    Now if there is pattern of abuse, or circumstances
    That we as Fans don’t know about, than that’s another story
    His 2nd Season development will be hampered
    No doubt.. Pre-Season is really for the young Players to make their adjustments and improvements and I’m not sure how many reps he will get for Kelly and OL
    coach now have 2 months to get his replacement up to speed and depending how Johnson Handles this set back may determine his status with the Club not only for 2014 but possibly beyond..
    Look at the example last year where Cooper had his situation
    He could have sulked, felt sorry for himself and
    Remained isolated, but he didn’t, he worked hard, improve his skills and route running, got stronger and slowly regained the respect of his fellow Teamnates and became an important part of the Eagles Offense
    Sone may look back and Cooper himself, and say the hardship he went thru made him not only a better person but a better football player.
    Maybe the same can happen with Lane Johnson
    Time will tell, one thing I am pretty sure about that it will not be a given after his
    4 games out that Johnson returns as a Starter,
    Kelly & Co. will make him earn it as they should and if there is more to the story
    Then he may be out longer than 4 weeks..
    I expect them to have another Player or two take the majority of reps with
    The 1st Team all Summer and Pre-Season.. Player B & C will need as many Reps this Season to prepare for the 4 Games as the Starter to open the Season

    • Rationalizing again Paul.

      You sound lie Reuben Amaro, and Dave Montgomery. Stop it. I didn’t say write him off, but don’t you think it’s strange a QB, turned TE, blows up in 3 years to become A TOP 5 OT, when the year before he was mocked as a 5th round pick???

  14. I guess the Eagles decided to join the other teams that win in this league. The Seattle Seahawks lead the NFL in suspensions for performance-enhancing drugs since Pete Carroll became coach in 2010

    2010-13 PED Suspensions

    Seattle Seahawks 5
    Denver Broncos 4
    New York Giants 4
    N E Patriots 3
    Redskins 3
    Cincinnati Bengals 3
    Houston Texans 3
    St. Louis Rams 3
    Atlanta Falcons 2
    Arizona Cardinals 2
    Minnesota Vikings 2
    Buccaneers 2
    Carolina Panthers 2
    Miami Dolphins 2
    San Diego Chargers 2
    Tennessee Titans 2
    Chicago Bears 1
    Green Bay Packers 1
    New Orleans Saints 1
    Baltimore Ravens 1
    Cleveland Browns 1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 1
    Buffalo Bills 0
    Detroit Lions 0
    Jacksonville Jaguars 0
    Indianapolis Colts 0
    Kansas City Chiefs 0
    New York Jets 0
    Oakland Raiders 0
    Dallas Cowboys 0
    Philadelphia Eagles 0
    San Francisco 49ers 0

    Totals 50

  15. As I stated before a 4th pick RT. Lane Johnson wont be missed RT are a dime a dozen, This doesn’t effect the Eagles one bit. Its the scheme actually and he graded out as one of the worst RT in the NFL last year as the Eagles blew smoke up your ass telling you how improved he was at the end of the year. He went from being awful to being barely serviceable on passing down. Jacksonville and KC will have similar fates with Joeckel and Fisher.

    • PREACH DAG!!!!!!!!!!

    • Um – where di you read/hear/find that information? The Eagles averaged over 5 yards per run to the right side – he palyed all but 1 offensive play last year, and during the season he was deemed responsible for ( broke down every sack last year) 8 sacks (Hermanns at 5.5 as a guard and Peters gave up 4.5 and he is considered the BEST LT in the game by many!)
      and the solide part about that 8 sacks number is almost all of them were in the first 7 games……

      I mean think about it from this persepctive – if you were a defense and you wanted to attack the eagles offense – would you try to attack the line going after Jason Peters and Evam MAthis – both of who bleacher report ranks in the top 50 of ALL NFL lineman (Peters being #1 of course) or Hermanns and a rookie?

      I think the funniest thing is the GM Cliff guy below going preach – preach what? Nonsense –

      The reason I asked where you got your information is I went to to bleacher report and they have him ranked #11 –

      where do you get the nonsense you post?

      by the way – the worst ranked right tackle according to bleacher report was none other then the ‘blind side’ himself Micheal Oher –

      • Gm has an agenda… Any pjayer the birds draft who is not on his board he will never route for. I don’t know if Johnson will be a good RT but as a fan I hope he is great! GM would rather he suck plain and simple!

  16. You pathetic clowns comparing djax to Johnson

    If that little pussy djax got his ass and attitude out of the gang and into the weight room no one would care if he took some personal

    But this little bitch big puss lion always looks for a reason to turn it into how there is a double standard

    • LOL go back to sleep clown, you guys are amazing these things write themselves, so what happens when the new right tackle gets beat and Foles gets concussed. Oh I know let’s blame Desean. LOL

  17. Not personal but peds. Had to clarify before I hear you faggots say olé jake dog is blasted

    • No Jake he should have gotten Lane’s homies to sell him some PED’s so he’d be jacked. Feeling hurt ya idiot have a drink on me you clown.

  18. You think human beings ge to 325lbs at 4% body fat from eating their wheaties?

  19. I don’t know what he was taking nor do any of you. It is a money game and people will push the envelope for sure. A friend of mine who is a hs coach was telling me that kids get supplements at GNC which are banned in professional sports but are easily bought over the counter. Everyone pushing to get bigger, stronger faster.
    in reference to someones post about moral outrage…. baseball is a sacred ‘numbers/stats’ game…. football we just like to see big guys getting beat up by bigger guys….

    • Yep cigar and then sit back watch them sue the NFL or die early deaths because of CTE. They know what they’re signing up for and we love it.

      • Lion I was involved in football for the majority of my life but I can tell you my son never donned a football helmet, he just never had interest and guess what … I was happy as hell about it!
        Kids are hiring trainers and spending hundreds of dollars at GNC to get bigger and faster knowing that colleges use sports matrix to pick kids… I don’t like it . America is becoming a fantasy land of giants

        • Simple decision. I have a tough time getting my son to baseball practice 1-2 times a week, but for football, it is 4 days a week in effin August or you don’t play. He is 7.

          That is ridiculous.

          • God bless ya bugs sports is now so specialized with year round participation I know I’m an old fart but I kind of like the days when u played sport by the season but for most kids it’s travel teams, psychotic parents pushing them and being over coached . My favorite games as s kid were 3v 3 tackle football with no helmet and no concussions ( imagine that) and pick up baseball with right field closed because we didn’t have enough guys but you batted 30 times a game and fielded dozens of balls .

            • LOL sounds like we grew up in the same neighborhood Cigar. I played football into college and so far none of my boys have gotten the football bug, baseball and basketball so far and that’s fine with me. I think my 6 year old going to be tough to keep off the football field though.

            • I remember those days too HAC
              I remember as we got older and bigger, we had to bat “opposite handed” since we played on a small field.. Now that was fun and fortunately for me, I could bat both Left (my Natural) and Righty and used to dominate to Stats Sheets…. Ha

          • Wait till after your 7 year old loses a game and the coaches lecture them about “intensity , playing smart and execution’’s an ugly thing

            • My Kids are 19 & 17 and used to Coach all their Parks & Rec Teams from Soccer, Basketball, Softball & Baseball and I didn’t give a rats ass about Winning, It was about Teaching the game the right way and having all the kids participate and enjoying the Sport
              I have to be honest, dealing with the Parents was by far, the worst part about the Coaching Experience.. It was crazy how some of these Parents were .. and the Mom’s were just as bad as the Dad’s… Crazy…

              • Paul when we outgrew our baseball field we made over the fence an out so u really had to learn to hit line drives ! As for youth coaching I have seen the worst of it in local little leagues both soccer and baseball parents lose perspective. It wasn’t quite as bad as a high school coach but girls travel soccer now those are some intense parents.

  20. On a side note, my Son took a real liking to Soccer in the 7th Grade and has become a pretty good Player.. Talk about an easy Sport to learn and Play..
    Get some Cleats, Shorts and build your Stamina and Foot Skills is about all you need, Kids stay in great Shape and is a Sport you can Play as you get Older at all different levels…
    I never really played Soccer much when I was a kid for it just wasn’t too popular in my area.. but Playing Indoor Soccer in the Winter is as much Fun as Street or Gym Hockey.. Very fast moving, with lots of action and scoring opportunities

    • Plus they learn great acting skills – the ability to be brushed lightly and flop trying to convince the referee they are mortally wounded – bring out the ambulace, no wiat for it – he is going to get up.;;; and magically run again…

      I have never seen a sport where grown man stand around with there arms up in the air and people get so excited over 1-1 ties

      • I agree about the faking and fainting of Grown Men in Soccer, it’s ridiculous
        at the Teenage,High School and College Levels most of that garbage doesn’t take place where the Kids & Players just play and compete…

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