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Report: Sixers Interested In Joel Embiid At #3

emibAccording to Bob Cooney of the Dailey News, the Sixers will be very interested in Joel Embiid if he is indeed available when the team goes on the clock with their third overall pick.

This report just screams “smokescreen” to me.

Maybe the Sixers are trying to help repair Embiid’s value, and help recreate a market for themselves with the third overall pick.

They may be trying to bait teams like the Lakers or Celtics that had been hoping to snatch Embiid later in the first round into trading up to grab him.

Taking Embiid just doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Sixers. Not when they’ve got Nerlens Noel on the roster, and not after Embiid has now dealt with two significant injuries in the last year. Injury-prone bigmen just don’t last very long. The organization already learned that the hard way with Andrew Bynum. on Facebook

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140 Comments for “Report: Sixers Interested In Joel Embiid At #3”

  1. I could see a scenario of 76ers drafting Embiid at #3
    If Wiggins/Parker are gone, which I expect to happen,
    Then 76ers would have to Trade #10 & #32 &Thadd Young
    To move up to try to get Exum at #4 (Magic) or #5 (Jazz)
    Which is possible but unlikely and may have to include
    2015 1st Round Pick too
    They sat out Noel all this Season
    And could do the same with Embiid for next Season,
    But in 2 Years Time would have MCW, Exum,
    Noel & Embiid which is a very talented Core to build for Future Seasons..

  2. Sixers are going to screw this up with that BS Starting four that Paul suggested..

    • Not what I suggest Cliff, merely a possibility

      I lactually prefer PF Noah Vonleh & Guard Eldrid Payton
      With their Top 2 Picks, because I like their upside the most
      As NBA Players, but that’s just me…

  3. Orlando won’t trade us 4 nor will jazz without mcw

    • I agree with that..
      Magic wants Exum bad..and will take him at #4
      If the 76ers do not take at #3
      I do think the Jazz may be open to Trading at #5

  4. You guys are way better than me, I really have no clue what they plan on doing. It should be interesting tho. GO SIXERS!

    • ****76ers News****
      GM Hinkle states his intentions of his Draft Strategy
      On a Portugal Sports Station

      #3 Guard – Dante Exum
      #10 PF – Andrien Payne

      And that he intends to Offer Carmelo Anthony a “Contract he can’t Refuse”

      Starting Line-Up

      Guards – MCW & Exum
      Forwards – Melo, Thadd Young
      Center – Noel

      Off the Bench
      Guards – Toby Wroten & Jarrett Jack
      Forwards – A Payne & Josh McRoberts
      Center – M McCrary (#32nd Pick)

      • And forgot about Center Henry Sims as a
        Back-Up and thr a Foward they Drafted last year who played overseas
        Last year to round out Roster

      • Payne is NOT a #10 pick! Stick to football & baseball paul.

        • My picks would be PF Vonleh & Guard Eldrid Payton
          That’s what I would do for the Record DCar!!!!
          But if 76ers are more likely to go with a SG or SF at #3
          Then they would have to go PF at #10, which is where Payne comes in..

          • Again paul, Payne is NOT a #10 pick. He’s mocked to go anywhere from 15-20’s. He’s the 5th-6th best PF. I agree with the position, but not Payne. He’s 1 of my sleepers, but only if we get an additional pick in the teens-20’s, for Thad. AND Elfrid (not Eldrid) Payton is a PG, at also mocked anywhere in the mid-late teens & unneeded. He’s Lou Williams 2.0. No thanks. If they come out of this draft, with Vonleh & Payton as their #3 & #10 picks, they will be a bigger laughing stock as they already are. Like I said, stick with football & baseball. You admittedly so, know nothing about B-Ball.

            • And when have “Mock Draft’s” been accurate DCar!!!
              Who had Anthony Bennett going #1 last Draft?
              And I didn’t say the 76ers would take them at 3 & 10
              Most think that Wiggins/Parker are 1 & 2 and if so,
              The 76ers may slide down a few spots..

              • Also many Scouts state that Exum can develop into a nice SG
                As well and is not strictly a PG

  5. I don’t think the 76ers stay at 3.

    If Parker and Wiggins go 1 and 2 i think they trade down.

    Maybe to Utah and acquire Gordon Hayward and their pick and select Gordon.

    My gut feeling is they trade up

    Send their 3rd and 2 2nd rounders and Thadd Young to Cleveland for the 1st pick and Dion Waiters.

  6. If they waste the #3 pick on raw, overrated, damaged goods, like Embid, they deserve to continue to be in purgatory for all eternity. He had a fracture in his back, now he is likely out for his entire rookie season with foot surgery, & he is unproven, raw, & very inexperienced. No way in hell, do I waste a #3 pick on him! Stay away like the plague, he’s Greg Oden 2.0! No thanks.If they can’t trade up without giving up too much to get Wiggins, or Parker, stay put & draft Vonleh/ Randle & Stauskas/McDrmott. Use Thadd + some 2’s, & get another top 10-20 pick.

    • Also, you don’t waste #3 on Exum, when you have MCW, who is already proven, with upside, & virtually the same player. Stupid thinking. Exum is NOT a SG, & can not play with MCW! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!

      • I agree DCar, you cannot play them together. But I would trade MCW, to get more value out of this draft.

        The Sixers are going to be bad for the next 3-4 years, although they may make continual competitive progress. By that time, MCW – who has his injury issues as well – will be 27-28, Exum would be 22.

        Talent wise, yes neither one is a good shooter, but Exum is a better point guard than MCW – right now – and can only get better, and I think Brett Brown knows that. They can get Exum anywhere he would be drafted by trading MCW, with the intent of drafting Exum.

        I don’t think it’s a lateral move when you think about the long range benefits.

        I want Wiggins, and Exum in this draft, and I don’t want Nerlens “Cauldwell Jones” Noel – who you could trade with Thad, and get Cousins, and their #8 – Then Trade that #8 to Minnesota, along with a #1 next year for Kevin Love.

        • cmon cliff stop it. the kings would never in a trillion years trade cousins for noel and thad. crap they wouldnt trade cousins for 3, 10, thad and noel

        • Exum is not even remotely close to as good of a PG as MCW. no respectable scout has ever said otherwise. at the NBA Draft Combine they actually compared Exum directly to MCW, and all 4 former GMs/Asst. GMs that were on the panel said that Exum is not a pure PG, and that he doesn’t see the floor as well as MCW or pass as well. the edge he has is in athleticism, they said he is “slightly” more athletic, with similar builds, and neither one can shoot. they all in fact said that Exum’s agent is probably going to have to advertise him as a SG because he doesn’t have PG skills.

          • Hot…all due respect to what they those scouts say…I SAY…Exum is more like Penny Hardaway, who IS a better PG, and Prospect than MCW is…..

            Those same 4 GM’s probably think Nerlens Noel can play too. That’s just their opinion…..

            Keep in mind they are FORMER GM’s – That means they were fired for not being able to evaluate talent better, and making dumb decisions to the detriment of their teams..

            Exum, is a better long range prospect talent wise than MCW…

          • and Exum, is more of a point guard, not a shooting guard. Your evaluation is already off if you think he doesn’t have PG Skills.

            and he is better than MCW as a point guard….

  7. I agree with you DCAR unless they stay put and he slides all the way to 10. I would take a chance on him at 10. I would rather have Vonleh at 3.

    • Yeah…. Where did he go and what did they get for him ?

      • The Philadelphia Flyers have traded Scott Hartnell to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for a 2015 fourth-round pick and R.J. Umberger.
        Hartnell is a fantastic player from a fantasy perspective. He is typically good for around 20 goals and 50 points while giving you 100-150 penalty minutes. He had a rough campaign in 2013 due in part to a broken foot, but for a physical forward, he’s actually stayed remarkably healthy. We don’t think the move to Columbus will significantly impact his fantasy value, given that the Blue Jackets are now a fairly competitive now.
        Jun 23 – 12:21 PM

  8. Didn’t RJ Umberger get Drafted and play for the Flyers a few Years back
    A forward I believe

  9. both milwaukee and cleveland rejected proposed trades by orlando that included #4, #12 and affalo

  10. Remember what Sam Hinkie said on lottery night.. That the Sixers would be comfortable with any selection from 1-5..

  11. #3 pick for klay thompson??????????

  12. **Sixers Draft News**

    I’m hearing that the Sixers are continuing to explore the idea of a MCW trade as they look for another top 10 pick.

    The Lakers really like MCW and would like to trade for him and Thaddeus Young for No. 7 and Steve Nash, but they’ve gained no traction on that deal.

    Hearing now the Lakers will supposedly pursue PG Kyle Lowry in Free Agency,

    My Thoughts: Expect the Sixers to be extremely active come draft night. They are involved in just about every deal mentioned in the top 10. I’ve been saying this for awhile, the Sixers could potentially control this entire draft with the number of picks and trade candidates they have

    The Lakers could be trying to bait the Sixers by putting that report out there.. That would be a lot that the Sixers would be giving up…

    Depending on whose still on the board it may or may not be worth it… Time will tell come this Thursday night..

    ShowYaLuv Philly!!

    • Great reporting john! My sources (every host on WIP) are saying similar things. Also let’s see… Two picks in the top 10 and they will be active on draft night… I’m pretty sure you are the only one that connected those dots!

      • I don’t worship the radio stations in the city like most do, I hear the news other ways

        Relax and have a cigar… sheesh

        • Point is you present obvious things as if you somehow have insight. It is freaking obvious that the sixers are in hundreds of conversations and have discussed several scenarios. There is no breaking news. All reports now are misdirection, smoke screens or blatant lies. Relax, watch what they do and go from there

          • I have an abundance of insight and give of it regularly, but I can also give the latest news, been doing it for awhile on here.

            Nothing wrong with that, I contribute positively to the site. I don’t insult anyone for posting their views or if they post news.

            Its a public blog site, post what you want, I could care less haha

  13. **More Sixers News**

    The Sixers and Cavs continue to be engaged in trade talks. The deal on the table involves the Sixers giving the Cavs #3 and Thad for the top pick because (LIke I said once the news dropped that Embiid was injured) the Cavs still covet Embiid and want him at 3

    As some have mentioned on, its been confirmed that other teams
    have placed offers too for the top pick. The Magic offering Afflalo and their top 5 pick and the Jazz offering Favors and their top 5 pick

    But the growing feeling is that the Sixers offer is the best of them all

  14. ****Paulman Trade Alert ***
    76ers Send #10 & #47 Pick to
    Toronto for Back-Up PG John Salmons..

  15. Cavs want a Big Man (Embiid) since they will be signing LeBron James
    Here in a couple of weeks as I have stated for 2 years now..

    76ers Send #3 & Thadd Young to Cavs for the 1st
    pick and Take Wiggins,
    Bucks at #2 take Parker
    Cavs at #3 take Embiid to go along with current Players Bennett,
    Thompson, Waiters & Irving to go along with LeBron James
    And are set for a 3-4 Year Run…

    76ers then Trade MCW & 10th Pick to
    Utah Jazz for 5th Pick for N Vonleah

  16. **NBA News***
    Croatia PF Dario Saric signed a 3 Year Deal with
    His Turkish League Team which means he will not be available
    To join the NBA until 2016 (2 Years)
    He will still get Drafted but obviously slide down
    The Draft Board and maybe go at the end of 1st Round
    (Spurs will probably Select him at #30 to replace Tim Duncan 2 years down the
    Road) Tim Duncan took the Spurs option and is returning for
    The 2014-2015 Season with Spurs along with
    Ganobli,Parker & Company

  17. The Cavs and Sixers are going back and forth. Playing a cat and mouse game. I have fatigue from it…

    Like I’ve been saying the Cavs want Embiid and the Sixers want Wiggins..

    They’d settle for Parker and would love to have Exum or Smart along with Wiggins..

    They’re also not opposed to taking Embiid but that’s a report they put out there because the Cavs came out with a report saying that Wiggins is at the top of their draft board now that Embiid got injured

    A lot of cat and mouse being played between both top 3 teams that its nauseating but this is the process…

    The hapless bucks joined the party coming out saying they wont take Embiid at #2

    But regardless of the outcome the Sixers have better direction and a better organization as a whole then the Cavs…

    I think the Sixers will be selecting a few really good players come Thursday night.. Possibly 3-4 players in the top 10-15, but its going to be a wacky wacky night all around

    Expect a lot of movement from our beloved Sixers..

    #TogetherWeBuild #ShowYaLuv

    • Biggest, attention seeking, loser, @$$muppet, in history!

      Jon Hart
      June 23, 2014 – 8:24 pm
      “I have an abundance of insight and give of it regularly, but I can also give the latest news, been doing it for awhile on here.”
      “Expect a lot of movement from our beloved Sixers. #TogetherWeBuild #ShowYaLuv”

      • The above post in reply to mine is the guy you dont wanna be. The guy that calls people names and rants like a female, complains about every draft and player acquired.

        A walking breathing stereotypical “philly guy”

        He called me the “Biggest, attention seeking, loser, @$$muppet, in history!” Because I said #togetherwebuild and #showyaluv?!

        Hahaha hes a broke angry philly guy and that won’t change anytime soon


        • Jon I thought wiggins was gonna be a sixer, why are u talking about other guys coming here again?

          • My list of guys hasn’t changed 1 iota.. I mentioned Wiggins, Exum, Smart, Embiid, Vonleh, so dont try it, been saying these guys for months, while they were still in college..

            These are guys I feel that the Sixers have interest in and will look to target this Thursday night..

            • dude the day after you embidd was ruled out for 6+ months you proclaimed wiggins will still be our pick. its very easy to now say you mentioned ALL of the top guys. but im addressing your proclamation that we will take wiggins. did you change your mind?

              • This is what I said, I said that Andrew Wiggins was the Sixers top target and that Joel Embiid was the Cavs target, those two guys are still at the top of those teams boards IMO. Nothing has changed there.

                What exactly are you trying to insinuate?

              • Jon, that is close to what you said. you posted that it was a lock that wiggins would be in philly and embiid in cleveland, are you not as sure now? what you said is the following:
                Jon Hart

                June 19, 2014 – 12:59 pm

                This is what I think is going on bugsy.. I believe the Sixers will move up to 1 and will draft Wiggins but with them moving up will have to forfeit the 3rd overall pick and Thad Young etc to do it.

                With this report dropping about “Embiids foot” this was in an effort to keep him away from the Bucks so the Cavs can draft him 3rd. (Ive been saying no one wants to play for the Bucks no one)

                And if you weren’t aware, Embiid had a workout scheduled with none other than the Bucks this week and canceled that and all other workouts all together, they’ve shut him down all together..

                This is definitely gamesmanship definitely maneuvering being done by the agents and players. Embiid wants to be a Cav and Wiggins wants to be a Sixer and that’s what will happen on draft night…

                Book it

            • All Teams like these same Players Jon HArt, which is why they along with Parker, are the Top 5-6 Prospects on everyone’s radar.. So there’s nothing New Here ..
              Looking after all these well-reported and possibly over-hyped Players, I like the following Players to project well in the NBA
              that should be on the Board at #10 and thru the remainder of the 1st Round

              Guard – Elfird Payton – Louisiana-Tech
              SF – Kyle Anderson – UCLA
              SG – Gary Harris – Mich State
              PF – Adriean Payne – Mich State
              SG – CJ Wilcox – Washington
              PG – Shabazz Napier – U Conn
              PF – Jarnell Stokes – Tennessee
              PF – Cleanthony Early – Wichita State

              2nd Round Prospects that I like who can contribute at the NBA with a year or 2 to develop

              SG – Jordan Clarkson – Missouri
              PG – Deonte Burton – Nevada
              PG – Russ Smith – Louisville (as a solid Back-up PG)
              SG – Spencer Dinwiddie – Colorado
              SG – Jabari Brown – MIssouri (20 Pt Average – 41% from 3 Pt Line)
              PF – Dwight Powell – Stanford (late bloomer)
              PG – DeAndre Kane – Iowa State (6-4 200lbs, tough & leadership)

              • I would like to see and Russ Smith here and Dinwiddie here.

              • This is not a Strong or Deep Draft at PF which is why I like Payne at #10.. but there are a lot of good SG/PG even the 2nd Round
                I like this DeAndre Kane, who outplayed Marcus Smart this Season in head to head match-ups between Oklahoma State/Iowa State..
                Marcus Smart is probably one of most Overrated Players in this entire Draft – Buyer Beware

        • No, I called you an attention seeking, loser, @$$muppet, because every one of your delusional posts, says, hey look at me, trying to break, already broken news, that I plagiarized from all other news sites, blogs & Twitter, & then lies about imaginary sources that he has, giving him the news! You are a retarded, little girl, that has multiple psychosis. You have an abundance of insight, my @$$!!!! BTW, imbecile, court jester, I can buy & sell your punk @$$, like the little cheap trick you are! You know nothing, of what I’m worth loser!

    • and before the draft. i would love it if this guy bounces again

    • He had to make a Decision by Monday June 30th as lots of these Players do
      Why not decide and announce it now as it brings an entirely different strategy for the Draft now.. Teams like the Celtics,Lakers, Bulls,Knicks, Mavs, Rockets may all now have a different approach as far as building their Teams with Young Talent or going the Free-Agency Route to get LeBron,Melo, etc,etc..
      These big-name Free-Agents may lower the Value of some of these Top Picks.. Teams may flood the Market to trade Current Players to make Cap Space lowering the Value…

  18. **NBA News***

    LeBron Jame’s Agent announced that James is Opting-Out of his Miami Heat Contract and becoming a Free-Agent as I have said he would for 2 Years now, which many of you scoffed at he notion..
    James will return to the Cavs or possibly join Phil Jackson at the Knicks who will now have $$$ freed-up with Departure of Melo …

    The Cav’s do not want or need Parker, Wiggins or Thadd Young, they want a Big man (Embiid) to go along with LeBron, Kyrie Irving, D Waiters,T Thompson, A Bennett, etc,etc

    • this post makes me think youre jon. its like verbatim how jon hart wouldve wrote it…

      regardless, i dont think many disagree when you previously said lebron would opt but the masses including myself did disagree when you said wade would (that aint happening). i believe lebron wants his max deal, he has been making 20ish and should be making 28ish… should be interesting where this loaner goes.

      but cavs wont take embiid for the sake of lebron. if they were able to sign lebron embiid does them no good this year and lets face it if youre signing lebron its to win now. i think they are less likely to take embiid if they think they are getting lebron…

      all i know is LA has basically nobody on the books this year. could melo, lebron and kobe team up?

    • LeBron will not be a cavalier nor will he be a New York Knick (main reason why he won’t be a New York Knick is because his wife Savannah hates New York she does not want to live there wants nothing and no part of it), he is going back to Miami and he opted out early because he wants to allow the heat time to acquire more young talent around him. That is it nothing more..

      But he is going to allow teams 2 entertain him with offers and sit down with him and talk deals and things of that sort and one of the teams will be the Philadelphia 76ers

      hey who knows, the Sixers could really wow him and he could sign here if we can guarantee trading or signing another max guy.. Hinkie is a very bright well spoken forward thinking guy with a vision and Lebron loves guys like that and organizations like that..

      Lets try to wow him but everything is pointing to him signing back with Miami

      • haaa there its is…

        lebron and melo teaming up in philly/camden. haaaaaaaaaaa

        • mh, & he wonders why he’s called a retarded, imbecile!

          • I am way more educated then you are buddy, whether its sports related or book smarts. You work at night clubs and scrub toilets for god sakes

            You’re the only guy dumb enough to call me an imbecile and retard. No one else does because they know its untrue

            I dont wonder or ponder over anything you say nor does anyone else. Its always a bunch of rants, crying and whining that no one wants to hear or care about, calling names like a petulant child.. grow up

            I love getting a rise outta you so I ll continue to post my news and whatever else I want haha

            Do something about it tough guy

            You’re better off keeping it sports related Mr porter, you’re making an a.s.s outta yourself, as you’ve made a habit of doing for years now


            • You are way more educated than me?? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have multiple College degrees, son, & have more brains, common sense, book smarts, & acumen, than you could ever hope to attain, sonny boy! You are a mental midget, attention seeking imbecile, who has multiple psychosis issues (Delusional disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder). I don’t work in night clubs anymore, as a bouncer, nor do I clean toilets, you f^#@tard! I’m not the only one who calls you out. You’ve been called out, on multiple occasions, by multiple posters, for your retarded, attention seeking retardedness! If you don’t wonder, or ponder over anything I say, then why do you comment? You don’t get a rise out of me, nor is that why you do it. You do it, because you are a no life loser, that thinks because he posts already released news, on multiple other sites, & posts it as his own, from his imaginary sources, it makes you feel good, & important about yourself! Because you are no nutbag loser! “Do something about it tough guy” Like I said to all of the other keyboard gangsters on here, name I time & place, grow a set, show up, & I’ll beat you down, like your Daddy should of did to your stupid @$$ a long time ago! You ain’t going to do $#!T, & I’ll continue you belittle you, everytime you post your stupidity. I couldn’t care any less, whether you, or any of the other @$$clowns on here like me, or not! I’ll continue to be brutally honest, state facts, & tell the truth, whether who likes it, or not!

              • BTW, tootsie chooch, when you get a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, & degrees in Business Management, & Ownership, & in Real Estate, then maybe you can come & question my intelligence, education, & book smarts! I don’t come on here looking for attention, acceptance, to be liked, nor do I care to! Don’t get my criticisms, vitriol towards inept stupidity, & brutal honesty, mixed up with your stupid, imbecilic, retardedness!

  19. I can see him going to the Cavs, but why would he go to NY where he would have to waste at least a year with all of their terrible contracts?

  20. And why wouldn’t he go to Houston or to Chicago before the Cavs? Or why wouldn’t he be on the phone with Melo seeing where they could go together?

    • i just dont see the cavs. i dont see the bulls either mostly because rose is never healthy and dude could be finished already…. houston would be weird as him and harden dont fit too well together imo. i think he teams up with melo somewhere (most likely lakers), or just reups wiht miami.

      i would and am rooting for melo and or lebron to go play with dirk. dirk is an unreal pro and is soooo underrated and no stars ever go play with him….

      • Interesting thought about Dallas. Lebron would get Dirk so many open looks.

        • nobody wants to play with dirk though, its insane. dude is unreal always has been and always will be…guys a winner and does it by himself… cant see melo or bron going there though. i can however see these two egomaniacs going to LA to team up with and get kobe another ring or two…

          I am guessing Jon is writing something about lebron and melo teaming up here…

          • Does LA have the cap space to facilitate that? I just don’t see Melo playing nice with Kobe. Not enough shots to go around. I know that that was said about the 3 in Miami, but I am not sure that Kobe and Melo can play 2nd fiddle to LeBron.

            • im pretty sure they do bugs. only kobe is on the books there… i could see melo playing 2nd fiddle only bc as the #1 option he has proven he cant win and the man wants to win… now the egomaniac kobe i could see not wanting it at all but coming off 2 major injuries and with 2 years or so left to play i could see him playing nice just to win 1 or 2 more titles… kobe has to know the lakers have no shot at winning with him any longer as the #1 option and having melo and lebron on his team would make kobe unreal with drive and kicks

              • Yeah, that team would be ridiculous if they would play together. LeBron is such a good passer when he collapses the D that Kobe and Melo would have a ton of open looks.

  21. ***76ers Trade Rumor***

    Lakers send Kobe Bryant to the 76ers for their 10th PIck and Thadd Young
    Lakers then sign LeBron James, have 7th & 10th Picks to Draft Quality Players and are back in the hunt

    Meanwhile 76ers have an aging Kobe who become’s senile & has dimentia setting in making him a former shell of himself as a Player..
    Only in Philadelphia…

  22. one thing is for sure if that talk of melo joining the big 3 pans out ill never watch basketball again

    • Melo will end up in Miami with Wade & Bosh as Pat Riley wants to win now.. Wade will be re-energized to create his own “Legcay” that he can win Championships without LeBron and Bosh will be re-energized for he will get more Touches so a Win-Win for everybody..

  23. 76ers GM Hinkle announces that both LeBron & Melo are coming into Philly for a meeting,workouts, physicals on Thursday 6/26
    Dr J will be running the 76ers Draft in Hinkle’s absence…
    this should be fun…

  24. **NBA News***

    LeBron to sign a 6 Year Max Deal with the Washington Wizards and play with Guard John Wall, Ariza, Porter, Singleton & Company

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    3 Comment By smitty on Jun 24th, 2014 @ 12:00 PM EST

  26. another good article by a barstoolsports writer

    First things first. I’m not even sure why Bron Bron opting out of his contract is a story. Of course he opted out! This dude LOVES attention. He thrives on it. He needs people talking about him 24/7. He needs people fawning over him. He needs everybody telling him how great he is. He needs people sucking his dick 24/7. He’s sneaky the most insecure superstar of all time. He needs constant affection and positive reinforcement. That’s why he did the decision in the first place and that’s why he is opting out early again. He wants every team in the league to grovel at his feet and tell him how awesome he is. So of course he opted out early.

    More importantly thought the fact that Bron Bron is just gonna bounce around from team to team for the rest of his career is why he’ll never be on the same level as Jordan, Bird, Magic or any other superstar who became synonymous with their city. Listen I’ve said this before but I don’t care how many titles you win or how great you are if you don’t have a hometown where people idolize you then you’re career was a waste to a degree. Lebron has no identity. No hometown fanbase. He’ll never have statues outside stadiums or streets named after him. He’ll probably go into the Hall of Fame wearing a jersey with his face on it. He’s a mercenary. It’s the difference between being great and being an icon. Like Larry Bird will live on forever in Boston. He’s part of the city. Part of our history. Part of the fabric of Boston. Part of our culture. He’s bigger than sports. That’s what being a legend is really about. Not just titles, but impact on the city. Bron Bron has none of that. He flushed it down the toilet the second he spit in Cleveland’s face and he continues to flush it down the toilet by bouncing from team to team. Lebron would have been more beloved and respected if he stayed in Cleveland and won 1 title rather than winning 5 or 6 in 3 different cities.

    And yes I do think Bron Bron realizes how bad he fucked up his legacy which is why I’ve said from the beginning he’s going to go back to Cleveland to try and make amends. I just hope the people of Cleveland have an ounce of pride left and don’t accept him back. I know if Bron Bron came to Boston I’d stop being a Celtics fan till he left. I’d rather root for Hitler than Bron Bron and he didn’t even spit in my face. I just don’t know if Cleveland people have enough self respect to hold their ground.

  27. **Sixers Draft News**

    Im hearing that the growing feeling around the league is that the Sixers reason for seeking a third top 10 pick is so that they would still be able to emerge with two top 10 picks from the draft if they package the 3rd and 10th picks to move up

    • Really enlightening stuff right there! Groundbreaking, crack news reporting! Man, I’m glad I read it, I would have never known! Pulitzer stuff right there!

  28. Also a NBA general manager has compared Dante Exum to Kobe Bryant. Said he’s the closest prospect in this draft to Kobe and that if Dante would have gone to college that his name would have been mentioned up there with both Wiggins and Parker…

    Shouldnt say I told you so but I will, I’ve been telling you all that this kid is a gem, he’s going to be a beast in the league and I would be happy if the Sixers selected him..

    • Really enlightening stuff right there! Groundbreaking, crack news reporting! Man, I’m glad I read it, I would have never known! Pulitzer stuff right there!

  29. Jon Hart

    Jon, that is close to what you said. you posted that it was a lock that wiggins would be in philly and embiid in cleveland, are you not as sure now? what you said is the following:
    Jon Hart

    June 19, 2014 – 12:59 pm

    This is what I think is going on bugsy.. I believe the Sixers will move up to 1 and will draft Wiggins but with them moving up will have to forfeit the 3rd overall pick and Thad Young etc to do it.

    With this report dropping about “Embiids foot” this was in an effort to keep him away from the Bucks so the Cavs can draft him 3rd. (Ive been saying no one wants to play for the Bucks no one)

    And if you weren’t aware, Embiid had a workout scheduled with none other than the Bucks this week and canceled that and all other workouts all together, they’ve shut him down all together..

    This is definitely gamesmanship definitely maneuvering being done by the agents and players. Embiid wants to be a Cav and Wiggins wants to be a Sixer and that’s what will happen on draft night…

    Book it

    • All that you are proving is how infatuated you are with me. You literally stalk me on this site

      Give it a rest creepo

      • im just trying to understand where ur at jon. did you change your mind or not?

        • Wth are you talking about?

          I’m mentioning the same names over and over, no change from me.

          • im talking about this post that you wrote, here is the excerpt since youre having a hard time:

            “This is definitely gamesmanship definitely maneuvering being done by the agents and players. Embiid wants to be a Cav and Wiggins wants to be a Sixer and that’s what will happen on draft night…

            Book it”


  30. One GM compared him to Kobe? Could this potentially be gamesmanship too?

    • It could be but I seen the kid play and have friends that seen him play live and they too said he’s the real deal.. He does play similar to Kobe but of course Kobe tried emulating MJ

      A college analyst actually called him a young carolina Jordan. The kid has game

  31. It’s amazing how so many Fans put their hopes and dreams of their Favorite NBA Teams on kids that 19-20 Years Old…
    All these Players that will be Drafted are super talented, but they are very young and have a lot of maturing physically and emotionally as they become Adults in a whole new world of Expectations, Not getting what they want, $$$, Hanger’s on, Media and Fan Scrutiny…
    Most Scouts from a Basketball Perspective are Very High on Wiggins,Parker,Exum, Vonleh’s,Smart, futures as well as Embiid’s (if he can remain healthy) but what no one can say with any certainty on how long will it take before these kids “get it” . some maybe a Season or Two (Parker), some a few Seasons (Wiggins,Exum) and some may never get it …
    Lots of factor’s involved… Type of System, Teammates, Coach’s, Injuries, etc,etc
    What I like is the under-the-radar players that are late 1st/2nd Round Players who hit it big in a Year, or Two or 3 based on opportunities, maturity, right system, good Teammates & Coaching ..
    Look at Kawmi Leonard, Lance Stevenson, George Hill,Paul George, the kid in Portland, James Harden,etc,etc

  32. Paul to further your point in the last ten years there gave been 50 top 5 picks. How many of them are franchise changing? (James and Durant kind of players), how many above average all stars (mello maybe) , how many complete busts (oden), and how many kick around can play some in the league (ET)? It is the problem with the nba!

    • I believe and expect that the 76ers will get 3 Solid Players from this Draft to go along with MCW, Noel and then add a Quality Free-Agent Forward and a Shooter and be a competitive Team by 2015-2016 Season
      The need Front Court Size and Scoring at the #4/#5 Spot for Noel will be a solid Defender,but not much of a Scorer starting out..
      They have 7 Selections and may use a couple of 2nd Round Picks to move back into the end of the 1st or use 1-2 of the 2nd Round Picks for International Players to stash away in Europe for a Year or Two

      The need to hit their Picks at #3, #10 & #32

  33. Now Im hearing that the Magic and Cavs may do a deal for the 1st overall pick (The deal I mentioned last night Afflalo 4th and 12th overall for 1st pick), the growing feeling is that they are trying to move up to draft Exum, and Parker may be going to the Bucks (the team im hearing he wants to play for supposedly) and Wiggins falls to us and the Cavs still draft Embiid at 4..

    Very possible scenario… Makes a lot of sense… But I still see Hinkie going ballistic on draft night, much much movement up and down the draft…

    The Sixers front office does not sleep, they may be the hardest working FO in the league. The work better pay off, I think it will and believe were in for many surprises come Thursday night..




    • Jon my inside sources confirm the report u just gave. Roughly translated there is all kinds of shit , misdirection and flat out lies being bandied about and the internet loves it!

      • Jon with just over 48 hours to go are you still confident and ‘booking’ us getting wiggins ?

        • The only thing I’m booking is your flight straight to hell

          What an annoying creep

          • Ok an expected reply from you.

            You claim to have sources and inside knowledge and have claimed the sixers will take wiggins and cavs embiid and u said this after embiid was diagnosed. So i got u on record as booking that and not wanting to backtrack 2 days before the draft. Don’t come with that 2 year old nonsense of I told u so if we take exum or trade down …

            • Get off my nuts man jeez

              You recording every post I’ve ever made like the wack job you are doesn’t prove anything but how bored you are with your life..

              Me saying Wiggins gets drafted by the Sixers wasn’t my only prediction nor was Embiid going to the Cavs the only 1..

              Ive thrown many things out there but you AGAIN decided to pick 1 post and use it as your proof haha

              Try to keep up henski, I’m always on the move like Sam Hinkie

              Were two masterminds… Its not his or my fault haha

              • You have said the sixers and many other teams may do many things. But to date u have only said the sixers WILL do one thing and that’s take wiggins while Cleveland takes embiid.

                I hope that ur right but feel like u will be way wrong

  34. I believe the Top #5 go like this Player wise

    1) Wiggins
    2) Parker
    3) Embiid
    4) Exum
    5) Vonleh

    Now I am not sure what Teams get what Picjs for their appears
    There could be a few to move up or move back
    I do believe that Cavs will move down and I strongly believe that they
    Will sign LeBron James to return home and finish what he started in Cleveland
    Giving them the luxury of sliding back and getting
    A big man (Embiid or Vonleh) and additional Picks/Players
    For doing so
    The Cavs Control this Draft and not the 76ers

    • Oh contrare paul.. The Sixers do control this draft being that they are the only team with two top 10 picks in one of the deepest drafts to date..not to mention a slew of second rounders and player assets..

      No one really knows what the Sixers will do..

      But they do control the draft at the moment…

      • Yes but 76ers don’t have proven NBA Players on their Rosters to Trade outside of MCW & maybe a Thadd Young
        Cavs have #1 Pick, plus young Veterans like Kyrie Irving, T Thompson, D Waiters, that have more NBA “Market Value”

  35. Curious why is it such a big deal what Jon Hart posts on here? Why would anyone care who or where he gets info from? If you dudes don’t like it don’t read them.

    • It’s no big deal what JH posts or not, Biggy.
      But he declares/states news that he thinks that he’s breaking reports as if it’s new or original, when in fact, it’s recycled news and reports from multiple sources All over the Internet that most that follow NBA know or have known about So there is no real new news from him, and then when questioned,
      He back tracks like a little girl…
      I admit that I don’t follow the NBA as much as I do Football,
      But I follow it enough to know that JH brings little to the table about stuff that even the casual fan doesn’t already know about…

      • Oh its definitely a big deal what I post because If it wasn’t I wouldn’t get such a rise out of you guys

        Paul, lets not call names now oldman wrongman fraudman, I have never back tracked from anything ever.

        Now since were talking about where we get our news from, tell everyone where you get the names of guys rounds 1-7 of the NFL draft for your mocks?

        Cmon now paul we all know that you’re not that knowledgeable and you need to be led to the water so to speak in order to form any kind of opinion or prediction..

        Can anyone say or?!

        Yeah you expect everyone to believe that you’re so informed and such an astute college football guru that you know about guys in the late rounds etc..

        All bologna..

        And I never said I’m breaking any news idiot I post news that I feel to be interesting and I will continue to do so.

        Your the same idiot that posts “Nfl News” or “Nba News” that we all already know about so look whose the double tongued fraudman again

        And yes your a fraud once again because when did you ever show this much interest in the Sixers?

        You can now be found on all the Sixers articles like its an Eagles article, sheesh, you’re a fraudman fraudfan that doesn’t deserve to be called a TRUE Sixers fan because you’re not, you don’t root for them when theyre losing you wait until they’ve stock piled picks and now you appear,you DONT watch any of the games, you check out the highlights and box scores and need us to tell you stats etc… You don’t live anywhere near Philly, you live in Boones North Carolina for god sakes!

        Try your crap on someone else like brain dead henski or skid row native Dcar, not me.

        I don’t play along with you’re bull crap, I call it out

        So run along, I’m a little too much for you wrongman fraudman fraudfan oldman

        • Believe it not JH,
          I follow and Root for all Philly Teams
          And the only reason I am following this NBA Draft closer this year is I like the Position and Direction that GM Hinkle has this Franchise going in..
          I’ve been a Hinkle Supporter since Day 1 when they announced his Hiring
          and stated so when he was hired..
          As far as where I live has no bearing,
          Whether I follow NFL more passionately, has little bearing also..
          I still call them as I see them, just like I told you 2 years ago that Andrew Bunyum would never suit up as a 76ers & at hat Trade for him would be a disaster…

          • I also have attributed and even recommended to any Football Fan on here to check out the NFL Draft Com site multiple times for those who want to be informed as a Fan… I have nothing to hide behind JH like you do… Get a life and move out of your Parents
            Basement… Jeez, Grow Up already…

            • No you grow up, trying to take your little shots not thinking you’d get a response

              Don’t talk if you don’t want an unfavorable reply. I could care less what you post about but yet you and many others care what I post and call yourselves policing me hahaa

              No no you grow up and learn how to be a Philly fan thru and thru not when they hire a new GM or when they acquire a stock pile of picks like you’re attempting to be now all of a sudden, so obvious ha

              And no you don’t watch Sixers games liar, you ask us for stats and have to look highlights up online, you don’t get the games in NC paul

              You even said one time “JH is the only one in Philadelphia and on this site that even cares about the Sixers”

              Tell me I’m lying about that! Since you have “nothing to hide” admit that pal

              I’m the real fan on here, along with a few others BigL, GMCliff, Denny and just a few others but that’s it.

              You’re nothing more than a bandwagon fraud

              • Don’t forget diddy.

              • Oh and I certainly can’t forget pdiddy, he’s another very loyal fan of the Sixers and follows them closely win or lose. I respect his basketball knowledge and wished he would post more often

                My fault diddy, I knew I forgot some that s why I put “and a few others” lol

    • BigL, all the idiots that complain about me posting news posts news themselves haha

      I’m starting to think that they get mad because I beat them to posting it…

      And I only post what interest me, I have my own view point, ideas, creativity with possible trades, along with logic..

      I even read on here slow poke henski saying “Im sure JH is writing up a post about Carmelo and Lebron playing together” when I already mentioned it on here months ago that that’s what they really want to do…

      Besides I heard about it an hour before he posted that and had no interest in mentioning it

      I have these guys paranoid lol its hilarious to me

      • “**Sixers Draft News**
        Im hearing that the growing feeling around the league is that the Sixers reason for seeking a third top 10 pick is so that they would still be able to emerge with two top 10 picks from the draft if they package the 3rd and 10th picks to move up”

        “Now Im hearing”

        “Try to keep up henski, I’m always on the move like Sam Hinkie
        Were two masterminds… Its not his or my fault haha”

        “Oh its definitely a big deal what I post because If it wasn’t I wouldn’t get such a rise out of you guys”

        “And I never said I’m breaking any news idiot I post news that I feel to be interesting and I will continue to do so.”

        “So run along, I’m a little too much for you wrongman fraudman fraudfan oldman”

        “I’m starting to think that they get mad because I beat them to posting it”

        “when I already mentioned it on here months ago that that’s what they really want to do. Besides I heard about it an hour before he posted that and had no interest in mentioning it”

        “I have these guys paranoid lol its hilarious to me”

        Just a few of your doozies, & that is just from this article, today, that proves you are retarded, & have multiple psychosis issues (Delusional disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder). Get some help son, before somebody white coats you, & puts you away.

    • BigL, all of this stems from a few years ago, Lil Bron-Bron Jon, unwarrented ripped paul & myself, calling us names, & fake fans, because we were ripping the Sixers, & calling them frauds, & a bad franchise! So, now every, & anytime he posts his attention seeking, delusional self importance, stupidity, & retardedness, I’m going to call him out for it. He is sick in the head. He posts as if he’s breaking already broken news, with his BS “I’m hearing” “Breaking news” “My sources” Dude is sick, & I can’t stand it sometimes. If you want to give opinions, fine, but don’t insult our intelligence by posting BS. If you’re hearing info, post were you heard it from, & not plagiarize it as your own, to make yourself feel more important, & better about yourself.

      • Wah wah wah crying like a baby over me ripping Paul about not being a true fan of the Sixers AGAIN and HES NOT AND EVERYONE INCLUDING HIM KNOWS IT!

        You’re the only guy foolish enough to defend him because you worship the guy, he can do no wrong.

        Very odd how you try to come to his rescue when someone calls him out. He must be your dad or relative of some sort.

        And again I don’t act like I’m breaking news I post news that interest me and I will always do so. I like getting a rise out of you guys

        You dont rip your dad Paul for posting “NBA news” or “NFL news” hours and hours after its been reported.

        You and Paul both can shove it. I couldn’t care any less what you fools post yet you try policing my comments. It makes you look so weird.

        You can try and rip me on any post you want, it doesn’t change anything about my style of posting whether its news or my viewpoint.

        And you writing all of those disorders and showing your familiarity with them only proves one thing, you have those disorders.


  36. Hey guys….no comments from me but this is funny as hell to read.

    Thanks for the entertainment. We all get caught up in these little online battles from time to time…..this is a pretty good one.

    With so many ways that the Sixers can go with this draft….stick or trade…Embiid or not….this is a bloggers dream. We will see how the. Sixers move tomorrow, but with a million different scenarios it will be fun to see who is the first to jump on here and claim that they knew it all along….and who is the first to claim Hinkie is an idiot… doubt we will see plenty of those posts tomorrow night. Too fun.

    Anyway…..GO birds!!!

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