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What Does Lane Johnson’s Suspension Mean For The Eagles?

johnsonThe Philadelphia Eagles are 4 weeks away from training camp at Lincoln Financial Field, and a new set of questions have arisen, with the impending 4 game suspension of Eagles RT Lane Johnson.

Philadelphia Daily News writer, Paul Domowitch, was the first to report of Johnson’s suspension for testing positive for PEDs, but an NFL spokesman hasn’t confirmed the suspension from the league as of yet.

Last year, the Eagles’ offensive line was the only group of 5 players that managed to stay on the field for all 16 games.  With Johnson out of the lineup, Allen Barbre is the most likely replacement.  Barbre  signed a three year extension in May and is versatile at both the guard and tackle positions.  Other possible options at right tackle also include Dennis Kelly, who filled in during the injury-plagued 2012 season, and Matt Tobin.

What does this mean for the Eagles’ offense?

Well it all starts with the offensive line.  The absence of Lane Johnson may not be impactful up until week 3 against the Redskins’ Ryan Kerrigan (8.5 sacks in 2013) and week 4 against the 49ers’ Ahmad Brooks (8.5 sacks in 2013).  This offensive line, whether its Barbre or Kelly at right tackle, needs to be able to protect Nick Foles in the pocket, and give him enough time.  How will this also impact LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles?

DeSean Jackson is gone now.  The Eagles signed Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin; drafted Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff.  Zac Ertz will look to make an even bigger impact down the field; maybe even asked to block more, much like Brent Celek did in 2012 when the offensive line was decimated.  In addition, Arrelious Benn (torn ACL in 2013) and Ifeanyi Momao will be returning to training camp to try to make the roster.

What does this mean for Lane Johnson?

For Lane Johnson, it will cost him $116,470, which is four game checks, or 4/17ths of his $495,000 base salary for 2014, according to CSN’s Reuben Frank.  He would not be eligible to return to the Eagles on September 29th.  But also as the starting right tackle of the team, and the 4th overall pick in 2013, he’s a guy the team was leaning on to push them over the top.  It’s not the same as LB Jake Knott, who was also suspended for the first 4 games  and is a reserve player and special teamer. on Facebook

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114 Comments for “What Does Lane Johnson’s Suspension Mean For The Eagles?”

  1. What it means is a Great Opportunity for Matt Tobin, Dennis Kelly and Alan Barbree to step up and take the RT Starters position
    For Lane Johnson, It may mean a lost year for while he is serving his 4 Game Suspension, he cannot access NovaCare, Team Practices or Meetings and is basically on his Own, meaning that he will have to get back up to Speed Physically and Mentally before getting back onto the Field
    and if His Replacement at RT is playing well.. than Johnson basically will have a lost 2014 Season with his Development and even his future may be in jeopardy … Next Man Up

  2. It means the Eagles don’t really know what they have if he was off the PED’s. The talent, and ability they thought was natural, has now been exposed as artificial, and Phony………….What do you think about your boy E0S???

    Ziggy Ansah, Sheldon Richardson, and DJ Fluker passed their random testings…

    • Really cliff so going by a report that does not state which ped it was you got all that information? Wow … But I guess as a GM you had access to the findings?

      • Is That your way of defending him, as if nothing happened Ciggy?? I know you are smart enough to know better than that…Do we really need to know what he took?? C’mon Really???

        • gm, that’a what he does, make excuses, & defend the indefensible. Don’t waste your breath feeding the trolls, they’ll give you a migraine.

        • No defense just stating that maybe the facts might shed some light . Also stating that in our f.ed up sports culture all these guys are pushing the envelope with these supplements. No if it turns out to be hgh or roids that is a different story.

          • I agree Ciggy. I see your point, but how many players say that, but the reality is they’re just sorry they got caught???

            • It seems that way to me… i believe its a culture of ‘hey everyone is doing something’– I have a nephew that was in the minors during the steroid era and admitted to using… he said he was completely over matched without it. That said even with roids he wasn’t good enough but….
              lets see the d. end that johnson faces everyweek is juiced on something wouldn’t it make sense that he juices. i hate it but if you remember correctly big fat refrigerator perry was 303 in 86 and considered a huge man. there just weren’t 300 lb players, now its common place- my high school football team had one lineman 215 and we were pretty damn good tournament team, now i go back to my school and the line is 265-300….

        • Goes to show how little you know. Certain cough medicine’s have banned substances in them. There is a 100% chance you are on a PED, so that means you aren’t even as smart as you try to portray. So before you say he sucks and has no talent maybe you should wait for the details. Yes he screwed up, but so have so many superstar players.

          • That post is for gmcliff…….

          • Iggles, there is a banned supplement list, on every product, that every team, & every player has, & knows about. Stop with the BS excuse making, defending the stupid, & indefensible! You don’t convert from QB-TE-OL, put on 45-50 lbs of muscle, with 4%-7% body fat, drinking protein shakes! Get your head out of your @$$, & use common sense!

            • So why wasn’t he positive for roids while he was gaining that weight . My point is I don’t know what he took and breaking news YOU DONT EITHER! And if he turns out to be a tony mandarich fraud I will be disappointed and you will sing for joy. You are a sad mean and miserable man

              • hac, if truly have a past in College academics, like you claim you did, you know Colleges cover up banned supplements, as they do recruiting violations, & illegal gifts by Alumni boosters! Get your head out of your @$$!!!!!

              • I’m sad, mean & miserable, because I speak the truth, & am brutally honest, & see through BS?!? Are you kidding me? Where am I being any of those BS accusations? You are truly an @$$clown, with no balls, brains, nor credibility, & are a brainless fraud of a man!

            • LOL come on DCar he mistakenly was taking these and masking since college it didn’t really mean it. LMAO


          • Wait for facts? That would not support his agenda!

            • hac, what agenda, speaking the truth about bad picks, & mistakes? I don’t think gmc,, has any agenda. He might be unrealistic alot of the times, but I don’t think he has agenda. You are the one with the agenda, with not wanting people to have an opinion, a functioning brain, that is capable of seeing through the BS of Corporate nonsense. You are the front office apologist, excuse maker, & blind loyalist, that’s afraid to criticize! Practice what you preach for once!!!!

          • There are no real superstars on PED’s……. PERIOD….

            That’s you trying to save face, because you thought so highly of him. But when his play drops off even further than you expected – You will have to admit that actual clean 5th round prospect had no business being chosen in the top 5 of the 1st round……You’re rationalizing E0S

            • He gets NO benefit of the doubt from me, because he is LAME…..AND THIS ADDS FURTHER PROOF TO IT…..GMCliff 3:16, says AMEN, and shut up……

            • It depends on what you consider a superstar…. There have been some good players caught taking PEDs

              Robert Mathis
              Von Miller
              Josh Gordon
              Aqib Talib
              Daryl Washington
              Julius Peppers
              Dwayne Bowe
              Brian Cushing
              Richard Sherman (got off on a technicality)

              You won’t see many QBs or WRs on PEDs. They don’t need bulk. They are normally the superstars….

              • Most of those guys you mentioned Irish are toward the end of their careers. I understand those guys trying to take something to help them catch lightning in a bottle to prolong their career, and perhaps another big pay day….and it’s still wrong…..this guy just got drafted last year….He was tested, and failed for taking something to cover the trace of PED’S, OR STEROIDS….I don’t consider him a superstar, he’s a fraud….

              • gmcliff,

                I don’t know if Johnson will ever be a good NFL offensive tackle, but it’s too late now to pick someone else in the first round of the 2013 draft. I wish we picked Ezekiel Ansah, but we didn’t.

                I guess all we can do is hope Lane Johnson gets good cause we are stuck with him.

              • Only Mathis & Peppers are at the end of their Careers
                the Rest are in their Primes with Miller,Gordon, Sherman, Cushing, all still pretty young

                You can add CB Brandon Browner to this Group as well as many more…

              • Actually Peppers was suspended back in 2002 when he was also in his prime.

  3. I’ll guarantee, that he tested positive for a supplement, that is used for a masking agent for HGH, or steroids (Deca-Durabol, Anabol, Winstrol). Then the excuses will come, “I didn’t knowingly take it.” BS!!!!!!

  4. Can’t believe how somethings and some people merit defending and others don’t. I have said from day 1 if you want to run your program a certain way then it should apply to everyone in the program no exceptions. If your looking for a certain type character it should apply across the board. If you dudes want to say that’s too extreme I agree which has been my point all along you deal with each person and transgression on an individual basis. That ridiculous we all need to buy in or else is total and complete BS.

    • Big, it kills me, the stupidity of some of these clowns. I just love how when someone is capable of being non-biased, & able to see through corporate BS, are ripped & criticized, rather than the true culprits. The stupid morons committing the acts of stupidity, lack of good judgement, & common sense. I boggles my mind, how someone could defend the indefensible, be satisfied with the status quo, & are easily lied to, & led by the pied piper’s! It’s truly amusing! Listen, I’m far from perfect, nor am I a know-it-all, like some of the geniuses on here, but the retarded-ness, that is allowed on this site daily, is truly fascinating, & makes me question the future of the human race! SMMFH……

  5. I am not defending anything . I have said from the beginning that this football culture (now going back to hs) are doing this. It’s a dirty world of stronger and faster, seems like the ‘mistake’ is failure to mask, further I stated that it could be a dozen things and shame on him for taking whatever it was. What I don’t like is people saying he is phony to support their agenda. Many good players have taken banned substances.

    • Yet you still support, excuse, & refuse to rip your hero Ruin 2morrow. Riiiiiight! Blah, blah, blah…. You have the agenda, troll, not gmcliff.

      • All I’ve ever said that he obliged to TRY to win… Exactly what you say about the sixers. I will say that outside of Asche and the BP the development of young players the last 10-12 years has been terrible. Brown is the biggest let down I can remember. You can see if you had an objective eye that clearly the reason Rollins was resigned is because galvis is not s MLB SS like a lot of the get rid of jimmy thought. For those of you that wanted headly or olt at third … Well how would that be working out.

        • Never wanted Headley, & it’s way too early to give up on Olt. He was bounced around, & treated worse than Ruf, with Texas. He is still a good young player, with upside. Defender of the status quo, & excuse making lemming of front offices, superfan, that’s what you are. Give it a rest. There are no excuses, reasons, or thoughts you give, to justify, nor excuse the status of the Phillies franchise. NONE!

  6. Cigar totally off topic but let me ask you this, and I got from listening to WIP. Would the Phillies fan base support a total blow up like the Sixers are doing and what would attendance look like?

    • Status quo, is what the inept, greedy owners like! They insult the intelligence of the fans by NOT, doing so! Do they think attendance is going stay put, or get better, by staying status quo? If they had a capable, knowledgable GM, that was capable of making trades, the fans would understand, the rebuild, that should of begun 3 years ago. Until .300 Monty is gone, & the front office is purged from Ruin 2morrow-the lowest scout, nothing will change, & we will continue to be taken for granted, & condescendingly talked down to. F^#@ them, & their excuse makers. Until the fans hit them in the pockets, nothing will change. Won’t see a cent out of me, until then!

      • DCar what I don’t trust is the judgement of those making the calls, Amaro has made one disappointing move after another and we’re getting nothing from the minors, Franco, Biddle nothing all of the minor league teams are lacking in talent. Don’t look now but Santana is coming up soon for the Astros. It’s embarrassing to watch games and see all the empty seats. I’m not even going to comment about Hinkie and the sad state of the Sixers.

    • I’m not sure lion. It’s a different animal IMO. The nba is such a non competitive league. In baseball I don’t think you need to tank seasons. For example let’s say Phil’s dump Rollins, pap, chooch and eat some Howard contract but keep cole, utley. Get two studs for lee . Some solid players in return for the others. So again I think it’s apples and oranges, but I will repeat they have to fix player development , asche and the BP are the only contributors. Even considering their traded players when they were making their runs

      • Fix player development? What about the architect of this team, & its player development? Again, your refusal to point out the true inept, villains & culprits, is highly amusing. Still refuse to rip him, & admit you were wrong about him, over, & over, & over again! Way to go Mrs. Amaro!

        • Um your anger shields you from the truth the GM is responsible for player development dim wit ! If they had major league ready contributors their left fielder would hit 275, 25 and 90 RBI, they would have s pitcher and no need for Burnett etc .

          • Shield me, from what truth? You are senseless! You said they have to fix player development, right? Player development, to any normal, smart, rational thinking person, means minor league coaching, & guidance, you moron. So, saying the GM is responsible for player development, is this your way of your admission, that your hero is a failure, & I was correct?? Just say it, the truth will set you free! Just do it sackless! You won’t, because you are fraud of man!

            • A Quality & Professional GM has to have Talent Evaluation Skills or better be surrounded with Great Scouts and or be a master of Financial Issues/Contracts/Market Pricing, etc,etc ..
              The Problem with Reuben Amaro is that he has neither…
              He doesn’t know Talent and he doesn’t have Financial Credibility or Sense and fast forward 4-5 Years with him at the helm and this is exactly what has happened to the Phillies under his Tenure…
              DCar & Myself saw these 2 huge Weaknesses and his lack of Skills in the 2 most important Qualities of a MLB GM in Rueben Amaro from Day 1 … I don’t want to speak for DCar for he can take care of himself, but me and him talked about these very same Issues 4-5 Years ago…

              • paul nothing left to be said. Well stated. Let the irrational, delusional, live in their own realities!

              • 4-5 years ago ? Do some math idiot. Do some research and see what market value and contract length is for players who help your BRAND become bigger

              • 4-5 years ago dcar? Don’t let facts get in the way… Because 3 years ago you were slurping at docs alter and loving the pence trade and reserving your WS tickets. What an ass you are

              • And you’re are an unwiped @$$hole, that knows nothing, about everything. Keep enabling, excusing the ijnexcusable, & being happy with the status quo! I’ll live in reality, with a perfectly functioning, & able brain, with common sense.

  7. You are the one that created a man crush, I have only said he has tried to win . He made moves in 9, 10,11 to try to win it’s that simple and now without the young players ready to step in to be studs they are paying for it . And that responsibility is his

    • Blah. blah, blah! Like I said, you are a fraud of a man, with no balls to admit he was wrong, with the refusal to give me credit for being correct. Pathetic!

      • Dude u are sick! All I ever said was u have to try to win ! In your psychotic world you conjured up s man crush . Take your Meds and continue your psychotic name calling teenage rsnts

        • I didn’t conjure up anything, nutsack! You are the only one on here, that went out of their way, on a daily basis, defending, excusing, enabling, & arguing for your lover Ruin 2morrow, anytime someone criticised him! And no matter how f^#@ed up of a job he’s done, you still don’t have the balls to say he is horrid, & say I was right about him, & you were wrong. Keep on doing your best deflection game, because that’s the only thing you’re good for! Yeah, I’m the psycho who needs meds, but you’re living in non-reality. RIIIIIIGHT!!!!

  8. You guys can argue all day. I just wanr to know what type of steroids he was using?

  9. wasted pick if he can’t play without PED’s. He is a blown up OL and if he can’t maintain that size he will continue to struggle with power ends. 3rd pick in the draft I cried for a game changing player not a RT who came out of nowhere. You can win a superbowl without a stud RT a alan Barbe prob can get the job done if he plays smart and does his job. 3rd pick get a game changer only OL im taking that high are once in a decade type Orlando Pace Jonathin Ogden type

  10. “wasted pick if he can’t play without PED’s.”

    Then I might suggest the majority of OL, DL and LB picks over the past 30 years have been wasted picks.

  11. 8 guys on the Seahawks have been suspended over the past couple of seasons for PEDs….well, 7, because everybody’s fave Richard Sheran’s was overturned on a technicality.

    Were they all wasted picks who could not play without PEDs?

    Look, I don’t think these guys should take this shit, but the entire league does. Again, 6’2″ and 275 lbs running a 4.5/40 cannot be accomplished by eating a healthy diet.

    (Oh, and anywone who compares this to the Desean thing if laughable. Johnson is taking the shit to compete in a league when everyone does the same. Desean was giving half efforts, and spending more time posing for the camera then busting his ass for the Eagles)

    • First of all, DeSean Jackson and Lane Johnson should not even be put in the same sentence as one is a proven pro bowl vet that has actually won games for the Eagles and the other is a RT who evidently needs to take PED’s to feel aedequate enough to play in this league at a competitve level as he continuously gave up sacks. You are correct. Any comparison is laughable.I supported Lane Johnson this past year, but if he has to do take PED’s this early, that’s a bad sign for him and the Eagles!

      • A bad sign?????


        Its the ONLY WAY TO COMPETE in a completely juiced league.

        The last SB winners have had the most PED suspensions over the past couple of years.

        You want a clean team?

        Enjoy 0-16.

        Julius Peppers, Ray Buchannon, John Welbourne, Shawn Rogers, Sean Merriman, Rodney Harrison, Marcus Stroud, Winston Guy, Brandon Browner….

        All seem to think they needed PEDs too.

        You know why?

        Because the majority of players in the league are on something.

        Johnson doesn’t take anything and he stays at 250-260 lbs (where he would be naturally). Gets tossed around by a rag doll by…..a bunch of juiced up DEs and DTs.

        You guys are funny. Hypocrites.

        You need your D and O line players to be 300+ lb hyper-humans, yet seem upset when one takes something to get that way.

        Human beings cannot get to 320 lbs with 4% body fat running in the 4s and squatting the weight of the neighbors car naturally.

        Johnson was taking drugs because everyone he faces is taking drugs.

        End of story.

        The only annoyance is he was caught (that or the NFL is just throwing out their odd ‘random suspension’ to keep the media away from what is a massive behind the scenes issue for them.

      • Did I call it on him Eagle, or did I call it??!!??!!

        • Yeah, you called it. I only hope, as an Eagles fan that this is a misstep that he can recover from. If not, It hurts the team, which is not good for us fans because it obviously hurts the team as a whole, now, and moving forward.

  12. Good work DCar telling the idiots where its at but u only wasting your time they will drink the koolaid same guys makin excuses for the phillies too buncha fukin losers

  13. The comments on this blog are funny.

    – Guy gets caught big deal.
    – Guy has imaginary gang ties and is a “diva” oh gawd he must go

    The issue here is less the juicing…a good chunk of the NFL juices….the issue is he got caught juicing AND he’s not even good enough to justify the getting caught.

    Like Josh Gordon – NFL really needs to stop testing for weed – you think damn that sucks, he’s a beast. Johnson? Really dude? You need to juice just to be mediocre or slightly better than average?

    Well, let’s just hope for no more surprises before mini-camp.

    • desean does NOT have IMAGINARY gang ties jackass. He has legit documented gang ties.

    • tsj5…you know why…lol. Two different standards.DJAX on team for what , 8 years and suspended two games. Lane suspended 4 games (we believe) in less than two seasons….C’mon man. Stop juicing and do it the right way. All I heard from March til June (draft) was character guys and no drama during the off season….well now look what has happened.No justification.

      • EHL you are so right, that was point all along with this all in men of character crap.

        • I will say it agin to you Biggie….where are these quotes from Kelly about “character”?

          Those were the lines that used to be used by Reid and Banner. Kelly is looking for football players who “buy” into his system. It is that simple.

          You guys are a SMH….you know blah blah ….trying to be cute and not call him a racist , but CALL HIM A RACIST.

          Show me the quotes where he is making all of the quotes about character. I will show you 31 other coaches in the NFL who make those same boilerplate comments…it is standard coach-speak… think they are going to say that we are looking for guys with poor character who make bad judgements? Here you go…SMH. Guys on here really are a broken record.

          • Greenfan again I didn’t say Kelly said anything EHL and I are talking about other posters.

            • And who is talking about race are you kidding me right now, you’re response isn’t naive but guilty as all hell. The Eagles are full of guys who made some bad choices black and white so what are you implying?

              • “Two different standards” was the statement in EHL’s comments above.

                That is what I am responding to.

              • In regards to posters comments Greenfan and please let me apologize for the tone, you’ve always been cool with me.

              • Biggie, no apology needed….more so on my part. I am having a bad day and took it out on my keyboard and everyones eyes.

                Like dag said a few weeks back…we are a family collection of eagles fans, we fight like brothers with each other but don’t let a cowboys, giants or redskins fan say sh*t about them because we have each others back. I learn a lot from everyone on here….get a different perspective on how to look at things….it is all good Biggie and EHL. Sorry for being a dickhead…like I said, it was a bad day all around.

          • Big and I were definitely talking about the posters on gcobb. Go back to the draft and read what was posted about the possible selections leading up to and during the draft.

            • tsj5…you know why…lol.

              That is what I was responding to EHL.

              I was asking what it is she was supposed to know “why”?

              • Green, take a look at the posts as it relates to character when it comes to DJAX, then look at how the tone of posts are as it relates to Lane. Djax was villified for every little thing that he did. Lane isgetting a pass by some of the same posters who hated DJax..why the double standard. One is seen as a thug and the other as a character guy….well that is not the case apparently. Lane has done something to hurt the team, where’s the outrage.
                Green, I hope your day gets better as we have always had respectful dialogue. I just wonder why some spew venom when it comes to some when they screw up, but not others who screw up too! My belief is that it is because it’s adouble standard….it may be in the presentation, however, a double standard none the less. When you hurt the team, you hurt the team, regardless of presentation.

              • EHL, you posed a very good question. There are double standards from all directions with this group of diverse posters. It seems to be a pastime on here for some. Many only seem to comment when they can raise a doubt in support of their favorite players.

      • Call me stupid or naive, but what is “it” EHL?

    • LOL!!! The Diva of has spoken!!!

      Yeah really Sister Johnson…..Lame Johnson needed Juice to Justify his #4 pick in the draft….and to save face for E0S, who GMCliff has pissed on this week, because Howie Roseman just bowed to the best talent evaluator E0S, has ever known……………LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Fellas can we go after Josh Gordon now??? team him up with Jordan Matthews??

        Man, what if we still had DeSean with those two???

        Can you imagine what this Offense would have looked like with those three!!???!!!

  14. mhenski can you possibly reach another level of stupid?You exceed the level of moron and now we can official designate you as a damm fool! He grew up in Compton of course he knows gang members…but his ‘ties’ to any gang has now been documented as totally bogus-he has never been in a gang-Fool!
    The hypocrisy on this thread-Johnson gets caught for PED’s and suspended…they don’t just suspend you right off the back…they give warnings and then suspend! He has been juicing to stay on the level of average. I guess those smoothies Chip was giving up wasn’t enough for Johnson to ‘buy in’…







  15. D-Jax made his own bed over a 2-3 Year Period ago with this Front Office (Roseman & Owner Lurie) whether is was about whining about his Contract, Quitting on his Teammates, Arguing with Coach’s and basically being a Distraction, Now Coach AR put up with it for that’s how he operates and coddles Players where the new Sheriff in Town in Coach Kelly will not Tolerate such distractions but the writing on the wall for D-Jax Departure was made by D-Jax himself since about 2010 and it only took a HC in Kelly who had the balls to say to the Front Office, get ’em out here..
    Coach Kelly’s Offensive Scheme does not rely on a Speed Demon at WR who does little else.. WR’s are a dime a dozen in his Scheme
    3-4 WR’s will get 40-50 Receptions as opposed to 1 Receiver getting 80-100 Catch’s, now last Year D-Jax put up Career Stats but look at who else the Eagles had at WR besides Cooper (a 3rd down Receiver in Avant) then a huge Drop off in Jeff Maehl, Danarius Johnson and Brad Smith who came in November)
    D-Jax is a special talent, no doubt, but was expendable in Kelly Scheme
    for what he want to do on Offense

    • The Gang Connections was merely a “Story” or a “Distraction” put out there for the Eagles to get rid of him easier in the Fan’s eyes knowing this would be an unpopular move but Owner Lurie has been fed up with D-Jax for a few years now…

      • This is my story and I am sticking to it though I can never prove it..
        but in the end, it doesn’t matter to me for he’s gone now and wish him the best and the Eagles will move on and should still have a High-Octane Offense, though they won’t get as many big-plays down the field and score as quickly, Coach Kelly and OC will just have to be more smart about it and spread the ball out more, which is not a bad thing in the long run.. Wear your opponent down, keep time of possession a little longer, so no real big deal

        • Paulmans theory is you might as release Megatron, Marshall and every other 100 catch receiver in the NFL. Of course if those players are released 3 other receivers would make up them catches on every team. Why does anyone have 100 catch receivers? Dump Shady to. while your at it Im sure Sproles can rush for 700 yards and Polk can rush for 700 yards if given the opportunity. His system is RB friendly. Why in the world would you pay Foles 20 million a year when every QB that Barney has had has flourished in his system. Next year they should save about 15 million a year and let Sanchez play. Its the system.

          • Some Teams Offense’s are built around their True #1 Receiver like a Megatron,Marshall,Julio Jones,Dez Bryant etc,etc ..
            Chip Kelly’s Offense is not built that way and never has been.
            Neither is the Patriots, Packers,49ers,Seahawks,Steelers,Ravens, etc for they run a more balanced approach and spread the ball out among multiple weapons based on their best Match-Ups

            • Paulman would you take any of the fore mentioned receivers?

              • No on Marshall, No on Bryant, No on Mike Wallace, No on Andre Johnson (tool old now) , No on Terrell Owens (even in his Prime)
                No on Randy Moss
                Yes on Megatron, Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne,

      • ur right paul it was a distraction and the story but it doesnt make it untrue. that “story” was basically all true

        • Mhenski who cares if its true or not? Why do you give a damn what any player does except on Sundays? How does that effect your life one iota? It doesn’t matter. I don’t care what they do except on the football field. Now if they don’t think he is worth 10 million a year than that’s a different story. Megatron makes 50 million a year and the Lions win 7 games a year. Doesn’t seem to bother them.

          • Kool breeze and tsjohnson5 care that’s who. The fact that desean has gang ties may or may have not been the reason he got released but the fact is he has gang ties and that comes right from deseans mouth. The resident racists (ts and kool) want to deny he had ties and he admitted it himself and claim racism here and I’m gonna call a spade a spade.

            Fuck desean now , he is gone, he is the enemy , I could care less about him . I only care about the eagles my team while the racists wanna keep unfactually defending the guy in the other uniform to further their agendas.

    • Paulman you do know you don’t get suspended on your first failed test right?

      • Wrong ( as usual)

        Step One: The first time a player violates this Policy by testing positive; attempting to substitute, dilute or adulterate a specimen; manipulating a test result; or by violation of law (see Section 5), he will be suspended without pay for a minimum of four regular and/or postseason games. The suspension will begin on the date set in the League’s notification to the player of his suspension, subject to any appeal (see Section 10). If fewer than four games remain in the season, including any postseason games for which the Club qualifies, the suspension will carry over to the next regular season, until a total of four regular and/or postseason games have been missed.

        • LOL your funny glad you found that out for me though, but please spare me the wrong as usual crap.

        • Didn’t know that. Assumed like Biggie that it had to of been a second test.

          It still makes you question his intelligence, if as you say Vinne, there are so many others using substances to get bigger, but so few are actually caught. This is nothing new. I remember when we got Ron Solt from the Colts back in the ’80’s….all-pro guard wh promptly tested positive when he got to the Birds.

      • I am not sure what the new Rules are now in 2014 to be honest with you.
        It used to be that a 1st Offense (Failed Test) was Counseling, Education and then Re-Testing on a regular Basis then a Failed 2nd Test was an automatic 4 Game Suspension.. I am not sure if there are differences between Drugs and PED, Steroids are just from a list of Banned Substances..
        What Did Johnson fail for, Has that been released yet or are they even allowed to release this info due to Federal “Hippa” Regulations

    • DJAX was fine, the problem was Chips ego Paul…..

  16. Lol.

    some of you guys are incredibly naive.

    The average weight for Nfl linemen is something like 330 lbs. Average! Where the hell you think that comes from? Workouts at Bally’s fitness and a couple of protein shakes?

    6nation cup winner Ireland’s rugby team (large powerful men) average about 225 lbs.

    Stanley cup winner LA Kings (above average large powerful men) average about 215 lbs

    Eagles O and D line average about 320 lbs.

    Where does that 100lbs of muscle come from? Magic muscle dust ( well yes actually)

    eagles landed says, “do it the right way….”

    Fine then, enjoy watching the Birds roll out a bunch of 260 lb linemen to get steamrolled 60-0 every game.

    And this isn’t a character thing. It’s a ‘get with the program’ thing. Desean, half assign it was a get with the program problem. Johnson is not because he is doing exactly what the nfl program requires!

    I don’t like it, but I ‘m not going to be some head in the sand, look the other way, ignoramus that thinks its bad to be ‘cheating’. My blinders came off in at the 1988 olympics.

    The issue isn’t ‘cheating’, it’s just that he was caught.

    • lame Johnson misses 4 games and its cool to Vinny lol everybody takes them blah blah blah he got caught and is hurting his team bc of a selfish act. or maybe not maybe he stinks without them. I do know he was the 3rd pick in the draft where game changers are supposed to be selected his play on PED’s was soso lolOur best lineman was not a top draft pick you get solid to great O-line play later. dumb pick. Waisted pick Barbe might make him an after thought. another fucking waist. fool you are still talking about Desean Jackson?!

      • YES!! Thank you NuGreembol Baby!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

        I’m giving you a standing ovation!!!!! Bravo!!!!

  17. So, this bum had is ass gven to him at the end of the season on PED’S?

    He’s going to really get the shit stomped out of him without them.

    Another wasted 1st round pick.

  18. Sixers News. Nerlens Noel was a man among boys in practice today. Throwing every shot in the stands. Also its being reported that Jeremy Lin may be coming to the Sixers and his 1 year 8 million dollar contract. The Sixers may help out the Rockets so they can get Melo by taking Lins 1 year 8 million dollar contract and the Rockets 1st round draft pick next year for the favor. lol

  19. Listen I just want props for coming up with the Term Lame Johnson that’s on the front of the daily news sports page.

  20. Just when you think this site couldn’t get any more dumber, look above! Nothing but a bunch of ill-informed, dumb, ignorant, biased, uneducated, racist trolls! Unbelievable to me, how God allows some people to procreate! SMMFH…..

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