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Eagles Training Camp Preview: Offense

NickFoles1July, the month in which Eagles training camp officially begins.  The list of songs blasting from the loud speakers is as “hush-hush” as most things with Chip Kelly.  What we do know, expectations for this football team are very high.  Every single player on this roster embodies what the head coach preaches and teaches.

There is no starting quarterback controversy going into the season.  The battle for the back-up spot between Sanchez and Barkley is as exciting as a place kicker practicing extra point attempts.   If Foles were to go down for any significant period of time, whether or not the “Chip” system works with “any” quarterback would be put to the ultimate test.

Last season we had 60% of our offensive line returning from major surgery and rookie Lane Johnson starting at right tackle.  Johnson was eager to start his sophomore campaign, but will first serve a four game suspension to start the season with the news yesterday that he tested positive for PED use.  This will obviously impact the offensive line, but the Eagles do catch a break in the first four weeks of the season, both Aldon Smith and Robert Mathis will also be suspended.

The wait and see in regards to Jeremy Maclin, his health is a key component for the offense.  His status will be monitored as closely as anyone on the team, when the pads go on and the hitting begins, Maclin can expect the questions from the media after every practice regarding the status of his knee.

Our offense will continue to be a run first scheme, a steady dose of Lesean McCoy, the addition of Sproles and third year veteran Chris Polk.   Nick Foles steps in to his first “full” season as the starting quarterback; some are still skeptic of how he will produce.  The adjustment to new passing threats and adjustments by the opposing defensive players and coaching staff will be a mere few obstacles he will have to overcome.

As for the players catching the passes thrown by Foles; we know what Celek brings to the team.  There is a good sense with how Cooper fits in. Projecting the roles of the rookies, second rounder Matthews & third rounder Huff will certainly be fun to watch unfold.   Then there is Sproles , not to be confused as a “receiver” although he is expected to play a major role in the passing game.  Will Ertz make the big leap going into his second season?  Has tight-end Casey learned what he needed to learn to be used in this offense with the versatile skill set he was “thought” to have?  The rest of the offensive weaponry remains unclear.   Will a veteran like Smith or Benn make the team, or will a “wildcard” like Momah fill out the rest of the wide receiver depth chart?

The offense is going to be quick and will score a lot of points.  Will they also be able to control the clock better than last year and not force the defense to lead the league in total snaps played?  Will the Eagles convert better on third downs and will Foles minimize the costly sacks he was taking towards the end of the season?

Early reports are the offense will be faster than what we saw last season, even after we cut our fastest offensive player on the roster.  Time will tell, but in the meantime, we can only envision how all of the new offensive toys that Chip Kelly has will be mixed and matched. on Facebook

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78 Comments for “Eagles Training Camp Preview: Offense”

  1. Rumors are Lane Johnsons suspension has put the ball back in the Eagles court with Evan Mathis. Rumors have it that Evan Mathis may sit out of training camp looking for a new contract. With LJ being suspended Mathis has all the leverage. I guess he doesn’t want to hear about them being 20 million under the cap and the Eagles saving cap space for the Kendricks and the Coxs of the world while he is a underpaid All-pro and rated the best guard in the NFL. This would be a brilliant move for Mathis. Call Howie and Barneys bluff.

    • Or they could give the best guard in the NFL a new contract front-loaded vs the cap this year and keep the oline intact. I know I know, the Eagles will then compromise there record setting “under the cap” championship run this year but hey all dynasties have to come to a end.

      • evan mathis makes plenty of money, 7th highest in the league for guards actually. he is paid fairly and not underpaid at all. dude isnt holding out

        • He may get a little bum and restructure with some Up front $$$
          but this may be his Final Season with the Eagles regardless of Lane Johnson’s situation… Eagles have 3-4 younger, cheaper OL in Alan Barbree, Matt Tobin, Kelly,Vandervelde & David Molk that can all play the Interior Positions and will be the Guards of the Future as Mathis & Herremans are both over 30 and making Big $$$ and probably in their Final Year with the Eagles.. This Summer Camp for the OL, will be about establishing and developing the Future OL moving forward..

  2. If the Eagles are 15-20 million under the cap this year Im curious who gets that money? Do the fans get a check in the mail? Or do the Eagles just pocket it? What do you do If Mathis does hold out. I don’t want to hear fans determining who “makes enough” and who doesn’t. Who the hell are we to determine if Mathis makes enough. Oh he wont hold out. What if he does, what do you do? Why would you care if Mathis gets the extra 8 million this year instead of Lurie? The cap would still be the same next year. So here are your options you go into next year without Mathis and LJ and Lurie keeps a extra 8 million and you take your chances with 2 new olineman. Or you pay Mathis and Lurie only pockets 12 million instead of 20 million. For the life of me I never understand fans infatuation with the Eagles saving money. lol. It hasn’t worked for 20 years. Mathis has a lot of leverage IMO.

    • its smart management actually. eagles can roll the unspent cap monies to next year

      • I think this may be the last Year per the New CBA, that Teams can do this (roll unspent cap $ for the next season) and then moving forward are mandated by the NFL to Spend 95% of their Cap $$ on Player Salaries or it may start at 92% and go up a 1% each year until it hits the 95% Threshold
        I remember reading about this and may be off a bit on the timline and % but that this is coming

      • Smart management? I will look at how actual superbowl winners run their organizations. Mhenski Im just saying if Mathis would call there bluff would you let him sit out? Its a simple question. Yes or no.

        • look that up dag, you may be surprised…

          anyways if mathis decided to use lane’s situation as leverage i would let him sit out no doubt. dudes 32 and the 7th highest paid guard in football and locked up through 2016 (when he turns 35). Yea if dude wanted to cry about money I would let him cry, his goal in holding out is to get more guaranteed money and he is going to lose money by holding out.

          I am not even sure Evan ever requested a new deal either, his response to reports lead me to believe that may not have been even true…

          In reality what could he even want, dude is playing at a high level (aka wont be cut) and makes $1 million less than the highest paid NFL guard. We all know guaranteed contracts arent ever guaranteed passed 3 years so the most he could be asking for is a new deal which would include 3 years guaranteed and 18 million? dude is going to make 16.5 over the next 3 years anyways… makes no sense to hold out for him…

          on a related note, holdouts are completely idiotic. they hurt the player and the team and rarely if ever work out for the player

          • Good points mhenski. And the best guard in football is not Evan, its Evans as in Jaharri. Who opened up bigger holes for lesser backs in the playoffs? He makes enough money and he is not part of the SB formula. He won’t be here when we win the SB and neither will Herremans. Peters, Kelce and Johnson ae the O line pillars.

  3. Next year with the expected release of many veterans including BG, Trent Cole, Carey Williams, Celek etc etc etc and with the cap going up to a expected 140+ million the Eagles will be 40-50 million under the cap.

    • and when nick skullfucks the nfl this year he will take 20 of that, another 10+ to cox and kendrick, another 5+ to draft picks, which leaves 15 for free agents being modest. it goes quick

      eagles are in a unique situation this year with cheap qbs… cheap dl…

      • Kendricks and Cox better have career years to warrant anything close to that type of money. lol

        • 5 to each is cheap actually. both have a lot to prove though no doubt

        • Amen dag. Cox is a bust right now in my book. Middle of the road 3-4 DE drafted in the top 15. He better look a lot better than what we have seen so far. And Kendricks needs to be consistent and much better in coverage with that athleticism. The Eagles added very little. They got no immediate impact from the draft outside of maybe Mathews. They did squat in FA. They upgraded from an F safety to a C- safety. BFD.

          Given what we did this off-season, taking it to another level will require improvement from within. That means Cox, Kendricks, Maclin, Ertz, Foles. No one else has any upside left and Johnson just blew it for the O line. Cox, Foles and Kendricks are particularly important.

          • Fletcher Cox is a Natural 4-3 DT and was Draft as such 3 Years ago and is not a Natural DE which is now where he plays in the Eagles new Scheme .. He’s making the best of it, but will not put up big sack totals playing on the outside, it’s just not his game for he’s not explosive or quick enough .. Now Playing in 4-3 as a DT and playing over a Center or Guard, he could probably put up 6-8 Sacks, due to a shorter path to the QB, but playing the Outside where you need that natural explosion versus more Athletic and Bigger OT’s is just not going to happen for Fletcher Cox
            In Fact the DE Position in the 3-4 is not who generates many Sacks at all for that pass-rushing,sacking is really designed for your OLB’s who are quicker and more athletic, most DE’s in a 3-4 are there to set the edge, crash down on OT which allows a blitzing, faster OLB get to the QB…

            • I understand all that Paul. And he does a solid job setting the edge and crashing down. Nothing special. Not making an impact. Bust. Whether we threw him away in this system or he just doesn’t have it, he is still not a success worthy of his draft status. Curry or Taylor Hart may turn out to be a better option going beyond 2014. Not giving Cox big money unless he finds me another gear this year. I don’t think the Eagles are thinking about giving him a big raise as things stand now either. They want to see what Thornton, Hart, Kruger, Curry have and will likely move on from Cox.

              • All I am pointing out is that when you Draft a PLayer for a Certain Position (F Cox for a 4-3 DT) or (BG as a 4-3 DE) and then change Schemes that require a different Skill Set and Responsibilities at these Positions in a new Scheme which means these these Players are asked to different things that are not Natural to them, then yes, it is what it is … but it’s not that they Suck (well maybe BG does) but they are simply not suited for this System and to expect that Flecther Cox or really any other DE on this Roster (Thornton,Hart,etc) to get Double Digit Sacks (10-12 Sacks) is just not realistic …

                Now a Player like a Vinny Curry, Trent Cole cannot play a 3-4 DE in their Base Packages (on early Downs) and will come in on Passing Situations where they’ll sometimes get into a 4-3 DL,
                Now Curry, Cole can still get to Double Digits for they will have Zero Rush Stopping responsibilities and will only be out there to Rush the Passer but this is not what is asked for the DE’s when they are in their Base 3-4 (Cox,Thornton,Hart) will be asked to set the edge on early Downs to control the Run and main responsibility of setting the edge and allowing the LB’s to run to the ball to make Tackles..
                How many full time,true 3-4 Scheme DE’s are there in the NFL that get Double Digit Sacks..
                I do not include Aldon Smith as a true 3-4 for he plays more of a OLB in their base package and then as a DE when they go to a 4-3 DL in Passing Situations, same with Houston and Hali of KC Chiefs
                Look at the Sack Totals over the Years for the Ravens,Steelers,Jets, Patriots, Packers and other 3-4 Schemes and the big Sack Totals come from their OLB’s and not DE’s

            • He is also not that far outside. Farther than 4-3 DT but not as far as a 4-3 DE. Thats a BS excuse. He is just not that good. Right now for a career I would take Patterson over him. He will go to 4-3 team in 2016 and be above average and that’s it. Another blown Andy Reid draft pick. Reid could never identify talent at WR or on the front seven. Just terrible. What does Jeffrey have to say about Howie on that one? Did that one actually belong to Andy? Can’t give Howie too many props for the 2012 draft. He got a great NB and QB with a high ceiling. The only way he looks good is if Foles is HOF and then we will forget the rest.

  4. Regarding Foles and the ongoing argument about “what is he exactly?” Without going into it I will leave it at this. In 80 years of futility, this franchise has never drafted a HOF QB. Just about every other franchise that has been around since say 1960 has at least one (or more). The argument is simply this. We are due. We have to be due.

  5. Dallas-Staubach, Aikman
    Washington-Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgenson
    NYG-YA Tittle, Manning
    Chic-Sid Luckman
    GB-Starr, Favre, Rodgers
    Det-Bobby Lane
    Rams-Van Brocklin, Warner
    SF-Montanna, Young
    Arizona-no one
    Miami-Griese, Marino
    Pitt-Bradshaw, Rothlissberger
    Clev-Otto Graham
    Oak-Stabler (should be in)
    KC-Len Dawson
    Ind-Unitas, Manning
    Tenn-no one
    Eagles-no one

    We hold company with Tennessee/Houston Oilers and the Cardinals. That’s brutal.

  6. As a footnote, we did draft Jugenson but he put up his HOF numbers with Washington and retired a Redskin. Van Brocklin was an Eagle about as much as Warner was a Cardinal. He goes down as a Ram. Best QB to ever wear our uniform but not an Eagle.

  7. The more I think about it the less I am excited for this year. Its not as bad as the Sixers, but it is still wait and see for the future. I guess I just have to enjoy the process of watching guys like Foles, Ertz and Mathews develop into stars even though we are a few years from legit contention. That’s the fun in football. You never know how it will all turn out.

    • Eagles are in Mix as a 2nd Tier Team which about 50-60 % of the NFL is every Season..
      20% are Elite/1st Tier Teams and are heads and shoulders better than everyone else
      20-25% are in a Rebuild mold with either Brand new Coach’s and Schemes and breaking in Young QB’s

      It’s how The NFL wants it… Parity

      Elite in NFL right now (5 Teams)
      Seahawks,49ers,Broncos,Packers (with a healthy Rodgers) & Patriots

      2nd Tier (18 Teams)
      Eagles, Giants,Cowboys,Saints,Panthers,Falcons,Bears,Lions, Cardinals,Rams, Bengals,Ravens, Steelers, Colts, NY Jets,Dolphins, Chiefs,Chargers

      Rebuilds Programs (9 Teams)
      Redskins, Vikings, Bucs, Bills, Texans,Jaguars,Titans,Raiders, & Browns

      Now as in every Season, a couple of Rebuild Teams with new QB’s and Coach’s actually surprise and play better than expected and maybe even make the Playoffs, just like every Season a 2nd Tier Teams incurs Injuries or Locker Room/Coaching/Player issues and simply underperforms…

      It is what it is..

      • Good points. And there are too many teams above us on the totem pole to have enough injury/disaster give us a shot. Manning could get hurt and Groinkowski might not play all year and Seattle could lose say Lynch late in the season. But that would still not be enough for us to have a chance.

        Not to split hairs, but I don’t agree that Dallas, NYJ and Carolina are 2nd Tier. They are third tier for now and Saints belong in tier one. Elite QB and top five defense that added talent. Graham 100% for now and another receiving threat.

        • All Valid Points Jbird

          I do thinks that some 2nd Tiers Teams I listed are on the way down
          (Cowboys for example) but even though we all hate the Cowboys, they have finished 8-8 for 3 Consecutive Seasons and have sniffed the Playoffs until the final weak of the Season which goes to show how weak or inconsistent the NFC East has been in recent Seasons..
          just like some 3rd Tier Teams are on their way up (TB Bucs,Vikings,etc) but just to slot them at their Present status

          The Saints I was going to list as 1st Tier but they lost 8-9 Solid Veteran Players due to Salary Cap Constraints (Will Smith, J Vilma, R Harper, M Jenkins, D Sproles, R Meachem, Lance Moore) that they are going to miss a lot of Veteran Leadership in that Locker Room
          plus the fact they have a very unhappy Camper in TE J Graham who a Arbitrator just ruled shortly ago that he will be compensated as a TE and not a WR meaning about $3.5 Million less $$$ for this Season which will cause some anguish with him and probably their Front Office

      • I just have to redo this:

        1) Broncos, Seahawks, Niners, Saints, Pats, Pack
        2) Eagles, NYG, Falcons, Bears, Lions, Cards, Rams, Chiefs, Chargers, Bengals, Ravens, Pitt, Colts
        3) Dallas, Skins, Vikings, Bucs, Panthers, Bills, NYJ, Miami, Browns, Tenn, Jags, Texans, Raiders

        If I took a stab at ranking tier two I would likely put the Eagles fifth behind Bears, Colts, Chargers, Bengals based on more accomplished QBs and/or more pieces on defense and STs.

  8. Yeah. It’s July 2nd, might as well just forget about the Birds, listening to some of you cats makes me think that this team lost 16 games last season….oh wait….this team won 10 games….won the NFC east….lead or was at the top of the league in most offensive categories….but to listen to the “doom and gloom squad” fans should just pack up and look for a new team like FraudSongs.

    Is it perfect, he’ll no…but this team has made a lot of strides from the way that the fat guy left this team. You may not like the moves that Kelly is making, but there is no doubt that this team is being built on his image and with players that will buy in. I look for a lot of improvement on both sides of the ball this year. A tougher schedule no doubt, but I have no question in my mind that this team will be playing meaningful games in late December….something that you could not count on the last few years with Reid.

    GO BIRDS!!!!!

    • I agree. But you know the SB is the only thing for us fans and that’s a huge longshot still regardless of where we are heading and how much we have improved.

  9. I don’t worry about he Super Bowl or Bust anymore and haven’t over the last 5 Years or so for the All-in Win or Not approach just makes the Season less enjoyable. I take Sports for what is is, Players and Teams competing for the Ultimate Prize which there can only be 1 Team, the chase to get to the Mountain Top is just as exciting and interesting for me is good enough
    As a life-long Eagles of 40 Years plus, I have seen enough disappointment as well as the good times… Hopefully I and all of us can see a Championship Winner before too long, but either way, I will follow, support, question and yes, cuss this Team out for that’s what Fans do…
    At the end of the Day, fielding Competitive Teams almost every Season who have a legitimate shot to make the Playoffs in which anything can happen is better than the alternative to many Fans around the NFL who basically have no hope every season and see their chances realistically gone by October, like in Cleveland, Buffalo, Oakland, Jacksonville,Tampa,Dolphins, the last decade or so, so it could always be worse..

    I’ve stated this all off-season that the Eagles will likely be a better all-around Team in 2014, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will have a better record or achieve the level of success this Year, if this makes any sense to everybody.. Last Years team was the Healthiest in the entire NFL as far as Starters with games missed and you can’t expect the same to happen this Season, also they have a more difficult schedule and many Teams in the NFC have improved (Packers,Cardinals,Bears,Vikings,Giants & Lions) so it will be a more difficult road to the Playoffs in 2014
    Just take each opponent week by week and prepare the best they can to Win
    there will be no easy opponents which includes their Opener versus the Jaguars

    • Paulman, your attitude is for losers and true Eagle Fans are not losers. Jeff Lurie loves guys like you. Guys willing to compromise the demanding nature of real Philly fans. Your description is The ‘chase’ is not good enough, fielding a ‘competitive team’ is not good enough, ‘trying hard but just falling short is not good enough when you have never, ever won a Super Bowl…winning the championship is all that matters and to long, suffering Eagles Fans its all that counts!
      We demand excellence and with the rising prices of tickets, the 20 million under the Cap-that demand is reasonable. So always falling short just does not cut it!
      Its time to win and win now! Who cares about other teams that can’t get it done like Cleveland or Buffalo…who cares…we are Eagles Fans and every team in our division has rings. When we go to talk smack with Giants, Redskins, and Cowboy fans-they quickly pull the ‘we-have-won-championships’ card out of their back pocket and what can we say?

      “Well we have been ‘competitive’ for years” Bull!
      Your attitude is for losers paulman-it won’t fly for true, strong fans of the Eagles who demand nothing less than a championship! That is what we deserve. The time for coddling Eagles management is over…their is very little that we can do as fans…but the one thing we surely will not do is become like ‘Midwestern Fans’ who don’t really care if their teams win the big one or not…we are not going to ‘just be happy’ while other teams take the glory of the Super Bowl and rub our faces in it. NO..

      Eagle Fans don’t settle and compromise like that! NEVER

      • That’s Pure Bullshit KB, it’s Football and not life of death
        The City of Philadelphia is falling apart,closing Schools, can’t educate their population, doesn’t have enough jobs or safe Street and Parks and your worried about a Super Bowl Championship..

        Just like the Eagles Winning the Championship in 1960 means little to Fans in 2014, what does the Cowboys Winning a Super Bowl in 1992
        or the Redksins in the 1980’s or th Raiders in the 70’s or the Dolphins in 70’s mean now… Who gives a shit if Fans from other Cities rub it in your Face, can’t you handle it..
        It’s the small minded folks like you that have helped create such a distorted sense of reality on whats important to begin with that have led this Country down the tubes..
        Worry about what you can Control and enjoy whatever else there is like your Family, Faith your Community, etc..
        You guys crack me up as if a Super Bowl Championship and a Downtown Parade is really going to impact your life long-term..
        The Phils won the World Series in what 2009 and now are one of the worst Teams in all the Major Leagues and will now miss the Post-Season for the 3rd year in a Row..
        Stop living in the past.. The 76ers Won the Championship in 1980
        and the Flyers won the Stanley Cup in 1974, does any of this matter in 2014 .. If so, How does it matter, it is the fact that Philly has always had a “Little Brother Syndrome” to it that it somehow is not relevant to the Big City and Winner of New York…
        Classic Low-Esteem for a portion but a loud & passionate faction of the “Collective Fan Base” of Philadelphia so keep wallowing in your Tears if the Eagles don’t Win a Super Bowl and go around life being “miserable” or being “victimized” by the Ownership for I choose a more realistic approach to Professional Sports, yes it’s sense of Civic Pride, brings the mood and vibe of a City up measurably, but it’s not sustainable for its Sports and there will always be Winners & Losers and for a part of the “Fan Base” to continually feel let down and make there life’s miserable is just a waste of energy for me..
        To each their own I guess. I enjoy the Competition and the quest for Excellence , Imagine a Sport Team winning all the Time, wouldn’t that get boring after a while, no controversy, no changes, hum-drum
        I ask you and you can answer honestly or not
        Would you take the Eagles Winning a Super Bowl in 2014 only to have the next 19 Years as a last Place Team in the Basement ???

  10. The reality about today’s NFL is the championship pretty much HAS to be won before the QB megabucks contract guts the rest of the team (see: Saints, Baltimore, Seattle et. Al.)

    The eagles technically have 2 years (though probably only 1) of this left.

    Of course I said this back in 2011 as birds werevwastingbtheir season with the mini-man instead of developing Foles.

    Wouldn’t you all be feeling more comfortable about this year if Foles was about to make his 33rd start instead of his 17th?

  11. Boy what a bunch of nonsensical bullshit Paulman! Who said anything about being ‘miserable’ or connecting this to serious life issues. Its ridiculous. If you are going to make that argument then why the hell do you spend so much time writing and following football?

    This is Sports and Football talk , Paulman…and it fits into its own context! Its has absolutely nothing to do with the serious issues of life, city government, politics-that’s a whole other context.
    For our “SPORTS” enjoyment and context your attitude is simply for losers. Not competitive, demanding Eagle fans who have supported this team for years. Eagles fans relentless demands for a Super Bowl is fair and commensurate with the rise in ticket prices, purchasing of Eagles shirts, hats and other trinkets, and massive support.
    You make no sense at all Paulman..I have friends that are Dallas Cowboys fans and we have heated, passionate, shit-talking arguments about our teams…and yes they go back in history and say….”We got rings”…guess what…Eagle fans can’t say that. We don’t have that ace in the hole and everyone in our division has it! So its a legitimate point.!

    As to your question here: “Would you take the Eagles Winning a Super Bowl in 2014 only to have the next 19 years as a last Place Team in the Basement”?

    This is like asking me ” Do green elephants fly on Tuesday nights?”
    Why in the world do we have to lose for 19 years as a last place team? How does winning a Super Bowl correlate to losing for 19 years ? Its an illogical fallacy based on the reality of the NFL and free agency. It ignores the ease by which you can cut players and bring in new players, it denies the reality of the NFL Draft. So I’ll take the one Super Bowl and demand for more! But when you have failed miserably for 20 years to bring home the prize while the team just North from us has won multiple Super Bowls then you have ask some legitimate questions!

    The Low-Self esteem is demonstrated by the compromising, settling fan who does not have enough gumption to insist on excellence. If the Eagles management has enough balls to raise ticket prices-then the Eagle Fans have the right to demand for a Super Bowl Championship…Bottom Line!

    • Damn koolbreeze I want to go out and tackle somebody after that post. LOL that is money right there.

    • Excellent post Breeze. Paulman as usual is full of shit. There was nothing of substatnce in his response to you. Notice how quicly he made passionate expectation from the fanbase somehow about the city image, schools, this, that. Classic strawman. Reeks of his personal issues with Philly and Philadelphians. The asshole lives on this site injecting himself into every thread. Often repeating the same tired ass shit. So his post was BULLSHIT!! His actions don’t back up what he typed.

  12. If the Flyers, Sixers, and Phillies all won the championship in the same season that would be GREAT!! But I think almost everyone on here would agree that it would be something else if the Eagles won it alone. It wouldnt even be on the same level of a proud moment we has suffering fans could explain. Most of you guys prob live in Philly, or have in the past. At the end of the day is it just a game?Yeah Is it going to determine if any of us are successful in the furture? No. thats not the point though man. The Eagles winning the championship would be on of the greatest things that could happen to this city. If your from Philly, and have followed this team you kno its alot more than just a game to you. It will bring our city hope when we do win it! And we are on our way! It will be a thing of the past when we had to hear all BS “we have a championship, wheres ours?” shit. Im not going to be able to do noting but cry with joy when I see Napolean Dynomite hold that trophy up!

  13. OK Mr Koolbreeze – I will take the bait – what do I need to do to demand a Super Bowl Championship? Please – mentor me on the needed steps – give me a checklist of items that I need to accomplish so that in the end – we are ensured our parade!

    By the way Mr Koolbreeze – you seem very ‘demanding’. I am assuming by how much you ‘demand’ of others you have probably published a few books on management and leadership – maybe you were a General in the Army or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company – maybe you could share your current occupation with us to add credibility to your announced leadership style

    Lastly – maybe to add to the Paulman’s comments – maybe to help them out – perhaps you should focus all this ‘demanding’ on proper running of our schools, city, state and country. Clearly someone that has this much ‘demanding’ over a private owned company that in no way can garuntee the result you desire, and in no way affects the quality of life of you and your family/friends and neighbors, you would probably be a pretty formidable public servant – no compromises! DEMAND!

    • And yes that was satirical mocking – I think Dear Abby would tell you if you don;t like the product, don;t shop in the store. If you rdon;t like the Eagles, the Eagles management etc. Stop buying the product – law of supply and demand, if you and everyone else buy less, the prices go down! And maybe I can actually make it above like number 7000 on the season ticket waiting list –

    • I will be glad to ‘mentor’ you invinoveritus…read the following carefully. As a life-long Eagle fan, I reserve the unmitigated right do DEMAND, holler, scream, moan, complain, and everything else about MY teams lack of winning a championship along with any other Eagles Fan who desire the same. The Eagles and the NFL spend millions of dollars courting, advertising, and marketing to guys like me. So my dissatisfaction with the Eagles years of futility in winning a championship is par for the course of being a loyal Eagles fan.
      When I get with my wide variety of football friends who are fans of the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys…I boldly take up the banner for our Eagles and engage in serious ribbing, teasing, chop-busting arguments in defense of our team.
      Now, maybe in some confused, dense state…you think that these ‘DEMANDS” on my part extend beyond the context of sports banter and exchange. It is not my fault that some of you fail miserably to contextualize the discourse. My passionate arguments and insistence that we win a championship is an expression of my status as a fan…nothing more-nothing less. Now, your failure to contextualize leads guys like you and Paulman to raise the Eagles management beyond critique…it is as if we should feel honored that Lurie owns the team and only a ‘general’ or ‘CEO’ should have the audacity to address them.
      This is simply a reflection of your own tendency to grovel and accept mediocrity!
      So in my mentoring role…I would simply tell you to grow a some balls…and stop whimpering before Eagles management! Stand up and demand what true Eagles Fans have persistently called for….a Super Bowl Team!

      Man up!

      • Koolbreeze part 2. LOVE IT.

      • is it just me or did you just spend 23 lines whining like a sniveling like a little girl having her first period then tell me to man up – dude – maybe you should have your mother re-read your post because you sound like your bleeding from the crotch justifying your little hissy fit – poor princess – your friends from other places have prettier clothes? Really? its ok.. try not to be jealous. maybe some day you can afford guchi too

        I enjoy when you post nonsense and then get called out on what garbage it is and then you go all into – what’s that phrase people like on hear – keyboard gangsta!

        the funny part is that if other people act like mature adults understanding that a season is a season and many variables play into who does and who does not win a SB you attack them – I assure you in case no one else has, absolutely nothing you post will have any impact on the Eagles or the season, so why not be a mature adult, sit back, relax, watch all 16 (hopefully 19) games and enjoy the ride…(I boldly take up the banner – wow – get a life) ever notice Vegas doesn;t take bets on which teams will NOT win the SB at the beginning of the year..

        one last question though – when you stop posting – does biglions nose go right up your butt? Do you two go to the bathroom together?

        • LOL feelings hurt much Vino? Over comments made on a blog no less.

          • LMAO @invinoveritus!!! Yeah, Biglion his feelings are really hurt! Well since you requested that I ‘mentor’ you invinoveritus-I am simply helping you out. I assure you that “its just you” …you are just so ‘sensitive’ and it clouds your ability to understand football. ..LOL!

            But you asked for help…so I’m giving it too you!~ With regards to the All-Pro Wide Receiver DJax. Unfortunately, since he weighs about 150 soaking wet so blocking is not going to be a strong suit. However, if catching the football is important you should note that he was targeted 126 times and had only three drops of catchable passes.

            DJax is not simply extremely fast-but he also can catch the football very well. This ability to catch the ball made defenses fear his speed and he opened the field for the entire offense. A lot of the Eagles offense last year was based upon Chip Kelly moving DJax around in different formations to attack defenses left other receivers wide open…it made the game a whole lot easier for Foles.
            Also, Mr. Mature Adult invinoveryourhead, I know that it may be too difficult for you to once again understand the word “context”….let me explain it for you in this way. When I take my young daughter to an amusement park and we get on the roller coaster to yell ‘weeeee’ while riding the roller coaster is only a sign of ‘immaturity’ to stiff and ignorant individual. Intelligent people would note that I am with my young daughter having fun at an amusement park. Now if I yell ‘weeeee’ at a business conference while discussing an important issue with my clients or associates this would imply a lack of maturity.
            In the context of sports, our banter is not life or death…its sports and passionate opinions are par for the course…what I post is not supposed to have an impact on the Eagles-it is only my reflections as a fan. Of course, many things happen that impact a team’s chances on winning a SuperBowl…poor management, bad coaching, inadequate Ownership, cutting All-Pro receivers, Offensive lineman getting caught taking PED’s….all of these are factors that can prevent winning a SuperBowl…The Eagles for 20 years of the Lurie regime has not won a SuperBowl….I know it hurts your feelings to hear Fans complain in a sports context but the lack of a Super Bowl here in Philly…as an unpaid representative of Eagles management-you and others feel it is your duty to quiet fans discontent with your ‘maturity’….LOL…

            • Now the funny thing Koolbreeze was how he tries to call you out about writing 23 lines then proceeds to rip off about 50 lines. LOL this is a blog which is why dudes like Jake and others like him I just laugh at.

      • Let the church say AMEN!!!!!!

  14. The great irony of Koolidiot’s post is that he constantly DEMANDS! An Eagle SB, while at the same time DEMANDING for me-first showboat players like Vick and Me-Sean who are the kind of players who will never win the championship he allegedly wants!

    Can’t have it both ways. Can’t demand a championship while at the same time spending 2years waxing on how great MV7wins is, because Vick, Desean and championships are mutually exclusive.

    • Vinnie you cant keep your mouth shut about McCoy who has the biggest fucking mouth on the team. Why don’t you rip him? Djax has never ever run his mouth as much as McCoy. Why don’t you ask for McCoys release? What world do you live in? Show oaters don’t win championships? Are you serious? In this country they do.

      • Well by that logic Seatlle should cut Sherman. I mean you don’t get louder or more of a show boater or “diva” than that dude.

        He’s the loudest most peacock corner in the league..hell player probably. Kelly definitely wouldn’t want a guy like that on the squad.


  15. Desean Jackson had one very formidable trait – blazing speed. While it will be hard to replicate his blazing speed, there are several traits he did not posses such as size, power, height, jumping ability, that translate to what it appears the head coach wants his WRs to be able to do. First off is be a formidable blocker – Avant and Rielly Cooper are great downfield blockers – I really don;t think that was Jacksons strong suit. The ability to outjump/sky and outmuscle a DB for the ball, again, not in DJax wheel house. Also, as the team gets down into the red zone, the speed factor declines –

    Also – I thought Jackson had a tendency to make/take too many negative yardage plays – for example, how many returns did he end up losing yardage – often to run out of bounds…. I think a 6’2 200 lb rcvr that gets caught up in a reverse lowers his head and shoulder and tries to make the best of it – Jackson seemed to run backwards and lose more – 2 and 19 vs 2and and 11 –

    I think the evolving of Ertz, the addition of the two rookies and the addition of Sproles will more then make up for Djax being gone – but I guess we have to wait for the season to see huh?

    Vick just wasn;t very good – he wasn;t very good in Atlanta.. I think you see the same thing with Kapernik now – I don;t think he is a good QB, he justhappens to be an OK QB on a great team (awesome D, solid running game and excellent special teams) I am not saying Foles is the next coming of Joe Montana but control the game, distribute the ball, reduce turnovers – hopefully the team will do better on special teams and the defense improves – win the NFC East – win a couple playoff games and see who is hot and aviods injuries late this year

    • Vino please take a look at the breakdown of Desean’s catches last year, please stop with the fallacy of the only thing he does is run fast.

      • Really BGL – please enlighten me which game DJax laid a solid down field block that sprung a big run – Please tell me which game he went up[ and over a CB to pull down a reception over a CB – or when he made a big diving one hander – please highlight for me the last time Djax caught a ball and took on a tackler or two dragging them into the EZ or for a first down there is no fallacy that if Jackson were to run a 4.5 vice a 4.3 40 he would be unemployed….

        and again – until this season is over (the 2014) it would be pre-mature to make any statements as to if the Eagles replaced his receptions – unfortunate it is probably more complicated then just seenig if another rcvr matches those numbers –

        • PS – do you have koolbreezes permission to post without him posting first? don;t want any relationship troubles tween you too

        • I thought you knew football but obviously you don’t if you think all he does is run fast, would you rather your wr be a game breaker or a blocker ? Hell based on your theory Avant should still be here with his blocking and going over defenders, how many pro bowls did Avant get to with those skills again? But I get it you don’t like Desean so you diminish his skills.

          • Oh yea maybe mature adults will understand that Desean Jackson not being a downfield blocker wasn’t the cause of the Eagles getting to a Super Bowl. LOL

          • So just so we are clear – you have in fact admitted based upon your refusal to submit any information to the contrary that Jackson really is just a one trick pony – speed – you can put flowery words on it (gamebreaker, game changer, etc.) you admit that if he ran a 4.5 40 he would not be in the NFL –

            secondly – you and your friend Mr Koolbreeze both like to tell other people what they think and like (example – I get it you don’t like Desean) – that is a very feminine trait –

            I have never posted anything negative about Jackson – there are very few humans that are large, blazingly fast, etc. etc. (I definitely am not one of them) I enjoyed the time that Jackson was on the team – as I do think I know a lot about football – I can see the rationale for retooling the WR position to tka ethe focus off of 1 WR threat and spreading that threat to numorous options (Sproles, Ertz, Celek, the Rookies, Maclin, Cooper) and yet at the same time the D needs to worry about McCoy/Sproles/Polk running – It has nothing to do with ‘liking or not liking’ Jackson – do you really think Washington is going to throw jump balls in the corner of the EZ to him or expect that he be a big downfiled blocker (which if Avant wasn;t, he would not have even been on the team)

            And while Avant did not make the pro bowl, I think for a couple of years he was one of the highest paid back up WR in the NFL – He also was on the USA Today ‘all joe’ team (that all start team for non flashy palyers that show up and do their job) and alson the Ed block courage award –

            The eagles I think also ran into issues with cap space in dealing with both Avant and Jackson –

            clearly this logic train is difficult for you – Avant also did not have an abundant skill set – he had a few more traits – he was a solid blocker – had sure hands, made tough catches – and if Avant ran a 4.4 40 he would probably be in the Hall of Fame –

            so I think (this is my theory) that perhaps the coach is looking for players that have multiple talens including size, speed, sure hands, the ability to make tough catches in traffic, and gain yards after catch – someone who can run a slant pattern and someone that can run a post and be effective at both –

            gee you would almost think that this is rocket science –

            • Follow this theory if I ran a 4.3 and took PED’s like they were skittles then maybe I’d be in the HOF. You just wrote 5 paragraphs of a bunch of nothing. Just so we’re clear.

            • Or perhaps the Coach, at the behest of Eagles management, are looking for players that make less money. Your theory is ridiculous, invinoveritus-and easily rebuked by the fact that Chip Kelly used DJax very effectively last year. DJax played very well. The QB didnt have to throw balls in traffic for receivers to make tough catches because of DJax opening up the entire field with his speed-many of the catches were easy catches in space. This year with no DJax the QB will have to make tougher, contested throws-I sure hope Foles has transformed himself into Tom Brady because if he hasn’t the offense is gonna have a lot of problems this year!

              • wow – 3 things –

                1) maybe I had the order wrong – maybe you need Big lion’s permission to go pee-pee

                2) really – the whole hurt feelings thing – what are you a 10 year old – or is this like your ‘demand’ thing where you live in a computer fantasy world (after all you do carry banners) – but if it makes you feel better in your fantasy world I will pretend my feelings were hurt a little bit, my dog sensed my anguish and barked so a little frisbee toss and it was all better

                3) Your thoery is plausable but the information is incomplete – as such, your rushing to judgement is yet another example of your immaturity. Again – I never implied, stated or otherwise posted ANYTHING negative about Jackson – I simply stated the obvious – the skills he possesses and the ones he does not – apparently that butt hurt you and your little play friend. I posted many times his SPEED was his greatest asset and you restated it and sent it back to me as some fact I overlooked – work on your reading comprehension skills – your are aggressively agreeing with everything I said about Jackson – yes – we ALL agree that Jackson had a solid season – and it is entirely possible that the salary cap had a huge impact on the decision to move on without him – again – no news there –

                what I find most amusing is that my theory is that the coach is looking for players that are bigger, faster, and more well rounded and you call it ridiculous?? Coach Kelley would rather have a 6’2 200 pound WR that runs a 4.43 then a 5’9 165 that runs a 4.25?? Don;t you think Chip Kelley has been doing this high speed offense thing a little longer then you at a slightly higher level then you, and maybe knows a thing or two about what HE likes and wants in a WR –

                the only way we will know who is right or who is wrong is to actually go thorugh the season and see the results – a great exampleis Donavan Landon or whoever being left off the World Cup soccer team (soccer who cares right) – in the end – I don’t think it mattered on bit did it – but it sure made for weeks of news during the lead up?

                So here is my prediction – the eagles will again have one of the top offenses in the league – they again will lead the league in rushing, they will break team records in points and yardage

                So in conclusion – what do you think Chip Kelley is looking for in his wide receivers (this is yet once again where I call out your nonsensical posting and ask you to demonstrate some form of mammilian intelligence or is it your firm belief that Desean Jackson is the end all be all WR for this offense and in no way can the team be better without him?

  16. Hmmm Lane Johnson roids, now Dion Jordan roids. I smell a Chip Kelly sports science connection. Hahahahahahaha please people I’m not being serious.

  17. Uh oh. Coach Kelly’s roid program is getting exposed, first Lane now Dion Jordan

    Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan has been suspended without pay for the team’s first four games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance enhancing substances.

  18. just a lil sumthin to slip into those smoothies for a lil extra boost…LOL

  19. Dion Jordan hasn’t been under chips watchful eye for a couple years now

    • Lane Johnson will have a more productive and longer Career in the NFL
      Than Dion Jordan will… Book It…

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