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Who Are The Eagles’ Top-5 Offensive Players?

NickFoles4The 2014 Philadelphia Eagles are in position to make a push deeper into the playoffs than their 2013 counterparts. The 2013 Eagles had remarkable luck with injuries, not losing any of their superstars for extended periods of time. If the Eagles hope to improve upon their 10-6 season a year ago, they will need that same luck. Here is a look at the top five most important offensive players heading into the 2014 season.

5. Evan Mathis: Evan Mathis is arguably the best offensive guard in the game today. At 32 years old, the former third round pick helped hold down the left side of the offensive line with number three on our list. The importance of Mathis cannot be understated. With a bit more help on the reserve offensive line list, there will undoubtedly be a significant drop-off from Mathis to whoever takes his place. Mathis’ biggest strength comes in the run game.

“I have a little more love for run blocking,” says Mathis. “It allows me to unleash on my opponent.”

Mathis was unleashing on his opponents a lot last year and was seen, on multiple occasions, 15 to 20 yards downfield blocking for LeSean McCoy on a running play or DeSean Jackson on a screen. The offensive line, as a whole, helped McCoy eclipse the Eagles rushing record (game and season) and take home the rushing title.

4. Jeremy Maclin: Jeremy Maclin is coming off an ACL injury and is immediately stepping into the number one receiver role left void by DeSean Jackson’s release. The Eagles gave Maclin a one-year-prove-it contract to bring him back into the mix.

“I don’t really see it as a one-year deal though,” said Maclin.

Maclin elaborated and told the media that he thought something more long term would get done in-season. With Riley Cooper returning and the Eagles drafting Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff while also adding Darren Sproles in free agency, Maclin’s importance may be overlooked. However, If Maclin is unable to return to previous, or better, form in 2014, the Eagles could be in trouble with the outside passing game.

3. Jason Peters: Jason Peters is another offensive lineman on the Eagles that you could argue is the best in the league. Linebacker Emmanuel Acho said, after Jason Peters’ five-year contract extension in February, “[Peters] can send you from linebacker to deep safety in one punch.”

Peters was dominant on the offensive line in 2013. In addition to protecting Nick Foles’ blindside, he also helped pave the way for 1,607-yard rusher LeSean McCoy’s historical season. Losing the 32-year-old to injury would likely cause a shuffling of the offensive line, something that has never worked in the Eagles’ favor in years past. Peters is the most important non-skill position player on this roster.

2. LeSean McCoy: Shady made headlines a few weeks ago when he stated that he was the best running back in the league. Hands down. And he is. When looking at body of work Adrian Peterson may have the edge over him but taking the 2013 season into account and the age a physical condition heading into 2014, there is no doubt that Shady is the league’s best running back. So why is he only the second most important?

The Eagles have depth. While there is no replacement to McCoy, the Eagles do have viable options who can play running back behind him. Offseason acquisition Darren Sproles can take carries from McCoy, who has already said that Sproles will be a big help for him, to give him breaks during games. Chris Polk averaged nearly nine yards per carry (on only 11 carries, mind you) but was able to punch it into the endzone three times. Matthew Tucker is another name to watch during training camp and Chip Kelly seems to love him.

The loss of the rushing title winner would devastate the Eagles’ offensive attack. However, his loss would not hamper the Eagles as much as number one on this list.

1. Nick Foles: Nick Foles lit up stat sheets all season in 2013. With 27 passing touchdowns (30 total) and just two interceptions, Foles set the record for the highest touchdown-interception ratio in NFL history. On November 3rd, 2013, he also tied an NFL record with seven touchdown passes in a single game against the Oakland Raiders.

The newly-wed Foles will have a difficult time repeating the statistics that he accumulated last year but there is no doubt that his play will have the biggest impact on how successful the Eagles are. He’s the quarterback.

The Eagles added Mark Sanchez in the offseason and have Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne battling it out for third QB but none of them are close to the quarterback that Nick Foles has proven to be in his 16 games as an NFL starter. Six of those starts came in his rookie season and resulted in a 1-5 record. The remaining ten of those games in 2013 resulted in an 8-2 record.

Taking only his 16 starts into account, Nick Foles has accumulated 4,125 yards on a completion percentage of 62 percent with 29 passing touchdowns (four rushing TDs)and only six interceptions. That’s a reachable and respectable line for the quarterback, and most important Philadelphia Eagle, entering his third season in the league.

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42 Comments for “Who Are The Eagles’ Top-5 Offensive Players?”

  1. 1 Shady

    2 Peters

    3 Mathis

    4 Foles

    5 Kelce

    • or Foles 3 and Mathis 4

      • Shady is top 2 at his position in the NFL and is top 10 in all the NFL on offense and Peters if he continues for another 3-4 years is a HOF LT and is top 3 at his position while Foles is ranked anywhere from 11-15 in the NFL at his position. Hence the # 3 ranking on his own team.Now if you talk about who is the most important player on the Eagles offense with Sanchez at backup I may give Foles a slight edge over McCoy as the most important player on offense. But if Sanchez becomes just adequate I think the offense still functions. Without McCoy I think this offense gets squeezed by defenses.

  2. For 2014 Season

    1) McCoy
    2) Foles
    3) Peters
    4) Maclin
    5) Ertz

  3. 1. Shady 2. Peters 3. Foles 4. Kelce 5. Vinny Curry 5b. Kendricks

  4. 1.Shady
    2 Peters
    4. Foles
    5. Mathis

    • No Receivers/TE’s KB???
      Who else is going to make Plays outside of
      Shady McCoy?

      • Good question paulman…very good question…I have Ertz a close 6 behind Mathis. I see tough times because I think Celek is losing a step, I’m not ready to count on Maclin or the rookie Matthews-Cooper largely benefited from DJax, and I don’t know what Sproles has in the tank….tougher schedule, tougher defenses…Shady and the OLine may have to carry us and oh…we don’t have the starting right tackle for the first four games because he was caught on the juice-dumb ass Johnson…Shady is going have to play lights out to give us a chance

  5. McCoy is the best/most dynamic player, but Foles is the most important.

    Ask Minnesota fan whether its more important to have a top QB or a top RB.


  6. Blasphemy people, Moe, Larry and Curly could be the top 3 offensive players in Chip’s offense. Chip Kelly is the most important part of his offense. LOL in Chip y’all trust.

  7. 4 OL and foles. It is that way with every team. Good QB play along with a solid line. It is why RB is such a devalued position. As for WR lots of dynamic WR play for some mediocre teams !

  8. Josh Gordon arrested in Raliegh North Carolina early Saturday morning for DWI. SMH. wow

    • That’s GMCliff’s boy too..
      He wanted the Eagles to trade like 2 1st Round Picks for a Player on his 3rd Arrest and a 3rd Failed NFL Drug Tests in the last 2+ years
      What a Sap….

      • We can really get him for cheap now. He, and Justin Blackmon……

        • Whats the difference between them, and Lame Johnson

          • Both Gordon & Blackmon are multiple & repeat offenders
            From both in College and now the Pro’s ….
            That’s the Difference

          • gmcliff, like I told you last year, Gordon is a f^#@ing idiot, with the brains of pudding. Now he is going to get suspended for an entire year. He failed his 3rd drug test, & now got locked up for DUI! You’re out of your mind, if you still want a POS like him on our team. Kelly didn’t want DJax, you think he’s going chance getting wasted talents like Blackmon, & Gordon? Just stop Bruh, you are on this one, just let it go….

            • DCar,
              I think GMCliff should Drop the “GM” from his Sign-on Name,
              He losing Credibility here faster than Pres Obama in Regional Poll Data…. Good Grief….

              • It’s be correct half the time like you paulman when you change like the wind

                You have no credibility

                Gmcliff takes a position. Something you never do. He s in the arena, you play it safe

                You are a girl calling him out, looking for help from that other faggot dear, what a waste

              • Hey drunken, junkie, racist, jakefag, I’ve told you before, if you want to question someones manhood, while talking tough behind a keyboard, find your nuts, find some time, & I’ll gladly meet you somewhere, to show you how much of a faggot I am. You need a good beating, to knock you back to reality.

              • DCar don’t waste your time, I was trying to get this coward to show his face but he won’t so I just laugh at him and blow him off, he’s just a miserable dude with a alcohol issue.

          • Are you kidding me?

            What a stupid question.

          • The difference is Gordon might not play for a full season, and Blackmon almost certainly wont.

            At the cost of one first round draft pick Josh Gordon could have been the Eagles Andrew Bynum.

          • The site wants to drug test you gmcliff. Erectile dysfunction drugs are on the banned substance list. Even though you’ll be a 1st time offender, you’ll still be hit with a 1 year ban from the site AND you will be banned from posing as a talent evaluator for life. Sorry buddy, but thats the consequence of being a druggie. Been fun posting with you.

            • Haaaa!!! Good one E0S…

              GMCliff, has many health issues, that is not one of them. I have reoccurring Pryaprism – So I have no need for ED Drugs, when I have lasted for an average of 6 hours and over 14 hours at one time…

              Your wife would love me. I’m sure she’s tired of your thrust of 4 inches……….She really craves GMCliffs Nine 3/4 , and 2 1/2 Thick…..

              Trust me you don’t want to go there,….LOL!!! because she won’t call me GMCliff when I’m done…..

              I’ll make her call me HumpDaddy…..Step off pee wee…

            • How many people just Goggled Pryaprism?

              Be honest…..

        • and for the record Paul, it was one #1 pick which turned out to be Marcus Smith…..

          BTW, Kony Ealy, will be starting for the Carolina Panthers Defense at OLB, in the 3-4….

          • Panthers run a 4-3 GMCliff,
            Get with the Program….
            Ealy was a steal for the Panthers at #58,
            I believe you guaranteed everyone and even betted me that he would go 1st around and you were wrong again…
            Ealy will back-up DE’s Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson
            And see enough Sacks and contribute quiver nicely to the Panthers DL
            And not at OLB… It was a perfect landing spot for him for a Panthers a Franchised Hardy for this Season and with Johnson already having a big Contract, I expect Panthers to have Ealy as one of their Starters
            In 2015 for Charles Johnson will likely be a Salary Cap Casualy
            Next off-season

            • Don’t forget Hardy’s legal issues as well my push the need…

              • Yes Hardy has some maturing to do
                Before the Panthers give him a long-term Deal
                Expect a good Season from him Stats wise from Hardy for their will be a chance that he’ll be a Free-Agent next Off-Season
                If he doesn’t clean up his off the field issues

      • Trading a first round pick or a player with Josh Gordon’s talent is understandable, but, when you throw in his off the field issues, you can’t waste a pick on him. What good is he when he can not stay on the feld and is a true distraction? Trading a first rounder for Josh Gordon (given his history) is a fire-able offense and could be career suicide! If Howie Rosman proposed such a move, Jeff Lurie would set up an immediate intervention and give Howie a receptonist position at One Novacare Way.

  9. Lets forget all this speculating, we have a couple more weeks, lets talk some basketball, who watched Noel yesterday? I did! I have to say, I was very impressed with what I saw, the kids unreal! He’s one of those kids that you want to watch regardless of whether they win or lose.

  10. WHY IS KELCE POPPING UP ON THESE LIST!!!! LOL You guys must really like his beard.
    1 Shady
    2 Peters
    3 Foles
    4 Mathis
    5 Maclin (until he shows he is not capable of playing)

  11. Matter of fact swap Maclin for Sproles this year

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