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Training Camp Preview: Defensive Line

FletcherCox1It’s year two of the 3-4 scheme, and a better sense by the coaching staff and players for what kind of identity is being built.

The 2014 draft was “defensive heavy,” and all five players selected should contribute as “role players.”  Breaking down the current depth chart, the defensive line has a nice mix of traditional 3-4 players, 4-3 players and guys who fit into both schemes.

Yes, we are no longer “transitioning” to a 3-4; this is our defensive scheme, so we should be focused on 3-4 base players.  Defensive coordinator Billy Davis has made it clear that the Eagles will not be a traditional 3-4 defense that most identify with in the NFL.  Remove comparisons to the Ravens and Steelers, the smash mouth style led behind the massive nose tackle, double digit sack collecting linebackers and a ball hawking safety.

We will continue to hear labels like “modified” and “hybrid” associated with our 3-4 scheme.  For those like me who were ecstatic to learn that we were going in the direction of the 3-4; being patient and trusting the philosophy of a defensive coordinator with a mediocre NFL track record can be challenging.

Defensive Line– Interchangeable parts; composed of athletes and not pure “beef.”  Our starting nose tackle will play at less than 320 pound.  Bennie Logan will see time as your typical nose tackle with his gap assignments, taking on two blockers so the linebackers can make the play.  Logan will also fill the untraditional nose tackle role by moving to defensive end; Bill Davis will take advantage of the speed and athleticism from the second year player out of LSU.  As for the “beef,” 2014 7th round Beau Allen will provide plenty, his chances of making this team are quite good with the traditional nose tackle background that he brings to the team.

Starting alongside Logan will be returning defensive ends Thorton and Cox.  Thorton looks to build on a strong 2013 campaign, and Logan is eager to prove that he can be a dominant nose tackle playing at a weight many would not associate with his position.  Defensive end Vinnie Curry would be starting for many 4-3 formats across the league, and his production when he saw limited time on the field resulted in pressure on the quarterback.  5th rounder Taylor Hart is a big, physical traditional 3-4 end whose work ethic and toughness was applauded by his former college and now professional coach Chip Kelly.  The remaining front line positions will likely go to who turns in the best training camp and preseason with Square, Kruger and Villanueva, unless an unlikely player comes out of nowhere to win the job.

This unit “must’ create consistent pressure on the quarterback without relying on the blitz to be successful in that area.  The top defenses in the league shut down the rushing attack and disrupt the passing attack.  They win games for their respected football team, and are game changers when a big play needs to happen.

The key to the defense is Fletcher Cox.  After a promising rookie campaign in the 4-3 base defense, Cox had a “decent” year, but expectations for a player who was drafted that high in the first round are to be a Pro Bowl caliber player.  He has the tools, and the coaching staff recognize that like Connor Barwin last season; Cox was asked to help out in areas that took away “production numbers” that are often seen as how good of a season the player is having.  Cox was often a split second away from a sack, but his pressure on the quarterback led to other players racking up sacks or altering the timing pattern of the quarterback throw.

This is a young defensive line that is learning the ropes as a unit.  They proved last year that what they lack in size they make up for in speed.

This season, having the “experience” of playing the 3-4 and better depth at the position group will hopefully provide consistent reliability within the group and a significant increase with overall production. on Facebook

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  1. This Battle for the DL in Summer Camp and the Preseason will be the most exciting part of Camp in my opinion and probably the most important as well
    To the overall effectiveness of the 2014 & Beyond for the Eagles Defense
    Typically Teams carry only 7 DL that run a 3-4 so
    versatility is a key as well as Production
    I figure 4 Players are a lock which are
    Cox,Thornton, Logan & Curry with 3 spots open and possibly
    A 4th Spot so lots of Competition for Damien Square,Travis Long, rookies Taylor Hart, Beau Allen, Villanueva & Company
    I expect Hart & Allen to make the Squad as they are experienced in the 3-4
    And were Draft Selections this Spring
    Let the Battle begin

  2. Eagles attend 6’5, 365lb. Virginia Lynchburg DT LaKendrick Ross. He and 12 other teams attended his private workout. . Ross measured in with a 83.5″ wingspan, ran a 1.81 unofficial 10 yard split, and was unofficially timed at a 5.4 – 5.5 40 yard dash time. Ross is entering the 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft because he has been declared ineligible for the 2014 season. If he goes undrafted, Ross will be free to sign with any NFL team that offers him a contract. Reports are he had a great workout.

    • Google this kid. Or go to his twitter page. He actually is 340. He isn’t fat. He has been rated the 74th best player coming out in 2015 draft. So he was a late 2nd round early 3rd round pick. The kid is a beast. He benched 225 47 times. lol. He just signed with elite sports.

      • Sounds like a Diamond in the Rough..
        That’s some Athleticism & for a guy his Size as well as Natural Strength
        Maybe the next Albert Haynesworth type,
        Football wise.. Get in him Philly Howie…

    • Sounds like a winner to me Dag why not

  3. What’s his film like? Can he play? We should have drafted Nix from ND!

    • I’m not sold on Nix being nothing more than a Rotational Player
      With his bad knee, and his conditioning issues, I don’t see him as
      An every down Player unless the “bright light” goes off
      He slipping way down in the Draft may have been the best thing that
      Happened to him and light that fire in him,
      But watching him, there’s no doubt about his Talent, I just don’t think he has that Killer instinct, Type A mentality to play and succeed in the trench’s
      and almost seems like he’s too nice of a guy
      Where did he end up, with the Texans and Romeo Crennell
      Which us a good landing spot for him.. Time will Tell

      • You draft talent Paulman…and Nix is talented…we could have taken a 3rd flyer on the kid…he is worth that…our current nose tackle-Bennie Logan- is a rotational player…not an all-pro…we don’t have enough beef on the defensive line! Listen…this year we are going up against some tough offenses! Offenses with power running games…Bennie Logan is a good kid with good ‘character’…but the bottom line is that at his best he is average…Nix has a higher ceiling talent wise…that’s what we need!

        • Well apparently the Eagles and 30 other Teams also passed on Nix, which means that they are underlying concerns about his “Talent”, Work Ethic, and Conditioning” at the NFL …

    • Nix had questions about his work ethic and how he took care of himself with diet/training at the college level.

      With Chip, any signs that you are unwilling to do it at the college level, he is not going to have the thought process you can do it at the professional level.

    • Kool…. Louis Nix is not completely dedicated to football, that’s why he fell dude! You also wanted Manziel…..just stop!

      • EHL I can understand not wanting these kids with big bright red flags, but on the other hand we sometimes act like these 20 to 23 year olds are finished products when grown ass men struggle with these same issues into their 50’s. Strange world we live in where we expect young people to act in a way that most adults can’t. Me personally I just try to guide these young guys to understand actions bring consequences and you need to learn from your mistakes. Now all of this is easy for me to say because these cats aren’t living off my dime.

        • Big…i agree…however, some red flags are to big to be dismissed..for me , Manziel is one of those flags. Cleveland is already tired of his johnny party boy personna.

          • This is what I don’t get with Johnny Football it’s so obvious that he’s a spoiled rich brat that he’ll neveer reach his potential because he hasn’t hat to wrk for anything. There is no way he beats out Brian Hoyer because he doessn’t have the work ethic to do it.

      • If Foles folds up this year like I am predicting and we go 7-9 and miss the playoffs, you are going to wish we kept DJax and took Manziel too,

        • if any Teams Strarting QB struggles, then you don’t make the Playoffs period.. You can say the same thing for about 30 Teams in the NFL
          Seahawks can still win with Russell Wilson playing average ball and maybe SF 49ers, but that’s about it…
          If QB’s Manning, Rodgers, Brady,Cutler, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, J Cutler, RGIII, Eli, Tony Romo, Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, Big Ben, etc,etc, then all those Teams Struggle too…
          Nothing New here,,, It’s a QB driven League, We all know this…

          • lmfao at koolbreeze still on the manziel train. manziel is a bum looooooza yaidiot. dude makes the news for all the wrong reasons (ie drinking, partying, hookers, rolled up dollar bills), this is koolbreezes type of guy

            clearly you would rather have the celebrity players where its more about who they are outside the game than who they are on the field. case in point your thirst for supporting vick no matter how awful he was, your thirst for the trainwreck that is johnny cokehead and your thirst for record label first jaccpot jaccson. you sir are a moron, have no clue about teamwork and teammates and leadership and only want moron personalities to ruin the building blocks of a team

            • Your an idiot mhenski…i want talent…pure and simple..and good coaching knows how to handle talent. Bill Parcells dealt with a guy who was a cokehead as well, you may have heard of him…his name was Lawrence Taylor and they did pretty well.
              Let me let you in on a little secret-dummie-its the NFL they are grown men and a lot of them do things off the field that’s not up to your high moral values…lmao!
              Go buy a clue…idiot!

              • LT wouldn’t last in today’s 24 Hour Social Media where these Stars of all Athletics are followed around 24/7 and Reported on..
                Lt would probably get arrested for punching out a “Stalker” a two

              • Not a qb who was drafted in the mid-20’s… No one likes to hitch their wagon to that train wreck…young QBs aren’t out making news right now… At least good ones!

              • Koolbreeze dream team

                qb 1 vick,
                qb2 johnny cocaine
                qb 3 training camp battle between JaMarcus Russel and ryan leaf
                rb 1 Maurice Clarett
                rb 2 Lawrence Phillips
                rb 3 Ki Jana Karter
                wr 1 terrel owens,
                wr 2 josh gordon
                wr 3 Charles Rogers
                wr 4 Rae Carruth
                te 1 David LaFleur
                te 2 kellen winslow

              • Mhenski,

                Don’t forget about WR Titus Young…

              • and QB Todd Marinovich…. Good Grief…

              • i suppose titus could be the wr 5. but i am not sure if he has that IT FACTOR that koolbreeze is looking for or the talent

          • Russell Wilson has established himself has a Super Bowl, playoff winning QB, So has Kap from SF…we have seen them pull out tight wins against tough teams

            • Both Seahawks and 49ers have Top Defense in the entire NFL
              Eagles ranked in mid 20’s, Big Difference KB and really no comparison for what Russell Wilson or Kapernick are asked to do as opposed to most QB’s in teh NFL that actually have to “Win” the Games for their Teams to have Success..
              RW & Kap are simply asked “Not to Lose” the Games which is a huge difference…

        • i wanted djax here…never Manziel…never!

  4. Sometimes you have to take a shot! Did any of you see the New Orleans game last year with the Eagles defensive line getting pushed around?

    • The Entire Front 7 was pushed around, it was a collective failure and game plan where the Eagles anticipated and planned for Brees to be more pass-happy even though the Saints had changed to a more power-running Team the last 6-8 weeks of the Season
      The 2013 Saints were just a better Team than the Eagles,. it’s that simple.

      • But when you are in a 3-4 and your nose tackle is getting blown off the ball it don’t help the entire front 7!

    • If u watched ND play this past season, when times got tough for Louis Nix , he would disappear. Talent wise he has it from a physical standpoint. Mentally and heart wise…not so much. He was not worth taking a shot on in the first. 32 NFL teams backed me up on that.

      • There are a lot of guys who have it on a ‘mental’ and ‘heart wise’, Eaglehaslanded…we have seen plenty of ‘smart’ players…players that try so hard…
        I’m tired of that…
        We need players that can play at a high level…players with TALENT…

        • you tell him koolbreeze guys like your dream team. below. tons of talent on your dream team and they just didnt succeed because their teammates only had it mentally or heartwise. can you imagine if the guys on your dream squad had guys with talent around them, I mean the possibilities would be endless. Shame they never had any good teammates, Vick especially that man is so talented he should be in the hall of fame with multiple super bowl wins if it wasnt for his talentless teammates

          Koolbreeze dream team

          qb 1 vick,
          qb2 johnny cocaine
          qb 3 training camp battle between JaMarcus Russel and ryan leaf
          rb 1 Maurice Clarett
          rb 2 Lawrence Phillips
          rb 3 Ki Jana Karter
          wr 1 terrel owens,
          wr 2 josh gordon
          wr 3 Charles Rogers
          wr 4 Rae Carruth
          te 1 David LaFleur
          te 2 kellen winslow

          • TE – Jeremy Stevens

            • TE – Fred Davis

            • You can’t hate on Stevens – isn’t his wife Hope Solo – got to give a man credit for making one smart decision in life and for me – that was a smart one!

              • Oh yes I can about Stevens who has been arrested 3-4 Times and given numerous chances to get his life together and his Wife
                Hop Solo is another Charmer whose an alcoholic and has has run in’s with the law for abuse, assault, disorderly conduct on at least 3 Occasions.. Both of them are perfect for each other…
                Some People just never get it

        • daggolden • 3 minutes ago

          The Riley Cooper Myth. Ive been told how much chemistry Cooper Has with Foles and how big receivers are what Barney likes so I looked at Coopers last 6 games and the chemistry he had with Foles.
          Wk 11 Wash 3-37 yards
          Wk 12 Ariz 3-48 yards
          Wk 13 Bye
          Wk 15 Det 3-74 yards
          Wk 16 Minn 4-29 yards
          Wk 17 Dallas 3-39 yards
          Plyoffs NO 6-68 1 td
          What did he get a 5 year 25 million dollar deal? wow. He works hard though.

          • awful deal for the eagles dagg, just awful. hopefully matthews is legit, because brittle bones maclin and cooper wont cut it.

            • Cooper is here for 2 YEars Tops, it really depends on Maclin on his Health and his Production, if he has a full and complete Season
              the Eagles Will Resign him and go with WR’s Maclin, Matthews on the Outside and Huff as the Slot Receiver for 2015 and then add some WR’s thru the Draft or current ones like Brad Smith, Maehl, Momah..

          • mathematically this comes out to roughly 60 receptions for 800 yards

            Golden Tate had 64 receptions for 898 yards last season and he signed a 5 year 31 million dollar deal as a FA

            cooper last season actually had 47 receptions for 835 yards –

            (these were the FA signins I could find that were somewhat close to Cooper in #catches/money)

            Jackson signed 4 years at 32 Mil – Decker 5 years at 36 Mil – they are higher end

            James Jones went from GB to Oakland – 3 years at 10 mi – Cooper had more yards –

            so not sure what ‘myth’ you are trying to bust – Ask Foles if they have Chemistry – he would be the one that knows… as for the numbers – lloking at the market around the NFL – doesn;t seem like he was too overpaid – plus doesn;t this site like to promote the Eagles are ‘cheap’ concept?

            So I guess I will ask people smarter then me – what is the going rate for a #2 WR projected to catch around 60 oir so receptions for over 800 yards?

            • Tate played on a team that didn’t pass. Cooper had 2 great games in the middle of the season other teams paid attention to him then he avg 30 yards a game the rest of the year no matter how you want to slice it.

              • The last 6 games of the year he SUCKED. I don’t care what hocus pocus bullshit you come up with. Along with his game changing drop in the playoffs.

              • But let me clarify myself. He isn’t terrible. He is a good 3rd receiver and has a place on this roster. Just not a # 2 for the money he makes. IMO. Hence the worst WR corps ranking nin the NFC East. Hence the thank god we got Matthews and Sproles the entire football world have been echoing.

              • congrats dag – you are the first person I know to call basic math skills ‘hocus pocus’ – what IS hocus pocus is when you cherry pick which games you want to include and which ones you don;t in the stat count – I simply used the evidence you provided, extrapolated how those numbers would play out over a 16 game season, and then compared them to some numbers for other players that were free agents – I do not add subjective commentary like ‘he sucks’ I am a math professor – I do not belive in ‘hocus pocus’, and number do not lie – they may not tell the whole sotry and they can be manipulated – but I used the numbers YOU provided –

                by the way – thank you for weighing in on the whole Nick Foles vs Russel Wilson debate – with your comment amount Golden Tate you confirmed what I also think – Seattle doesn;t pass, so why give Wilson credit for the teams success right?

                But back on topic – Riley probably was going to be the #4 rcvr last year – Maclins injury moved him up –

                he was 3rd in the NFL in yards per catch – the first 5 weeks he played with Vick and had 8 catches for 93 yards and 1 TD – with Foles (the chemistry thing) in 12 games he had 39 catches for 742 yards and 7 TDs – now gonna do some more ‘hocus pocus’ math here – 12 games is 3/4 of a season – divding those totals by .75 – the projected totals for a 16 game season would be roughly (you have to round) 52 receptions for 990 yards and 9 or 10 TDs –

                how many #2 WRs in the NFL have those projected numbers? I don’t know – but it is clear Riley had better numbers with Foles under center then with Vick

                If this simple basic math is too difficult to understand, I apologize – it was not meant to be ‘hocus pocus’ and confusing

          • Dag looking further at the receiving stats from this last six games and you see that DJAX had 3-4 receptions and moderate yards in each of the wins… In the lone loss he went off 10 for like 160 yards… The eagles spread the ball when they are successful.

            • But remember cigar DJax doesn’t play here anymore because those numbers in some eyes didn’t warrant his salary, so what Dag is saying is Cooper isn’t worth the money.

              • Big lion I know you are trying to antagonize because I know you are much more intelligent than that. In the nfl a contract is a very hazy thing and the bottom line number isn’t the bottom line. Coopers contract is decent but he won’t make 25….Jax is gone because of salary certainly but we all know the main reason…attitude, conformity and buy in

              • The market for Jackson was 32 mil over 4 years (I have also seen this as 24 mil over 3 years) – Cooper was 25 over 5 – more Hocus Pocus – Jackson will make an average of 8 mil a year – Cooper 5 –

                HAC has a great point – how much is a sure thing – for Djax 16 mill – cooper has 8 mil for sure – so the MARKET states that DJax has about twice the value of Cooper –

              • Cigar nothing antagonistic about my post how many times on this site did you see you can’t pay him that much because he disappears?

              • Lion please..I don’t know about that disappear act.. Jax was let go because of buy in. The response is to dags weird math and taking a shot at cooper.

  5. I’m a big fan of Vinnie Curry. I can’t understand why he doesn’t play more. Every time he is on the field he makes something good happen. Free Vinnie or trade him to another team.

  6. I know were probably going to be ranked in the Mid-Twenties on our total defense, but that doesnt mean anyone on this site can name 20 defenses that they would prefer over ours. The bend but dont break scheme is definatley going to be an improvement. Look for us to be among the top leaders in takeawaays this season as well again. Were an athletic defense, that knows how to take the ball away and hold teams to 3. With a D like that and an offense of this caliber, a Superbowl Championship is obtainable. We do not need to be Seattle or SF.

  7. Careful CT – optimism on this site will get you called nasty names – the Colts of the Manning era did very well with that type of mindset – hopefully the D does a little better then 20s (maybe uup around 16) and the special teams do a better job in the field position battle this season

  8. Not to change gears, but does anyone really read these stupid Game Preview’s on the Eagles.Com for the 2014 Season.. How ridiculous, talking about the match-up with Green Bay Packers for example in Week #10, which is like 4 months from now, when we don’t even know who make’s each Teams Rosters, whose injured, etc,etc ..
    Let’s worry about the Summer Camp & Preseason first… Jeez

  9. Given a virtual guarantee that 5-6 teams in the playoffs last year won’t make it this year, who do people like to make it or miss? I like SF and Indy to miss this tourney. I think Indy’s coach and QB are a tad over rated, don’t think Mathes is really as good as he looked last year and don’t see them as having a strong core on O line or defense. SF’s bread and butter is their front seven. They have several members of that group that are long in the tooth and could decline markedly anytime. Also, their offensive core is not that solid. If Staley, Kaep or Davis goes down for the year, they don’t have enough on offense to survive the loss of any of those guys.

  10. My favorite for the annual “this team will undoubtedly have a top five pick” that makes the playoffs is Houston. Still a lot left form the team that went to the playoffs and looked pretty strong for two years and they got a very good coach. Houston is my shocker but of the other 19 teams that missed, I think the Bears or Lions are kind of obvious. I also think the Skins/Giants will be popular favorites and I agree that one of those will get in. I could see Ariz making it easily if my SF prediction comes true. Don’t believe in Bradford or the Rams offense (as good as I think that D could be) they won’t make it again. Ravens or Steelers are an easy pick. Aside from them and Houston, I would be shocked if there was a different surprise in the AFC. Maybe Miami??

  11. The easiest team to rule out from last year is Carolina. I think Seattle, GB, NO, NE and Denver are locks. Nothing short of losing their QB is keeping them out. KC, Eagles, SD, and Cincy are hit or miss and more likely to miss than repeat.

  12. Way too early predictions

    2014 playoffs

    1) NO
    2) Seattle
    3) Eagles
    4) Bears
    5) Packers
    6) NYG

    1) NE
    2) Denver
    3) Pitt
    4) Hou
    5) Cin
    6) Balt

    And yeah that does put the Eagles in the second round where they lose with respect to Seattle, 20-16. Saints make the SB and lose to NE. Brady finally gets one more and after failing to get a fifth in 2015, he retires. Belichick on the other hand coaches the Patriots until he dies.

    • I see the NO Saints imploding and having big issues this year in the Locker Room and between Sean Payton and the GM Micky Loomis
      Bad thing is that Sean Payton resigns at the end of the Season and then gets hired by the Cowboys which is another story for another time

      2014 Playoffs

      1) Seahawks (13-3)
      2) Packers (12-4)
      3) Eagles (11-5)
      4) Panthers (10-6)
      5) Cardinals – Wildcard (11-5)
      6) Bears – Wildcard (10-6) and nudge out the 49ers who finish at 10-6

      1) Broncos – (12-4)
      2) Colts – (11-5)
      3) Patriots – (11-5)
      4) Steelers – (10-6)
      5) Chargers – Wildcard (10-6)
      6) Bengals – Wildcard (9-7) and beat out the Ravens & Jets who end up with the same Records

      Super Bowl will be Cancelled due to National Outbreak of a Influenza Strain discovered by our own Poster, ‘Songs”

      • Wow no 49ers. A team that took Seattle to the final play of the game in the NFC championship game. If someone put a gun to your head and told you to take the Eagles, Bears and the Panthers over the 49ers Im sure We expect Foles to improve but we don’t expect Kapernick to improve? .

        • I see 4-5 Issues for the 49ers that collectively can cause some problems
          For the 49ers for 2014

          1) Defense – loss of Aldon Smith to Suspension,
          Along with LB N Bowman to Major Knee Surgery in Late January
          Meaning he will start this season on PUP
          The loss of Veteran Players in Secondary as Safety D Whitner
          & CB Carlos Rodgers have moved on as well as the aging
          players DE Justin Smith & Pat Willis who are in twilight of their Careers

          2) Offense – the injury to Guard Mike Iupati also suffered in that NFC Championship Game also meaning he will be on PUP list to behing the Season, RB Frank Gore is on last legs

          3) Lots of off the field distractions with
          Aldon Smith arrest & likely Suspension
          The arrest of 4 Other Players this off-season
          TE B Davis impending holdout, OL Boone
          Also Holding out

          4) The tenuous contract status & relationship of HC Jim Harbaugh
          Who does not see eye to eye with GM Terry Balke

          5) A Coaching Staff that has not been given permission by Harbaugh & Company to interview for other Coaching opportunities the last 2 Years
          And may be wearing thin of a few if them…

          How is this for a list of concerns…

      • Paul your three new teams is statistically highly improbable. No fewer than FIVE changes have been made each year for over a decade. You have to dig a little deeper and decide who else from last year doesn’t make it.

        • Problem is Jbird is that the AFC is Pretty Weak this Year

          Who in the AFC East is going to challenge thee Patriots ?
          or How about in the AFC South where after Indy, you have 3 Teams all rebuilding with new QB’s,Coach’s in Texans,Titans & Jags
          In the AFC West – Broncos and then the improving Chargers..
          I think KC Chiefs take a step back and the Raiders will be improved
          but maybe to a .500 Team
          The AFC North is Balanced with Steelers,Ravens,Bengals but these Teams will all beat up each other and probably have 8 to 10 Wins

          The NFC Is stacked and could change quite a bit depending on key injuries, etc,etc…

  13. Who do you see as a definite part of the Eagles long term plan on D right now? I think only Marcus Smith, Boykin and Watkins (in some capacity) stand out for me. Cox and Kendricks are not locks and Jenkins and Barwin could be place holders. All of those four could be starting when we win a SB, but I don’t see it. Cole, Ryans, Williams and Fletcher will definitely not be here when we win it all.

    • I see Cox, Logan, Hart, Allen, Kendricks, Smith, Watkins, Carroll, Boykin, Wolf, Allen & Reynolds as Players still playing for the Eagles in 2016

      • Curry really wants to be an Eagle more than anything. I see him pushing for more time this year and Cox disappointing. Next year will be Cox’s last year and Curry will be the starter on a team desperate to get more rush from their front three. Hart also replaces Thornton next year as he is also someone who is a better pass rusher.

  14. Predictions for tonight? Philly is represented tonight as one of the top 10 players in the NFL. He represents all of us. Where do you think he ends up ranking tonight as voted by the players.

    1 Peyton Manning
    2 Tom Brady
    3 Adrian Peterson
    4 Drew Brees
    5 Calvin Johnson\
    6 Shady McCoy
    7 Jimmy Graham
    8 Jamal Charles
    9. Richard Sherman
    10 AJ Green

    Im guessing that’s how the players see it.

  15. Leaving off from N.O. smashing our ass in our house Wildcard weekend, this is what we know.

    The New Orlean Saints improved their secondary by signing the best Free agent safety available in Jarius Byrd and booting a liability in their secondary by the name of “Malcolm Jenkins” out.

    To prove this point let’s see where Jenkins ranked amongst starting Safeties in 2013…..

    RANKED “71”!!!!!!

    YES! Malcolm Jenkins who ranked 71 out of all safeties with signicant playing time.

    Check out the write up on his run defense.

    Jenkins overruns plays and takes bad angles to ball-carriers. He can be quick to react to the run from a deep position, but his effort is very inconsistent.


    If you lack discipline in your technique and you lack effort to bring down ball-carriers, you’re going to be exposed in the NFL. Jenkins was in 2013.


    A stereotypically flawed free safety, Jenkins, who recently signed as a free agent with the Eagles, has all the athleticism to be an outstanding player, but his inconsistency in coverage, limited ball skills and complete unreliability against the run overshadow his physical talent.

    Here’s the kicker!!!!!

    The Eagles spin machine made Jenkins out to be their choice all along.

    The New Orlean Saints know Malcolm Jenkins and if he was better then Byrd his ass would not have got the damn boot!

    That’s the difference between Championship teams and teams that will never win the big one.

    New Orleans “shit” is our gold!

    Welcome to the “GOLDEN STANDARD”.

    • Some people learned nothing from the “Dream Team” signings.

      2011 – Eagles pickup the best free agent CB, Nnamdi Asomugha. The 49ers spend half as much a stereotypically flawed CB, Carlos Rogers. Rogers goes to the pro bowl, Nnamdi Asomugha goes…. well you know.

      • 49ers got Carlos Rogers for 1/4 the Amount that Asamough was paid
        I wanted Carlos Rogers that entire Off-Season for his Physical Play and his familiarity with the NFC East since he played for the Redskins and knew the Division and it’s WR’s/QB’s/Coach’s very well…
        All Nnamdi Asamough did for the Eagles was made Victor Cruz into a household name, and an All-Pro Receiver and a lot of $$$ for himself

      • that’s ignoring the point. They didn’t have to sign the best Safety like the Saints,just don’t sell us a 71 ranked safety as the answer.

        • Go ask GMCliff about him…. Michael Jenkins is Cliff’s Guy…
          I am not very high on him, though anyone is an improvement over
          Patrick Chung..

          • Didn’t you say Patrick Chung was an improvement over who we had the year before he was signed?

            They sold Patrick Chung like they’re selling Jenkins now.

            Remember yousaid his Chip Kelly ties would bring out the best in him since Chip knew how to use him at Oregon?

            Yes, and we said he was ass with New England and would continue to be ass.


            Now, it Jenkins.

            Another offseason without addressing the safety position with a solid player.

            Another experiment at the weakest position on the team.

            • Not me Songs,
              I stated that Patrick Chung was and still is, perhaps the worst “Pass-Cover” Safety in the NFL which is why the Pats let him walk to begin with..
              I did say and think that Safety Kenny Phillips, if his knee would hold up, would be an upgrade, but certainly not Patrick Chung

              I think Jenkins, Allen,Wolf, Maragos & Reynolds as a Group is an upgrade over the last 3 Seasons and think that Wolf & Reynolds have some upsdie Potential and I am one of the few on here that actually thinks Nate Allen had a good Season last year and has blossomed here with Secondary/Safety Coach Todd Lyght

              • That same report (bleacher report) that Songs is using listed Nate Allen as #25 and highlighted his tackling abilities AND stated he should be proud of his 2013 season –

                Nate Allen (6’1″, 210 lbs, four seasons) is a versatile safety who has the athleticism and intelligence to be effective regardless of how he is used. Allen has an impressive combination of length and speed that gives him the ability to play man coverage.

                A high-volume tackler who showed consistent technique and an aggressive streak, Allen is most effective in space, but he also has enough strength to take down bigger backs

                Although it wasn’t a good season for the Eagles secondary as a whole, Allen can be proud of his play in 2013.

                Earl Wolff was #36 on list – I think Wolff has some upside potential – and I think Jenkins was brought in to challenge, add depth, special teams I don;t think Jenkins was sold as ‘the cure’

                Interesting to note some of the safeties BR ranked Allen ahead of…

          • No he isn’t my guy……. I was referring to Malcolm Jenkins, and the Eagles did sign him…

            Sorry Michael Jenkins is a bum, and he was Paul’s guy, and he knows it….Let the flip flop begin….LOL!!!

            • I meant to say Malcolm Jenkins, GMCliff
              Don’t like him or Michael Jenkins either…
              Your wrong as usual..

              • Paul, you thought I was talking about Michael Jenkins the CB, one year and you were touting him as someone the Eagles should pursue…Now you’re saying you don’t like him now??

              • You’re wrong, and backpedaling as usual….LOL!!!

              • CB Michael Jenkins last off-season and actually the year before was a CB that was worth pursuing and is no worse than Fletcher or Cary Williams and actually is a better playmaker but can never stay healthy to be an every game Starter..
                But you player, Malcom Jenkins is a Player I’ve never liked, healthy or not He will a 1-2 Year non-impact Player for the Eagles though he will be a good locker room & mentor to the young Safeties but he is no difference maker for the Eagles Secondary..

              • We’ll see about that with Malcolm Jenkins….but you did like Michael Jenkins, and I wasn’t wrong about that……

                You’re a funny dude….

              • Yes I did like CB Michael Jenkins 2-3 Off-Seasons ago Cliff
                But he could never remain healthy, to be a productive Player.

                Now Safety Malcolm Jenkins I never have liked as a Player
                for he has poor tackling techniques, poor hands
                And average Coverage skills …hopefully in a new System
                With the Eagles he can improve and become more consistent than he ever was while with the Saints.. I hope he turns out good,
                But I am not banking on him and actually think that by 2015
                It will be Wolff & Allen as the Starting Safety Tandem with
                Reynolds & Maragos as the back-ups…

            • My point was you did like him when you just said in this post you didn’t, and I was wrong as usual……

              This conversation has nothing to do with you liking, or not liking Malcolm Jenkins…It’s about Paul backpedaling off his stance.

              • And I already said in 2011-2012 that I liked Michael Jenkins
                As a CB to pursue when he was healthy and the Eagles were in need of upgrading after the Nnamdi/DCR fiasco..
                Fast forward to now, 2014c Michael Jenkins is no good,
                Due to his continual health issues..
                Nothing new or back-pedaling about.
                Things and likes/dislikes about Players as time moves on
                My response to you originally was about Malcom Jenkins but stated Muchael in error, who cares about who I liked or didn’t like
                In 2011-2012..
                I don’t like Malcom Jenkins for 2014 for the record for Safety for our Eagles though he is an upgrade over last years Safety Corps..
                But he is not the long term answer and I think we all know this!!!

  16. ***NFL News***
    All 4 Players that were eligible for the Supplemental Draft
    Today were all passed over by all 32 NFL Teams meaning that they are now
    Undrafted Free-Agents and able to sign with any Team
    They choose…
    This includes the big DT from Lynchburg College
    Who the Waglez visited last week in his workout
    LaKendrick somebody ..

  17. gmcliff……your suspension will begin tomorrow morning. You failed for 2 drugs in your system. Viagra and Seroquel (for your bi polar disorder) are above the normal limits. You will be missed by someone on this site, but you must pay for your offense’s. It was nice debating with you. Good luck with your future endeavors and with the new box you just moved into.

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