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Nerlens Noel Watch 2.0

noelThe NBA Summer League may be an afterthought for most basketball fans, but in the case of the Philadelphia 76ers, these offseason scrimmages down in Orlando are the fans’ first opportunity at catching a glimpse of the team’s 2013 first round pick, Nerlens Noel.

After a debut that left the fans eager for more, Noel didn’t disappoint. But as should be expected in someone who is coming back from a season-ending injury, there is still plenty of room for improvement for the Kentucky product — mainly on offense.

Let’s breakdown each quarter:

1st Quarter

Starting at center, Noel waited about two minutes before making his presence felt. The Rockets were running a 2-on-1 with Noel being the lone man back. To the excitement of every Philadelphia fan, the 7-footer stood his ground and got in the way of the pass, recording a steal and sending an outlet pass to Ronald Roberts which eventually led to a foul.

A few possessions later, Noel made yet another defensive impact on back-to-back drives. On one drive, he greatly altered a Nick Johnson layup attempt that rimmed out. On the following series, Johnson went back to the paint but was fouled on his way in; as he went up, though, Noel came over top and quickly swatted the ball before it got to the rim just to make sure no and-one situation occurred.

He made some more standout plays on the defensive end, including an aggressive block just outside of the rim — he got so high up that his forearm actually knocked the ball away.

Offensively, Noel never really established himself. His lone points of the quarter came as a result of his stellar defense. He stripped away the ball just as his man was driving across the foul line. With his momentum moving forward he took it all the way on the breakout and slammed it in. This play really stands out because it showed just how dangerous of a player he can be with his long strides in transition.

With just two points in the quarter, the big man did show some strength when backing down his defender, most notably at the 1:30 mark when he caught an entry pass just outside of the paint. With a 1-on-1 situation, Noel turned his back on his man, bodied his opponent and proceeded to make a strong back-down move that led to a very easy hook shot inches from the rim; however, the ball rimmed out.

Lastly, perhaps the most exciting non-play of the quarter, Aaron Craft heaved up a halfcourt pass with time winding down. Noel caught the pass as he glided in mid-air and went up-and-under the rim but didn’t put enough on his shot to get it to fall in.

2nd Quarter

Noel sat for the first half of the quarter, making his first appearance at the 5:08 mark. When the halftime buzzer sounded, his numbers weren’t all that enticing. He just never looked comfortable nor confident with the ball in his hands. He finished the first half with four points and two rebounds while turning the ball over three times. Defensively, though, he was stout with two steals and two blocks.

Noel, like he did in the opening quarter, made a strong move on his man with his back to the net, but this time around, his defender was able to strip it away from him.. About a minute later, he was called for three-seconds in the key after having three men collapse on him just as he received the ball. He tried kicking it out but wasn’t able to get it out in time.

His only basket came in the final 30 seconds when Craft drove to the net with five seconds on the shot clock. He found a wide open Noel who took the pass and slammed it with ease. Unfortunately for him, he did have an alley-oop dunk called back after Casper Ware was called for a charge. The play was beautiful and is something Sixers fans should definitely expect to see a lot of when Michael Carter-Williams is handling the rock.

One final thing to note about his performance this quarter was his hard-nosed plays. All eyes will be on his knee this season, but don’t tell that Noel. He went down to the floor to fight for a loose ball with multiple players on the offensive end. Later in the quarter with just about 20 seconds remaining, he took a charge. It’s plays like these that really show how healthy he is.

3rd Quarter

General Manager Sam Hinkie joined the broadcast in the third quarter. He noted the team’s patience with Noel, how he still “has a long way to go” and just how good the Noel-Joel Embiid combo can be. He said Noel “wants to defend the rim and be involved defensively” to the point that sometimes the coaching staff has to hold him back at how aggressive he wants to be.

On the court, Noel picked up right where he left off. In the opening minutes, he altered yet another shot in the paint; this was to the delight of Hinkie who was on the mic at the time. A few possessions later, he stood at the foul line, received a pass coming from the baseline and quickly redirected the pass to set up a wide-open three-point shot.

Houston could not figure out how to attack the rim whenever they saw the flat-top-haired center. As he did all night, Noel turned away shots. At the five minute mark, Noel came over top of a few bodies and demolished a would-be and-one attempt, sending the ball ferociously out of bounds. Seeing plays like this really make Sixers’ fans excited; it’s been a long time since Philadelphia has had someone so defensive-minded and talented like they have in Noel.

He came out a few possessions later and remained on the bench for the rest of the third quarter.

4th Quarter

At this point in the game, Noel entered the final 10 minutes with four points, three rebounds, three blocks, two steals and two turnovers. In the first three quarters, he proved just how superb he can be when defending; with one quarter left, it was his offensive game that many fans were waiting to see on display.

In his debut, he totaled 19 points, which was actually more points than he had ever scored in his only season at Kentucky. So thinking he was going to duplicate that was a bit much, but it would have been nice to have seen him produce a little more.

Clearly, the team had this mindset, as they looked to showcase their prized possession early and often in the final quarter. On back-to-back possessions in the first few minutes, Noel caught entry passes down low – he tried kicking it out on one but had it deflected out of bounds and on his next touch he gave a hand-off that led to a layup attempt which didn’t connect.

He finally found success down low as he drew a foul. He continued his perfect touch from the charity stripe, hitting both of his attempts. A few minutes later, he shouldered his way down low to pick up another basket. Within minutes, he had scored as many points as he had in the first 30 minutes. He also doubled his rebound total in that time span.

This was what everyone was waiting to see – Noel using his size and wingspan to create scoring chances.

After a very entertaining few minutes that saw Noel make plays on both ends of the floor, he came out of the game with the Sixers holding a double-digit lead over Houston. The lead eventually got out of hand with the score 89-70 in favor of Philly and the coaches decided to keep Noel on the sidelines for the final minutes.

Final Reaction

With the Sixers blowing out Houston, 92-71, it’s safe to say that Noel is nothing but fun to watch on defense. He is a human pogo-stick and he literally tries to get involved on every defensive play. Any shot that comes from the paint is guaranteed to see Noel in the area. There were numerous times he seemed to be out of the play but found his way over at the last second to alter the shot. At one point, the broadcasters joked that the league should start tracking altered shots as an official statistic because of how effective Noel was on defense.

Of course, though, he still has a lot of room for improvement on the offensive side of things, but he started to get more comfortable as the game went on. He definitely has the capablility of using his body and wingspan to get good looks up close, which he utilized in the fourth quarter. If he can figure his hook shot out, his offensive game will dramatically improve. That won’t be many players who will be able to get up as high as Noel can so he should get a good amount of uncontested looks.

After his second game, Noel has clearly demonstrated his defensive prowess. Now it’s time for him to figure out his offensive game and work on fine-tuning his hook shot. He also needs to get a little more comfortable with the ball in his hands away from the basket; he had a few lackadaisical passes that resulted in turnovers. Aside from that, Noel sure looks like he has the tools to be everything he was hyped to be coming out of college.

There’s a reason names like Anthony Davis and Ben Wallace come up so often when talking about Noel. on Facebook

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553 Comments for “Nerlens Noel Watch 2.0”

  1. I never watched Nerlens Noel play in college so I did not have any expectation of him on the court as an NBA player. My observation of his play thus far in the summer league leads me to believe this young man is very athletic, provides a strong and imposing defensive presence. I think the more he plays he will continue to develop an offensive skill set. I’m happy with what I have seen thus far. I think if he can stay healthy he will continue to build his skill set up through coaching and experience. I think the Sixers may have a special talent on their hands. I like his feisty-ness and desire to mix it up. He’s also good from the free throw line. Added bonuses!

    • If you listen to GMCliff about Noel’s Upside & Max Potential, then just think of former 76er Caldwell Jones….

      • The little amount I have seen him play, I will say Noel is a lot more fluid, athletic than Caldwell Jones and has alot of potential/upside. I would not compare him to CJ…lol.

        • Yes I agree EHL, as does 99% of everyone else, but you know how Cliff Operates, He has to stand alone, as if he knows something that the rest of us can’t see…

          • and it wouldn’t be the first time I saw something you all don’t……..Somebody still owes me a case of Beer, because I saw something most didn’t see…..I told you I stand PAT on my evaluation of him, and it won’t change….

  2. I know we have hope but just think how bad basketball is in Philly when we have to hang on the edge of our seat to get play by play analysis of summer league games. lol

  3. JonHart when is Lebron James coming to Philadelphia, I thought you said this week but maybe your exclusive source meant 4 years from this week?

    • **Cavaliers announce a Trade of Guard Jarrett Jack and one of their Young Centers (Zeller) and another Player to Clear up Cap Space..
      The Cav’s now have $22 Million available in Cap Space..
      Will LeBron come back home to Ohio and finish what he started, to redeem himself in the eyes of lifelong, diehard Fans from his home state
      I believe he will and have stated so all Season long, should be interesting to see what Happens

      • ********flash flood watch for the university city area

        jon hart has been sleeping outside for days in the university city area waiting for bron bron to show so he can get a glimpse of him and maybe shake his hand.

        once he gets this news his tears will flood the entire campuses

        jon harts exclusive source will laugh sooo hard that he fooled jon once again

      • I think that you are right. He is not going to share the limelight with Kobe. Only way that I can see him not going to Cle is if convinces Carmello to go to Miami with him.

        Houston giving Bosh max money is a mistake if he decides to sign there. He is not worth the money.

  4. A radio host for ESPN Cleveland reported on Wednesday that the Cavaliers “have a deal in place” for Kevin Love, but the report has not been verified.
    Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio has since reported that the Cavs may be “pursuing” Love, but we’re waiting for more sources to report on a trade before buying into it. The Cavs do have enough assets to offer a compelling package if they go that direction, with No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins as the primary draw. It shouldn’t take long for this report to either be debunked or confirmed, so stay tuned.
    Source: Tony Rizzo on Twitter
    Jul 9 – 11:59 AM
    Mike Miller – G/F – Grizzlies

    The Cavaliers are reportedly pursuing free agent Mike Miller.
    The Cavs are pulling out all the stops in a final effort to convince LeBron James to return to Cleveland — they’ve cleared a max-salary slot and are now reportedly chasing both Miller and Ray Allen. The Clippers, Nuggets, Rockets, Thunder and Trail Blazers have also expressed interest in Miller.
    Source: Sam Amico on Twitter
    Jul 9 – 11:37 AM
    Ray Allen – G – Heat

    The Cavaliers are reportedly pursuing free agent Ray Allen.
    This is a transparent move to lure LeBron James back to Cleveland, as Allen has said that he’d like to continue his career alongside LBJ. It’s doubtful Allen will make any decisions before LeBron, but Cleveland has nothing to lose by expressing interest in Allen (and leaking it to the media). If the Cavs fail to land LeBron, they’re expected to pursue Trevor Ariza and other free agents with their copious salary-cap space.
    Source: Chris Broussard on Twitter
    Jul 9 – 11:21 AM

  5. **More NBA NEws**8

    The Charlotte Hornets are making moves and have reportedly signed
    Forward Gordon Hayward of Jazz to a Max 4 Year Deal worth $63 Million

    This would give the Hornets an impressive Starting Front Court Line-Up of
    Al Jefferson, Gordon Hayward, with Centers Cody Zeller, and back-ups Bismarc Biyombo and Veteran Brandon Haywood to go along with Top Draft Pick PF Noah Vonleh & Michael Gilchrist along with Guards Kemba Walker, Gerald Henderson , Draft Pick SG PJ Hairston, Guard Gary Neal…

    Not a bad line-up…


      • agree cliff thats a shit lineup. reminds me of the sixers lineup from 2-5 years ago. 5 – 8 seed and 1 and done

        • It’s better that what the Hornets have had in 15 Years so it’s a start for them… They were a Playoff Team last year in a weak Eastern Conference, now this may get them into the 2nd Round which is 3 Years ahead of where the 76ers are right now and they could compete with the Atlanta Hawks,Washington Wizards and Bulls for the 2nd Tier Teams in the Eastern Conference …

          • Paul, everybody love Michael Jordan,but with ALL due respect, he doesn’t have a clue about building a team….He fell into landing Vonleh, but Zeller sucks – I told you guys the year he was drafted that he wasn’t going to become what you thought he was in college…

            Jefferson is getting old, and is injury prone although he still has some skill. I like Heyward, but not as a starter. Walker, and Henderson stink, but they are still given respect based on their college careers – that being sad they’re still nothing close to what some paint them to be.

            Didn’t, Larry Johnson, Baron Davis, PJ Brown, and Alonzo Mourning play for the Hornets in the last 15 years???

        • YUP BIG MEHENSKI!!!…..LOL!!!

  6. These summer league games are sloppy and boring. The talent is not top shelf
    so it’s hard to say if someone looks good considering the competition.

    • That is a major point Big E, that many on here ignore, as they take the average talents of these players for granted, as something more special that it really is……

      I don’t see anything from his sorry jump hook, to his lack of in crashing the bioards. The Sixers think we’re stupid. They held him out against the Thunder, because they knew he would have to go against a formidable Big, like Steven Adams, and Noel would have got pushed around…..and they knew it…..

      Stop being so gullible fellas for their propaganda about Nerlens Noel…..

      • Cliff…he is 20 years of age I believe and is nowhere near a finished product. His athleticism is obvious, give him a chance to mature physically and continue to develop his skills. If he was 25 and showed no growth I would understand your critique. I think it’s a little premature to label him a bust at this time. But I know you stand by your assessment. I think he is more physically talented than you give him credit for.

        • I never said he was a bust Eagle…..

          My point is that he isn’t worth the thought of being some sort of savior to the future of this franchise. His athleticism is undeniable, but that doesn’t make him an impressive Basketball Player to me….

          Ronald Roberts Jr, and the 6-9 Guard from St. Johns are athletic as well, – and should make the team – but they aren’t on Billboards all over Philly…

          Right Buddy, I stand pat on my opinion, of Nerlens Noel…

          • I don’t know if anyone is saying he is the savior of the franchise. I just think that some people (including myself) see him as a big man with skills that can contribute to rebuilding this organization. He’s no Tim Duncan, I’m not expecting that, however, what I have seen, he does provide a good defensive presence and can do somethings with the ball…his potential has me curious and interested to watch his development and how he can help the Sixers in the future. I do not view him as a finished product with no room to improve, but the exact opposite.

            • He’s no Tim Duncan…..Amen to that..

              He’s a bench role player right now. He’s not close to strong enough to hold up over an 82 game season without getting hurt, and wouldn’t even get the shots he gets in Summer League, against the more experienced, and skilled players.

              Don’t put too much stock into what he does in these Summer League games. He has instincts, which is why he’s a pretty good shot blocker, but I see nothing else with those retarded lucky shots he’s made with no coordination. I don’t pay any attention to his dunks. It’s not like I’ve never seen them before…

              • I’m not concerned with the gracefulness in which he puts the ball in the basket…two points are scored regardless of how pretty the shot looks. He is 20 and will get stronger as he matures. When I was 20 I was long and lanky, as I got older I naturally put on weight and got stronger as I began to lift weights and change my dietary habits. I think he will be a good player as long as he stays healthy. Time will tell.

              • Eagle Brother,

                That’s what most hope, but I still don’t think even potentially he’ll amount to what even the Sixers think he will. I don’t see it. He possibly may NEVER fill out too….then what??

              • If he does not fill out then it’s a genetic issue. Lifting, eating protien packed healthy foods and age should get it done. I’m no M.D. or nutritionist, but, building muscle and adding weight is no secret as it relates to how to do it.

              • Unfortunately, That’s not going to help his skill level…..

                I think he is one of those journeyman Bigs, that will bounce from team to team in his career. There are plenty of players like that around the league that can’t play, or impact a team……TADAAAH!!……Nerlens Noel…

              • That’s where practice and coaching comes in at. The athleticism is there, and some skills too. He has skills and ability (foundation wise) to continue to build upon. I think we will know if he will be a journeyman player much sooner than later. Starting this season.

  7. That being said BigE I love the way Nerlens looks, he is so far and away a better athelete then anyone on the floor. I watched a tape of him against miss. st I believe and he most of had 12 blocks. The game was close and He blocked one or two shots a minute for the last 6 minutes of the game. These games are so ugly, but if you just watch him move and his ability to recover it’s awesome. I love this kid and I believe he can be every bit as good as kevin garnett. He has the work ethic and the motivation. He Dominates the defensive end and given time and coaching I think he will develop into a great offensive player. When Embid comes back how do you guard Noel. I believe he will be able to face the basket from about 12 to 15 and post up. Listen I’m pretty stupid but I really think in a few years this kid will be the goods.

  8. I think Nerlens, Kj and Grant may be good young ball players.

  9. Paulman reports thstv LeBron James to sign
    With Cleveland Caviliers
    Chris Bosh to sign with Rockets
    Carmelo Anthony to Re-sign with the Knicks
    Center P Gasol to sign with Knicks
    Guard Lance Stevenson to sign with
    The Dallas Mavs
    Forward Leoul Deng to sign with the
    Brooklyn Nets

  10. Sixers Free Agency News

    I’m hearing that a deal is just about done with Lin coming to Philly for a 1st rounder and other draft pick considerations. (I fully expect them to buy him out)

    More stockpiling , more loading up. Hinkie is a genius. And that 1st I’m hearing is either Houston’s or once again, the Pelicans pick that Houston got from a past trade (I prefer the latter) lol

    • The deal is done. Just don’t know which 1st round pick the Sixers get. Its either the Pelicans 1st round pick they have or there own. There is also a 3rd piece of compensation not reported yet. The Rockets want Bosh so bad I hope Hinke has demanded a kings ransom for this. I would be asking for both their # 1 picks next year or a 2016 #1 pick also or they can keep Lin and have no shot at Bosh.

  11. Hinke has set the tone. I guarantee you in the next 5 years there will be 10 teams following Sam Hinkes dump salaries, tank seasons, take on expiring deals for draft picks. Boston has just adopted the take on salaries for draft picks mentality . There will be many other teams in the near future adopting this strategy. You will have 10-12 D league teams stock piling draft picks with 10 super high profile teams dominating headlines and 10 teams still living on the brink of mediocrity.

    • The only thing is that not many Gm’s have the brains or vision Hinkie has. He’s in a league of his own

      Hinkie might mess around and make this team competitive this year ahaha

      He could do so easily since teams are trying to dump major salary in hopes of signing Lebron and or Bosh or Carmelo etc..

      Loving how Hinkie is operating

      • I like what GM Hinkle is doing also, but do keep in mind that the 1 think that Hinkle has with the 76ers that most GM’s around the NBA don’t have is
        Simply “time” to rebuild this Franchise the right way which will take
        3-4-5 Seasons… Most GM’s hired around the NBA have 2 Seasons to turn things around and don’t have Patient Ownership or a Fan Base
        That will wait a few years to see improvement…
        Hinkle has all the authority to build this Franchise from the ground up,
        Which very few are able to do and he’s taking advantage of it and was probably one of the main attraction’s of taking the 76er Job to begin with
        It’s a 3 Step Process
        1) Clean up bad Contracts – Done
        2) Hire Teachers and Good Coach’s – Done
        3) Build thru the Draft – Needs 2 more Drafts
        4) Then Acquire targeted Free-Agents – 1-2 years away from

        76ers are still in Phase 3 for the next 2 Years..

  12. It’s amazing to me, how the ill-informed, know-nothing nitwits on here, are getting hard-ons for a player, after 2 summer league games! SUMMER LEAGUE!!!!! Let’s at least wait until Noel plays against REAL NBA competition, before anointing him the next HOF Center! Dude is an athletic, but an uncoordinated, bean pole, with no strength to be a good rebounder in this league. Like I’ve said since we drafted him, if he doesn’t bulk up, he will be nothing more than Ratliff 2.0, Dalembert 2.0. If you think anything else, you are a deluded, retard, that doesn’t live in reality, & know nothing about B-Ball. Hinkie’s a genius???? I have never seen such unwarranted, nut gobbling, & slobbering in my 45 years on this Earth. Un-f^#@ing-believable!!! SMMFH…….

    • DCar you are right. There is no guarantee that this will work. The players you select may get hurt, they may be bust, they may just not be good enough. But like I stated before the best time as a Philly fan, for me, was the Sixers run with AI.Even though they didn’t win it was the most “exciting” Philadelphia sporting run to view, IMO. Im searching for that same feeling and I guess many agree with me. So yes some of us are over zealous. Kind of like addicts. One time is to much and 100 times is never enough. I want more.

    • LOL!!!!!!! hAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

      No DCar,….Caldwell Jones…

    • Dcar, I have a huge question to ask, why is it that you feel you’re so informed but everyone else is clueless and ill-informed?

      You spew the same crap every year, every draft, every day.

      You’re watching Noel like the rest of us, he’s improved each game he’s played at summer league, looks better than everyone present, (btw check the all time list for summer league performers, Noel is top 15 if im not mistaken), stats don’t lie, looking like he should have been the 1st overall pick a year ago after all. What do you point out? His rebounding. I believe those numbers have risen each game as well hahaha Game one: 2 Game two: 6 Game three: 9. Looks to me that you’re the one that ill-informed

      Embiid may look even better, more polished offensively, while Noel more polished defensively. Though Embiid made real strides defensively during the second half of the season at Kansas

      Get with it Dcar, the #1 negadelphian

      We finally are forming a legit team, that has a chance to be viable for many years to come

      I guess you want us to go out and sign Melo or Lebron and have him for 3-4 years when he naturally gets older and skills begin to diminish and teams like OKC and the Spurs are in a prime position to win consecutive titles because they built it the right way and the Sixers would be in the same position as they were back in 96′-2002 the A.I years difference is were getting a much older Lebron then what A.I was

      I want Lebron on this team only if we have a good young core in place to take this thing by the horns moving forward after he retires..

      But as for the Noel criticism, its just buffoonery coming from you because you’re hell bent on sticking to you’re guns saying the kid stinks dalembert 2.0 Ratliff 2.0 blah blah blah bull ish

      You’re stubborn and would rather want to be right then to admit YOU WERE AND ARE WRONG WRONG WRONG

      Calling people names like the petulant glue eating child your known to be

      Grow the hell up, maybe you need to move out of Philly like your dad paulman did, then maybe you’ll progress as a human being

  13. Here goes something noone is talking about, if LBJ and Love goes to Cleveland one of the players the Cavs might be looking to move is Wiggins, if that were to happen you can best believe he will be a Sixer! Himkie will do whatever it takes to get him. Can u imagine our future starting five being Embiid, Noel, MCW, Wigins, Saric? Wow!!!!

    • Yeah, wow, all unproven non-fits. Both Embid, & Noel are major ???? Noel isn’t a #4, & cannot play on the court the same time as Embid. Saric is a #4, not #3. We are not getting Wiggins. He will start at SG with Cleveland.
      Irving PG- Wiggins/ Waiters SG- James/ Bennett SF- Love PF- Varejao- C. Stop dreaming Andrew, you’re getting as delusional, as Lil Bron-Bron JH. He’s a retard, don’t get like him!

      • Stop acting like someone that doesn’t know what he’s talking about, unless u really dont. Don’t tell me, you don’t see potential in Noel cause its only three summer league games right? I guess Embiid is just another big injury probe player? Guess what, Hinkie sat Noel out n the kid looks more explosive then anyone in that league right now, he’ll do the same with Embiid and he’ll get the same results, by mid season last year Embiid was so dominat that people forget Winngs was playing, if you don’t see potential in these kids then theirs no sense in even talking to ya, I guess just another hater that’s mad cause he wants instant gratification right now, how’d that work before Hinkie got here?

        • You’re another clueless know-nothing, who is living in la-la land, getting a boner off of 2.5 Summer league games. Is there potential, & athleticism with Noel? Yes. Potential to be what? He is a clumsy beanpole, with no strength, is too skinny, & very little offensive game. He CAN NOT play on the same court, the same time as Embid, if &/or when he gets healthy. You are absolutely clueless, & have ZERO knowledge of B-Ball. For you to say us having a starting 5 of Embid-Noel-Saric-Wiggins(ain’t being traded)-MCW, is absolutely retarded & delusional. 2 guys out of position, & 1 guy who has ZERO chance of being traded here. You made the stupid post, I just responded to it. Get a clue, Andrew! BTW, instant gratification????? This team has blown for 30+ years! What instant gratification! I’m used to crap B-Ball. I’m down with the rebuildi, but how many years is he going to push back players? Next year, what is he going to do, draft another injuried player to stash away, & add more future draft picks? It’s asinine! I was a season ticket holder for 10+ years, prior to last year, so don’t feed me your BS about instant gratification, & hating, because you don’t know WTF you’re talking about. Another overzealous, ill-informed, goofball, who over-evauates someone without warrant. Let’s actually wait for these guys to play against actual NBA players first, before acting like they are HOF bound!

          • IMHO, he will be nothing more than Ratliff/ Dalembert 2.0. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat crow. But, I doubt I will be.

            • You’re already wrong hahaha start eating up

            • I agree with you DCar. Did you play ball in your hay day Bruh? I ask that because you would have to know the game to see what you see.

              I don’t see a starter in Noel, and I agree with you, He, and Embiid cannot play on the floor together.

              In 2016, there is a 7-5 Center by the name of Thon Maker, that would be able to play on the floor with Embiid.

              I think Noel’s production in the Sumner League is a mirage of what his production would be playing against true NBA professionals. Most of the guys in the summer leagues games are just as lame as Noels in my opinion.

              • gmcliff, I always played B-Ball since I was 6, but I mainly played Baseball, Football, in pee wee, little league, & College Baseball, & briefly in the Pendel League, until I tore up both my knees, & Family responsibilities & issues, had me take a u-turn & quit for work. Thankfully, I was smart & able enough to reinvent myself twice, later in life, to go back to school, & get degrees in Criminal Justice, & Real Estate. I’m blessed to have a beautiful Wife, who is a Nurse at CHOP, to enable me the flexibility, to go to school, & work, while we put 4 kids & a Grandbaby through school. Being 6’4″ at 45, with bad wheels, I don’t to play B-Ball anymore, but I have the eye, & knowledge, to see what a player is, unlike the cheerleader, pantie dropping groupies, on here.

            • NO Caldwell Jones!!!

          • D, are you as big of a jerkoff in person as you are on here? Listen you weirdo, nobody gives a shit about all the negative stuff your saying, we die hard fans look at everything on the positive, for you to call two number 1 picks in the draft pre injury bums shows how clueless you are. Lets do it your way, lets not watch them or go to any games cause the players they drafted arent any good right now, lets all wait until mid season untill we know how there playing against pros before we root for them. That’s the Dcar way, lets also not talk about their potential until we see that potential in action, do I got it right D?

            • That’s right! If you want to waste your money watching those stiffs go ahead! I wasted my hard earned $$$ for 10+ years, prior to last year, & watched practically every game since I was able, so don’t give me your BS about being a die-hard! Before this past few weeks, I have never seen you comment on an article about the Sixers. The only people on here talking about them, were paul, gmcliff, retard Lil Bron-Bron, & a few others, so get lost with your false claims, & ill-informed, unwarranted BS!

    • It would probably take Wiggins to get Love, so I don’t see that happening.

  14. I think that both sides are a little extreme on this matter. I don’t know if he is gonna be a bust, because I haven’t seen him play any meaningful games. I do know that he is very very limited offensively, so I see his ceiling as Noah. Grabbing boards, playing defense and putting in maybe 10-12 a night. If he becomes that guy, then I am ok with the pick.

    With him in the lineup and MCW, you will have to have dynamic scorers at other positions though. The future 2 and 3 will have to be big time scorers.

  15. Lebron is returning back to the Cavs

  16. According to my source but were still waiting for confirmation

  17. It looks like Paulman was correct again about LeBron returning to the Cav’s
    I may have been the only one of here stating this very real possibility all year long… It was really a no-brainer to me as long as the Cav’s put some pieces in Place…He wants to finish what he started and Win a Championship in his Home Town/State for his Own Legacy.. Winning 1 or 2 Championships in Cleveland will mean much more to him and his Legacy than winning Multiple Championships in Miami… Good Luck to Him & the Cavs and I am actually very glad he’s going back to home for the way he left was not very good to those Cav’s Fans or to the NBA in general, in my opinion…

    I am no expert in Basketball, but I know People..

    • I absolutely agree with Paulman. He needs fix his image. Ever since going to Miami he has been viewed as a villain, which is not good for him or the league. I’m happy for CLE, but still upset they got the #1 pick for the second year in a row.

  18. Look for a 3 team trade involving Wiggins possibly going to either the Sixers or Twolves, Kevin Love could be involved as well going to the Cavs

  19. If Lebron was from Philly, he would have resigned here… We have a similar level of talent to the Cavs, just Lebron not from here

    • i guess your super source is an idiot about lebron coming to philly for a visit and i guess you have missing chromosomes for believing him

    • I could see a Deal with 76ers getting SG Dion Waiters & a Future #1 Pick for a a Thadd Young if the Cav’s can’t add another Scoring Forward via Trade and if Lebron wants to add a Veteran to his Team..
      I can’t see the Cavs trading 1st Overall Pick Wiggins unless they were to get a Kevin Love from Minnesota

      Expect Melo to Resign with the Knicks and Center Pau Gasol to entertain a strong offer from the Heat (since Bosh will now move on to the Houston Rocks that Lebron is gone)
      I do expect the Knicks to attempt to sign Gasol as well….

      Pretty much the Top Free-Agents falling the way that I expected

      • I also would not be surprised to see the Cav’s now pursue Lance Stephenson once they move Dion Waiters to give them a Defensive Force on the Outside since Guard Kyrie Irving is not that type of Defender
        but Cav’s need to to move Dion Waiters to free up $$$

      • Dion Waiters stinks Paul…..Get out of here with him coming here. We don’t need him.

        • It would be for the additional Draft Picks Cliff, and not for Waiters, who would be a 1-2 Year Player and Waiters would probably dealt for more Assets after 1 Year..
          Don’t you understand how GM Hinkle works yet..

          • My point was Dion Waiters stinks.

            I know how Heinke thinks, and works. I just don’t like Waiters as a player, and wouldn’t want him on my team.

            • Not even for a Cavs Future 1st Rounder
              What’s Hinkle going to do with this Cap Space for 2014-2015 Season????
              He will attempt to take on bad contracts for 1-2 Years
              For Draft Picks… What else is he going to do?

  20. Lin to the Sixers could happen as well. The Sixers will then have a plethora of assets and have enough picks to trade away for young talent to grow along with this team

    Wiggins could still be a Sixer in a 3 team trade involving Kevin Love going to Ohio

    Options, options, options and more options

    • I see the 76ers taking on 2 Overpaid PLayers for Future 1st Round Picks

      The Jeremy LIn deal has been agreed up for 2 weeks, Everyone just waiting on the Lebron Decision before Bosh signs with the Rockets who need to clear Salary to be able to sign Bosh..

      The next Player I think the 76ers take on for Salary Cap relief is someone from the Knicks, so that they can free up $$ to Re-Sign Melo and try to sign Gasol.. Maybe the 76ers take on Stoudamire or a Bargnani to give them Future 1st Rd PIcks

      • Sixers have no options but to suck again this upcoming and the year after that. Getting Jeremy Lin may be an option but it’s an awful option

        • 1-2 Years of J Lin at even a ovepaid Contract for a Future 1st Round Pick & 2nd Round Picks are the type of Assets that GM Hinkle is looking for..

          They have like 40$-45 Million Under the Cap and can take on some Bad Contracts for 1 to 2 Years, but Only for those Precious 1st Round Picks in Return

          • and if that is what he is looking for than hinkie is stupid. bottom 5 draft picks are virtually worthless. i dont want some loooooza at pick 27 this year, i want a real fucking basketball team.

            • With Hinkle having Cap Space,
              If he can take another Teams Player for 1-2 Years and get 1st around Picks, then he will strongly consider doing this for this year..
              If he can have 2-3 1st Round Picks over the next 2 Drafts then he has lots of flexibility to package picks to move up and add Talent and Depth quicker..

  21. Lebron James back to Cleveland. Ive just had mixed feels on what the Sixers are doing. All of the sudden the Cavs went fro 2-3 years away to being competitive to being a nfavorite to be in finals in 1 day. Kinds of makes us look foolish and this 5 year plan.

  22. Sixers now get Wiggens! For Cleveland to get vet FA and Love they must move players like Anthony Bennett. or Dion Waiters. The Sixers should be all over Wiggens and take on Bennetts expiring contract and Waiters with Wiggens to make this deal happen!

    • Cleveland will not let Wiggins go unless they get Kevin Love in Return,
      I would expect that they let Wiggins develop and learn from Lebron & Irving to form a potent Trifecta that plays outside and can all handle the ball and will move Waiters instead, like they did moving Jarrett Jack…

      • Paulman reports are Love IS going to Cleveland. Reports also say they need room to add Matt Miller and Ray Allen. They need to clear cap space.

        • Paulman forget it Im wrong. lol

        • dagg bennetts contract is not expiring…and cleveland isnt giving up bennett, waiters and wiggins for nothing. theyll give up those 3 for love. with all due respect what are you talking about?

          sixers arent getting wiggins and have no assets to get him. cavs want love and he will be part of any love deal.if minny says no, i could noel, thad and a future #1 pick to cleveland for just wiggins but i highly doubt that would happen in a trillion years

    • dag, in no way, shape, or form, is Wiggins coming here! For Cleveland to get Love, Wiggins is the starting point for a trade to go through. Bennett, & Waiters ain’t getting you Love. Get your head out of your @$$, you’re getting as bad as our resident retarded imbecile!

  23. Cleveland has had the Basketball gods in there corner for awhile. Multiple #1 picks, the best player in the world leaves and comes back in his prime. My goodness Cleveland has no more excuses.

  24. The Rockets are reportedly finalizing a deal that will send Jeremy Lin to the Lakers.
    The move will give Houston the cap space to sign Chris Bosh, and Lin might just be the new starting point guard in Los Angeles. Details of the deal have yet to emerge, so we’ll fill in the blanks as they become available.
    Source: Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter
    Jul 11 – 2:45 P

  25. That deal that Lin and the Sixers had was in principle, the Rockets found a better deal with the Lakers that’s all..

    “No deal is ever complete until the paperwork goes through to the league and is finalized” source said

    • WOW JonHart making serious reports today:

      “No deal is ever complete until the paperwork goes through to the league and is finalized” source said

      IM sure every 12 year old Nba fan would appreciate your insight

      by the way JON you have been wrong in every single prediction/announcement and source info you posted this off season. not 1 was right

  26. Lakers get J Lin and Rockets 1st Round Pick where the 76ers were asking for a 1st & 2nd Round Pick… GM Hinkle getting a little greedy per Rocket Sources

  27. I’m hearing whispers that the Bulls are trying to lure DWade to his home town of Chicago

    It may persuade Melo to come along too, then they’d have to really make room making trades etc..

    This league really doesn’t have many superstars, we need more

    • i think what you mean is you read Adrian Wojnarowski tweet at 1:16 today.

      The Bulls have reportedly reached out to Dwyane Wade to gauge his interest in joining his hometown team.
      Wade is from Chicago, and with LeBron James headed back to Cleveland, and Chris Bosh likely bound for Houston, it’s possible Wade bolts the rebuilding roster in Miami that consists of Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, and Danny Granger. However, Wade has spent his entire career in a Miami Heat uniform, so it’s possible he feels some loyalty to the organization that he’s won three championships with.
      Source: Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter
      Jul 11

    • i think what you mean is you read Adrian Wojnarowski tweet at 1:16 today.

      The Bulls have reportedly reached out to Dwyane Wade to gauge his interest in joining his hometown team.
      Wade is from Chicago, and with LeBron James headed back to Cleveland, and Chris Bosh likely bound for Houston, it’s possible Wade bolts the rebuilding roster in Miami that consists of Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, and Danny Granger. However, Wade has spent his entire career in a Miami Heat uniform, so it’s possible he feels some loyalty to the organization that he’s won three championships with.
      Source: Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

  28. If anybody wants me ill be on Broad st celebrating the Sixers summer league championship!!! Hey, gotta take what we can!!!!

  29. I am now on the fence. Do we really have to wait 2-3 years? The Cavs have shown us this may not be the case. Hypothetically why cant the Sixers go out and sign the 2 best FA next year? Why cant they sign a Love and Aldridge(or 2 comparable FA) and team them up with MCW, Embid and Noel? The Cavs have gone from 100-1 odds to 3-1 odds of winning it all with 1 signing. Hinke has 1 more year of tanking IMO. Then he better be spending some money.

  30. Wow rockets still lose out on bosh

  31. The Cavs get # 1 pick 12 years ago. #1 pick 4 years ago. #1 pick last year. #1 pick this year and the best player in the world comes back to Cleveland in his prime. Unbelievable.

  32. **Chris Bosh signs a Max Deal for 5 Years Approx $120 Million
    To remain with the Heat.. Dwayne Wade now is the Focus for Pat Riley to

  33. Pau Gasol and the Bulls are close to an agreement I’m hearing. The bulls are trying to form a championship roster. DRose will be back healthy. I think they have some more moves to go here

    • Are they going to release Carlos Boozer on the 1 time exemption release
      Or whatever they call that..

  34. ****NBA News****
    Utah Jazz match the 4 Year $63 Million
    Offer from the Charlotte Hornets and will retain
    Forward Gordon Heyward per ESPN

  35. More NBA News****
    Carmelo Anthony is going to Re-Sign with Knicks as his Reps told the Bulls & Rockets that he’s not interestedin joining either Team

    Forward Leoul Deng is in negotiations with the Heat

  36. Lebrons deal is 2 years 42.1 million.He also has a players option to opt out in 2015.. His rationale is that a TV deal is suppose to go into effect in 2016 so he can sign another long term deal for bigger money. lol. This is a revolutionary new way to do a contract. Or we could be on Lebron watch again in 2 years. But reports are after writing his essay to the Cleveland fans he will never leave again.

    • I do believe he does want to keep his Options open
      With the New Contract, their new CBA and possibly Salary Cap increases as time moves and to fully get the feel that the Cavs will
      Add some pieces to truly win a Title or two which I am sure they will but this will LeBron even more leverage in personnel matters
      Depending what happens here in the next Season or 2

      When you compare that the Deal that Melo apparently is close to signing is a 5 Year Max Deal Valued at $130 Million and probably is his final deal even though the Knicks are still a ways off from competing for a Championship
      So Melo in the end took the $$$ over trying to Win a Championship for if he went to Bulls/Rockets for less $$$, he would have had a better chance of Winning a Championship
      To Each Their Own, I guess

  37. *****
    Rockets are close to a 4 Year Deal with SG
    Trevor Ariza worth approx $42 Million…

  38. Dcar whats with all the hostility? You have an eye to spot talent, that’s funny. You know Noel hasn’t played basketball in a year and a half, right? It’s kinda hard to get rebounds when your contesting every shot. I seriously doubt he will ever be a good rebounder, because that’s probably never going to be his responsibility. When you sit and watch the summer league games and watch the rhythm of the game and the offenses it’s almost impossible to get in position to be a good rebounder. When he plays with better talent and there is better spacing on the floor he will be hard to match up against. I stand corrected, he will be hard to match up against if he develops a mid range jump shot. To say he is uncoordinated shows your basketball IQ. Calling people retarted, and then calling Noel uncoordinated that’s funny. Listening to a dude say he couldn’t make it in pro ball because he had other responsibilities is almost like listening to someone who just couldn’t cut it, only totally different. The second half on your resume is much more impressive though, seriously. I’ve been a sixers fan since 77 and although I don’t have any inside sources I still think Noel is going to be a really good player. if that makes me retarded I’m good with that, I’ve been called a lot worse. I guess it’s better then being called a washed up bitter has been, who tricked him self into actually believing he was anything more than a average baseball player, right.

    • Perfect! Just perfect!

    • You are dead dead dead on cluelesseaglesfan, good stuff

      Dcar is nothing more than a petulant glue eating child that is bitter over the way his life has gone

      He gives away too much information about himself on here, just a lil too honest, so he’s not difficult to figure out

      He calls everyone names that don’t agree with him. He knows he’s inaccurate about Noel yet he ll still stay with his original feelings about the kid even after seeing him play and his numbers get better each game.

      He’s stubborn and irrational

      Yeah “he cant rebound”.. He only had 14pts and 9 boards his last game.

      Dude has mental and emotional issues. And apparently has issues with his eyes too.. yikes

      Get help Dcar

      • It’s funny to me how ill-informed, & retarded some of you cats are! I’m bitter, & a washed up Baseball player, & bitter how my life went! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I have a great life, with ZERO regrets, with plenty of $$$ & a nesteg, that can buy & sell you hypocritical f^#@ing frauds! As for a response to cluelessdipshit, your name speaks volumes. havenoclue fraud of a man, go back to your BS imaginary retired life, as a ref, coach, & so-called pristine family. Lil Bron-Bron fagboy, for you to call anyone other yourself, a “glue eater”, “petulant child”, “irrational”, “mental & emotional issues”, is the funniest f^#@ing joke, I’ve ever seen in my life. Your little pussy ass, is the one with the multiple psychosis, delusional disorders. You cats, can’t handle the truth, brutal honesty, & being wrong, so have to resort to making up fantasies about me. The funny part is I can buy & sell you POS’s, so you can make up what you want about me. You @$$holes are on here all of the time, on beautiful Summer days, when you should be spending it with your families, & actually living life, but I forgot who I’m talking to, an irrelevant poster, a ball-less fraud of a man, & the resident, juvenile, retarded court jester. Keep it coming little girls, you’re making me feel sooooo bad about my failure of a life. BOOOO HOOOOO! GTFOH losers!

        • I’m poolside watching the Phil’s. Wife on a raft in the pool and two of my three kids in the pool … But I must tell you … The word ‘retarded’ is really not used anymore …. It has gone by the way of the ‘N’ word…. It’s cruel , ugly and juvenile… If course that fits

          • Are they blow up dolls, as your imaginary family? Don’t drown, no one will care. The word retarded fits Lil Bron-Bron, & I don’t care if you say it’s used anymore. Sorry, I’ll use mentally challenged, to fit your liking, you condescending fraud. Go drown yourself, & mind your f^#@ing business, & watch those stiff mutts of a team. I’m actually, REALLY poolside, with my REAL family, BBQing, laughing at you frauds commenting on things you have no clue about! Don’t try to bullshit me fraud!

            • Don’t bother commenting, I ain’t responding to your asinine, troll, BS! I ain’t going to make you happy!

            • Oh man you are the only one with a family? You are one sad dude… Wow please get help

              • No I’m the only one that doesn’t lie & brag about my family, like you did with your bragging last year, about you being the know-it-all retired referee, & coach, & how pristine & perfect your imaginary kids are, that they don’t curse, smoke, do drugs, blah, blah, blah. GTFOH with your idiocy. You are the sad liar, who can’t admit he’s wrong, in need of the help, you fraud.

              • DCAR states I brag about my family, home whatever when I did it in response to this “I can buy and sell you POS…you should be spending the summer days with your family” …this at 2:45 on a Sunday…oh and by he way DCAR just because YOU state something doesn’t make it a truth

            • How can I drown myself mr. Night watchman if I don’t have a pool? You are a sad, name calling immature man… Me a fraud? Hmmmm check the mirror out

              • Dude I’m a retired educator who has moved on to my own small business, I coached for close to thirty years. My kids are FAR from perfect… That again is something your sad mind has created. I have been lucky on their alcohol use etc… But they are still in late teens and early twenties so I will continue to cross my fingers there. What is your problem with me having coached? I made pennies per hour coaching h.s sports? It is a lot of work for little pay, why a re you angry and jealous about it?

              • You said you’re poolside watching the game, not me, you f^#@ing lying fraud! Like I said, go drown yourself, nobody will miss you! There isn’t one single fraudulent thing about me there, buddy boy! I never lie! I never flip flop! I always tell the truth, & am brutally honest, regardless of the criticism I receive, in contract to the deluded, irrational, retarded masses, on here! Go feed your nonsense to your blowup family poolside, you ball-less fraud! You look in the mirror & get some help! BTW, how’s your REAL girlfriend Ruin 2morrow, & that 10-1 embarrassment going for you? Beat it troll, & go drown yourself!

              • Wow. Again I ask you to refrain from using the ‘R’ word it really is a word of the past just like the ‘N ” word… It causes as much prejudice and nasty feelings… As a mature successful man you should look at the name calling… It’s terribly hurtful and actually quite immature

              • I have no problem with you CLAIMING you coached, I have a problem with you condescendingly talking down to me & others in the past, calling us fraud fans, armchair GM’s, & not knowing nothing, & you know more than us, because you CLAIMED to coach & refereed! I have a problem with you making smart ass comments on comments I make to other posters, when it’s none of your f^#@ing business! Speak when you are spoken too! That’s my PROBLEM with you! There isn’t one thing you have, or claim to have done to make jealous bruh! I couldn’t give a F^#@ less, what you, or anyone else has! I do without nothing in my life, neither do my family, & nobody has given me anything. I live a very good life, & have much to be proud of. Honestly, I don’t give a f^#@ about you, because you ain’t a man, you still have yet to eat crow about your err’s & past blind, stupid loyalty, to an epic failure! Beat it!

              • Sorry, mentally challenged! Bring up your beef with Webster’s, Google, & every other meaningful information outlet too, while you’re at it! Politically correctness is for punks, with no mind, or balls!

              • You make claims as well angry man… You threaten bodily harm on people and call them names on the internet. I’m condescending? Sure I will take that but when you call people ‘know nothing retards” is that not condescending? Pot meet kettle

              • Political correctness? Hmmmm I seem to remember you being vocal about coopers political incorrectness

              • Calling someone know nothings isn’t condescending, it’s stating fact. I don’t come on here talking down to people acting like I’m better than them. I’m brutally honest, & expose the stupid imbeciles on here, & you get butthurt because you can’t face reality. Again, when you going to grow a pair & eat crow about being wrong about your GF Ruin 2morrow? Riiiiigjt, that’s what I thought!

  39. ***NBA News
    Paul Pierce is said to have agree on a 2 Year $11 Million Deal
    To play for the Washington Wizards.

  40. Sixers have to approach this different now, Lebron’s decision has messed up Hinke game plan. In three to four years the Cavs will still be on top, we need a top player to join our team to pass the Cavs, if Love goes there.

  41. Lebron’s has screwed the Sixers in a way.

    • I kinda agree diddy, but I think we can draft that superstar guard or small forward

      I would like for the Sixers to acquire Durant or a RWestbrook etc thru a trade but it rarely ever happens

      Yea the Cavs are set up big time

      But so are the Sixers

      The Sixers in a few years will give teams trouble, its gonna be hard to score on these guys at the rim

      Give us 2 years

      • Yeah it’s going to be tough to pass the Cavs tho Jh, considering how young they are. And Lebron’s is that X factor for them. WE NEED DURANT!

        • I couldn’t agree more. Lebron reminds me of the early 90s and mid 90s MJ, how much better he was then everybody else, title driven, just unstoppable..

          Yes if we managed to get Durant we’d be set for consecutive consistent championship runs

          But regardless, with the twin towers, its gonna be hard for teams to drive..

          Are you watching how Noel is defending the rim? Imagine when Embiid gets in there with him, sheesh

          Problems for the next 10+ years league wide

  42. Dcar is telling people to kill themselves on a blog site? (If he actually does kill himself, they can trace it back to you and you get charged, watch what you say punk)

    Calls people every disrespectful name in the book, it shows what type of person you really are.

    If this site is littered with so many ill-informed “retards” (like you say) why do you still visit this site every day and every night? Sounds like your the one with the mental issues

    Your latest idiocy is saying Noel isn’t a NBA player. That he’s Dalembert and Ratliff 2.0. Shows how little you really know about basketball talent.

    His numbers have been climbing each and every game. He would have been the 1st overall pick if it wasn’t for the injury and everyone except for you knows that

    He blocks anything around him, he challenges every shot, he can play on the perimeter and steals the ball like a guard (yeah, sounds uncoordinated, un-athletic to me, what a stiff right?!)

    Embiid is another guy that you were pissed they drafted. He’s another bum right? Yeah, would’ve been the 1st overall pick if healthy but he’s a bum too. He’s being compared to Olajuwon doofus haha..

    Your the know nothing, not us, who actually watch the games and are unbiased in our praise and criticism

    Your a stubborn angry man that tries to control everything around him, that includes people.

    As for me posting news, I’m not the only person that does it on this site, and I will continue to do so whether I decide to put a source on it or not, and their is not a damn thing you can do about it

    Hope you and your family had fun at the community pool, bum ass

    • You have to be the biggest, delusional, retarded, hypocritical, imbecile, I have ever encountered. I hardly ever come in site anymore, let alone every day & night. You live on this site, you hypocritical mental case! Like I said little girl, you are an imbecile, an arrogant delusional disorder filled whack job, that calls me everything he is! Community pool my ass! Remember little girl, I can buy & sell your mommy basement dwelling, out of work, delusional, punkass! I’m glad you found backup, with that other asshole have no clue, because you both belong together.

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        Looks like you’re the delusional fool. And using slavery driven wording shows how mentally confined you really are “I can buy and sell you all, I can buy and sell you”

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            • i could also buy Jon Hart as he is worthless I am sure he would cost $1 or less on the open market. the problem would be reselling him for anything.

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  43. I don’t get into any of the personal name calling, for it’s just not my style,
    nor Do I take anything in Professional Sports all that serious.. I do enjoy busting balls, and yes, will bust on myself when needed to or admit when I’m wrong..
    By the way, I’m probably the only Poster on here, who called LeBron
    Going back to the Cavs and stated so for months even though I was ridiculed, laughed at, etc,etc…All I heard all Spring was,
    “Hey Paulman, stick with Football, your crazy & don’t know Jack about Basketball or how the NBA Operates”
    I had the 76ers Targeting Dario Saric all Spring with their 2nd Selection and
    many again, said he’s a stiff, yada,yada, yada”
    I’ve become Re-engaged with the 76ers since the Hiring of GM Hinkle
    Last off-season for I like the way he operates and how he is going about rebuilding a once proud 76ers Franchise..
    It will still take 2 more Off-Seasons and Drafts to get this Team in the upper echelon in the East, but there is light at the end of Tunnel
    Due to solid ownership, a good Front Office and good Teachers at the Coaching Level’s… Go 76ers!!!

    • Lets not get self righteous paul, you’ve name called on here plenty of time, towards me and others

      Everyone does it here and there. But Dcar is outrageously disrespectful, calling people the worse names he can think of every single day

      He has serious serious issues that he tries to put on everyone else

      • I have issues? Funny, coming from the deluded, nut job, with the imaginary sources! I don’t put anything on anybody else, but you retard, & the clueless wonder havenoballs! Because you are the only 2 scumbags on here, that have your own agendas. Keep hypocritically putting your BS on me Lil Bron-Bron. Go get your multiple psychosis checked, numbnuts! Keep thinking you know me. Go back in your mommies basement, with your blowup doll sources. BTW, I don’t live in West Philly, nor do I need to use a community pool, when I have one of my own.

    • Paul you linked 25-30 players to the sixers!

      • Who had Dario Saric to the 76ers back in Jan/Feb/March/April/May
        & June with their 2nd 1st Round Selection in Draft…
        Who Called LeBron James, since last Season, that he would
        Opt-Out of Heat’s Deal only to go back to Cleveland, that’s Right,
        Back home to Cleveland to finish what he started..
        I’m now starting to work on next Years NFL Draft and will
        Gave a couple of Mocks by Camp Time…

        • and SF K McDaniels in the 2nd Round to the 76ers..

        • Paul you throw 100 piles of shit on the wall… Every so often one sticks. Doing 345 mock drafts means one will hot but 344 dont

          • Actually I had CB J Watkins, WR Huff, DE Hart & DT Beau Allen
            In many Mocks for the Eagles… Even had Marcus Smith in a few,
            but as a 2nd Rounder and not a 1st Rounder
            Called the Trading Down from #22 with the Browns for #26 & # 83 for the Browns to get a QB, (not Manziel, but had QB’s Bridgewater/Carr in mind) so I had a pretty good Draft Season…
            But I enjoy following the Drafts & following Prospects..
            Now ready for Sumner Camp in what should be an exciting & very competitive Camp at WR, RG, RT, DE, OLB the Secondary & Kicker
            And back-up QB & RB..

      • Hahah more truth from haveacigar

        When you name 30 guys that the sixers could draft, you kinda lose any leverage of saying you predicted anything..

        • More HAC truths… Jon hart you do the same thing! Only it’s more annoying because you quote a’source’ which we all know is the same on line source that we all use

          • We’ll at least I was right on some of mine,
            I don’t think JH got 1 thing right between
            His Mocks (Wiggins,Wiggins,Wiggins)
            And was way off with Free-Agency moves,
            Yet he Follows the NBA passionately and has
            “Sources” … Yeah Right….

            • And why are you comparing yourself to me oldman? Im free to share my wants and needs for the team, non source related. You guys get too caught up in the source thing

              My source also states that you and your family live in the boones North Carolina and cant watch any sixers games, so how can you even give your opinion on the team?

              The most sixers games you’ve watched in the past 10-20 years has been this years summer league since its on NBA TV, get the hell outta here man

              Bandwagoner, you pick and choose when you wanna be a fan. “JH is the only one that even cares about the sixers in philly or on this site” Remember that? You said that the end of last year! What a dramatic change up paul

              Real fans are fans all the time, thru and thru not only when things are going great or when we get a stock pile of draft picks or Hinkie..

              You hopped on the sixers fan train when they went to the playoffs a few years ago as well then turned on them right after they lost haha you’re a professional flip flopper fake supporting fan

              Its nauseating

              • And I didn’t give mock drafts, I said the guys that interest the Sixers or interest me.

                The Sixers did and still want Wiggins and did all they could to get him. They were willing to trade up but the Cavs said they wanted Wiggins (LBJ driven decision)

                And as for free agency, what moves did I say the sixers would make? Never said one thing, I guess you wanted to just throw a lie in there too huh to make yourself feel good about actually getting a prediction right

                Congrats fraudman, how long has it been 30 years? You threw enough ish against the wall and something stuck, congrats to you fraudman

              • hart u did say lebron was coming here for a meeting and he didnt so u are 0-1 in free agency and 0-100000000000000 for the draft

              • I didn’t predict he was coming here, I heard he was. And I also heard that Sam Hinkie had a phone conversation with Rich Paul, Lebron’s close friend and agent, to gauge Lebron’s interest in playing for the Sixers

                In the end, Lebron was determined to play for the Cavs, but its only a 2yr deal

              • actually you “reported” information from your “super source” that lebron was coming here for a visit and you were wrong. spin it any way you want but in the end you were wrong.

                you were also wrong about lin coming here


              • Did JH get one single thing right about this Off-Season for the 76ers
                For a “True Fan” to spend all the Time & Energy on his Favorite Team and be so wrong about everything is rather embarrassing and quite sad really… Well at least JH is young and will have time to redeem himself, but what a brutal Off-Season for JH…
                Time Will Tell…

              • no he didnt get anything from right. from wiggins to exum, to getting 3 lotto picks, to the the sixers controlling the draft to lebron coming to philly for a visit to lin getting traded here and about a dozen or two dozen other things he was wrong with every single one

              • I said Lin “could” sign here haha man henski you really pay close attention to my posts huh?

                Nice try though matlock

              • so if i write pete rose could sign with the sixers this summer and when he doesnt i was never wrong correct?

              • haaaaaaaaaa

                actually you did NOT say he could be traded here you said

                Jon Hart
                July 9, 2014 – 10:50 pm

                Sixers Free Agency News

                I’m hearing that a deal is just about done with Lin coming to Philly for a 1st rounder and other draft pick considerations. (I fully expect them to buy him out)

                More stockpiling , more loading up. Hinkie is a genius. And that 1st I’m hearing is either Houston’s or once again, the Pelicans pick that Houston got from a past trade (I prefer the latter) lol

                .*******MY thoughts. you are a clueless moron, wrong every time u post and love drinking from hinkies straw, eating his hoagie and smoking his sausage

              • Actually Henski it’s “I’m hearing from my sources (internet) that Pete rose is signing with the sixers” then you can say you weren’t wrong!
                Btw Pete is taking the over line on sixers wins next year!

              • Jon Hart
                July 11, 2014 – 1:39 pm

                Lin to the Sixers could happen as well. The Sixers will then have a plethora of assets and have enough picks to trade away for young talent to grow along with this team

                Wiggins could still be a Sixer in a 3 team trade involving Kevin Love going to Ohio

                Options, options, options and more options


              • “I’m hearing” and “could”

                Neither were definitive statements

                Keep trying henski haha smh

              • Just goes to show that what ur reading and seeing and hearing are just as bad as you being flat out wrong about wiggins and exum and Hinkie controlling the draft and Hinkie having options options and more options about Hinkie being a genius and about Lebron visiting philly.

                Ur wrong always. I do like reading what u post because when u report or predict I immediately can know it’s not true or won’t happen.

              • No it just goes to show that you have too much time on your hands to pay more than the normal attention to someone’s post word for word on a useless blog site

                Then taking the time out to copy and paste past comments. Noone in their right mind would even consider doing that

                Take a break henski, you’re on here too much, either that or get a life

  44. sixers really dropped the ball taking this kid saric imo. the kid is over in turkey living in a syrian refuge camp while doug mcbuckets is dropping 31, getting to the line and making his teammates better.

    awful pick/trade getting saric there. gary harris or mcbuckets was the move. and we are gonna be pissed 5 years from now saying damn why the hell did this idiot hinkie pass on mcbuckets for some clown that still hasnt stepped foot on an nba court

    • Saric will be a nice Player and Addition to the 76ers, it’s just going to be 2 years down the Road and does nothing for the short-term..

  45. You want to know who they say is really really good. The Sixers original 10th pick Elfrid Peyton.Im reading he is a lot like Rondo and has been good.

  46. **College News w/ NBA implications**

    Emmanuel Mundiay has decided to go pro, but oversees. He’s reputed as saying “I was tired of seeing my mom struggle”

    Mundiay is regarded by some (including myself) as the number 1 player entering next years NBA draft

  47. Noel is an absolute beast, hes blocking everything around him and scoring

  48. Wiggins is gonna be a great great player…

  49. I have watched ten minutes of the summer league… Horrendous hoops! It’s nba basketball without skill… Makes me puke.
    I am no hoops expert and will admit it all day… But this sucks. It is everything that blows about nba!
    I watch ten games per year, 2-3 at the palaestra and bout 7-9 independent league hs games in DE (cliff knows that league)… I watch, see guys playing team ball , playing D… ..what I see in summer leagu is AAU bullshit

  50. Would you guys trade Noel for Wiggins straight up yes or no. I say no believe it or not. What about you guys?

    • In a heartbeat, especially with Embid in the pipeline. Can’t have 2 7’0″ with similar injury histories, & similar games, on the same team, let alone the same time on the floor. Embid has a bigger upside, although overrated, too soon. Wiggins without a thought.

      • for our team how could u not trade wiggins for noel???????? we have no starters on our team that can score

        • Henski when I see wiggins play, I think of Tim Thomas. All the talent in the world but no desire. I could be wrong but we will find out soon enough. Your right about the sixers scoring issues, they will have to attack that in upcoming drafts and free agency.

      • D in all fairness, Noel injury was a fluky. I don’t think he will be an injury problem. I guess I just like defensive minded players. I can clearly see Noel is at least that. Plus when I look at Wiggins I see bitch in him. He just don’t pass that eye test too me. Now I don’t know the kid at all, and I know you can’t judge off how someone looks. He just looks sweet like, if you put that bow in his chest he gonna run home to momma crying.

        • pdiddy, LOL bitch running home to momma. Classic! Nah, he’s going to be a great player. Noel is one to worry about. He’s a 7’0″ string bean, that already has injury history. He will get pounded in the NBA when REAL NBA games, & REAL NBA players, start knocking him around. Is he athletic, & have defensive talent, absolutely. But, what the imbecile about doesn’t realise, while he’s panty dropping, & waving his pom-poms, this is Summer league, against rookies, & inferior players, that means absolutely nothing, what he does stat wise. He is frail, weak, has no offensive game, WILL get pushed around, even by smaller players, & already has had a major injury. He’s already twisted his ankles 3 times, & hyperextended his knee, & we ain’t past a handful of SUMMER LEAGUE games. So, unless he bulks up, & finds an offensive game, like I said, I see no better than Ratliff 2.0, Dalembert 2.0. To me, that’s not a good thing! PERIOD!

    • No

      I would not trade Noel for Wiggins. The Sixers have the opportunity to have two exceptional big men in the front court. This is something most teams dream of.

      Noel looks to be potentially a great defender in the NBA. As he develops physically he will only get better. He will improve his jumper and strength with time.

      If Embiid becomes healthy and maintains that health, the two could easily play together. Noel focuses more on defense than offense. This will allow Embiid to focus more on the offensive end of the court. I am not saying Embiid can’t play defense or shouldn’t make it a priority, I am only saying as the two play together these roles could develop.

      Wiggins is a nice wing, I won’t lie. However, there is some question regarding his “killer instinct.” Wiggins does appear to have flash and defense at times, but his consistency scares me. I think he will learn much from LeBron, however I believe his upside will be limited greatly by playing with Irving and James. Furthermore, the potential addition of Love would further diminish his growth into a potential superstar.

      Essentially, I think Wiggins current situation with a potentially talented roster in Cleveland is the biggest hurdle Wiggins faces because it turns him into more of a role player than a star.

      Just to add, I would be slightly concerned if I were Cleveland. I would be concerned because right now, in my eyes, they are not a contender. By the time they become contenders it will be time to pay Wiggins. I’m not sure they can afford James, Irving, and Wiggins without having any front court help.

      • and everyone always wants to applaud noels defense but the guy gave up 9 points in the first quarter to some bozo named j cooley that will probably be walking the streets in a few weeks.

        • oh and noel has played 3 games i think and in two of them he hurt his ankle. dude is coming across as very brittle

          • tua14768 not only are the cavs for real contenders now they are the favorites to win the east….

            i do think noel for wiggins straight up would be a great trade for both teams tho as varejo blows and doesnt block shots. noel next to thompson would be nice on both ends of the court imo. noel would be great running the break with irving and lebron…

            • I think people who have the Cavs winning the East are too caught up in the LeBron James hype. The Cavs are not winning the East, even James said that himself.

              • lebron james hype? dude is the best player in the world thats not hype thats real. give him a great pg in irving, surround him with other scorers in wiggins, irving, waiters (maybe), tristens offense is emerging and bennet could find his way with less pressure and it will be a walk in the park unless the wizards take the next step. nobody else is there (pacers blow). lebron has done it by himself with way worse of a supporting cast and imo his cast in Cleveland is better than the “big 3”

              • @MH.

                LeBron knows the team he has now will not win this year.

                “I’m not promising a championship. I know how hard that is to deliver. We’re not ready right now. No way. Of course, I want to win next year, but I’m realistic. It will be a long process, much longer than it was in 2010.”

                These are not the words of someone who is confident to win the East this year. Instead, these are the words of someone who realistically believes it will take a couple years to develop.

                The Cavs need a front court. This is why there is so much talk about Kevin Love. With no front court it is very difficult to win.

                Keep in mind, this Cavs team is not on the same level as Miami any of the previous four years.

                The Bulls, Wizards, Heat, and to a lesser degree Pacers will all be able to compete against the Cavs. Additionally, if the Roy Hibbert to the Bucks rumors are true, the Bucks are not the same rollover team they were a year ago.

                The Cavs have Waiters and Irving who both don’t play defense. James is a good defender and Wiggins projects to be as well. However, there is no one there to guard the basket.

                The Bulls, to me, are the favorites in the East assuming Rose comes back healthy. They added McDermott and Gasol which is helpful offensively.

                The Heat are not exactly push overs yet with Wade and Bosh returning. I think Wade will comeback this year with something to prove.

                Bottom line, I think you are underestimating how wide open the East is now that James is in Cleveland. Thankfully James is one individual who realizes and acknowledges it.

              • Just to add, this Cavs team will not win without playing defense. If Waiters and Irving can step up and defend someone for once, then I will absolutely agree with you. Until then I don’t see how you and other people can put a team with so many holes at the top of the list even with a weak eastern conference.

        • Lol..good point.

          I think he’s still getting better. He’s only played a handful of games since returning from an injury that sidelined for roughly a year and a half.

          I think on the surface Wiggins looks great, but I feel people sometimes get too caught up in his physical abilities. He only added 10 points last night, which is not too impressive for someone of his stature. I understand everyone struggles, but I have seen this happen to him in college as well. He’s coming from a team where the offense wasn’t run through him, instead the #1 offensive option was drafted by the Sixers. He was not the #1 offensive option for Kansas for a reason.

          If the Sixers go with a two big man system they will need more spot-up shooters to provide offense.

          I’m not saying Wiggins is a bad player, i’m just hesitant to give up such a competitive athletic big man who loves to play D. They are hard to come by.

  51. Top 5 Teams in the Eastern Conference heading into the 2014-2015 Season

    1) Chicago Bulls – A Healthy D Rose, Center Pau Gasol, and International Player, Forward Milavon Rakovic who was Player for the Year in one of Euopean League’s last Season at 6-10 235lbs to go along SF Doug McDermott to add Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Ronnie Brewer

    2) Indiana Pacers – All Players back with a Question Mark on Lance Stevenson, who if he does return, puts them right back as the most experienced “Team” in the Eastern Conference with Paul George,David West,George Hill, Roy Hibbert & Scola,

    3) Miami Heat – Have Wade,Bosh, Chalmers, Anderson returning along with recent additions of Deng, Granger, McRoberts

    4) Cavaliers – With NBA’s Best All-around Player in Lebron James to go along with youngsters Irving, Thompson,Bennett,Wiggins, Waiters, etc,etc.. Still need a Proven Scorer..

    5) Wizards – Guards John Wall, Bradley Beal, Center Gortat, SF Paul Pierce to go with young Players Glenn Rice Jr, Kevin Singleton, etc,etc

    • Lol at Miami at 3. That’s a joke bro

      Talking about wizards with no mention of nene is a laugh also.

      Re bulls rose is a huge ? I don’t think he will ever dominate again. Also their center is Noah not gasol. C’mon Paulman That shit was weak

      • I didn’t want to write a Book Henski and list every Player on every Team
        that’s my quick list..
        What’s your Top #5 List

        • Bulls- nothing to do with rose as I suspect his super stardom is finished already as I’m not sure if he can’t drive the lane with force any longer. But they get the top spot because they are good and deep at every position.

          Cavs – I feel like a fool not putting them at 1 but I just see big things from chitown this year. If Lebron was on te sixers team as currently constructed id put us at 2.

          3 wizards emerged last year. Like em to continue

          4 raptors poor mans wizards

          5 & 6 tied Knicks pacers. Pacers got exposed last year and got turner / Bynum cancer and while they’re not part of the teams future now they still got infected

          • Both ET & Bynum are Free-Agents and Pacers have no intentions of resigning either Player, in fact Celts are in close negotiations
            For ET.. Pacers have 1 good Season in them with West,George, Hill,Hibbert & Stevenson if he returns, if Stevenson
            Leaves as expected, then they take a step back but do remember
            They have the Played the Heat tough the last couple of Seasons and the 2014 Heat & Cavs are not as strong what the LeBron Heat were

            • i know et and bynums status, but my point was they infected the team and even though they will be gone their infections will linger in indy… now stevenson is gone. pacers had their shot and blew it and just arent talented enough and dont have scorers to compete for the east any longer. they are now in purgatory like the sixers were in past years, like the hawks have been in for 10+ years….

              • Pacers went on their funk not because of additions of ET/Bynum,
                but more because the loss of Veteran and very popular player and leader in the locker room named Danny Granger who helped mentor Paul George/Lance Stevenson as young players and was the heart & soul of the Pacers before his injuries…
                Pacers still have a good Team and will battle back this Season to be a Top 4 Seed.. but they are beginning to trend down..

  52. The Charolette Hornets are building a very very nice competitive team. They just signed Lance Stephenson for 3 years 27 million dollars at 23 years old. You add Al Jefferson, Kimba Walker, Noah Vonleh, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cody Zeller with PJ Hariston and Luke Ridnour and that is a nice team. They aren’t good enough to win vs the west but they are easily a top 4 team in the East.IMO. I really like them and Washington. I personally would of kicked the tires on Lance Stephenson for 3 years 27 million because at age 23 this kid plays hard, has a lot of talent and at that contract price would of been a steal. He is still so young. Younger than MCW. A 3 year deal is right around the time the Sixers are expected to make moves so if his antics still existed we wouldn’t resign him. The Sixers like to gamble and Stephenson would of been a perfect player to gamble on.

    • The more I think about this the more I would of took a chance. The Sixers are 30 million under the cap and could of treated Lance(if he would of come) as a expiring contract for 2 years(3rd year is a player option I think). Teamed him up with MCW, Noel, Embid, and eventually Sarcic. Just imagine if Stephenson matures and his game keeps maturing? Wellthe good thing is Stephenson will be a FA in 2-3 years anyway so maybe we rethink and see what he becomes down the road.

      • I agree and made my post not seeing yours and stated about the same exact thing… Sorry about that..
        But I like the Hornets make up also and with Jefferson,Vonleh,
        Stephenson, Walker & Hairston have players with a little edge and toughness about them..
        I think the Hornets have had a great Off-Season with 2 solids picks in the Draft in Vonleh & Hairston who will contribute in Year 1
        And got the best all around Young Free-Agent in Stevenson
        In this Class and will be a Team to reckoned with the East
        Along the Wizards,Cavs for the next few Seasons
        as Pacers & Heat took steps back, and the Celtics & Knicks rebuilding
        The Bulls have the inside track if Guard D Rose is 80-85% of what he used to be..

  53. ****NBA News****
    Charlotte Hornets sign Guard Lance Stephenson
    To a 3 Year – $27 Million Deal to help give the Hornets a Defensive prescence out top that they haven’t had in years
    And nay put them in that #5-6 Range in the Easter.

    Projected Starters
    Guards – Kemba Walker, Lance Stephenson
    Forwards – Al Jefferson, Noah Vonleh
    Center – Tyler Zeller

    Bench has Ben Gordson, Gerald Henderson,
    M Gilchrist, L Ridnour, PJ Hairston

    • Paulman the Sixers could of treated Stephonson as a 1st round pick. At 23 you could of had him grow along side of MCW, Embid and Noel. The risk- would of been minimal for that type of money. If it didn’t work out it would of had no bearing on this 5 year plan. No draft picks to give up, no hindering of another players development and the money aspect wouldn’t effect the Sixers future plans at all. The only thing that could of happened is positive IMO. Hes 23.

      • I agree
        Having MCW & Stevenson out front as Defenders at 6-5″
        & 6-6″ would have helped the big guys Noel & Embiid more time to get set in the post positions defensively, negate drives to the basket and force Teams to have to shoot over the Top more often which would help tremendously versus Teams like the Cavs,Heat,
        Pacers & Wizards..
        At $9 Million per Season for 3 Years at age 23
        Stevenson is the steal of this Free-Agent Class with the most promising upside over any Guard in this Free-Agency
        Didn’t Bradley,Ariza,Lowry all sign bigger deals and gave nowhere near the Defensive tenacity that Stevenson had..

        • Honest to goodness Paulman for a team so far under the cap the money isn’t even important. That 3 year thing is what is important. To get him here I would of went up to 11-12 million just for 3 years.The Sixers have to spend money to be in compliance with the CBA I believe. The thing about it is 23 year old FA with talent usually don’t hit FA, especially not at that price.

        • SIXERS WERE SMART TO LEAVE HIM BE……He played over his head in some games, but you never saw any consistency throughout the year from him offensively, or defensively…..

          They’ll be trying to get rid of his contract in 2 years….So many people are suckers for the short moment players…..

          • I Disagree Cliff
            Stevenson has improved each Season, and his passion to play Defense is there every night.. His Shooting is streaky, but he is really known as Defensive Stopper and probably one of the Top 3 in the NBA at his Position Defensively..
            Him getting 15Pts + a Game from him is gravy if you ask me

            • He is the same player he was coming out of high school, just more focused as a professional – There is nothing special about his game, that’s deserving of a contract of 9 million a year Paul…

              That’s All Star money…

            • You totally overvalue Lance Stephenson Paul…

          • Gmcliff it definetly would be a risk I agree. But with the Sixers 30 million-445 million under the cap does it really matter? They were ready to take Jeremy Lins stinking 14 million dollar contract on for 1 year. What FA the Sixers are saving there money for will be available in 2-3 years? The Sixers after Richardsons contract comes off the books will be around 45 million under the cap. There was no downside to taking a chance. If Stevenson was in this draft he would of been a top 6 pick. Maybe it wouldn’t of worked out but just imagine if it did.

            • GM as soon as Lance steps on the court for the Sixers he automatically becomes the best player on the Sixers. If the no offensive MCW can avg 17 points on this bad team Lance would avg 23-25 he plays defense and plays with a edge. Now I don’t know if he can be controlled and that would be a risk. You stick MCW on the Pacers and he avg 9-11 points.

              • You know how I feel about MCW Dag……I don’t hate him, but I don’t love him either…

                My major concern, outside his game not being all of that, however with Stephenson, would be the selfish premaddona attitude he would bring to the locker room, on a very young team..

            • I don’t see it Dag, because eventually, his true colors would show after months of losing, and Thaddeus Young would still be the workhorse of this team, so he’d be jealous…..I just don’r like him..

          • agreed gmcliff. stevenson stinks, is a goof, a looooza and a sideshow. dont want him around dudes like mcw and noel

            • He’s not all that Big Mhenski….

            • MCW is too soft and too nice to be a impact Player at the NBA Level Stevenson would have helped him toughen up a bit, give this Team an edge so to speak, I admit, it’s a risk, but 76ers need to develop a Toughness and Swagger which is not the Personalities of Players like MCW, Noel or Embiid, or even Veteran Thad Young
              Who is going to demand that “kick-ass”, “take no prisoners” type of Attitude or Leadership on this Team moving forward….
              This type of Leader is still not on this 76er Roster

              • tough take no prisoners attitude does not work in the nba these days… all that does is send the other team to the line…

              • Which is not that bad of a outcome Henski since 50% of the Players shoot 65% or less from the Foul-Line anymore, the key is Fouling the right players
                I think the toughness factor is making a comeback in the NBA
                and I am not talking about “thug basketball” like the Pistons of 90’s, but the Pacers have been a Physical Team the last couple of Seasons and were close, The Bulls & Wizards play with an edge and attitude as does Portland,Memphis
                The Problem is that with the influx of all these Young Players year after year, is that now you end up with 30% of the NBA with Players who have been coddled, over-hyped, told how great they are since they were 12-14 years old and simply are just not mentally or physically tough enough… It’s a league becoming more filled with spoon-fed, spoiled kids,young adults in my opinion…

          • I too would have passed on the childish, immature buffoon that’s Lance “The Pest” Stephenson.

            He doesn’t fit the makeup of this team. Its like having Dcar in the locker room. Not worth the headache or the frustration

            Nothing but negativity surrounds the guy. I don’t care how young or old he is. He’s not worth the money or baggage attached to him

            Another great decision by Mr. Sam Hinkie

            • You call Stephenson, “childish, imature buffoon”, & say “I’m not worth the headache, or frustration”? Son, you have to be the most hypocritical, delusional, twisted brained, immature nut job, that I’ve ever encountered. You have the balls to talk smack about me? Go get your multiple Psychosis, & Delusional disorders checked, before you make failed attempts to rip somebody else. BWAHAHAHA!!!! Get lost you f^#@ing retard! You ain’t worth the $#!t out of my @$$!

              • My point exactly, your defense of a guy that showed nothing more than side show antics, loved having the camera on him, but it was for negative behavior, tapping Lebron in the mouth, blowing his stink breath in his ear, clotheslining Norris Cole, the list goes on

                He must’ve watched a Detroit Bad Boy Pistons reel and lost his mind. Its not the 80s early 90s. You cant get away with that crap anymore. Heck, the league shunned the Bad Boys for that and still do to this very day

                So your backing of this kind of guy is extremely telling

              • Who the F^#@ is backing him, you insane retarded f^#@? I can’t stand the stiff & would never want him on the Sixers! I was pointing out your hypocrisy, of calling him names, that you clearly always are! You are a buffoon, a nitwit, & in need of serious psychiatric care. Grow up, grow some pubes, get out of your mommies basement, get some pu$$y, then get back to me, you imbecilic court jester!

              • Just my .02 Cents
                I don’t really like or care for Stevenson’s antics either, as he does need to nature & grow puzzling
                But he the Best pure Guard Defender in the NBA, bar none…
                He is not Score though he had Career High
                averages last year for Scoring, shooting %, rebounds, minutes played, etc, etc and all at the age of 23..
                If I am building a Team, I want this Defensive Force on my Team and especially with a 3 Year – $ 27 Million Deal in comparison to what many other “Players” in the NBA are getting paid..

              • Dcreep is on my dick 24/7 on this site. He’s so preoccupied monitoring my post that he cant even share a sensible point about the teams.

                He even jumps to the defense of a guy Lance Stephenson that he doesn’t like either, if youre not pathetic IDK who is bro..

                He cant converse with someone that doesn’t share his opinions without cursing them out calling them every elementary name he can think of.

                You like to tell everyone your “45” start acting your age. Using the same lines same disorders same crap over and over again, grow up bum, its a tired story now

                Focus on moving your family out of the crack house your in you section 8 bum

                Enjoy the community pool on this wonderful day, with roaches floating in it hahaha

              • You are the only one on here 24/7, you fucktard! On your dick? Don’t flatter yourself nimrod, you have to be relevant & of importance, to have someone on your dick! BTW, speaking of on someones dick, how does Hinkie, Lebron, Noel, Embid, & Wiggins taste, loser? As for where I dwell with my family? I own 2 homes, 1 in South Philly & 1 in Delaware County. So your BS is getting tired! Like I said before, I have more $$$$ than you can ever hope to attain, & I can buy & sell you bitch! Go ahead, tell me how that means it’s a slave term, you imbecile!

    • Michael Jordan doesn’t know what he’s doing Paul….Lance Stephenson is not worth the money he just got……totally overrated as a player…

      Oh, and the Hornets still don’t have a squad…LOL!!….You really think they have something huh???….LOL!!

      • MJ has done a much better job this time around with the Hornets Cliff than the disaster he has with the Wizards… You act as if people can never learn or improve whether it’s Players,Coach’s or Team and you seem to be stuck in the past with most of your evaluations…
        Hornets are a decent Team and at least 2-3 Years ahead of the 76ers in terms of competing and rebuilding and at least they made the Playoffs last Season, for the 1st time in years and are on the way up and not down like some Franchises and have something to build on

        • My point is that their roster is it just looks good on paper to some, but to me he(Jordan) still doesn’t get it…..

          He has all of these overhyped College players on that roster whose game don’t blend with one another. I could care less how they compare with the Sixers right now; The Sixers could have a Dynasty if they do the right things, and Charlotte still be a perennial 7th – 8th seed with Jordan at the helm..

          They are in reality a n average team at best – that roster is lame…

        • the 76ers could benefit by getting rid of Noel too…..

          • Ain’t happening Cliff, Noel a 76er for the next 3 Seasons so get used to it..
            How about a gentleman’s bet that by the end of his Rookie Contract
            Noel will have have better Stats than Caldwell Jones ever had in his Career in Terms of Pts per Game, Shooting %, Rebounds & Block Shots .

            • agreed noel isnt going anywhere and im glad b.c his trade value is nothing right now. dudes played like 3 summer league games and got hurt in 2 of them…

              he is and will be a sixer

              • I know the Sixers have invested in him. However, I don’t think he is anything close to what they say he is.

                Paul, I say he is Caldwell Jones not because of stats – that ridiculous, Noel will be used totally different in this generations Sixers –

                I say that’s who he is to me, because of overall impact on this team. He’s not big enough to be the player some think he will be – even when he fills out more – .

                That knee is very fragile as Mhenski mentioned. Look at his game impartially, and looking at his potential impact, I see Caldwell Jones…

  54. Jon Harts boy Exum has been looking like slop

    • mcbuckets is just stuffing box scores and filling buckets.

      saric is spying on syria for turkey

        • HUGE mistake passing on mcbuckets for some stash guy that doesnt do anything well besides pass. dude saric cant finish about the rim, is relatively slow and isnt a great athlete… sixers have nobody not 1 guy that can score consistently, when are we gonna get that guy? mcbuckets wouldve dominated here and filled up the points column and with noel, embiid, mcw defense it wouldve been a very complimentary starting lineup.

          the more i see hienke operate the more i think he is a goof

          • GM Hinkle’s Plan is to Sign “McBuckets” when his Rookie Contract is up and comes off a season-ending Ankle injury in 2017 to get him on the Cheap… Pure Genius

          • I agree with you and I thought that he was the pick at 10. It all lined up, but I don’t think that Hinke wants anyone that can score on the team this year, because that will make next year’s tank job even harder.

            There is currently no one on this roster that can shoot. Not one guy.

      • Yeah I never quite understood why these players cant “develop” in the states. Doesn’t make sense why Saric couldn’t develop aside of MCW and Noel.

        • I think Saric, if/when he comes to Philly will be a good edition. I like McDermott’s game as well. However, I feel Saric has a better all around game. If Saric comes to the Sixers, as he says he will (hopefully), he will be good. I think Saric, like most players, does not like the thought of playing for a bad team night in and night out. I’m sure what team he plays for now, however I am sure they are better than the Sixers. The reason his contract is structured the way it is, is to allow Saric to see if the Sixers do develop and become competitive.

          In my opinion, if it were guaranteed Saric would play in the U.S. this year, he would have been a top five pick. Gordon and Exum are projects who don’t have the same skill Saric has now. Gordon is pure athleticism while Exum pure question mark. Actually, Exum is even more of a question mark having watched him play. Not sure why he was top five. Maybe he will prove me wrong.

          Patience is needed here.

          • That’s a nice situation to le Saric “see” if the Sixers become competitive’lol’ To bad MCW and crew don’t have that luxury to wait and “see”. PS don’t fool yourself theres no team in Europe better than the Sixers its like comparing Div 1 to a Div II scholl. Now an all-star team from Europe may be a different story. Saric is considered the best player in his league on the Sixers he isn’t better than MCW, Thad or Noel.

            • You’re right, too bad. It’s reality.

              The Sixers you saw last year featured players who were not NBA caliber. There is a reason they won less than 25% of their games. I’m sure you can find at least one European team that can beat the Sixers we saw last year. Maybe you were watching another 76ers team.

              Right now Saric may not be as good. Right now. However, give him three years in the NBA and I’m sure he could pass Thad and possibly MCW. He did develop his defense which he lacked last year. That is one aspect of his game he has improved. He has skills right now neither of them posses. He has a killer instinct and a desire to perfect his craft.

              Saric is human just like everyone else. Who would want to play with this horrible team when they could play a couple years closer to home, win, and not worry about giving up playing time? I’m sure he’ll feel more comfortable developing overseas. Basketball players are competitors just like other athletes. They hate losing. He stated if the Lakers of Celtics drafted him, he would come over immediately. He made a promise that he would play for the Sixers on TV. That’s all we can ask.

              I just don’t see how you can knock someone who doesn’t want to develop in the NBA. Instead, they would rather be more of a complete player when getting here.

              • Saric already had signed his 3 Year Deal with the Turkish Team
                about 3 days before the Draft so he had no idea when he would be Drafted or by which Team.. He already made the Decision to stay in Europe to work on his Game, hence, the 3 Year Deal with his Turkish Club which means he’s eligible to come to the NBA after fulfilling 2 Seasons of his 3 Year Deal…

              • According to David Pick, senior correspondent for, as reported by, Saric would play immediately in the NBA if drafted by either the Lakers or Celtics back in May.

                His agent probably heard from both franchises days before the draft that neither wanted to draft him, therefore he signed to play in Europe for two years with an option for the third.

                Why else would he sign that contract a few days before being drafted?

                Saric hinted at the possibility of trying to come sooner as seen below.

                “I think we can talk about that with Turkey team after the next season,” Saric said. “If a chance to be, I will come here to 76ers of Philadelphia.”

                I just feel it doesn’t make any sense for Saric to fly halfway around the world just to attend a draft for a league he has no intention playing for.

  55. On a side note, how is my man, Garry Harris Playing in the Summer League so far.. I haven’t heard much about him, though I have not been paying close attention either…

    • he shot 6-20 last night (1-7 from 3)

      through 3 games

      3pt %28.6
      ft %95
      rpg 4.3
      apg 1
      spg 2.3
      turnovers pg 2.67
      ppg 20

      • A pretty rough start like most of these young Players…
        I do think he will develop into a good Ball Player, no All-Star or anything Special, but a solid NBA Player with a decent Career..

        • Thnx for the Stats

          How is Jabari Parker looking..

        • He’s garbage just like I said Paul….

            • Your garbage Cliff
              Why even have a Draft or Summer League since you don’t think
              any Player Drafted can become a productive NBA Player
              Your becoming a Joke, which is sad to see and read about

              • uh right….LOL!!!!!

              • OR ARE YOU CALLING ME THAT BECAUSE HE WAS YOUR GUY, AND ….HE IS GARBAGE???…….and you don’t like the fact that I ‘m closer to being right again than you thought????……

                SMH, That’s why you’re my boy Paul…You’re a funny guy….LOL

              • I have no problem with the draft, or summer league…How else would I be able to make my point about Gary Harris….not as good as you thought he was huh???

              • I am not calling you out GMCliff
                I get it, you just don’t like any Prospects from this Draft and they all suck and have no upside even thought they are 19-20-22 Years old unless you listed them first… What a Schmuck…

              • Nope just Nerlens Noel, Aaron Gordon, Gary Harris, Jerami Grant, Tyler Ennis, Adrien Payne, Nik Stauskus, Zack LaVine, and Shabazz Napier…..

                I like Wiggins Parker, Exum, Randle McDermottr, Kyle Anderson..

                I think the Sixers got the steal of the draft with Jordan McRae; He’s been more impressive to me than Noel, as has Ronald Roberts, and Jakarr Sampson – who weren’t even drafted…

                I know when I see talent, and know when I don’t……

              • and Gary Harris ain’t it….LOL!!!

            • GM I agree. I like Roberts and Sampson a lot. Very very athletic 6 8 forwards. I have been impressed with both.

  56. Have the Sixers changed the lottery selection? Owners to vote.

    Tanking — and even the perception of tanking — has become a real problem for the NBA with no easy fix.

    The purpose of a draft is to help some of the league’s worst teams get better and to give those fan bases hope for the future. The problem is the current system incentivized losing — you need elite players to win and for middle to small markets the only way to get them is to be high up in the draft. So call it rebuilding, call it tanking, call it whatever you want there were incentives not to win a lot of games.

    The NBA’s competition committee looked at a variety of options debated a new system that tries to walk the fine line of helping weaker teams while disincentivising losing. Zach Lowe of Grantland broke the story with a description of what teams may vote on.

    The league’s proposal gives at least the four worst teams the same chance at winning the no. 1 pick: approximately an identical 11 percent shot for each club. The odds decline slowly from there, with the team in the next spot holding a 10 percent chance. The lottery team with the best record will have a 2 percent chance of leaping to the no. 1 pick, up from the minuscule 0.5 percent chance it has under the current system.

    The proposal also calls for the drawing of the first six picks via the Ping-Pong ball lottery, sources say. The current lottery system actually involves the drawing of only the top three selections. The rest of the lottery goes in order of record, from worst to best, after the top-three drawing is over.

    There are several proposals in this general ballpark, according to Lowe, with different numbers in them but the same basic idea of flattening out the odds.

    The goal here is clear — if it doesn’t matter much if you have the worst record or the 6th worst record (a percentage point or two at most) then the incentive to lose games and get that worst record is gone. The goal is to target teams such as last season’s Philadelphia squad that was clearly built with the intent of being a high lottery team.

    The two concerns about the new system laid out by Lowe are first when it would be implemented — teams have been constructing rosters this summer and in recent years with an understanding that this lottery system would be in place — and second would teams still try to tank late in the season to improve their position a few slots.

    That might happen in any system — there is no perfect lottery system, no easy answer. This will likely get modified and tweaked more before any kind of vote happens.

    But with an image conscious NBA (one truing to negotiate massive new television deal) the perception of tanking issue is going to force action sooner rather than later

  57. That tower of strength Noel, left another game with an issue. That makes 4 twisted ankles, a knee, & hammy, in a handful of Summer league games. Like I said, if he doesn’t bulk up, which is highly unlikely given is incapability of putting on weight, he will be nothing more than Ratliff 2.0, Dalembert 2.0. Summer league stats are meaningless. Let’s see how he fairs when REAL games, against REAL NBA players start banging his twig @$$ around. He will be plagued with nagging injuries his entire career. Noel & Embid, are damaged goods, & for big men, who are projects, that isn’t good news! YAH, that genius Hinkie IS THE MAN & will reinvent the NBA!!!!!

    • Agree about the injuries a little annoying, but Anthony Davis has the same measurables as Noel. Practically the same size and weight and he has had success in the Nba so far. Not his team but him personally, now I will say I think Davis is more talented than Noel’s. But in today’s Nba where are a few real men that man the paint anymore, Noel can be successful.

      • pdiddy, there is a big difference between Davis & Noel. Davis is far more superior offensively, doesn’t have the injury history, & his game is more of a perimeter game. Noel is a shot blocker only right now. He has no shot, nor offensive game & if he is going to consistently play the game in the paint, he will be pushed around, injured, & not score, or rebound consistently. That’s all I’m trying to say. I’m just trying to smarten up the imbeciles on here, getting boners over a handful of Summer league games. Let’s see if he could play against real NBA players, in real games, not against guys, that 3/4 of them won’t even make the NBA.

  58. By the way D Ratliff was a hell of a player for the sixers why he was here. He maned the paint well for the sixers until he got hurt. Don’t understand your dislike for Theo.

    • pdiddy, I had nothing against Ratliff. He was what he was, a mediocre player, decent presence inside, with no offensive game, was a shot blocker only, & always injured. Same as Dalembert.

      Davis- 6’10” 220. Better shot & far more superior offensively than Noel.
      Ratliff- 6’10” 235. Exact same game, style & injury history as Noel.
      Dalembert- 6’11” 250. Exact same game, style & injury history as Noel.
      Noel- 6’11” 225.
      Can Noel, improve? Of course. Can he bulk up & gain weight? Not unless he kills himself at the gym. He himself said he cannot gain alot of weight because of his metabolism. All I’m trying to say to the imbeciles on here, is to stop dropping their panties, pom-pom waving like a bunch of roadies & groupies, over a handful of Summer league games & overevaluating this guy unwarranted.

      • Anthony Davis, was an All American Point Guard in his Junior year in High School, and had a growth spurt of 7 inches, before his senior year….

        He is a coordinated big man, with way more talent then Noel. That’s why he is his teams Power Forward; Noel isn’t a power nothing, has no handle, or low post moves……..You can compare their size, but Davis skill level is absolutely superior to Noel.

        If Davis were on the Sixers, he would be our Power Foward, and Embiid would be our Center. …

        It makes no sense that some on here think he is a true piece of the Sixers future, when he just isn’t good enough. What are you looking at???

        • gmcliff, exactly! The ill-informed, delusional, & ignorant, won’t understand that! He did have that freaky growth spurt. Same thing happened to my twin boys. They both went from 5’8″-5’9″ in their Sophomore year of HS, to now 6’4″ in their Sophomore year in college. By the time they are done, they’re going to be 2-3 inches bigger than their pop. BWAHAHAHA!!! Good stuff gmc.

        • Anthony Davis was an All American PG!?!?!? Lies lies lies!!! He wasn’t even on the AAU scene as a notable til AFTER his growth spurt!?!?! The no.1 guard and no.1 player going into 2011 was Doc Rivers boy.

          Sorry but you just lied your ass off.

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about IJ…

            You’re so anxious to discredit me, that you don’t give thought to what you are saying.

            Anthony Davis was an all American Point Guard. Austin Rivers was not the #1 Player in America at that time…..

            All due respect though, because SOME – maybe 2 or 3 – did have Rivers ranked the #1 player coming out of 2010 . But not going into 2011 – up until Anthony Davis growth spurt – with the skills he already possessed propelled him past Austin Rivers.

            unday, April 17, 2011
            By Jason Hickman |

            There may never be another story in high school basketball quite like Anthony Davis of Perspectives Charter (Chicago, Ill.).

            In a basketball landscape that features rankings for players all the way down to the fifth grade, Davis’ name surfaced when – following a six-inch growth spurt – the All American Chicago product went from a 6-foot-3 guard to a 6-9 forward with guard skills.

            Chicago’s Anthony Davis rises to No. 1 in’s final 2011 Top 100.
            Photo by Sam Forencich/USA Basketball
            Chicago’s Anthony Davis rises to No. 1
            in’s final 2011 Top 100.

            The transformation has him drawing comparisons to talents as unique as Kevin Durant and Kevin Garnett, which illustrates that nobody is quite sure what kind of player he can become – or just how good he can be. After averaging 32 points and 18 rebounds per game as a senior at Perspectives and 19.6 points and 9.0 rebounds in a series of postseason all-star showcases (McDonald’s All-American Game, Nike Hoop Summit, Jordan Brand Classic), the future seems limitless.

            Davis is the new No. 1 prospect in’s Class of 2011 Top 100. The Kentucky signee wrestled the top spot from another future Wildcat, St. Patrick (Elizabeth, N.J.) forward Michael Gilchrist. A 6-7, 220-pound first team All-American, Gilchrist had held the position since August 2009 and heads to Lexington as the No. 3 prospect overall.

            Staying in the second spot is shooting guard Austin Rivers,’s National Player of the Year after pouring in over 28 points per game and leading Winter Park (Fla.) to its second-straight state championship.

            No. 4 is Florida signee Brad Beal, a do-it-all guard coming off a monster season at Chaminade (St. Louis, Mo.) where he put up over 32 points per game and led the Flyers to a 26-0 record before falling victim to a playoff upset. He was the co-MVP of the FIBA U17 World Championship in Germany last summer.

            Joining Beal as co-MVP at the international event was James McAdoo of Norfolk Christian (Norfolk, Va.), a North Carolina-bound forward who rounds out the top five of’s 2011 Top 100. After an injury slowed him down in 2009, the 6-8, 220-pounder returned to form last summer and produced over 23 points and eight rebounds per game as a senior.

            The Top 100 is a composite look at the nation’s top prospects based on high school success and production, as well as potential at the collegiate level and beyond.

            • Class of 2011 Top 100

              Rank Name Stars College
              1 Anthony Davis, SF/PF
              Perspectives-IIT Math & Science/Joslin (Chicago, IL)
              2 Austin Rivers, SG
              Winter Park (FL)
              3 Michael Gilchrist, SF/PF
              St. Patrick (Elizabeth, NJ)
              4 Brad Beal, SG
              Chaminade (St. Louis, MO)
              5 James McAdoo, PF/SF
              Norfolk Christian (Norfolk, VA)
              North Carolina
              6 Adonis Thomas, SF
              Melrose (Memphis, TN)
              7 Quincy Miller, SF/PF
              Westchester Academy (High Point, NC)
              8 Myck Kabongo, PG
              Findlay Prep (Henderson, NV)
              9 Marquis Teague, PG
              Pike (Indianapolis, IN)
              10 B.J. Young, PG
              McCluer North (Florissant, MO)
              11 Trevor Lacey, SG
              Butler (Huntsville, AL)

              12 Kyle Wiltjer, PF
              Jesuit (Portland, OR)
              13 LaQuinton Ross, SF
              Life Center Academy (Burlington, NJ)
              Ohio State
              14 Jabari Brown, SG/PG
              Oakland (CA)
              15 Shannon Scott, PG
              Milton (Alpharetta, GA)
              Ohio State
              16 Cody Zeller, PF/C
              Washington (IN)
              17 Khem Birch, PF
              Notre Dame Prep (Fitchburg, MA)
              18 Amir Williams, C
              Detroit Country Day (Beverly Hills, MI)
              Ohio State
              19 DeAndre Daniels, SF
              IMG Academies (Bradenton, FL)

              20 Dorian Finney-Smith, SF/PF
              Norcom (Portsmouth, VA)
              Virginia Tech
              21 LeBryan Nash, SF/PF
              Lincoln (Dallas, TX)
              Oklahoma State
              22 P.J. Hairston, SG/SF
              Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, VA)
              North Carolina
              23 Tyrone Johnson, PG
              Montrose Christian (Rockville, MD)
              24 Wayne Blackshear, SG/SF
              Morgan Park (Chicago, IL)
              25 Nick Johnson, SG
              Findlay Prep (Henderson, NV)
              26 Rodney Hood, SF
              Meridian (MS)
              Mississippi State
              27 Quinn Cook, PG
              Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA)
              28 Tony Wroten Jr., SG/PG
              Garfield (Seattle, WA)
              29 Otto Porter, PF
              Scott County Central (Sikeston, MO)
              30 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG
              Greenville (GA)

            • Stop lying GMCliff. Now spinning and backtracking. You did nothing but post the final 2011 list. Davis was not a prospect until the beginning of 2011. Was not a tracked and ranked top PG. He was tracked after his growth spurt and was unknown. You show me one 2010 Rivals track that him as a top 10 guard. You have no clue on the AU scene and just copy pasted nonsense. Rivers was the top guard two years running. Michael Kidd Gilchrist was the top recruit for Calupari going into 2011 when Davis CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. It wasn’t until he showed out at the Jordan Classic he became consensus.

              Please stop your nonsense. You just discredited yourself. I don’t want to hear anything until you show Anthony Davis track as a top all american prospect outside of 2011. His growth spurt was his god send.

              • The article above was pasted and mentioned he was an all american….why don’t you post something that states otherwise…..

                You’ve called me a liar twice – watch your mouth – twice, and I’ve proven you wrong….what is your definition of backtracking? I have no idea what you’re talking about –

                Yes, this is the All American list for 2011, whose trying to be deceptive??….is Austin Rivers the #1 Prospect?…Is that not what YOU stated?……Then I rebutted your statement…..You’re a prideful, stubborn SOB aren’t you IJ??…..LOL!!…and you’re still wrong.

              • GMCliff….you lied got caught. You could have simply said my bad it was a slip but you didnt.

                Anthony Davis, was an All American Point Guard in his Junior year in High School, and had a growth spurt of 7 inches, before his senior year….


                In a basketball landscape that features rankings for players all the way down to the fifth grade, Davis’ name surfaced when – following a six-inch growth spurt – the All American Chicago product went from a 6-foot-3 guard to a 6-9 forward with guard skills.

                Since either you cant read…youre stupid…or youre so damn busy acting like a knowitall…IT CLEARLY STATES…THE KID WAS NOT ON THE DAMN RADAR UNTIL AFTER THE GROWTH SPURT AND WAS NOT A RANKED PLAYER AT G.


    • pdiddy, BTW, does Noel look a back in the day, uglier, bigger, malnutritioned versioned of Ricky Bell, from Bell Biv DeVoe, or is it just me? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  59. I think the weight issues will be fine. People sometimes get carried away with measurables. Anthony Davis, according to, is one inch shorter and eight pounds lighter than Noel yet has done well.

    My biggest concern is not physical, its the offensive skills. If he can develop the jumper he’ll be fine.

    It seems like the “injuries” he suffered during the summer league are all minor anyway.

    • Davis came into the league with skills; He didn’t have to develop a game.

      If you have to develop a game, you are in essence a project……correct???

    • tua, the injuries aren’t major, but they are wracking up, & are nagging, lingering type of injuries, especially for a big man. Ankles & Hammies, are a bitch for big men to play with, especially in Browns high tempo, high pace offense. Dudes are dropping like flies in the Summer league. BTW, if he can’t bulk up, you have to worry about him being physically overmatched.

  60. Noel can’t stay in a summer league game long enough to actually develop.

  61. What Player Ever Entered The NBA Without Having To Develop? Maybe I’m Watching A Different League. Mike, LeBron, Tim, Kobe. They All Develop Aspects Of Their Game. Kobe Went On Record To Say His GMme Wasn’t Fully Developed Until 2003.

    • Tua, there is a difference between developing, a game, and enhancing your game…

      Noel, has to develop, because something was never there. He will enhance his defensive skills, because he has a foundation of skill that doesn’t have to be developed defensively – It’s actually instinctive for him…..

      The All time greats that you mentioned, all had a foundation of skill that did not have to be developed – in other words, you’re not starting from square one with them – their skills were enhanced through experience, their drive, and intestinal fortitude.

      If they didn’t have the foundation already, they would be in the same category as Noel.

      The Sixers know it too. That’s why you won’t see him in games against teams in the summer league that have Big Centers on their team , that will push him around, and expose him as the fraud chip that he is…….then OOOPP, there goes their crap marketing of Nerlens Noel, that they keep trying to feed the Delaware Valley…….Some of us are not that gullible

      • Lebron one-on-one defensively was not much when he first came to the NBA. Sure he could run players down and block them from behind, however one-on-one was another story. He could not shut people down like he can today. He developed it.

        What exactly is considered greatness? Is it being great on both sides of the ball? If so, the players I mentioned are probably the extent of what is considered to be great players in the NBA the past 15 years.

        Most players that are considered great, are not the rare two-way players that were mentioned. Wade, Iverson, Anthony, Durant do not posses the defensive skills to be considered shut down defenders even though many people consider them great.

        However, when players are not great offensive players, they somehow are not considered great period. My point is that people look at players who like defense but can score as being great, however if they play great D and can’t score they are not great.

        I think most people, if they don’t already, will compare Noel to a Joakim Noah (who recently “developed” his offense), Ben Wallace, and Dennis Rodman. None of which provide a ton of offense, however were/are critical to their clubs ability to win.

        Players who are currently developing their offense are Paul George and Kwahi Leonard. They both lacked the ability to score coming into the NBA, however are developing offensively. I see this trend continuing with Noel.

        Noel is a player who is given an overall grade of A- by and is considered the top rookie in the summer league according to Don’t forget this is supposed to be a “deep” draft with such great talent. However, the guy who went 6th in a “terrible” draft and missed nearly 18 months of playing competitive basketball is somehow playing better than most. I’m just saying when he continues to hone his skills I think he will be great for this team.

        • In recent years, I’ve found Bleachers Reporters to be totally uninsightful when it comes to the talents of the professional athletes. What they think means nothing to me.

          Nerlens Noel is limited, and will continue to be that, and nothing close to great. You’re welcome to drink the Kool-Aid, but don’t shy away when time proves I’m right….:)

          • It’s fantastic you don’t care what they think. However, they seem to agree with other sites that agree Noel had a great summer league. You would be hard pressed to find something significant that indicates otherwise.

            I agree he is limited just like 95% of the players that are in the league now and that have played prior to Noel. It’s very difficult to find players in the NBA now and in the past that are not/were not limited.
            You can find flaws in most player’s games.

            Noel does not have to be flawless to be great for this team. I think that’s where our disagreement is. Noah(defensive player of the year) has limits, Wallace had limits, Rodman had limits. Most players have limits. It is the role the play has on a club that is important.

            Current players that are considered “great” have limits. Carmelo(no D), Wade (poor D and no knees), Durant (too weak to guard bigs), Westbrook (careless with the ball), Rose (no jumper or knees), Howard (can’t shoot from outside). All considered great players, however all have limits.

            • t’s fantastic you don’t care what they think. However, they seem to agree with other sites that agree Noel had a great summer league. You would be hard pressed to find something significant that indicates otherwise.

              1. It seems that you’re one of a few that can’t see that those in agreement, don’t know what they’re talking about. If they did it would be obvious – significantly obvious – that reality is otherwise.

              Tua, these writers, and so called experts have been wrong on prospects for years man. We don’t listen to them, and just because that’s their opinion doesn’t automatically mean they’re right….

              We aren’t talking about other players, we’re talking about Noel – Who is significantly limited in talent – Those other players you’ve mentioned have WAY more talented, and have proven they are NBA Players year in and year out, THROUGHOUT, an 82 game season.

              You are HOPING Nerlens Noel can do that – uf you think he is what you think he is, and will become – you my friend are a sucker – and don’t know what you are talking about either….

              • And also there as many, or more that say otherwise as those who agree with you. John Nash stated plainly that he had serious doubts, not only that Nerlens Noel can play, but hold up to an 82 game season, AND HE IS ONLY ONE OF MANY……

              • I think he absolutely is what I think he is. Plain English I think he is another Joakim Noah. I’m not sure how else I can say it to make it more simply than that. I’m simply using the various sources, who were all in agreement, to back my claim. I did not ever simply look at an article to decide if he is going to make a mark in this league. Instead, I watched him while he was in college and the summer league. What I have seen so far is a player that plays with intensity and competitiveness on the defensive end. Since I have seen this, I have reason to believe this can continue for years to come, obviously barring injury(like every player). I am not one of those Andrew Wiggins followers who references potential based on athletic ability, instead I’m basing my opinion off of actually seeing it on the court.

                I said Noel will be great for this team. Put simply, I feel he will be great in his defensive role. I don’t think the Sixers feel they can turn Noel into a dominant offensive force. That is not what they drafted him to do. I certainly don’t think that and never have stated such. Instead, I said he can develop an offensive game.

                I don’t think it is a stretch to believe Noel can become a great shot blocker. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe Noel can be a good rebounder. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe Noel can eventually develop a jumper to put up a solid 15 a night. It is all possible.

                The reason why I’m listing the other players is to simply demonstrate examples of players (Leonard and George) who have recently developed their offensive games.

                The Rodman, Noah, Wallace references were to show how defensive specialists are not given their due accolades, while offensive player are praised even though their flaws are tremendous.

                The other players I listed are considered “great” but are limited. Here, I simply responded to your comment that Noel is “limited and always will be.” The players I listed are considered “great” but are limited nonetheless. Most players always have limits in their game and always will have those limits, yet will continued to be considered great.

                You seem to be reading into the words instead of reading the words i’m writing. This is not to take a shot at you, I just feel your perception of me is that I think Noel walks on water. That is not the case. I think he is a perfect fit in what the Sixers plan for him. Also, I think he fits Philly itself because of his style of play.

              • And with all that said, I agree – you don’t know what you’re talking about…………LOL!!!!!!

                So what will you say when – not if – WHEN, he turns out just like I said???

              • I don’t think he will. Instead, I think he will turn out to be better than the terrible bust you believe him to be. If people were to listen to you, they would think Noel doesn’t know what a basketball looks like. Your assessment is uninsightful at best. It is backed up with no examples, explanation or aforethought.

                The only thing I’m hearing from you is that he is bad because you said so and every analyst is wrong because some random guy agrees with you.

                Poor analysis. Persuasiveness desperately needs improvement.

              • bLAH, bLAH, BLAH…..What are going to think of your assessment of him when HE proves me right???

                I’ve been making these comments on players not talented enough for the NFL, or NBA, for years…..You’re just another mouth that will close, when reality sets in – and I’m proven right….

              • You have yet to explain how or why he will be so terribly bad. Once it is proven, I will not/cannot simply believe it. Prove me wrong, don’t just tell me I’m wrong.

              • The eye of experience. I can actually show you better than I can tell you. Let’s allow Nerlens Noel to prove me right…agreed??

  62. Michael Jordan was so-so his first few seasons..These Guys are nuts on here expecting 19-20-21-22 Year Old Kids to step right in and be studs in the NBA or claim that they are Busts already
    Look at Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Lemarcus Aldridge,
    Westbrook, Durant,Kevin Love ,Dwayne Wade, and on and on, did any of these Players not improve with experience and maturity??

    • Michael Jordan was so so at what? He destroyed the NBA from day 1. See when you say things like that it makes you sound ridiculous and will say anything to enhance your point of view. SMDH.

      • Jordan was the man year one.

        In the pros, either you have it or you don’t. If you have it, and enhance it. Those are the ones that are successful.

        Yes, prospects can develop, but they enhance what they already have.

        There is a slight difference between NBA Prospects, and NFL Prospects when it comes to developing….

        NFL Prospects, in some cases need that time, because of the physicality of that game, as well as the mental part – but some that seem like they have it in college, don’t in the Pros because they’ve already peaked, their skill aare masked behind superior talent, or college scheme ( ala Johnny Manziel) or their skill set just doesn’t translate to that level of play…

        NBA,either you have it, and your skills will be enhanced with experience, ….or you don’t have it, and the fans will continue to rationalize that you will get better with time….

    • Paul, those guys already had skills, and you could see all they needed was time…….You kill me with that, “give them 3-4 years, they’ll be real good”, crap.

      No, you hope they will be good………Just like you hope Noel will be good, and Lame Johnson will be good, and Gary Harris will be good, and others that are proving to be – not all that you think

      Noel has no skill except shot blocking. I say he will be traded at some point of his contract with the Sixers especially when Embiid gets well. There is too much, better talent coming up the road – especially in 2016 – for the Sixers to compromise dominance by keeping a weak gamed Nerlens Noel….

    • Tim Duncan, Durant, Westbrook, Wade, Kevin Love and Aldridge were superstars day one Paul.

      As was Iverson, LeBron, Penny Hardaway, Shaq, James Worthy, Magic, Bird, and others.

      You’re making my point. You could see the talent with those guys….you don’t see that in Noel….that’s wishful thinking bruh……

      • I never said “Noel” will be a Star, Cliff
        I say give the kid a chance before writing him off as a Bust as any of these other 19-20-21-22 Year Old’s who are just starting their Professional Careers.. .

        Russell Westbrook Rookie Season
        (2008) – Shot 39% from the Field, (27% from 3 Pt Line) with 3.5 Turnovers a Game and Averaged 15 Pts a game on a bad Team where he had plenty of playing time

        Kevin Durant Rookie Season (2007) – Shot 43% from the Field (28% from 3 Pt line with 3.5 Turnovers a Game and Averaged 20 Pts on a Bad Team

        Dwayne Wade
        (2003) Shot 46% from the Field, (30% from 3Pt Line), 3.2 Turnovers per game and Averaged 16 Pts per game

        LeMarcus Aldridge
        (2006 – 63 Games) Shot 50% from the Field but only attempted 7.5 Shots a Game , (No 3 Pt Shots attempted) and Averaged 9 Pts a Game & 5 Rebounds a Game

        Kevin Love
        (2008 – 81 Games) Shot 46% from Field on 8.5 Shots per Game
        10% from 3 Pt Line, Averaged 11 Pts per game & 9 Rebounds per Game

        • I never said he will be a bust, mainly because he was never considered to be a superstar. My point is he will not be what the Sixers, and some of you guys think he will be. His contribution will be more like Caldwell Jones.

          Stop with the stats Paul, they mean nothing………Those guys were stars for the contributions they made on their teams, and for the talent that they already possessed when they walked onto the court day one, regardless of if they were rebuilding or not…….You could see the talent. You don’t see that in Noel.

          He will be an excellent pawn in a trade for more impact, when they get good, and go after Kevin Durant in free agency in the 2016 season…

          • Talking out of your ass again as usual
            1 Argument you validate with Stats, then when it’s convenient, your disregard the Stats.. All these Players have Talent, lot has to do on how the Talent Level and Coaching is on the Team that they land on and what they are asked to do as players depending in what “System” they are playing in
            Dewayne Wade was expected to be a Superstar or Kevin Love or
            Lemarcus Aldrife or Russell Westbrook.. They all have worked extremley hard to improve their games and have been fortunate to be on Teams that were patient with them and had their Coach’s work with them to utilize their Skills.. You act as if everything is black or white and your wrong..
            Besides, Why Would Durant wants anything to do with the 76ers Cliff ??
            Why would he ?

            • The Sixers will be an up and coming team by 2016, and be able to give him more money than any other team other than Oklahoma, and after how they’ve treated him this year. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he wanted a change..

            • Oh, and I don’t talk out of my rear ever…..and don’t need to… my brain provides more than satisfactory knowledge, and logic FYI…

          • Hold on NOW YOU’RE AN EMBIID FAN!?!?!?

    • Come on paul. Jordan averaged 28 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds, 2.5 steals his rookie year, & only played in 18 games his 2nd year, because of a broken foot, but still averaged 22, 3,3,2. I told you before, stick to Baseball & football. Yes all those other players improved with time, but one thing all of them had in common, that Noel doesn’t, an offensive game & more than 1 attribute. Noel is a shot blocker only. Period!

      • MJ was a David Stern Creation to rebuild the NBA with Star Power since the Magic/Bird/Isiah Days were coming to an end, a new TV Contract and CBA Agreement was coming and Stern was paid millions by Nike, Gatorade,Ted Turner, ABC & ESPN and then Mayor Daley and the Chicago Mob to have MJ the Star of the NBA and to let other Teams let their guard down when playing them and also to pay the Refs off to give Call after Call to MJ…. Everyone already knows this which is why MJ never talks about his early Years in the NBA.. It was a Charade…

        • You are nuts! You taking SONGS medicine now? I guess they slipped inoculations in the rest of the NBA’s Gatorade too? GTFOH! BWAHAHAHAHA! That’s your best yet.

        • Paulman now you just sound stupid, just stop man comparing Noel to every one of those guys is nonsense he doesnt have the offensive talent that any of those guys have and like Cliff says you don’t learn it at the NBA level.I have no idea why you would even bring Jordan into this conversation.

          • Who ever said that Noel is going to be a Future All_Star like the guys on this list have become… My point is that no one on here knows how Noel will or will not turn out in 2-3-4 Seasons just like none of knows about any of these Drafted Prospects in any Sport…
            Let’s give it some time before calling Players Bust’s though, for that’s just Bullshit… I will make 1 Exception though, and that’s Matt Barkley who has no business being in the NFL … Ha Ha ..

  63. Maybe we shouldn’t be making all these broad statements after 10 summer league games. Noel is nowhere near game shape which is why he’s getting all these tweaks. McDaniel and McRae look like rotation players but guess what? The summer leagues mean nothing. I understand this was a dead period in sports but these comparisons and predictions are just crazy.

  64. if hienke had any brain he would be blowing up the cavs and minny to do anything to get wiggins. if i am sam hienke i am trying to get involved with the cavs and wolves in a 3 team trade. my reasonable trade scenario

    in a 3 team deal
    sixers get wiggins
    cavs get love
    wolves get MCW, Nerlins Noel and a cavaliers 1st round draft pick

    the sixers then sign eric bledsoe

    that sets the sixers up for a 2015 starting lineup of

    pg bledsoe
    sg Emmanuel Mudiay
    sf wiggins
    pf ????
    c embiid

    DO IT

    • You can’t give them MCW right now, nor any of our future draft picks.

      I would throw in Thaddeus Young, if I could get a #1 for 2016, from Minnesota, and a #1 pick in 2017 from Cleveland…

      • im not giving them future draft picks. why cant u give them mcw now? ill take bledsoe, embiid, wiggins, ? ? over mcw, noel, embiid, ? ?

        • I think you’re overrating Bledsoe…MCW, has way more upside than he does. This was Bledsoe’s best season as a pro – Like Lance Stephenson – it’s like an aberration, more so than the fact, and I think he’s very much overrated as a player, because of it.

          I would take MCW, Wiggins, and Embiid potentially over having Eric Bledsoe at all……With all due respect, Thumbs down from me on Bledsoe Big Mhenski…

          • point is u cant have wiggins without moving mcw. id also take mcw wiggins and embiid but you arent getting wiggins without moving mcw and noel.

            • Bledsoe is a half year wonder. He sucked for his 1st 3.5 years.

              • imo ur wrong. he didnt suck the last 3.5 years, his development was blocked by chris paul and once he got a chance to shine he dominated until he got hurt. im not a huge bledsoe guy but dude is young, just getting started and can score from anywhere. i would sell noel and mcw to get wiggins then scoop up bledsoe in a heartbeat. but mcw isnt going anywhere so im sure bledsoe wont get signed here, which is a shame because we have zero scorers. imo heinke is a dumb cunt

            • You wouldn’t have to. That’s why you would have to add Thad in that deal to compensate a little for Love’s salary, and what other bad contracts you take on from the Wolves, and Cavs…

              Giving them Noel, Thad, gives them a nucleus, and getting 1st Round draft picks in 2015, and 2016 from Cleveland, allows them cap space, and the ability to rebuild through the draft as well as free agency quickly.

              • Ain’t happening Cliff or anyone else ..
                If GM Hinkle & 76ers were going to make some moves for 2014 Roster, it would have happened 2-3 weeks ago at the Draft and early during the Free-Agency Period
                76ers will rebuild with MCW, Thadd,Noel, Embiid (when Healthy) and other Draft Picks for 2014 and Draft a few more Prospects in 2015 and go from there and then maybe add a Top Tier Free-Agent in 2016…
                There is no Silver-Bullet in Hinkle’s Rebuilding Plan and that’s the way it is…

              • Hinkie is a jackass clueless cunthole. i was fine with tanking now tanking is over and it netted us some giant with a fucked up foot that posts hilarious shit on twitter and some faggot foreigner in turkey. its an absolute disgrace we wasted a 10 pick on a stash guy and equally disgraceful this gm isnt giving the fans anything to watch. its one thing to be awful and another to just blatantly give the fans absolutely nothing for multiple years… fuck this guy hinkie. dude has done absolutely nothing here but get rid of players, and draft hurt guys. he has shown zero creativity, zero vision and has given us fans absolutely nothing.

                fucking embarrassing

  65. Word is GM Hinkle taking the Lakers GM Position in 2016 after Kobe Retires and after GM Kupchak Resigns… Keep your ears open for bad deals involving the Lakers over the next 2 Seasons

  66. One thing for sure, the Sixers have filled that void until Eagles training camp starts. With the Phillies sliding backwards this year, the Sixers kept it interesting for philly fans. LETS GO BIRDS

  67. Gmcliff and Paulman is there beef brewing, I’ve noticed you guys have been getting at each other a little bit. Is there another Mhenski, Jon hart type beef brewing. By the way the Mhenski and JH battles are Gcobb legendary funny as hell.

    • PDiddy its like we are in solitary confinement and are only able to communicate from our cells to one another. We cant see each other but we can yell out of our cells. TC cant get here soon enough.

      • We are all lifers and waddle in the same 50 year misery.

        • PDiddy the beautiful thing about it is that not one of us will be released before the other. Eithier we all get paroled together(with a championship) or we all stay in this NFL dungeon of hell together for eternity.

    • Paul, and I like each other – unlike Big Mhenski, and JH

      Totally different situation, although Paul can be on his period some time.

      • I have zero issues with anyone on this site haha that’s whats so funny. Whatever I say is usually in defense of what someone has said to me

        Henski and Dcar are the two who watch my every move on this worthless blog site

        I just share my opinions of the teams and give the news I care to mention, with a source on it or unrelated..

        I’ll stop stooping to these guys level though, I’ll just keep it sports related.

        I may get a bit carried away responding to their stupidity, I’m sure its great laughs but seriously a waste of time

        I’m looking forward to Eagles Training Camp though!

        Go Birds!

  68. Agreed dag, let’s get this training camp started go birds.

    • Pdiddy,
      All’s good between me & GMCliff..
      I just get a little tired of him writing off every Draft Prospect, that I mention
      As a bust before they even suit up and Play, and his just like he’s probably tired of my Mocks,Trade Alerts, & Goofy Stories.. But all in Fun…
      I’m too old to hate and hold grudges for it’s wasted energy & time as far as I am concerned.. But I do enjoy busting stones… Ha
      Did I mention that I was the only Poster on here that
      Stated LeBron James would go back to Cleveland…
      These guys hate when I am correct.. Ha

      • LOL!!! That’s code for I’m tired of him being right about these prospects Diddy, and me being so far off…

        Your mocks don’t bother me at all I enjoy them…..You;re the one with the complex. I’m not thinking about what others do on this site.

        I give my opinion, make a statement, and stick to my guns, and to the objection of some…. are rarely wrong

        • Ha Ha… I am sending a Nerlins Noel & Gary Harris “2020 US Olympic
          Bobble-Heat Set” to Cliff for Christmas

          • I don’t celebrate Christmas…….

            and you would be dreaming if you think either would be good enough to reach that level of excellence…

            That’s Okay Paul, reality will set in sooner or later as usual for you…

  69. This shit on here is to funny. You know what the GCobb faithful should do is pick a game during the season, find a neutral location(I know a lot of Gcobbers are spread out) and watch a game together. I bet it would be a epic event.

    • If everyone showed a brawl would take place before kick off, that would be must see TV.

    • 4-5 Options..

      1) GMCliff’s 5 BR, 3500Ft Delaware County Place
      2) JH’s Basement
      3) Vinnie the Victor’s Place in Europe or Canada
      4) Songs Pjace in Washington,DC
      5) Paulman’s Place in Boone,NC

      Good Grief!!!!!

  70. Wow the ego on GMC is outta control. You discredited yourself the moment you started referring to yourself in the 3rd person. You must be unbearable in day to day life. WTF do you think you are? Ill tell you who; You are the Kanye West of blog posters my friend. A pompous windbag who thinks he is God’s gift to the sports world (even though he has never held a position in pro sports). Get over yourself, you are not infallible. Your opinions are just that, opinions. They hold no more weight than anyone else’s on here.

  71. **Sixers Off Season News**

    I’m hearing that the Sixers have maintained a strong interest in SG Dion Waiters. Many in the league feel that the Sixers could be involved in facilitating the trade between the Cavs and Twolves, Kevin Love for Wiggins etc etc etc.

    Dion Waiters is young (22) with a lot of potential. He has game changing potential. He just needs to feel like its his team. Thats not exactly what were building here, were building a team oriented with great feel and chemistry type of organization.Similar to that of the San Antonio Spurs.

    Dion would get his points for he’s a scorer and he’d have plenty of playing time on this depleted roster, but as a long term fit?! I’m not too sure about that. Id have to see how he acts and the way he plays with the other guys first, if he gets along with everyone etc.. But he’s better than all the SGs we currently have and his contract is up after this season…

    • I would rather take a chance on a “Lance Stevenson” than Dion Waiters any day.. both PLayters have some maturity issues to work thru.. But I like Stevenson’s work ethic and his ability to Play Defense over Waiters

      • Paul Stephensen was an excellent pick up and I think Walker Stephensen is a top 3 young backcourt in the game. I wanted Lance but in the grand scheme of things it would be an ill fit right just on his personality alone. Waiters is immature but he can stroke the ball and he struggles in Cleveland because he’s another off the bounce player. He’s not a spot up marksman and that doesn’t blend with Irving. He can play and if Young gets you Waiters I would do it in a heartbeat t.

  72. I see GMCliff is backtracking and talking out of pocket about basketball again.

    Months back I told you of Noels potential how he was viewed around the league and his talent. You scoffed at it and you can backpedal all you want now but you said he will be a bust.

    You also thought MCW was an also ran who put up inflated numbers and you thought the kid drafted by Dallas was going to be a better player.

    Now Noel is a ROY candidate scouts and GMs around the league love his potential and defensively have him pegged to be a standout day 1 in the league.

    Please say otherwise….I was at the Las Vegas Summer League and outside of Gorgui Deng there wasn’t a big man as promising as Noel.

    As an off ball defender he is going to wreak havoc.

    As for the 2nd rounders….they looked good on the wings etc in summer league action but perimeter defense in the summer league is atrocious and all those wide open jumpers will be contested in the NBA.

    Biggest draw from the Vegas Summer League are guys who can turn the corner on defenders and finish at the rim. Exum and Wiggins stood out. Dougie McBuckets suprisingly can get his shot off no matter what which I doubted.

    • IJ What’s up Baby!!??

      Now, what are you talking about Brother? I don’t Back track, and I still don’t see an efficient player in Nerlens Noel – so yes I am saying otherwise…LOL!!

      Bruh, who cares if you were there – and that’s a lie that GM’s around the league love his potential, because GM’s that were vocal about his potential that were interviewed, stated that they have serious doubts that he can play, and hold up under an 82 game season – what are you talking about???

      The best player on the Sixers Summer squad was Jordan McCrae, IMHO.Noel is who many focused on – but I wasn’t impressed.

  73. Oh and Jabari Parker is going to struggle at the 3 and will have to be used creatively at the 4. He can score but his first step was slow and he struggled to get the corner on anyone that was athletic enough to beat him to a spot. Guarded by someone with freak athletcism he shot a TON of EVAN TURNER style 17ft off one foot contested jumpers. He will be a good player…but he will have to figure his game out. If we couldnt get Wiggins I love the Embiid pick now. Exum looked like a freak…had a nice first step…CANT SHOOT A LICK. If you thought MCW struggled with the jumper Exum looked atrocious. Vonleh who alot considered us to take did not look good either.

  74. No GM came close to saying that don’t make stuff up. You could care less I was there but you want everyone to bow down to your couch credentials lol?
    Scuttlebutt from GMs around the league is the more Noel plays the worse that trade looks for the Pelicans. And no one had doubt’s he could play in the league.

    If that was said it you can find it. Post it and I will stand corrected. Most scouts were talking about his ability to shoot a 10ft jumper and his mechanics looks entirely different and coming out of college. Vonlehs perimeter game which was his strong point left a ton to be desired. He showed nicely on the boards. Defensively if you think Noel and Vonleh looked the same I don’t know what you’re watching. Its not close.

    • I wasn’t speaking of defensive talent – Many will point that out because that’s all that he has.

      If you think Noel has more Offensive talent than Vonleh, you’ve been drinking IJ……

      • So outside Noel’s blocks, their stats were similar. Which goes back to the point we agreed upon stats don’t always mean anything.

        • Are you kidding? Blocks, boards , rim protection. He shot incredible from the FT line which will regress but with his activity around the basket if he shoots just barely 70% it will a huge bonus. He runs wings in transition and he can even D up on perimeter. DeAndre Jordan has no offensive game and is double digit score. With a pass first PG which the Sixer’s have in a transition offense whuch the Sixer’s employ he fits perfectly. He wasn’t drafted to score from the block. Hell even Vegas has him having an inside track to ROY.

          I have no problem if he’s not your cup of tea…but this bust league consensus doubt youre spouting is nonsense.

          Btw Gary Harris who you lampooned as well looks like a nice 2way player as well.

          • Stop putting words in my mouth I never said he was a bust…..I said he wouldn’t be what many of you think he will be – because of a few Summer League Games, that he didn’t really play all that well in against meager competition.

            He’s not being hyped Nationally; He’s being hyped by the Sixers to sell tickets by the Sixers, so he would have to be a bigger deal to be a bust.

            If you want to remain upbeat about his potential, then by all mean do so, you’re a grown man IJ, but don’t criticize me when it’s proven I’m right…

            and Gary Harris stinks….

            • Not being hyped nationally? Please stop youre not tied into basketball and its obvious.

            • You’re backtracking and losing credibility by the minute. You vociferously piled on and commented on a lack of talent bust scenario REPEATEDLY. Your hope was that he would struggle out of summer league and you could say I told you so. You look foolish now because he flashed top talent potential that you said he DIDNT HAVE. Don’t try and spin now. You repeatedly referenced his college stats as a prelude to bust potential and were proven wrong.

            • He’s been hyped nationally by multiple top writers/critics. Lmao please stop nonsense

              • No he hasn’t IJ……..What are you talking about?…

                I don’t backtrack; I don’t understand why you keep saying that. I’ll be smelling like a rose come middle of the season anyway.

                You think he will be good right???…….Hot water, and Proactive Bruh, for all that egg on your face, and we’ll see who is backtracking….I wouldn’t stick my neck fro him IJ…..

              • Have to agree with Paulman. You’re just talking out your ass now.
                Kevin Pelton
                Chris Mannix
                Gary Washburn
                Zach Harper.

                Leading stories in the Boston Globe CBS Sports ESPN Sports Illustrated.

                And you’re gonna lie and say he isn’t hyped nationally? Are you kidding me?
                eing in the building, whether it’s the size of a college arena or a high school gym, for the Las Vegas summer debuts of Dante Exum of the Utah Jazz and Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers was electrifying. While Noel was limited to just two games, his impact in those games showed waiting for a year for his debut was worth the wait.

                Lmao no national hype right? Hahaha credibility GONE.

              • That’s just one mans opinion, not a national opinion – your exaggerating the opinion to be national – and it’s the wrong one, because, if he thinks Nerlens Noel can play, and he turns out like I say he will, doesn’t that mean he loses credibility, and GMCliff then earns it from you right ???

                Then both of you will need Hot Water, and Proactive right???

  75. And I agree with you on stats in summer league. Its pointless. Using Vonleh as an example I could care less about a big mans stats it’s how he plays in flow of the game. Vonleh was regarded as a stretch 4 coming out. He looked NOTHING like that. He didn’t look well off of catch and shoot or off the dribble from ddistance. He showed some nice touch around the basket and his form looked good foul line in. He recovered nice on the boards but really showed nothing defensively on or off ball.

  76. Off topic…if the Sixers can land Dion Waiters by being the 3rd team in the Love Deal and taking back JJ Barea or Martin and moving Thaddeus Young, I will personally take Young to the airport myself on my shoulders holding all of his bags.

    Thaddeus is one of the most overrated players this town has ever seen. I admire him for work ethic and not being a distraction but at best hes a top 6th man role player. His value has been overstated because of how pathetically bad this team has been.

    • Don’t tell this to GMCliff, who thinks Thaddeous Young is a All-Star Caliber Player and would be an impact Player on the Good Teams in the NBA…

      • He was last year to your dismay Paul…..whether he played on a bad team or not. He would be starting for most teams, and doing the same thing.

        If you’re gonna credit Connor Barwin with impact – when there was a lack of it – and effort, then you can be consistent, and less hypocritical when it come to recognizing Thaddeus Young’s contribution on this team…..

        Please, he was the best player on the team, that’s why he’s the highest paid – not MCW who they considered trading – Thad Young. You’re so in denial….

  77. How many Seasons for Thadd now 5 or 6??
    It’s about time he lives up to his 1st Round Pick Status and starts earning
    His keep… Now do you see what I mean Cliff???
    Whose the hypocrite here? My bugger point is that
    Any of these 19-20-21 Year olds Athletes whether it’s B-Ball, Football or any Professional Sport need a couple of seasons before they nake any impact
    There are only a very few exceptional athletes that come in right away and make an impact right away..

    • I can ignore you on that one Paul, you’re not going to be objective about Thad anyway…you never have……You are the hypocrite, and in denial too…

      • A nan who can’t swallow his Pride has what Cliff has become..
        It’s sad to see my friend…

        • Give me a reason to swallow my pride. I say I am correct a lot more on these players, and prospects than you are…..point blank…..

          Can you swallow your pride, and bow down????

          LOL!!! I seriously doubt it, but I know you will remain in denial though. That’s why your my boy Paul…..

    • Thad came out of college after his freshman year – so technically that would make him a 3 year veteran…..I don’t see your point, mainly because it’s partial.

      • So basically what your saying GMCliff is that your all ok with Thadd Young having 4-5-6 Years to develop into a solid, consistent NBA Player and contributor to the 76ers, but that you are not going to allow other young players like MCW,Noel,etc,etc or any other Prospects (like Gary Harris) the time to Develop into Good Players..
        This makes you look very foolish and amateurish….

        • He hasn’t needed 3,4,5 years to develop – you just refuse to give the man credit – Charles Barkley himself stated that in Thad Youngs sophomore season in the NBA, that he felt he was better than Andre Igoudala – he’s already developed. He’s been playing out of position since Doug Collins got here….

          Your being foolish, It’s not hard to see you just don’t like him. You were the same way with DeSean Jackson….

          Most of the players you claim need time – are still trying to develop – Maybe because they just aren’t good enough Paul…..Have you honestly considered that???

          Do me a favor don’t mention Noel, and Gary Harris to me again, my responses seem to be redundant. I want you to admit you were wrong when it turns out I am right again……

  78. Did you just say Thad was better than MCW?

    • Yes…everyday of the year….

      • Lmao you know jackshit about basketball then. Dumbest statement I’ve heard in quite sometime.

        • You are entitled to your opinion, but he was the most consistent, and dependable player on the team, – highest scoring average, with no plays run for him – and he will be this year as well……The team MVP – voted on by coaches, and players – was Thaddeus Young…

          I guess they don’t know squat about Basketball either huh….LOL!!!

          There is a difference between – Not liking a player, and the reality of their impact on the team. Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean my opinion of him is wrong – especially when it’s been proven.

          • No one cares that he was the team MVP on 19 win team lmao. Most moronic thought process ever. He’s a tweener with no position on a bad team who had the highest usage on the team.

            If you knew basketball you would see how inflated his numbers were. He shot 18 shits a game from the 3/4 position only averaged 3fts a game. That is TERRIBLE. 6reb avg TERRIBLE. Tweener in a stretch 4 role? He shot 30%. He’s a nice role player more valuable on a contender not a go to player or game changer and TERRIBLE defensively.

            • Him being the MVP proves those with better insight felt he was better than MCW- That was the original topic right??

              No matter what the stats are – which mean nothing – because He is the best player on this squad……period.

            • If you don’t care he was the MVP, that’s fine, but it matters whether you think so or not, because it’s the proof in the pudding.

            • I cannot wait for Noel to flop, and listen to YOU backtrack.

              I go through this every year, someone thinks he sees something in a prospect, and he turns out just like I said he would…..this year will be no different…..

              • Cliff, as a Sixers fan, I personally hope you are wrong. Not because I am interested in the I told you so’s or pounding my chest, but, because it would indicate a step in the right direction as a team building itself up to becoming a contender for a championship title. As a fan, that’s my only desire, as a fan, that’s my motivation.

              • Excellent Post EHL
                Cliff is more concerned with being “right” in his own mind than supporting the Philly Teams…He’ll allow Players that he likes, time to develop, while casting off other Players that other people mention as “Bust’s” whether it’s the 76ers or the Eagles..

              • I am supporting the Eagles, and Sixers, as far as I am concerned.

                For too long fellas I have seen the most atrocious, talent evaluating by two organizations, that has led us to being the laughing stock of professional sports. It starts there, and because those organizations weren’t any good at it, we’ve compromised Championships.

                There is one thing we all as posters on this site have is that we are in deed fans of Philadelphia teams, and we want a Championship.

                So, my standards are high – so I give less than a darn, if there is a popular prospect that most like on here.

                If I see that he isn’t a potential impact player than I won’t like him – and that’s not to say that you can’t like them – , no matter how much they are hyped, or how overblown their Summer League numbers are. Even when he fills out(if he fills out), He is NOT a Starting Center in this League. IMHO, He should be coming off the Bench…..

                I’m never CONCERNED with being right. I make my point, I defend my point, and I don’t backtrack from it, but some are offended when it turns out that I am right – Like Paul – and claim I pound my chest , but I don’t give his favorite prospects time to develop – How much time do they need before you admit that they weren’t as talented, or as good as you thought they were????………….and I don’t do 40-50 mocks a year, with 100 different Prospects, to at least hit on a prospect, or two and then act as if I’m consistent.

                I love what Paulman does, but there are many who have posted that they recognize this. But they also note that I consistently mention the same players – and a lot of those players are starting, have made Pro Bowls, or are making significant impact.

                But, I put them out there because I want a Championship, and no more mediocrity, or draft duds for any of OUR TEAMS because I too am a fan.

                I don’t like Nerlens Noel, and it is what it is, as far as I am concerned.

              • I hear a lot of criticism for how I think, but I don’t here a lot of admittance, or honesty, when I am right either.

                For me it;s not about being right, as much as it is about YOU – You meaning those who criticize – being cognizant that I know what I am talking about, and respecting my opinion, because of the consistency of results.

              • And there is nothing wrong with believing in yourself or your evaluations, it just sounds as if you are actively rooting against Nerlens to fail in your post , that was the point of contention with my post .
                I would prefer to be wrong than right on my evaluation for the sake of the player helping the team, than me having the glory of saying I told you so just to prove my self right, but hey, that’s just me….just saying.

              • You been backtracking since you ran your mouth about Noel. Now your an Embiid fan after you said you wanted no part and he was a bum.

                You lost all credibility after you tried to pontificate on Anthony Davis because you caught a tidbit of info off the TV jumped with it and looked stupid doing so. Noel was the no.1 High school player coming out of college. Was the no.1 player coming out of college. And you talk out your ass that hes a bust. Now you say you didnt say he was a bust…lmao..

              • Forget Glory….For the sake of the team, I want a better player.

                I’m not an Joel Embiid FAN, as much as I like him more than Noel.

                There is no backtracking IJ, when I continue to say repeatedly, that I don’t like Noel……

                Nothings changed. I don’t know what your definition of backtracking, but mine would be someone who backpedals, or moves away from, or adjusts his original position….Which I never have…….I think he stinks

              • And if Noel was the #1 Player coming out of college why wasn’t he taken first???

                That team wasn’t gonna be any better with him, so letting him sit a year wasn’t gonna hurt….He was passed on by several teams that could have had him. Why did they pass??…His injury, or because they also know he wouldn’t hold up as a pro??

                The Pelicans had Austin Rivers – your boy – so they didn’t have to trade for Jrue Holiday, sense you think he is so good……I mentioned that Austin Rivers would be a bust as well, and many talked, and criticized just like you……

              • I’m not rooting against Noel, as much as I already feel he isn’t what the Sixers think he is, or will become, nor is needed for this team.

                I still love the Sixers, but I’ve had enough of these overhyped, wait, and see, average Basketball prospect that have stepped on the floor for this team…..

                I saw nothing in Summer League play that suggested I change my position on Nerlens Noel……

              • If you guys think back, people were just as upbeat, and positive about Shawn Bradley after he was drafted; He could block shots too, but how’d that work out????

                Some fans take a lot of things for granted…..

  79. GMCliff has been proven wrong on anything basketball related. Point blank period. He flip flopped more than once and looks stupid for taking an extreme view that blew up in his face.

    You posted nonsense and got caught. Deal with it. Everyone is wrong time to time. Youre a couch analyst like everyone else. Stop running your mouth about basketball.

    • We can have good dialogue IJ, but if your gonna start talking nonsense, there really is no need for us to exchange post……your starting to sound a lot like E0S…

      I haven’t flip flopped, or lied on any post. I don’t have to. So what do you want to do??

  80. Unfortunately, the perception is the reality…your post as it pertains to you not being able to wait for Noel to flop comes off that way….simply so you can say I told you so. Noel may flop…I don’t think he will as long as he can stay healthy, but give the thin man a chance…he just started playing again. The ability and athleticism is there.

    • Honestly Eagle if that’s what you take from that…….then it is what it is.

      To me it seems like a pride thing on the part of some to me, because if he turns out like I say, then I’m still the bad guy, because some don’t want to be in a position to admit they were wrong….That’s the way I see it…But that’s just me….

    • The ability and athleticism is there……Yeah, but that doesn’t always result in a Impact Player. There a many athletic NBA Players sitting the bench, and are traded every year, because they aren’t very good Basketball Players…

  81. Lol…who was upbeat about Shawn Bradley other than Harold Katz?

    • Oh!! There were lots of fans that were optimistic at that time.

      We all know the results of his career, but before it revealed itself, many were positive about a player that couldn’t play; Strange thing is he was Bigger, not just taller, than Noel…Noel is a lot more athletic, but he gives away so much in the physical department.

  82. Come on Cliff, you are much smarter than that. Nerlens wasn’t taken number one the same reason Embiid wasn’t….injury. Some teams do not want to wait.

    • We know that’s the reason Eagle – and you know I know that – but I was responding to what I was told……he was the #1 Player coming out of college.

      I was being slightly sarcastic with that question, knowing that wasn’t true. I don’t even think the GM’s felt they knew. It was the weakest draft in years, yet they didn’t select him #1 – That was my point as well – many GM’s don’t think that highly of him…

      • He had a knee injury and could make an instant impact. Stop your nonsense. And stop your lying ass many GMs dont think highly of him. At the Vegas summer league and most scouts and coach buzz is he was the best big man in both leagues and was a freak.

        Making you look even dumber he’s the first big man in a talented draft class with the best odds for ROY.


        • Then you keep laughing until he proves himself like I said. So lets see if he proves me wrong, and if your mouth can cash the counterfeit check you keep trying to pass off.

          Nobody is talking about Noel, except local media.

      • Lol no you weren’t you are just swimming backwards because the tide turned on you.

        • What tide???……Nobody has lost respect for me….Again, I don’t have to go back on what I say….never have….never will…

  83. GmCliff Quote: there’s no national buzz on Noel.
    Reality: Numerous articles ESPN Boston Globe etc etc

    GmCliff Quote: Anthony Davis All American PG then grew 7inches
    Reality: Not ranked unknown talent going into 2010 grows 7inches dark horse out of nowhere.

    GmCliff quote: He wasn’t dominant in college didn’t put up big numbers how is he going to do it in NBA.
    Reality: Similar if not better numbers than Noah Horford Drummond Hibbert etc.

    • 1. There is no National attention on Noel.
      2, Anthony Davis was an All American PG
      3. Noel was never dominant – and not half as talented as those other mentioned players…….You’re reaching, and exaggerating…

      • Lmao thanks for proving your basketball stupidity.

        • That’s okay…I know I’ll have the last laugh when it’s all said and done…LOL!!!!!!!!!!

          Then we will really see whose Basketball knowledge equates to stupid…

          I will say it again, you’re sounding a lot like E0S….

  84. Its OK LyingAssCliff, Basketball isn’t your strongpoint.

    Anthony Davis All American PG….lmao I don’t know or care who EOS…but I do know that one statement showed your just a copy and paste google fiend so worried about being right you ended up proving your own self wrong, then so prideful can’t admit it looking like a bigger jackass.

    • Uh Huh, I’ll be that – to you – then

      But like I said, we’ll see how much of a prideful Jackass you are, when it’s time to cash the check your mouth writes so confidently.

      You won’t be the first person I’ve humbled on……LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. LyingAssCliff…you proved how much a prideful jackass you are already.

    Copy and pasted an article….that in the first paragraph proved you wrong. LMAO



  86. CopyandPasteCliff….last laugh like when you said Dennis Schroeder would be better than MCW?

    Stick to the football section where you can make up watching OL from WhoGivesAShit State and how you told everyone 3 years ago that you were right…because no one can back check your flip flopping lmao.

  87. gmcliff….I didn’t think it was possible that you would know less about something then football. Well, you proved me wrong! You know nothing about football talent and EVEN LESS about basketball.
    Wow, you are such a waste of O2. I truly wish they would kick you off this site bc you waste time and space.

    • *****Paulman Prediction*****
      These will be the last threads from GCobb.Com
      So everyone needs to get their Ya-Ya’s out
      It’s been great fun while it lasted
      Go Eagles!!!!

      • Paul I agree! Congressman Cobb can’t run a POS blog where racists rant, homophobes name call and wackos come on here and threaten bodily harm. It is beneath a congressman and I am with you. Next article posted by GCOBB will be his goodbye with comments closed!

        • Where will we go. Maybe alcatraz, so long as dcar is in solitary confinement it might work

        • Good riddance to this site & all the assholes on here, who’ll have to go troll somewhere else. When is the last time we got an informative article on here anyways. All we get is idiocy from Jeff K, who moderates & erases posters comments, & Denny who basically copies & pastes articles from other outlets. When is the last time we got an Eagles article worth a damn? Where are the articles talking about the trade deadline & possibilities of making the team better? At least I have a REAL LIFE, with a REAL FAMILY, that I can spend time with, where are you douche nozzles going to go & do. You’ll be dead within a year. Poor Lil Bron-Bron Jon will be posting updates on message boards, standing under the EL on Franford Ave. Jakefag will be drunk, shooting up Heroine next to him, Havenoclue will be coaching & refereeing his imaginary pristine kids, paul & gmcliff will write a book together, “Fantasy sports GM, book for dummies” & Songs will open a conspiracy theory radio show on SIRIUS, that will last a day, until the Men in black come & lock him up in Area 51.

      • If that’s the case it’s been a pleasure gentlemen.

  88. LyingAssCliff…I was reading this local site that only talks about local players and hypes them up called ESPN…it was about Nerlens Noel

    Noel did not go into summer league with any expectations except those of his own team. After all, he has played less than one season of basketball at Kentucky and missed his entire first NBA season (hence he is classified as a rookie). However, after a dominating week in Orlando, Noel had everyone in Vegas buzzing.

    Noel played just two games in Las Vegas, but he was as frenetic as he was in Florida the previous week. Noel played like a slight combination of Anthony Davis and Kenneth Faried, often being the tallest elite athlete on the court (6-11) while also being the most active. He is noticeably stronger and broader, and it seems likely he will get much stronger still in the next few seasons.

    Noel’s skills around the basket have gotten better, too, both as a finisher and even with the occasional jump shot. But even without that improvement, he is going to be a force in the paint. Just based on summer league play, Noel probably should have gone No. 1 overall in 2013, not Anthony Bennett (although Bennett had a great summer league and can be a very good player, too). Noel appears to have the best chance at reaching his enormous potential, which makes Philly’s drafting of Joel Embiid even more interesting. Might we be able to say the same things about Embiid in a year?

  89. LyingAssCliff…no national attention right? Now go flip flop backtrack or make more stuff up lmao

    • yaaaaawwwnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You’re boring me E0S……..

        • Shhhhhh gmcliff…….you are boring us! Again you are showing everyone how stupid you are and to be honest all of us are tired of seeing it. Unlike your wife who left your stupid ass we can’t leave you, we need you to do the right thing and leave this site. Good bye gmcliff, good luck on whatever site you decide to troll.

        • It’s ok LyingAssCliff its easier to deal with you now that you put your idiocy on full notice lol.

          Just remember Control C and Control V are easier to copy and paste then using your mouse!


          • Let’s just hope your mouth, and the results of your predictions don’t come back and bite you….make you look like the fool I’ve always made you look like…..

            I don’t sweat the trolling of one poster, with a split personality, that doesn’t have class, or respect me – everybody else on here knows better…….FYI…….LOL!!!!!

            • LyingAssCliff youve never done anything of the life because I rarely interact with you. Like I told you condescending ass I could care less about scouting OL from DII colleges and saying I was about this guy and that guy. Unlike yourself.

              You messed up when you ran your mouth and blatantly lied and trolled so you could ponitificate and condescend on a topic you know nothing about.

  90. gmcliff… are clueless about sports talent PERIOD. You know nothing at all about talent. All you do is copy and paste. Its been proven many times! Maybe you could copy and paste about curling and people might think you have a clue.
    Go away and stop wasting the time of people, like me, who do know about talent and know what they are talking about.

  91. Yawn……….Good morning GCobb family…:)

  92. LyingAssCliff…..I was on this local basketball site this morning that only hypes local basketball talent called NBA.COM..headlinge…

    “Noel cements his spot at the top”

    ….Guess who is number 1 on their rookie ladder….


    • is that your impression of National hype…a 30 second shout out on NBA ,com???

      What Johnny Manziel gets is National Hype, What LeBron gets is national hype, Ryan Howard possibly being let go is National hype……Noel gets NO National media hype…..because no one cares….

      You’re exaggerating everything about him, and making an ass of yourself in the process, because he will be nothing like you, and the Sixers advertise…….Then who would look like the dummy????….and you’ll be in denial of that too….That’s how you are E0S……LOL!!!!!

      • Oh LyingAssCliff give it up. You have made yourself look so idiotically stupid its kind of depressing.

        You are paranoid about posts on a sports forum….which is ironic how much you TROLL with your condescending posts and I told you sos. LMAO THATS THE EPITOME OF A TROLL.

        Its ok LyingAssCliff you proved your pettiness when you would rather go down with the ship than to admit you are wrong. Then flip flop like a fish out of water…hahaha PATHETIC.

        • Paranoid???……You’re the only on bring it up E0S…..Which is what you consistently do…

          The real Izzell, had class, and would bring some logic to the table. You’re not fooling anybody. We know it’s you….LOL!!!!!!


        Oh but youre right…only local media has anything to say on him.


  93. Im not in the Phillies forum posting about baseball…Im a fan but thats not my wheelhouse.

    Just like when I was talking about the Birds during the draft I am not prognosticating on 6th rd OL from small schools.

    However when it comes to basketball, I am open to debate and convo…but dont blatantly lie and exaggerate about stuff that I am tied into and actively follow.

    • So you’re admitting you’re E0S???

      • For the last time what the hell is EOS? Lmao

        • LOL!!! You don’t think posters on here recognize the pattern that you’ve set in your conversations with me. No poster comes at me, or is obsessed with me than Eagles0Superbowls…..

          You’re dumber than even I thought , if you think I don’t believe your cognizant that what I say is the truth….Get a life E0S…You’re pitiful..LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. You are one paranoid individual.



  96. Izzell shut cliff up?? Wow

    DCar has been silenced, now cliff? sheesh…

    • If you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in North Dakota, I’d like to show you JH…..LOL!!!

      He can rant all he wants. I stop writing after I’ve made my point, after that it becomes redundant….so I don’t waste my time with E0S anymore….

      GMCliff, is going to be GMCliff…..

      And I doubt if DCar has been silenced. More than likely he has more important things to deal with, than argue and repeat himself on hereabout the silliest comments.

      Sometimes it’s a matter of not feeding into things on here, and just ignore people who think they have a clue – but don’t

      JH, I guarantee you. we will not here a peep out of this bogus IJ, if, and when Nerlens Noel shows himself over matched in the regular season, after for me, a mediocre at best Summer League…….


      • LyingAssCliff you cant respond because you are wrong look foolish doing so and have nothing to do now but spout paranoia about multiple accounts coming after you.

        Lol are you kidding me? Shut up already.

      • gmcliff, it’s funny to me, I try to stay out of it, but these POS’s still have to make comments, & digs at me! But, they say I’m the one with the problems? They wonder why I call them out for their hypocritical, POS frauds they are. I don’t know who is the bigger scumbag, Lil Bron-Bron nut job, jakefag the drunken, junkie, racist, or the walking irrational liar Havenoclue? They talk shit about me starting stuff, but at every opportunity, have something to say about me! So who are the mentally challenged, attention seeking, hypocrites? See, I actually have a REAL loving family, & a REAL business & jobs to worry about & spend time with. I don’t spend 24/7, 365, researching past comments, to try & prove invalid, irrational arguments, to fit any agenda. When this site falls by the wayside, I’ll have a life to go to, unlike the losers on here!

        • DCar will you just shut up already about your family, jobs, businesses and educations? Nobody cares OK? Also, please keep your temper tantrum rants to yourself as it makes you look like you have SEVERE mental problems. Now go to your third job of the day, take a break then go to your grave yard shift.

          • TeamHurnt, stop being a jealous hater, mind your f^#@ing busuness, & go jump off of a bridge, you irrelevant douche nugget! Nobody cares what you have to say! Who are you again & how many posts have you posted on here? Beat it punk, like you beat your one inch killer!

            • Dcar using the same lines he’s used on me “One inch killer” yada yada yada

              Again, your act is old. You have no bearing on anyone’s life. You’re a waste of time. Lack of originality, cursing to replace your lack of vocabulary words

              And why in hell would anyone be jealous of a guy that needs 3 jobs in order to take care of 10 kids and a wife? That’s supposed to be “The Life”??? Hahahaaa! C’mon man

              Dude, get a grip and take a dose of reality, no one is hating on you bruh, were laughing at you! Hahahaaaa

              You work 3 jobs all throughout the day and night and think people are actually hating on you? My god, you’re worse off than originally thought

              You seem to think this site is garbage and full of losers, so why do you keep coming back? You come on here every damn day. This must be the only excitement you have in your crappy life

              Btw, if you didn’t give a “damn about what anyone on this site thinks about you” why do you keep lashing out at all the posters and responding to everyone that mentions your name?

              Also slow poke, you mentioned me first under this article, trying to throw a cheap shot in on me and a few other guys on here, maybe this will refresh your decayed memory, rather than you attempting to play the “I’m innocent, guys keep mentioning my name” role

              July 28, 2014 – 1:03 am

              “Good riddance to this site & all the assholes on here, who’ll have to go troll somewhere else. When is the last time we got an informative article on here anyways. All we get is idiocy from Jeff K, who moderates & erases posters comments, & Denny who basically copies & pastes articles from other outlets. When is the last time we got an Eagles article worth a damn? Where are the articles talking about the trade deadline & possibilities of making the team better? At least I have a REAL LIFE, with a REAL FAMILY, that I can spend time with, where are you douche nozzles going to go & do. You’ll be dead within a year. Poor Lil Bron-Bron Jon will be posting updates on message boards, standing under the EL on Franford Ave. Jakefag will be drunk, shooting up Heroine next to him, Havenoclue will be coaching & refereeing his imaginary pristine kids, paul & gmcliff will write a book together, “Fantasy sports GM, book for dummies” & Songs will open a conspiracy theory radio show on SIRIUS, that will last a day, until the Men in black come & lock him up in Area 51”.

              You’re a delusional joke trying to play the pity me game when really your a jack ass and piece of crap that doesn’t know how to speak to people

              Maybe you’ve been inhaling too many fumes from the toilet bowl cleanser Mr. Porter

              • BLAH BLAH BLAH, go off yourself, & do society a favor you hypocrite. I ain’t playing no pity game. You are the only small human being, that looks for attention, & acceptance on a blog site. I couldn’t care any less about you, or any other POS on here. Like I’ve told you before punk, when you get multiple degrees & have accomplished what I have in life, maybe then, 7 only then, you can question my smarts, vocabulary, & life. You’re laughing at me, says the resident Court Jester! Get lost you pathetic human being, & so-called man. You ain’t worth the shit out of a sewer rats ass!

              • BTW, if you were worth speaking normally to, maybe I’d know how to talk normal to you. You’re a scumbag, hypocrite & if I was in person, I’d squash you like a the roach you are. Remember you started all of this years ago, with your insults I’m delusional? Riiiight!!!! Call me everything you are! HILARIOUS!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Don’t bother responding. I ain’t going back & forth with an irrelevant, non-entity like you. You ain’t worth my time scumbag!!!!!

              • Remember, were laughing at you and the school that gave you multiple degrees hahaha

                I meet a lot of people in my daily life that have multiple degrees and they dont have to work all day and thru the night, they have 1 job and make big bucks. You’re degrees obviously ain’t worth crap hahaha nothing you should brag about

                “Go off yourself.” Now youre telling me to kill myself

                Oh and more threats huh buddy?!

                “Id squash you like the roach you are”. Sounds like you have experience squashing roaches, section 8 projects right? How are the bed bugs? Still biting your fat ankles?

                Dont be naive to think everyone’s image portrayed on a blog site is actually them

                Were not like your dumb ass telling everyone your life story and giving specific details on a blog like someone gives a damn, or dumb enough to actually put it in here

                You’re 45 46 years old, trapped in a 15 year old’s mind

                “Resident court jester” you’re the only bum calling anyone names, dont try and include the whole blog as if everyone says the same crap as you.

                And you obviously care what others think because you keep running your mouth and continue answering

                You’ve been getting killed on here daily, this time dont come back, stay at the toilet bowl you just finished cleaning

              • The only scumbag on here, that keeps running their mouth, is you gay boy. Getting killed daily? Really?? Getting killed by an idiot, making up science fiction, about someones life, that he doesn’t know. WOW! More delusional, & narcissistic than I thought. Beat it loser! Remember dirtbag, everybody gets their day. The big man upstairs don’t like ugly. Keep running your mouth, talking nonsense, & someday it won’t be someone who can’t get to you, from behind a computer. Just some friendly advice, not a threat. I ain’t getting caught up, wasting my time anymore with an irrelevant, nonentity, attention seeking, loser like you anymore, because it accomplishes nothing, but raising my blood pressure. Remember, heed my advice son, & maybe you’ll learn something. Keep my name, & little digs out of your mouth, & I’ll do the same. Got it punk?

              • Dcar, just shut up already. What are you 7? Day in, day out it is all the same from you ‘I am not gonna waste my team on people like you’ and yada yada yada then the next day it is back to the same from you. Just shut up already, I am actually embarrassed you embarrass yourself on here like you do.

                PS If it is true that the “The big man upstairs don’t like ugly” you are screwed, as you are a very ugly person. Down right despicable if you ask me.

                PPS Jon Hart owns you boy!!

    • I’ve been here before with other posters – who have come, and gone – and this too shall pass……believe it….it always does…..anybody seen Schiller???LOL!

    • HaHa JH….The guy posts at the top of the thread trying to be knowledgeable that Anthony Davis was an All American PG before his growth spurt. Then he copies an article that in the first paragraph proves him wrong. So stubborn to be right he flip flops and backtracks and still when proven wrong doesnt want to admit it. Then he starts with I was right on this guy 3 years ago blah blah blah.

      Then he says Nerlens Noel hype is all local and no one is reporting on the kid…..then Nerlens Noel is one of the top prospects mention on ESPN NBA SI.COM etc etc lol and then he flops again.

      AND NERLENS NOEL IS NO.1 ON NBA.COM right now lmao. Then he says im EOS and I still don’t know what that means.

    • Nobody on here has the balls, nor the brains to silence me, you little delusional fag! Go back in your mommies basement little girl!

      • I know DCar…..I know you have a life bruh……We’ve got to get together to have that beer DCar….

        E0S, IS PLAYING HIS GAMES AGAIN…posting as Wiggles again, and now IzzellJenkins…….Izzell, always brought some logic to our conversations even if we didn’t agree…….All of the sudden, I get these E0S TYPE comments, and he’s yapping, and spewing something out of character for him, with no class……..I know it’s E0S….

        • Stop running to the corner looking for allies. You got caught lying and tried every which way to get out by lying more and being prideful. No one attacked you dummy. Your lie got pointed and instead of rectifying the situation you added fuel to the fire. LMAO YOU DID THIS no one else.

  97. I have never posted on a non-eagle blog here at GCOBB, but I was so entertained by the thread by Mr Izell that I had to comment.

    The other day after a lengthy ‘debate’ I was about to post almost the identical ‘thinks he knows everything, flip flops’ things Izell did about GMCliff –

    GM Cliff – lets be honest – you don;t come on here to have discussions with like minded (we are all Philly psorts fans yes?) folks looking for a few minutes escape – you come on here to tell evryone else how much you know, how smart you are, and more importantly – how right you are. And god forbid someone else have a clue that is not in alignment wiht your view – you are a person that likes to embellish and/or exagerate.

    Let me give you an example – the other day while bashing Lane Johnson – you wrote he wasn;t on the all rookie team, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Well most of us are smart enough to know there is only one (singular) all rookie team – the all rookie team – but you can;t help yourself – you need to exaggerate –

    worse – when proven wrong – you respond by exagerating the other person position – for example – Paulman stated Johnson could be a POTENTIAL pro bowler – you then turned around and argued that Paulman wrote he was a PERENNIAL pro bowler – I wrote some stats about Johnson and the running game, specifically di not exagerate and you write ‘He is not the lynchpin’ and write about my post as if I was the one who exagerated – you change the criteria in the middle of the argument – you write how many sacks he gives up – and how Trent Cole hasn;t done anything in year – I prove to you how wrong you are about the number of sacks and your embellished comments – you then suddently decide hurries count as sacks, but fail to realize that Cole was a league leader in hurries – so which ever way the wind flops, so do you….

    here is an idea – why don;t you try bloggin WITH the other members of this GCOBB thing here – vice AT the other members – I only follow the football stuff, but 75% of the time what you post is wrong and I myslef posted the other day if you needed music to tap dance around all your comments –

    2 questions:

    I am not familiar with schiller who is he?

    Is the DCAR guy serious or just messing around – I think someone needs to check his caffiene intake

  98. Izzell…..gmcliff has a pathetic life. He thinks he is smarter then a REAL GM of a football or basketball team, and thats bc his life sucks so bad that he has to live a fantasy life.
    Earlier this year he claims to have studied EVERY prospect for the NFL draft this year. Says no one knows more about talent evaluation then anyone including the experts who work for ESPN and NFL Network. All he does is copy and paste stuff he Google’s on the internet and then lays claim to it being his study and research. Everything he posted about any player I found on the internet in someone else’s report.
    He even lies about his personal life, so there is ZERO chance he will be honest about sports.
    I tried to hook him up with a REAL former scout so he could use his “skill” to make good money and he scoffed at the chance….why? bc he is a FRAUD.

    • I tried to hook him up with a REAL former scout so he could use his “skill” to make good money and he scoffed at the chance….why? bc he is a FRAUD….???

      Your a liar E0S…..AND I WOULDN’T NEED ANY CHARITY FROM YOU ANYWAY…..So, why are you talking to yourself in second person anyway????….

      You can talk all you want…I am still the man on here……..You tried that smear tactic before, and it didn’t work…So you feel lying about it again, the results would be any different????…You’re a bigger fool than I thought you were…..LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Hold on…now LyingAssCliff is calling Igglez EOS….


    • DCar also said that you and me were the same person hahaha hilarious

      • No offense to cliff or Dcar but because multiple people share the same negative opinion of you or your posts doesnt mean that they’re the same person hahaa

        Please lose the arrogance guys

        I actually have respect for you cliff

        • I don’t think I am arrogant, I’m confident JH…

          I appreciate your respect, but why should we change who we are for less than a handful of inferiors, who don’t represent the majority??

          You know me…They can kiss my ass, as far as I’m concerned, and I am also confident DCar feels the same way……..:)

          • Qoute “I dont think I am arrogant”
            Next qoute “….handful of inferiors…”


            Like I already told you…no one is worried about you or your opinion. You can not like Noel…Sixers…Santa Claus whatever.

            But when you flat out lie or proven wrong but refuse to admit to keep a conversation civil then anything you say is pointless.

            • no one is worried about you or your opinion…..and I guess you are the only one…

              Anyone else, would show they do by commenting on my opinions…..right?

        • Lil Bron-Bron fag, do you honestly think, I give a rats ass, that an irrelevant, delusional, attention seeking, nut job, with multiple psychosis, like you, respects me, or not? BWAHAHAHAHA! Get a clue, a life & a woman, you pathetic loser!!!! Me arrogant?? Classic, hypocritical hilarity, from the resident court jester!

  100. i have nothing to add other than i post so that a stupid article on noel can reach 500 comments…. cha ching!!!!

  101. Actually I do have have this to contribute… Just saw a report that the wolves are looking to get t. Young either in a single trade or as a three way involving love… No other details. Oops should I have started by saying my sources say….
    Those sources are the scroll on ESPN

  102. Haha

    I think this is just Hinkie putting it out there to get Waiters to Philly. Hes the apple of their eye and in the 3 teams trades there isnt a 2 guard that can come this way except from Cleveland for Love. I would drive him to the bus to get Waiters.

  103. JH CopyandPasteCliff is right….I have had logical debates with him on various topics even if we agree to disagree. However we went down the rabbit hole because he pulled everyone down there with him lol.

    Again show me where Anthony Davis was a ranked All American PG. When anyone following HS/AAU ball knows he came out of nowhere in 2010 after growing 7 inches. The kid was not on any tracks and nowadays kids are tracked to middle school lol BUT NO LyingAssCliff kept digging a hole so I kept pushing him down it.

    And again what the hell is an EOS?

    • Hahaha Izzell is hilarious

      But I believe who cliff is referring to is member “Eagles0Superbowl” E0S

    • Don’t flatter yourself…..I gave you proof….and my position hasn’t changed.
      So what hole have you pushed me in……You like patting yourself on the back for nothing don’t you??…………..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

      • you gave proof and your position hasn;t changed – I guess you re not going to respond to this becuase you just burst into flames…
        you NEVER give proof (I saw it with my eyes like 20 hurries) and you ALWAYS change your position

        • LOL……You’re still on here posting…

          Didn’t I tell you , you didn’t know what you were talking about? Who are you to even act like you are familiar with anything about me to use the word……. always???

          You’ve been posting on here for what 2 weeks??……Sit your silly ass down, and shut up……..I’m the man on here, and it will never change.

          • You aint jack on here but a couch analyst who the only time youre right is when you lie and said I told you so about something from 3 years ago….


      • LyingAssCliff NOONE CARES ABOUT YOUR LIES ANYMORE hahahahahaha

  104. I bet you guys the entire basketball season all the Sixers stories combined didn’t get this many posts. LOL how long has this dispute been going on? Damn fellas let it go.

  105. LyingAssCliff got caught making stuff up and went down with the ship BigL. That’s what happens when you copy and paste and don’t know what you’re talking about lmao

  106. CopyandPasteCliff aka LyingAssCliff aka ItoldYall3yearsagpCliff aka CouchAnalystCliff

    Have an opinion….don’t be a liar.

  107. This thread right here is pure bananas, this is blogging hall of fame material. Thank you Cliff, Izell, DCar and JH, this is some good entertaining shit right here. LMAO

    • I sit back, and laugh myself Biggie………I’m sure there’s more coming….Some want attention……I point out the bottom line when it’s my turn…..




        LMAO….You got exposed on the dumbest lie I have ever seen. I mean how dumb can you be….LITERALLY HOW DUMB COULD YOU BE TO COPY AND PASTE THAT…


    • BigL is what happens when a computer couch analyst tries to post like he actually is nothing more then just that….a computer couch analyst posting on a local fan site.

      Who according to him….in saddest display of INTERNET TROLLDOM HISTORY IS QUOTED AS SAYING….



  108. Sixers to get Wiggens? Rumors rumors. Would you do this trade?

    The Cavaliers would acquire the Sixers’ 2015 first-round pick, Dario Saric and Love, while the Timberwolves would get Anthony Bennett, Dion Waiters and Thad Young.

    The Sixers will give up Thad Young, Dario Saric and unprotected first-round pick which will be top five, for Wiggins

  109. Dag I would give up our 2015 pick in heartbeat. Its a Big Man heavy draft and there are no 2s or 3s at this moment that knock your socks. The best guard is Mudiay and he is a PG. With Hinkie swinging the deal to get the Bynum pick back Embiid would be a our draft pick. I am perfectly fine with that.

  110. **Sixers News**

    I’m hearing that Anthony Bennett soon to be a member of the Twolves, will in fact be traded to the 76ers for Thaddeus Young. No news on any draft picks involved but that trade should be happening once the Cavs Twolves deal is confirmed

    Looks like the Sixers are the 3rd team

  111. I’m now hearing that the trade includes “A package that includes Anthony Bennett” So it looks like more is coming, possibly expiring contracts, picks etc…

  112. It could be Bennett, an additional player and a First rounder for Thad

    • The other way around..
      .76ers will have to cough up Picks

      • Maybe a 2nd rounder from the sixers

      • No actually the report is that the Sixers would get Bennett and the 1st round pick Minnesota receives from Cleveland in the Love trade which will equal a late 1st round pick.

        • thad couldnt get us a 1st rounder now im supposed to believe we are getting a #1 and bennett for him. NOWAY

          • mhenski you think Thad for Bennett is a fair trade? lol. Think about it. Thad isn’t old and is 3 times the player Bennett is. How could that trade be good straight up for the Sixers? The friggin guy averaged 4 points a game was fat and out of shape. . If he was that good Minn wouldn’t trade him. Anyway that’s whats reported.

            • Fits into Tank: Part Deux. Add another guy who can’t score. This one because he can’t even get on the floor.

            • i like the trade thad for bennett straight up and think it is fair. bennett is 1 year removed from his rookie campaign where he wasnt really given a chance. cavs thought they could content and kept his leash short. only averaged 12 mins per game. the kid is 21 and should progress.

              thad is a tweener with no real position and is a 6th man at best. bennett fits well on our team for this year as his big frame will protect noels bean poll frame a bit… our team is shit and id rather have an entire team with upside and room to grow then have a team with young guys and thad who doesnt really give you anything in the future…

              the fact that bennetts first year was a total waste is meaningless as he is still only 21 and you know what having bennett over thad means more losses this year. hopefully we can get this muniday (spelling?) guy otherwise we are gonna have to take another center or pf in the 2015 nba draft…

        • Honestly(Playing fantasy GM again) if the Sixers love Wiggens that much I would tell Minn that we will give up Thad, Noel and next years(most definite) lottery pick next year for Wiggens and see what they say.

          • My 2015 roster would be

            SG- Best FA on the market
            PF-Daniels and/or FA

            with Sarcic coming in 2016

            • “Honestly(Playing fantasy GM again) if the Sixers love Wiggens that much I would tell Minn that we will give up Thad, Noel and next years(most definite) lottery pick next year for Wiggens and see what they say.”

              agreed dag. but i do like the depth we are developing in the paint. only problem is this years draft is big man heavy

    • yep you heard right. its only the top story on….

      anyways we arent getting a first rounder and bennett for thad. get real.

  113. Thads value is pretty high right now.

  114. Look at before and after pics on Bennett the young kid has put in work this off season.

    Thad Young is a nice player but so overrated by because of being the lone player left on a rebuilding team.

    He took 18 shots a game and averaged about 3 FTs a game which is atrocious. Hes a nice jump shooting tweener for a contender. His rebounding rate is also sub par.

    Gambling on trading an overpaid role player for 21 year old 2nd year player is a good move. No other team right now wants his contract other than Minny. Most wanted Sixer’s to take back slop contracts.

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