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Training Camp Preview: Linebackers

ryans59The starting linebacker core, arguably the most “consistent” level of our defense remains in place for the 2014 season.  For the most part, we get the sense from what we saw last season about the strengths and weaknesses from the group.

The outside linebackers are Barwin and Cole, one guy who is a right fit for the 3-4 the other has a specific “role” to minimize the exposure of his deficiencies.

Cole led the team in sacks, defended the run well, but his sack totals came in large chunks and his overall play was rather inconsistent.  Cole is a player that must play up hill.  He provides minimum help in defending the pass, and making open field tackles is often a swing and a miss.

Barwin was lined up all over the place last season and did everything that was asked of him by the coaching staff.  His relentless effort; never giving a snap less than 100% won earned him respect by the media and fan base. Barwin anticipates building on a strong first season with the Eagles, and if you want to get a better sense of what type of competitor he is, look up the audio tape on a few choice words he had for Saints tight-end Jimmy Graham in the wildcard game.

The Eagles have decent depth behind their starters.  The Eagle spent a first round pick on Marcus Smith, and former first rounder Brandon Graham remains on the roster.  Braman who was signed in the off-season beings a “freak of nature” athletic component to the defense.  Travis Long hopes to make the team after rehabbing last season, and the coaching staff praises his football intelligence and physical makeup.  Pressure from the outside is critical for the 3-4 to work, and the Eagles appear to be at a better place than a year ago both talent and experience wise.

The inside linebacker core has tremendous talent from the two starters in Ryans and Kendricks.  Ryans played a ton of snaps last season, arguably having his best season as a pro.  He is steady veteran, and his a vocal leader.  The knock on Ryans was that his inability to play the 3-4 was the reason the Texans traded him to Philadelphia, and if you ask Ryans much had to do with him still recovering from an injury.  Ryans led the team in tackles and snaps last season; and is the front runner to repeat those marks this season.

Kendricks, the guy is on the smaller side and misses too many open field tackles; but when he is on, the kid can make plays.  Between his speed, instincts and athletic ability, Kendricks can fill the box score with sacks, interceptions and tackles for loss.  He has struggled to improve on his game in pass coverage, but the kid is still young and has shown flashes of being a really good player at the pro level.

Behind our starters are Acho, Goode, Phillips and Casey.  Casey is on his way out, and Phillips is more of a “special teams” guy who will have to show a full recovery from his season ending surgery.   Acho and Goode are more situational players who could provide a spot start if called upon, but are not blessed with the talent to be a full time starter in the NFL.

There is a lot to be excited about in terms of playmaking ability with the linebackers.  There is a good sense of what we already have, and anticipation to find out what a guy like Marcus Smith can do when given the chance.

A wildcard for me, a guy who I simply can’t wait to see what the Eagles will do with is Bryan Braman.  He reminds me of Rob Ninkovich from the New England Patriots, a guy who was merely a special teamer, but was given playmaking opportunities by a defensive coach who recognized there was a lot more left to be seen.

If the Eagles defense is going to take that next step, if they are going to be a unit that helps to preserve leads and when called upon; will outright win a football game with a turnover; the linebacker core will be the pulse that makes it happen. on Facebook

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135 Comments for “Training Camp Preview: Linebackers”

  1. Lots of Battles to be won as far as a depth and an eye for the Future
    Cole, Ryan’s both have large Contracts are on the wrong side of 30
    Barwin makes a good Salary as well as Kendrick’s playing in his Contract Year
    It’s very unlikely that these same 4 Players lee turn in 2015 for the sheer
    Economics (Approx $30 Million) at this Position alone
    Eagles will need to Develop Depth and Draft a LB or two in the next Drafto rebuild this unit for a future Seasons..

    • It’s funny, DL and secondary we always our strengths. We ached for linebacker help which Reid thought was never important enough. Now we have good to very good linebacker depth and the rest has question marks. How have the times have changed.

    • Paulman I agree with you. I believe both Cole and Ryans is in their last year as Eagles and the Eagles will need to draft two linebackers to replace them. 3 Linebackers I am looking at this college season is Miami ‘s ILB Denzel Perryman 6’0 243, OLB Lorenzo Mauldin 6’4 243 Louisville and Bernardrick Mckinney OLB/ILB Miss. St. 6’5 252. I also like Randy Gregory 6’6 255 from Nebraska. He plays DE…however he has athleticism to play rush linebacker. Yes it is early to be talking about this but I started scouting players already looking at spring games. I love this !!!

      • Good Stuff EHL,
        I do think that they need to develop an ILB to replace Ryans
        this Camp if possible,so they have a Player ready and familiar
        With their system and then address the LB Position further come Draft

        • Najee Goode would be Ryans backup…but that is what he is , a back up. Perryman is a stud who i liken to Ray Lewis. I am not saying thats who he is…skill wise and body type as well as intensity amd leadership, that is who he reminds me of.

          • Perryman looks like a Pkayer no doubt
            I look at the back-up LB Corps of the Eagles and
            See Goode, Braman,Acho, Knotts, Phillips, Matthews
            And see no real potential Starters down the road except for 1st around Pick Marcus Smith who will replace Brandon Graham on the Rister
            This is area that will need upgrading for inked Trent Coke & D Ryans redo their Contracts, they are probably released next Off-Season

            I see Matthews, Knotts, Phillips & Graham
            As goners by Summers end with Goode, Braman,
            Travis Long & Acho battling for the last 2 Spots at LB

      • Nice call Eagle on Bernardrick Mckinney, and Randy Gregory. Both should be targets to upgrade the Pass Rush, and Tenacity of the LB Corp….

  2. It really doesn’t matter.

    Now, we have linebackers when the safties are shit and the running a 3-4 with 4-3 linemen.

    I thought the square peg in round hole syndrome left with Andy…..

    Well, I guess it was the organization over Andy.

    This defense will be average and the main reason the team go nowhere for the very reason I’ve stated.

    Ass Safeties and weak DT’s under a 3-4 scheme.

    Why can’t these assholes just play 4-3 to maximize the talent and disguise their weaknesses?

    The Corners are also average by the way and I’m runningthe ball right up the gut and passing heavy on this defense if I’m the opposing team.

    Barely 7-9 record.

    Copy and paste it.

    • Songs…everyone knows your position, as it appears you copy and paste your posts because they all say the same thing. You are a Redskins fan…period. Just because RG 3 let you down you jumped off the skins bandwagon…nope. Go back to where you pledged your allegiance…hail to the redskins for you !

      • Nah..Songs is just fine. He’s no less an Eagles fan than many others on this site. I don’t think i need to name them. It’s pretty obvious. But anyhow, I’ll be checking out the linebackers you mentioned.

        • Bullshit. FraudSongs is a Troll on this site who declared his love for the Redskins and RGIII at the end of the 2012 season.

          • And I state there are other questionable eagle fans as well. There’s as much evidence to show that as well. just because you don’t like Songs doesn’t invalidate my point about the other fake ass fans.

            • Who elected you site judge?

              I only remind people that FraudSongs quit on this team and yet continues to troll this site. It was his own words, he clearly stated that he is a fan of the Redskins and RGIII. Sounds like he fits your definition of “fake ass fan” to me.

              So again, who cares if you think that other posters are “fake ass fans” because you disagree with their opinions.

              • Well said greenfan. I was gonna wait another week to come back to the crap. But songs being his Redskin loving self made me end summer vacation a tad early. I would be curious to hear Cold’s list of fraud fans though. Just cause some one disagrees with you doesn’t make them fake. Openly rooting against the team cause your guy is gone…yeah that makes you fake.

              • Guess what asshole? I CAN SAY THE SAME ABOUT YOU!!. Need I remind you that you responded to me? I was communicated initially with EHL. And my point was and still is, that this site has far too many fake fans. Many who quit on the team and head coach based on keeping a certain qb. IT’S WELL DOCUMENTED YOU STUPID FUCK. And obviously you care about what I think. Otherwise why the fuck did you respond to me when I wasn’t communicating with you in the first place?

              • When you welcome the demise of your team and new coach before they even line up and play just because you hate a certain player so much, it’s the same thing to me. Chip was called everything put a child of God when he retained Vick last year. It became plain hate when he held an open competition for the spot. I’m not cutting and pasting the comments for you Xevious. You do it yourself. As to naming names. Why? It isn’t like these individuals would man up to their hypocrisy anyway. So I stated my opinion like the rest of you. Take it or leave it.

              • have another beer you psycho…better yet, get back on your meds. You are clearly a man that has more troubles and issues to deal with than listing who you consider a “fake fan”…..smh….lol

              • Private discussion?? Who has a private discussion on a PUBLIC BOARD?

                The only private discussions that brewski has are with the voices in his head….because when he is talking to himself on the street it is so loud that everyone can hear him.

                Private discussion….LMAO

              • Hmmm I was more referring to the openly rooting against the birds because Vick is gone and desean was let go Cold. I know a lot of people disagreed with Kelly retaining Vick but it was expected because he was Kelly’s “type of QB” I don’t think anyone openly rooted against the birds. Besides songs there are a few others that have stated their wish for the birds demise due to the loss of Vick and Desean. I myself have had more than a few strongly worded debates with people, but no matter it was always about the Eagles. This offseason has been different. Songs though jumped ship the year before because he thought Vick was gone. Real scumbag there.

    • Speaking of square peg round hole… When is chip going to bring in his type of qb? One that can run his offense… I mean Foles is slow, he drafted Barkley, and brought in sanchez… They will never be any good… Lol

      • Barkley and Sanchez are both stiffs one is a never has been and the other is a never should have been. Barkley was a wasted um what was term value pick? Whatever he isn’t even a NFL back up and you’ll be the only one surprised when he doesn’t make the team this year.

        • I don’t believe that Barkley makes the 53 Man Roster either
          It will be Foles,Sanchez & Kinnie as the QB’s for 2014
          I do believe the Eagles will attempt to trade Barkley for a 6th/7th Round Pick to the Chargers,Cardinals, Packers who can both use sone competition at their back-up QB Spots..
          There is a reason that all 32 Teams passed on Barkley thru the first 3 Rounds on the 2013 and it mostly has to do with arm strength or lack there of.. He’s strictly a timing QB who can throw
          Dink & dunk passes to that 5-10-15 yard range and that’s about it
          And probably would have a better chance in an offense that runs a WCO
          Eagles will address the Future QB position in next years Draft to get a more athletic type and to groom for down the road

        • Maybe so point is all the fools on here saying chip has a prototypical style of qb play are complete asses! Geno smith chip passes, Vick, chip passes, Manziel…chip passes. Barkley he drafts, Foles he has success with and sanchez he goes out and gets….
          I said nothing about Barkley being good… I was referring to “chips type of qb” and how everyone behind e keyboard is clueless as to what goes on in the nova care center….

        • Lion and Paul saying those things may prove to be as idiotic as those that said ‘chip needs a RO QB ‘ he needs someone that can run a fast guy. I hate Sanchez and haven’t seen enough of either to be able judge their success chances . But so far chip has done it his way certainly knows what he wants in players and achieved a modecum of success …

          • Maybe you misunderstood or read too much
            In my previous post HAC
            Foles is the QB, no doubt and I am glad he’s the QB for I like
            His upside big time, but I do believe that Kelly will Draft another QB next Year to have his kind of QB to groom for the Future and be a more viable Back-Up to Foles than the 2 QB they have now in
            Chip Kelly understands that you need at least 2 Good QB’s on your Roster who can run the Offense, and I am not saying they will grab one early in the Draft, but I do expect him to want to upgrade the Depth with a QB he can groom for the down the road

            • Kelly says a QB needs one thing in his offense….repetitive accuracy

              • That’s a lie. In Oregon none of his QBs were particularly known to be great passers. What they were known to be is highly athletic and able to run his whole offense. Im not saying Foles cant thrive but that whole “highly accurate” thing just isn’t true. His QB in college ran the ball.

              • His direct quote was …. “Repetitive accuracy” that is not my quote! You Vick supporting, geno smith supporting guys all went with the “chips kind of qb” and meanwhile he has three qb none of whom are what you guys think are chips guys…

              • Oh haveacigar so your telling me Sanchez and Barkley are those “repetitive accurate QBs? lol. I support Foles now but lets not go overboard with every player Barney Rubble has brought in is magical.. Its tiring. Also I also support Kapernick and Wilson ever heard of them? They are the last 2 representatives from the NFC to lead there teams to the big gaqme.

              • Dag all I’m saying is that you guys said ‘these running QB are what chip wants’ I’m saying chip had numerous chances to get a runner but chose these three.

          • Okay and Raheem Morris won 10 games his first year as well and where is he now?

            • Hey lion you are a typical skeptic… I didn’t realize that about you . I contend that Kelly knows a lot more about what he needs to be successful than anyone on a blog. Many here proclaimed he needed geno smith or some guy named Manuel ? Or manziel or Vick and he laughed and picked 3 non mobile QB …Barkley May be terrible … I don’t know because as far as I can tell a ball cap and clipboard seem to be just fine .

              • The point you seem to miss haveacigar is that Kelly hasn’t won anything. No one can praise Kelly’s moves until he wins! When we get some playoff wins under our belt then we can say…’Boy that Kelly is a genius and he sure proved us skeptics wrong’.

              • What has Kelly won? Um 10 more nfl games than you and I believe about 250 NCAA games ! He had won instant respect from the nfl community , a salary that pays about $5 million… What have you won is a more appropriate question!

              • Sorry 150 New Hampshire and Oregon just a guess

              • bluntsmoker, i have won as many NFL games has you have! Andy Reid has won a bunch of playoff games, he is well respected in the NFL community-did you have an opinion about his game day coaching and decisions? Or did you just shut the hell up…which for you wouldn’t be a bad idea!
                What Kelly hasn’t won are NFL playoff games or an NCAA championship!
                If the only opinion that counts is Kelly’s then what the hell brings you to this blog?Kelly aint on here…try Philadelphia Eagles .com and you can here his opinions to suit you

              • You are 100% correct you and I have won the same number of games. No doubt . But I don’t come here and profess to know what Kelly wants. I’m waiting for him to draft his type of QB… You experts say he should…. Why hadn’t he? U know the offense better than him really?

              • And many on this very site were ready to run his ass out of town because he wouldn’t tow the ridiculous hate line in regards to the previous starter at qb. Personally I believe the only reason so many are singing his praises now is because their guy (Foles) is finally the qb. As I have stated numerous times; Foles passed my eye test and I wish him all the best. But this new love affair on this site in regards to Chip (who felt otherwise about Foles until injury forced his hand) is a joke.

              • Cold brew people are singing his praises because he took a dead , lifeless , 4-12 team to the playoffs ! He was 7-1 in the last half of an nfl season. Some reputable guy (heard it on radio , forgot his name) said that Kelly is the fifth most influential man in the NFL, higher than Pete Carroll.
                The converse of your statement is actually more accurate 3-4 regular posters on here have motives tied to the former QB or a similar running type of QB that want Kelly and foles to fail ,

        • I think that was called the year he was drafted, if memory serves me correct…….and some said give him a chance, because after Foles is traded, then he would have to be Chips QB, because he drafted him….

          That rationalization crap gets annoying at times…He can’t play; He is not an NFL QB…..Period

  3. ****Ravens CB Jimmy Smith arrested early this morning in a suburban Bar of Baltimore for Disorderly Conduct. This is the 5th Raven arrested this Off-Season.. This incident appears to be relatively harmless as Smith claims to have been trying to help a lady friend who was getting sick
    At a Bar and got into with workers at the Bar and then Police and refused to
    Listen to their instructions and then was arrested

  4. Hot air are you saying that you know better who to run a Kelly offense than he does? Manuel, smith and Vick would be a better fit? I guess he’s been drinking whiskey and smoking doobs for 100 hours a week at the nova care

    • hadtoomanyblunts….No I don’t think Kelly been drinking whiskey and smoking doobs but from what you type hear I’m sure you have! I haven’t put my opinion up against Chip Kelly. I don’t know everything that is going into Kelly’s considerations about the QB…I don’t know how much contract considerations, injuries, his evaluations of players based upon who was available to him. It seems to me that Kelly works with what he has available…Vick got hurt-Foles stepped in…and he liked Sanchez and Barkley for some reason..
      All I know is that we have no playoff wins and we haven’t got a QB that has proven he can win playoff games! So Kelly’s choices are not beyond reproach like you want them to be

      • Weren’t you one that said “Kelly is going to draft a qb that can run his whole offense”? Weren’t you a geno! EJ, kind of guy? He had every opportunity to get a running “multi-threat” kind of qb….

        • haveablunt-How do you know he had ‘every opportunity’ to get a ‘running multi-threat kind of QB? Are you a part of Eagles management? Are all ‘multi-threat’ QB’s the same?
          Are you really that football ignorant, bluntsmoka???
          Foles is the starting QB and deservedly so…had a good enough year last year to take a look at him this year. So the notion to build confidence in Foles going ahead makes sense…especially when you have taken away an All-Pro receiver from him.
          We will see..this is the test year that we have to see some playoff wins. This is year-to know truly if Kelly’s offense can win a championship if the Quarterback truly the QB of the future…we need to see some playoff wins-this year!

          • I’m smith, Manuel and Manziel were all there for the taking hell Vick was in the nova care…. He had every chance to acquire ‘his kind of QB’

            • He will still have a chance too…if Foles fails to get us to the playoffs he will have the option to get his kind of QB next year too…he is giving Foles a shot…and we will really know about Foles this year because he won’t have Djax giving him all of those easy passes and creating space…

              • he is a football coach if he NEEDED a multi-threat QB he would have gotten one. Not Barkley and not Sanchez.
                Oh an foles HAS TO LEAD US TO THE PLAYOFFS IN HIS FIRST FULL SEASON AS A STARTER? hmmmmm, why is the bar higher for him than say….. the guy in washington who didn’t get his team in the playoffs his second full year?

              • I am no RGIII or Redskin Fan
                but didn’t RGIII lead the Redskins to the Playoffs and NFC East Crown in his Rookie Season (just like Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson did with their Teams)

                RGIII 2nd Season (which was last season) was a Train Wreck as I expected with coming back way too soon with his his injury and the issues with lame duck Coach Mike Shannahan

  5. Hot air as for AR and his game day coaching I would say that if u were as emotionally attached , passionate and watched every second of action you would say the same thing about any coach in the NFL.

  6. Was Lane Johnson ever officially suspended? I know the player finds out before the NFL but wasn’t this reported over 2 weeks ago?

    • I wanted to ask the same thing. I don’t think he has been ‘officially’ suspended yet……..

      The appeal deadline has long since passed.

      There’s been no news since about Jun 30….min.

      So what’s the deal?

    • Dag nfl is basically off till camp. The birds official response which we can all recite ‘the eagles support the nfl drug policy and tell our players to abide, we will support lane and work thru his suspension. Next man up’ lane will say he was unaware that a supplement contained a banned substance and he is sorry he hurt the team…. It’s the money pit that is corporate nfl

  7. According to ESPN Eagles reporter Phil Sheridan, second-round pick Jordan Matthews “had people … comparing his physique to Terrell Owens” during OTAs, and “could be a star in the future.”
    Sheridan mentions Matthews as a key component as Philly works to replace DeSean Jackson’s 82 receptions and nine receiving scores. The 2014 Eagles could trot out four-wide sets with Matthews and Zach Ertz inside the numbers, and Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper outside. Matthews is likely to see regular single coverage and create mismatches over the middle of the field at 6-foot-3, 212 with 4.46 speed. He’s squarely on the fantasy sleeper radar.
    Jul 17 – 12:08 P

    • Great Stuff Henski, and yet, we still see Eagles Fans posting on Blogs,FB,etc,etc that the Eagles should Trade for 33 Year Old Andre Johnson and give up High Draft PIcks, Pay his Big Salary for a 33 Year Old WR… Just Crazy to even think about

    • They still need another receiver to complement Matthews in case someone gets hurt….Here are two for next years draft:

      1.Jaelen Strong – 6-4 205 4.49 – Arizona State – Projected to be drafted (1-3)
      2. Stephon Diggs – 6-0 189 4.35 – Maryland – Projected to be drafted (1-3)

      • Cliff, they are both good prospects…I think they both could go in the first round, no later than second unless an unforeseen issue or factor arises. I also like Sammy Coates 6’0 205-4.40 WR/KR from Auburn.

        • I’ll add another for you Eagle –

          Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri – 6-6 220 4.51

        • Deontay Greenberry 6’3 198, 4.40 from Houston

          • A few Big-Target WR’s to keep an eye on this upcoming College Season who should end up as Prospects for 2015 Draft

            1)Ty Montgomery – Standford (6-2 – 215lbs)
            2) Davante Parker – Louisville (6-3 – 210lbs)
            3) Austin Hill – Arizona (6-2 – 210lbs)
            4) Jordan Taylor – Rice (6-4 – 212lbs)
            5) Tony Lippet – Mich State (6-3 195lbs)
            6) Vince Mayle – Wash St (6-3 220lbs)
            7) Davante Davis – UNLV (6-2 210lbs)
            8) Darren Waller – Georgia Tech (6-5 230lbs)
            9) Justin McCay – Kansas (6-2 210lbs)
            10) Michael Bennett – Georgia (6-2 205lbs)

  8. Paulman’s Initial 53 Man Roster for the 2014 Eagles

    Special Teams – (3 Players)
    K – A Henerey, Punter – D Jones , Long Snapper – J Donebros

    Offense – (25 Players)
    QB (3) – Foles, Sanchez & Kinnie
    RB (4) – McCoy, Sproles, Polk & M Tucker
    TE (3) – Celek, Ertz & Casey
    WR (6) – Maclin,Cooper,Matthews,Huff, B Smith & J Maehl
    OL (9) – Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, A Barbre, D Kelly, M Tobin,
    J Vadervelde & D Molk (Lane Johnson begins Season on Suspended list)

    Defense (25 Players)

    DL (7) – F Cox, B Logan, C Thornton, V Curry, Joe Kruger, Tyler Hart, Beau Allen

    LB (8) – T Cole, C Barwin, M Kendricks, D Ryans, M Smith, N Goode,
    B Braman & Travis Long

    CB (5) – C Williams, N Carroll, B Fletcher, B Boykin , J Watkins

    Safety (5) – M Jenkins , N Allen, E Wolff, C Maragos , E Reynolds

    Practice Squad

    OL Michael Barimo & Karim Barton
    TE Trey Burton
    WR Kadron Boone
    RB Henry Posey
    DL Alejandro Villanueva & Brandon Bair
    LB Joseph Kaddu
    Safety – Keeland Johnson

    This is my Initial Roster but do expect it to change some with Injuries
    Players I don’t expect back to the 2014 Eagles Roster

    Brandon Graham, Casey Matthews, Jake Knott, Curtis Marsh, R Carmichael
    Danrius Johnson, Emil Igwenagu, Aurelius Benn, Infeyani Momah…

  9. Almost here! 3 weeks from today the Eagles 1st preseason game and 2 plus weeks from now 1st NFL game. Then football for the next 6 months. The NFL and college season is upon us!

    • I am with you dag….ONE WEEK TILL EAGLES CAMP STARTS!!!!!

      Finally we can start evaluating the team after they start contact and based on their on-field performance.

      GO BIRDS!!!!

      • Should be a very competitive Camp with good battles along the OL, WR
        and the entire Defense among all Positions..
        I believe the 4 Starting LB’s are set (Outside of Injuries) with Cole,Barwin,Kendricks & Ryans, but that all back-ups are up for grabs
        outside of 1st Pick Marcus Smith
        The DL has lots of Competition and even though Cox,Logan & Thornton will probably be starters, the Eagles like to rotate their DL so 3-4 Players will end up playing alot of snaps as well
        Safety is wide open and CB Play is up for competition too…

        • I think that we will need to have quality depth in our DL this year due to the fact that based on last years performance, they will most definately lead the league in defensive plays. They will almost need to develop a hockey stratgedy where we have “lines” or (2) sets od DL’s that are rotated to keep them fresh. We need to have a strong pass rush this year to make up for our below average defensive backfield.

          GO BIRDS!!

          • And I’m going to miss it all. TC that is. Scotland is behind me, now in the Alps. TC will see me sipping wine for a couple weeks in Tuscany. Should be home by the time week 2 or 3 of the pre-season. Week 3 is all that matters anyway.

            I think I have the better deal.

  10. I would prefer Normandy,to pay tribute to the American soldiers, the British and Canadians who paid the ultimate price so we are not speaking Italian and German

    • WWII was a lost cause for Germany by June of ’44
      Though the invasion speed up the finality by a good 2 Years…
      Russia was already winning the Eastern Front by this time and would have overran Berlin if we didn’t invade in June ’44..and we could all be speaking Russian if we didn’t invade..

      • and it would be great to Visit Normandy where so many brave men fought and died for Liberty against a tyrant regime as Hitler & the Nazi’s

  11. And gtfo with this “old country “, euphemism for it sucks, if not then go back paulman. I hear they need a few like you to squash grapes, take the mutt dcar with you,but they probably won’t take him for lack of pedigree

    • I don’t understand…how did paul disrespect American GI’s?

    • jake, like I told your racist, drunken, junkie, POS ass before, if you have an issue with me do something about it!!!! I’ll show you what a mutt can do. I will beat your ass sober! You have an issue little man, that needs to be taken care of! And they say I’m the one with the problems. Like I said keyboard scumbag, anytime, anywhere! Also, you sick, demented, ignorant, nut, we all come from proud military families, & come from respectful pasts, who fought & died for this country. Where did your descendants come from? Unless you are an American Indian, we all came from somewhere else. So what is the beef with someone wanting to go back to visit where their families are from? You are a hateful racist, bigot, that shows your true colors every time you post, scumbag!!!! Keep my name out of your comments, unless I speak to you 1st. You have an issue scumbag, do something about it!

      • Everyone is crazy, nuts, in need of some kind of help besides Dcar. Oh I get it, were all demented except for him

        You’re the one in need of help buddy. You call names, rant, yell, “!!!!!” every day every night. You think you know people’s mental makeup when all you show is egotistical, arrogant, jerkish, maniac behavior on here

        I don’t care what Jake said, you’ve said the same kind of stuff to me and others. Challenging someone to a fight thru the internet, “Im 6’4 250 and ill kick your ass” Who gives a crap, you don’t know whose capable of doing what thru a blog site. Challenge the wrong person and you could end up missing. Just being honest. The one with the loudest bark is usually the one that gets dealt with 1st. Flexing keyboard muscles like that’s cool or something, grow up

        More control tactics, “keep my name out of your comments unless I speak to you first” hahaha is this guy a cartoon character? He cant be serious

        Now YOU go get your head checked nutcase, they’ll probably put you in a anger management program just to find out that you have more problems then they originally suspected

        Something is seriously wrong with you

        • Mind your business faggot, I was talking to the racist POS above, not you, you punk! I’ll give you the same invitation. I’m getting tired of you hypocritical delusional, POS’s, questioning my manhood, then turn it around on me like I’m the culprit. If you feel froggy lil girl, jump. Remember, I only flex my muscles, when provoked 1st. You have a short memory fag, don’t you. I would have never even singled you out, if you would have kept your mouth shut 2 years ago, when you ripped paul & myself unprovoked & unwarranted, when you disagreed with our analysis about the Sixers. You forget, don’t you, calling us internet gm’s, non-fans, & called me a pussy. I don’t forget you irrelevant, imbecile. You going to make me disappear bitch? Funny how you say I could be locked up for threats, when you basically just did. I never threatened anyone, I’ve just extended invitations to the wannabe tough guys on here! Like I said before to you & the rest of the keyboard karate crew on here, if you have an issue with me, name the time & place & we can see who the real man is. But I know the deal. Keep flexing those muscled up fingers! You ain’t shit, neither is jake, or the lying punk havenoclue. There is a difference in disagreeing with someone & arguing with delusional, irrational, racists & idiots like you assholes. Time & place! Name it! Just saying…..

          • BTW, my mental health is just fine! I don’t lie. I don’t exaggerate. I don’t make up fantasies about past accomplishments. I don’t say I have sources, that are made up in my head. I don’t come on here 365, 24/7, looking for acceptance & relevancy. I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about me. I tell the truth. I am brutally honest. I don’t have a racist, nor bigoted bone in my body. And most of all I’m a f^#@ing man, that can back up my myself, unlike you keyboard punks & steroid fingered strappers! Something is wrong with you & you need to get your twisted noggin checked. Look up Psychiatric, delusional disorders-
            Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Histrionic Personality Disorder; Dependent Personality Disorder. These will give you all the insight into yourself. Fuck you nutbag!

            • No one cares, no one cares if you are 6 feet 4 and 240, but if you are lose some weight you dummy. At your age it is not good for you. Especially with your rage over anonymous posters

              No one cares how successful you are you sorry bitch, we come here to state opinions you jack ass, I will not hide from anything I have stated. You know nothing about me and my background, what I am about, I post here most times to start a debate, to get a rise out of posters like a great Your sorry ass, you little miscreant knows nothing of my essence, but we know plenty of you through your incessant bragging and bullying

              You are no threat to me or my family, so why would I engage you in.a fight. And you should consider you may lose that fight knowing nothing about me but I know plenty about you

              • Yeah, blah, blah, blah. That’s what I thought, coward bitch. All talk, no balls. Keep hiding behind the computer, talking shit. Go have another drink, you drunken, junkie, racist, psycho loser! You know nothing about, who I am. Bragging? LOL! I never once bragged, about anything on here, you delusional toad! BTW, who is threatening you, or your family. you nutjob? Bunch of sick f^#@s on this site!

              • This DCar character needs some medicine. Shees he says the same thing every day. Always yelling and ranting, get some therapy and medicine Dcar you are a lunatic.

              • Team hunt be prepared for a barrage of &@$??!$%# and some name calling thrown at you!

  12. Way to disrespect the American gi, you are a beauty

  13. No disrespect to any of the men/women of the Military Jake..
    My family including my Father, Uncles,Cousins and nephews have all been in the Service at Various War since WW2 to Kirea,Vietnam, to Iraq & Afghanistan
    It’s a brutal way of life for those in war as well as their Wives & Children which should never be taken for granted..

    • Well then get your history straight you mother fucker. If not for the Americans world 2 was lost

      • That is not True and anyone who has read and understands History about the European Theatre knows it…
        Our Involvement in Europe merely speed up the end of Hitker and the Nazi’s who were already spread out too thin, losing the Eastern Fromt to Russia and had internal chaos in the Hiearchy of the Nazi Party and Military
        As most inside knew that shirker was a lunatic who had list his mind…
        US helped tremendously, but Hitler was already toast by mid-late 1943
        Maybe you should read some History about WW2 outside the American perspective..

  14. I didn’t visit Normandy, but did spend some time at the Canadian monument at Vimy Ridge. Its a site from the Great War, and Canadian history. The monument built there is powerful. My great grandfather made it through that battle unscathed, but was injured a few months later at Paschendale.

    And yes, cigar, I’ll be a week just outside of Montepulciano.

  15. Wow – I hadn’t rolled this site in a bout three years (yes, I lost a bet to Songs a few years ago) but with camp a week a way I looked – talk about hysterical – the same cast of characters ranting about the same things – Jake the wanna be, still living in his big brothers shadow (those that can do those that can;t talk about it) Dcar on another fantastic rant and my Brother Pman – living the dream! Vinnie – enjoy Europe – came within one interview of a job teaching in Garmisch –

    Just missing a rant from songs about the evils of immunizations for our public health for my day to be complete –

    enjoy the season my friends – it should be high scoring – for both teams!

  16. DCar let that crap go man, we know Jake is a drunken fool. Now you and JH have a beef going back some years but it’s not worth the anger you know that. I know it gets tough trying to ignore things especially from Jake’s dumbass but at the end of the day it’s just a blog where people talk shit trying to provoke people.

    • Big, you’re right. I need to stop letting these turd trolls, racists, & scumbags, pull me into ugliness. It only gives them satisfaction, when I give them opportunities to turn shit around on me, when they are the instigators, that talk their ill-informed, fact-less shit. It’s funny how I’m called names, said to be in need of medication, & called a bully, when the only time I get pissed & respond the way I do, is when my manhood is called into question, & lies are made up about me. That’s ok, because I know what POS’s like jake, Lil Bron-Bron Jon & havenoclue are about & it makes me laugh.

      • They pull you into ugliness simply by stating an opinion that you disagree with. State an opinion contrary to DCAR and the adolescent name calling begins.

      • Dcar taking the I’m the victim route. Sad to read

        This guy insults me and others for feeling a certain way about a player or team, then were labeled as clueless know nothings and called every derogatory name in his limited vocab book. You can’t run from that, everyone knows it.

        He’s angry with me over saying him and paul didnt know what they were talking about when it came to either the Sixers or Eagles and he hasn’t let it go (this was maybe 3-4 years). I also rooted for Lebron to win a title. He got pissed about that (hence the lil Bron Bron name) dude still hasn’t let that go either.

        He holds on to the past too much. Life is short bro, move on. Its a blog site. I come here to talk with philly team fans that’s it. Share knowledge, news etc and move on.

        I dont have a dislike for anyone on this site, nothing personal to me at all. I joke on people when provoked but other then that I’m not looking to beat anyone up, threaten their life etc thats corny, childish and a waste of my time.

        I’m all sports on this site here on out, everything else is pointless to me.

        • I ain’t no victim son! No, I bury you at every opportunity, because you called me paul’s pussy son 2 years ago, for backing up paul, because you were calling him a fraud fan & called you out on it. No, I call you Lil Bron-Bron, because you are his ball slurper & you called him Bron Bron on here, like the groupie, panty dropping fag you are. I thought you were the ultimate die hard Sixer fan? You are he imbecile waste of time, not me. Remember, I told you before, when you’ve accomplished what I have in my life, gotten multiple degrees, then maybe you can question my intelligence & limited vocab! Got it nut job?

          • This guy can’t mature and grow up. I dont even use the term “pussy” so I know thats not true. I’ve definitely called Paul your dad, I just said it a few days ago as well. You worship the ground he walks on, its pretty sad actually. Seeing you defend him and he never defends you is even sadder haha yikes

            Lebron is a great player, I’m not a hater like you looking to minimize and marginalize someone’s talent and accomplishments because you dont like them. Get over it and grow up (and he won 2 championships something you said he wouldnt do a few years ago). Being a fan of a player doesn’t mean you’re not a fan of your own team. Thats the way kids think not grown men

            From here on out you’ll be going back and forth with yourself because I’m done. You can occupy your time on this blog being the tough guy big bully cursing everyone out and ranting. Thats a waste of time

            Btw I’m not the only guy that thinks this of you, and they’re all starting to come out and speak on it.

            Your act on this site has gotten old fast. Change your style bruh, its dead

            • BLAH BLAH BLAH, delusions, hypocrisy, BS, BLAH BLAH BLAH! That’s all you’re good for! STFU & get lost cellar dweller!!!! BTW, like I’ve told you on numerous occasions, I don’t give a f^#@ what you, nor anyone else thinks about me! I don’t worship anyone but God, so take that shit & stuff it in your gay ass!

              • I thought DCAR was just a few years younger than myself…
                How can I be his Dad…. By the way, I turn 51 Years Young today.
                Free Drinks for everyone …

              • Hey psycho boy, I know you like to repeat yourself over and over and over again and say that you don’t give a f^#@ what anyone thinks about you but your actions and response to all of your critics scream otherwise. Your actions scream that you are insecure, feminine, immature, and irrational.

                Nobody cares about your personal life either, including your multiple degrees, what your wife does, where she works and what your kids are like. By the way if you were so rich and successful you would not be working the graveyard shift loser.

              • Hey Teamdick, I do Real Estate during the day, flip houses & home repairs. I do the graveyard shift, for the bennies, so I don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices I would have to pay on my own. I have 4 kids in college & private school, I pay my Grandson’s daycare, & have custody of my Nephew. It’s called using my brain fag! So you don’t know shit, of what I’m all about! Like I’ve told ALL the other keyboard gangsters & know-it-alls, name a time & place, & I’ll show you how feminine I am & how much of a psycho I can be! Pretty brave to talk shit & criticize me behind a keyboard, isn’t it?

              • trust me if you can afford to ‘buy and sell’ me you wouldn’t be working the graveyard shift for bennies…and you wouldn’t be worried about tuition…

              • Hey psycho boy, nobody cares about your personal life , including your multiple degrees, the fact that you work 20 hour days, have 4 jobs, have a handful of kids and kids kids to support. You should have worked harder, built connections, been nicer to other people, and worked harder when you were younger so you wouldn’t have to work the graveyard shift for benefits. By the way it really makes no sense why you are not on your wife’s benefits (did I catch you in a lie or did I?) You are probably a smart fella but your temper, your sob stories, whining, loud mouth, entitled, I am always right mentality have contributed to you being a rat scrambling for cheese. Beat it loser.

              • Man, Dcar has become a real circus clown on this site huh haha sheesh

                Guys are sick of his act on here, its old and tired.

                Bring something to the table sports related, not the rants, whining, yelling, cursing everyone out, calling them every disrespectful name that your minute brain can think of because they don’t agree with you, the arrogance, the tough guy bully behavior, the I’m smarter than you bull crap

                He’s like a cancer for this blog

                Bragging about having 2 degrees but works all day all night hahaaa dude is a classic clown. He thinks people care or wanna know the “pennies” he makes.

                He has no clue what any of us do or if were now retired from working for a living. Nor should all of that be shared on a useless blog site hahaa hes the only genius posting his life for the world to see

                He’s become a regular cartoon character on this site

                Please, everyone, pray for Dcar

              • JH I have had more battles with DCAR than just about anyone and agree in principle with much if what you say but you son are obnoxious in your efforts to Getz the crowd on your side…shut the hell up

              • Hahaa crowd on my side?

                Dude I couldn’t care any less than I already do whether guys agree or not with me on this site, its useless, I come on here when I’m bored or if I wanna share something about the teams

                Each guy is saying the same crap about Dcar, what the hell are you talking about?

                I especially don’t give a damn what you say, you pick arguments with everyone on here, you’re definitely not worth the time


              • I don’t buy that JH. Emotional yup. Entertaining yup.

                To try and act like your hands are clean here is a joke. You tried to give as much shit as DCar, he was just a lot more determined then you..IMO. I have had my own battles on here, so you can truthfully tell me to go screw myself, but it takes two to tango and you were every bit as much of an agitator as he was…Mr Porter ring any bells? You are not a victim here, but a willing participant. Again, IMO.

              • Green, if you were paying attention, I already touched on that.

                I said I’ve said things in defense of myself

                Yup I called him Mr.Porter, yes I said he lives in west philly and took his family to the community pool swimming with the roaches, living on section 8, yea I did..

                But this was all after he came at me countless number of times all over me being a fan of Lebron James, over me telling him and paul that they didn’t know what they’re talking about on either a topic about the sixers or eagles and claims that I called him a “pussy” which isn’t even a word I use, this was 3-4 years ago btw

                So what I say is always in defense of what this guy says to me, I don’t instigate anything

                Again, I’m keeping it all sports on here now

              • Ok JH. It’s not my fight, just adding my 2 cents.

                All the reason why I am looking forward to training camp starting this week. Too much time off…Dagolden said it a few months ago, we are more or less like a family of Eagles fans on here…I don’t know about you, but I argue and fight with my brothers all the time…Over some pretty stupid shit..but lo et someone else start shit with my brother and I will be the first one to his defense. Get some training camp action started so we can start arguing over actual football and not just name calling…again, I am a stupid shit and have gotten into my own arguments on here, so you can call me a hypocrit , but I am very happy to see things getting kicked off.

                GO BIRDS!!!!

              • Yeah, Mr Innocent! GTFOH! Like I said, IF you would kept your initial insults to yourself, I would have never singled you out. Enough said. Anything else that you post is hypocrisy, BLAH BLAH BLAH! I’m a cancer? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! King of the Court Jester, you will always be. This is the last time I acknowledge your existence! I don’t need to explain myself to losers, liars, racists, nut jobs, imbeciles, & nobodies!

  17. I cannot wait for training camp to start this week so we can start seeing how this team will be focused in the upcoming season.

    GO BIRDS!! Happy B day Pman.

  18. And actually talk about football Green instead of “My d is bigger.” “No my d is bigger.”

    That would be a nice change of pace.

  19. Not at all Cigar. All about the ineptitude of SC qbs in the NFL. Saulsbury, Peete, Marinovich, Rob Johnson, etc…

  20. ‘Guys are sick of his act’, ‘pray for DCAR’ … Just a it attention seeking on your part.

  21. ****Eagles Camp News*****
    Since there is no more reports about the Eagles on GCobb com
    I thought I would get some Eagles fans fired up about the Season
    On 1st Play today on a 7 vs 7 Drill RB McCoy was hit hard by Trent Cole and the players went out which turned into a scrum…
    GM Roseman and Coach Kelly said no more rough stuff in Camp and that thru with field offers for both Players around the NFL
    Out with the Old and In with the New
    Go Eagles…

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