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Notes From The Phillies’ 2-1 Win Over Atlanta

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington NationalsThe Philadelphia Phillies snapped their three-game losing streak on Saturday night, taking down the Braves 2-1. Their record improves to 43-54.

  • Cole Hamels anchored the team with seven scoreless innings, allowing just four hits while striking out nine. 
  • Hamels acquired a rare win, just his fourth of the season, and lowered his ERA to 2.83.
  • Jimmy Rollins knocked in both of the team’s runs with a two-run homer in the seventh inning. Rollins finished the game 1-5.
  • Grady Sizemore got another start, and continues to play well. Sizemore went 3-4 with a double, and scored a run.
  • Chase Utley and Ryan Howard combined to go 0-7 with two walks.
  • Howard’s average has dropped to .219.
  • Marlon Byrd went 2-4 with a couple of singles, and left five men on base.
  • Domonic Brown went 2-4, raising his average to .230.
  • Ken Giles worked a scoreless eighth, earning his third hold of the year. Giles struck out two, and lowered his ERA to 0.60.
  • Jonathan Papelbon earned his 23rd save of the year. on Facebook

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35 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 2-1 Win Over Atlanta”

  1. I’m not advocating it but damn they could get a boatload for cole….what another great effort by him.

    • It was a great Performance by Hameks last evening, but I just can’t see them trading their only legitimate Starter on their Roster who still has his Prime years left.. Lee & Burnett are on the downside of their Career’s and probably don’t fit the medium-long range Plans of the Phils, if they even have a Plan,
      But Hamels should have a good 4-5-6 Years left of pitching at a high level
      You have to keep him and build the Staff around him moving foward

      • Paul I see ‘your braves’ are looking to dump bj upton and his salary, looking to eat some cash… Dude it happens all over the league. As for Hamels… Believe it or not his contract is manageable in MLB…. There are a couple of big time FA pitchers in the next year or two… That as we all know is a mixed bag

        • They are not my Braves, can’t stand them to be honest with you,but they built a young, strong Roster to contend for the next 5-6 Years with their Core Group all under 26 Years old outside the Upton’s
          I could see them moving BJ to the Mariners who need a right-handed bat
          & OF to their line-up if they want to contend with the A’s & Angels

          Dodgers could be in Play for Hamels, who have OF Kemp, and
          Highly rated CF Henderson to offer in return as a starting place
          Hamels with his Deal is very manageable for a deep pocket Team with mediocre Pitchers getting $15-16 per Season so Hamels at $20 Million with his history of success and Post season success as well as his good health year in and year out with him only being 30 or so, is a good deal for competing clubs who are built to win now and the next couple of seasons

          • You are always high on the braves…. always… even when the phils were winning divisions!
            BJ is not a right handed bat… he is a right handed strike out…. i think he was one of GM Paul’s coveted FA….

            • Since the Braves are on TV every game down here on a Fox Sports-South, I am pretty familiar with their Roster..
              I do like how GM Frank Wrenn and Manager Freddie Gonzales go about their business.. Pretty straight forward guys who are open and honest about how they go about things..
              This us probably their weakest Starting Rotation in recent years but did lose 2 young promising starters for the Season early on in Beachy
              & Medlin to Tommy John.,
              They’ve locked up Freeman, Simmons, Heyward, C Johnson, Gattis & Pitchers Tehran, Kimbrel for the next 3-4-5 Seasons and none of these guys have hit their Primes yet…
              They are a very smart organization.. What can I say…
              Though both Upton’s have disappointed and especially BJ
              And no, I’ve never been a big fan of either Upton..

              • But because they are trying to compete they reached and over paid for uggla and the uptons. It’s the cost of doing business

              • Yes they did over-pay for Uggla but were smart enough and moved on for him .. He gave them some Power Production his first couple of seasons there..
                Justin Upton is actually having a solid season this year
                But BJ is struggling for 2nd year in a row

  2. Paul are you beginning to see that it’s funny money and people arguing on blogs are ridiculous? These billionaires throw millions out each year for a chance to catch lightning in a bottle!

    • Yes and every Team has a couple of bad contracts on their Roster,
      But the Well-run Organizations work around it,
      Cut the chord and take their lumps, or have other younger, home grown Players on the cheap that makes it’s easier to absorb an under performing,
      Over paid Veteran.. The Problem is that the Phils have too many of the Core Players under bad deals which has tied their hands in moving Players or allow younger Players that they need to find out about

      • Paul if you want to be the marlins say so… After 08 cut ties, move on and 09,10,11 never happen they are in the basement or try in 9,10,11 and then be in the basement , it’s an either or question. Me… I want all in. You. , play both sides of the fence of course.

        • I am not playing both sides of the Fence HAC,
          You have to understand where your Competition in your own Division is as well.. Right now in 2014/2015 & Probably even 2016, The Braves,NAts and Marlins are way ahead of the Phils in terms of a Younger and more taleneted Roster than the Phils have, so that being said, time to blow up Current Phils Roster and rebuild..
          Now looking back is easy and 20/20 for all of us to nitpick to do.. but the real issue is that 2010/2011/2012 Off-Season were brutal for the Phils who are paying the Price now for not reloading with younger Talent and better PLayer COntracdts when many PLayers around the MLB were very interested in coming to the Phils with Sell-outs, and a solid Corps of PLayers, but continuing to keep the Status Quo, and adding older Veteran Players past their Primes when the Phils own Core of Players were getting older,injuries or complacent was not the way to go… What’s done is what’s done, I am talking about moving forward and the Phils have to build a Roster that can compete within the NL East and be suitable for their home Park before worrying about Post-Season and right now, they are failing miserably with competing with their NL East Compeititor’s

        • Paul your ‘I’m a better gm than Roseman,amaro etc’ you ding hold yourself accountable for your shitty proposed moves’

          • Name the shitty moves I proposed for the Eagles/Phils
            Over the past few Off-Seasons..

            Phils – keeping Hunter Pence,
            Going actively in Free-Agency for a 3B
            (Ramirez or Beltre) when they were out there
            Pursuing a 4th Starter like Kyle Lohse 2-3 years ago instead of keeping Joe Blanton or hanging onto Kyle Kendrick
            Adding a LHP Reliever like M Gonzales, M Emery
            to fill Scott Eyre spot from 3-4 Years ago
            Working the Orioles for CF Adam Jones 3 Years ago
            All would have been better than doing what Amaro
            has done…

            • Paul you can’t comment on proposed trades or signings they didn’t make you always assume that the other party would just agree. Maybe yhry spoke to Baltimore about jones and were dicmissed. Same with FA

  3. Paul to name a few ….Uggla, Olt, j. hamilton, heath bell, freddy galvis…
    the loshe thing you said in one post the phils need to get younger, the next you say bring in 35 year old loshe at $14M….

    • I never wanted Uggla, J Hamilton, or Heath Bell.. Not sure where you got that from.. I did like 3B Olt Potential, and about the only thing I ever said about Galvis was to play him after Rollins had quit on his teammates a few times in the past..

      K Loshe is an Innings eater and a consistent Pitcher and would have been a much better option as a 4th Pitcher than what the Phils had in Blanton and now Kendrick for the Rotation, IN Fact, Loshe would be a #3 Pitcher in the Current Rotation

      • Paul you wanted hmilton and opt in a trade and said bell was the closer you’d pursue

        • I am not a fan or supporter of either Player HAC..

          • When I get home ill copy and paste it. You also wanted madsen for 3-4 years as your closet .

            • I would have Resigned Madson for sure over Signing Papelbon..
              Now unfortunately, who knew that his arm/elbow was going to blow out which was a shame..

              • Paul that is my point. You signed him and uggla which would have amounted to roughly $23 million per year of useless money… Even GM paulman can’t predict future results. In the real world of baseball players are paid on past performance. The Phil’s have been hamstrung paying market price for a ‘top three in MLB run producers’ (your words)…. MLB doesn’t operate on a year to year contract…. So those two signings and the trading for Olt were complete busts correct?

  4. Paul on November 1, 2011 you wanted to trade for Carlos Quentin who has a four year $38 million contract plays 80 games per year and is hitting .177, wanted Bebtancourt ( out of baseball) to replace Rollins, direct quote on this one ‘I would pursue Heath bell as my closer’ . You you advocated Matt Diaz as your left fielder…. Should I keep going?

    • I have probably mentioned every Player in MLB as a Trade Rumor Target at 1 time or another….
      Matt Diaz as a Left Fielder for 1 Year post Ibanez, would not been a bad move as the Phils were still grooming Dom Brown at that time..

      • I would pursue Heath bell is a direct statement of endorsing him. I would get Betencourt to fill Rollins spot is GM Paul making moves….

  5. Ouch!!! Those annoying little details like PROOF AND EVIDENCE….lmao

    • hey the team blows and the GM is ultimately responsible there is no freaking doubt… but in the real world they HAD TO GO FOR 09,10, 11 and that comes at a cost. Paying players market value and them getting hurt is for those not playing internet GM…. paulman should be our GM reason being he can get all MLB players to sign all-star players to 1 year deals for 35% less than market value!!!!!
      When we were signing pence, halladay et all everyone was wearing red, cheering, reserving tickets to the WS. Sometimes in sports things don’t work out…. plain and simple.

  6. DCar
    December 31, 2011 – 9:47 pm

    Quentin was had for nothing. WTF, didn’t Amaro try? He could have been perfect here.

    Since that post the 4 year $38 million dollar man has batted about 200 while playing in about 80 games per year!
    Hey armchair GM’s are 16-0 every fall and 162-0 every summer! hilarious!

  7. JIm Bowden wrote an article recently with 7-8 moves that the Phils should make before the deadline including:

    Hamels to LAD for CF JocPederson and LHP Julio Urias
    Lee to the NYY for RF Aaron Judge and RHP Luis Severino
    Utley to Oak
    Burnett and Paps to Balt
    Byrd to Sea
    J-Roll to Det
    Bastardo to the Atl

    Decent hauls all around, but as we have been saying. They are just prospects so who knows what they will turn into. Pederson is major league ready potential 30-30 guy, but he also Ks a lot. Urias throws 97. Judge is putting up some gaudy numbers, but he is only in high A. Severino looks like a stud too.

    Time to turn it over?

  8. Did I mention that if they make all of those moves without having to pay part of the salaries of the traded players, they would save about 85 mil for 2015?

    • Bugs… As you state it is a risk…it’s always a risk. Ok on the saving $85 million but what do you do with it? Who do you sign? Who signs there? People complain about the $$$ but it’s not my $$$… So saving $85 doesn’t do much

  9. Cigar, I never care about the team saving money or how much money the players make. What I care about is the cap space or in this case soft cap space that trading players could create. So yes, I would want them to use the money, but hopefully a little more judiciously in the future.

    • Judicious use is difficult… As I’ve pointed out the FA contracts throughout MLB typically end with diminished returns…MLB trade rumors estimate that Hanley Rameriz will get a Choo type of contract, 7 for $110-115..for example. And he really can’t play SS anymore. I’ve gone over the potential FA for next season…. Doesn’t look good.

  10. I agree with you 100%. I guess what they need is patience really. Maybe not build up to max the number for this year until you can sign guys that are potentially worth the risk. You HOPE that you have some every day players with those trades and some potential SPs and then you are only filling in a number of positions instead of the bunch that you traded.

    Paradigm shift though. Turn over the organization to try to find young talent again and then fill in with some FAs at certain positions instead of trying to throw money at every hole. The staff would be the real issue.

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