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Training Camp Preview: Secondary

CaryWilliams2The Eagles secondary was 32nd against the pass in 2013.  Last in the entire NFL; a statistic that you would rather not have associated with your football team.

How much has changed since last year?  Chung, Coleman and Anderson are gone.  Free agency added three players to the defensive backfield.  Safeties Malcom Jenkins and Chris Maragos, cornerback Nolan Carroll, how quickly will they make an impact? The Eagles used a 4th rounder in the draft for “defensive back” Jaylen Watkins and a sixth rounder on safety Ed Reynolds.

Has enough been done with the new faces and the players returning from 2013?  Questions outweigh the answers.  Speculation is that enough has been done to be a respectable and productive unit in 2014.  A combination of speed, size and “versatility” in players like Jenkins and Watkins is what Kelly and the defensive coaches want with their defensive backs.


Much is the same.  Williams and Fletcher are penciled in as starters.  Williams had a good season, Fletcher minimized damaged with his weekly play.  Boykins is the most talented cornerback.  He had a breakout sophomore season and is knocking on the Pro Bowl door.  His success manning the slot and his smaller stature will likely prevent him from a legitimate opportunity to matchup with receivers on the outside.

Carroll has experience starting at the NFL level.  He is the biggest cornerback on the roster, and plays a physical style of football with better than average closing speed.  He has a legitimate shot of overtaking Fletcher this season, but it would take a strong camp and preseason showing; the coaches are high on Fletcher for his football I.Q. and consistent play.

Curtis Marsh is somehow still on this roster, merely a camp body at this point.  Roc Carmichael, recall that play in the Saints game where he entered and Brees went right in his direction?  Watkins is listed as a defensive back because of his time at both the safety and cornerback position during his collegiate career at Florida.  Williams, Fletcher, Boykins, Carroll, and Watkins, not going to scare off offensive coordinators, but there is certainly better depth than the 2013 unit.


Will Malcom Jenkins is better than any safety on the roster last year, but how good does that make him?  Jenkins will police the secondary, ensuring guys are in the correct position, making the audible calls much like the role that Connor Barwin had last season with the linebackers.  Jenkins will be used all over the football field, but he must improve on his tackling, he ranked as one of the worse in the league last year with missed tackles.

Will it be Allen or Wolff playing alongside Jenkins?  Allen had a “safe” season last year, nothing great, was not considered a detriment to the team.   Wolff had glimpses when healthy that the Eagles received good return value with their 2013 5th round selection.  Wolff has committed himself to everything the Eagles have asked of him, and has spent significant time with Jenkins to improve in all aspects of his game.

Chris Maragos comes from the Seattle Seahawks, a Super Bowl championship team with the best defensive backfield in the NFL.  Even as a special teamer with limited defensive snaps, Chris has top end speed, and work ethic that coaches wished every player came with; attributes that you like to have as your fourth safety.  Ed Reynolds will have a good shot of making this team as a rookie.  Projecting as a special team player; Keelan Johnson, Daytawion Lowe, and Davon Morgan are the other names that Reynolds has competing for that 5th safety roster spot likely kept by the coaching staff.

The secondary with the projected 10 player unit is not one that jumps out at you.  They provide what the coaches want, guys who can play multiple positions, understand what the coaches are asking of them and who prepare the right way.  Jenkins is the name you hear mentioned as what will be the biggest impact to the secondary.  Chip wanted Jenkins when the rest of us were requesting Byrd, Ward or Whitner.

If the Eagles can simply be in that 14-18 grouping against the pass, it would be a tremendous help to how far the Eagles could go this season.

There were stretches of games last season where the secondary played well.  With better talent, the hope is that the “stretches” become “consistency.” on Facebook

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95 Comments for “Training Camp Preview: Secondary”

  1. Two things that jump out to he about the Eagles Secondary

    1) With the Up-Tempo, quick Scoring of the Eagles Offense runs,
    Other Teams will have the Ball for lots of Offensive Plays as well (75-80 Sbaps a game) Meaning a great jump statistically Defensively as far as yards given up will be hard to make..
    So the key becomes generating more Turnovers and holding Teams to FG’s instead of TD’s which the Eagles Defense did show improvement last season as opposed to the last few Seasons Under AR & Co…

    2) Without a significant improvement up front in the Pass-Rush, the Eagkes Secobdary as any Secobdaryvwill give up Plays
    The Eagles only had 37 Sacjs last year as a a Unit and need to get in the
    50’s in Sacks if they are to make any significant jump statistically as a Defensice Unit
    Eagles do play a lot of Teams with shaky OL
    And need to take advantage and get sacks, pressure on the QB..
    When checking their 2014 Schedule,
    The Jags, Colts,Redskins,Giants, Cowboys,Titans, Rams, Cardinals,
    Packers & yes the Seahawjs all had issues in
    Pass-Protection and this will be the area where the Eagles can Win
    Many of these games if they get consistent pressure from their Front 7

    If the Eagles don’t add 15 Sacks to their Sack Total and get into the 50’s Range,
    Then they will have to out score opponents to Win
    It’s this simple in my opinion…

    • Paul you finally spoke some sense… The biggest problem with the secondary is pass rush… They have to pressure the freaking QB. I am by no means saying we have Troy Vincent, Eric Allen, Dawkins etc… But those dudes were helped by a great rush

      • A big Plus that I like with the Secondary is that the Eagles have
        6-7 Players in their Secondary with starting experience in the NFL
        Cary Williams, Fletcher, Carroll & Boykin have seen significant action the last few NFL Seasons when healthy..
        Then when you look at Safety Position with Malcom Jenkins,
        Nate Allen with more the 50+ Career Starts
        and even Maragos has played a few years as a back-up and Special Teams
        Ace.. When you look around the NFL and see that most Teams carry about
        10-11 Players in their Secondaries the Eagles have a solid experienced group without being old.. Not many Teams match this type of experience
        The key will be Malcolm Jenkins, Nolan Carroll and the continued improvement from Boynkin & Allen which will allow good development for
        The young Players like Wolff,Watkins & Ed Reynolds to learn, improve and be ready to compete as Starters by 2015 & beyond.

      • what happened haveacigar? Your weed supplier must be out of town because you actually make a little sense here. In order for us to compete with the Seahawks, 49ers and other big time teams we need a big some big time pass rush! Our corners and safeties are at best average…we need the pass rush!

    • Yes Pman, I agree.

      Forget trying to look solely at the defensive stats to tell the story. Using last year as a guide, we will lead the league in defensive games played. That being said we will need to improve on the turnover front, and red zone defense.

      To make up for a below average defensive backfield we MUST have an improved pass rush.

      Those are the keys to our whole year, improved defensive play or this team will take a step back. I have confidence that the offense is going to score points and move the ball…defense is still where our success will be told.

    • Paulman- you nailed it. Birds must get to the QB. Sacks great but pressures count as well. QB play must be disrupted by front 7 for back 4 to thrive.

  2. Paulman’s Projected Eagle Sack Totals for 2014..

    1) Cole 9 Sacks
    2) Curry 8 Sacks
    3) Kendrick’s 7 Sacks
    4) Ryans & Cox 6 Sacks Each
    5) Logan, Thornton, Marcus Smith 3 Each

    Eagles will need 5+ more Sacks from the rest
    To get to the 50 Sack threshold
    Maybe a couple from occasional Blitzing CB’s/Safeties
    Or sone oh the Back-up Players

    • Trent Cole has been done for years….It’s just like the Phillies holding on too long to Rollins, and Utley… minus the no trade clause…

      • Remember that Trent Cole played a brand new Position
        Last new year in a brand new scheme that was completely different than he has played during his entire Career and came on strong the last
        6-7 weeks ok the Season after a slow start
        I expect him to play very well out of the gate this Season for his NFL Future is depending on it as he is likely to be released after next Season with his big $$$ kicking in..
        If he puts up a good year statistically, he will still have a market in the NFL
        For 2015, even if it’s for another Team..

        • Doesn’t matter, he still a stiff now. That position change crap is just another excuse.

          Stats really don’t matter in the case of players like Trent Cole – consistent impact does. He didn’t have a sack or meaningful play made until the 8th game of the year last year. He was just as inconsistent over the past 3 years……

          He’s done – We should have drafted more OLB’s last year. This upcoming draft we HAVE TO GET SOME PASS RUSHING LB’s!!! After they wiffed on Attaochu…

          My immediate Choices would be:
          1. Randy Gregory – OLB – Nebraska – 6-5 265 4.69
          2. Benardrick McKinney, MLB, Mississippi State 6-5 245 4.62

          The hope is Marcus Smith can supplant Cole at some point in the season, and that would be 3 of the 4 (Myckal Kendricks) for the future.

          • Cliff, nice to see your on board with Randy Gregory now. When I originally told you about him last November you said you did not see anything special.
            Also, checkout Lorenzo Mauldin from Louisville, OLB , 6’4, 244…and yes, Bernardrick McKinney is a stud. He can play both MLB and OLB. You know how Chip values diversity so I definitely expect him to be high on their board.

            • He wasn’t ready to come to the Pros at that time Eagle – and I was correct because he wasn’t.

              But, if my memory serves me correct, I did say he would be an impact player a few years from that point.

              That being said, they are the ones I see as truly helping our team. I hear that so many think we are going to win 10-12 games is asinine with the talent we have on this defense as a whole, and the upgraded schedule we have this year.

              For 3 years I have said fix the Defense. We cannot go to a SuperBowl with no Pass Rush, and a Secondary that plays over its head inconsistently. Those two prospect have to be the starting point, along with Stephon Diggs WR Maryland – who is the closest thing to DeSean Jackson in next years draft…..

              • It was only 8 months ago…lol. It’s all good.Randy Gregory will be a top 10 pick so I don’t know if the Eagles will have a chance at him. Bernardick McKinney will more likely be available. Is Stephon Diggs fully recovered from his leg injury…he is really explosive. I think Sammy Coates WR from Auburn is the type of receiver that would be an excellent compliment to Jordan Mathews. Coates is big, fast, strong, can block, break tackles, goes over the middle and can take it to the house from anywhere on the field.

            • Eagle, Marcus Smith was the better talent of the two Louisville OLB’s – and Smith may not start this year, or next year – so I ‘m not sure if Mauldin is the answer or not.

              But Gregory, and McKinney are the best of the bunch that could bring some nasty to this Defense.

              • Mauldin played DE last season, this year he is being moved to OLB. He has the ability to cover, rush the QB and play the run. Trust me on this one, Mauldin is nasty!

              • Louisville had another OLB named Burgess who played opposite of Marcus Smith, Mauldin is taking Smith’s spot opposite of Burgess this year. Mauldin was playing DE due to his size and physicality, he is a true 34 OLB though.

          • Here you continue to post on here, yet you are clueless! Just keep typing in names you have Googled and you are bound to get 1 right.
            You know nothing about the players you have listed, other then what you looked up.
            Attaochu won’t be in the league by the time his contract expires. He will be just like any other Georgia Tech defensive players…..HORRIBLE and no ability to handle the NFL.

            For anyone to say this player or that player is good at this point is just STUPID. Let them play this year with the pressure of being watched by scouts……over half will fold. Some will get hurt and some won’t have the better players around them to make them look good.

            Bridgewater ring a bell? Before the college football season last year he was “the clear cut No 1 pick in the draft”……should not have even been drafted in the bottom of the 1st round.

  3. I’m with GM just not as harsh lol. Yea too many times Cole goes missing after the 8-10 games. Or starts slow. Smith I believe willbe better this year than people wanna say. But far as the secondary I want more press coverage. That cushion stuff irked me. Hopefully Caroll can bring some nasty. He was very good for the dolphins.

    • Well said Army….:)

    • Actually it was the 1st time in Coles career where he became more productive as the season went on. He is more productive than Peppers, Ware and on par with Allen who are all older but all signed new deals. He is better than Orakpo IMO and many OLB. If he can continue this year like he played the last 10 games last year I have no problem restructuring his contract to a team friendly (role rotation) contract. Cole isn’t far behind Dawk in terms of needing to be treated right for his loyalty and home grown roots to this organization.

      • What fans have to realize is not every player is a superstar. You need quality backups and role players. Cole can be a veteran, backup role player. A veteran in the locker room. If his play is similar to last year he has earned that right to stay with this organization. Some other team would have to offer Cole some exorbitant contract that just isn’t feasible to the Eagles. I look at Cole as a longer tenured Duce who when his career is over will always have a place with the Eagles.

        • One last thing Trent Cole is second in career sacks for the Eagles at 79 only behind the great Reggie White and arguably is the 2nd best DE in Eagles history. Clyde Simmons who benefitted from Reggie and Jerome is debatable and I give the slightest of nods to Trent over Hugh only on longevity to the Eagles even though I like Hugh a little more in the short term.

          • Here is my question Dag…..How does all of that help us win NOW with Trent Cole??

            I understand the loyalty and all, but what has he really done for us, that we should just exonerate him from being a hole in this Defense?

        • Not at his Cole’s Current Contract which kicks into huge Numbers in 2015 ($11.6 Million) then 2016 ($12.6 Million) & 2017 ($14 Million)

          This will be Coles Final Season with the Eagles unless he re-does his Deal to finish his Career with the Eagles, but if he puts up a big Season in 21014, he will get interest in the Open Market once he’s released by the Eagles which is what I expect to happen…

  4. A unpopular post. I finished watching the Eagles-Dallas week 17 game on NFL network. I am here to tell you the Cowboys out-played the Eagles both games last year. The Cowboys Orton had a field day and Murray was shoving the ball right down the Eagles throats(and you wondered where Sean Payton got his game plan from). If it wasn’t for them 3 TO the Eagles may of gotten beat by double digits. There were 2 hail mary circus catches from Avant and Celek that were huge. Thank god for Shady he carried that offense. The Cowboys defense has played us well in the 2 games last year throwing that 32nd ranking out the window. They pressured Foles and the passing game wasn’t great in both contest.This notion that we are going to just be handed the NFC East is laughable. The Giants defense also did a pretty good job against us by stifling Shady both games with a total of 93 rushing yards combined. Djax actually killed them as per usual. Are we not as good as we think we are?

    • Well said!

      The Eagles will finish 3rd in the NFC East.

      Teams will continue to take away the mid range throws and screens while keying in on Shady and that will force Foles to beat you down field which will expose his weaknesses.

      The secondary will get trashed again right up the middle of the defense now the Eagles refused to address the Safety position and not add a true game changing safety.

      We were told last year that Patrick Chung was an upgrade and now we’re being told the same about Jenkins who is the equivalent of Nate Allen.

      Questionable ball skills with a little speed and takes bad angles missing tackles in the open field.

      Get ready folks….

      We’ll dub this season…..

      “REALITY 2015”

      Will barely win 7 games.

      PASTE IT!

      No last place schedule.

      No Desean Jackson.

      No Safeties.

      No stout DT’s in a 3-4 set defense.

      NO CHANCE.

      • Expose Foles… Right maybe this year he will only throw 26 TD and 3 int…your agenda is clear skins fan

        • Much like Koolbreeze, whatever Songs says, the opposite is true.

          Songs says, “Force Foles to beat you downfield, which is his weakness.”

          Foles led the league in downfield throws.
          Foles was 7th in completion % on those throws.

          Songs says: “no last place schedule”

          Reality: the NFL changed its scheduling procedure over a decade ago. There are no more “first” or “last” place schedules like there used to be. 6 against the division, 4 against another division in the conference, 4 against a division in another conference, lastly, 2 other teams in e conference that finished in the same position….14 of the eagles 16 games are currently available on for the next 5 years.

          It USED to be that a team would play the division, then their remaining games would be slotted in terms of standings, BUT that hasn’t happened for at least a decade.

          Again, whatever Skins fan says about the Eagles, the opposite is true.

          • Damn you and your pesky facts!

          • Vinniethevictor is actually a victim to his ‘stats’…as it was once stated there are “lies, damm lies, and statistics” If you put down the stats for a moment and do a close analysis, you will find that Foles padded his stats playing against some of the worst teams in the NFL -a woeful Oakland team, a poor Minnesota team in a game we lost!

            Foles has never beaten a playoff team…not once in his career!

            Once again, In last year’s schedule, Foles did not beat a single playoff team…not one. The tougher part of the Eagles schedule where they played 3 games in 11 days, while trying to adjust to Chip’s system, and a new defense-Nick Foles didn’ t play in those tougher games against playoff competition.
            Last year was a good confidence boosting year for the young QB…so there are no excuses for Foles this year…he is playing for the big money and this is his test. With no DJax, he is not going to have receivers wide open. He is going to have to make stick throws in tight windows, he is going to have to throw the ball deep and accurate…this is the year we will find out about Nick Foles.

            • Hilarious post..agenda driven and foolish…

              • Hot air and unreal are the two posters that are looking forward the natural bumps in the road ahead for Foles. There is no way he will match his statistics from last year as they were as good as any in nfl history…when the stats don’t match they will use them even after saying stats are a lie (refer back to hot airs quote about stats). All young QB have ups and downs, all new coaches have ups and downs….remember the saints and Payton and Bree’s went from 3-13 to playoffs to two years at 7-9 before winning the SB… Nfl is not a straight line trajectory for teams, coaches and QB

          • against the saints……when it mattered.

            Foles averaged 5.9 yards per pass.


            • It’s the nfl…are you saying that there are any games that DONT MATTER? Please expound (big word) on an nfl game in a 16 game season and the competition is so close that doesn’t matter… I can’t wait for this

      • Interesting – whenever someone points out something positve about the eagles in a loss – you post nonsense like ‘if my aunt had balls she would be my uncle’ but when someone points out some negative things about the eagles when they win (like of all things – fortunatley the defense generated 3 turnovers or it might have been bad’) you jump all up in it like a goat in heat – interesting 2 wins over our most hated rival, but they didn’t ‘win’ enough for some in the crowd –

        and just to go along with Mr Vinnie and his throwing out facts to show how ridiculus you nonsense is – the Eagles DRAFTED a 6’2 333 lb DT – from Nebraska – that not ‘stout’ enough for you

        what is your obsession with Patrick Chung – do you have an asian fetish as well? In case you didn’t hear – he’s gone!

        Watch out for the safety from Stanford – DBs from Stanford (many players from Stanford) are smart and agressive – I think this is the last batch of grads that played (he left after junior year so recruited might be better term but he did red shirt then miss a season with knee injury) for Harbaugh while he was there –

        won the Jack Tatum award (best DB in college in 2012) – all american – academic all american – 207 pounds –

        STRENGTHS: At 6-2, 205 pounds, Reynolds possesses the lanky build scouts are looking for at the position. Physical and instinctive. Demonstrates good agility and acceleration to handle covering athletic tight ends out of the slot as well as supply deep help over the top. Reads the action and moves fluidly, showing a nice late burst to close on the ball and terrific vision and open-field running ability once he possesses it. Understands his role as the last line of defense and generally takes excellent angles in pursuit.

        Force in run defense. Savvy defender and reliable open-field tackler. Breaks down well in space and delivers a pop on contact, often driving ballcarriers back.

        The high academic requirements Stanford imposes usually equate to instinctive, technically-sound defenders and that is certainly the case with Reynolds, a savvy defender and reliable open-field tackler who should contend to be the first safety off the board in May.

        couple scouting notes as you typically are very un-informed

        the cat from Florida – Watkins – played BOTh Safety and CB at Florida – was ranked one of the top CBs in the draft and Eagles made it clear he was going to be looked at as a CB – rated as the top value in the draft – had 2nd round grades but combine lowered his appeal –

        signed a safewty or two in FA but I guess you didn;t learn your lesson from the Asummuga or howver you spell it signing –
        in addition – many OUTSIDE football folks actually creditied NAte Allen with having a decent season last year – I realize the vitriol that most put forth on this site will never change becuase as we all know – children never like to admit mistakes – but I have never seen reporters go out of their way to ‘pump up’ middle of the road safeties – Wolf is also considered to have a strong upside – and yes, I realize you live int he past – I am sorry but Brian Dawkins Jr was not available in this years draft.

        NO CHANCE – no chance at what? the only people that don;t have a chance are the ones that don;t show up to play!

  5. ***Eagles Safety Keelan Johnson was arrested over the Weekend in Phoenix,Az for being involved in an altercation with a Police Officer
    I expect him to be released by the end of the Week



  7. Jeremy Maclin Article. Interesting reading. My exact thoughts for years.

    On Wednesday, I named Jeremy Maclin my #1 all-time least favorite Eagle. A few readers dismissed me as a purveyor of hot takes. People thought it was a bad joke.

    As I said originally, I know he is a solid player (and now I’ll even add that he seems like a good guy with an amazing life story as well). But for number of reasons, I can’t help but find him to one of the most frustrating players I’ve ever had to root for.

    To me it is clear: Maclin is relatively average receiver.

    My distaste for his play is wide-ranging. This is a long two-part piece that cannot be rushed through. Part One outlines his expectations and how his stats paint a misleading picture, and Part Two analyzes his skill deficiencies in-depth.

    Part One:

    The first set of expectations created for Maclin were those of being a first-round pick. A weapon at receiver and returner. Someone supposed to go top 10 who fell to 19. Someone worth trading up two spots for, even if his skill set overlapped with DeSean Jackson’s. Because he was just that good.

    My skepticism began early, though it was mild. While his college numbers were indeed ridiculous, he came from college program that ran a passing attack that made Chase Daniel look like a star (101 career passing TDs). If everyone knew not to draft Daniel because it was the system inflating his stats, how could I be confident Maclin wasn’t half smoke-and-mirrors too [1]? Plus he was potentially fragile having already suffered a torn right ACL as a medical redshirt freshman and a hyperextended left knee at the combine.

    But I’m not a scout. I reserved judgment.

    1.He held out. (Admittedly, I don’t hold this against him too much at all. Under the old CBA, this wasn’t uncommon.)
    2.After coming into his first camp eight days late, he looked very unspectacular in the preseason. He flashed no return ability, and in my judgment, looked not just nervous (as probably every rookie is), but visibly scared.
    3.He played just 8 snaps in the regular season opener, with no catches. Jackson had started from Day 1 in his rookie year, and the Eagles needed just two offensive plays before Jackson had a 47-yard catch. Maclin needed two games to get any type of catch.

    I certainly didn’t make up my mind up on Maclin after a preseason and two regular season snaps. That’d be stupid. My point is simply that it was quickly apparent he was in a different tier than Jackson talent-wise.

    Yet to this day, it seems many people have refused to give up on the notion that while Maclin lacks Jackson’s flash, he is somehow sneakily quite good, in ways only fans who watch more closely can appreciate. I don’t buy it.

    Part 2: Analysis of on-field play

    Maclin simply isn’t exceptional in any facet of the receiver position. Speed, size, hands, run after catch, blocking, return ability, health, even effort… Nothing.

    #1: Speed.

    Admittedly not the most important trait for a wideout, this might be Maclin’s only above average trait. And it’s just that: merely above average. His speed is nowhere near the weapon it is for DeSean Jackson. This would be fine if he had other strengths, but he doesn’t.

    #2: Size

    Maclin is small (6’0″, 198). Bigger than Jackson, yes, but still small for an NFL receiver (~34th percentile).

    On this note, I don’t believe him to be a great red zone receiver [3]. While he has 27 TDs in 4 seasons, on how many of these TDs did Maclin actually make a play, or do anything Reggie Brown couldn’t do?

    #3: Hands Maclin dropped 11.7% of catchable balls. League average of all WR was 9.7%.

    And while I don’t put weight on the concept of clutchness, we all remember his crucial drop in the 2011 Atlanta game.

    #4: Run after catch:

    Maclin has been disgraceful after the catch.

    His yards after catch per reception was 4.2, compared to a league average for all WR of 4.5.

    Part of this is related to his inability (or is it willingness?) to break tackles. Via PFF, he had 3 forced missed tackles in 2012 on 68 touches (.044 per touch). League average for all WR was more than twice that, at .108 broken tackles per touch. In my “easy touchdown” research, I saw Reggie Wayne break more tackles in a single play than Maclin had all season!

    But beyond rarely needing more than one guy to bring him down, Maclin often doesn’t need any defenders to tackle him. Jimmy Kempski has brilliantly dubbed him “Self-tacklin’ Jeremy Maclin” for far too many plays.And if you think Maclin’s contact aversion ought to at least help him protect the ball, Maclin has still fumbled 1.1% of his career touches, essentially the same as the league average for wideouts of 1.2%.\

    #6: Blocking:

    Some people seem to assume that since Maclin is (slightly!) bigger than Jackson and less of a diva, he must a a good blocker. But that’s not how it works. Tommy Lawlor watches Eagles games as closely as anyone, and he agrees Maclin has been maddening as a blocker.

    #7: Health.

    Maclin has torn his right ACL twice now. I’m in the process of trying to prove this following assertion with data, but based on intuition as well as the limited results I have so far, Maclin is almost certainly significantly more likely than average to sustain another ACL tear (hopefully full post where I prove and quantify the size of the risk to come soon). Combined with the fact that he’s also hyperextened his other knee twice (once at combine and once in 2010 training camp), his knees in general are a pretty high concern to me.

    8 Miscellaneous:

    He has to be good at something. At least he draws a lot of penalties, right? Maybe not! PFF posted the top 20 WR by penalties per route run, and he didn’t make the list, to the astonishment of many Eagles fans. My theory: We just notice his drawn penalties more than others because he begs for flags while running his routes, and has a penchant for celebrating flags with more enthusiasm than some other players celebrate TDs.


    In this process, I suppose I have figured out Jeremy Maclin’s one elite skill: tricking people into thinking he’s a really good receiver.

    Maclin’s production is deceptive. He lacks skills, and most inexcusable is his lack of effort.Now entering his 5th year, I fail to see anything that makes me excited about Maclin’s return. I’ll be happy to be wrong, but I’m unable to be optimistic

    • pretty good write up thanks for sharing. i appreciated reading every word except for

      “On Wednesday, I named Jeremy Maclin my #1 all-time least favorite Eagle. ”

      That is just an idiotic statement. least favorite eagle????? thats absurd, when you got bag of rock 1st round picks from recent history named danny watkins, brandon graham, shawn andrews (stud until he went crazy/very unlikebale…), Jerome McDougle , FREDDIE FUCKING MITCHELL

    • LMAO but Dag he buys in and he’s a team guy. If Chip Kelly’s offense can get production out of Riley Cooper than it better get production out of Maclin. Period!!!!

      • maclin was pretty damn good with mcnabb in his rookie and sophomore season with mcnabb. then maclin has had some shit qbs throwing him the ball in kolb and vick who are both awful passers.

        now he has a qb that will get him the ball, lets see what he can do. if he sucks this year thats the end of the line here… this town, this front office, this coach is not married to maclin. he is a guy right now…

        • A lot of receivers play with bad QBs and put up numbers. Steve Johnson, Josh Gordon, Ice up Son Steve Smith etc. To have 3 broken tackles in 1 season has nothing to do with the QB. What game changing play has he ever made? I guess the Tampa game he caught a Foles 4 yard pass to win the game if you want to count that. This article was spot on and backed by real data. He better play well. No excuses.

      • Only on gcobb can the term ‘team guy’ be somehow interpreted as a negative thing. Unbelievable!

        • Only on gcobb can a guy be a dynamic playmaker a pro bowl player and coming off a career year be interpreted as a negative to the team. Now which one of those are more unbelievable. See how that works!!!!

          • Old adage…the whole is greater than the sum of its parts….

            • So basically haveacigar you would rather have a tandem of Cooper and Maclin over a tandem of TO and Djax. Sounds logical.

              • I’m saying chip is there everyday and knows what he wants and what his plan is… We aren’t and don’t know what his plan is. Just an FYI TO was cut by many teams and was out of the league probably before he should have been gone. Also all eyes are on Washington waiting for a Djax RG 3 sideline his hissy fit

              • What I’m saying is some gcobb posters can really be blind sheep when it comes to certain issues and players. That’s all.

              • When it comes to the eagles I’m a sheep. I’ll watch and root no matter what they do.

                I’m not blind though, people want to keep crying about desean but not 1 team in the nfl thought he was valuable enough to trade anything for him and teams by no means lined up to visit/sign him when he was cut. So that tells me all I need to know.

                I always thought he was overrated anyways and not worth the $ he demanded as he is not a #1 wr.

                I’ll bitch and complain if he helps dc win the division or beat our shit secondary or our team but I’m rootin eagles no matter what they do.

                I’m confident in chip and foles and think we will have a good year but dc scares me. I know rg3 had a bad year last year but that guys a beast and has all the tools as demonstrated his rookie year. Now he has a good te 2 good wr and a good rb. I’m scared of them

              • Nobody saying anything about rooting for your team, again all I’m saying is you should be able to form your own opinions without blindly following everything said and done by anyone or any team.

  8. This is a make or break Season for Maclin as far as his future goes with the Eagles who I believe will look back in regret that he did not accept
    GM Roseman’s long-term deal last February
    And instead opted for a 1 Year a Deal.
    If WR’s Matthews and Huff in the Slot progress as
    I think the both will, Maclin will be expendable
    He has always played scared in my opinion which is one reason his YAC stink
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Eagles add another WR
    This Camp based on the injury prone players like Benn ,
    The inexperienced Momah..
    There are a few WR’s out there on the streets that could excel in this Eagles Offense. Santonio Holmes, Danarius Alexander,
    And some others as Camp rolls on..

  9. Still waiting on the Lane Johnson suspension. With 2 days left before camp everywhere in the Eagles coverage its a foregone conclusion that LJ is suspended the first 4 games. Im trying to understand why the penalty hasn’t been sent down by the league offices?. I thought it was a cut and dry situation per the CBA. It has been one month since “sources” have reported this. It really doesn’t matter to me because I think “Barbee” is a better player than LJ today. Maybe not in the future but today Barbee is probably a upgrade IMO.

    • I believe we will hear something once Camp starts Friday,
      Probably a release goes out from the NFL on
      Sunday morning to not take away the excitement of the opening of
      NFL Camps aroubd the NFL..
      Basically after the OTA’s , the NFl and Front Offices basically shut down for Vacations and the prepping of opening camps
      The NFL has many issues as far as a Player Disciplines & Suspensions to deal with in terms of Players failing Drug Tests, and Players with off the field issues
      (Josh Gordon, Aldon Smith, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, just to name a few as well as Owner Irsay if Colts)


    • Probably Dag….But some on here will fight you on that, because they refuse to believe that he isn’t as good as they think.

      He gave up more sacks last year than he was credited with – so he wasn’t that good in the first place – Now let’s see how good he is off the PED’s….

      Paul says he is a perennial Pro Bowler……I say in his dreams

      • I never said Lane Johnson was a “Perennial Pro-Bowler” out of the gate Cliff
        I said in 2-3 Years Time, Johnson has a good chance to be a very good RT and a potential Pro-Bowler if He & the Eagles are playing well and a Perennial Playoff Team..
        For his Rookie Season, I thought he played pretty well the last 6-8 Weeks of the Season as a shaky start, but pretty much as I expected as most Rookies Struggle out of the gate,in thei r1st Season.. HE played much better that Eric Fisher, Of course jeockel got hurt and pretty much missed a year of experience and development.. I am ok where with Lane Johnson is up until this 4 game Suspension which will hurt him big time for the Eagles need Reps to go to another Player or 2 this Camp/Pre-Season to be ready to play the opening of the Season meaning Lane Johnson’s 2nd Season is going to be a lost year for him, development wise, but it’s his own fault, no sympathy from me…

        • Right, a perennial Pro Bowler at some point of time in his career, is what you said right.

          He won’t be a Pro Bowler Paul – even 4-5 years down the road.

          Are you even asking yourself if the PED’s even played a role in moving him from a 4th -5th round pick to the 4th pick in the 1st Round????

          A lot of you guys are trying to save face for all your hype, and unrealistic expectations about him after the Eagles drafted him….

          If he can’t play off PED’s, make sure all of you use some very hot water, and Proactive Solution to wash all that egg off your faces…….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

        • You’re already making excuses for him talking about – “Lane Johnson’s 2nd Season is going to be a lost year for him” – to buy more time for you to come out of this looking like you’ll knew what you were talking about…….Just 2-3 more years right???……LAME JOHNSON

          • I am just being realistic Cliff which apparently is something you have a hard time with anymore..
            LJ will not take all 1st Team Reps this Summer since the eagles have to get his replacement ready, then LJ will miss September
            Due to 4 Game suspension and have no access with club
            So by October when his suspension is up,
            He will be behind as any other Player and especially a young player would be, what’s so hard to understand this reality of the situation?
            Just because you don’t like him?
            I would say the same thing for Dion Jordan who will now be missing a similar amount of time as will Jake Knotts and other Young, still unproven player….
            LJ is a RT for crying out loud..and Eagles can adjust rather easily with his absence, but no doubt about it, his 2nd Season for him personally will be negatively impacted…

      • The kid plays 1 Season and your writing him off already, which is typical..
        You need to lighten up a bit Cliff, not sure who you live with yourself being so negative about every player… good grief, your talking about a RT
        Just Crazy you have become…

        • That’s just it. I’m NOT negative about every player. I think what you mean is I’m CRITICAL of your guys….am I right?????

          1 year?? – I didn’t like him when he was in College or drafted. If you remember I said the same thing about Trent Richardson, Stephon Gilmore, Stephen Hill, and others before they were drafted, and you said the same thing – Are you a believer now? or do they need 2-3 more years?????….LOL!!!!

          I just know whose talented enough , and who isn’t. Don’t be mad. relax, lighten up. If you were wrong you were wrong, and you are wrong again on Lame Johnson.

          Just remember Hot water, and Proactive….LOL!!!

          • For the umpteenth time GMCliff,
            I was not a big fan of either Trent Richardson or Stephen Hill and stated so many times leading up to their Drafts so i am not so sure why you keep lumping those 2 Players as “my guys” ..
            Now CB Stephen Gilmore, I was very high on as a NFL Prospect and he’s been disappointing to say the least, and was injured early on his Rookie Season and simply has not bounced back to be a big time player.. The Difference between me and you is that I can admit when I am wrong.. It’s no real big deal one way or the other .. but continue to simply list 99% of all Prospect’s as a Bust’s so you can Yell
            “I told you so” .. It’s gotten old my Friend…

      • Mr GM cliff – I am interested in your comment – he gave up more sacks than he was credited with –

        I think your comment is subjective and nonsense – my ‘proof’ is a writer for did a complete breakdown of EVERY SINGLE sack from last year – how – if someone broke down EVERY SINGLE sack – could Johnson have given up more sacks then credited with –

        were that sacks that the rest of us don;t know about….

        key question to test your ‘gm’ skills – exactly how many sacks did Lane Johnson give up over the last 9 weeks of the season??? A rookie – playing opposite the best tackle (maybe player??) in Peters – who plays alongside the best guard.. next to a guy I predict will go to the pro bowl (Kelce) this season… gee – if I was a DC where would I attack the birds O-line – Peters and Mathis or HErmanns and the rookie –

        now again – how many ‘uncredited’ sacks did Johnson give up the last 9 weeks of the season and where were all those ‘he didn;t get credit for’ sacks –

        if you need to do your homework or research on how many sacks he gave up or want to see the story where the reporter broke down EVERY SINGLE sack – let me know –

        by the way – you know the eagles ran for about 5 yards a carry when they ran behind him 4.55 yards a carry when running inside to the right and 5.29 when running outside – –

        I know – these are just ‘stats’ and can in know way replace ‘subjective’ information like – he wasnt that good – but why don;t we get McCoy and Foles opinion of how good Johnson is –

        here is some more ‘subjective’ info –

        Not surprisingly, there was a bit of a learning curve for the fourth overall pick of April’s draft. While Johnson generally held up fine in pass protection, veteran pass-rushers would sometimes give him fits during the early portion of the schedule.

        Johnson eventually settled in at right tackle, making huge strides over the course of his rookie year. He’s already a force to be reckoned with in the running game. Not bad for a kid who only played two seasons of offensive line at Oklahoma before making the jump to the pros.

        • Heard that line of reasoning all last year Invinoveritus…..Doesn’t change my opinion of him.

          I saw at least 20 given up by him during the year, but some of them were deemed by the statisticians as hurries…bull…they were sacks.

          • funny thing when someone talks out both sides of their ass –

            eventually it catches up with them – notice how just above ‘you saw’ all those hurries – now go up above and read all your comments about Trent Cole – guess who is one of the league statistical leaders in hurries every season up until last year when he moved to OLB….. hurries… bull…. they were sacks – what goes around comes around

            wait – shouild I put some music on for you to dance to… classical, jazz, do-wop… blues would probably word best….

            can’t wait to see your response to this one – like the wizard of oz – ignore what you read above… or will it be like TOs autobigraphy – remember, he never said what is printed int he book he wrote –

        • He’s already a force to be reckoned with in the running game??!!……


          Not bad for a guy that’s juicing up, and still average……LOL!!!!

          • well at least you are honest – you have an opinion and no fact or objective piece of information is going to influence you –

            do you know what the word is that describes someone who holds a strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary –

            I mean I am just trying to figure out how good the eagles offense and running game will be (#2 and #1 already) if ole Lame wasn;t so average –

            another quote from a different analysis –

            Lane Johnson’s season started off shaky, but he settled down as the season progressed. In his first 4 games, Johnson was physically beaten for a sack 3 times, as he struggled quite a bit against the Chiefs and Broncos. However, over the last 13 games, he was physically beaten for a sack by an opponent he was trying to block 4 times. Jason Peters was also beaten 4 times over that same span. Early struggles for a rookie OT are to be expected, but Johnson’s improvement as the season progressed was very encouraging.

            again – notice that no one is declaring him the second coming of orlando pace – or eric williams – just a guy who as a rookie played all but one snap – providing excellnet (5 yards per pop) run blocking and got better in pass protection as the season went on – but you have your opinion

            • You’re giving him too much credit, and that’s the flaw in your argument.

              We had 2, really 3 (Kelce) Pro bowlers on that Offensive Line. If you think Lame Johnson was the catalyst, and driving force behind that you’re an idiot who fails to realize that Lame Johnson was a cog – when he wasn’t giving up sacks – and not the difference maker on that Line……Stop it, you sound ridiculous…..

              So please spare me the talk about where we ranked in terms of rushing. Shady had more to do with that than Lame.

              He wasn’t even voted onto the All Rookie Team. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. So, those around the league are not homers, who are partial to what the delusional believe…..

              I do have my opinion, and I say he isn’t all that – and because of PED’s – he may have never been anyway…..LOL!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lol this isnt 1987 and Lyle Alzado is pumped full of roids being a player that he wasnt. Most PED use by players nowadays is for cutting or recovery. Most fans are ignorant on PED use and have no clue what they are talking about.

    Johnson had a 4lb weight difference. His PEDs were probably more about lean bulk than anything. More than likely will have nothing to do with his performance the player he is the player he will be even with PEDs. Richard Shermans PED was adderall with does not but aid in focus and most athletes use it as a diet supplement because an effect of using it appetite suppression.

    Lane Johnson isnt a bust. Thats moronic speak. Out of the top 10 lineman select he fared better than any lineman and if he is a bust then Eric Fisher the no.1 pick in the draft was the Tony Mandarich of last years draft.

    Most scouts had issues about Clay Matthews coming out because he was barely a 200lb coming out of high school and his PED rumors were RAMPANT. Look at the kid in Texas Cushing…that dude was a PED monster, and probably is one of the top 5LBs in football. A wide majority of players nowadays are pushing the limits on everything. When Deer Antler Spray has to be banned because it contains a testerone buidling block then acting like athletes are done after getting busted is nonsense.

  11. Cliff you see it all the time. Look at recent PED bust cases. The drop off after is pretty much non existent. They are the player they were before and after. Especially in football. A case can be made to baseball but I will still stick with what I originally stated. I was appalled by the Phil Sheridan piece about Chip Kelly and the sports medicine plan. It was the most biased trolling uninformed article I’ve seen in a while. He was trying to paint it as PED use and sports medicine should be questioned. Then subsequently after 4 players got busted on different teams lol.

    • Agreed, but I base my opinion on a case by case basis bruh.

    • If it didn’t help or propel athletes they wouldn’t do it. In baseball almost every player caught using PEDs sucks after he comes off. In football not many high profile players are caught. Look at Shawn Merriman he was a beast until he stop using the juice. Tony Mandrich was the poster boy for what PED can do for you. I want Adrian Peterson to piss in a cup because dude has to be on something. lol

      • I also believe PEDs are used a lot in the NFL. I just think the players know how to beat the system. They know when the testing is coming and when to stop. There is over 1500 players in the NFL and the pressure to make a team and to make the most money in a short amount of time has to make MANY players take the chance. Those players are chiseled, strong and fast. I guarantee 20% of the NFL players are doing something that isn’t right. It sure as hell isnt 3-4 out of 1500 players every year. The few that get caught are just dumb.

        • Plus any player who isn’t just using HGH is dumb. HGH shows up on the banned substance list for the NFL but the players union and the NFL haven’t agreed on testing for it. So wait until HGH is being tested for. The league will shrink by 10lbs per man. lol

  12. gmcliff…..all you do is type names of players that are in college or rookies, giving you a 50/50 chance of being right that they might be a bust. Then you type names down of players who aren’t Pro Bowlers and claim YOU said they had no talent……You are no scout or gm so wake up and come back to the real world. You can Google players and thats the extent of your talent evaluation ability.

  13. There you go Dag, the league just announced Lane Johnson’s suspension. Oh I’m sorry GMCliff that’s Lame Johnson to you. LOL

  14. Could you imagine the push back if Desean Jackson last year would have been suspenede for PED’S.

    What if that was Michael Vick last year caught PED’n?

    I thought the Eagles were about integrity….guys that “BUY IN”.

    Why there’s no public rage from the nedia or the fan base?


    It’s not Barry Bonds.

    • Songs because you are a simpleton I will give you a very simple answer…ready? Ok here it comes…read each syllable one at a time and go back to second grade comprehension skills (although for you second grade comprehension skills kicked in at 16-17 years old). Every lineman in he nfl pushes the PED limit… It sucks but they do… I think dag said something that when the HGH testing starts the average weight will go down by ten pounds… I think that is even low…more like 20 but in the nfl the boys in the trenches have to cheat… A few stupid ones get caught

  15. If djax or Vick got busted for peds
    Everyone wouldn’t be outraged they
    Would laugh. Bonds repeatedly denied using
    Peds and I don’t think peopl were outraged
    He was tread the same as the white guy maguire
    And the two Hispanics palmero and conseco
    But maybe they were white with first names Jose
    And rafiel? As is so typical if racists and bigots
    They look for any chance to turn every situation
    Into a race issue. Even if they have to make
    The issue up

    Above you asked a question as to why doles only
    Averages 5 yards a throw sb New Orleans a
    Great article in philly com today explains why
    Interesting fact is the only wr left in philly under 5 11 is d Johnson
    Who I don’t think will make the team. Eagles
    Wanted bigger rcvrs. Story said copper us to
    230. Didn’t u always use to complain about him
    Who had more TD last year him or djax?

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