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Notes From The Phillies’ 9-6 Loss To San Francisco

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia PhilliesThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their second straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Giants 9-6. Their record drops to 43-57.

  • Roberto Hernandez got the start, and lasted 5.2 innings, allowing three runs on five hits. 
  • The Phillies’ offense looked lively for the second straight night, scoring six runs on 11 hits.
  • The Phils got up 2-1 in the first inning thanks to an RBI single from Chase Utley and an RBI groundout from Marlon Byrd.
  • The offense broke out for three more runs in the fifth off a two-run home run from Jimmy Rollins and an RBI-double from Byrd.
  • In addition to his homer, Rollins as worked two walks. Jimmy has gone deep five times in the last 10 games.
  • Ben Revere started in center, and went 3-6 with two stolen bases.
  • Ryan Howard went 2-6, but left seven men on base.
  • Grady Sizemore started in left and went 0-3, snapping his seven-game hitting streak.
  • Cody Asche went 0-6.
  • Cameron Rupp also went 0-6.
  • Antonio Bastardo got the final out in the six inning.
  • Ken Giles gave up a run in the seventh on three hits, but struck out two and earned a hold. Its just the second earned run that Giles has given up in 15 appearances, and his first since his debut on June 12th.
  • Jake Diekman struck out two in a scoreless eighth inning.
  • Jonathan Papelbon blew the save in the ninth, allowing a run on two hits. Its the third blown save of the year for Papelbon. The veteran closer returned to pitch a scoreless 10th inning.
  • Justin De Fratus gave the team two scoreless extra innings of work, getting through the 11th and 12th innings.
  • Jeff Manship hung a zero in the 13th, but was then lit up for four runs in the 14th.

Final Thoughts

Before the game, the Phils placed John Mayberry Jr. on the disabled list and called Darin Ruf up from Triple-A.

Maybe now is finally the time that we’ll see Ruf get an extended look in this lineup. Ryan Howard has looked lost at the plate for most of the year, and the outfield has been a complete disgrace, so there’s no excuse for Ryne Sandberg to not find some consistent at-bats for Ruf.

As we get closer to the trade deadline, the sense I get is that the Phillies are not going to be able to move Jonathan Papelbon. In spite of the great season that Papelbon has been having, there’s been so little interest in him because of his ridiculous contract (thanks Ruben). The biggest problem is the easily attainable vesting option that would put any team that trades for him on the hook for another $13 million in 2016. Even if the Phillies agree to pay for some of his contract, I don’t think any team wants to be stuck with a personality like that in their clubhouse for two and a half years. on Facebook

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95 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 9-6 Loss To San Francisco”

  1. A 5 + Hr Marathon game…
    Do remember that the Phils Scoring 6 Runs with 11 Hits over a 14
    Inning Game which is equivalent to 1 & 1/2 Games with 42 Outs for the Phils
    Phils were outplayed and out managed again..
    I thought LF D Brown gave up on the ball too quickly that Crawford hit
    Over his head with 2 outs in the 14th and stopped running when he hit the warning track on a ball that was very catchable..
    Look at Browns drive in the bottom of the 13th, Giants OF ran all the way to the ball at the wall and snagged it…

  2. Christ paplebon almost perfect all year…trade deadline is here and he gives up a lead….

    • I believe Papelbon will be dealt to the Detroit Tigers but the Phils will have to cover eat $12-$15 Million of his $26 Million still over the next 2 Seasons
      Maybe even to the Blue Jays or Brewers as an outside chance

  3. you guys make me laugh they dont have anybody to bargain with bunch of broken down ,overpaid over the hill players, over rated regulars, mixed in with one big lump of shit.First guy to go before anyone is your jerkoff buddy that rined this team amaro, they are stuck with the bum howard he has to get 60mil no matter what thats why he dont give a shit the fat selfish bitch and thats the attitude I have I dont give a shit for this team too and if you guys did the same and didnt go to the games or buy phillies stuff, etc owners might clean this poor excuse for a team and franchise up. Sad part bout this thing is at one time we had a shot to have least 2-3 ws under our belt but the strapper started his bullshit the first time when he got rid of lee and after that it was all down hill so u guys can talk all that rheteric it aint gonna do no good till u all do what i said make believe they dont exist till they clean it up and realistically thats probably 4-5 yrs from now if your lucky

    • You forget the ‘bum’ Howard said…just get me to the plate. That bum carried this team and the downfall falls squarely on his not being able to recover from injury… Complete breakdown… I saw the greatest philly of all time go thru it a few years older than Howard.. It is sad

      • No the downfall falls squarely at the feet of .300 Monty & your girlfriend Ruin 2morrow & his inability to build a team. $180M bunch of septic swimmers! GTFO, with your excuses & BS!

  4. Jimmy and Howard are the two most disrespected MVP’s in the history of this city. The fair weather asshole fans of this city deserve what they get! And I will let you in on a secret… It’s because of salary and one other politically incorrect reason. Doc, Schmidt were shells of themselves at the end…SHELLS! And no one spoke this way. Doc is my second favorite and 20 is a god to me…but god damn it people have short memories

    Howard will be bought out…his body didn’t hold up. God damn …

  5. you sound like a martyr really u know fukin nothing about anything on this site he carried your ass jerkoff really! he had 3 good yrs give it up stupid he was a fifth rd pick What do you expect from a fifth rd pick 90% of em aint even in major leagues 5 yrs later on most the teams that draft them jimmy and chase were ist rd picks true stars not this fukin bum and if it bothers u i say that they not only are u stupid but your blind the guy still hasnt figured out the strike zone u kidding me problem is WE dont have short memories we know how we got in this boat ITS u that dont have a clue!

    • 7 years as a top run producer you stupid dick. You have no memory. He carried us to dominance. You are a frustrated fuck who is passed that you make $30 grand at a shit job… Go away you puke

      • Everybody with a normal mind & is able to see the truth but you, are somehow always frustrated with their own lives? HMMMM! Can’t handle the truth. How’s about that name calling, hypocrite. But, yet I’m ripped by you for doing the same. Very interesting!

  6. 7 years you stupid fuck!

  7. Howard and jimmy deserve the utley treatment. Racist ass holes!

    • Utley doesn’t deserve the Utley treatment. It’s not race havenoclue, it’s all about hustle, getting dirty, & playing the sport the right way. Don’t you know what this town likes by now, yet you call yourself a real fan. I love when ill-informed jockstraps like you bring up the race card. None of the above 3 you mentioned, along with Ruiz should have been re-signed. Your boy is the cause, & only cause of this embarrassment. I can’t wait for another trade deadline to pass, with nothing being done, to hear all the excuses again. You need to go away with your girlfriend Ruin 2morrow & .300 Monty. They have turned a championship franchise into an embarrassing, unwatchable, cruel joke!

      • Get ready DCar because the only moves will be Bastardo and Byrd and Howard will be bought out in the off season, maybe after tonight somebody will bite on Burnett

        • Already prepared Big. Also, can’t wait for havenoclues excuses. This team is going to be epically bad for many years, unless Monty Ruin 2morrow & the entire coaching, player personell & scouting staffs are purged!

  8. “Jimmy and Howard are the two most disrespected MVP’s in the history of this city.” Really? I guess you forget how Schmidt, Jaworski, White, Lindros, were booed unmercifully. Please, just stop with the martyrdom!!!

    • First I agree about Schmidt . And he wasn’t respected till very late in his career . Then was beloved. Jaws wasn’t an MVP and white booed??? WTF are you talking about. As for jaws it is the treatment of a QB in this town. Howard carried this team thru it’s greatest era signed a market appropriate contract at the time, got injured and now stupid fans only focus on the money. Jimmy doesn’t play the right way ? I just love that one bullshit! Man plays 162 clutch hits, GG etc , as for amaro he was trying to win . That’s all I’ve ever said you criticized him for not bringing in Quentin and Heath bell … You should have praised him !

      • White was arguably the greatest Eagle of all time, & was booed unmercifully by the crowd, when he came back with GB. JimME plays when he wants to play, doesn’t hustle, & rips the fans at every opportunity he can get. You have a short, flawed, selective memory. Fans focus on the money, because it’s a albatross contract, that is an anchor for this team. BTW, his contract was signed 2 years before it was necessary, so your market appropriate BS, is just that, BS!!

        • PRAISED HIM???? Your are a f^#@ing delusional nutbag!

          • I’m delusional….??? please read below! hilarious!!! just freaking bandwagon, front running, hindsight 20.20 hypocrite!! lol

            July 30, 2011 – 1:27 am

            I want to officially eat crow, like I said I would. Amaro I officially apologise. You are the man! Ed Wade your getting fired hahaha!!!
            They got Pence without trading Worley or Brown. UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE!!! What a day to be a Philly sports fan.
            HAVEACIGAR, I’m the crash test dummy now. LOL! I was so excited over Asomugha to start, then this happened. I did an extra 2 shots of Grey Goose… O.O
            July 30, 2011 – 11:58 am

            Wade has been raped so many times by Amaro, that he filed for a restraining order against him today. If he doesn’t get fired, I will be shocked! The Astros need to check for offshore accounts with deposited $$$ from the PHILS. BWAHAHAHA!!!
            BTW, Pence will be in the lineup 2night, batting 5th- Via WIP.
            I LOVE IT! GO PHILS!
            July 30, 2011 – 12:05 pm

            Everyone is going to love this kid. Although he isn’t a superstar, he is a very good, very consistent ball player. He is a hybrid of Utley & Werth. I still can’t believe they got him, without including Worley & Brown. Unfreakingbelievable!!!

            • Moron, where anywhere in there was I delusional? How many times do I have to tell your stupid ass, that I liked the Pence trade, but was pissed they traded him after a year for nothing, & should have kept him!!! Still a mistake you jerkoff. It’s funny what a loser you are, having time to look up past posts from years ago. I told you multiple times, I loved the Halladay, Pence moves, & the original Lee move, & your boyfriend screwed the pooch by trading Lee, then making up BS afterwards, then fucking the Pence moves by adding Santana in the trade, that initially wasn’t included in the trade, then they traded him for nothing, when they could have afforded him.

              • You said you never complemented amaro. Your own words. You were happy to not give away Worley and brown. You criticized him for not getting Carlos Quentin. Just trying to hold you accountable as you do everyone who makes real decisions

        • As I’ve pointed out many times signing an extension while the team has control is very much what all teams do especially when the guy for the previous four years hit .280, 50, 135imbecile.
          Booed after spurning the eagles because god told him to do a money grab.

  9. A Trifecta tonight with the Phils
    1) Former Phillie, Giants OF Pence drives in all 3 Runs with Bases loaded Double In the 9th Inning .. all he does is hit 25 Hr’s and Drice in 80 Runs a year for 7 Seadons in a row
    2) Phils Closer J Papelbon gets the loss and he blew it again
    Which is great to see close to Trade Deadline like he did last Season
    3) Worst news, the Detriot Tigers traded with Texas Rangers for Closer
    Y Soria meaning 2 Playoff Teams have addressed their Bullpebs thr last couple of days meaning a decreasing Market for J Papelbon

    Courtesy of your Phiks inept GM, Reuben Amaro…

    • paul, the Tigers sent the Rangers two of their top five prospects in sinkerballing, starter Jake Thompson (ranked 3rd, according to and former University of Texas closer Corey Knebel (ranked 5th, according to Let’s see-
      Howard- untradeable albatross.
      Papelbon- Nobody wants & lowered his trade value tonight.
      Rollins & Utley- Selfish bastards, that won’t waive their 10-5 rights.
      Ruiz- untradeable.
      Brown & Revere- Not MLB players, nobody wants.
      Hamels- Could/ should bring a boatload, but Ruin 2morrow, per league sources, has taken him off of the market.
      Lee- has no trade value right now, because of the injury & his wet fart on Monday.
      Bastardo- What exactly is he going to return for us?
      Byrd- Won’t exept a trade that was already worked out with Seattle, unless they pay him his option year.
      So how the fuck exactly is this team going get better, get good prospects, & get better? How this POS front office, scouting & coaching staff still have jobs, is asinine & embarrassing! Worse off, is how the above lemming, delusional, sheep, apologist, still excuses this garbage & stays in denial, is mind boggling! F^#@ this organization & f^#@ the mindless sheep!

      • BTW, it’s funny how all other organizations, can trade for, get rid of players, & get good prospects, but this shithole of an organization & their inept, overmatched baseball minds of a front office & ownership!

      • Rollins and utleys selfish ? They earned it and are raising families ridiculous . When a player has a major impact on a championship in philly it’s z lifestyle forever . Hell look at jaws and he didn’t even win .

        • Mr. havenoclue, Jaws started his career with the Rams, then played for the Dolphins & KC when he left, so your point is irrelevant & meaningless. So what you’re trying to say by them not waving their 10/5 rights isn’t hurting the Phillies?

      • Sounds like a good Deal for the Texas Rangers for Good looking Prospects in Thompson & Knebel

        Projected Next 5 Seasons Record for the Phillies

        2014 (73- 89)
        2015 (71- 91)
        2016 (76-86)
        2017 (82-80)
        2018 (79-83)

  10. cigar u sound like the left evryone has to be a racist because they state a fact about someone so you substitute fiction for truth can all the sports experts and writers be wrong BUT YOU you have nothing to do but come here and be arguementive every friggin time u post your simpl, stupid misinformed, misstated info nobody wants to hear or read your bullshit cause it dont make sense as far as my career i have accomplished in all reality a helluva lot more than an imbecile than u but does it make a diiference i dont come here to can in to this kitchen bitch arguments like u why dont u take your punk panties off and be a fukin man stupid and bring realtime info and facts to the table as far as a racist if you knew me or saw who i really was you would feel like the jerkoff you really are and always will be I dont know if a stupid ass like you ever heard the saying” substituting strong lungs for a weak argument” well you subtitute name calling and make believe racism gdo yourself favor go get a girl or maybe in your case a guy u might feel better doubt it though

  11. the only guy that really brings something to the table on this site is paulman and select few the rest buncha misinformed guys with repetitive rhetoric and babble thats why I dont come to this site everyday too many people that get defensive and arrogant if you same the right thing!

    • Pail man really? The hindsight 20/20 guy? The propose every player trade guy? Funny how people revise history on here. Pence trade the big blow hard was on here saying ‘amaro fleeced wade’ ‘they put s restraining order on amaro because he abused wade’… Then things don’t work out and the anger , bitterness and jealousy rear their ugly head. Racist was not the accurate descriptor when I was talking Rollins and Howard … The correct word is jealousy… Jealous of the money and talent , pissed off they have to work the graveyard

      • I’m jealous of money & talent, & pissed I work the graveyard shift? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! 1st off you ill-informed troll, I don’t have to do anything. 2nd off, there isn’t a f^#@ing thing you, them, nor anyone else has that can make me jealous. 3rd, just because you are butthurt for being wrong about your lover Ruin 2morrow, are afraid to admit you were wrong, & guys like me, have a perfectly functioning brain, able to think for itself, nonbiased, we’re jealous. You are beginning to be a bigger assclown than Jon Bron-Bron. Take you girlfriend, your irrational arguments, your blind loyalty, & delusions, & shove them in your condescending, imbecilic ass!

        • Graveyard shift for bennies… Perfect hey you might have to do some overtime on Christmas in order to ‘buy or sell me’…

          • I can buy & sell you without the OT, because you are a worthless, condescending POS troll! It’s funny how you turds like to insult me, while thinking you know me, or what you are talking about, but when I do it, I’m the monster, creep, angry hater, etc., etc. You are a funny hypocrite loser, when you get defensive, & can’t admit you are wrong! Way to deflect your own errs. Why don’t you go do more research of past posts, since you are a loser with time on your hands. BTW, where is that pristine family of your, & your small business you own? You have an awful large amount of time to research meaningless quotes from the past, that has nothing to do with your girlfriends ineptitude, & failure! You are a pathetic scumbag!

  12. And this from paulman on the pence trade! I love it:
    August 6, 2011 – 9:18 am

    Will go down as the one of the best trades in Phils History as well and a great Trade dead-line deal in all of MLB.. Outstanding pick-up and for only a couple of prospects was a steal in my opinion…

    • This was after the the Phillies Obtained Pence from the Astros, who I liked then and still like today 3 Years later…
      The Guy is a model of consistentcy .. Bats .280-.285 every Season
      Hits 25 HRs and Knocks in 80-85RBI’s and plays a pretty good OF

      Phils should have never Traded him away to the Giants, another Blunder
      by GM Amaro..

      • paul, it’s funny how this troll POS still can’t admit he was wrong, & has to resort to researching our prior posts, that have nothing to do with what we were correct about. I have always said I had no problem with Lee, Halladay & Pence, but that dirtbag has to keep bringing up those 3 moves, to cover up his 6 years of failure, especially the last 3 in particular. But, he’ll keep saying it’s revisionist history & hindsight to cover up him not eating crow, & admitting what a failure his girlfriend Ruin 2morrow is. was, & always will be!

        • I guess he has more time on his hands than me…
          Who has time to research Posts from the Past.. I surely don’t…
          It’s funny that You & I spoke of the deterioration and decline of this Phils Roster some 3 Years when most were going “ga-ga” over the Phitin’s because they Won 102 Games in 2011 in a very Weak NL and were not keeping an eye for the Future as the Phils were making poor long-term Contracts, Poor Trades and not developing any Young Talent which has now come to roost…

          • Yep. But, he sees, only what fits his irrational, delusional agenda. He has to be a plant for the Front office, or a Ruin 2morrow family member. That’s the only rational thing I can come up with. BTW, happy belated BDay pop. BWAHAHAHA! Gotta go check out a house. Talk later.

            • A plant from the phillies ? Do you really think the phillies read this slop? Really? People running a billion dollar business? And before you say they should listen to you please remember all the trades and FA signings you proposed that wer nonsense….

          • Actually paul once again pointing out your hypocrisy. DCAR you were gaga in 2011 and Paul so were you so shut the F up

  13. paul read your analysis to the article entitled “phillies fans take ryan howard for granted:–your analysis justifies his pay…you folks have short memories.
    July 5, 2011 – 10:17 am

    I agree with you G-Man,
    I think R Howards is actually having a pretty good year considering the #5 Hole has been real weak all season so he has no consistent protection behind him and Utley just returned a few ago to the #3 SLot in front of him…
    Teams put such a Defensive Shift on him that he has hit a lot of balls hard but at people on the stacked right side of the diamond, I would like him to start choking down on the ball and hit is down the left-side of the infield, maybe when he’s leading off an Inning or early in a game to start making the Defense start playing him a little more honest/true.
    I also think that Howard has worked hard to improve in the field which really shows this year and he’s 100% better playing 1B than he was a couple of years ago..
    Howard is a Power-Hitter who is going to go thru hot and cold cysles over a course of a Season, but there is no doubt that he continues to be one of the top Run Producers in all of MLB year in and year out and id fans don’t think he’s producing enough, then they are not paying attention to what is happening around the League.. Over the last 5 Seasons, you have Puljos,
    A-Rod and Howard as the Top Run Producers in MLB, Phils Fans need to appreciate the special talents & consistency that Howard demonstrates for these type of Pwer Hitters/Run PRoducers don’t come around too often and are not as consistent as Howard has been, so enjoy it while you can ..
    Could he cutdown on his strikeouts, could he increase his batting avg a bit , sure he could, but give me a .260 Hitter with 40 HR’s and a 130 RBI’s every year and I’ll build my line-up around a player like this.. The other batters and especially Rollins,Victorino,Polanco & Utley all have to do their part too and be the facilitators that start things off for the “Big Guy”..

    • Problem is HAC is that Howard is not a .260 Hitter or a 40HR & 130RBI Player anymore…

      He’s played 400 Games since the Start of the 2011 Season
      Here are some other Stats since 2011

      Total At Bats – 1,474
      Total Hits – 357 (Batting Average of .242)
      Strikeouts – 484 (About .33% of the time)
      HR’s – 78
      RBI’s – 275

      Howard Now Averages 1 HR every 19 Times at Bat since 2011
      His Career Average before 2011 was 1 HR every 12 Times at Bat which is a .30 % Decrease in Production….

      Obviously his Achilles Injury and then subsequent Knee Injuries/Issues prevent Howard of having a strong enough Core to be an effective everyday Player… But Unfortunately, that’s how it goes from time to time with some Athletes who have a multitude of Injuries and being a big guy that he is, makes a potential full recovery even less likely.. So now that Howard still has 3 Seasons left at $25 Million Deal, The Phils will need to just suck it up and Eat the Contract and move forward with other options at 1B,
      maybe Darren Ruff is the short-Term Answer for remainder of the 2014 Season to see if he can produce as an everyday Player..
      It is what it is… Nobody planned or wanted this to happen, but the Phils must now move Forward for Howard simply does not fit the Future Plans of the Phils

      • Paul I agree 100%! He has unfortunately crumbled physically. That is what happens sometimes… It is the nature of sports. And to answer whiny pants about Howard signing while under team control..wait for it…when a star player who has a huge brand (think subway and entourage) has helped your brand gain attention, success and fortune you work together with each side taking risks. If Howard played out to FA with his numbers (as Paul says top 3 run producer) he would have gotten a puljos like contract paying him until late 30’s or 40 at roughly $28-30. It is the business. So both sides run a risk. Howard risks losing that ridiculous contract and the Phil’s risk injury… All I’ve ever said is that it’s business…is Howard a bad contract? Sure but at the timed is was a calculated risk on both sides.
        Again Paul I think you are a reasonably bright guy albeit a bit goofy and play both sides of every issue. Look at the market in all of baseball.
        Of course he doesn’t fit in the future… The Phil’s were all in…if they had won a title or two during 09-11 we would be singing a different tune.

  14. For the record paul the team you have fielded the last few years would be just as bad and just as much in bad is a possible line up:
    1st– puljos $30
    2nd–uggla $13
    Ss– galvis minimum
    3rd–Olt on the cheap or rameriz ($13)
    LF — Quentin $10 and always hurt
    Rf- cuddyer $16 and always hurt
    Cf— can’t remember if you were a Bourne man?..$14
    C— I’m sure there were a few names but I can’t recall
    P–you signed Madsen for 3-4 years at $9, Heath bell for about $10 and Loshe for 13$–the Loshe call was not awful
    So for the record you have some shitty contracts too my friend and so does your boy!

    • HAC, your really taking “Fantasy Baseball” to a new Level

      I never stated the Phils should pursue lots of these Players
      Puljos? Uggla? Bourne? Were never or any of my Wish Lists

      3 Seasons ago – I liked Beltre & Ramirez at 3B
      In CF I always liked Adam Jones of the Orioles
      I wanted Phils to keep Pence, who I liked
      I did think Carlos Quentin or a Mije Cuddyear would have been
      Good for LF
      With Haneks, Doc & Lee at atop of Rotation, a Kyle Lohse,
      Would have been an upgrade over Blanton, Kendrick, Hernandez, etc,
      Back end of Bullpen with a Madson, Lefty Mike Gonzales,
      closer Soriano would have been a good combo..

      Bottom line is this Franchise has slipped each and every Season
      The last 3 Seasons and has no real prospects coming up thru the Fsrm System.. I do like Darren Ruf & Cody Asche’s upside
      But Phils have no current Young Catcher, SS, LF that are MLB quality
      And have age & injured Players at 1B,2B, SS, RF & C who are all past their Primes…

      • My Teams would have Won 3 WS Championships
        During a 6 Year Run including the Series of the Yankees
        I would have never pitched to Matsui,,,

      • You always said uggla! Adam jones was not available! Paul they haven’t slipped they have fallen off the edge!
        They traded for Joseph who was a good C prospect but now he’s a concussion victim…
        No SS …Crawford? One year away
        As you say paul you throw out a hundred names I just point out all of your kookie ideas

        • HAC,
          I never said I wanted Uggla as a Phillie
          What I did say is that Uggla has been a Phillie Killer for Years and can hit 1 Pitch only, which is a High Fastball and over the last 3-4-5 Seasons and even when Uggla was with Florida Marlins, he has killed the Phils
          Go do your research from my Comments from the last 5 Years since you have a lot of free time and find 1 Comment that states I wanted Uggla on the Phils

    • Oh Paul I forgot your SS to replace Rollins was Betencourt

  15. All kidding aside…how much quicker would the rebuild by trading cole?

    • Instead of a 3-4 Year rebuild, maybe they can
      Save 1 Years worth? I keep Cole Hanels who is just 30
      Years old and in his Prime right now..
      And has been Healthy for most of his entire Career
      And averages about 30 Starts/ 200 K’s and an EarA of around 3.25
      I build a Staff around him.,

      • I do too. I think we are seeing a bit of a switch in philosophy in baseball. You saw it this year with JD Drew and Beltran… Teams are becoming more hesitant committing money and years… I don’t know if we have just come off of another steroid era but individual players who put up huge #’s in 9,10,11 have stopped those huge HR numbers even those that are only 30,31 …
        Assuming ruff is your LF, Asche at 3, Franco I guess 1b, Crawford at SS. RF and cf are the question.

        • Darren Ruf would be my 1B
          I think CF Ben Revere is a Capable Lead-off Hitter as long as there are some Power Production from the RF/LF Positions..
          Revere has the Highest Batting Average of any regular position player and has like 40 Stolen Bases.. I am not sure why every disses the guy.. Yes he’s a slap hitter like Juan Pierre was, Yes his arm is poor, but he does being Speed to the top of the Order, just needs to get on base more with more walks, bunt hits, etc,etc…

          • Paul I was in Revere’s corner… I really was but his defense is atrocious. Tracking fly balls like a little leaguer and his arm… A base hit up the middle and guys routinely go first to third, double in the gap everyone scores from first.
            I don’t mind a Punch and Judy hitter but I think he gives away runs almost everyday.

            • His Defense is bad and needs improvement
              Look at LF Dom Brown, who I think is the worst OF on the Team and possibly in the NL. WHo are the Phillies OF Coach’s or their Minor League OF Coach’s..They are should be fired..

  16. GCOBB today is the opening of camp…no new article. People are commenting on the last place Phil’s, last place sixers. Come on! Are you ready for some football!

  17. GCOBB please, pretty please with sugar on top write a football article. We have to get off the 413 comments about Noel, articles about the Phil’s …come on!
    I like chips comments about Johnson..’he knew”, demotes him to second team and it doesn’t look like he will just walk in week five and get his job back…

    • Of course he wont get his job back. Barbree is better than LJ right now. How the hell do you justify to the rest of the players that the best players don’t play. LJ may have youth and upside but for right now”which all fans and players” should care about. LJ may be the #1 backup this year.

      • #4 pick in the draft as a backup! But I thought he was a great pick, like all the imbeciles on here claimed? It was a mistake when he was picked & still is a mistake. A project, who was over-drafted & a reach. Period!!!! Any questions how he went from a QB-TE-O-linemen in a few years? He can claim wrong medications all he wants, nobody puts on that much size & muscle in 2 years time, with protein shakes & wrong medications!

  18. I believe that this may be it for a 🙁

  19. Boston able to unload Peavy to SF, for Hembree & Escobar, 2 good young pitching prospects, & the boy wonder, is still sitting on his hands, asking for the moon for Burnett, Lee, KK, Papelbon & Hamels. This f^#@ing POS better unload some guys, pay some salary, & get some good prospects!!!! Every other team has a clue, is able to trade, but this useless @$$clown!!!!

  20. Lee looking phenomenal! There goes his trade value before the deadline. I hate this f^#@ing organization!!! Couldn’t pick up a chick, with a fist full of Benjamin’s, in a whore house! Why do they all have to shit their pants round the deadline? WHY???

  21. ***Paulman Rumors that Have Phillies sending
    Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee, Carlos Ruiz & Marlon Byrd
    to the Seattle Mariners for the rights of
    Jeff Francouer & a Player to be named later

  22. It doesn’t matter. They just need to get all these contracts off the books and eat the money if need be. You cant justify keeping these players just because you cant get anything back. Amaro played the “waiting game” and lost. The choices are get rid of the players, get nothing back or keep the players and there ridiculous contracts and go through the same shit next year.

  23. Didn’t HAC state a year or two that this is not the old Phillies Organization and that they will no longer “rebuild” but “reload” every year since they Sell out, have big Cable Package Revenue coming in…
    Just Like the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, etc,etc
    Well this sure looks like the old Phillies Organization to me as far as how they operate and out Rosters together


    • Paul I absolutely did say that and you see that some of those teams compete and then fall by the way side and then compete again. When Boston had that fire sale a couple years ago they got very limited prospects. It is the way of these big market teams operate.
      It is a roll of the dice, you see just how important your big ticket guys are…

      • Yes the big guns are important, no doubt
        But the Phhilies keep hanging on to the same aging players is the difference
        Boston,Yankees cut the chord and take their losses and
        “Reload”, while the Phils “Re-Hope” which there’s a big difference and the biggest reason is that these other Clubs have better,smarter, proactive Peopje running their Baseball Operations unlike the Phils who are in no way on the same level as these Winning Organizations as you stated and suggested for a couple years now..
        Time has proven you wrong in this area..

        • Huh? Red Sox won it last year with an old line up! Difference being Ortiz still produces runs! Yankees? Let’s see they have two regulars who are 40! A broken down texeria, Aroid contract, a pitching staff that needs a wheel chair to get them to the mound ….Paul do you just type without thinking…

          • Red Sox also won 2 years previous, then faltered in 2012 amid big expectations and did stand pat, they got rid of players who were not fits and “reloaded” with Napoli,Victorino, etc and won last year
            Now This year they are struggling, have gottent rid of aging players like
            AJ Pierzynski and Jake Peavy and reloading with younger Talent and Grooming for the Future again..

            • Yankees last year underperformed as they have the last few season but got rid of Vernon Welks, Soriano, didn’t resign Cano who wanted and got a 10 Year crazy deal with Mariners
              These Teams all have the $$$, it comes down to dealing with the bad deals that every Team makes and moving on from mistakes..
              The Phils have been hanging on to their mistakes and have gotten worse and worse each of the last 3 Seasons with basically the same Core of Players and now face a 3-4 Year major Rebuild job while the Red Sox,Yankees, Angels, Cardinals, etc will be contending
              You cannot honestly say that the Phils Front Office and Managenent are on the same par and level as these consistently winning Organizations for it’s not even close how Amaro & Montgomery has mishandled this Franchise when they had probably one the most talented Roster in the MLB from 2008 thru 2012
              A basement Team is what they become..
              Amateurs is what they have in GM Amaro & Co..

              • They are in the basement as are the sox and I think Texas stinks too . You are right in this a couple of years ago amaro said you can’t have 15 million dollar players at every position I think the Yankees and sox do have no problem being over the cap.
                I think you may not see Byrd moved… Btw

              • Texas had crazy injuries this Season with
                3-4 Starters go down, Fielder out most of Season
                But Yanks & Red Sox will both reload next year
                Yankees had a ton of injuries also but Jeter Retiring
                CC Sabathia on last legs,Tanaka hurt, Pinieda hurt, Nove hurt, Ichiro will be gone and who knows what Alex Rodriquez status will be , Texiera’s is hurt a lot
                Beltran on last legs.. They have lots of issues
                Red Sox in similar boat with Lackey getting older
                Both Bapoli & Victorino on last legs, Ortiz another year older.
                But Phils need to be concerned about NL East where Braves,Marlins & Mets are all relatively Young
                The Nats have a mix of Veterans like Werth, LaRoche & Zimmerman but they have young talented Pitchers and SS,2B, CF and Harper to still build around with…
                If I am Phils, I would clean house and keep Hamels,Utley,Asche,
                Revere, Ruf and even D Brown for 1 more Season and build from there with their young arms in Bullpen and minor leagues and address Catcher,SS,OF and a couple of Starters

              • Paul how come you make excuses for other teams…”crazy injuries”, “under performed”? Yet bash our team?

              • Yankees & Rangers both lost 4 Starters from Rotation
                Phils have been relatively healthy outside of Lee & Ruiz

                Rangers have Fielder/Profar/Soto all out as well as most of their projected Starting Rotation

                Yankees have had CC Sabathia, Pinieda, Soto and Tanaka out
                Along with Texiera’s missing games..

                The Phils have been relatively healthy to these 2 Clubs

              • Paul in 12 the Phil’s lost Howard , utleys and halladay but at that time u were blaming the GM not the injuries ???? That might be a dictionary example of hypocrite !

              • That was 2 Years ago HAC,
                And all the Phiks have got is worse and worse each Season
                Are you going to blame the misfortunes of this current 2014 Team
                On injurires sustained 2 Seasons ago
                Injuries, old age, and declining skills are all part of the game and what I am saying is that the Big Boys in MLB,
                All deal with it, make moves and move forward while the Phikd continue to wallow in or close to the basement in a weak NL East while having the 3rd/4th Highest Payroll in all if MLB and significantly higher than their NL East competitors…
                Put that in your Pipe and smoke it…

              • Point is Paul you didn’t cut them the same slack for being injured that you do other teams… As for the other years to quote you they ‘under performed .’ … Easy to see why fraud sticks to you so easily.
                They are terrible and that’s a fact. They have tried to win after 08, the same as all big market teams … It has been unsuccessful so if heads roll they roll . They don’t live in the blog world where you can purdue every player and if the player fails you say oh well.

              • Wrong HAC,
                How much do you want to bet that the
                Yankees, Red Sox are competing next Seadon for Plaoffs again while the Phils try to figure out what to do
                I only say this crap because of your definite stance 2-3 Years ago that true Phiks have arrived on the big stage now and have the $$$$ and Front Office swagger to be on the same level as the Tanks, Red Sox and the truly Big Market Teams
                And you were wrong , cripes the Yankees with their worst line-up on years are still hanging tough in the AL East and AL Wikdcard Race… The Phils had a very good 5 year run and caught lightning in a bottle with a core of Players that grew together as a strong, never die Team, but that’s been over for almost 3 Years now,
                Since the Front Office mismanaged Contracts , Free-Agency, Trades and failed to develop good young…
                The Phils are not Prime-Time and are not on the same level as the Big-Boys.. Simple as that..

              • 2011 Phil’s won 102 best team in baseball . Got beat in a series which happens in sports in 12 three huge pueces come up hurt why can’t you just say it? The same way you are saying it for the yanks and rangers and sox ? Why because u are a fraud

              • With 2013 & 2014 Seasons combined, the Phils are the 6th Worst Team In MLB and the 3rd in the NL over the last 2 Seasons
                What’s this have to do with 2011 & 2012
                I am talking about the here and now and the next couple of Seasons which look very bleak to say the least
                You stated the Phils were now among the elite,
                that the Fans, the sell outs, the cable TV Package would make them a big market Team and be a consistent winner and Contendor
                With the Yanks,Red Sox, Angels, etc,etc and you were wrong a filled with the same naive arrogance that Reueben Amaro and Ownership has shown
                The window has closed on this core of Players
                As I stated it was closing little by little since the 2011 Off-Season poor situational hitting, crappy bullpen and when management let 1B Coach Davey Lopes go because of a lousy $50,000 then the entire Team, it’s Coaching Staff lost it’s heart & soul and has never been the same as Ownership/GM became more and more arrogant
                And Pkayers & Coach’s became more interested in personal stats then Team achievements.. They are Amatuers running this Organization so hang onto your excuses and hopes but this Franchise has not even hit rock bottom yet, which will be next Season before they rebuild and it will take a good 3-4 Seasons before they are competitive again..
                Watch the Attendance #’s continue to drop…

              • Paul I asked a simple question.,, why didn’t u apply the same logic to the 2012 team that u apply to the yanks and rangers and the sox. What I said back then is they have to be all in… They can’t afford to have a young developing roster , that may prove to be wrong but every year they have tried to be all in. Now the players are (in YOUR words under performing). Paul your MO is simple take the negative it wins most if the time. It’s because you aren’t a competitor it’s because it’s simple … 30 teams a year don’t win the championship so it’s always a safe bet to take the field

              • All in with this Rostervthd last 2 Seasons
                You better think again HAC

                How could 2013 & 2014 Rosters be considered as Phils going
                “All-in” when most who Follow MLB didn’t even have the 2013 & 2014 Squads as legitimate Playoff contending Teams.

                How many Starts did Doc miss 2012??
                Didn’t Utley/Howard Play about half Seasons
                Look at the games missed by Rangers/Yankees Players this year.

              • Paul you are a fraud. It has never been more clear.

              • No Fraud Fan HAC, maybe just more educated about Baseball
                And just not a gullible, naive, homer fan like you..
                The Phils will be irrelavant for a few years and not because I say so, It’s because how they run their Organization…they don’t have competent people making sound Baseball & Financial Decisions
                You put them up with the Big Boys and it’s backfired on you and and many other naive fans, your just having a hard time dealing with it and justifying their failures to injury or bad luck
                They’ll go down like the 90’s Braves with all those good Teams with only 1 WS… Some real opportunities wasted we will all say…

              • Educated? You wanted Bebtancourt, uggla, Quentin, Heath bell? And when they go south you beg off! Admit they had as serious of injuries as your yanks and rangers and sox..fraud! You are a typical philly negadelphian

  24. Phil’s will get very little Offers in Return for Players with big contracts, injury issues and a few who have done Locker Room concerns
    It is what it is and GM Amaro stated early on that he was all in with his Veteran Core for better or worse but with the large contracts of
    Howard,Lee,Papelbon, and injuries of Lee,Ruiz
    And locker room issues of Rollins & Papelbon
    Who wants any of these players in today’s baseball
    Marlon Byrd is probably safest Trade Player that will return
    2 mid-level Prospects at best..

  25. I see the censorship on here is still going on huh? Whomever is doing it, is a coward, afraid of the truth! Isn’t this America, where freedom of speech is allowed! I hope this site does fall by the wayside.

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