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My Early Expectations For The Eagles’ Rookie Class

smitMarcus Smith

For a guy selected in the first-round, Marcus Smith has generated very little buzz or excitement among Eagles’ fans. Not since Danny Watkins was selected in the first round of 2011 have the Eagles had a first-round pick come out with less hype.

All along, Chip Kelly and the Eagles’ coaching staff have stated that Smith is a “project”.

In other words, don’t expect any kind of immediate contribution from this year’s first-round draft pick.

Unfortunately, I see Smith spending at least the first half of the season as a healthy scratch. He’ll learn and develop in practice, while preparing to replace Trent Cole as the full-time starter next year. If he can prove to be an effective special teams player, perhaps he can still dress on gamedays early in the season.

As the season goes on, I expect Smith to slowly gain ground on the depth chart, and eventually unseat Brandon Graham as one of the team’s top reserves at outside linebacker. Graham goes to the bench by the end of the year, and Smith takes on a roll as a situational pass-rusher.

Jordan Matthews

If there’s one player from this draft class that I’m extremely excited about, its Matthews.

I love Matthews’ attitude. The young wideout has said all of the right things so far. He’s got tremendous work ethic, and he makes it a point to be one of the hardest workers on his teams. That attitude has gotten him far, and it will serve him well in his NFL career.

Matthews’ size is going to help carve him out a role in the offense right away. The Eagles are going to give teams all kinds of fits in the redzone with the amount of size that they’ll be able to put on the field. Matthews joins Riley Cooper, Zach Ertz, and Brent Celek as some of the team’s top redzone options, and Nick Foles should be able to pick and choose the matchups that he likes best.

I think Matthews makes the biggest impact of the rookie class. Depending on the health of Jeremy Maclin, and the effectiveness of Riley Cooper, Matthews could easily find himself as one of this team’s starters by the year’s end.

Josh Huff

I see Huff contributing as a role player in his rookie year.

His size and speed will allow Chip Kelly to move him around in a variety of ways, and I see him being used for bubble screens, wheel routes, and other patterns that involve him coming out of the backfield and running with blockers out in front of him.

As a fourth receiver, there will only be so many touches available to him, but I expect that he’ll make them count.

Jaylen Watkins

Watkins is a guy who many believe could be one of the steals in the mid-rounds of the draft.

However, I don’t think we’re going to get much of a chance to see what he can do this year.

Watkins is going to have trouble climbing through the depth chart to get playing time this year. Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher, while unspectacular proved that they’re decent starters last year, and they should be firmly entrenched in their positions for another year.

Brandon Boykin has the nickel role locked up, and the team signed Nolan Carrol to be their top backup in the event that something happens to Fletcher or Williams.

Watkins is going to get a year to watch, learn, and develop, while possibly contributing on special teams. He’s certainly a guy to watch in the preseason, and keep an eye on for the future.

Taylor Hart

Its tough to expect much from Hart.

This is a guy that a lot of scouts didn’t hold very highly on their draft boards, but Chip Kelly wanted to select him as high as the third round. Hart is going to have a tough time getting playing time as either a defensive end or a linebacker.

He’s someone that I could envision the Eagles placing on injured reserve with a phantom injury in order to redshirt him for the next year.

Ed Reynolds 

Safety is the Eagles’ weakest position, and if Reynolds is worth much of anything, he should have a chance to fight his way on as a fourth safety.

Malcolm Jenkins, Nate Allen, and Earl Wolff should all be locks, so Chris Maragos would be the guy that Reynolds would have to beat out. I don’t think its very likely, the Eagles brought Maragos on board with the specific idea of improving their special teams coverage, and Maragos would have to have a terrible camp in order to open the door for Reynolds to stick.

Beau Allen

Allen has the size to be an effective nose tackle, but still faces long odds to make the team.

At this point, he’s a practice squad candidate. on Facebook

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78 Comments for “My Early Expectations For The Eagles’ Rookie Class”

  1. Amazing the first round guy might be a healthy scratch and the last 2 guys might have trouble making the team and Hart is only here because he went to Oregon. Damn we have really lowered the expectations of the draft, if Andy Reid had this draft class people would still be bitchin about it.

  2. Chip Kelley recently stated that fan expectations of rookies, be it first rounders or whatever is incredibly high and is difficult for a rookie to come in and play like he has been there x amount of years. I agree with him, we have to keep things in perspective. Some positions are easier than others to play, other positions maybe already manned by an experienced vet. Rookies are not shiny new cars that are ready to drive full throttle right off the assembly line.We expect these guys to come out of college and immediately make an impact, keep in mind, plenty of guys who play college ball do not make it into the pr’s. Often they need time to become acclimated to systems, learn technique, and get stronger. These guys are humans not robots.

    • None of us who have worked a new job, came in on the first day and performed during the first day through the first year as if we were a seasoned vet of five years, yet, we expect athletes to do it. We gotta relax.

  3. So now were equating what we do to what athletes do? So now Chip says it so it must be true? LOL just messing with you EHL but where was all this years ago when Andy was being killed by fans and reporters for his drafting?

    • Big, Andy’s drafts left a lot to be desired. I can honestly say the night they drafted Danny Watkins I was done with Andy and his drafting. I hated the pick, but Andy just developed a draft pattern to take small school guys by the third round, who never played. Got tired of the small speed ball DE’s and linebackers. Keep in mind, Andy was here 14 years, his style never evolved and he was stubborn. These things contributed to his down fall.

      • EHL, Andy’s drafts were horrible, I think this draft is horrible what’s the difference? Time will tell if I’m wrong about this draft class, but please imagine the backlash if Andy came out and said you need to give these guys time. LOL what has changed?

        • Big….the difference is in your own words…Andy’s drafts (plural), this years draft (singular). It is to soon to honestly say this draft is one or the other, we know what Andy’s drafts were….yes, horrible 🙁

          • Didn’t Andy draft the best RB in the league? A record setting 27td 2int guy? #10 who had a fabulous career here etc? He had his well documented misses but he drafted most of the players at contributed to that fun year we had last year.

            • Yes Cigar he did, so remind me again who Chip Kelly drafted last year? All these expectations and he’s doing it with Andy’s guys so how bad a GM was he?

              • Big, you can not compare Andy’s and Chip’s drafts yet, it’s to soon. I will tell you right now, Zach Ertz will make it to probowl and be an elite TE by the time his career is peeking (barring injury). Jordan Mathews is another IMO.

            • HAC, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If Andy knew Foles was going to be what at the moment appears to be a very good QB, why did he wait til the third round to grab him, but picked Kevin Kolb in the early second? Even Howard Eskin, who was a staunch supporter of Andy admitted his drafts were inferior.

              • I didn’t say they were superior. I am going along with the truth that chip told… Half the first round picks don’t make it. The hype is too much. As for Foles… I HAD one conversation in person with a scout in the room on draft day (he is now with KC) …Foles was Andy’s guy all along. I had that conversation before training camp of his first year. All I’m saying is the draft is fun for the nerds that like to opine…but in the great belicheks years at NE he has had 4-5 first round busts… And if you study kippers mocks, mcshays, Paul’s, cliffs mocks there are just as many busts as hits

              • I do not squabble over the idea that Foles was Andy’s guy, all I am saying is that if Foles is what he appears to be, that would suggest he was worthy of a first round pick, but Andy’s evaluation of him said third round pick. From my understanding the Eagles were seriously considering Russel Wilson but he was taken before the Eagles selected. I love Foles’ play thus far, only a hater would feel otherwise…right Songs…Koolbreeze? However, Andy’s selection still left a lot to be desired…let’s be real. To many Brian Smith’s of the world taken from the Reid regime. I think Kelly is developing a pattern of over valuing his Oregon guys. I think Taylor Hart could have been had in the 6, possibly 7th round. But hey, that’s just me.

              • Eagles there is some truth to it but if the board says he will be or could be available in the third then you wait…
                We all know the stories of guys taken late and became stars and we all know the busts from the first round. It is a crap shoot. The nfl spin machine and ESPN (is that one and the same?) have turned the draft into this big show when it really isn’t much of anything…how much traction and hype did WIP get from the idiotic reaction to mcnabbs draft?

  4. HAC….what you are saying is true. I agree with going with your board, that’s why I do not knock Chip for the Marcus Smith pick, he was going to be gone before they selected again.
    As far as the draft is concerned, I love it, it’s become a hobby for me to play fantasy GM, but I do recognize that I do not have the pedigree or experience to do it professionally, it’s all fun for me. I do agree, some of the reactions after draft picks are taken are extreme, I was one of them when Danny Watkins was taken, but it’s just passion because we know, ultimately, that draft pick is either going to help us, or set us back. I say it proudly, I am a draft geek so I can’t knock the hype machine as I buy into it.

    • Being a draft geek is a fine hobby. My only problem is that a draft geek gets all worked up over this guy taken/not taken and then they come on here and spew venom! The nfl has grown by leaps and bounds by making the fan base addicted 24/7/365… It has been brilliant.
      I am pointing out that the men who do it for real aren’t slitting their wrists or wringing their hands if a guy they think they can get with the 95th pick goes 89th…they move on. I think this whole thing started because of chips honest assessment of the draft and combine…you know he is an analytics guy and he says 50% of first rounders don’t make it so….

  5. I guess it depends on your definition of a successful pick…going back to AR drafts…mcnabb no question, Corey Simon, long career one PB, Shawn Andrews 3 PB, lito, Patterson still playing in 9th year, bunkley still playing 8th year,maclin had 4 very good years to start his career and after injury we will see, cox I guess we have this year to see?
    The Freddie’s and Watkins get the ire of the fans but….there are some good players that contributed to some wins….

    • LOL….yes we can get worked up. I try to keep my feelings tempered. I did not have Marcus Smith in my first round, but I understand why the Eagles took him when they did. I think when a player available that I want is not taken I get upset, but I do not flip out, I research the player that was chosen and form an opinion based off of that.
      Andy had some good picks, I think as he gained more power, he started to try to out think himself with a lot of his second and third round picks.

      • interesting history here – Andy had some very successful early drafts that contibuted to the rise of the team and going to the playoffs for many years – I think he then had some bad drafts that started to contribute to the downfall – in addition to ‘reaching’ for high priced FAs that didn;t work out and left the team worse off. CHip Kelly recetnly had some interesting comments that others talked about above but one thing he stated was ‘who cares’ if the guy was drafted in round 1 or 2 (ref the Kolb v. Foles above) ad also allowing players to develop over time – I think back before the rookie salary cap there was a valid argument, take a case like Demarcus Russel – where someone holds out for huge amounts of money, they build there own expectations for other people – as for Smith sitting a couple games – the only 1st round draft pick postion that was wide open and for sure chance to start was if the Eagles got one of the better Safeties in the draft –

        Brian Westbrook – that is what started to kill Ried – after that hugely successful pick I think Ried thought he could use a pick or two in each draft to uncover a ‘gem’ – from alessor known school – Gocong for example

        • oops – JaMarcus vice Demarcus

        • Damn…I forgot about Chris Gocong, I always think of Brian Smith as the poster boy for small school high draft picks from the Reid era.

          • Wasn’t it “Bryn Smith” which told me we were in trouble as soon as they announced his Draft Selection .. He was from Western Kentucky, I believe and a 6-3 245lbs Tweener for a 4-3 DE…
            He was a Poor Fit & Selection, who I don’t believe ever hooked up with another Team which is wehn you know it’s a poor Selection..
            Sometimes Players are just not ready or not a good fit, but twhen they completely disappear off the Map, then it was a bad pick anyway that you look at it..

        • Invino…you may have hit the nail with that Brian Westbrook pick.

  6. Ah yes Football is back! The hate is flowing on GCobb.

    Wait and See that is what we all get to do because anyone who thinks they know anything is wrong!

    • According to GMCliff he is always right or rarely wrong…he is the man on here…and he will say he told you so 3 years from now.


      • I have told big mouths like you, “I told you so” for the last 5 years running……This year will be no different…..

        • Stop typing stuff gmcliff, you are clueless and every time you post something you look and sound even DUMBER! NO ONE cares what you think so stop wasting our time. I’m sure the “slow” people at the homeless camp you are in will listen to you and put you on a pedestal. So stop going to the local library and posting stuff on this site.

        • You’ve told nothing CopyandPasteCliff but lies….and that’s why I call you LyingAssCliff.

          If I was on here 5 years ago I would’ve caught your dumbass lying and you would’ve stopped posting….


          • If you were on here 5 years a go you would know better, because you would have been humbled by now……

            Get all the nonsense you spew out now, and I will sit back, pay no attention to you as usual, and watch what I’ve said come to fruition, as opposed to anything you’ve predicted because of your imaginary basketball, and football knowledge – Nerlens Noel, Lame Johnson, GMCliff not knowing anything,….Then It’s my turn……..LOL!!!!

            What you say, are just words brother; The results of those words separate the contenders from the pretenders……

            • LyingAssCliff….its the consensus on here about you lmao. Stop talking when you do you lie…and then you try to hide a lie with a lie…then another lie…then another lie…

              then again you are the man on here lmao


            • “GMCliff not knowing anything”


              Oh LyingAssCliff just be quiet.

            • Exactly LyingAssCliff and when you get caught red handed lying no one bothers with you anymore. You’ve been exposed as the condescending knowing all who talks in third person and thinks he’s better than anyone on here. You’re a typing contradiction. Just stay quiet post your opinion and stop lying. We all have opinions and will be wrong unlike yourself who thinks he’s gods gift.



            • Go AWAY gmcliff…….you have ZERO knowledge about sports or talent. You are wasting valuable space and time of ours!

              Remember you said Manziel will be a Pro Bowler his rookie season!

              • LyingAssCliff copy and pasted an entire article than edited it to add information so he can be right . lmao he actually ADDED information to an article like no one it. Lmao pathetic bastard

              • E0S you’re wasting time spewing nonsense

                everyone on here who has paid attention knows I’ve said Manziel would be a bust the year he won the Heisman..

                Shut up

  7. gmcliff…..shhhhhhhh this article is about football NOT figure skating. You have ZERO knowledge about football so leave this post and site!

  8. Dallas Cowgirl second round pick Demarcus Lawrence broke his foot during practice.

    Giants first round pick Odell Beckham jr continues to miss practice due to a bad hamstring….blood is in hamstring…sounds painful.

    Oakland Raiders eyeing making a move to Texas…wow…the black whole must be going crazy

    • Giants RB Dave Wilson lefty practicve with another “Neck Stinger” after having Surgery on his Neck last year which now puts his Career in Jeopardy

      JEts Safety Calvin Pryor out with COncussion after 1st morning Practice Drill from last Week

      Panthers RB J Stewart out 2-4 Weeks with continual Hamstring Issue
      Panther Draft Pick RB Gaffney placed on IR for knee injury, was then scooped up by the Patriots,thoguht he will miss the entire 2014 Season

      49ers RB Kendall Hunter (Out for Season with Torn ACL) and LeMichael James (Out for a month with dislocated elbow)

      Colts RB V Ballard out for Season with Torn ACL, Rookie RB Chris Gainey from Florida released due to breaking Team Rules

      Jaguars Troubled WR J Blackmon arrested for a 3rd Time within a Year at Home in Oklahoma involving Drugs and will likely go to Jail and never see a NFL Field again

    • Sorry to hear that Eagle. I liked DeMarcus Lawrence as an option for the Eagles if you remember…

      I was NOT high on Odell Beckham, so that doesn’t surprise me how things are going for him…

      Lately some fools are referring to me as “Cut and Paste”, but as you know – you can’t cut, and paste the things that I say, or predict – Which have been closer reality, than wrong….

      • CutandPasteCLiff its exactly what you are. You make a statement of opinion and then can easily let it be…but in order to make you feel important you follow it up by saying you “scouted 30 ol on 15 different Espn packages blah blah blah…”…

        and thats why youre LyingAssCliff on here.

        • I have never stated I’ve scouted anyone, so when you say I said,” I’ve scouted 30 ol on 15 different Espn packages”…….You’re the Liar…

          My opinions contradict Kiper, McShay, or any analyst opinion of NBA Prospects Brother. I don’t plagiarize anyone……That’s another lie you tell…..LOL!!!

          But I expect that from you…..You’ve been reaching all week….



            • It’s obvious you think more of yourself than necessary, and that you don’t know who you’re talking to….

              It’s easy to tell someone, “Shut Up”, from a computer, but again I’ve been here before…..

              When you’re able to make me shut up….that’s when you’ll no longer see anymore post from GMCliff…..

              I’m still here, and will always be here…FYI….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Here we go with third person again lmao. SHUT UP LYINGASSCLIFF

                You’re an online screen name with an opinion…filled with lying and internet pride. You’re not special or better than anyone on here.

                It’s obvious you’ve never been called on your shit and can’t deal with it.

              • LOL!! I guess that’s why I’ve stood out from most because I’m no better than most on here…..and you welcome to back check on that history all you want, and kick rocks, because all you would is in denial….

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                I haven’t been called on anything because, I haven’t been wrong. You’re the only one making a mountain out of a mole hill, and acting like you’re reprimanding me….You aren’t crap…..

                Look for me to continue to post my opinions,….and continue to be right……..Have a nice day IJ….:)

              • LyingAssCliff….you will get carpal tunnel from copy and pasting everything….

                You got exposed as a pompous ass clown who is just a couch analyst. Who stakes claim to titles on a blog post forum….and speaks in third person.

                Its one of the saddest troll moments in internet history I think.

                In succession you proclaimed king status…spoke in third person…refused to admit wrong doing on something blatantly obvious…


              • LOL!! Your getting sloppy with your insults; They make no sense at all….Your rants sound like gibberish, non sense..

                Come back to reality…There isn’t ONE person on here including you, and your alter egos, that has been more on the money with these players over the last 5 years than me…LOL!!

                You can be in denial, talk garbage all you want. Nothing is going to change that….Believe that more than you do your lying rants…

              • There goes LyingAssCliff Internet SuperScout….its the most ridiculous title ANYONE can have….

                No one believes your lies or your scouting or your flip flopping. And your obvious lack of knowledge on ANYTHING basketball related. lmao

              • Uh Huh…..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  9. gmcliff….you have been WRONG way more then you have been right. D Lawrence is the latest example… BUST already!
    It’s obvious you think more of yourself than necessary, and that you don’t know who you’re talking to…did you really type that? Dude you can’t even copy and paste without looking stupid. You are the ONLY one who thinks of himself as an actual scout or gm. The rest of us share out opinion.

    I suggest we have a GCobb get together in person, everyone is invited and we have it somewhere respectable, and no your homeless shelter doesn’t count gmcliff. There has to be some decent pig pen somewhere in Del we can all meet. Man up people and lets do this!

    • You are the ONLY one who thinks of himself as an actual scout or gm. The rest of us share out opinion.????

      Then why are you the only one claiming that????

      You really think the opinion of 2 people, represents the majority, and that I should cower because you talk???

      You are dumber than I thought….Your personal challenge is a symbol of your frustration over me being more right than wrong……..and it’s not what you want anyway…believe me….You’re still a joke to me E0S…..

    • Oh, and this is the last time I will respond to you E0S…

      If you can’t bring anything intelligent to the table then there no sense in you addressing me; If you decide you still want to ..fine…You’ll be talking to yourself, unless you use one of your other aliases ….Have a nice life asshole………..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

      • LyingAssCliff….Stop talking….

        I’m sure theres an article you can copy and paste on some O-lineman on ESPN Ocho that you can say you scouted for the next draft and then say you told everyone so…or in third person “GMCliff said 3 years ago on a full moon during the winter solstice that he is right…

        STFU already lmao

        Until you show Anthony Davis HS All American PG year….DONT SAY SHIT LIAR.

        • My opinions are not given to you through cutting, and Pasting that I rarely do. There from my own logic. ….and sense I have been on the money so often – usually against the grain of those who think they know better – Why would I need to plagiarize the logic of ones that don’t know what they are talking about; and are wrong consistently, year in, and year out????

          For you to be in denial…you’re not only a liar, but go so far as to lying to yourself………I’ll be here to the end Brother – and still on the money at a higher percentage than you…..LOL!!!!!!

        • That’s because I am right……deal with it………

          • LyingAssCliff….


            You cant prove it….because there is no proof because it wasnt true and you lied and thought you got away with it…lmao


  10. LyingAssCliff…..

    Although he had not been rated in the Mr. Basketball USA poll to end the 2009–10 season, he began the 2010–11 season ranked fifth, which was the highest of previously unranked players and finished the season fourth behind Rivers,

    See that word…UNRANKED….to a dumbass like yourself…it means NOT RANKED…as in NOT ON THE LIST…as in NOT TRACKED….LMAO.

    Remember when you tried to cover up that lie and say he was ranked ahead of Austin Rivers as a guard…lmao


    • You’re still on that subject?? Is that all you have???…..and I’m still the Man, to your objection….

      I gave you the article that stated, “The All American Point Guard”…I’ve moved on from that subject……and you can NEVER take anything away from me…..Keep trying…..

      • LyingAssCliff at it again you posted nothing of the sort. You’re pathetic lmao

        The article you posted was from maxprep that said nothing of the sort LYINGASSCLIFF lol



        • I posted the article that stated that Anthony Davis was an All American Point Guard, and you ignored that as well….

          Sunday, April 17, 2011
          By Jason Hickman |
          There may never be another story in high school basketball quite like Anthony Davis of Perspectives Charter (Chicago, Ill.).
          In a basketball landscape that features rankings for players all the way down to the fifth grade, Davis’ name surfaced when – following a six-inch growth spurt – the [All American] Chicago product went from a 6-foot-3 guard to an [All American] 6-9 forward with guard skills.
          Chicago’s Anthony Davis rises to No. 1 in’s final 2011 Top 100.
          Photo by Sam Forencich/USA Basketball
          Chicago’s Anthony Davis rises to No. 1
          in’s final 2011 Top 100

          It’s one thing to say some one is misinformed, but another to call someone a liar when they’ve presented evidence that proves otherwise, and you make an ass of yourself……

          I did cut, and paste THIS article, so I don’t know where you get I lied, if I posted what was written……..Get over it….

          You lied about no one feels that Nerlens Noel can’t play…and I cut and pasted the link to the evidence that proves otherwise, and you ignored that as well……..I moved on because you were in denial…No one has said a word about Noel for weeks…ESPN, NBA.COM, CSN, not even action news…..Again, Get over it….

      • You moved on from that subject because your dumbass got caught lying and making shit up….lmao and you thought your lies will get passed by in post 100 of a thread



    • I see you dealing with that issue as your problem……




    I posted the article that stated that Anthony Davis was an All American Point Guard, and you ignored that as well….
    Sunday, April 17, 2011
    By Jason Hickman |
    There may never be another story in high school basketball quite like Anthony Davis of Perspectives Charter (Chicago, Ill.).
    In a basketball landscape that features rankings for players all the way down to the fifth grade, Davis’ name surfaced when – following a six-inch growth spurt – the [All American] Chicago product went from a 6-foot-3 guard to an [All American] 6-9 forward with guard skills.



    There may never be another story in high school basketball quite like Anthony Davis of Perspectives Charter (Chicago, Ill.).

    In a basketball landscape that features rankings for players all the way down to the fifth grade, Davis’ name never surfaced anywhere until around this time last year, when – following a six-inch growth spurt – the Chicago product went from a 6-foot-3 guard to a 6-9 forward with guard skills.
    Chicago’s Anthony Davis rises to No. 1 in’s final 2011 Top 100.
    Photo by Sam Forencich/USA Basketball
    Chicago’s Anthony Davis rises to No. 1
    in’s final 2011 Top 100.





  14. LyingAssCliff….Where are youuuuuuuu? lmao

  15. GM LyingAssCliff….any new articles that you are going to edit before you copy and paste?

  16. Anybody else tired of all these folks on their high horse about Ray Rice, I don’t condone anything he did but damn the hypocritical nonsense I hear on the radio and from these talking heads on TV are pathetic. WIP who demean and objectify women especially during the morning all the sudden want to champion women causes. Ridiculous.

    • Lion I agree. Your point about WIP is well taken….they even have a clip running currently talking about wing bowl where Rhea says “I almost got hit with a boob”
      His punishment was way too small, the nfl is the evil empire in my opinion, he is a POS, the nfl kissed Ray Lewis ass even tho he knows who a murderer is that is walking the street…but smoke a blunt and be gone for a year! For such an image conscience organization they fumbled!

    • Exactly Big.
      WIP are major hypocrites…Cataldi, who I seldomly listen to now days was complaining about how rappers objectify women….but he does the wing bowl which is like soft porn.

    • I have to agree with your remarks as they relate to the WIP morning show, Lion.

      I stopped tuning into that show because I like to hear about sports – I don’t want to hear some sex deprived old man (Angelo Cataldi), talk about young girl’s breast half the time.

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