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Phillies’ Trade Deadline: Who Stays/Goes?

cleebeastAntonio Bastardo

The left-handed reliever has drawn some interest from teams in need of bullpen help, most notably the Cincinnati Reds.

Bastardo was off to a rough start in 2014, struggling heavily with his command during the first two months of the season. He walked a combined 19 batters in April and May, but has really settled down since then, walking just five through both June and July.

However, Bastardo is coming off of two straight shaky appearances, allowing a total of five runs on six hits in his last two appearances. Its not enough to destroy his trade value, but it certainly doesn’t help either.

Bastardo’s contract is very affordable, and he’s pitched well enough that he’s worth a risk for any team looking for bullpen help.


A.J. Burnett

With the exception of Cole Hamels, Burnett has been the team’s most consistent starter in 2014.

He’s posted a 6-10 record with a 4.15 ERA, but his ERA is inflated a bit after allowing 13 runs in his last three starts. Burnett has been pretty streaky this year. When he’s on his game, he’s been excellent. When he’s off, he’s really gotten smacked around.

He’s pitched well enough to have some value, and any team that is in need of rotation help for a playoff push should be interested in him. The Orioles and Pirates have both shown interest in Burnett, and I believe that he will be moved before the deadline.


Marlon Byrd

Byrd has been the only outfielder that has looked like a major-league starter throughout the year.

Batting .273 with 20 homers and 60 RBI’s, Byrd is a right-handed power bat that would interest plenty of teams.

The problem with Byrd is that he’s on the wrong side of 35, and has a contract for next year as well as a vesting option for 2016. While that’s not enough to scare teams away, it could damage the potential return that the Phillies could get for him.

I think the Phils would be wise to do all they can to move Byrd, and cash in on his solid season, but I think the Phillies decide they’d rather keep the one starter in their outfield that they can count on.


Cole Hamels

The ace is having another fantastic season, and the Phillies have had some conversations with other teams about what it would take to get them to move Hamels.

The Phillies are demanding at least three A-list prospects from any team that wants to deal for Hamels. As attractive as Cole and his 2.55 ERA would be for any contending team looking to put themselves over the top, I just can’t see anyone caving in to pay that steep a price.

The Phillies shouldn’t lower their asking price either. Hamels is one of the only pieces on this roster that is still in his prime and performing like an All-Star, and unless they’re completely blown away, they shouldn’t even consider it.


Roberto Hernandez

The veteran starter hasn’t been anything special, but he’s been serviceable as a fourth starter.

There’s no chance that Hernandez gets moved by the deadline, but I could see him moved in August after the non-waiver deadline has passed.

Stays (temporarily)

Ryan Howard

Howard and the Phillies seem to be moving toward an end of their relationship, but it won’t happen through a trade.

No team wants to take on Howard’s contract. Even if the Phillies ate a large portion of the deal, Howard’s production is just so down that I don’t think any team would even want to bother.


Cliff Lee

Ruben Amaro waited too long to trade Lee. Last year was the time to do it, while the veteran was still healthy and capable of anchoring a team. Now fast forward to the present day, and there’s been no buzz at all about Lee.

Lee’s injury killed his trade value. He just recently rejoined the rotation, and hasn’t looked like his old self, allowing nine runs on 21 hits.

If he can build up his strength and perform well over the next month, the team has a chance to move him before the end of August. Lee’s contract is sure to clear waivers.


Jimmy Rollins/Chase Utley

The two aging stars are both performing well enough to have some good value, but they both have no-trade clauses, and neither seems to really want to leave Philadelphia.

There’s been little talk of either guy getting moved, and with so many of the other veterans likely to stay, I just can’t see a scenario in which the Phillies trade either player.


Jonathan Papelbon

If the Phillies can’t trade Jonathan Papelbon now, they’re never going to be able to.

Papelbon has surprised everyone with a great season, posting a 1.83 ERA and coverting 25 of 28 save chances.

However, the ridiculous contract drawn up by Ruben Amaro destroys the team’s chances of dealing him. He has an easily attainable vesting option for 2016, and teams are also wary of his personality.

The market just isn’t there for Papelbon, and I think the Phils are stuck with him.


Final Thoughts

While a lot of people may expect (or at the very least, hope for) a fire sale, I just don’t see it happening.

Phillies’ village idiot General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. doesn’t know how to effectively sell off players, and David Montgomery has come out and stated that the team is not interested in blowing things up and rebuilding.

The best that I can see is a couple of minor deals for guys like Bastardo or Burnett, but the majority of the veterans the Papelbons, Byrds, and so on I think are here to stay. on Facebook

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150 Comments for “Phillies’ Trade Deadline: Who Stays/Goes?”

  1. Phillie’s Final Season Record for 2014 (74-88) Last Place in NL East
    Phillie’s FInal Season Record for 2015 (71-91) Last Place in NL East
    Phillie’s Final Season Record for 2016 (80-82) 4th Place in NL East
    Phillle’s Final Season Record for 2017 (83-79) 3rd Place in NL East
    Phillie’s Final Season Record for 2018 (78-84) 4th Place in NL East

    No Playoffs for the Phillies for a while…
    The NL East Is young and loaded and look for the Nats,Braves,Marlins and even the Mets compete the next few Seasons well ahead of the Phillies

  2. with the flux and up and downs of baseball i won’t even comment on the idiocy of five year predictions…
    I predict byrd is staying. burnett and bastardo the only moves for some mid level prospects.
    the hamels thing is very interesting! I don’t like it but it is interesting.
    lee will be moved in the off season.

    • Many things can impact a Season Success or Failure like Injuries, Stars under-performing, unknown Players breaking out, but I base my 5 Year Prediction on Phillie’s Current Talent Level and mostly having GM Reuben Amaro and Owner Dave Montgomery at the helm calling the shots
      and until this Changes, this Franchise is going nowhere…

  3. ok mr. trade…does hamels go?

    • Would you trade Hamels Ciggy??

      If I got Pederson, Seagal, Urias, and Frias – Yes – anything less, no deal.

      We have to get some prospects soon. I think trading Cole is a start, and I would trade Utley, Rollins, Lee, Papelbon, Byrd, D.Brown, and get what I can for Howard – while eating most of his contract…

      • Cliff, Dom Brown had gaudy numbers in the minors too… every team wanted him..EVERY TEAM– I have not seen any of those prospects swing a bat or throw a ball but all that I have read is that they are (could be) the real deal. That said I think i would do it…it pains me to say as much.
        Because of the flux in baseball I don’t know that you will see all those guys go.
        The free agent market is bleak and I see a trend in teams not going with the FA as much as they used to. When you pay $130 million for Choo and Steven Drew wanting multiple years at $15M etc.. Brian McCann getting $85 M and all of a sudden has to start playing 1B… come on!

        • I agree wholeheartedly Ciggy. I think baseball prospects are the hardest to forecast than any other sport; So, you never know.

          But we have to start somewhere, and I am the Biggest Cole Hamels Fan, so it pains me to say trade him, but considering the mess Amaro has put us in….I think its unavoidable, if we don’t want to be basement dwellers for the next 5 years…

          Dom Brown too, should be used as an extra chip in getting a prospect in return. The Pirates have some interest in AJ Burnett. Could a deal including him, Dom Brown, JP Crawford, and/or Ryan Howard(Phillies eat most of his salary) – possibly land us Tyler Glasnow; Their top Pitching Prospect???

          • cliff I have come to the conclusion that they aren’t going to dump howard. They made that bed and have to lie in it. I think you will see them try to rejuvenate him the way boston did Papi… its the only hope. without a 30 110 guy in the middle of the line up and particularly at 1B….

            • I think your right Ciggy…I think you are right…It’s just so much money!! Not many teams will take that on even if the Phillies eat a portion of it…,,

              not only that, Amaro has too much pride to admit that he has to eat that contract….so the alternative would be to save face, and hope he has a good year – darn shame.

              He doesn’t realize that he can save face by making the right decisions.

              • Pride has nothing to do with it…and it would pnt save face made bed lie in it. Something internet GMs don’t have to do

              • I believe they will dump Howard or make a Settlement and pay him
                $50 of the $75 that he’s Owed and then Howard is Free to make any new Deals with an AL Team who could use a LH Power DH
                If he approach things right and got his legs and mental part of the game down and just focused on hitting in a friendly hitters ballpark like Texas,Yankee Stadium, etc, he could hit 35 HR’s as a DH 9similar to what Ortiz does for the Red-Sox)
                Concievable Howard could play 4-5 Years as a DH Only, but he would have to committ to being a Full-Time DH and embrace and study the Pitchers,etc,etc like Ortiz and Adam Dunn do…

      • Cliff you can’t trade Hamels they don’t have enough quality arms in the system, I do agree Pederson and Seagal alone would be tough to turn down.

        • Again they are just prospects… it seems that very few of these trade for prospect things work out real well. They get hurt, don’t develop or whatever.
          I don’t see them trading Byrd… I really don’t, he’s their best player has a real low price tag (considering the market).

          • Pederson is MLB ready now, I’ve read that defensively the pitching staff wants him in CF right now. Now having said that Hamels is a monster right now so you would have to blow me away to get him.

        • I wouldn’t want to Biggie, but I don’t think Pederson, and Seagal would be enough in return for an established player like Cole Hamel. I’d have to have at least two more like: Julio Urias, Pitcher, and Carlos Frias, Relief Pitcher…

          • gmcliff, when is the last time you’ve seen a MLB team trade their top 3 prospects, for anyone? It’s not happening. Ruin 2morrow is an @$$hole! All MLB pundits & analyst’s are saying he’s asking for unrealistic returns on everyone, & isn’t negotiating rationally. It’s all a smokescreen! He isn’t going to do anything of significance to help this team! He destroyed this team with horrific, untradeable, albatross contracts, to old, declining players, now he’s stuck with them. This entire team needs to be flushed, with NO untouchables, but they’re are too many roadblocks.
            Howard- Albatross.
            Utley & Rollins- Selfishly refusing to wave their 10/5.
            Ruiz- Untradeable.
            Brown- No trade value & is not a quality MLB player.
            Revere- Should be a pinch runner only. Not a MLB player.
            Byrd & Burnett- Screwing up trades, because they want their option years picked up.
            KK- Is worthless.
            Roberto Fausto Carmona Hernandez- Is worthless. Fringe prospect at best.
            Papelbon- Too much $$$ & is giving orders to interested teams, that he wants to be a closer only.
            Lee- Trade value is too low right now, equal to his talent, because of injury, & wet farting in his 1st 2 starts back.
            Hamels- Can bring a boatload, but our retarded, useless GM is even asking for more than a boatload, & has no real intentions of trading him.
            Our minor leagues are barren of prospects. We have horrid player personell group. Scouts, talent evaluators, player developmental staff are putrid! So where, how, & when are we possibly going to rebuild, retool, restock, & better this gas hauling train wreck? Until this ownership either fires .300 Monty & Ruin 2morrow, or sells the team, we will be horrid for the foreseeable future. We need to dump everyone get good returns, then we can have the $$$$ to play in FA again to restock. There are some good & quality FA’s this year & next year.
            After 2014:
            Pitchers- Jorge De La Rosa; Jason Hammel; Jon Lester; Max Scherzer; James Shields; Ervin Santana.
            Position- Ben Zobrist; Aramis Ramirez; Hanley Ramirez; Pablo Sandoval; Colby Rasmus; Nelson Cruz; Nick Markakis; Alex Rios; Nate Schierholtz;
            After 2015:
            Pitcher- David Price; Rick Porcello; Jordan Zimmermann; Jeff Samardzija; Bud Norris; Kris Medlen; Ian Kennedy; Tim Lincecum.
            Position- Yeonis Cespedes; Gaby Sanchez; Chris Davis; Justin Upton; Rajai Davis; Austin Jackson; Jason Heyward. Depending on team control, Giancarlo Stanton.

            • What’s Up DCar!!

              Bruh, the last time I saw that was when Reuben Amaro traded, Jared Cozart, Jon Singleton, J A Happ, and another top prospect for Hunter Pence.

              If we were to trade Hamels – He would have to warrant more than Pence, and Pederson, Seagal, Urias, and Frias would do it for me.

              • Happ went for Oswalt. But other than that I agree amaro is 100% correct with high demands especially for cole.

              • You can’t just give away a player like Cole Hamels. You have to keep your expectation of return high with him Ciggy…

              • Right about Happ going for Oswalt….I knew they raped us for our best prospects at that time…

              • Gm cliff they didn’t rape us! It was a fair deal we were going for a WS but it didn’t work out

              • You think it was a fair deal?…..Your 2 best Prospects who are players in this league now, for an average Hunter Pence….

                I’m not sure that was fair value, or not, but Hindsight being 20/20 – for me – it looks like they raped us, and we are still traumatized by it as an organization..

              • As a gm you don’t have the benefit of hindsight. It was a fair deal…teams go all in to win he WS…look at what the A’s are doing. It is the market you have to give up young to get proven players to push you over the top. The Phil’s gave up number one prospects for Halladay and none panned out for them. It’s the business.

            • DCAR you do realize that all of those FA will sign contracts for big money into their late 30’s right? But you are ok with it because THATS THE MARKET!

              • Hanley rameriz is a terrible SS who is going to command 7 years for about $130according to mlb trade rumors….come on man are you for or against signing players into their declining years? You send mixed messages

              • What I’m trying to say, if you had a brain to comprehend it, what we have now is finished, we need to flush what we have now for as many good prospects what we can get, & in a year, or 2, we can supplement the lineup with free agents. Not adding ancient FA has-beens, to an already ancient roster! WTF part aren’t you getting?? You criticize me when I’m positive, negative, with, or against you. I can’t win, trying to talk with an irrational, condescending moron! Trust me, it won’t happen again, I temporarily forgot with whom I’m dealing with.

              • DCAR that’s what they have tried to do… Supplement their aging lineup with younger players…brown unfortunately was one of those, tommy Joseph was going to be one and revere was one, Asche …

              • No, he tried too late, to supplement an already finished lineup, with bad younger players. I still like Asche & think he’ll end up back at 2B, but Brown & Revere are stiffs. Other than Browns 3-5 week anomaly, he’s been a bust & Revere is nothing but a singles hitter, with plus speed. It’s a shame with Joseph, because he had promise & concussions seem to have ended his career.

              • DCAR we agree in principal … Brown who had numbers in AAA exactly like Peterson has been a flop… You were even happy when he wasn’t included in he pence trade. Revere isn’t the answer. As for Joseph yes he was a promising player at we got back in the pence trade. Asche is having a very nice rookie campaign

      • I would trade cole straight up for pederson and some napkins

        • Have you guys seen Pederson play? I haven’t been able to get to any pacific coast league games???
          his stats look very similar to Dom Brown’s 2010 stats!!! just sayin’

          • Only highlights and I saw him in an all star game, one of my brothers lives out there and he says point blank he’s better than any outfielder on the Phillies roster right now. Also there is no comparison to Dom Brown just defensively alone.

            • Offensively their numbers compare almost exactly. Look I’m not saying don’t trade I’m just saying things don’t always work out with prospects …the Phil’s not giving up brown in the Halladay and pence trades was considered universally a win for the Phil’s at the time….
              Tommy Joseph as a very nice catching prospect at the time…

          • No Ciggy, I haven’t seen him play….See, now you’re thinking outside the box like I do with Football, and Basketball – Looking beyond the obvious, of even the so-called experts – I respect that Ciggy.

            And you are correct again, we don’t really don’t know. Like I said, Baseball Prospects are the hardest to project; Good analogy with Dom Brown.

            We have to have some hope Ciggy, so I would take those Prospects on potential, and faith. We can’t do any worse..

  4. Can I like and dislike your prediction at the same time? I like the fact that you are correct with what the track record for Mr. Amaro & compnay have been. Sure they have shown the ability to send prospects over the years to get the “big name,” but a GM should also be able to trade players on his roster to begin rebuilding/re-tooling for the future.

    What I dislike? Accepting the truth of your article. The report asking price of Hamels with him going to the Dodgers would make it appear as if Cole has 4 Cy Young awards to his name. Hamels has been lights out as of late, and this is after we questioned how much he would pitch this season with the “Phillies” way of relaying his pre-season injury.

    Looking at the Phillies farm system, the contracts that we have in the books for the next 2 seasons, we know that what we are experiencing this system is something we will need to get use to.

    • jeff- the demand for pitching is so high. cole is under team control, an established winner, series mvp, in his prime. the red sox are asking a kings ransom for a 3 month rental!!!

      • havenoclue, I agree with you 100%. Wow, it’s raining flying pigs! LOL! Seriously though, asking for a ransom, & asking for unrealistic ransom, sticking to it stubbornly, with no real intention of trading him, is a different story. Red Sox can trade Lester for 2 good prspects, rental, or not. Lester also said, he will re-sign with them in the off-season, so it’s a win-win for them. Today is going to go by with no significant moves again! Bank on it!

        • So if he traded cole for one high prospect and one low u would whine and cry like a baby . It’s what you do , you are whining that he is asking too much? Your agenda is clear… Consistently cry

          • Even when I try to agree with you, you can’t help acting like an asshole! Then you wonder why I can’t hold civil conversations with you! Who the f^#@ is crying & what agenda, you JO? I’m speaking on the truth of the topic. 1 high prospect & 1 low prospect isn’t enough, but asking for a teams top 3-4 prospects is asinine & has never been done, & won’t be done! He has interest in trading him, or his demands would be realistic!

              • DCAR obviously he doesn’t want to trade him… And if another team really wants him they have to pony up.

              • Believe me, I would go nuts if we were able to get Pederson, Seager, Urias, & Lee/ Yimi Garcia, but asking for all of them, refuse to take less, & not negotiate, is asinine! It’s a slap in our face, that he is just trying to make it look like he’s doing something, when he has NO intentions of doing squat! He’s doing it to all teams, in all discussions, that’s why teams are refusing to deal with his inept stupid ass!

              • DCAR slap in our face? That is hilarious. First off you or I have no idea what his conversations are. The other teams are putting out their spin, our team is putting out their spin… Don’t buy into Any of the spin….
                It’s a game of chicken

              • HAC, it’s not spin, when we are hearing the same $#!T as last year! Same crap from Ruin 2morrow, & the same reports from pundits, with the knowhow, around the league. Everyone is saying the same thing, he’s asking for the moon for everyone, refusing to negotiate, & everyone feels as though he isn’t serious about trading anyone! If he doesn’t at least trade multiple guys & better the future of this team, he needs to be fired 2night! PERIOD!!!!

  5. The more I read on the Hamels thing the more I think it won’t happen. He would make the dodgers the favorite to win the WS for this year and a couple more. While the Dodgers have an outfield full of over paid players you have to think that they want Pederson to move right in for them after they dump kemp or crawford

    • I don’t see Hamels going anywhere
      It’s who they have left to build a Staff around at a high number for ttr next
      Few Seasons
      I see Burnett & Bastardo being Traded for
      2-3 prospects, but nothing great in return
      They will have to play out Season with the others who are just not Tradeable due to Contracts (Byrd,Papelbon & Lee)

      • I don’t see how $8M for a power hitting RF is a bad contract… look at what teams pay for that type of production…

        • I’m really surprised teams haven’t made a run at Byrd that contract is a bargain compared to the production.

          • Problem is that he’s signed thru 2015 with a vesting option in 2016
            at age 36 or 37. I think Teams would be interested in Byrd but would not be willing to give up any high-level Prospects in return so the Phils in essence would end up giving him away for very little in return and therefore they may as well keep them for his Production since they have Zippo Power from any other OF on their Roster…

            Yankees may be interested, but what do they have to give up in Return ? Seattle expressed in interest but Byrd has 4 Teams that he cannot be traded to and apparently Seattle was one of those Teams

          • I believe that is why they keep him Lion– you could not replace that production with that dollar amount in FA. Talk age…Ok well all of these FA end up getting big money late into their 30’s as I’ve sad before it is the market.

            • I agree and would keep Byrd for his Production for the next Season while the Phils attempt to upgrade the other OF Positions, along with 1B, Catcher, and Pitching

              Keep Byrd at $8 Million for 2015 with his usual 20HR – 80RBI’s Stats. It would be foolish to move him at this Stage with nobody else to replace him currently on the Roster and at his Low Salary level giving you that type of Production.. Focus on the other OF Positions..

              • You guys might not want to hear this but they need to get someone in here to work with Brown on his swing it’s amazing what Wally Joyner did with him.

              • I understand. The potential may still be there. I would hold on to him if I could before Utley, and Rollins, just because of his age.

              • Paul, if you were to trade Byrd, and Utley to the Mariners, it would warrent in return – Taijuaan Walker(Top 5 Prospect in Baseball), and Chris Taylor 2B- would be Utley’s replacement…

                It’s good value in return for the Phillies investing in the future.

              • Lion and cliff I agree att his point you couldn’t get a bag of balls for him so invest in a hitting coach… He’ll milt Thompson I hear is the hitting coach here in Wilmington.

              • Cliff that trade is a pipe dream. Although I absolutely believe that utley is off the table. They want him in the chipper jones role during the rebuild, restructure whatever

              • This could be our potential starters for 2015:

                1B – Mikel Franco
                2B – Chris Taylor
                SS – Corey Seager
                3B – Cody Asche
                C – Chance Sisco
                LF – Rusney Castillo
                CF – Grady Sizemore
                RF – Joc Pederson

                P – Aaron Nola
                P – Jessie Biddle
                P – Miguel Alfredo Gonzales
                P – Tyler Glasnow
                P – Dylan Bundy
                P – Taijuan Walker
                P – Julio Urias
                P/R – Justin DeFratis
                P/R – Ken Giles
                P/R – Carlos Frias

              • Cliff from the mariners perspective why in the world would they make that trade? You guys forget it takes two to tango! Also who is chance Cisco?

              • Sisco is 19 in A ball and cliff has him starting catcher…too funny

              • Cliff,
                Why would Mariners want 2B Utley .. They just signed Robinson Canoe to a 10 Year Deal.. Where would Utley Play for them 1B?
                I think Utley stays a Phillie and plays some 1B next year along with Ruf..

              • My bad Paul, I’m still thinking Cabrera plays for the Yankees….
                Your Right, they wouldn’t….But adding a reasonable piece to Marlon Byrd, could get back – at least – something of value from the Mariners….They do have some good Prospects…

  6. Burnett to the Orioles for 2 Prospects (1 AAA & 1 AA)
    Bastardo to the Pirates for 1 Double AA Prospect

    Thats about it..

    Lee to be Traded in Off-Season
    Papelbon likely to remain as a Phillie
    Howard a settlement reached this Off-Season to buy out his Remaining 3 Years
    Rollins not Re-Signed after his Contract is up
    Ruiz could be placed on Waivers in late August with a minor Deal worked out

    Hamels & Utley remain as Phillies
    Ruf becomes the 1B

  7. Im not the most knowledgeable baseball fan….Mitch Williams broke my heart and lack of latin ball players with the Phils kept me away but I support them and went to the WS to root….in saying that…

    From a casual fan perspective if the Phillies just dump Howard it would be one of the worst ends to a Philadelphia career I have ever seen.

    • Izzy it is a tragic end for sure. His production was prolific. The jealousy that fans have towards his contract is ridiculous … A torn Achilles has ended his productivity.
      Tragic early end for a great player

  8. I understand the game and he was frustrating as hell sometimes at the plate when he start chasing on lefties….but does not take away from the fact for a 3-4 year he was a BOMBER.

    In an exaggeration that contract was the beginning of the end for him here and the anchor that probably blew out his Achilles with all that weight he carried.

  9. MOve everyone you can for anything you can get. Who cares anymore dump salary, dump age, dump the past.

    The team needs hope even if it is False

  10. I would just be happy with a Von Hayes Bobble Head night….Or Mickey Morandini Free Pretzel Night….

  11. ****Breaking News*****
    GM Amaro and après Davis Montgomery announce the Complete release and buyout of the Phillies 25 Nan Roster and Call up the
    Entire Lehigh-Valley Club to suit up and Play as the
    Philadelphia Phillies…
    Phils finish 14-31 over the last 55 Games…

  12. Boston just traded Lester & Gomes to A’s for Cespedes & comp 1st round pick! Now how come Boston can pull trades off like this, but our genius can’t do shit!!!!!!!!

    • Good move by Boston..

      • Yep, especially when Lester made it public, that he’s going to re-sign with Boston in the off-season. They got a great, young power hitter for a 1.5 half, for a 4-5 outfielder & a rental who they’re getting back. Un-f^#@ing-real!!!!

  13. Tell you what, they better go all in to sign Cubans Rusney Castillo & Yasmani Tomas!

  14. Lester, Grey, Samardzija, Kazmir & Hammel. Wow, that’s a staff. 2 lefties, 3 righties. Good balance.

  15. Now they can matchup with Kershaw and Greinke. See if the Dodgers respond. They have a solid #3 in Ryu but Hamels would look awfully nice their 2 for the small price of Pederson, Seager and Urias.

  16. Does anyone think the A’s would consider coming back to Philly???? LMMFBO!

  17. ***Paulman Rumors****
    Phils Send RF Marlon Byrd, Pitcher Cliff Lee & Cather Carlos Ruiz to the NY Yankess for 3B Alex Rodriquez… and the Phil’s also agree to cover 1/2 of Cliff Lee’s Contract over the next Season.. A Steal for the Yankees

  18. New Reports are that Phils Ownership is thinking about moving the Club to
    Havanna,Cuba for a better Deal, and to be closer to their younger Players..
    More Details at 11pm from Rafael Santiago of ABC News ..

  19. I am actually praying the Phils dont sell anyone. Reuben is a idiot and if he sells anyone it will be for wooden nickels, dude is completely delusional as demonstrated by him not selling anyone and actually resigning chase at the deadline like a total fucking idiot. fuck reuben, sell no one so hopefully ownership will wake up and fire this fucking hamburger

  20. No matter what happens, if he keeps his job then the mgmt has no clue or commitment to winning. To keep running the same product out expecting different results instead of doing what is necessary to try to get competitive again.

  21. Amaro may go down as the Kotite of GMs in this town.

    If anything this should cement Pat Gillick as one of the most influential talent/team building guys ever in baseball. Amaro rode the coattails of that legacy then got in the drivers seat and took it off a cliff.

    • Both Gillick & Amaro rode the Players Drafted and Groomed by Ed Wade believe it or not as far as the Core Players went.. Gillick made some solid moves in bringing in Feliz,Stairs,Eyre,Pedro,Ibanenz.. but the Core was in Philly already..

      • Paul those small moves are what separate good GMs to the ones that build or win contenders. Not saying Gillick is the greatest of all time but he did more than ride Ed Wade.

        Im not knowledgeable who the farm system but if he brought in Werth and Chooch and Victorino…was he in on the Brad Lidge deal?….those are masterstroke moves.

        • There was no doubt that Pat Gillick was an excellent GM and made some great Moves while as a Phillies Gm, I just wanted to state for the Record that Ed Wade had a lot to do with the Success also of the Phils during their Run

          • Oh no doubt…thats probably the best farm system cultivation this team has ever had in succession. No matter what only emphasizes the fact that the farm is key…which is another thing Amaro absolutely devastated.

            And I am still appalled by the lack of homegrown latin talent by the Phils. Utterly ridiculous.

      • Amaro brought in Ibanez

    • Amaro is already recognized by his Peers in MLB and the most clueless GM’s in all of Baseball.. Statements for 2 + Years of OWners/GM Mettings have been often and consistent with the message that “Amaro has no strategy to rebuild the Phils and shoots from the hip on almost every decision he makes regarding the Roster of the Phils” …
      He’s a Marketing Guy that knows how to Sell Tickets, but He does not know how to Evaluate Baseball Talent or How to Put Together a Roster and How to construct Player Contracts.. He’s a flat out disaster …

  22. Boston able to unload Peavy, Lackey, & a rental in Lester, & got monster returns, but our genius is sitting on his hands wishing upon a star! He isn’t going to move anyone. This f^#@ing POS better be fired by the end of the night! What an embarrassing disgrace. He officially is the worst Front office person, in Philadelphia history!

  23. Red Sox Trade RHP John Lackey to St Louis Cardinals for OF Allen Craig and RHP Joe Kelly.. Another Great move for the Red Sox as they Re-Tool to make a Run in 2015 after winning WS last Season
    Could a Clliff Lee or AJ Burnett returned the same from the Cardinals..
    Does Reuben Amaro even have other GM’s Phone #’s.. Good Grief..

  24. Kelly and Craig Wow, great trade for Boston.

    Boston GM doing some work today.

  25. The Cespedes deal is kind of a heartbreaker, Would Cole be worth trading for him?

    • Would need more than Cespedes Izzel. Boston also got a Comp. 1st rounder, in between the 1st & 2nd rounds, with Cespedes. Boston managed to unload 2 old underachieving pitchers, & a rental, got 2 good prospects, a major league pitcher, & rebuilt their entire outfield, & didn’t have to eat much money. This is what happens with teams with capable, proactive, smart GM’s with a good acumen for the game. What do we have, an asshole playing kick the can, & wishing upon a star! F^#@ this organization! If nothing gets done I won’t support this team, until .300 Monty & his Son Ruin 2morrow is GONE!!!!

      • Boston already did this a couple of years ago and now they are doing it again.

        Now if they just resign Lester in the off season, damn.

        • bugs, that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

          • Which is why DCar and I have been telling Haveacigar that the Phillies are nowhere in the same league as these Elite Teams that have Smart and Proactive Front Offices as compared to Monty & Amaro , The Phils do not Reload Year after Year like the Elite Franchises do… HAC keeps telling us the Phils are in it to Win,
            I say Bullshit .. Phils are content with 2.25 to 2.5 Million Fans coming and Spending their $$$ for a Competitive Team …

            • paul, absolutely right! Welcome back to the mid-late 90’s!

              • and then HAC has the balls to calls us “Fraud Fans” for when we be telling it like it is for the last 3 Years…. Good Grief…

              • Paul three years ago on this date you were all in as the GM made the pence move, it didn’t win a pennant so it was a failure.
                All these teams buying today…A’s, cards etc. only one will win the WS…only 1. So the rest of them will be failures…

              • Yep, failures, able to make moves, get better & trade their albatross’s! Riiiiiiiiight!!!!!!

              • You’re a flat out joke.

              • Point is don’t come on here saying for three years I’ve been screaming for a change yet exactly three years ago you were saying all hail Ruben for getting pence without giving up brown and Worley… Stop revising history….

              • As I stated last week I loved the Pence Pick-up in 2011, and hated that they gave him away a year later
                I think I also stated last week that the Red Sox will be more competitive in 2015 than the Phils will be for they have an active and smart Front Office and are not resting on laurels or standing pat 1 year removed from Winning the WS that their Goal is to Win every Season..
                For some reason in Philly, Winning 1 Championship seems to get everyone a Free-Pass for the remainder of their Careers which is not how it works for Teams that Aspire to win every Year… Again you cannot compare the Drive and Strategy of the the Big Boys/Elite Teams in MLB and say that the Phils are among this Group for they are not in the same league as the Red Sox,Yankee,Cardinals,Dodgers, SF Giants and not the Tigers and A’s …

  26. Boston about to send Andrew Miller to the Tigers. Another team off the board (Bastardo). Getting worse, & worse, if that’s even possible!!!! Amaro better be fired tonight!


    Byrd is a yankee

  28. Who did the Phils get for Byrd ?

  29. im hearing reuben is still sleeping

  30. Royals out of Burnett talks. Ruin asking too much, & won’t include $$$ for his option. Yankees now pursuing Rios. Detroit close to getting Price & Miller. LMMFBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Parra to the Brewers for 2 solid-good prospects.

  32. Denorfia to Seattle. Another team off of the Byrd watch!

    • Bottom line, no other GM’s want to deal with Amaro for he is all over the place and not trustworthy… He is really disliked and not respected by his Peers and this is when it becomes obvious that you are outclassed and outworked as a GM, in every sense of the word… Reuben Amaro is an Amateur….

  33. Reubens biggest move this season was tattle tailing on that kid in college

    • And you’re surprised????

      • i am extremely surprised as i was last year when we didnt move utley. realistically we had nobody this year that had top flight value besides cole hammels and at this point i am unsure if trading him was the move…

        reuben is an idiot, he dropped the ball last year because he wanted to blow chase rather than make his teams future priority #1. dude is a total incompetent idiot. to not move byrd or papelbom is really flat out idiotic. even if he moved them for for low level prospects who cares ya know?

        now they will trot out the same exact slop shit next year because they cant do anything else.

        everyone will be back next year. maybe we see franco at 3rd and asche moved to rf or lf but other than that this same shit pile of a team will be back next year.

        at this point just put cole on the fucking DL for the rest of the year so u dont risk ruining him in the future.

        this is gross. FUCKKKKKKKKKkk so brutal to have this payroll and have these embarrassing results

        • There is absolutely Zero Chance that Chase Utley is ever traded
          By the Phils… He is the Teams “Golden Boy” and will retire as a Phillie

          • and that is the #1 reason why we will be going backwards for years. we couldve started going forward in 2013 by trading him for top prospects but instead gave chase an extension like a bunch of imbeciles. its inexcusable he wasnt traded last year and if reub wanted him extended that bad he couldve a few months later.

            • It’s already happened and been in motion Mhenski ?
              The Phils have been in Decline for 2-3 Years now with little hope on the horizon…
              Since 2012 – Phils Record is 201-231 for a .460 Winning %
              I imagine with 50 Games or so left this Season, the Phils will probably finish with 72-75 Wins at best for 2014

  34. Wow, three team deal to send Price to Detroit.

    TB did not get that much back in my opinion.

    Nick Franklin and Drew Smyly

  35. I officially am done following & rooting for them, until a complete purge is done! I’m done. This is a disgrace, an embarrassment, & a big FUCK YOU to the fanbase! FUCK YOU Montgomery!!! FUCK YOU RUIN 2MORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ruin2morrow is currently at his office in his recliner doing the following :

  37. And with the 4 Oclock deadline coming and going without the phillies adding squat they have gave fans 0 reasons to ever turn on a phillies game again this year unless of course you bet on the game… Phillies season is over


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