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Are The Eagles Redshirting Marcus Smith?

smithA “non-quarterback” first round draft pick is often expected to make an immediate contribution to his football team during.  In the case of 2014 first round selection Marcus Smith, it would appear that Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles are taking a different approach with his rookie campaign.

Labeling outside linebacker Marcus Smith as a “redshirt” freshman would be pushing the envelope, this is the professional game and not the college ranks.  At the same time, Chip Kelly is a mere year removed from the college ranks, and demonstrated during his rookie season as a head coach, that he follows what he feels is right.  Whether we justify that as high school, college or professional is our perception.  As Chip has said time and time again, if it puts the team in the best position to win football games, that’s what he is going to do.

Marcus Smith may not have been graded as a first or second round pick by many, but he was drafted by the Eagles 26th overall.  The Eagles can chose to downplay the fact; but it leaves the media and fan base reasonable expectations for what Smith should contribute year one.  So far in training camp, Smith is running with the second team defense.  He is being “eased” into the scheme, working on his fundamentals in all phases of the game.  One would think that a player worthy of a first round selection would have proven at the collegiate level that his “fundamentals” were ready for the NFL level.   A mere polish of some minor alterations is all that would be needed before sliding into a “starting role.”

Does the head coach see Marcus Smith as a freshman in college?  Smith has good size, speed and athletic ability but is still mastering the position of outside linebacker.  Does Chip have a three year plan for Smith before he enters the role of starter?  This is the NFL, and players drafted in the first round are expected to help their respected team right away.  Why should we wait patiently for the “potential” that Kelly and Lurie have labeled him with?  There were other players on the board who were considered more NFL ready, but you decided to go this route?

Smith has taken a back seat to our second and third round wide receiver positions.  It was our defense that failed us more often than not last season; the offense was the side of the football that eclipsed several franchise record marks.

I do buy into the philosophy and the direction the Eagles are heading in.  I can “understand” the rationale for the approach with Marcus Smith, even though I would personally like the kid to be tested more in training camp and see how he does.

Chip is a coach that really believes in a player “buying into the system.”  He may very well see in Marcus Smith a player that needs a specific amount of time to mold his craft prior to being released in order to put Smith in the “best situation to succeed.”

If the head coach truly believes that being patient with Smith is the plan, that Trent Cole, Connor Barwin and some of the other veterans have enough talent to allow Smith to be eased into the defensive scheme, I’m supporting coach.

When Chip speaks, I listen, almost as if I’m learning a new way to be a student of the game myself.  In a very short period of time, Chip has delivered more than I expected, so with that, I return to him my trust that this approach with Marcus Smith is the best way to go. on Facebook

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226 Comments for “Are The Eagles Redshirting Marcus Smith?”

  1. Connor Barwin is under the impression and expects Smith to not only play, but get significant snaps. Smith has moved up to the second unit and has been demonstrating his pass rush and coverage ability. Chip Kelly and Billy Davis has stated that Smith is steadily progressing. Barwin also stated that with he and Smith on the field it will make the defense that much more complex for opposing offenses because they do not know which one will pass rush and which one will cover, as opposed to when he and Cole is on the field.

  2. Good stuff EHL – I agree. I think the reason he is behind Barwin right now is so that when he is not in he is watching what Barwin is doing vice if he were behind Cole, he would be watching Cole. I have no knocks aginst Cole – he has done a great job for the birds but Barwin is right – you already know which of those two (or if Graham is in) who is going to rush and who drops –

    Once Smith learns the D he can rotate with Cole (and then next year when Cole is due more money and Graham is a FA (if still with team) Smith has had a year under Barwin’s wing

    • This is exactly the Plan Guys…
      I’m not sure that Author Jeff realizes that very few Rookies come in and start
      Right away for Teams Selecting out of the Top 10-15 Picjs of any a Draft
      Now the top 10 Pocks are typically going to losing Teams so they obviously have Stsrters spots up for a Grabs but look at the usual Playoff Teams year in and year out, the Patriots, Steelers,Ravens,Packers,
      49ers, Broncos and now the Seahawks..
      How many of their first Round Picks are coming in and Starting their Rookie Seasons.. Very few are, so let’s be realistic about what to expect from Marcus Smith who is being groomed to take Trent Coles spot by 2015
      Let the kid learn, get stronger, learn how to use his hands better,
      Etc,etc… I think he will be a solid contributor for years to cone as an Eagle
      But it won’t occur his Rookie Season..

  3. I agree as well BIG PAULY! Whatever Chip is doing i’m all for it. Has anyone seen Brandon Graham practice yet? I’m curious to know. Would be amazing if he’s able to contribute this year and give the team a few sacks. No more excuses..

  4. Trent Cole is the best pass rusher on this team. There is no reason to even consider sitting him this year. I have been a critic of his for the last 4 years stating he has disappeared the 2nd half of seasons consistently. Last year it was opposite he actually didn’t get going until the 2nd half of the year. TC is the only “tough guy”, player with that “dawg” in him that we have on defense. As TC stated playing OLB and going up against TE and RB more often has resurrected his career. I look for Coles to have 12 sacks this year and be on this team beyond this year. Hell if Ware, Allen and Peppers can keep playing there is no reason Cole cant. TC is reaching Dawkins and Westbrook status for the Eagles and needs to retire as a Eagle IMO. Sometimes you need to reward lifers.

    • I agree with a lot of your Assesment that the challenge of pkaying OLB and in mixed formations has given TC new energy and passion for the game
      But fininaciakky he cannot return for 2015 & beyond as his current contract kicks in for major dollars ($12-$14 Million for 2015 & 2016) which won’t happen.. I do believe that Eagles & TC will restructure his Deal next off seSon with sone up front $$$ and a reasonable Salary to allow him to finish his Career as an Eagle.. He’s in fantastic shape and even in a reduced role,
      Can still be effective and make plays..

    • Coming on 2nd half or not Dag if Cole is no consistent in hurries etc or halfway to double digit sacks he’s not worth having in 3-4. He doesn’t set the table on the outside rush is nonexistent.

      • Unfortunately he is the best we have at this time. The Eagles arent in cap hell. Sometimes it is necessary to over value true lifers ala Dawk. IMO he warrants and has earned this exception. Im not saying break the bank on him but I feel he should have a place in this organization.

        • I agree on his tenure but I think he still has value in a 4-3 and I think he would get paid handsomely to go back to that front. He really has to blow up this year to justify keeping IMO. Smith is the obvious heir apparent so alot hinges on him as well.

  5. My fellow Eagle fans we are so fortunate. I don’t know if we will win a SB because there is always some sort of luck involved but Im here to tell you Barn I mean Chip Kelly runs a friggin organized machine. These players have bought in and every analyst, former player etc etc etc just marvel at Picasso(Kelly) at work. There are 90 players in harmony just going play after play after play. Its like a orchestra that makes beautiful music as they come together. Its non-stop, high tech, sports science, revolutionary, culture change at its best. Its like footballs version of Bill Gates coming on the scene. Like I said before I don’t know if we will win a superbowl but its going to be a fun ride.

  6. Player news. Shady has dropped 5lbs and says he is quicker. He thought he played a little heavy last year.He stated Sproles is the quickest player he has ever seen. He is a machine. Watkins is slowly getting better and better. Ertz is going to be a stud. He has made the biggest leap so far. As far as Marcus Smith he is getting more and more comfortable. He will make a difference.

    • Another thing I like the about the Eagles Secondary this Season is the Versatility & NFL Experience it has thogh no players are old yet
      3 Players can play both Safety & CB in
      Malcolm Jenkins, N Carroll & Rookie Watkins
      8-9 of the 10-11 that will be on Roster have NFL Startibg Experience
      Fletcher, Williams,Boykin, Carroll, Jenkins, Allen,
      Maragos & Wolff.. Look around the NFL
      Most Teams in the NFL after about 5-5 Players have littjevto no NFL
      Snaps under their belts.. This could end up as one of those deals where the
      Sum of their Talents & Skills & Experience is Greater than any individual Player Skilks Which is not a bad thing..,

    • Totally agree Dag…especially on Ertz….He was one of my draft hopefuls and was ecstatic when Eagles selected him. He will be a formidable weapon for years to come. Baby Gronk.

  7. Daggolden is bringing it on these posts, good stuff bro

    I agree with all your points, and TC actually had a productive year last year. Dude had 8 sacks at a brand new position. He’s just a great great player, though he over pursues at times, overall he’s what we need on this team, he’s a pro bowl caliber talent

  8. C’mon Jeff you know the answer to this. Smith will see at least backup action his first year. Smith is arguably as athletic as Kendricks and Boykins and he’s one of the quickest Eagles on the defensive side of the ball..Smith already possesses coverage abilities, just may need to work on technique some. But I see him producing on passing downs from day 1. The Eagles would be doing the team and Smith a disservice by not giving him any snaps in his rookie year.

    • Are you sure about this Real…? Koolbreeze says that Marcus Smith is John Harris 2.0 basically calling smith an overdrafted stiff bum.

      • koolbreeze
        May 9, 2014 – 4:31 pm

        The kid is Jon Harris 2.0…he was shocked he was taken in the first round…its a reach…
        I copied and pasted it…lol

      • I believe Marcus Smith can become the next Brian Orapko type once he gets stronger and learns how to use his hands better and refines pass-rushing techniques… They are built very similar and come off the ball and edge alike when watching a young Orapko…

        • Eliot Shorr-Parks @EliotShorrParks

          Beau Allen just matched up with Jason Kelce in 1v1. Allen showed impressive burst off the line. #Eagles

          Beau Allen can play….I prefer him over Louis Nix as Allen loves the game and never missed a snap. Allen does have some quickness off the snap that helps in the pass rush. Louis Nix…you can’t make the club in the tub.

          • Beau Allen will quickly become a Fan Favorite in Philly for his Style of PLay, his jovial personality and his high motor and was a Steal in the 7th ROund.. He’s not going to rush the QB and get Sacks, but he will clog up the middle, tie up the Center/Guard Gaps for LB to make plays
            Fans are going to love this kid.. as well as the Coach’s
            He will specialize in Short-Yardage (which the Saints exposed the Eagles big time in last year’s Playoff loss) and the Red-Zone or against Run Heavy Offenses..
            I am very high on Beau Allen’s ceiling as an Eagle

        • Ed Kracz @kracze

          In 1 on 1 blocking drill for TE vs LB, Marcus Smith beats James Casey with speed around corner #Eagles

          No paul …he’s not athletic like Orakpo…more like John Harris 2.0….lol

          • Give Marcus Smith 1 to 2 Seasons with the Eagles Conditioning and Coach’s and his play will be very similar to Orapako’s style and production… Book it….

  9. I guess we have to write about something but isn’t it a little early to be writing the kid off for this year before the first pre-season game ?

    • Dtime honestly fans are scared to death. For 20 years we have heard well lets wait until preseason games letts wait until the reg season then lets wait until year 2. From Leonard Renfro to Jon Harris to Watkins etc etc. So to some fans they have been through the head scratching 1st round picks and they are leary. The sad part is they have been 90% right. Saying all that we have to trust Chip on this one.

      • The Eagles have struck gold in the 2nd round especially and have done well in other rounds. It would be nice to occasionally hit a stud, no questions asked, no crossing fingers, all pro 1st round pick.

  10. gmcliff……..go away! You are no longer permitted to post on this site!

    This site is for real, knowledgable, and honest people. You don’t fit in any of those categories.

  11. For whatever it’s worth Dept
    Here’s a recap of ESPN write up on 1st Round/Top Picks thus far after a Week or so of Training Camp as far as Expectations and how Teams and Local Media view their Top Picks

    NL East
    Cowboys – OL Zack Martin – Has gotten off to a very Good Start and is playing Guard and s expected to be a Starter from Day 1, Smart, Tough and picking up the Guard Position after Playing Tackle in College
    Cowboys OL now has 3 1st Round Picks on it with LT Tyree Smith, C Trevor Frederick and now Guard Zak Martin which bodes well for their Running game and Offense for years to come..

    Giants – WR O’Dell Beckham has only had 1 Practice and has been injured and unable to do much thus far.. Coach’s are concerned that he has not bounced back quicker and really don’t know where he’s at picking up their Offense since he has been able to take any reps but did say he had a so-so OTA Sessions and feel he is further away then what they hoped for on the mental aspects of picking up their new Offense

    Redskins – DE Trent Murphy – Disappointing start so far, is just not as athletic or explosive as you would like to see coming off the edge.. Looks to be destined as a Rotational Player at Best per Local Media

    Eagles – OLB – Marcus Smith has improved from OTA’s to Camp and is getting more and more comfortable each day, all like his athleticism, his work ethic but is raw fundamentally and needs Coaching up technique wise, has a couple of good Veterans to learn from in Trent Cole and Connor Barwin and is making strides…

  12. gmcliff… was the chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes I served you at the homeless shelter today? I hope you realize I gave you extra potatoes.

  13. Cary Williams doing some more talking today, expressing his strong dislike for the Steelers and Patriots

    Called the Patriots cheaters which they are, and also mentioned that they steal signals and that he does not like that they’re coming to practice with them throughout the week when they already have a preseason game with them. He feels its pointless and so do I .

    I think Chips inexperience is starting to show here. Belicheck just wants to get a peek at what Chip has planned. His signals, style, tempo etc..

    Like Cary said a smart coach can read and understand signals after awhile.. Bad move by Chip here imo

    • I don’t think Chip Cares. I think chip is the kind of coach that says I am going to run right now stop me. Then he does and you cant. Then you start thinking about how you can not stop him even though you know what’s coming and then he fakes you out.

      • I agree, people talk about chip being tricky… I don’t think he is that tricky, I think he relies on execution.
        I really want to go to practice at the link on Sunday, I keep hearing how his organization, number of reps and speed of the practice is like nothing people have ever seen… I want to see it for myself.

        • Remember that Chip & D/C Billy Davis can learn more about the Patriots 3-4 Scheme too so it works both ways for both Clubs
          Kelly can still learn some Offensive schemes with The double/triple TE Sets that Patriots like to run…

          • Lol you guys really think they are learning schemes. Too funny.
            People visit chip to learn the sports science and the pace… Schemes…hilarious!

        • I went to the practice on Monday at the Linc, it is very fast paced and organized. There is a lot of different practices going on at one time, then when there are 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills, it is very fast paced.

    • Honestly Williams is just saying what everybody thinks anyway, no harm here.

    • I wouldn’t sweat it too much, Belicheck isn’t going to learn anything at practice that he doesn’t already know from Chip throughout their long relationship. Bill has picked Chip’s brain before Chip ever got to the NFL. Give Chip a bit more credit than that.

  14. This article is a little pre-mature as we do not know where Smith II will be come the final 53.

    I also think that there may be some shocks as guys like Brad Smith WR are cut in favor of cheaper project guys like Momah or Boone (SP).

    • I think Boone has a real chance to make the Team
      As it’s 5th/6th WR over Benn, Momah, D Johnson
      And even Brad Smith..

  15. Sooo nobody is worried about the fact that the db’s are winning everyday against the wideouts and has Maclin done anything so far this camp?

    • relax big boy… we’ve been in camp a week and you can’t glean one thing out of camp reports!

      • True but I know this the last 3 days it’s been about Jenkins, Williams and Carroll doing damage, but hey what do beat writers know.

        • Absolutely nothing! They are looking for stories, controversy…. They want to write a story with he byline “offense struggles without ten” … Sell papers get hits on websites… Business bro

    • They just started winning yesterday, if they were getting beaten daily, we would be worried about the dbacks. From what I have read, Malcom Jenkins has been owning Jordan Mathews. Maclin has been having a good camp so far, although he sat out the second half of practice today after colliding with Cary Williams. Williams continued to play. This is what concerns me, a little discomfort and Maclin looks for the bench. Maybe I am being to pessimistic. perhaps he was taken out for precautionary measures.

  16. A collision at practice and Maclin is gone. It’s going to be a long season.

    • None taken pdiddy. He can play, just gotta toughen up. I think whether or not he comes back will depend on durability, production and toughness, i.e. a willingness to tough it out…see Josh Huff, and get grimy.

  17. Paul George sustained a potentially career threatening leg injury tonight during a scrimmage for the USA team

    Thoughts and prayers with Paul George and his family.. it was a nasty injury

    • Bad,Bad, Deal for Paul George, Team USA & the Pacers
      George is the Pacers Leader and Best All-Around Player who was just Starting a 5 Year Max Contract with Pacers who know will
      Have George or Stevenson in their Backcourt for 2014-2015
      Season.. George is a tough, strong guy and hopefully he will
      Recover and rehab back to his All-Star Form but this will have a ripple effect around the NBA which many a teams are not going to want to their Star Players participating in non-NBA events even though it looks like freak incident/injury .. Prayers go out to George & his Family…

  18. As I called back in Spring,
    Sanchez will be #2 with Kinnie #3 at the QB Position
    Barkley will get Traded to Arizona or San Diego and compete as
    One of their Back-up’s for a likely 6th Rd Pick in 2015 Draft

  19. Saint Matthews talks again.

    “Me and Marcus are great friends and I’m so happy that he got drafted in the first round and I ended up in the city that I wanted to play in, and I’m happy for Marcus because the money and benefits of being drafted in the first round really helped him and his family exponentially, and I don’t want anything other than to see my friends and teammates happy.”\

    Jordan Matthews may walk on water while shady talks about “I own Dallas”. lol

  20. What to make out of training camp thus far. From all I read it seems the defense has been better than the offense. Has the offense taken a step back or has the defense taken a step forward? Its just interesting hearing how good our defense has looked. Is Carroll that good or is it our WR are mediocre? Obviously with Sproles and McCoy out of the backfield they will be a nightmare and our TEs getting favorable matchups but besides Matthews making plays Im a little worried about the rest of our WR because Im not hearing much noise from any of them which tends to suggest everyones worst nightmare that they are very very average. If Carroll is playing great what does Patrick Peterson, Sherman etc etc do against this group? My thinking is Matthews better be very very good right out the gate.

  21. We will be fine on offense the main reason the d is winning OS that they are holding the crap out of the receivers and Mackinac even stated they can’t hold like that in the game and will get flagged so we will be ok

  22. Who is going to eagles practice tomm I’ll be there early

  23. ****NFL News****
    49ers Suffered another Setback as Starting DT Glen Dorsey tore his Biceps
    And will miss the 2014 Season..
    This goes along with missing LB Navarro Bowman due to torn ACL
    Last Late January and the impending Suspension
    of Aldon Smith along with the Free-Agency Departures
    Of Safety Donte Whitner & Carlos Rodgers so the 49ers Defense will not be the strength of their Team starting out the Season

    • The Eagles play SF 49ers in week #4
      and I like their chances…
      Their Defense with the aging Justin Smith
      & Pat Willis and the loss of the 5 Players I mentioned
      In previous Post will be difficult for them to be top
      defense in early 2014

      • I disagree Paulman its a terrible spot for the Eagles and I don’t give them a shot to win that game and its not the talent thing its the even-flo thing. After they go into Indy in prime time and show the world a non-stop highly entertaining win they go home to a very emotionally hard fought win vs the Redskins. To then ask them to travel cross country to SF just doesn’t seem attainable. Its just one of there losses on the schedule. No big deal. Now saying that Seattle comes to the Linc and gets beat.

        • 49ers First 3 Games are At Cowboys,
          Home Sunday Night vs Bears,
          The At the Cardinals, then Host Eagles
          3 Teams with high scoring Offenses, besides the Cardinal Game,
          Which will Test the 49ers who will starting
          At least 5 new Players on Defense to start out the Season
          I like the Eagles chances..

  24. Can all thin skinned, sensitive beings that are posting on this site PLEASE leave. You are not able to handle this site and you are a liability. You may cry uncontrollably and wet yourself. This is your ONE and ONLY warning, after this the REAL men posting on here are not going to tip toe around your feelings anymore.

    • So wait is this you or your girlfriend? Are you still being paid to post here? Give us all a break and take your nonsense elsewhere.

      • She isn’t my girlfriend anymore, she is my soon to be wife. A wife is a female that is married to a male. She is the wife he is the husband.

        I will NEVER leave this site till all the lying, thin skinned, no nothing about sports people are off the site.

        So far paulman is the only one that seems to know what he is talking about besides me. I would enjoy talking sports with paulman!

        • Which is correct you’ll never leave because your lying right now. But whatever enjoy your conversations with the flip flop king.

          • Who is the flip flop king? gmcliff….oh wait he is the liar king.

            Like I said, so far paulman is the only one that posts daily that has any real sports knowledge. The rest of you regulars are pure entertainment posters. Zero knowledge but yet yap away.

        • hahaha….who is this clown? I’ve been reading the posts trying to catch up with whats been going on around here and I’ve not come across one good post by you, Iggles except for the “Warning” post….pretty clever, other than that, you seem to be talking about everything but FOOTBALL….

          Moving on, Marcus Smith needs to see the field this season. I understand the talk of being patient with a young player, that’s cool, no issues there. That doesn’t mean Smith won’t get meaningful snaps each game. To me just means he won’t be thrown in head first. Smith’s versatility alone will get him on the field this season. Once he gets familiar with the playbook, works on his pass rushing, I expect to see the Smith being moved around the defensive front.
          Also, alot of that talk about Eagles reaching on Marcus Smith him being a 2nd/3rd rounder was BS…NFL teams that ran a 3-4 defense had Smith ranked higher than the media (basically this is where majority of you get your information, without doing any research of your own) I’m looking forward to seeing what Smith brings on the field.

  25. Marcus Smith?

    Do you mean Brandon Graham?

    do you mean Jerome McDougle


    Do you mean Jon Harris?

    Same shit different day.

    The most exciting draft pick this year from the is not coming from the 1st round.

    The question is ….why?

  26. Beau Allen NT taking first team snaps with the first unit. This kid is big and moves surprisingly well for a man his size. I think the Eagles may have found a diamond in the rough.

    • Logan is nursing a hamstring Fyi
      Beau Allen will contribute and see the field
      A lot during his Rookie Season…
      I like everything about the kid from his size, the use of his Ganda and quick feet & natural strength and will be a fan favorite
      I even had him Mocked quite often as a 7th Round Pick for the Eagles
      During the Spring… By Year #2, Allen will be the “Desingnated Run Stuffer”
      For the Eagles DL.

      • From CSN Philly reporter Geoff Mosher 8/3/2014:

        Observations from Day 7 of Eagles camp:

        Stock rising
        There’s always a low-round draft pick or rookie free agent who turns heads at camp. So far, it’s been seventh-round pick Beau Allen. The monstrous nose tackle continues to get his share of first-team reps, showing a good motor and hand work. He’s really impressing his teammates and appears to be a fast learner. He’s competing not just to make the roster but for some time in the D-line rotation.

        As I have repeatedly stated …Beau Allen will make this team barring injury or he decides he doesn’t want to play, the talent is there.

        Stock falling
        Matt Barkley lit it up at the first Linc open practice. This time, not so much. He fumbled twice, one of which came on a keeper to the left side that simply fell out of his hands and then bounced further away — and eventually — as he tried to scoop it up. Cue the Chris Berman “stumblin’, bumblin’, rumblin’” chant.

  27. Momah just beat Boykin for a deep pass. That is using height to advantage.

  28. 6’7 is a serious advantage at wideout, he can make real interesting if he sticks.

    • Agreed big another red zone threat would be nice

    • Momah will be cut. All I needed to hear was “Is Momah way better than last year”? Chip replied I don’t know about “way” but he has improved. Here we go again worrying about who is the 5th, 6th or 7th receiver. It just doesn’t matter they don’t play. You have Matthews, Sproles, Shady, Cooper, Celek etc.

      • Dag injuries occur we may need this dude this year.

        • Like I said in my previous post Maclin is sweet, ready for Injured reserve

        • Name me a time that a 5th or 6th receiver has ever done a thing? It doesn’t work like that. They will run more or use more tes before a 5th or 6th receiver is used. IMO

          • Hell they brought in Brad Smith off the street last year before they used there own 5th, 6th or PS receivers. He didn’t even know the system and he played more.

          • How about Receivers David Tyree of the Giants
            Or Tony Brown who had sone great Super Bowl Moments..
            You never know when a 5th/6th WR will be called upon
            In Chip Kelky’s fast paced, multiple formations,
            The Eagles 4th/5th WR’s will be on the Field during Games..
            A 6th WR is usually not Active/Dressed on Game Days,
            But that 5th WR Player will and will be asked to nake Pkays..
            Kelky does not go with 2 WR’s getting 60 Snaps a game..
            He will rotate the 3rd/4th WR for quite a bit of snaps

            • Paulman Who rotated last year? 3 receivers caught passes. Cooper, Jackson and Avant. That’s it. Paulman you named me 2 receivers out of thousands of 4th and 5th receivers. Good grief.

              • Along with our 2nd string RB RB avg 5 carries a game and our 3rd string RB averaged 0.6 carries a game.

              • Actually Jeff Maehl, Damaris Johnson were on the
                Field for many Plays early in the Season then Brad Smith
                Replaced Damaris Johnson from mid-late November on as Danaris Johnson failed to make any Plays..
                Now I am not saying they did much production wise
                But in Kelly’s 1st Year all he really had was D-Jax,Cooper & Avant to really work with but no Eagles WR will
                See 80 + Receptions as D-Jax did last Season
                Look at his History at Oregon,
                Multiple WR’s with 30-40-50 Catch’s each.
                I believe that’s what we will see as they develop
                The young Receiving Corp they have now..

      • I think Momah has shown enough in practice to warrant a practice squad spot. He is clearly better than he was last year. If he could make another jump next year…he may be a keeper. Everything will ultimately come down to his performance during preseason games, and possibly injuries.

        • Please…The man is a freak of nature in regards to his size and we’re still talking about him competing for a practice squad spot…haha,,,, But I do wish he could help, he would be one hell of a target….If he could get separation on DB’s, catch better, run routes better…Just too many things he needs to do better, not holding my breath on it.

  29. My biggest fear is that I am hearing Jenkins is playing great and covering all over the field. Boykins the same. Carroll has dominated. Fans better friggin hope the reason isn’t because the WR aren’t very good and cant get open. Matthews has looked great on short routes and over the middle but is is very obvious that the DBs are playing well. Like I said you better hope its not because the WR aren’t very good in NFL terms. I don’t want to hear anyone come on hear and tell me that’s not the case because nobody knows. We will see very soon.

    • Dag….the receivers are getting open, most of the offense has been geared towards the wheel routes and short to intermediate passes, at least that’s what I have seen during practice. …not so much on the deep pass. Don’t worry, the receivers have been getting open on their assigned routes.

    • Dag I am lmao are u really concerned on camp reports? You do know SB c champs usually blow in preseason. Camp reports are a concern? Lol

  30. Just an opinion but on a team that is rebuilding a guy like Momah seems a better fit than an aging Smith. I also think this is Maclins last year in Philly regardless of play. Follow the money.. Are they going to pay Maclin big bucks? Heck no. They just cut a gut to avaoid a 10 mill contract at a diva spot.

    Next year J Mathews and R Cooper out wide with Huff in the slot.

    Benn = Little chance
    Smith = Little chance
    Maclin = Only out of camp because of his bonus. (I think he is a good player but will be let go for cheaper replacement.)

    Find me the best ST’ers out of the young WR’s (Can Momah Tackle?)

    • Heres a novel idea why don’t the Eagles just draft a WR you don’t have to teach how to run routes, catch and whom isn’t a project. There are about 1000 receivers in college every year. Last time I checked teams did fine and won SB without 6 7There are 10 other receivers on recievers. on the roster that were told the best players make the team who clearly have outperformed him in camp. Just sayin.

    • I believe Monah has a better chance of making the 76ers in 2014 than the Eagles final 53 Man Roster
      I expect Eagles to carry 4 RB’s (McCoy,Sproles, Polk and ?)
      3 TE’s (Celek,Ertz, Casey) 3 QB’s (Foles, Sanchez & Kinnie)
      And 10 OL (maybe cut to 9 once LJ is Activated after Suspension)
      So this leaves 5 WR Spots to start the Season (Maclin,Cooper,
      Matthews & Huff will be gimme’s) so that’s 1 more WR out of the rest
      And whoever that will be will have to Play Special Teams
      Brad Smith can Return Kicks, Jeff Maehl can tackle on Coverage Teams
      Receivers like Benn,Momah, D Johnson, W Murphy, Boone,
      have not proven at NFL Level yet that they can play Special Teams
      So they are on the outside looking in …

  31. At this point Momah=Dominique Brown of football. He can run, catch, big, strong etc etc etc.

  32. Momah is getting everyone spun up for nothing. Whats wrong with bringing in a project…if he hits boom if he misses who cares. He can get stashed on the practice squad and it wasnt like the kid sucked at BC before he blew out the knee. He could be a helluva a RZ target and the key would be if the guy can play special teams so he isnt just taking up a roster spot.

    No different than taking flyers on basketball guys to make the transition to TE. Granted its a long shot but if you can afford to take on why not?

    • Exactly…I look forward to seeing how he performs in the pre season. Watching him in practice, he is clearly more advanced than he was last year. The last WR spot will come down between Momah, Benn, and Maehl, Benn can not stay healthy and has had some bad drops, and Maehl is just a guy, you can shake a tree and twenty guys like him will fall out. Momah definitely presents a RZ threat and has learned how to use his body size to shield off defenders and get position over defenders to come down with the ball.

      • EHL, I love that just a guy statement it’s one of my favorites. I’ll be happy when those types are gone the Matthews, Maehl, Nate Allen type dudes who couldn’t start on the neighborhood teams we played on when we were younger. LOL

        • LOL…it’s true Big, I can find a Jeff Maehl at the Linc tailgate on Sunday mornings…he’s just that. A guy.

          • I agree EHL. Until we are able to find receivers who can beat out Maehl I will not believe that we have a really solid group. Like some of the other posters on here, I am starting to have more concern that Maclin lacks overall toughness and a desire to do everything it takes to win. Just my opinion, but hopefully the incentive of working on a one year contract will push him and I will be wrong.

  33. Been hearing Nolan Carroll has been doing well in camp. We may not have shut down corners but definitely provides some depth…something we not accustom to at the CB spot…Provides Eagles with a little more ability on defense, in passing downs. Dime package may be something we see a little more of from this team this season. Especially against those pass heavy teams with no running game.

  34. Jeremy Maclin gets up and walks off of field gingerly and gimpy after first 1 on 1 drill. Maclin is skipping next part of practice as his helmet is in his hand. This guy is so damn fragile it’s ridiculous. This is my fear about him, can’t stay on the field. DeSean was and still is the better receiver, even if it’s simply because of availability…yeah, I know he’s gone…but damn…Maclin can’t stay healthy. Mr. Glass, the walking chandelier, self tacklin Maclin…smdh.

    • EHL remember he’s coming off a season ender so he’s going to be extra cautious nothing to worry just yet. I’m not going to get upset just yet.

      • Big…He’s always done this, it used to be, after a hard hit he would wallow around on the turf as if he just got struck by lightening…now, he’s not even getting hit and he’s coming up lame.

      • Big we need you upset, we should all be upset. We better hope Matthews is a player

  35. Maclin and friggin Cooper. One is in a boot and the other limps every other play. Amazing how we have to receiver watch everyday now. Is Maclin getting up? Is Cooper going to produce is Matthews the real deal. lol. The 20 million dollars they have under the cap who exactly gets that money? The Eagles better hope they don’t choke on it. Eagle fans “I hope the 6 10 f&*king project can develop one day what a RZ threat he will be.lmao Screw the guy who had more TDs of 40 yards or more in NFL history. Enjoy your receivers chip.

    • I apologize I just don’t believe in Maclin. I am trying I swear I am trying. I just envision Sproles and Shady in backfield with Djax Matthews and Ertz split out with Foles at QB. Why is that so bad! I am struggling with this. My goodness you cant tell me that’s not a friggin explosive lineup!

      • Geoff Mosher…CSN 8/4/2014

        It’s been a so-so camp for Maclin. He’s made a few catches that make you think he’ll be an effective weapon this year, but he’s also had some very quiet practices. Meanwhile, rookie wideout Jordan Matthews is catching everything in sight and represents 98.7 percent of Mark Sanchez’s total targets.

        DeSean Jackson isn’t talked about much these days but he used to light up camp practices with a daily dose of touchdowns catches. In 1-on-1s, he was virtually unguardable. Nobody ever questioned if he could stretch the defense. Maclin has made some good catches, but there hasn’t been a day when he just owned the 1-on-1s or scrimmages.

        The real test to see if Maclin 100 percent recovered and ready to be a dynamic playmaker should come in the preseason game, presuming the coaches let him play.

        • That’s Maclin in a nut shell. A so-so receiver.

        • For the life of me I don’t get the hate Maclin had for DJax if he bombs this year he’ll never hear the end of it. Kelly bet on the wrong guy.

          • Lion when you put it all together Jackson gets very little respect as a man and team mate. It is simple really, the nfl is a mans league . He acted like a petulant baby that could produce. People grew tired of his act. By what I hear about Kelly’s practice routine there is no time for whiny heinies . He will fit in perfectly in dc , have a couple productive years help them some but in the end fall short .

            • HAC you mean whiny like Dez Bryant (the petulant baby on the Cowboys sidelines)or whiny like Andre Johnson is? lol. So last year “which what we have to be talking about” he was whiny hiney” and went out and set franchise records. But we keep the no talent soft ass, injury prone 2nd-3rd receiver Maclin because he doesn’t whine. Why don’t you go into the Redskins locker room and tell them he isn’t a man or a good teammate and let me know how that works out for you.

              • Yep exactly like the 8-8 cowboys Bryant! 100% like him as far as asshole quotient is concerned Bryant of course is a physical freak which would get him some grace . Chip has made it real clear what he thinks a winning player is and a guy that takes PRACTICE plays off , sleeps in meetings and disrespects the flow won’t be tolerated . When I coached(an entirely different level and my W-L record didn’t get me fired) I used to say I’d rather lose with good, solid citizens than win with assholes. Now I said that believing u win tough games with solid citizens and it looks like chip feels the same way.

              • Cigar the Eagles were 10-6 with Mr. Distraction so please enlighten us with how his act grew tiresome and hurt the team, if it’s a man league then most of the Eagles locker room is full of bitches if they couldn’t deal with a 5’10 175 WR.

              • Easy response lion… The head coach says they are better without him than with him. Addition by subtraction ! The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Simple

              • Easier response how exactly does he know this with seeing his offense in game action? And I wish life worked like that, say it and it’s true.

              • Lion you are my favorite poster on here, well thought out but have two blind spots one you are sympathetic to fringe character guys (except cooper) and two you are very skeptical of coaches . Kelly was hired by a billionaire to help the billionaires investment double in value . He is obviously bright and has ideas about growing the team. Might he take a step back to take two forward Sure ! But Kelly obviously thinks they are better suited to move forward without the poor misunderstood, under appreciated desean … Wait till wash is winning a game 37-10 in the fourth and mesean doesn’t have s catch. Can’t wait

              • Cigar the major blind spot I have is of Chip Kelly for some reason I cannot stand that dude. Desean take him or leave him LOL but I don’t like the hatchet job that was done on him, that’s all cutting off your nose to spite your face in my opinion.

              • Lion don’t fret mesean has a nice contract and a rap career to fall back on he will be fine. Hatchet job? Maybe he deserved to be chopped

        • In the words of the great Sir Allen of Iverson….

          “We talking bout practice….not a game….practice…..”

          Todd Pinkston and Reggie Brown used to look awesome in practice too under Andy Reid.

          Maclin will be just fine. WTH does he have to go balls out in the first week of practice?

          Same posters blowing up Matthews will eat his ass up if he has a typical rookie WR year.

          Everybody…all we need to take out of camp is they look cohesive…AND NO ONE GETS HURT.

      • Agreed why eagles why

  36. It has been reported that Giants RB David Wilson has been advised by doctors to quit playing football due to neck injury. Giants have placed him on the IR.

  37. I heard on wip, that there is a rumor the sixers may be in a three team deal with the Wolves and Cavs. Anybody know anything about it?

  38. Cleveland gets Love
    Minny gets Wiggins, Thad possibly Waiters and 1st unprotected from Cleveland
    Sixers get Bennett possibly deal of Barrea

    Main principal player Love Wiggins Young.

    I would prefer Waiters but pulling Bennett out of the deal is still a good get.

    Now lets see if LyingAssCliff aka CopyandPasteCliff aka EditInternetArticlestobeRightCliffs aka GMCliff says something about this deal being the Sixers dont believe in Noel or some shit like that lol.

    • No IJ……{ I }don’t believe in Noel….Considering the trash you’ve been talking………Lets see if he holds up under your expectations…..You better hope so…


        Hows the article editing coming along? Did you find any articles where you could add GM names and qoutes so you could say you were right?

        And youre talking in third person again…..stop being a dumbass.

        GMCliff is an idiot….oh hey talking in third person like you is fun!

        • LOL!!…GMCliff, is nothing close to an idiot….and we will see that as we have for the last 5 years..

          But what we will really see is how smart IJ, Wiggles, Eagles0superbowls, and _gmcliff, really are in their expectations of Nerlens Noel, Lame Johnson, and any other subject claiming to be more knowledgeable than GMCliff……..You better hope you’re right…LOL!!!

  39. I bet Thaddeus Young is ecstatic about the rumors to Minny. lol. I thought he was the good soldier and the reason he wanted to leave Philly is to be on a better team. I don’t know if it gets any worse than being stuck in Minnesota.

  40. Mind boggling stat.

    Does the NBA realize that the 28 of the last 31 Championships were won by either LA, Boston, Chicago, S.A., Detroit, Miami. Something just isn’t right with the NBA.

    • Its always been that way in the NBA. Nothing wrong with NBA. There was a time all you could say about the NBA was there was only two teams LA and Boston and the Finals were on tape delay.

      I would argue that outside of Yankee runs in the 90s the greatest any league has been in the last 25 years were during Jordan’s dynasty lock of almost a DECADE of finals or near Finals run with 6 out of 10 championships. It’s better for NBA to have dynasties.

  41. According to CopyandPasteCliff there’s no need to watch the Sixer’s next year because we are trading hands down the best most vital player on a 16 win team lol

    • Fellas, Cliff is all for trading Thaddeus Young, if the Sixers can get good value for him, and benefit the team.

      Draft picks are what we need, and if we can get a player or two, – I’m all for it.

  42. Brian Windhorst told ESPN Radio in New York that there is a handshake deal in place for Kevin Love, sending Andrew Wiggins and Thaddeus Young to the Wolves and Anthony Bennett to the Sixers.
    The fact that Minnesota is going to get anything near this type of deal for Love when there’s essentially only one suitor is pretty amazing. Young’s fantasy value wouldn’t be unchecked in Minny as it was in Philly, and likewise there isn’t a much better place for Bennett to land. Stay tuned as the Summer of Love slowly…comes…to an end.

    • What is the consensus on Bennett if he is the guy. I know that he didn’t play much last year which is a pretty huge disapointment for a #1 pick, but that is all I really know about him. I wasn’t watching a lot of Cavs bball last year.

      • His biggest mistake was he came out too early Bugs; He should have stayed in school. So, he wasn’t ready for the Pros, let alone ready to be the number one overall pick in the draft….

        But there is some talent there Bugs. He could be a very valuable bench/role player in the future…

      • Although I liked his game coming out of college he had an abysmal year last year. Hey may not overcome the Michael Beasley tweener role because in college he could score in bunches and had a nice face up game.

        Young is nothing special. He would be a great role player on a team but a building block player he never was. So getting a low sell high upside guy in Bennett for him I would take a chance. Plus you get out of Thaddeus contract a year early and if Bennett has anything in him he could be a nice asset trade piece down the road.

  43. Stayed in school for what? Playing at UNLV wasnt going to make him any better.

    He was out of shape got injured and his season went down the toilet. He was the no.1 pick in the draft and even if Cleveland hadn’t have selected him he would have probably went top 5 the least.

  44. Brandon Boykins news very disturbing. Boykins rated at the top of the list in many categorys by only playing 50% of the snaps. Billy Davis has indicated that Boykins snaps may decrease even further. Davis stated he wanted to stay in his base defense even more this year now that he has Jenkins who “can come down and cover the 3rd receiver”.lol. Last year they noted when Boykins came in against the Saints to play nickel the Saints ran 13 times for 84 yards and essentially lost the game. So basically “in theory” Jenkins can take Boykins role and play the run. “Reading between the lines”. So when Boykins contract is up a team will tell him hmmmm your damn near the same size as Joe Hayden and he does just fine. Come to us and we will stick you on the outside and you can play 100% of the snaps. Hes frigging gone. If the Eagles think Boykins is going to play decreased snaps or even just 50% of the snaps the fans and the Eagles are living a pipe dream. Would you do that if that was you? Your full of shit if you say you would. Eagles are playing with fire with Boykins.

  45. Boykins will be on the outside to start the season, Carroll in the slot and Fletcher the top reserve at the outside. Reading to much into training camp preseason hype.

    I would be more worried about Carroll not living up to all this camp hype. If Carroll is a mess then Boykins is relegated to slot duty.

    As for the Joe Haden comparison…im a huge Boykins fan…but I dont think in stature or play he is anywhere Joe Hadens level. Haden is an elite CB.

    Boykins is probably a little closer to Brent Grimes before the injury. With these monsters on the outside and TE play in the slot its unfortunate but Boykins size will always be a matchup problems at times but I think he can overcome it. If he is matched up opposite a big corner he can stay on the field. Two midgets on the outside I would be worried.

    • Izell, the Eagles have already said numerous times they don’t see Boykins as an outside corner so no he won’t be opening up the season on the outside. Also reading your other post why cut Fletcher when he’s a better corner then Williams?

      • I like Williams over Fletcher. I really am not a Fletcher fan…hes a good zone coverage guy but he is terrible man to man or up close. Leaves a huge cushion all the damn time. But I can understand why Williams doesnt light a fire under anyone either.

        Lets be honest…Williams and Fletcher are C level corners that can give you the occasional B to B+ game…I am not batting an eyelash if either one of them gets beat out or cut.

      • Yes, the stats from Fletcher and Williams were very close from last season…Carroll was pretty close to them as well. The Eagles are looking to utilize the dime package more often this year, they need the CB’s, Fletcher isn’t getting released.

    • Incorrect….
      Not according to the secondary coach, who faults Boykins size as the reason as to why he will remain in the slot. He says he will get exposed because of his size on the outside.
      Lovett says Boykins did a great job in the slot and their going to keep him there….

      Dag I feel where your coming from, would be another bad move on the defensive side of things by the Eagles. Boykins needs to be on the field whenever they get a chance…Led the team in INT’s last season, playing less time then the outside CB’s and safeties…and you’re going to give him even less chances? makes no sense.

      • I disagree where he will be on the field less…Boykins even stated that he will be on the field just as much.

        • I’d like to see Boykins on the field, but from the looks of it, track record and what is being said, the Eagles do not like him on the outside…and if what Dag, posts is correct about Davis wanting to utilize his base defense more, I don’t see how Boykins will see the field more or just as much as last season.

  46. Will be interesting to see where the Watkins kid falls into and what he will do in the preseason.

    If Carroll is this top guy that they have been saying….could you see Fletcher getting cut?

  47. BigL , I’m also not getting caught up in what has been said etc….Davis didnt know what he had last year and really no one on this team could play the slot at all outside of Boykins. If I saw Roc Carmichael on the field at any time I would turn off the TV.

    Carroll and Jenkins are interesting tools if they truly are worth the training camp press clippings. I would have trouble even with all his talent matching up Boykin on the outside against big Wrs like what Arizona offers but I can see him getting more outside time this year. I would start him on the outside but I would be fine with him owning the slot role.

    Also have to be careful what you wish for…is Boykins awesome because in his limited time on the field he can make plays or will he be exposed if hes on the field more?

    Would you rather have him as an A+ slot corner or B outside corner?

    Just a thought.

  48. Dont get me wrong either gentleman…I am a Boykins fan…I think he is an absolute beast…..from the slot. On the outside I dont see him having as big of an impact and because of our pass rush I dont think he would do well on the outside. But thats just me.

    I also love his blitzing ability from the slot…I think that is a very underrated and underappreciated aspect of his game. He made some plays off the edge on blitz etc with his speed.

  49. Maclin started practice in 1 on 1 drills…after his first rep he pulled himself out…took a knee with helmet in hand and has not returned.

    • This isn’t a surprise. This has been his M.O. for his entire career. The only saving grace is who the hell in this organization offered this stiff a long term contract. You have Riley Cooper who avg 30 yards his last 6 games in a walking boot. Maclin who is hurt every other play and Brad Smith in the slot. Then you have (by all reports) Huff who cant get open and whose hands haven’t been very good with Momah the project and Mahel and Benn.. Matthews better be able to play. You released a pro bowl receiver who shredded defenses and blew the top off of defenses(like him or not) because he was too small. Your telling me now my best CB isn’t worthy of more than 50% of the snaps(because he is to small). Chip better pray the startting receivers aren’t Matthews, Cooper and Smith. No excuses.

      • The sky is falling, the sky is falling

        • Nah we are going to the SB. Every move they make is correct., The Eagles can do no wrong. Not allowed to disagree with there Gold Standard perennial SB winning ways. Everyone ise is wrong we invented football.

          • Too funny, been watching ESPN, this guy didn’t para twice, this guy felt a twinge, this guy is sitting out first preseason game and on GCOBB the same things turn into disaster. Hilarious

            • Cigar you know as a Chip Kelly hater I have to comment. LOL, nah I kind of agree with you nothing matters until week 1. If one of these suspects seize the day then good for us.

  50. Josh Huff appears to have hands of stone…better get on juggs machine. UDFA Quran Pratt from Rutgers is having a better camp.

  51. Check out deadspin and Jerry Jones with 2 different women. lol

  52. Why is anyone surprised. He wasn’t given a 1 year, show me contract for nothing. Maclin is a turtle armed, drop to the ground WR, who is made of tissue paper. Always has been, always will be. Get used to it. He is not & never was a #1 WR. Let’s hope Matthews is the real deal, like I think he is, & Chip spreads the ball around, because Smith, Maehl, Momah, Benn do nothing for me, & Cooper & Maclin are already hurt. Look for Matthews, Ertz, Shady, & Sprouls to have big years, if not, no playoffs, because the defense has not improved.

    • DCar remember they offered 5 this idiot turned it down and chose the show me deal. The sky isn’t falling but this receiver corp is not NFL quality. This isn’t the Oregon Ducks and the PAC 25.

      • Big, that was a bogus story. I forget where I heard it, but the Birds never offered him a legit 5 year contract. It was basically a year to year contract, for 5 years, where he could be released in a year, with no ramifications. He hasn’t been healthy in 3 years, even Weasleman isn’t that stupid.

  53. Wake me up when its week 1 or someone significant gets hurt.

    Its just waaaaaaay to early to be spun up about anything. Preseason is about depth and the draft. As long as they don’t look like complete trash week 3 when the starters go about 3 quarters thats all I’m worried about.

  54. Eagles fly in Santonio Moss for a workout..
    More details later….

  55. Did anyone see the report where Manziel is taking ALOT of 1st team reps. He’ll be the starter coming out of Cleveland’s bye week.

    Good call gmcliff… said 2 years ago he would be a Pro Bowl starter in the league his rookie year. He may not make the Pro Bowl this year but its coming.

    • Shut up E0S….Stop lying

    • Manziel is 2nd string one day 3rd string the next….He will start one day due to politics, but LIKE I SAID WILL BE A BUST…

      • gmcliff…..easy now. Take the credit, you need it! You have been wrong 99% of the time the last year or so. Own up to saying Manziel is a beast. Sometimes you can’t even given someone their props, geez.

        Can ANYONE tell me who e0s is? This douche bad gmcliff has insisted I’m e0s, then just last week he was saying someone else was e0s. I think gmcliff is e0s!!

  56. Didn’t we go through this shit with the greatest coach in Eagles history? How many years did we clamor about no receivers. The Todd Pinkstons. James Thrash, and Reggie Browns of the world? The greatest coach in Eagles history with Westbrook, McNabb and co. tried and tried to tell us WR didn’t matter, it would be fine. We all know the story. Sometimes talent just wins over system. Then guess what happened. In the greatest, irrelevant play in Eagles history McNabb drops back and goes deep. {Merrill Reese} “TOs got it at the 50, 45, 40 35 30 hes going allll the waaaaaaaay touchdown Terrell Owens on his 1st play as a Philadelphia Eagle!. The crowd goes wild. The greatest fucking unimportant play in Eagles history. The loudest cheer in the Lincs history, a roar over the Delaware Valley like no other time in the history of the Eagles. We had finally arrived. I guarantee you 90% of Eagle fans know exactly where they were at when this took place. T.O T.O T.O T.OOOOOOOOO T.O. Just saying seen this act before. Andy was a great coach back then to but probably cost us 1 SB by thinking it was his system.

    • Can’t argue with you about that Dag, but it’s still early if this is still an issue when the season starts or during the season you know I’m going to be the first one to call him out. DCar, myself and a few others were screaming during the draft how stupid that addition by subtraction nonsense is and then drafting multiple receivers instead if defense. Matthews looks like a keeper but again Huff was drafted too early and should have been unnecessary but what the hell do I know I’m not a ACME football super genius.

  57. Lol its gonna be a ton of backpedaling on here one way or another this season.

    This doom and gloom nonsense and we haven’t even played a game yet is a bit over the top.

    With fans even going to the extreme saying watch out for the Redskins etc etc than here in Virginia…Ryan Clark looks like an old man and will not hold up and he is the starting safety and they have DOODOO behind. They drafted Morgan Moses to be a starter type on the line…DOODOO lol.

    Not to mention DJax getting smacked around by Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis in scrimmages…


    Philly….were we eat our own…

  58. Is LyingAssCliff calling someone a liar in here? There is no way LyingAssCliff is really calling someone a liar in here….


    • Is it gmcliff or e0s thats lying? He is posting as both that he can’t remember which one he is at the time of posting. I don’t think gmcliff knows what the truth is! He is living in a fantasy world. According to him he is a former Pro Scout that lives in a $500,000 home in Del that claims to be a better talent evaluator then ANYONE on the NFL Network or ESPN. As been proven time and time again, he has been proven to be someone who only knows how to copy and paste.
      He denies saying 2 years ago that Manziel will be a STUD in the NFL, which I know for a FACT he said. He lies so much he can’t keep the lies straight.
      Posting as others makes him feel “important” that people respond to him and “act” like they care what he says. I along with you Izzell just wish he would go away.

      • LyingAssCliff aka CopyandPasteCliff aka ThirdpersonCliff has no credibility since he got busted editing articles from 2011 just so he can seem knowledgeable and worst of all right. And beyond just a petty forum troll who couldn’t handle being proved wrong.

        GMCliff is a joke(In my third person GMCliff Gcobb Forum troll voice)


        • He has NO credibility because he clearly has ZERO talent knowledge in football or basketball. He needs to stick to the “sports” he knows such as figure skating and marathon running.

          Gmcliff or E0S or Liar or whatever he goes by is a Google expert though!

          • Soooo….Iggles what is your opinion on Marcus Smith? Wolff? Nate Allen? How about the defense? will it be better? I see you keep coming after the GM about what he is wrong about, but I don’t see you provide any opinion of your own about the game? I haven’t seen you let your knowledge of sports shine through with any of your posts….

            What’s good GM! you’re a cool, knowledgeable sports fan in my book!

            • Good to hear from you Brother Real!!!….I don’t question that bruh…the majority on here feel the same way…

              Why would any grown man care about the words of any critic??

              Wiggles is really Eagles0superbowls Real…..and as always he is obsessed with criticizing, and discrediting me by any means necessary…….even with multiple characters on GCobb as:

              Eagles0superbowls, Igglessb27, Iggles27, _gmcliff, or IzzellJenkins…he’s pathetic….

              I’ve already proven myself, as far as I am concerned, and you’re right NEITHER he, or IJ, have anything to hang their hat on, because they have brought nothing to the table ever….to criticize anyone, but empty insults…..

              • Stop kissing ass trying to make allies…lmao


              • Myself, and RealTalk, weren’t always allies. He criticized me at one time as well. But we have mutual respect now…..

                I don’t have to MAKE allies…I already have 98.8% of as allies, and it just kills you doesn’t it???

                There is nothing you,can say, or do to change that E0S…….kICK ROCKS, AND KISS MY ASS

              • haha E0S…I remember him, he’s that band wagoner or the cat that straddles the fence, playing both sides….Giants fan one day Eagles fan the next. How can you like the Giants and Eagles?….haha comical

              • That’s him Real,…..and as usual will not give his point of view on topics, because he was afraid myself, and others would call him on the carpet, because all he would do is criticize, and bring nothing to the table……

              • At least he doesn’t edit articles to be right and continue lies on top of lies…stop nut riding on here looking for friends.

              • LOL!!……I thought you didn’t know who he was???

            • I’m enjoying my vacation in Barbados Real….

              You know me bruh,….They can kiss my ass…..LOL!!!!!!

              • No one cares about where you are…stop pumping your sorry ass up lmao

              • You mean……you don’t care right???…..

                How you feel doesn’t concern me….LOL!!!
                and stop trying to speak for the majority on here. No one except your alter egos on here, care about how you feel about me….

                As far as I am concerned…you can kiss my ass…….

              • LMAO your not a voice for ANYONE….I am talking STRAIGHT TO YOU

                And dont talk about alter egos….”TURNDOWN”

                LMAO PATHETIC

              • You obviously have a problem with reading…I never said I was the voice of anyone….

                You said NO ON CARES….Although no one has stated that other than you….You my friend are not the voice for anyone…..

                get a clue, and understand that…..

                Can we hear something from you that resembles intelligence??

              • Hahahaha like when you thought no one could read your posts and knew you were outright copying and lying….then busted you in a FLAT OUT LIE.


                SHUT UP BE QUIET

                98.8% dont think as you put it “GMCliff is the man around here”

              • 98.8% dont think as you put it “GMCliff is the man around here”

                That’s only in your world unfortunately….

              • LYINGASSCLIFF BE QUIET…..

                How was Ryan Mallett tonight?


                Are you wearing your Dennis Schroeder jersey right now talent evaluation guru?

                GMCliff knows jack shit

              • What about Ryan Mallett??

                Yes, I am wearing his jersey, and Giannis Adtektumbo’s as well….

                and still the man……

        • Why are you talking to yourself??

          No one on GCobb gives any credibility, nor pays attention to a psychopath, with multiple identity issues…..

          Do you imagine anyone really takes you seriously, and is really listening to YOU??……LOL!!!…..

          I guarantee you my opinion is appreciated by the sane posters, no matter how YOU feel….I’ve never cared E0S – as you are obviously aware….

          But you’re welcomed to continue to make an ass of yourself…….LOL!!!


            • Why don’t you make a comment on the subject post, and stop being an annoying ass of a man??….

              Share with us some of the supposed knowledge you have….Humor us some more…

              • Calm down CopyandPasteCliff…..take your LyinAssCliff ways somewhere else.

                I already made you look stupid talking about basketball….and made you lie your dumbass into a spiderweb you couldnt get out of….stay quiet…stay safe.

                lmao and I love how you want to brush aside your lying ways…at least your indirectly own up to it now


              • Soooo, what you’re saying is, you’re ready to move on and post something that resembles knowledge, and maturity???

                We’ll it’s about time….

                We’re all waiting……….

              • Please dont post about knowledge and maturity….when you copy pasted and edited an article so you would be wrong….then went to the mattresses for it lmao

                the exact opposite of knowledge and immaturity

                GET A CLUE.

  59. Now if there is something to be upset about is that the Eagles going back to the Kelly Green uniforms was a hoax…..

    I seriously am depressed about that….Man that would be awesome….

  60. Team president Don Smolenski on Kelly Green Uniforms

    “We have talked about it and there are some rules with the NFL that provides some restrictions that we’re trying to work through, but that’s going to take some time. It’s there, and it’s something that we do talk about, but until some things change at the NFL level it’s going to provide restrictions for us. It is being talked about it, yes.”

  61. You dumb mfers, Randall et al did not wear Kelly green but hunter green, learn your history, Kelly green hasn’t been worn in decades

    • Kelly or Hunter…I want the Eagle logoback on the sleeve and the helmet back. Both are better than the unis now.

    • Jake, still a clown….Here’s a lesson for your dumb ass – when you use an “s” at the end of the word, that usually makes the word plural, which means your’re referring to more than one person. So re read my post and tell me where I posted anything about what Randall wore.

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