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Eagles-Bears: What To Watch For

ChipKelly5It’s the first game of the preseason.  Football is back; and there is a lot of excitement even with the early injuries to Maclin and Cooper.

As it stands, the starting pair of receivers for the regular season will likely be watching from the sidelines.  The rest of the offensive starters are likely to play the first quarter.  The defensive starters could see roughly the same amount of time; possibly a few extra series as the 3-4 scheme looks to make its mark.  We will have the opportunity to see the back-ups, and a lot of them; but on a team coached by Kelly that enjoys position battles, players are going to be proving why they are worthy of a roster spot.


-The remaining wide-receiver depth will be on display, and the light will shine the brightest on rookie Jordan Matthews.  He is currently taking first team reps, still lining up as the slot receiver, the position he expects to hold down when the season kicks off September 7th versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The coaches have raved about Matthews, he has received praise and even labeled as the “best rookie wide receiver in the draft” by running back Lesean McCoy.  All eyes will be on the new #81; but expectations should remain in check, he is unlikely to see playing time past halftime.

-Huff has not enjoyed a great camp thus far, but he will have the opportunity to show why the Eagles selected him in the third round when many had him pegged with a fifth round grade.

-As for the vets; it’s going to be “show time” for the likes of Benn, Smith, Momah, Johnson and a few other hopefuls trying to cement their name on the final 53 man squad.

-It will be nice to see Sproles in an Eagles uniform, and I look forward to Polk building on what we saw last season.

-Here is name.  How about James Casey, a forgotten name that is getting paid good money to be a productive player for the Eagles.

-Sanchez and Barkley are the two realistic quarterbacks fighting for the back-up position, Kinne is a practice squad player, let’s not fool ourselves.


Five draft picks were spent on the defensive side of the football.  I’m ready to see what Marcus Smith can do, and exactly how far away Watkins is from being someone we can count on in the secondary.  Hart and Allen are good sized players that should provide depth in the 3-4; I want to see them being active with their hands, mixing it up a bit.

-Early picks in previous years on guys like Marsh and Graham, I’m looking to seeing something from; although I’m realistic and don’t expect much.  I think Curry will continue what he has been doing, getting good pressure on the quarterback when given the opportunity to play.

-How about guys who were hurt all of last season in Travis Long and Paul Krueger?

-Alejandro Villanueva has had an interesting journey getting to the NFL; will he show enough to the coaching staff to keep his “dream” of playing pro football alive, or will they elect to part ways and sign a guy with more experience?

-There is really no “competition” with who will be kicking field goals for the Eagles this season.  You will possibly see “Murder Leg” on Friday, and hopefully he gets the opportunity to tackle someone, his shelf life in the NFL may only last until preseason is over.

There are enough positions to be won on this roster that warrants us to watch the entire “watered-down” first pre-season game.

What should the Eagles attempt to come away with Friday night?   Stay healthy, stay active and play like with a chip.  It all begins in a matter of hours, year #2 of Chip Kelly is right around the corner. on Facebook

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213 Comments for “Eagles-Bears: What To Watch For”

  1. I like the Bears in the Opener 20-13 in a typical boring Pre-Season Opener
    Where the 1st String Offenses typically ahead of the 1st String Defenses
    And without both Maclin & Cooper , I just don’t see Foles having a lot
    Of Optuins to get GF’s ball down the field often to put up any points
    The Bears will have CB’s C Tillman, T Jennings & Kyle Fuller versus a second
    Rate WR Corps with Rookies and inexperience during the 1st Quarters when
    the Starters are in .. I do dee Foles connecting a few Passes to the TE’s Celek & Ertz versus a very shaky Safety Corp of the Bears..

  2. I’m on record after watching the practices.

    Foles is not the best QB on this team.

    Barkley is.

    He’s ass…but still will be a better QB than Foles.

    Paste it!

  3. Songs WTF are you talking about? Who is the skins favorite QB? You are not even a good troll.

  4. Week 3 is the only preseason game that has any significance.

  5. Week 3 means nothing either. Do you know how many times bottom feeding teams so 3-1 and 4-0 only to come out week 1 and look terrible. I can remember the Eagles offense looking pathetic all preseason only to come out like gang busters week 1. Week threes only significance is to not have any starters get injured IMO.

    • Last line is the key to the entire preseason Dag….


      Unearth a suprise contributor and have some rookie impact as well. Outside of that….preseason is just an evaluation and glorified practice.

    • I’ll be honest, I don’t very excited or pumped up
      To watch Preseason.. It’s great to see the Young Players battle
      And actually go up against an opponent..but no real game planning done on either side of the ball by both Teams, the results are usually meaningless
      I like to see the Offense and QB get into a rhythm, receivers catch the ball,
      Defenders tackle well and and blocker’s stay with their blocks
      Outside of this. Not so sure that there is a lot to read into these
      Preseason Games..
      I think in 2-3 Years Teams will have 2 Preseason Games mixed in with
      2 weeks of Practicing versus other Teams for 3-4 days like the Eagles & Patriots will do shortly that will replace Preseason Games

      • Thats really all that matters. You want to be able to tell if your rookies can keep up with the game on an NFL level and you want to see in game progress on an individual standpoint from certain players. Outside of that really it means nothing.

        Two years ago the Redskins showed NONE of the packages they used with RG3 in the preseason and then unleashed it on the Saints who had no idea.

        No one is running anything. All Chip wants to see more than likely is pace on offense and on defense stop the run dont get beat deep just be sound and fundamental.

  6. Songs…not only are you on record, I suspect you are on something else too…like the pipe. Your new name is Pookie…now put the crack away Pookie. Seriously though, you are playing yourself like an ass at this point as your trolling is just corny and tired zzzzz. How is your RG Ill jerseys holding up…better than his knee I suspect….that is why you flip flop from team ti team… Pookie…leave that crack alone…oh yeah…hail to the dead skins

  7. The Best Offense (all intact) will give the Eagles 1st Team Defense aaa nive Test though it will be 2-3 Series at most..
    Bears have one of the top young OL in the NFL
    2 huge Receivers, and probably the best all-around Backs behind McCoy,
    In Forte… Defensively the Eagles Front 7 and CB’s will get Tested
    By one of the NFL’s top Offenses..

    • I don’t even see them playing that much Paul….I think you see Sanchez after the first drive tops.

      I think you see the kids heavy…I think you see a lot of Josh Huff and Jaylen Watkins.

      • I see a lot of touches for RB Josey, who I like to make the Team
        And be the heir apparent to Sproles by 2016
        Also see WR’s Huff, Maehl & TE Casey get a lot of
        Passes from Sanchez, Barkley..
        Foles, McCoy,Celek play 2 Series, maybe
        3 Series at most, but if they open with 2 decent Drives with
        12-15 Plays between the 2 Drives. Then that’s it

        Defensively, looking at Wolff, Goode,Marsh,
        Beau Allen, Brandon Bair, V Curry, T Hart,
        P Kruger, T Short, B Braman, Watkins & Reynolds
        Getting a lot of snaps

  8. I also REALLY REALLY hope that Matthews has a quiet game….if he catches 4-5 balls and a TD…..i am not going to be able to deal with the HYPE.

    I wanted the kid in the draft…but fans are building him up to tear him apart.

  9. No, the media is building him up. Every article seems to be about him in

    • I agree bugsy. I made a similar comment about the media building him up over at BGN that it got me banned for a day.

      I want to give this kid a chance to be a rookie and learn from his mistakes…but with all of the coverage he has gotten in the pre-season camps, if he doesn’t make the Pro-Bowl in his first year there will likley be those that call him out as a bust. I really liked him as a player prior to the draft, and I am very happy that he is an Eagle, but the constant headlines and reporting on every reception at camp is crazy.

      Funny…the media has lowered the expectations of our 1st round pick so low that if he even steps foot on the field this year it will be viewed as positive. It is all about ad revenue and generating the most clicks…right now if they include Matthews in the headline it will draw attention. My concern is that it is creating unrealistic expectations for a 2nd round pick that will not allow him to make rookie mistakes. I am probably concerned about nothing, but I would rather them focus on why our “top 2 recievers” are not on the field rather then building up a rookie.

  10. I am very intrigued in seeing how McCoy and Sproles will be used on the field together. The possibilities are endless.
    The advantage of having a Sprole and McCoy on the field will create mismatches, especially for the TE. Ertz hell even Celek who drops more passes than most TE’s in the league, both should have pretty solid numbers this season.
    I’m not big on the WR group. I’m a Maclin fan, always felt he could be a game changer when healthy…the rookie Matthews is a bright spot. My opinion Cooper is a number 3 WR, on any other team. Would have been a number 3 if DJAX had not left. He will be a number 3 target this season,, I expect the TE’s and RB’s to get more looks than he will.

    • Good points RT. The Sprouls / McCoy matchups will be interesting and hopefully highlight worthy to watch. I don’t know how much we will show during the preseason games, but definately during the season.

      I would also agree with your Cooper comment. Outside of 1/2 of 1 year, in my opinion, the guy has never lived up to what I expected when he was drafted out of FLA. He was never the red-zone target that we needed, and never seemed to show up (and we all remember the end of the Green Bay game). Yes, he and Foles seem to have a chemistry and produced some numbers, but I need to see more of the production to agree that he was worth the contract extension. I don’t want to jump on the Matthews hype-bandwagon, but I would not be suprised to see Cooper demoted to #3 and Matthews with more catches by the end of the year. Best case scenerio that all perform at a high level and we have a strong group of recivers that will all make plays when called upon to do so.

      GO BIRDS!!!

      • Cooper was a 4th/5th Round Pick out of Florida wasn’t he?
        I surely did not expect him to be anymore than
        3rd WR and Red Zone threat..
        1/2 a great season last year does coincide with Foles at QB though,
        So let’s see what he does in a full season with Foles
        If he’s healthy enough to get on the field
        I always envisioned Cooper more of a slot WR
        Than an outside Target
        I think Matthews will be an outside WR by mid-Season
        and for the future..

      • Green..I agree, hopefully the WR group can exceed some expectations. Maclin’s injury history, had me wondering what happens if….then you have to wonder how Cooper would do as a number 1? haha lets just hope it doesn’t come to that. The coaches know this, but I don’t think they are concerned because of the use the RB’s and TE’s will receive in the passing game this season. The release of DJAX was the “tell all”..Even though I’m still against that decision, I envision 2TE/2RB sets much more often. Chip likes to get mismatches and with the personnel at the RB and even TE spots he definitely will be able to do so.

        • Yes, good point RT. With McCoy/Sproles & Celek/Ertz and can see Kelly going more and more with a 22 package trying to exploit mismatches, especially if he is not getting production from his WR’s.

  11. I don’t expect to see McCoy/Sproles at all together in 1st Pre-Season
    Game.. Not any Double/Triple TE Sets, pretty basic stuff In the first Game
    Or two..

  12. I don’t think we see anything with Sproles and McCoy all preseason….but in Game 1 regular season I expect to see some outrageous formations and adjustment to the screen game with the both of them on the field.

    • I think it will come in Game 2 versus the
      Colts.. I see a ground and pound gameplan
      Versus the Jags in Game 1

  13. 49ers D getting pushed around and ran on big time by the Ravens tonight
    And have given up about 225 Yards tonight on the ground..
    This 49ers Defense is not what we are used to seeing from them in recent years and will be very vulnerable to strong Rushing Teams..

  14. 49ers back-up QB B Gabbert looked terrible as well
    If Kaep goes down or misses sone games,
    The 49ers are toast..

  15. Watch out for Redskins RB L Seastrunk
    From Baylor, who I thought would be an excellent fit
    For Eagles Scheme… A good RB who will make some noise
    This Season and be a featured RB in 2 Years time

  16. GMCliffs Boy , QB Ryan Maklet of the Pats
    Laid an egg tonight, what’s this his 3rd Season with the
    Pats, he continues to lose “Value” and was definitely
    Outplayed by 3rd String WB and Rookie Draft Pick
    Jimmy Garrapolo who appears he will be Tom Brady’s heir apparent
    At QB for the Pats..
    Mallet should be stepping up with his experience but looks
    Lost out there…

    • So what’s it’s gonna be paulman? Preseason games don’t get you excited until or unless a player someone likes plays bad or a player you like plays well? LOL

      • Just watching the games tonight and sharing my
        49ers have issues onDefense this year as I have outlines in past posts..
        They will not be a Top 10 Defense missing
        5 Starters from last years squad..
        Tonight’s game and getting manhandled by an average Raven’s OL
        At best, just confirms what I’ve said for a while now
        I pointed out Mallet for GMCliff was singing his praises
        The last 3 Pre-Seasons and all Mallet has done is worse and worse each Year…

        • I guess I got more excited about the Preseason Games
          once I starting watching them tonight.. Ha

          • I hear ya paulman, I can’t stand preseason games just get through them healthy, I’m taking my boys to the Jags vs Bucs game tonight and I’m hoping they get bored around halftime LOL, they’re Eagles fans so hopefully we get out of there early.

    • 2 reasons you had to know Mallet is no good. 1.) Houston didn’t want to trade for him and Bill O’Brien has ties to the Pats so you know he SUCKS. 2.) gmcliff said he was good. We all know he has ZERO talent evaluation skills. Anyone gmcliff says is good you better study bc chances are damn good the guy SUCKS.

      • Igglessb27, are you able to post a comment without mentioning gmcliff for at least a month or longer?

        You really sound like you have a vendetta against him, but I don’t understand why, because he has talked up a lot of guys who have made waves once they got to the NFL, and a LOT of them ARE pro bowlers, and lot of them are talented enough, that they would have brought something to the table for the Eagles.

        What did you think of Kony Ealy’s first game? Honestly?

        By some of the comments on here I think a lot of posters feel the same way I do about him; I don’t agree with everything he says but he deserves more respect then you, and that Jenkins guy give him.

    • I agree Paulman, he should be stepping up by now. But who knows if he may have been more effective in another Offense or not.

      I know I’m new on here but I have been reading your post for years, you really know your stuff. But from what I’ve read from Cliff, It’s puzzling how anyone could think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, even if a few of his prospective guys are still developing. To me you both are on your games.

      Are you two really at odds??

      • Didn’t Cliff also like Jimmy Garapollo Paul?

        That’s what I mean. I don’t really agree with everything he says but, you have to give credit where credit is due.

        To me that Iggless27 guy, is just an asshole, who is just hating. I haven’t see anything from him that says he has a leg to stand on to be critical of anyone on here, but I do enjoy your prospective Paulman.

      • No Focused and thnx for the kind words
        Me & GMCliff are good.. I respect and value
        His opinions as I do all Posters on here.
        We have disagreed many times and have busted
        on each other many times but always in good spirits
        With no malice or hatred or disrespect intended.
        He likes to point out when I’m wrong and me with him when he’s wrong,
        Even though it’s immature to do so..
        I don’t like how things have gotten overboard with some of the other Posters for it makes for wasted time & posts about arguing over irrelevant things, so I am going to stay clear of this mudslinging
        Back and forth for the future for it dimishes the reasons I come on here
        And that’s to talk about the Eagles, NFL and the other Sport Teams

        • Oh You’re welcome Paulman!!

          Okay, I understand. It’s like the two of you being in the War Room together going back, and forth ….but you’re on the same side huh?

  17. A couple of Fantasy Players to keep an eye on
    Who I think will have breakout Seasons in
    WR Terrance Williams – Cowboys
    TE – Teavis Kelce – Chiefs
    TE – Ladarius Green – Chargers

  18. The Cowboys have perhaps the worst Defensive Front 7
    In all the NFL, with poor Safety’s and average CB’s
    It’s going to be a long Season for them..
    On Fantasy Leauges – Pick opposing RB’s versus the Cowboys and
    You will have success..

  19. I tell you who was a good Hire was Coach Mike McCoy of the Chargers
    He’s really turned the Chargers around, a good play-Caller and Commilunicator and runs the sidelines well during games.. He just seems like an all-around good guy.. I am not sure he would have been a good fit for the Eagles or any other Northeast Team as McCoy is probably a little too laid back
    And a boring interviewer for the Northeast Markets & Media
    But he’s going to be a Succesful HC in the NFL..

  20. BigL just watched the Skins preseason game….that was atrocious. There us literally nothing to take from it…Belicheat barely paid attention lol

    Tomorrow I want to see something from Huff Matthews. Also see if the kid Smith has potential and looks like a player.

    Oh and no injuries

  21. Cowboys Back-up Brandon Weeden looked pretty
    Good for the Cowboys and will probably be Romo’s Back-up
    Now that Kyle Orton left or retired..
    Also Rookie WR Devin Street from U of Pitt
    Has played a good game and making some plays
    I knows a few of you guys (Cliff,DCar, & others) were pretty high on him
    Coming out of College .. He looks good out there..

    • Cowboy Rookie Strong Safety Ahmad Dixon, from
      Baylor, has looked pretty good and will probably be a Starter for the Cowboys by the tine the Eagles Play the Cowboys..
      I liked Dixon and was hoping the Eagles would Draft him
      In the 5th/6th Round

  22. Preseason game 1. First need to get the starters out healthy. 2. Wanna see some of the defensive players play well. Shame Carrol isn’t playing. 3. Get the rookies a lot of snaps. 4. I wanna see Henery boot the ball in the end zone and not miss a field goal. Good to see a lot of the regulars still on. See there’s a new nutcase though lol.

    Almost forgot Shut The Fuck Up you Redskin fraud Songs!!! Lol it’s like I never went on vacation.

  23. What was learned:

    Belicheat hates the preseason (already known).
    Washington put effort into the game because coaching staff more interested in win (new staff needs confidence boosters). Was easy to predict wsh win.
    There is still (though no one will admit it) a QB controversy in Wsh.
    Mike Vick still sucks.
    Hey Songs, your hero had 10 drop backs. Results? 3 completions, 3 incompletions, 3 scrambles, 1 sack. Good to see some things never change….
    Paulman might be right on Sf, mostly because Harbaugh is a dick.

    • “There is still (though no one will admit it) a QB controversy in Wsh.”


      • There are many, including myself that believe akurt Cousins is
        a “Natural Fit” for Gruden’s passing Game and Schemes..
        RG3 will be a work in progress under Gruden..

        • If Subway Bob allows Cousins on the field BT way of injury or bad play and Cousins shines. Subway Bob will be somewhere else next season.

          • That opportunity already happened. He didn’t shine.

            I’m no RG3 fan but no one is checking for cousin’s except those who just dislike RG3.

            • TS is doing her regular TS thing. RGIII is her new fav and so she’s convieniently ignoring the rumbling coming from Skins camp that RGIII is struggling.

              He has made several ‘plays’ when his protection ‘breaks down’ and he scrambles about, but other than scrambling about, he’s been shaky.

              Lots of struggles against Pats in joint practices.

              Can’t win with scramblers.

              • We must be getting close to game-time Eagles Fans, we have Sherel and Vinnie getting back in shape!!!!

                GO BIRDS!!!

              • After continual back spasms and issues
                I see the Cowboys moving away from Tony Romo next Off-Season and making a Deal with the Redskins for RG3
                If he struggles again this year in Coach Gruden
                I believe that JJ really wanted to grab Johnny Football
                This Draft but didn’t want to admit stupidity on just extending Romo
                To a big deal last Season and screwing with Romo’s psyche
                Now moving forward, with Romo’s more serious back issues
                Than a year ago, I believe that JJ will pull
                The plug on entire Coaching Staff and look to get the
                Next Cowboy QB in place in Dallas and it’s not Brandon Weeden
                Nor any QB in next Years Draft…
                Do note that JJ & Dan Snyder are pretty tight and if a Deal can be made that helps both Teams, then they will get it done regardless
                Of being in the same Division for they are
                Business people first…

              • “Can’t win with scramblers.”

                Tell that to Seattle or San Fran or Carolina or Colts or…well…

                “He has made several ‘plays’ when his protection ‘breaks down’ and he scrambles about, but other than scrambling about, he’s been shaky.”

                lol. Classic Vinnie reading what he wants into actually what’s been said

              • Kaepernick is a closer comparison to Subway Bob than Wilson. Wilson’s isn’t a run and Seattle’s offense since he got there was built off of running the ball and play action. He plays more in the pocket than any of the above two.

                As for Cam beast of an athlete so so as a QB.

            • Last years Opportunity for Cousins was under the Shanahan Regime
              When looking at Shanahan Coaching Career,
              Outside of HOF Elway, he has gone thru a lot of QB’s in his Coaching days..
              Jay Gruden is known as a QB Coach and his system
              Fits Cousins like a glove.. 1 2 3 get the ball out..
              This rhythm passing scheme does not fit RG3
              Natural skill set..

              • If anyone thought Cousins was worth a starting job he would be with an org and not still RG3’s backup.

                The idea was to “showcase” him last year. That didn’t work out so well. No one is checking for Cousin’s like that. No one.

            • No not really he was brought in at the end of the year to play for a team that quit and who had one of the worst line play in football. This wasn’t week 5 or 6 when he should have been really week 1 Cousins should have started last year.

              Theres no way you can take anything meaningful once Bob was shut down and the team quit.

              • I agree 100% IJ
                It was already a list Season for the Redskins with the Coach on his way out, not much to read into K Cousins performance
                Besides the fact that the HC lost it’s Team
                The entire last 15 Weeks of last Season
                If you recall, I stated numerous times last Summer
                That RG3 should have been placed on the PUP list and ready to pkay after week #5 if he was up to speed,
                Meanwhile Shanahan & Co had all last Pre-Season to develop and prepare a winning scheme with Cousins at the wheel..
                I even stated that by Shanahan not doing this, that he was jeopardizing not only the Redskins Season, RG3 Phyche,
                But his Own Coaching future of this misjudgement,
                Let the record show that Shanahan put the nail into his own coffin and Team last July when he stated that RG3 would be ready by the start if the a Season..just as I stated he did..

              • “He plays more in the pocket than any of the above two.”

                No he doesn’t. He makes more plays out of the pocket than anyone in the league. That’s a fact. Not conjecture.

                SO as I said above the idea that you don’t win with “scramblers” is all manner of false.


                “This is THE YEAR!!!! My potential is #2000yards. Will I reach it? Stepping up my training and signs point to yes.”




              • Henski you are nailing the ‘why is shady beloved and djax is an ass argument

  24. One thing is for sure. That week 3 Denver at Seattle is going to be must see TV.

  25. Shady keeps talking and talking and talking. Quite honestly Im surprised the fans haven’t “turned” on him yet. I guess his talent is so great that even the “McNabb, Djax, R Howard, Iverson bashers haven’t whispered a peep of dissention on his ass yet. But he has definitely cemented a cemetery plot in the future with those fans. He is of use at this time but his time will definitely come. Talk about the definition of a look at me, me me me player my goodness. Until then keep running with that rock “#Cutonadime25! Keep running with that rock! We will enjoy you for now. Damn he never stops talking or tweeting.

    • One more thing just thinking about it. There hasn’t been a athlete in this town that has talked more shit(besides TO) in forever. McCoy sits up here and talks and talks about Im rushing for 2000, I cant be stopped, Im the best RB in the NFL, Baby mama drama etc etc etc. lmao If frigging Djax would of came out saying Im this Im that fans would of been so far up his ass he wouldn’t of needed a colonoscopy. He would of been called ever damn name in the book from Mesean, to one trick pony, to gang banger. Oh yeah he was but anyway the moral of this story is fans pick and choose who is allowed to be a me first player, a distraction and a total buffoon in the media.

      • Dag reasonable points. I think it’s a like ability factor. Lesean is kind of a goofy, smiling kid, the funny kid that makes all the adults laugh at parties. Plus as you say a helluva player. I think iverson had some of that too. DJAX was me first and whined about it and was cute and goofy when he did.
        Mcnabb was just weird!

        • Because he runs hard in games, and sacrifices his body to block blitzers whilst dove backwards into end zones when the going was good, but pouted and quit when things didn’t go his way.

          People will tolerate idiots who yap if they play hard. Desean didn’ts that’s the difference.

          • So if you play hard you can do what or say what you want. Ok gottcha.

            • Its not right, its just what it is.

              Many people, myself included, cannot stand the guys who run down the field with their arm raised, then sulk to the sideline angry they didn’t get the ball, even though their teammate who did picked up a first down.

              Desean was that guy.

              I guarantee you the Eagles will not miss him one bit.

              He can enjoy his 4 60 yrd ESPN highlights on his way to 5-11 with the skins, its all he cares about.

      • Fans haven’t turned on him because he averages 20+ plus touches a game, has improved every year, hardly ever comes off the field and backs his talk up.

        Until he starts doing something his work on the field speaks VOLUMES on anything Desean did.

        • Really Izell? Volumes over what Desean has done okay like Dag said next year when they move away from his contract these same assholes will be burying him as a selfish bad character malcontent. Some people are so transparent it’s sickening.

          • there is that lion blind spot… shady is an all-time eagle. plain and simple. when the eagles let him go a year or two too early the fans will bitch.

            • shady is the best running back in football. talks it up and backs it up. he makes moves some of the best rbs ever couldnt make. desean isnt even a top 10 wr in football and up until last year he was never a difference maker consistently and was one of the most overrated football players in the league. THERE IS A REASON NOT 1 FUCKING TEAM WOULD GIVE THE EAGLES ANYTHING FOR HIM…


              LESEAN is the mother fucking man.

            • How quickly we forget that everyone including this Mhenski goof was burying him over the party bus and baby mama drama you are some transparent dudes. LOL now he’s an all timer man you dudes are funny. Cigar your blind spot is so glaring it’s not even worth pointing out and Mhenski typing in all caps are you 6 years old?

              • Lion your agenda is clear. McCoy is an all time eagle. I know you wish he ‘kept it real’ but he is s good guy , well spoken , team guy… The kind of player you don’t endorse. You prefer grown men making millions but keep it real in the hood

              • Nah I prefer men who take care of their families and not putting all their business in the streets, like I said you dudes on here are ridiculous in who you back and who you vilify. Trust me do what I do everyday dealing with these kids then get back to me.

              • Actually lion I worked with ‘these kids’ everyday for 30 years and have seen dozens maybe hundreds who make the choice to not keep it real.
                I admittedly do not know the McCoy ‘baby mama’ story as I was out of country when it happened and I think it was something on twitter???
                Point is McCoy is like able, not perfect… He is a man and men are not perfect. He presents himself in a respectable manner….

              • Okay so you’ve been mentoring inner city kids for the last 30 years? If that’s so then my apologies if not then again you have no idea how dealing with those type kids on a daily basis is.

              • Lion working with… I hope that many consider me a mentor. I do t think you and I are not all that different. From my perspective too many kids refused mentor ship from adults in an effort to keep it real. To stay true to their neighborhood when in fact by rejecting that lifestyle invariably leads to a better world.
                My complaint is that when incredibly talented athletes stay true to their neighborhood, old friends it invariably leads to tragic results (Vick and Iverson are prime examples).

              • We probably are Cigar, I guess the difference is I tell all my kids to embrace the hoods they come from and always keep it real. When they are successful remember that and go import the wisdom they have acquired along the way.

              • Subtle difference embracing where you come from is wonderful . However acting like a street thug is not embracing it instead it reinforces negativity . It also from an athletic stand point makes for a sometimes spectacular pro but often times under achieving from a team stand point

  26. Has anyone heard anything in reference to Fletcher Cox this off season?

    I know he is playing out of position at DE, but he has to come up big this season…I haven’t really seen him realize even a glimpse of what was expected of him.

    Is it time to put some more weight on him, and play him at NT??

    • This would facilitate a run at Ndomukong Suh in the Off season to play that 3-4 DE spot..

      • Not happening Cliff.. Eagles will not pursue DT Suh..

        • Why do you think so Paul?….and what makes you so sure??

          I’m not really agreeing or disagreeing with you, but I am curious what makes you so sure?….

          • I think we nee more leadership on Defense, and some ass kickers, because we don’t have one…..and he wouldn’t hurt….

            • GM…you think Suh has the character Chip wants? We’re heard about “character guys” since Chip has arrived and Suh character has been in question….Suh is a beast, but I don’t see them making a play. Possibly they should but they won’t

              • Real, My objective in suggesting Suh, is to instill a certain type of attitude on Defense that has been missing -since the Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Seth Joyner days…

                I don’t see anything wrong with Suh’s Character. His judgement after a play is questionable, but I see a guy who could be of some value…

                But I agree with Dag. If he wants a 100 Million dollar contract – No way…..but if it is reasonable – Let’s Go….

              • RT this talk about “character” is something that a lot of fans like to state over and over, but I don’t think that it is as much “character” the way that Banner and Reid used to make the statement, but a player that is committed to Kelly’s team and system. I don’t think that they are looking for choir-boys on the field, but rather players who are committed to the “system” and what they expect players to be focusing on to improve, be healthy and focused on the success of the team.

                This is just my opinion, and I know that most of it stems from the DJax departure, but if you look at direct statments and quotes from the coach I think that it is more about players committed to all aspects of his program and not wanting a team of choir-boys. I would think that if they had a chance at Suh, that they would go after him if it made finacial sense, because the guy would give us the pass rusher we desperately need.

              • Ndomukong Suh might be Abert Haynesworth in the 3-4 defense.

                Suh is a special talent playing a position where solid and consistent are normally good enough. There’s a limit to how brightly you can shine playing 3-technique in a 4-3 defense. It takes more than Suh has shown to get a giant payday…. That’s my opinion. He is no John Randle….

              • Suh a special talent? He is a made up by media, and enhanced by fans infatuation with so-called tough guys. He is average to just above average at best.IMO. What the hell has he ever done besides border-like after the whistle, cheap shot whoa is me theatrical antics. Everytime I watch him play he is a non-factor. I would take Gerald McCoy, Sheldon Richardson, Wilkerson, Kyle Williams, Haloti Ngta, Darnelll Dockett Calais Campbell to name a few over Suh. on the dline.

            • Cliff, what do you think about trading for a player like Andre Johnson?

              • Welcome aboard Focused..

                I wouldn’t sign him if it would cost me a draft pick higher than 5th. He’s gotten old, and his skills, and speed are deteriorating, that’s why he want to go to an immediate contender.

                The cost to have him may be too expensive. The Eagles still need impact players on Defense, and it will have to come through the draft.

          • I just don’t see the Eagles making any significant
            Free-Agent Acquisitions during the Kelly Era
            And especially a Player of Suh’s Contracrlt that he will demand
            For a Player who is great, but has baggage and is known as a loner type and does his “own thing”.. Suh is just not a fit
            Personality/Locker Room wise for what Kelly & Co are trying to build with the Eagles.. It’s just the way I see it from my perspective
            On how Kelly will continue to build the Eagles which I am not saying is right or wrong, just the way I see it..

        • Hes going to demand to much money for such average production. He may sign a 100 million dollar deal himself. lol. Noway unless your name is Reggie White or Bruce Smith in there prime.

          • Right Dag,….if his price tag is reasonable, but I don’t see how his production could demand a 100 dollar contract….

            • Someone is gonna pay him GM. Attitude or not.

              • That’s true Bugsy…I can tell you’re a smart guy…

              • But it won’t be the Eagles…

              • ” paulman
                August 8, 2014 – 2:49 pm

                I just don’t see the Eagles making any significant
                Free-Agent Acquisitions during the Kelly Era”

                I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS PAUL. everything i read and hear from chip is he is trying to develop a true team and models a lot of what he does after our military forces. nobody bigger than the team type shit…. wants everyone buying in… that to me screams im getting guys im familiar with (pac 12 guys, Oregon guys, vouched for guys by coaches chip knows, draft picks…)

                chip is a build a team type of guy, develop a plan, and have his guys implement… i see chip and eagles building in this era through draft and value like the steelers and pats

            • He’s already turned down an extension from the Lions last year and to be paid the highest Salry of any Defender in the Game,
              It’s not happening with the Eagles so it’s a moot point
              To even discuss it in my opinion…

  27. dag I agree with most of what you said about Shadey and about the tolerance of a percentage of Birds fans. I hate to hear a player make pre-season predictions like he just did with the 2000 yards crap. I know that confidence is an important part of what makes great players great…and make no mistake…..Shadey is a great player…..but I have always been more of a fan of the “quiet confidence” type of guys…you know, let your play speak for itself and let others speak and praise it.
    That being said, I will be wearing my #25 jersey on Sundays soon (unless it is a special game that needs the #20 brought out for good luck) and looking for a great season from Shadey and this team.

    GO BIRDS!!!

    • Greenfan, nothing wrong with setting lofty goals if he pouts because Sprouls is sharing the load then it’s an issue, it kills me when people think oh guys are going to go extra hard at him because he talks. If that’s the case he’s already won because they’ll lose focus on their assignments.

      • Maybe so Biggy…I am just more comfortable with an “old school” type like Payton, Sanders or Smith….I don’t remember a lot of boasting in the preseason from them, just a ton of yards during the season. Don’t read me wrong here…I love all that Shady brings to the team and to the field and want him to break as many records as he can with the Birds…but more importantly I want him to win a SB ring with this team.

        GO BIRDS!!

      • Though Shady has his quirks, he has done nothing since the Eagles Drafted him that he’s a Team First Players and I really can’t recall any selfish behavior or comments that he has made pertaining
        To be the Best Eagle RB in their History
        Is he a little goofy, cocky with a day some dumb things
        Once in a while, sure he does for who doesn’t..
        But when it comes to Football, Preparation, Practice, Game time
        And the Season, he’s demonstrated that it’s all about playing Einning Football and being at his peak performance each and every week
        Now moving forward, if he starts complaining about losing touches,
        Or his contract and becomes a distraction in the locker room, then this is a different story, but he has no record of this from what I can tell

        • Meant to say Shady ” has done nothing but demonstrate that he’s a Team First Player , etc,etc..”

  28. Poor TS.

    She spent 2 years defending 7wins, even though, as we all saw, he was years past his ‘best before’ date.

    Now she’ll go to the ends of the earth to defend her new hero, RGIII.

    You can win wi a mobile QB, you cannot win with a scrambling/running QB.

    Foles is light years ahead of Griffin in terms of development. Perhaps Griffin should spend more time in the film room and less plastered all over e Internet.

    Skins have a QB controversy (whether they like to admit it or not) because RGIII is nowhere near where he should be in terms of learning how to run an NFL offence.

    Get over it already….

    Btw……if you are really an Eagles fan, you should be rejoicing over the fact that he’s been struggling all pre-season.


    “This is THE YEAR!!!! My potential is #2000yards. Will I reach it? Stepping up my training and signs point to yes.”




    • Come on mhenski take off the green colored glasses. Shady is my favorite Eagle to but lets be real. He talks to much. He bashed Moreno publicly said he sucks. What other player does that? I own Dallas. Who else says that? I never heard AP say that. Osi is a girl. Im the best back in the NFL etc etc etc. Like I said I love Shady but lets be real for once. please.

      • He works hard, I am a good at my position. lol Shady is the only player that works hard in the NFL? I don’t hear megatron saying shit. I don’t hear Peyton, Brees, Brady on twitter saying shit. We say its ” hes, cocky, “goofy” he says dumb things. Its just funny how we can conveniently give certain players passes when it suits us. Kinda like ohhh he runs hard to 1st base so he is untouchable. GTFO with that shit.

        • No Dag but they’ll pull out this shit out when he’s no longer relevant but being real has no place on this board just a bunch of flip flopping holier than thous. Or maybe when he loses a couple of fumbles or has a few subpar games then it will be because he talks to much. SMDH

      • Green glasses are on bro! Fuck if I care about any of this shit. McCoy is a fucking bulldozer. As long as he doesn’t quit on us I’ll keep rooting

        • Sounds like a bunch of idiots whining about fans and fan critisizm. Who fuckin cares. Root how you see fit critisize and rip when you see fit. That’s part of being a fan. U Sound like a scorned women keep talking about how we did desean. Fuck him , he quit on us that’s enough to say fuck him.

      • Like Shady’s talent too and glad he’s on my team. But having a great individual season doesn’t give you a pass if in the end my team’s hardware case is still empty. But what cracks me up is the selective scrutiny some guys get in this town. It shows only that far too many fans of these teams are anything but passionate and informed; but just hypocrites. But the examples you provided, I agree would not be tolerated if “certain” other s made them.

  30. For whatever it’s worth Dept
    Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin makes his first TD Reception
    From QB Derek Anderson on a fly route down the left hand sideline and was covered closely by CB Stephon Gillmore but Benjamin dove back inside of Gillmore to make a diving catch… Pretty impressive on a 35-40 Yard pass..
    Back your regular programming and the Eagles..

  31. Im loving how this defense is looking. The Dline looks active, the linebackers alert and flying to the ball, and the corners are air tight on the receivers.. so far…

    Now the offense looks a mess besides Shady who looks in midseason form

    Too many freakin penalties, oline is playing like crap! What the heck is going on?

  32. The offense, again, has put the defense in a difficult spot. More of the same bull crap

    Preseason or not, this is the same thing that plague them last season

    Offense gotta correct this man..

    Sheesh.. And a Chicago TD…

  33. I can’t get the Eagles/Bears Game on down here in NC
    The Panthers/Bills are on.. NFL Channel will replay the Eagles/Bears at
    1pm Sat where I can catch it, so I will rely on you Posters to keep me updated on how they look, etc…

  34. I want to give GMCliff some kudos,
    It appears the Panthers got a Steal with their
    2nd Round Pick & 60th Overall Player Selected
    DE Kony Ealy.. Guy has size,speed and a knack of getting to QB
    And has been real active in his 1st NFL Game
    I wish the Eagles would go back to a 4-3 Scheme..

    • Thank you Paul….

      He really can bring more to the Defense than Marcus Smith, and may have taken Trent Coles spot…Marcus Smith is playing behind Connor Barwin. It would have been nice having both of them on the Defense..

  35. Damn, Foles as many Int’s in a Quarter of Football
    As he did last Season… The Sky is Falling,
    Sell all your Stocks, call up McNabb or Kevin Kolb
    Good Grief…

    • Unfortunately you know the dumbasses will be in full effect with that nonsense very shortly lol. The collective IQ on here will be 10.

    • Paulman not a surprise its a carry over from TC from what has been reported. But to think that Nick Foles is beyond criticism you are sadly mistaken. You think Nick Foles can come out and stink up the joint and not be called for it? Please.

      • “Unfortunately you know the dumbasses will be in full effect with that nonsense very shortly lol. The collective IQ on here will be 10.”

        Um Vinnie was JUST on hear complaining about how badly some QBS played in their recent pre-season games and they DIDN”T throw any interceptions.

        So…the QB of the Eagles DOES throw interceptions and it’s not worth mentioning?


        • Am I Vinny? Lol I could care less aabou

          • Am I Vinny? Lol I could care less about anything Game 1 except injuries.

            ANYONE who tries to read something into preseason Game 1 outside of potential is clueless.

            • That’s convenient. ‘Cause people have spent AGES on this site “reading things preseason Game 1”

              • Well thats a damn shame lol and I am glad I havent spent “AGES” on here hahahahaha

              • Not convenient…its common sense.

                If you want to sound off go head…feel good about yourself…I’m sure Vinny will respond and you will have a sounding board. Lol

              • “If you want to sound off go head…feel good about yourself…I’m sure Vinny will respond and you will have a sounding board. Lol”

                *rolls eyes*

                I don’t have a problem saying anything I want to say. I’m just laughing at the hypocrisy that oozes from this board on a regular bases.

              • Lol then what are you talking about? You are talking to me about what something SOMEONE else said….

                so “rolls eyes” more…..its the internet…you can say whatever the hell you want who said you couldnt?

                hahahaha IM NOT VINNY….

              • “hahahaha IM NOT VINNY…”


              • Subway Bob was bound to struggle with a new offense….my criticisms on him have been there since he got into the league. If he has to stay in the pocket extended periods of time he will struggle BIG TIME.

                Kid has a ton of potential but his hype and legend far exceed his actual game. Year 1 caught the league by suprise and more to it the read option caught the league by the suprise. Not a coincidence he and Kap struggled mightily year 2.

        • I just came off my son football practice not to long ago….QB threw two bad goaline picks in practice….why? Because the TE ran two atrocious routes…and the parents on the sideline were blaming the QB and had no idea what the play was.

          Thats why you dont go overboard on a preseason/practice game. Same shit.

        • tsjohnson, you are the dumbass on here talking nonsense… If I recall Floes threw a pick in his first per-season game last year too… That sure turned out to be a sign of things to came… LOL

          • Um..

            I’m not talking anything…dumbass…didn’t mention anything. I was just pointing how it’s all “Oh no big deal” okay. No big deal. Notice I wasn’t the only one who pointed that out…but I’m the only one you seem to want to say something to about it

        • TS fuck them. These cowards only have an issue with you because you struck a nerve long time ago. That bitch ass Vinnie flames every thread he’s in and the same assholes that conveniently have a problem with you, don’t with him. Notice how he’s the one yet again, bringing Vick and RGIII into the thread? But somehow that isn’t being provocative? Every damn thread he’s intentionally trying to incite an argument with his Vick this or scrambling qb that. Whether the thread is about them or not. But these same assholes somehow find something redeeming as an eagles fan in this? FUCK THEM!!

          • I bring RGIII into the equation because he’s on the Skins, therefore I dislike him (and Romo and Little Eli – who I also constantle bash – a fact continually forgotten by you clowns in your never ending quest to find ‘hidden meaning’)

            Anyway, TS has her panties in a bunch because all reports have RGIII struggling, ALL CAMP ( not just one game) and she’s having a hard time processing, or accepting that info.

            BTW Foles had a very disappointing night, and that is of concern, but I,ll give him a couple more games (and actually the joint practices with Pats perhaps more important) before becoming worried.

            Oh, and if the ‘coward’ thing was because I ‘disappeared’ after the game, it’s because I’ve been floating around the Mediterranean last couple days with more important things to do than post on here.

            • No you don’t asshole. you’ve been on a personal jihad to make every thread and post a spam fest about Vick and scrambling qbs. No hidden meaning. To anyone with 2 functioning brain cells your intent is obvious. Panties in a bunch would mildly describe your behavior the past few years. An obsessed sociopath is more fitting. Lmao @ “more important things to do”. You can start by honoring that bet you lost. remember that? Start with that and you’ll have all the time in the world for “more important things to do”.
              Lastly, the “coward” thing is fitting for someone who has spammed every thread and refused to honor a bet YOU agreed to.

            • Posters like YOU are responsible for much of the vitriolic back and forth. You are worst than what your punk-ass cohorts accuse Songs of. I would explain that further, but you’d have to live life outside your little bubble to accept the lesson.

      • Criticism and chicken little sky is falling bullshit are two TOTALLY different things.

        I hear you on criticism but thats like saying a guy is a bust as a draft pick after one game or is a stud after one game.

        Jerome McDougle was one of the best DL one preseason….they cut him at the end of it.

      • Yes he does believe that. And so do many others. These same bitches aleady compiling their excuse scenarios, were the same ones going batshit crazy over some meaningless TC passes. These are the same ones who wee criticizing every pass and subpar performance of former qbs McNabb and Vick. That being said, I’m not panicking over one bad first start in preseason. But he definitely deserves scrutiny since he’s the starter and fan/media favorite to lead us to a SB. I don’t care if Kinne looks like shit from now til whenever. But to whom much is given, much is expected. Foles was given the keys to the franchise. His performances merit extra scrutiny. He looked like shit, but he can and should bounce back.

  36. One thing is for sure Im sick and tired of hearing about Cox and Thorton. Curry not playing full time is borderline criminal. WTF else does he have to do.

  37. Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham are the Eagles best pass rushers by far. Last year Graham was rated 2nd in the NFL in pressure and sacks per play. He cant cover but he damn sure needs to be rushing the QB.

  38. Play Graham and Curry more, they make plays every time theyre in there.

    Broken record

  39. Beau Allen! Absolute monster! Great push and penetration

  40. Matthew Tucker should replace McCoy right now!!!!


    • Izzel let me ask you something. Say this system fits Sanchez sand he is very comparable to Foles do you still spend 100 million on Foles? I mean what if this system and style fits Sanchez? Hes not a terrible QB and is much better than Vick IMO. Keep a eye on Sanchez.

      • Dag…..Foles will make his money if he deserves it. If he falls on his face they get to walk away scott free heading into a deep QB draft with better players than this years draft.

        Foles can be Derek Anderson or Drew Brees who knows. I’m not sold yet. Would be foolish to overlook what he did last year but even dumber to look to far into last year and think hes going to be a great one.

  41. Chris Polk better get healthy. He is another player who is hurt all the time. Like Tucker last year and he looks good again tonight.

  42. Beau Allen is better than Louis Nix….he is a monster…commanding double teams…beating the center like he stole something.

  43. Marcus Smith is handling himself well…doesnt look lost…hopefully he can contribute more this year.

  44. ****Not to go Overboard,
    Paulman’s 1st Trade Alert of the Preseason*****

    Eagles Send QB Nick Foles & J Maclin
    To the Houston Texans for WR Andre Johnson
    And back-Up Casey Keenum & their 1st Round Pick

    Sanchez the Starter with WR’s Johnson, Cooper, Matthews
    Eagles Win Super Bowl…

    • Hahahaha not even a small chance of a trade like that happening paul

      I wouldn’t mind sending Houston a 4th for AJohnson though

      We need another weapon on the outside, were a bit thin there

      Johnson has 2-3 more years left and Chip has shown that he will take a chance on someone over 30 if he feels they’re worth it

  45. BTW

    For those who said Marcus Smith III sucked, bad pick, CANT DROP BACK IN COVERAGE yada yada yada, how foolish do you look now? Hahaha

    Hes all over the freakin field, dropping back in coverage, batted balls, good rush on the QB, reminds me of Aldon Smith in all honesty

    That’s why I always say, wait until you see them play before deeming them as worthless bust bums

    • JH….I agree with your first statement…Marcus smith has better coverage ability than Aldon though. Lol…some people mad bro.

      Josh huff just showed why Chip wanted him.

    • Great points JH,
      I like Marcus Smith upside in all Draft run-up conversations
      And had him targeting but in the 2nd.. To me, I don’t care where a Player is Drafted.. Obtain good, young, hungry and Coachable Players
      Thru the Draft and you upgrade your Team with an eye for the Future

  46. My 1st half winners.

    Beau Allen, Vinney Curry and B Graham were very good on the dline. Naje Goode, Kendricks, Barwin and Smith were very active. Huff of course gives us something in the return game. Sanchez, Tucker and Ertz , Celek played well. Sproles looked good.


    Roc Carmichael stinks. Foles not his best effort and the oline with Mathis leading the way weren’t very good in pass protection. We continue to hope and pray that Earl Wolfe is something he probably is not.

    • I agree with you on Earl Wolf.

      And I broke two remotes last year with Roc Carmichael on the field. He may be one of the dumbest CBs I have seen in quite sometime. His instincts are terrible.

    • Kinda funny that all the draft picks have made plays except the chosen one that walks on water thus far.(joke) Amazing how you heard nothing about Smith and he was a afterthought until game time. I know its early but just how things seem to always work out.

    • How about my man Nate Allen..
      I am telling anyone who wants to listen,
      Nate Allen has been playing some good Football since that Thursday Night Game last year in week #3 versus the Chiefs ..

      • Hes been serviceable Paul but I am still not sold….however I think he can thrive on the defense not being the end all be all at Safety…having a knowledgable blanket like Jenkins back there helps out a ton.

        Kurt Coleman BIT ON EVERYTHING…and it sucks playing in the back end if you think its a clusterf back there….hard to make plays.

        Has Watkins played yet?

  47. If Huff is a threat only at KR. The Eagles made out like bandits. Field position is ESSENTIAL and we got absolutely nothing from our returns last year. We can cut Damaris Johnson ass TOMORROW.

    • Damaris Johnson will not be on this roster by week 1. Not gonna happen, hes a goner imo, there is no need for him here anymore

    • I am following on ESPN and from you guys,
      Will watch the replay on NFL Channel Sat at
      1pm.. It sounds all Rookies are contributing nicely
      (Smith, Matthews,Huff, Allen)
      Has Taylor Hart or Ed Reynolds gotten out there yet
      How about back up OL, how they looking

      Just for the record, does anyone recall
      me calling that Eagles would not only pursue
      QB Mark Sanchez, but that I thought he would be a nice fit in Kelly’s
      System in a quicker pace offense..
      I believe he is more than a capable back-up
      And win a game or two if any injuries occurred
      To Foles..
      Say what you want about Rex Ryan as a HC,
      But the NY Jets under his leadership is a place where QB’s due
      Check Kellen Clemens, Sanchez, Geno Smith and now even Mike Vick..
      Clemens looked great last night as back-up with the Chargers under Coach McCoy..

  48. The most important signing of the off season may have been Sanchez. Eagle fans should be ecstatic that Sanchez looks comfortable and ran the offense well.It was imperative that we had a good backup

    • I have family that are Jets fans and they said to me: “Dont get too excited about sanchez in preseason, he always plays well in preseason”


      I hope they’re wrong

      • They are correct. Sanchez is the worst rated passer against pressure that’s his main struggle. If you run a ball control play action roll out heavy offense with quick decisions he will be ok… Pure pocket against rush or blitz? He’s in trouble

        • Yes, and the defense he’s looking at tonight are so vanilla, the league has his number

          And like that Watkins gets beat, he missed his jam at the line and got beat deep, shoot!

  49. Ive been waiting to see Joe Kruger play for us, nice play on the run. Heard he put on weight and added muscle this off season. He should be a positive addition to the DLINE this year and onward

  50. I would keep Barkley over Sanchez.. Younger, hungrier, chip on his shoulder.

    Barkley is zipping that ball in there tonight, Woe, hes fully healed and obviously has worked on his arm strength in the off season

    Nice TD there by barkley on the screen pass to Fluellen. Barkley is looking sharp

  51. Watkins make any plays yet JH?

  52. Wow, the back-ups are playing well and making plays
    I am happy to see Barkley have some success for it was a rough ride for him last season from his Senior Dud Season at USC, then his Injury,
    To his dropping in the Draft to his overall shaky transition his Rookie Season
    Maybe he’s gotten all the bad things out of the way in a 18 month time period

  53. Finally we can put this Jordan Matthews for president campaign to rest. I don’t want to see one more interview or one more article on him. Let him alone and let him just progress.

  54. Jimmy Clausen!!! Really, Jimmy F’n Claussen…
    Are u kidding me… Good Grief….

  55. If I were Billy D Id keep Carmichael on the other side of the field, he plays much better on that side

    Put him on the left side

  56. Nice bounce back play fron JWat # 37, now I need JMat #81 to make a play.

  57. And like that Watkins gets a pick

    He just showed some things with that 1 play, heart, guts, toughness, short memory and athleticism

    As a corner you need all of those characteristics

    Big time pick

  58. Braman shouldn’t be 3rd string

    I see him moving up to 2nd string as we move along here, he makes plays and can really rush the passer

  59. Braman is a 4th stringer? Sheesh..

    Special teamer all the way.. He does make plays and can really rush the passer

  60. *** Paulman Rumors****
    Keep an eye on Cowboys pursuing Notre Dames HC Brian Kelly for the next HC Job for the Cowboys for 2015…
    I only mention this for Notre Dame will come hard after
    Chip Kelly who has always had an affinity for Coaching
    Notre Dame.. Chip Kelly’s 2 Year ban from College Foitball
    Will be over after 2014…
    Paulman is always looking down the road..

  61. Practice at Franklin Field was great, beautiful weather and a sea of green and Eagles wear. During presser, Chip praised Graham, Curry and B. Allen for pass rush, praised Bair and B. Allen for run support. Allen has definitely caught Chips eye and will make the 53 barring injury or some sort of melt down. Also praised Ertz.
    Ifeanyi Momah had a good practice today…looks more and more comfortable running routes, catching with hands and using his body. Jaylen Watkins had a nice pick from Sanchez. Sanchez threw a nice TD pass to kadron Boone and Nick Foles ran a TD in from about the 10. Lively special teams drills. Donnie Jones kicked ball up to top of Franklin Field …what a leg.

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