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barkHas Cody Parkey Won The Kicking Job?

Kicker Cody Parkey got an opportunity to showcase himself tonight in a bid to possibly take the job away from Alex Henery, and the rookie did not squander his chance.

Parkey stole the show in tonight’s contest, going 3/3 including two 50+ yarders.

If this wasn’t enough of a performance to oust the struggling Alex Henery, I don’t know what is.

Parkey looks like he has a strong leg, and he’s already made some clutch kicks. Those kicks that he made tonight weren’t easy ones by any means.

Parkey knew that this may have been his only shot to earn a job in this league. His NFL future practically resided on his ability to come out and drill multiple 50-yard kicks. And he came through, passing his test with flying colors.

Maybe Parkey is the answer at kicker, and maybe he’s not. But I’d certainly take a chance with him instead of Henery.

Henery is a guy that just doesn’t inspire any kind of confidence. He’s got a weak leg, and at this point there’s very little upside to keeping him around. If Parkey fails, there will be other veteran kickers on the market that team can turn to. Its time for the Eagles to turn the page on Henery, and release yet another failed draft pick from the 2010 class.

Evaluating Matt Barkley

If there was any other importance to be found in tonight’s game, it was in the performance of Matt Barkley.

This was Barkley’s chance to leave an impression on the coaching staff. A strong performance might have led the Eagles to feeling more comfortable about him as a number-two quarterback in the future, and a shaky effort might cause them to go in another direction next year.

Barkley was up-and-down tonight. At times he made some nice throws, but too often he threw balls into coverage or behind or over the heads of his wideouts.

He finished 21/33 for 251 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

Barkley hasn’t shown me enough to make me feel confident about his future. Right now, I don’t see a guy who is anything more than a third-string guy.


  • Arrelious Benn broke open and came down with a 43-yard touchdown for the team’s first score. Benn later came down with another difficult reception in the endzone, but was forced out of bounds by the Jet defenders.
  • Damaris Johnson may give Benn a run for his money though. Johnson is an explosive player, and has shown he can make plays as a runner and receiver on offense as well as a returner on special teams.
  • How does Henry Josey not make this team? I know its against second and third team guys, but he looks incredibly explosive and comfortable when running with the football. Josey finished with over 120 yards on 20 carries.
  • I’m not that impressed with Kenjon Barner. He doesn’t look like he sees running lanes nearly as well as Matthew Tucker and Josey.
  • Beautiful adjustment and an even better catch by Jeff Maehl on a go route in the second quarter, picking up 32 yards.
  • Looking for a darkhorse to make the roster? How about tight end Trey Burton? Burton is a guy who has had a nice camp, and made some tough catches throughout the preseason. Is it enough to get him on the final roster? Probably not, but he’s a done enough to earn some consideration, and if nothing else should be a strong practice squad candidate.


  • Jaylen Watkins looked very good on the team’s first defensive series. Watkins made a couple of nice open-field tackles and also broke up a pass.
  • Casey Matthews overran a running play on a blitz in the second quarter, and then missed a tackle on a screen pass that turned into a big play for the Jets. This has got to be the end for Matthews in midnight green.
  • Marcus Smith just doesn’t look like he’s anywhere near ready to contribute this year. I’ve said all along that I expect him to be on the team’s inactive list through the first half of the season, and he’s shown nothing to make me think otherwise.
  • Chris Maragos and Earl Wolff combined on a hit to force a fumble and create a turnover.
  • Ed Reynolds let an interception go right through his hands and into the arms of a New York receiver for a touchdown in the third quarter.
  • Brandon Bair has had a nice camp, but his age works against him as well as the numbers on the defensive line.
  • Travis Long is a good practice squad candidate.

Special Teams

  • On a fourth and inches in the second quarter, Chip Kelly opted to go for it with a quarterback sneak. I thought this was a poor coaching decision, Kelly should have used the opportunity to give a field goal attempt to either Alex Henery or Cody Parkey. With as unsettling as the kicking situation has been, every field goal rep possible is valuable at this point.
  • Cody Parkey got an opportunity to kick the team’s first extra point, and also nailed a 54-yard field goal later in the quarter.
  • Parkey came back and hit a 25-yarder before the end of the half.
  • Parkey drilled a third field goal in the third quarter, another long one at 53 yards.


38 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Jets

  1. I agree fully, If Henery is still on this team I will be shocked. Parkers legs is significantly stronger and he seems to be more accurate just from the few kicks he has taken. Though roll on next Sunday! EAGLES

  2. That picture borders on Character Assassination. LOL

    54 and 53 yard KO and a handful of Touch backs…DUDE message to all NFL GM’s NEVER, EVER, (unless its Ray Guy – Punter-) DRAFT KICKER. Too many guys out there that can do it to waste a pick( Imagine having to give up Beau Allen for a kicker)

    Parkey your ass on the 53 yo!

    1. At linebacker I think you have Ryans, Kendricks, Barwin, and Cole as your starters, then Graham, Bryan Braman, Najee Goode, and Marcus Smith are your backups…I can’t see them keeping five reserves, Graham makes it because they’re desperate for any kind of pass rush, Smith is obligated to make it because of his draft status, and Braman and Goode stay because of special teams. I think Long deserves to make it, and there’s a chance that he could, but I just think its tough for them to keep five backups.

      1. As much as he has been a dissappoint…Graham makes it because he can simply get to the QB and when they go 4-3 he needs to be on the field. Graham played his ass off this preseason.

      2. I don’t believe Branan makes the squad..
        He’s not shown enough on the Defensive side of the ball
        I keep Travis Long over Braman..

        1. I’d be shocked if Braman is cut strictly on the fact that he’s a special teams menace and they brought him here for that purpose firstly, and if used properly on passing downs, he can really explode off the line and be disruptive

          The keep him

          Long is the guy I thought would really impress coming into this year and I just haven’t seen it. I think he may be the one cut not Braman…

      3. So you are saying that Matthews is finally getting cut?

        I like Travis Long, and I believe that the coaching staff does also. They have moved him inside to try and find a spot where he can make the team. He is a good player, but doubt he would make it back to the practice squad without being claimed…but I might be wrong.

        1. Versatility which is why I think Long stays over Braman and Matthews
          Long can play all 4 LB positions & Special Teams which is what you need your 8th LB to play.. Braman may be better at Special Teams, but he looks too awkward and very stiff when playing at LB.. Travis Long has much better Natural LB Instincts than Braman or Matthews in my humble opinion.. I keep Long over these 2 and a no-brainer for me

  3. I’m still waiting for Smith to show me he’s worth a 2nd round selection let alone the 1st round reach. Here’s hoping they can work with this kid to salvage something. Not impressed.Now had we selected him round 3 or later, I’m good. But some of us really need to lay off other team’s young defensive players. When ours does something noteworthy then talk.

    1. This Smith pick is just getting worse and worse, I’m wondering if he sees the field this year and I hate to admit I agree with EOS this was a bad draft class.

        1. One year? One year? I’m evaluating week to week. LOL Izell I’m just talking about right now, who’s going to contribute this year and right now it’s just looking like Matthews and Allen.

          1. Huff not injured would be contributing. By the looks of it right now they they took an undrafted 5th string running back and turned him into a starting kicker with a big leg(at least I hope so).

            Watkins Reynolds etc will be on special teams which has looked a HELL of a whole lot better.

            If they end up with 1 starter and two rotational players by the end of the year I am good with that. I am also fine with Smith and his learning curve right now.

            If this draft is bad then what about the Cox draft because right now the 6th overall pick in the draft according to many on here is a bust now.

            By the end of the year I see Smith contributing and I would be good with that. Also good with the fact that even if his pass rush is down right now you can throw him out there if something happens to Barwin.

  4. A 5th CB to look at is former Draft Pick
    Jordan Poyer,who is now on the Browns
    Who are stacked at CB (Hayden,Skrine,McFadden & Gilbert)
    Poyer looked good from what I saw ladtcevening and of course Pjayer
    At Oregon.. Don’t be surprised if Eagles pick-him up
    If he doesn’t make Browns Roster..
    Remember Piyer was late arrival to Camp due to School finishing
    Late in Oregon, then was hurt and never played much last Summer
    But I like his upside much more than Marsh,Roc
    And even Watkins

  5. A LB I also like is Panthers J Williams who is deep on depth chart at the Panthers behind Kuechley,Davis,Blackburn, AJ Klien

    A 5th/6th WR/Returner I like off the Waiver Wire is Philly Brown also of
    The Panthers

  6. I would cut Barkley and just go with 2 QBs. I don’t ever see him being more than a backup. It was an ok gamble on a 4th round pick and if they didnt have Sanchez I would be fine with that.

    I think Sanchez stays in Philly for a while.

    1. An interesting and real possible Trade Partner for Barkley could be the 49ers since Blaine Gabbert has fizzled out and disappointed big time during the games… Jim Harbaugh has always liked Barkley and knows him well… Maybe the Eagles can squeeze a Draft Pick from the 49ers for Barkley
      I would go with 2 QB’s also and sign Thadd Lewis for the Practice Squad in case of emergency, but I would also see if I could lock up Sanchez for 2 Years which may be difficult to do since he’s played well and may want to pursue other Opportunities as a Starter after this Season is over and then you have no one behind Foles come 2015 that knows the System..

      1. Not very often under the AR Regime which was part of their problem with their sliding off on Talent Level (especially on the Defensive side of the Ball) , but I don’t believe that Coach Kelly will be as patient with some players who are just not a Fit..

  7. Eagles K Cody Parkey went 3-of-3 on field goals in Thursday night’s preseason finale, including two from 50-plus.
    This should be the end of the Alex Henery era in Philadelphia. The shaky Henery has never made a single field goal longer than 51 yards in his career, and Parkey goes out and makes one from 53 and another from 54. We’ll know for certain on Saturday, but it’s looking like kicker streamers can turn to Parkey.
    Related: Cody Parkey
    Aug 28 – 11:26 PM


    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Most Teams only going with 2 QB’s these Days
      Carrying 3 on the 53 Man Roster when the 3rd QB would always be inactive is kind of a wasted Roster Spot.. Most Teams go with 2 QB on 53 Man Roster and then the 3rd Developmental QB goes to Practice Squad and would only be called up in case of Injury to the Stater/Back-Up QB’s..

      1. This offense isn’t as simple as it appears. Imo, Chip seems like a guy more comfortable with a QB that knows the system, has spent all offseason with the club, learned all of its intricacies etc

        Chip has really bonded with Matt and I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt is still here after Saturday.

        It may be a cheaper option to keep Kinne over Barkley but I feel you’d be more stable with 3 potential starting caliber QBs 1-3 over 2 and a practice squad guy..

        The Eagles have an abundance of quality QBs for this offense and its great to see either way it goes…

        1. I would say that I agree that Chip will keep Barkley as the 3rd QB on the 53 Man Roster.. and Sanchez is only signed thru this Season so Barkley should become the full-time Back-Up to Foles for 2015

  8. I am really pumped about this team. I am hopeful but not convinced that our D is going to be much better. Jenkins needs to be a rock star and others need to take a serious 2nd year jump.

    Our O should be high flying again.. but bigger!! Lets do this.

  9. Josey isn’t going anywhere, he played himself onto this roster all preseason long and was a good gamble last season when he had torn his knee up and sat all year (I think we may have the best developmental program in the NFL right now)

    He’s another good weapon for this offense and potentially on ST’s

    1. Barkley being cut or traded would be asinine

      Not gonna happen

      Why would Chip make a position of strength, a position of weakness?

      He wouldn’t

      Expect Barkley to be here

      1. A Trade of Barkley to a Team for a 3rd Round Pick would be worth thinking about .. The 49ers I hear are interested and very unhappy with their Back-up Situation of Blaine Gabbert in case Kap gets injured..
        IF FOles is the QB of the Future which I believe he is, then grooming a a 3rd QB behind Sanchez can be done with about any QB that’s out there

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