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deseanWelcome home Desean Jackson, hope the shoulder is feeling better and that you can suit up on Sunday.  Personally, I have no issues with D-Jax, he was a nice player and a weapon that helped us win games, but Chip Kelly felt we were better without him, and so we move on.

As for the game itself; RG3 will not be the man under center, it’s Kirk Cousins who will lead the charge.  Kirk gets his first start for new head coach Jay Gruden after looking good in relief duty last week against the Jaguars.  He has a solid running back in Alfred Morris to help take some of the pressure off, and veteran receivers Garcon, Roberts and Jackson as receiving targets.  Second year tight-end Jordan Reed is still injured; and likely will not dress for the game.

Defensively, the Redskins have a few players, but overall they can be exposed.  Kerrigan and Orakpo bring consistent pressure from the outside, Hatcher is solid both against the run and can collect a sack, while the ageless wonder DeAngelo Hall still commands respect.

The Eagles look to start the game the same way they have finished the last two.  They must avoid getting down by double digits, two weeks is plenty to demonstrate they are relentless and will fight until the final seconds tick away.

On the offensive side, Foles must be better than his C+ play so far this season.  This includes everything from his pocket presence, trusting his reads, leading receivers and minimizing turnovers.  The receivers must get involved in the passing attack.  It’s been great to see how Sproles can spark the offense and the improvement of Ertz, but Cooper has looked like a WR#5 out there, Jordan Matthews appears to be overthinking, and Maclin looks average.  I get the offensive line is missing some key starters in Johnson and Mathis, but Celek has been absent from the passing game, he should release from his block and provide the same safety outlet for Foles as he proved last season.

Defensively, get some pressure on the quarterback, and do not allow opposing running backs to steam roll you.  The Colts on multiple occasions ran off-tackle or change of direction plays and the Eagles sold out to one side of the field, leaving huge lanes for both Bradshaw and Richardson to run through.  They did a nice job not giving up the big play in the pass game, but the Colts helped the Eagles by not throwing the deep ball.

I think Gruden is going to test the defense, a lot of play-action and misdirection to allow the speed of the receivers to find open space.  The Eagles pass rush has been inconsistent like last season, and if it remains this way, teams are going to start exposing this average secondary.

I don’t believe this game is going to be easier with RG3 out of the line-up, D-Jax banged up and Jordan Reed dressed in street clothes.  It’s still an NFC East matchup, and although we are 2-0, we have started slow and you simply can’t scratch and claw your way back in every game.

The Eagles will continue their winning streak on Sunday; and find a way not to fall behind by double digits for the first time this season.  Foles will avoid turning the football over, and I like the Eagles to score a special teams or defensive touchdown.

Eagles 31  Redskins 23

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  1. We need the pass rush to come up big! We can’t allow Cousins to sit comfy in the pocket with time…no pass rush will mean us getting burnt by DJax!







  4. This game is going to tell us if we have any real challenge in the division. If we make easy work of these guys I will be shocked. I think they are better than you give them credit for. Hatcher is probably the best 3-4 lineman in the league right now behind JJ Watt. So it is not all about their OLBs. If Foles continues to imitate Ron Jaworski it is going to be a long day and a bad day. He needs to snap out of his funk and I mean this week. Celek will be kept in to block most of the game and we will probably see more of James Casey than usual. Maybe will we have a Riley Cooper or Jordan Mathews sighting this Sunday. That would be nice. Ertz will continue to kick ass as usual. He is a top five TE already.

  5. Division games are typically close (ok, ignore the game last night in ATL). Usually tougher games because the teams and coaches know each other so well. Gruden is a first year coach, so a little of that goes out the window, but overall I would expect this to be a back and forth game. I believe that just like the past 2 games this season, that the Eagles will wear down the ‘Skins defense and that we will break it open in the 4th qtr for a 10 point win. Ertz, Sproles and Shady will lead the way on offense with Foles continuing to improve. The defense will have some trouble with Morris and the loss of Kendricks this week will show.

    GO BIRDS !!!!

  6. And Now the Redskins have the best front 7 in football???

    This same front 7 that last year was:
    17th in rush yrds/game
    20th in rush yards/attempt
    22nd in sacks
    30th in points given up

    That powerful front 7??

    The one that began the year giving up 100+ rushing and allowing uber-pedestrian Ryan Fitzpatrick to hit 66% without sacking him once? That “best front 7 in Football”????

    Oh wait, they had 8 sacks against the Jags!! So they are amazin’!

    7 of them in the 2nd half when the game was out of reachand the Jags were imploding after having been outscored about 100-0 over the previous 4 quarters….but hey why let details like this interfere with our overyly hyperboled “Best front 7 in football!” claim.

    Eagles again start slow due to over celebration last week, but pull away because they are better.

    Letdown comes the following week in SF.






      1. For the Record, I stated the Redskins have one of the Top Front 7’s in Football and not the Best, and also the fact that they are Ranked #1 Overall in the NFC after 2 Weeks of Games….

        1. Who the hell is talking about last year? Small sample size after 2 games their front 7 is the best in the league, but again I need to consider who I’m trying to talk to a degenerate gambler and Vinnie.

          1. It’s what we have to go in the here and now Biggy.. 2014 Performances are all that matter right now and yes it’s a small sample but like it or not, the Redskins have shut down 2 Offenses in both their Games.
            The Eagles gave up like 220 Yards to the Jags in the 1st Quarter alone while they never crossed the 50 Yard line until the 4th Quarter versus the Redskins D
            It is what it is..

            1. Umm paulman I’m actually agreeing with you, it’s the other 2 idiots who don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about. I still think the Eagles win the game by the way.

              1. Got you Biggy
                If the Eagles Start fast and get their Offense going,then they game and really should win going away..
                but they can’t wait until the 2nd Half for th Offense to wake up or its a loss for the Redskins D is not going to fold up like the Eagles 2 previous Opponents did.. They have Depth, Experience Players and Experience Coaching unlike the Jags/Colts wh to be quite honest, choked and panicked and mismanaged their games and play-calling with their leads…

              2. Paul. Your 3:03 post is you hedging again…you’ve predicted a loss and now say “IF this happens they win going away” ..you will have called it correctly if they win or lose!

    2. And what celebration are the hell you talking about? Kid kicked the field goal they congratulated him twice and they left the field. They didn’t over celebrate again what do you see on your TV? Upgrade to some HD’s damn.

    3. Vinniedaloser…you are an ass and of course you drag out meaningless stats once again. This year front 7 now includes Keenan Robinson in the middle and Jason Hatcher…those two additions make them different from last year’s front 7 fool ass! So comparing their stats to last year is ridiculous.
      The Redskins have a good front 7…not the best in the league, they are good not great. We should be able to run the ball with Shady and Sproles and get some better play out of the receivers.
      It will also help if Foles can play better by simply hitting the receivers that are open!
      This would really help!

  7. everyone knows what the eagles are going to do —
    Shady McCoy is getting 25 touches and Darren Sproles is getting 10 touches.
    If Washington ILB Keenan Robinson and Perry Riley can prevent these 2 Eagle backs from turning the corner whether in the run game or screen game then the Redskins will win. If not the won’t. Eagles don’t care if Washington and Kirk Cousins score 30 points, Chip is trying to score 35 points with McCoy and Sproles.

    1. Josh Huff & Chris Polk should have started the Season on Short-Term IR
      as I suggested.. these Players are not ready to contribute anytime soon
      and their Roster Spots could have been used for Players who can play
      Jaylen Watkins should have been cut on last cuts, then placed on Practice Squad for he likely won’t even see the Active Roster or field in 2014 and same with Try Burton…. 4 Wasted Roster Spots to open 2014 Season in my opinion.. Eagles are one sprained ankle or hit to the head of going down to 1 Healthy RB which is Stupid,Stupid,Stupid…

        1. Their eye with these 3 players is for 2015 and Beyond when
          Trent Cole, Brandon Graham and Bradley Fletcher, maybe Cedric Thornton are all gone from the Eagles come 2015.. Its how you Draft, to find replacements for the future not necessarily getting help now when Draft late in each Round.. ..

          1. Good point Paul. I remember in 2002 when Westbrook hardly played and Shepperd and Brown didn’t play at all. Lewis played well late in the year and then JJ wisely put Bishop back on the field. (May the man rest in peace but people have to stop making monuments to this guy. He made some decent chicken soup from chicken shit but Eagles fans think he is Dick Lebeau. He had his favorites. Thats why Chris Clemmons rotted on the bench here and then became a stud in Seattle when he got some PT. Not to mention having to suffer through guys like Sean Considine and Brandon Whiting. He got out coached in most big games right along with Andy. The Cards game was horrific from the 3rd ranked D in the league.) Anyway, I think those guys they all turned out to be decent players and make some PBs.

  8. Interesting the difference two weeks make.

    Here’s the real skinny from D.C.

    Houston spread the Skins out week 1 and their pass rush was pretty nonexistent. Orakpo was getting ripped week 1 for a bad game however he was primarily in coverage because of Houston’s sets. The Eagles play 3wrs constantly and even in 2TE sets they split wide. The pressure won’t be as bad as you all think.

    Skins secondary is bringing back Merriweather and it will help however it still does change how the play pass defense wise. DeAngelo gives up at least 2-3 chances a game to get beat deep. Against Jax Hurns put a double move on him and was WIDE OPEN and dropped the ball. He was the Cover 2 CB on the Lewis TD as well.

    The passing game should be able to go up top this game for a couple big plays.

    1. I agree with your assessment about Redskins Pass-Coverage issues
      But DC J Haslett loves to Blitz, Blitz Blitz and I am concerned more about
      Kerrigan vs Gardner and Hatcher up middle versus the Guards/Center
      If Eagles OL and Pass Protection Hold up and Foles sees the field and is more decisive on his Reads, then yes, Eagles should move the ball
      If Eagles are unable to run the ball effectively early and puts Foles in 3rd & 8 or longer situations, then the Eagles and Foles are in trouble..

      1. My experience watching on how to attack Jim Haslett Defense’s is to pass on early downs, then run a lot of screens, draws on those 3rd and medium downs which can break for big plays when he blitzes.. Similar to how the Eagles caught the Colts napping on a couple of 3rd & long Runs by McCoy and Sproles

  9. My take on the game eagles win 35 20 and this simple reason Chip Kelly Vs. Jim haslett and I choose Chip everytime, come on guys you know by now Haslett is a terrible D coordinator. I can’t believe Pman you haven’t brought this up yet you know Haslett won’t out coach chip

  10. Offensively with Kendrick’s out its interesting to see how the play the middle of the field. Skins love crossing routes to WR and Cousins go to guy is backup TE Niles Paul. He could be a problem.

    The right side of the Skins line is not very good. Tyler Polumbus is terrible. They struggle picking up stunts and blitzes. Week DJ Swearinger had a field day blitzing. Brandon Graham lovers this another game where he should have success.

    If DJax doesn’t go the Andre Roberts kid is the lone deep threat on the team, Garçon is turning into a possession WR.

    Morris/Helu is pretty nice combo. They run well with Morris with or without read option. Morris does have ball security problems, two straight weeks with a fumble and terrible ball security last year as well. Also Morris is not a threat out of the backfield wise. Helu is the primary pass catcher of the two.

    Key as usual is dialing up the pressure on Cousins. He tries to get the ball out quick has good accuracy. Gets into trouble under pressure and he will force balls. He doesn’t have a cannon and that ball will float on him. If they can run the ball he will have a good game. Multiple third and longs guaranteed 2 interceptions.

    Birds 28 Skins 14.

  11. Skins will struggle when The Eagles spread them out. Will be a really close game. My concern isn’t really the offense. I want to see us generate pusher on Cousins. I don’t want him in the backfield looking like Joe Montana. I want him looking like Rex Grossman. Eagles D needs to confuse him. What’s the health of my beloved ILB Kendricks The Beast? I want to see him in some pass rush situations and then just drop into coverage when they least expect it.

  12. blockheads wanted this bum

    Dion Jordan – DL – Dolphins
    NFL suspended DE Dion Jordan four games for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.
    Jordan was on track for reinstatement this week after his previously imposed four-game PED suspension was lifted on Wednesday. He’ll now serve an additional four games for testing positive for a substance of abuse. Jordan will be eligible to return in Week 7.
    Source: Miami Herald Sep 19 – 5:08 PM

    1. Don’t like this game one bit. If I wasn’t a Eagles fan this is easy money this weekend but I cant bet against my team. If Im correct the road team in this series in the 1st matchup win a lot of these games no matter what the talent level is. I expect the Eagles coming off a Monday night comeback winto get blasted this weekend. The Eagles get manhandled to the tune of 38-13 this week and it isn’t even that close. Shady and Sproles and the run game get destroyed and that screen pass gets shoved up our assess. Foles gets pummeled this weekend and panic will sweep the Delaware Valley. I then expect Foles to rebound and the Eagles go to SF and win and then beat Washington in DC later on in the year. The Eagles will go 10-6 or 11-5 and this is just one of those losses IMO unless you think they are going 16-0 and will never lose a game.

      1. Before the season a lot of Eagle fans had the Eagles going 6-0 in the division and that aint happening. I can see them going 4-2 with lossess to Washington on Sunday and Dallas on the road this year but on the flipside I didn’t give them a shot vs SF, GB and Arizona but now those are very winnable games IMO so it all evens out.

        1. I’m on the same page you are.

          I think they lose Skins and win San Fran. I still think they lose Green Bay, but I think Arizona is a toss up. Could go either way. I think they split Dallas and sweep Giants and see them as 10-6 at best.

    2. I wanted nothing to do with Fion Jordan from
      The Draft Run up to trying to Trade for him
      He is simply not mature or strong enough to be a contributor in the NFL
      And will probably be out of the League come 2015
      Jordan was one of GMCliff’s & others Golden Boy’s of the 2013
      Draft and I consistently screamed “Stay Away”….

  13. That’s why your at the bottom of the food chain dag, always were, always will be, passively rooting against the birds, like your brethren gtfo

  14. And speaking as a fan with at least a modicum of football knowledge, and as a former player, the Eagles won this Sunday, breakout game for the offense, blow out, sorry dag. Ts. Big puss. Sky High skayne et.al

    1. LOL…what a joke and a jerk…jakedog you are well below a fan with a ‘modicum’ of football knowledge. This is going to be another tight, division game as it normally is with the Redskins-with the Eagles pulling it out…24-21-something tight…Cousins is overrated-he reminds me of Foles…not enough zip to his passes, not enough arm strength to take full advantage of DJax who shouldn’t be playing with that shoulder injury…if I was Washington-I’d sit him out!
      I think our defense will do just enough to fluster Cousins and allow us to squeeze out a win.

  15. Drinks on you when you are wrong again as you have been wrong since you started here, “foles doesn’t have it”, now you have a hard on for chip kelly, you are not an eagles fan, but I’ll drink on your tab when you are proven wrong about kelly

    Milk for you, I’ll take a knob creek

          1. Seriously though it’s time for foles to put it all together, I think he’s got great ability, but it’s time to show it for a complete game this season, when the pressure is on as the undisputed number one, to silence the critics, it would go a long way to solidify a skeptical fan base and maybe team, this is a big game for foles tomorrow

  16. We beat wash with a great game from Shady. We will have the lead then give it away only to pull it out and hold on. We will miss Kendricks if he can’t go that would be my only concern the Skins running and converting crucial third downs in the middle of the field against our LB’s in the passing game. This offense misses Deseans ability but still won 2 games scoring and putting up yards in different ways, that will continue sunday and Foles should get more and more comfortable. We have to keep in mind he is still a very young QB and is still learning the game. I think the wins we had so far this year are team building wins and this group will continue to grow closer together. Guys like Cox and Ertz are just coming into their roles and I look for vets like Celek and Maclin to start to make more plays. Malcome Jenkins has added some nice solid play to our D so much for all those crying for Byrd the Saints d is trash. I tried to tell people he was a good player on a horrible team of course he stood out lol. 27-21 Birds.

  17. Songs ..Ill quote you…cousins is over rated he reminds me of nick foles..hold tight milk is coming out of my nostrils ..you’re a complete fraud songs ..just the facts as they say..foles 36 tds 9 ints. career Cousin 10 tds 10 ints now that’s parity..you’ve proven you’re a fraud …cousins and the Washington dead skins with there pompous owner and they’re vaunted defense will get reminded of the body bag game ,I truly believe this is chips greatest game as an eagle coach and the birds scalp the redskins ..and there kissing cousins ….nick foles by the way makes plays in kellys system ,the numbers bear that out ,cousins is there to manage the game ..the fact they both play qb in the nfl is the only similarity..between them …the Eagles will confuse them as has let is a moron ..they will be spread out and gashed and guys will be running in space ..all day ..I see big games from shady and maclin …who has something to prove ,as do the Eagles …off to San Fran 3-0 …

  18. Songs …you’re out of tune and off key …and like a skip in the old 45s …you’re toast..time for a new tune my man ,this one you’re singing is only audible to a dogs ears ..nobody’s listening…

  19. LOL…deserteagle I see you your drunk and dizzy too…Songs aint even on this thread bro!! Some of your guys are just plain babbling idiots! you will all abandon the ship when the waters get a little ruff or Foles gets cut or shipped out of town!
    I’m predicting a tough divisional game that we pull out in the end on the defense….Cousins will be exposed as a below average QB..and the lost of RG3 is huge…but their loss will turn into our gain

  20. Very good article on philly.com about Hope Solo team captain, contract from Nike still intact. Role model for all young girls, still playing and being cheered despite being indicted for domestic violence. Double standard anyone? So hypocritical.

    1. I remember when that happened – she hit her sister’s teenage male child while drunk in a family dispute with the sister who also was struck who wanted her to leave the backyard family get together. Shame this women’s sport only gets attention every 2 years at Olympics and World cup. During the women game Thursday the announcer Julie Foudy expressed concern that Hope’s actions will shed a dark cloud over the women’s sport during next year’s world cup. That is probable where the journalist got the idea to write the piece. Unintentionally Julie Foudy set up a tee shot. I thought Solo should have been yanked a few games ago for the incident. ( you can’t hit minors )

  21. Excellent article lion. Double standard for sure.
    Another example of the results on the field being more important than humanity itself.
    Story coming out about the ravens cover up of rice. The panthers botched the Hardy thing etc. I think all these teams should treat high profile good players the way they’d treat a practice squad guy…

  22. There is no doubt there is a double standard when it comes to society and the media attention in general. I would love to see a respected feminist call Hope Solo out for being a POS like these NFL players are but you know that will never happen. Its just like the double standard in the media/society when it comes to racist actions. White celebrity gets caught saying N word, the media will try to murder their career, yet the same media figures will then be bffs the next day in their interviews with Jay z or some other rapper who say the racist remark on a daily basis. There are double standards/hypocrites everywhere. Love how these sport networks like ESPN/reporters are all of a sudden the moral benchmark now…yet they give guys like Ray Lewis a job after he pled guilty in covering up a fucking MURDER (which he prob took part in himself hmm wonder where that bloody suit went)..and now all of a sudden Mayweather is a bad guy to ESPN since Ray Rice when truth is he alway has been a POS criminal that just had the best lawyers money could by. How many times was Mayweather on these stupid ESPN shows and how many times did these ESPN talking heads kiss his ass/joke around with him…including the females who are against him now. But now all of a sudden they preach they will never give this guy an interview again…all hypocrites..
    Robert Kraft is against DV in front of the cameras, yet takes pics with Mayweather in his stadium suite. Same with Buffet. You can go on and on. And guess what its just going to get more ridiculous since America is just getting more PC by the second.

    Anyways I think Eagles win this game pretty easily…going to the game and I think the Linc will be pumped for this one. Think the team will play off of it.
    All I care about is a win though…3-0….don’t care if its pretty or flashy…dont care if Djax has like 1000 yards…dont care if were down by 50 in the 1st Q…just win. Winning All I care about esp when it comes to these division games which can be very fluky at times. I think Chip/Eagles do what it takes to win sunday…esp since the redskins suck/maybe most overrate team going into the season

  23. Kool..moderation ..I’m older and wiser ..I see very little difference in your posts and songs ..it’s always with the intent to discredit ,Foles ..personally ,I’d rather we as educated fans be real ,I’m enjoying the maturation of not only 9 ,but the team itself..to say he will be cut or released ,when in his recent history he took to the bench late in a home playoff game is disingenuous ..I’m not going to need say a thing ,he’s doing fine for most Eagle fans ..you must have a really high standard ..I’m happy with the new regime ,the organization ,bilked Sean Payton ,they jettisoned Desean and got the attention of the locker room ,and they’re 2-0 vs two AFC opponents one in there dome on Monday night..Al Davis said it ..just win ..he’s doing just that ..as is the team ..enjoy it ..AR is still in the rear view mirror ..having just left ..so far I’m enjoying the road ahead ..ain’t bitching about releasing the guy that’s for sure ..

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