Eagles-Seahawks Preview

jenkinsThis is going to be one heck of a battle.   Nothing proves how you stand up to the best in the league, like facing the team who raised the Lombardi trophy last season.

You have Sanchez against his old college coach, two of the bigger college coaching names since 2000 now in the NFL, a lot of story lines heading into this one.

The Eagles in first place, the Seahawks trying to inch one step closer to getting into that position with a win over the Eagles.


The Seahawks are a run first football team, it’s about feeding Lynch but you also have to plan for the athleticism and scrambling ability of Wilson.  After trading Harvin to the Jets, it’s really a bunch of versatile role players at the wide receiver and tight-end position, interchangeable guys that are smarter than talented.  They like to control the clock, grind down other teams with the run and use the play-action and run option to account for the big play.

The Eagles could care less about how many minutes they chew up on the clock.  They can run the football as good as anyone, but are also 5th in the league with the passing game and have several playmakers at the receiver position for the “Legion of Boom” to contend with.  The Eagles will be moving players around like a game of chess on warped speed.


The Seahawks have arguably the best all-around defense in the NFL and have been hitting on all cylinders the last two weeks.  Sherman is a shut-down cornerback, and loves to run his mouth and I’m certain the Eagles crowd will be showing him some “brotherly” love.  Irvin, Thomas, Wagner, the list goes on and on with premium talent.  The Seahawks play a cover 3 scheme.  They run a variety of stunts and twists with their linebackers and front line and can take over a football game.  They are going to look to get their hands on the Eagle receivers and have someone assigned to McCoy.

The Eagles have had games of dominance and others where they have been shredded.  They have players who have been playing terrific football in Barwin and Cox.  The Eagles can make plays as a unit. They can force fumbles, collect sacks in large chunks and can take one to the house at any point.  The Seahawks don’t turn over the football much, but Wilson can be sacked.


-The “12th man has nothing on what the Eagles crowd will look and sound like on Sunday

-The Eagles defense/special team units will have more “big” plays than the Seahawks



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  1. The Seattle defense is a dominating unit that has shut down offenses led by Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers…with Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner back-I see this defense imposing themselves physically on Maclin, Cooper, and Matthews…I’m predicting a lot of dropped passes! I dont think this is going to be a good week for us:
    Seattle 17 Eagles 14

    1. However, at the same time,I love how you pad the affect that the Seattle defense, which is top tier, will be the reason the offense does not put up enough points…a lot of dropped passes, lol. The wide outs will be fine, Maclin, and Mathews have not dropped a lot of passes this year, so I do not see where that will necessarily materialize. Sanchez just needs to hand the ball to shady, throw some outs to Mac and Sproles, check downs to Mathews. Most importantly, don’t throw the ball to the team in blue and teal. Cooper is a non-factor. We will see, making up excuses already and the Seahawks are not even in Philadelphia yet. Last time I checked, Chip is running a high powered, high scoring offense that can tire defenses out due to the pace of the ball snap. It’s a QB friendly system, Sanchez is efficient and mobile with good pocket awareness, plus he wants revenge. The Eagles should be fine…Eagles 24- seahawks 20…Go EAGLES!!!

      1. Agree with it all EHL , but also hope to see Ertz and Celek get some mismatches against this defense.

        I only hope that Parkey’s groin is not a problem. It is noticeable on kickoffs especially, and in a close game, field position can be the difference.

        GO BIRDS !!!!

    2. Kool reverse your pick, the eagles just signed Tahj Boyd who they saw playing a men’s league flag football game Monday night. He was very elusive, no one could get his flag! Kelly immediately said “that’s my kind of qb’

      1. LMAO…hey…Foles is about to be signed in that same league haveablunt…LOL…I think the Hackensack Blueballs just signed Nick Foles-as a back up!…He has to earn a starting spot because they feel he is to slow to start!

  2. A lot of dropped passes Kool/songs aka sock puppet ?drop this …?You’re already made my week ..you failed to use the word FOLES in a post…congrats ..the meds must be kicking in..

    1. Desert that is why the nfl is the most competitive league, 53 man roster, salary cap, no guarantee contracts and a very short career… It is brutally honest and cruel!
      Teams make choices …sproles or Byrd? Margos or a huge contract to a DB or whatever. People have said on here before, win your SB before your qb gets too expensive…brutal league!

  3. Well…I see you asswipes are still chriping…your meds have not kicked in at all-well except haveablunt who stays blunted…lol! no substance…just a lot of smoke and dope from haveablunt, bustedbeagle, yellafan, and beagleneverlands…LMAO…Dopes and idiots!
    The facts are simple. Seattle is an intimidating defense and I’m not sure our receivers are ready for that…its a big test

    1. Sockpuppet come back as Songs, he has better posts. Maybe a rant on vaccines or he can tell us why RGIII is the best QB in the division again.

    2. Asswipes…beagleneverlands…LMAO…Tahj “Hot Air”Boyd….you’re not corny…you’re KAWNY…LOL. Once again, the receivers will be fine, Maclin can beat Sherman with pure speed, Sanchez just has to hit him, who is going to stick and match Sproles stride for Stride?, Mathews can get his possession and slant receptions…stop being scared Tahj Boyd….and stop with the built in excuses. You are submitting simply as a pre-emptive strike in case Sanchez falters. You’re so transparent I should call you casper the stupid ghost. I think Sanchez will play within himself and play decently enough for us to win. I have more faith in the Eagles and Sanchez than you do, and you say that I root against the Eagles because I have critiqued Sanchez’s play. Mr. built in excuses and pre-emptive strike…what a bullshit artist you are Casper, what a bullshit artist you are! Eagles win, Go EAGLES…no room on this train this week for bitches crying about receivers not being ready..all of a sudden it’s the receivers….bullshit artist!

    3. Kool”Dropped passes”Breeze.

      Hey Idiot….I thought when there was tight coverage the QB had to make TOUGH THROWS INTO TIGHT WINDOWS!!!!!!!

      You repeated TOUGH THROWS TIGHT WINDOWS 58,000 when FOles was QB.

      So where oh where did Tough throws into tight windows go now?????????


      Kool”Mike Vick, RGIII, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Taj Boyd, Geno SMith, AJ Manuel, Mark Sanckhez”Breeze

  4. EHL I was hoping he’d add in the barometric pressure and stiff artic wind …Casper the glass ass ghost …drops . Does that mean a shit qb rating perhaps Casper? BOO …listen Mr C it matters not to anybody, but your transparent buttocks ,wether Sanchez plays well…or doesn’t will be played out on Sunday..your throwing ghost scum around is a cesspool ,and the NO FISHIN sign is clear as your transparent behind Casper..

    1. desert..koolbreeze just lost his Mark “scratch and sniff his jock” fan card. he isn’t saying anything about Sanchez, he is already blaming a loss of a game that has not been played yet on the wideouts dropping Sanchez’s passes (pathetic!) Maclin has one of the highest catch %ages in the league, Mathews has been consistent as of late too, our TE’s can exploit the linebackers in the pass game. Casper should be ashamed of himself,I know Sanchez is…what an Eagles fan he is…no belief in our squad.

  5. Why get bogged down in the minutiae of idiots, Paulman, this freak koolbreeze, it’s the best Era of Eagles football right here. Right now. Just enjoy this run

  6. Back to football and only football ..Obviously each week we speak ,demonstratively ,that this is the game of the year ..this one is ..it’s a cliche to say you beat the best to be the best ..but it’s true ..I’ve said before there is a faulty mojo with this Seattle defense..and as far as weapons on the other side ..they’re without Tate ,Sidney rice and harwin….they’re bland as the Seattle weather ..Wilson only has basically he and lynch …and they’re both exceptional..but…a big but they lost at home to Dallas..the chiefs and Jamal charles pounded them…the rams beat them when traveling,and beating the mighty panthers 13-9… Again ROCKY ..”You ain’t so Bad “…they’re 31 st in punt coverage ..a huge Sproles moment looms..there back end is so damn good ..(that may not be a no fly zone ) for mark…that’s a good thing ..it’s not to his strength …why go there ? The offensive line woes that we experienced are in our rear view mirror..not so for Seattle who’s playing a rookie tackle and a 3rd string center .lemel ..jeanpieere..chip has dialed things back ,which as stated plays well here …foles threw 20 yds or more from scrimmage 19% and sanchez 12%.. To be fair,foles had no shady ,and a more holes in the O line than a brothel..but I contend that’s who and what mark brings to the table…in December and vs this team ,that fits tighter than a sock puppet on Xmas morning..sanchez has already passed his first test ve Dallas on thanksgiving day …now he’s in his home digs…do it again and win yourself the keys to the car …IMO…if he goes clean no turnovers back to back ..I’ll go with songs/Kool and pay for the limo…

  7. He’s now in the covering my ass business …he’ll be out from under that rock of his and telling you how sanchez is the best thing in philly since pats or genos…lmao…Casper the invisible sock puppet …he’s surely on the run …he’s already anticipating his dreaded nightmare ,his nag will run ten lengths behind in the nick foles derby…oh shit ! Look Kool he is mark sanchez…Carroll has no delusions …chip has none ,and we the boys of G Cobb know who he is …it doesn’t mean that with the huge incentives he’s playing for ,and an offensive coach dialing it back to have mark drive his Ferrari in 1st gear as opposed to opening it up ,it’s a December bad weather formula ,and a way to hide the precious china doll …for Barkley ..not sir charles …is next man up…he actually enjoys feeding shady ..you can see the mutual admiration society between them …marks done great ,I’m excited that we are back in control of destiny ,and relevance is a win away …in year 2 of chip ..that’s pretty outstanding …and 13-3 is not implausible ..as I stated before the Texas 3 step started thanksgiving ..the most important step as far as relevance in the NFC is Sunday ,Dallas will be propped up to believe the bears added to there resilience ..it will be fun to be 11-3 and putting them out of the playoffs …this is good stuff ,taking us all into a great 2015 .. My dream is alive…to see the birds in the supe…here in the desert part deaux…this year..

  8. You could argue that getting rid of Percy did help them. But Seattle doesnt have the tight ends we do, along with the running back depth or recievers. Maclin is having a career year, and Jordan is just as good as you can get for a rookie. Cooper, despite not having a season like last year numbers wise is still playing his ass off. The dude is a big help in the run game, Percy is an explosive talent, and him going to the jets with no running game to shout about, or QB to throw him the ball he was destin to fail there this season. Id rather play Seattle without Percy then with him. Very similar situation to ours with Desean, but I dont think u can compare them due to our personel differences and weapons.

    Special teams, and an emerging defense with Seattle traveling from the West Coast the Linc is going to be rockin! We force yet ANOTHER turnover, were able to run the ball down there throat against a dline with very little depth while holding Marshawn to 75 yards rushing at the most. I understand its the champs and you gotta be cautious when it comes to playin them, but Chipper and the boys got this. No more BS about this “monstrous” 4-1 games for Seattle and them returning to form. There good, but no where near as good as last year. Holding the most overrated QB to 3 points and A crumbling Led Arizona cArds by Stanton is not that impressive.You forget they almost lost to the Panthers and Raiders. The Giants keeping the game close throughout mot of the game was funny as well.

    1. I disagree CT
      Both Seahawks TE’s Luke Wilson & Tony Moeaki
      Have made big Plays for the Seahawks during their resurgance
      Also their Backfield is not only M Lynch,
      They have the very versatile Robert Turbin
      And the quicker Back In Michel, who both make plays out of the Backfield on
      screens, wheel routes, etc…
      They have limitations with their WR Corp in Baldwin,Kerley & Richardson
      But the Seahawks use their TE’s & RB’s in the passing game
      As well as any Team in the NFL

  9. It cant get much worse for bob except it did now tmz is piling on the guy stating a source told them that he will be out of the nfl soon and guess what the only person on redskins team that tmz has rapport with is mesean idk if it is him but dam after his last epic shit basic people wouldnt doubt it they bettwr

  10. Seattle has to use there tight ends in the passing game as frequent as they do because of the fact they are not an explosive offense, especially at the WR position. Turbin is solid, But he’s no where near a Darren Sproles. Darren isnt even our starting RB and yet he could arguable be our MVP. Im not even taking Turbin over Chris Polk. Everytime Chris touches the ball he runs like somone posessed. Look for him to have an increased work load this weak (hopefully because he is only of the gems on this team). And Shady is the greatest RB in philly history, and is already in discussion for the greatest of his generation. Philly doesnt utilize there tight ends in passing routes because of this RB tandem and WR talent that we have, which isnt the GREATEST ever but its on its way for sure. We have a top 3 blocking tight end in Celek, and a star in the making in Ertz who is getting better and better at blocking. You never kno when Chipper is going to sneak a tight end route to exploit the defense. Trey Burton is also very versatile.

    In my opinion you cannot put Seatte in discussion with our offense. We dropped nearly 50 on Car, Sea could only put up 13? They havent played a quality opponent in 2 month. Thats not an opinion, thats a fact. This is the NFL and any given sunday and all that, but cmon man look at there opponents. They did, and should have won those games being the champs. Thats why everyone was so high on Sea repeating bc of there weak schedule. The best opponent they played was GB. But that was week 1 and Arod played them like a pussy for some reason instead if doiing what he does. I guarantee you he would drop 27+ on that defense now.

    Also look for our special teams to have a superior game agaiNST SEa, which is also in another league compared to them. Thanks for the Maragos trade baby! 11-0 at home here we come.

  11. I also want to clarify I do not believe this Wr corp of the Eagles is going to be the greatest ever in the future. But it is only going to get more and more explosive from here. Josh Huff who has had growing pains due to lack of playing time and training camp/preseason will be a very solid slot in the future once Matthews takes over the outside. Were only in year 2 of this Chip kelly run and hes done more with this team then Pete Carrol did 2 years with his. All were missing is a playoff Victory which will happen when we take the number 2 seed with that home playoff game

    1. How can u say the Seahawks haven’t played a Quality Team in a month?
      They Beat Both the Cardinals & 49ers convincingly,
      Lost a close one at KC Chiefs…
      What happened in September with them or the Eagles as far as who they played or how they Played is irrelevant now in December
      Both Teams are Playing well right now with a lot on the line,
      The face that their TE’s are making Plays because their WR
      Is pedestrian is also a moot point, for the fact is that they are making pkays for them and Eagles must prepare them and have really struggled
      Against TE’s in general in the past..

  12. Pauly really? The49ers are not a quality opponent. There a shell of themselves from recent years and are aging on the defense and offense. Not to mention they have the most overrated QB in modern NFL history. Period. JUst because the guy can run and has tattoos cool tattoos doesnt makke him good. And Arizona? HAHAHAHAHA They just lost to Atlanta, and are on there way to crumbing with Drew Stanton at QB who all of a sudden is strugging to get a first down not just againt this “Reawakened Seattle Defense” but a soft ass Atlanta defense. They have played nobody. They barely beat Oakland for Christ sake (who beat KC). We are gonna whoop there ass. Ive been an Eagles fan for 15 years. Since I was 6-7 years old. And when im this confident we barely ever lose. Im not just saying this cause I love my team. These are the facts of the situation

    1. You obviously don’t follow or understand Football
      And match ups very well CT
      Didn’t both the Cards & 49ers Beat our Eagles?
      Didn’t the 49ers shut down our Offense for most of Game
      Do you even watch any other Games around the NFL???
      Hey I’m an Eagle Fan too and want them to smash the Seahawks
      Tomorrow, but you need to be realistic in what your saying
      This Seahawk Defense over the last month has dominated Teams
      And it will be no easy task Sunday for the Eagles to sustain Drives
      And put up their usual amount of Points
      This will be a low-scoring Game with Turnovers,Special Teams
      And Scoring TD’s instead of FG’s being the difference

      1. paulman, c’mon…you know the major reason for the 49ers and the Cards shutting us down was poor QB play! However, even taking that into account…the Seahawks defense is on another level they shut down elite QB’s their safeties physically dominate opposing receivers …Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are the best in the league…and we dont have to mention that Sherman…
        Its a bad matchup for us

  13. CT…here it is in a nutshell..you’re saying what I’ve stated as my rocky ism..”You ain’t so bad”…I’m in agreement the opponents and the false bravado will be evident tomorrow at the Linc..It’s important that the 12th man show up ..is there any doubt ? Ours is an intelligent hungry fan base..we get it..1000% ..we are in a face off here of interesting perspectives.. ..when you know someone from prior coaching battles !a respect for certain that the guy opposite you in the PAC 10 has a ring ,and you don’t …it’s personal on that basis alone..Shady vs demarco and lynch and then demarco again ,is a true testament to the offensive lines commitment to win that battle all three times..they are much more capable of such a feat against a 3rd String center for Seattle and a rookie right tackle..in the past 2 games ..check this out…Russell Wilson has been sacked 11 x…both in 19-3 wins vs division foes…but ,looking under the hood ,we see as CT pointed out enable,that sf is a team with drama queens in the drama Queen City…it starts with the coach and ends in a scrambling billboard of a knuckle head qb…bottom line it’s a mess..so I’m not impressed with 19-3 …next CT alluded the cards are in free fall ,no Fitzgerald and no Ellington ….again big fucking whoopee do…they rank 30 th or 31st in punt coverage …we all know how big jumping on this team is and will be…that’s a combustible stat ..were tops in special teams and they rank as leagues worst …#1 key…they run a tremendous 1st ranked rushing ,and as far ass temp they’re 30th in taking there sweet ass time to run plays ,shortening games by maximizing the clock,just the complete opposite on the other side of the ball is mad scientist chip and Carroll’s old qb mark sanchez…that’s a 3stooges I’d pay to see into that chemical combo…we have 2 guys in chip and mark ,who can’t help but make this personal..the defense is tired as hell on the eagles of hearing about the Seattle defense ..they’ll take this challenge,and interesting stat …the eagles have 22 more sacks vs this legion of boom…and 4more take aways…mmmmm…the back end is like looking at kardashians ample end vs twiggy in the birds…we all get that …but marks ,in a no fly zone…..here …he may be tempted to try Sherman ISO on maclin ,if he does ,let’s all hit our knees…I’d rather ride the shady express ..and uptempo them with decisive quick attacks and safe check downs..that’s how you best attack a vaunted defense ..they practice ,against the 30th paced offense …talk about a kardashians -twiggy contrast ..I see key the birds ability to keep up the 3rd down efficiency and keep applying .conditioning into the formula..when a defense tires physically ,it effects them more so ,mentally …look for a late score to seal the deal …as attrition ,better conditioning ,better receiving corps,better special teams ,and surprisingly better defensive stats on sacks and takeaways prevails…Provocative sidebar… This game plays into coach of the year balloting in the home stretch in the NFC ..we’d all agree we were handing the trophy to arias …now it’s chips at 13-3 possibly in year two ? That’s a pretty strong resume …has anyone else accomplished that in year 2 ? If they win this game ,those odds increase obviously ,with a Dallas team coming ..who knows who’s boss…and Washington and the giants ..too end the run..that’s why tomorrow is the game …the game to gather that mojo and swagger …take and eliminate Dallas the following week ..and assuredly not nap on division road games against tail between there legs cellar dwellers with bags packed…now if Carroll and Seattle put us on there resume …it’s all just a dream..that’s how huge this pivotal game is …we are better than them in so many areas …yes they have a ring …but…ring there liberty ass bells ..and it don’t mean jack..GO BIRDS…think about this …we embarrassed jerry jones on his gala holiday ..chip is salivating as is mark in a personal game of winner take all stakes ,and then you get to kick to the curb,at home the Cowgirls…for there second spoiled jerry holidays gala…lmao…guys it just couldn’t be any better ….of course the grinch in sanchez could shit on it all….haha couldn’t resist ….I’m all in ..we do this …

  14. Lol. Damn Paulman. I’ll give it to you. You kno football. But what are u talking about man? San Fran beat us in week 4 with 3/5 Olinemen out and with no running game. That’s a matchup ur forgetting and not understanding. I watch more than just the eagles. I watched the last 2 sea games for example. And if u really follow football than u should kno that we beat ourselves more than Arizona beat us. A loss is a loss I get it. But u can lose a certain way. Arizona is
    decimated with injuries and San Fran is ass. So what if sea beat them? We’re a totally different team since week 4 and slnce the Arizona fluke in which skip Baylee’s said we shoulda won. Will it be a cakewalk? No. But we’re gonna rundown there fuxking throats with shady sproles and Polk. Along with special teams(like u stated) and an emerging defense with the 12th man. Seattle is not all that. Stop buying into the medias hype and being a box score whore

    1. Eagles are a better Team now just as the Seahawks are..
      Seahawks are the Defending SB Champs and until someone knocks them out, they are the reigning Champs..
      I think Eagles Beat them 23-17 Sunday, but it’s going to take
      A great Team Effort and a lot of patience by the Offense
      For having 10-12 Play Drives fir 5-6-7 minutes versus thSeahawk D
      Is not very likely to happen.. Eagles need to take some shots
      Early on and must make a few plays down the field if they are to Win.
      Dinking & Dunking the Ball down the field plays
      Right into the Seahawks Strengths defensively

  15. Paulman …normally ,you make compelling points …however ,I truly feel at the Boone zoo you’ve lost your feel for the pulse of this philly team ..you had a feel after Green Bay ..to sling monkey dung and call for ay season of doom ..8-8 (on the blog record) 50-1 …(today they’re 6-1 ) a win vs Seattle from being 3-1 or better …we all get what Seattle is ..they’re a paper champion…they’re about to go in ,on the road into some bird fare…gull vs eagle …it’s as obvious as that …here’s the plus vs the minus…special teams …+eagles….pass rush vs 3rd string center and rookie tackle + eagles??pro bowl calibre wideout maclin???vs none on there roster ??capable pro bowl tight end Celek ???vs none on the hawks…(they do have capabilities ) but outclassed…spy vs Wilson ? Do you ..damn right you do…Kendrick would be my guess +advantage even…Wilson is really good in space ??best 3rd down proficiency with his legs in the NFl..Cody (hoping he’s 100% ) watch early kickoffs …and sproles vsa garbage punt cover team…coach Kelly is undefeated vs Carroll …one guy has the ring ..the other is home and wants there’s …sorry Pman ..but it’s past visitor hours at the zoo…on this one …Vegas knows what Vegas knows ..eagles -1 48 points ..

    1. This Seahawks team has been very good at home and much different on the road…..that being said, we are roughly leading the league in turnovers and Seattle has the top rated defense, that can be trouble for the Birds if they are not able to limit turnovers….I don’t think that this Seattle team has lost by more than 7 points in the past few years, so as much as I would love for a blowout by the Birds, it will likely be a close game…..hopefully Parkey’s injury does not limit his range or effectiveness on kickoffs, field position will be a key in a close game, along with Redzone efficiency.

      GO BIRDS !!!!!

  16. I’m not saying we have a 100% chance of winning tomorrow this is the nfl after all. Sanchez could tear his acl the second play from scrimmage af Barkley comes in and throws 4 pics. We could get down to the redzone and shoot ourselves in the foot and fumble on the 2. But I’m just saying, were the better team in all areas in a far margin. Seattle might hve the edge on defense but even in that we have more takeaways and sacks. So were better in some areas on that side of the ball as well. I see us dragging there asses 34-19. There not gonna kno what hit em

    1. Good points CT…I just remember how Seattle shut down QB’s like Manning, Brady and Rodgers…its hard for me to see Sanchez beating that defense…if we have a shot its going to be with our own defense and special teams scoring and Sproles hurting Seattle’s linebackers…but its going to be tough.

      I see a lost this week and then we run the table and end up 12-4

      Go Eagles

      1. Over the past several years I remember how San Fran shut down QBs like Rodgers and Brees and Brady….it was hard for us to see Foles beating that defense………

        LOL LOL

        Look at you with your litany of excuses and the QB needs help bullshit that you continually ran with your former hero and now your new hero….but you conveniently abandoned when the guy you hate was playing.

        “The Wrs will drop passes”
        “Need the D and ST because its a good D.


        YOu RIPPED Foles against SF for EXACTLY THAT.

        You turn-coating putz


      2. Kool, so let’s get this straight. Sanchez, who you state is the superior QB between he and Foles is afforded the excuse that he is playing an elite defense and you do not think, nor expect that he can beat them.
        However, Foles, who you clearly believe is a back up with limited skills, you boisterously harangued that “he” needs to beat elite defenses, no excuses. He has to step up, make the tight throws through tight windows, read the defenses and beat the defense. Once again, your criteria for both QB’s exhibits a double standard as you call for the defense and special teams to assist in a victory today, however, when the ST’s and defense assisted with wins while Foles was in at QB, you minimized his part in the victory.
        The 49ers game could have been won, the offense stunk the joint up, but the ST’s and the defense kept us in the game. At the end of the game, Foles hit Cooper right in the hands at the back of the end zone, Coop dropped a perfect pass, in a tight window! The Eagles loose, you failed to afford Foles the pass that you readily make for Sanchez before the Seahawks even came into Philly. LOL, the double standard is as clear as you are Casper!
        You initially make a pre-game excuse that the receivers will drop passes and that will ultimately lead to an Eagles loss. You get busted and called on the carpet for your preemptive strike of excuses, then you state…ok..Sanchez will not be able to beat the Seattle D (nice reversal). Peculiar guy you are! AGENDA!!!

          1. Oh and BTW, as long as Sanchez or any other Eagle does not turn the ball over today multiple times, the Eagles will win! I expect Sanchez to play a pretty clean game. he just has to play within himself and take what the defense gives him. Go EAGLES!!!

            1. That’s the key to this game. But I expect a big strike attempt early, which, as Paulman pointed out, will take the safeties out of the box or at least have them thinking about the next big strike

              I have full confidence that kelly will be very aggressive early, build a lead, then pound the rock later in the game, but early on Sanchez will be called upon to make big throws

              this may be his coming out party

  17. I hope your right CT and that the Eagles
    Run roughshod over the Seahwks and Beat them Big,
    I just don’t see that realistically happening following how both Teams
    Have played over the last 4-5 weeks…
    This is why they Play the Games…
    and should be a very close one down to the wire..
    Go Eagles…

  18. My key to this game is Riley Cooper. Its time for him to step up and have a big game. Its time for Cooper to earn that money. I need a 7 catch 90 yard 2 td game from him. He is due.

    1. Foles has carried us, Sproles has sparked us, Matthews has contributed, Sanchez has contributed, Shady has broken out, now its time for Cooper to give back. At 5 million a year and his 3 catch 24 yards a game avg over the last 16 games Cooper needs to step up. I don’t want to hear about he blocks DBs well. I can stick big bodied Trey Burton out wide to block 180lbs dbs for 400,000 a year and save the 4.6 million. Riley Cooper needs to step up this week and make some plays or get the f&&k off the field.

      1. Where’s Eagles TE Zac Ertz been lately,
        He needs to step up also… I expect a big game
        From Josh Huff today…

  19. ***Paulmans Final Four in NCAA Football****

    1) Alabama
    2) Oregon
    3) Florida State
    4) Ohio State

    Alabama over Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl
    Florida State over Oregon in the Rose Bowl

    Alabama over Florida State in Championship Game

    TCU & Baylor come in at #5 & #6 as the Big 12 was just not very
    Strong this year and I give the nod to Ohio State..

  20. Enjoy the game eagle0supe…make certain the 12th man is in the house…what’s the weather there ? Dag…cooper is not going to get 7-10 balls ,it’s playing into Seattles teeth of there defense…look for a ton of safe ..check downs..short quick hits ..if anything we want coop to be coop….don’t force a thing..marks security blanket is Jordan Matthews …also keep an eye on sproles in two back sets and misdirection..Gents we are one game from the mountain top …beat the best to be the best …it’s Seattle ..land of shit rainy weather and coffee…vs cold brewskis and genos…C’mon Man

    1. I believe the Eagles do the opposite and come out throwing and go over the Top a couple of times to catch the Seahawks by surprise early and try to get an early Score or two via the “big play”
      Seahawks have too much Team Soeed sideline to sideline to effectively
      Dink & dunk down the field. Eagles must hit them over the Top on a 1st down
      Play action play where their Safeties get caught creeping up in the box

  21. Keep the dream alive…match last years win total@ 10-3 …knock Dallas off the mountain ,kick them to the playoff curb..11-3.. Don’t sleep on two division road foes…who have there golf clubs readied and bags packed ..in Washington and ny …get the bye …and home field …where after Dallas we’d be 12 in a row at home without a loss …remember when home field wasn’t worth squat under AR? We are looking at 23-9 in chips two years ..two playoff appearances ..it all starts today …FLY

    1. Which is what Coach Kelky is all about..
      The Seahawks are favored and the Defending Champs
      Eagles have to take it to them early and get a big play or
      Two to set the tone.. It’s how Kelky shows his Confidence with his players
      Go right out them, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, whoever
      And make a Play…

  22. As stated establishing the run ,and then and only then play action…I’ll take a possible shot..if we jump on them early,let’s ,do it with sproles in space or a punt return..shady MUST not carry a loaf of bread …and Sanchez must stay within the moment …don’t think of trying to make plays on there back end …

    1. Ultimately that’s what the Eagles will attempt to do,
      But I believe Chip has Offense going for a few big plays very early in the game to attempt to hit them in the jaw with a big play or two and get their Safeties backing off a bit, then pound the rock and ball control
      With Seahawks agressive style, you have to hit them early

  23. TODAYS THE DAY BABY!!! have u ever been so excited for a game outside the division. From a schematic standpoint this is the most interesting game we play against the champs. Like I’ve stated above, were the dominate better team numerous areas. Go out and run the ball 45-50 times with shady sproles and Polk. Sanchez throws for 250 on 24 attempts with 1 td pass. Marshawn is held in check decently and the defense comes up with 4 sacks and a fumble recovery. Big game by special teams today as the 12th man shows up more than anything. Philly 31-17

  24. Paulman getting his senses back, that’s exactly what the eagles must do, especially to get Sanchez ‘ s confidence high.

    Win toss, big return, first play, under center, play action deep to Maclin for six.

  25. It’s a little cold out today and there will be some wind at the Linc.

    We need to stop the running QB, Wilson. I think we can keep Lynch under wraps, but Wilson can kill us if the LBs turn their backs on him. We can’t let Wilson pick-up 16 yards scrambling on 3rd and long. That’s how he beats teams.

    On offense, Chip has to work his magic finding the soft spots in Seattle’s defense.

    Eagles 20 Seattle 17

  26. Holy shit.

    TS, Kool, Songs, and probably Biglion all just had an orgasm watching that Wilson run.

    Can you imagine how happy they are?

    A 26 yrd QB run?

    Nothing better right clowns?

  27. Shut da fyck up haters…vinniedaloser, bum azz desert

    Tough game…defense needs to to better on 3rd down

      1. LOL

        First wrs dropping balls

        Then need special teams

        Now 3rd down D

        Excuse maching

        Eagles D playing fine

        Punished by a mostly bogus call against Boykin.

        Eagles D playing fine…..”Sanchez led” O in troubs….and I put “Sanchez led”in quotes, because Kelly knows what he has and has taken the ball out of his hands.

        Eagles with 9 plays on O….6 have been runs….would be nice to pass of a first down and keep a drive alive non?

        Kool”tightwindowstoughthrowsnolongerapplyOMGIjustcameinmypantswatchingWilsonrun”Breeze is….as always…an idiot

  28. Damn.. As I expected , there will be a lot of
    Punts in this game, stay patient and keep plugging away

    1. Eagles D has been $$. 3 plays….26 yrds to Lynch. Bogus passint call vs Boykin and Wilson TD run are only blemishes. Otherwise $$

      However….49ers with ball for 75% of the time. Eagles O needs a first down!!!

  29. That’s what we have to do plug away…Sherman and the secondary has got our receivers on lock down…this is a knock down drag out fight

  30. Seattle is sitting on everything in the passing game. Chip has to test it long….Sanchez has chances down the field.

    If we hit one over the top even just for a big gain it will change the game.

  31. Run run run baby. Yeah..Chip has taken ball out of Sanchez hand. This looks close to what I said should be done and kool called me a hater, idiot and said I was not an Eagles fan. I guess Chip is all the aforementioned too in kools book. Wait…didnt kool say Chip needs to go…lol.

  32. OMG.

    Anyone who thinks Kelly is confident in his QB….just replay this half.

    (and I am happy)

    After those first 2 throws (which scared the shot out of all of us)…the playcalling has been 14 rushes and 4 throws.

    Kelly is TERRIFIED of the ball in Sanchez’s hands…..as am I!!!!

  33. Shutting us down…Cooper has no explosion cant break a egg much less a tackle! Just keep it tight…dont turn it over! ..

  34. Is it me or does it seem the Eagles are running
    The same 5-6 Plays/Formations this Game..
    Chip need to mix it up… Too predictable thus far..

  35. Again…this is GREAT.

    Exactly what I wanted.

    Try to win with run run run run run.

    Know they are going to play Seattle again…..and in 2nd meeting, when they expect run, hit them deep with the passing attack that is now in place with the starting QB (not Sanchez)

    Hopefully they will scrape out a win tonight….but any talk of Sanchez leading a playoff run is idiot talk.

    Koolidiot like talk.

  36. Again.

    I now KoolSongsTSBig are frikkin’ HARD watching all these BS 3rd down and long scramble/completions.


    It does not work in the postseason. Winlson and every other scrambler is irrelevant.

    Chip, like Belichick, is just using this game to set up the playoffs. When Eagles face Seahawks again with their starting QB, you will be amazed by the complexity of the offensive attack…..very different from this “I’m afraid of my own QB” attack.

  37. Eagles get ball in 2nd half. Chip needs to let Sanchez do some read option. Clearly he does not trust him to throw the rock. So far…Russel Wilson is managing the game better than Sanchez.

  38. The Eagles will win this game, but I’m looking at Wilson and it can’t be denied.

    He’s a beast.

    A defense must account for him every play which makes him a serious threat in this league.

    I wish the Eagles had him.

    1. But the Eagles don ‘t. This is not I dream of Genie or Walt Disney. You already turned to the skins,then the 49ers then Seahawks. Jock riding qb hoppin cat…pathetic.

  39. Eagles are in a tough spot.

    Kelly does not trust his QB at all. Everyone watching knows this (well, except Koolidiot) Seattle knows this so they will sit on the run all second half.

    I still want Birds to run run run all 2nd half….set up the rematch when Eagles starting QB returns and then do the exact opposite of today. Catch ’em unawares.

  40. vinniedaloser…shaddup…we are going up against the best defense in the league…the receivers are being blanketed there is absolutely no where to go with the ball…You can tell when the receiver makes a catch he’s tackled immediately. Sanchez is making the solid, basic play…not throwing off his backfoot, not forcing throws…
    Dont try to be Russell Wilson and make plays that you cant…keep doing what you are doing!

    1. LOL


      What happened to “tight windows – tough throws” mantra against tough teams.

      You’ve been yapping that for a year and a half…..where the fuck is it now fraud????????

  41. Exactly the way you script it …special teams was really impact flu..the defense was on 22 minutes and ,I’m proud of there effort..some bs no calls and bs calls..hoping that shit evens out…it’s very obvious marks in a no fly zone…we can’t keep going 3 and out and play from behind,so Kool button it up pal ..you’re butt boy is down in the second half to the Super Bowl champs …in the shady express I trust …run the rock ..don’t lose your mind…go to checkdown Charlie ..if anything ..

    1. Again…the Eagles are handing off 80% of the time. Seattle is keying on it.
      If everyone watching on tv knows Kelly has no faith in Sanchez, then Seattle knows Kelly has no faith in Sanchez throwing the ball. So its an all out attack on the ball carrier.

  42. Sanchez needs to throw some passes now. The defense is ready for playoffs….offense…not so much ready for big time. Hopefully something will happen to change that on this drive.

      1. Yes It is.

        Foles can’t make throws like that easily.

        I didn’t say Sanchez was a good QB or a world beater. I said that’s why you play him over the other guy. And it is.

  43. See throw the fucking ball they get no pass rush vs our oline. Play to win I don’t care if Sanchez throws 5 ints. Play to win. He has all day to throw some will get open just like Ertz just did.

  44. Officially….

    Koolbreeze and Vinny are annoying as fuck. Put your agenda aside and shut the fuck up already.

    Neither one of you are right.

    They both are limited QBs that Chip is working wonders with.


    1. If by “nice pass” you mean he had to turn around and wait, leading to the review…..then ya…nice pass. Not like he could have walked in with a pass in front of him or anything……

      Hey look….I am happy. Eagles abandoned the pass the past 1/2 game……so seeing them throw is refreshing

    1. That ball was a little high…u see Ertz vertical as he had to climb the ladder to make contact. It hit his hands so he should have caught it. Could have been thrown better though.

  45. There’s no point in Sanchez if he does nothing but hold the edge on the zone read. Eventually you have to test the edge and he hasnt done it yet. Throw his inability to throw the ball downfield…this offense is just as limited as Foles having no threat on the read option.

  46. Two touchdowns on short field possessions for 14. Foles…Sanchez, it does not matter. Still can not beat a top tier team. This may bring forth ?, do you go all in for a QB in the draft. Sproles should line up as a wr…seahawks have trouble with little shifty receivers. Their strength is playing against big receivers.

      1. Yeah…it is going to have to be one or the other. Clearly…Sanchez is not the guy to take us to next level. He is a good back up and game manager. The debate between Sanchez and Foles is moot at this point.

    1. Shut da fyck up Toasty…this is the best defense in the NFL…and they are doing what they do…shut people down…

  47. I fell bad for our Defense to play so hard, on the field for so long and the O shits the bed. For everyone arguing files vs. sanchez, I don’t see the difference between the two.

  48. Game….Sanchez is not the guy…be it Foles or Sanchez…does not matter. Check down Charlie. Still can not beat a top flight team. I was silly enough to think Sanchez was going to come out and play for a lucrative contract. Next year Foles will be back…either a high draft QB will be in competition with him to start or subway Bob. Sanchez will go eksewhere as he is only a back up on this team. No need to bring him back as he showshe can not beat the high powered defense.

  49. Fans act like we would of won if we had Foles. lol. We just aren’t as good as GB, Seattle, Denver etc. I don’t care who the QB was. Foles, Sanchez, McNabb, Randall. It is what it is.

  50. Why is anyone thinking Foles would do better?

    Does everyone forget the San Fran game? The diff between this one and that one – 14 offensive points.

    Please stop.

    Neither QB is good. But Sanchez is the better of the two. And no. That’s not saying much.

  51. Well I figured we would lose with Sanchez throwing an out route on Sherman who ran it back for a TD.

    Instead he played scared…

    Even worse dumbasses on here touting his mobility zone read this that….and he gives himself up short like a punk bitch.

    That is Mark Sanchez.

  52. We sucked ..I was wrong ..I thought they weren’t all that…I am humbled..were not yet ready for the very top tier …Fletcher’s penalty was a huge shit the bed moment..I do understand that ,winning this game meant everything good…so yeah it sucks …I know who’s coming …but if we wanted to be great we needed to play and coach much better …very bummed.

    1. The play of the Game was when McCoy Fumbked the Start
      Of the 2nd Half to give the Seahawks easy Points and let the air
      Out of the Linc.. It was an uphill battle from there
      Eagles had their best chance to get back in it but
      Safety Nalcom Jenkins dropped what would have been
      A Pick 6 coming back early in the 4th
      Game Over

  53. Toasty, haveablunt, boogsy..I predicted that the Seattle Seahawks defense would shut us down..Maclin, Cooper, Matthews, Sproles, and Shady where all covered like a blanket by the best defense in the league.

    “Joe Montana wouldn’t have been able to do anything today against that defense”
    Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman

    We got a big clutch game against Dallas….Sanchez will start and we need the win!

    1. Just shut the fuck up already……

      You and others main mantra was Foles never beat a good defense blah blah blah blah….

      Sanchez hasnt either and looked terrible. Plus he turns the ball over just as much.

      Isnt that 7 or 8 turnovers for Sanchez in 4 games?


  54. Man, Im sorry, but you have to go with Foles. He may not be any better, and he might even be worse. But we have no clue what Foles ceiling is. We know EXACTLY what Mark Sanchez is. THIS!

    Give our D credit, they kept us in the game. Jenkins pick 6 woulda been nice but I dont think Mark would have done it even then.

      1. I wnat to go with a QB that has had a season where he threw 27 tds and 2 ints. You want to go with a QB that barely has completed 50% of his passes in his career? Well, you wanted to go with Vick. I think your decision making is quite questionable. Thank god you are not our QB lol

            1. Technically Sanchez is better at the moment because Foles has a crack in his bone. When they are both 100%, Foles is a much better quarterback and it isnt even close… to say otherwise means you just dont understand football.

    1. He will go into the off season as the guy..however, if the opportunity presents itself to get a blue chip player you seize it. It is ok to continue to find out who Foles is, but, you do not put all your eggs in that basket. Sanchez is out..he had his chance and could not capitalize. He is what he is. He can beat goid teams…not good enough to beat playoff calibur teams…that is clear.

  55. No one should be surprised this game was lost. Seattle’s D has been playing like…well Seattle’s D for a few weeks now. Getting healthy does that.

    The offense needs a legit QB. Right now there really isn’t one on the roster.

    With that said. The D should get all the love. They’ve been pretty good this year considering how often they find themselves on the field with how the offense plays.

  56. Dallas’ D is still Dallas’ D.

    However they are well rested this time, so I expect the game to be closer than the last.

    No idea who wins though. Eagles with the edge ’cause it’s at home however.

    1. The only one would be available is RG3.

      RG3 is a spread QB. Who would be playing in a spread offense. I’m not ra ra RG3 ’cause of his injury history. But he could run a Kelly offense just fine. He just couldn’t stay healthy.

      If Mariota doesn’t end up in a spread type offense you will be hollering how he “sucks” too.

      1. What Marriotta does in the zone read at Oregon and what RG3 did at Baylor are not even on the same planet.

        Run it fine…..just stop talking now. You obviously have not watched nothing but highlighst since his rookie year.

        He is terrible in the pocket….waits til his recievers get open to throw the ball…and has NO DEEP BALL ACCURACY.

        Those are facts….not wishes.

  57. Well what can I say….

    1) Props to the defense we couldn’t ask for a better unit with the players on the roster.

    2) Sanchez is a backup QB that is more limited then Colt McCoy. When does Foles get back.

    3) Why is Cooper still a starter? Because he blocks well? So does Brad Smith.

    4) Why aren’t we using Sproles like we did in the first four games of the season?

    5) This was a much needed measure stick. Defense good? Yes O line good? Yes Receivers good? Yes with the exception of Cooper QB of the future? Not sure he’s on this roster.

    6) More love to the defense the game couldn’t have been played better.

    A Loyal Eagles Fan

  58. Foles isnt Tom Brady…but hes better than Sanchez and its not fucking close.

    Foles isnt our franchise QB either.

    Sanches is just a guy. You can win with him with ball control and a strong running game. He cant win a game.

    Its fustrating as shit….I dont care who the QB is on this team.

    Sanchez is not a true zone read threat and he wants nothing to do with running the ball.

    DAMN IT!!!!!!!

    1. Not fucking close?

      The guy who couldn’t pull out a win after being gifted..what was it 21 points…by the special teams and defense.

      You’re right. It’s not close. Not. At. All.

      1. It does not matter…Sanchez can not get us over the top. He is ok…nothing that will move us in the right direction. Foles still under contract next year…Sanchez will not be offered a new contract from Eagles. They will let hin walk.

          1. Pretty stupid day to come back and claim that Sanchez is better than Foles.

            Like IJ above, I don’t care who the QB on this team is. I just want them to find out as soon as possible and move forward. Foles has another year on his contract, so he will be in the mix. Sanchez is a good backup, but as we are seeing, against the stronger teams he will be exposed.

          2. No you said he reads defenses better and makes NFL caliber throws consistently….

            lmao career 55% passer…one of the worst QB in history under pressure…

            Sorry desperate to say I told you so…willing to look completely clueless by saying nonsense.

            1. And with all of that.

              He’s still a better option than Foles.

              Once again. I NEVER said he was a good QB or was the Ealges QB of the future. But having watched Sanchez since Foles was out…he’s the better option.

              And once again…that’s not saying a whole lot.

      2. Stop your bullshit. This team wasnt healthy on the line all year. We couldnt even run the ball on goalline.

        Its not close.

        Where are all the zone read option yards he has.?

        Thats right.

        NOT. AT. ALL.

        1. Ealges line has been good in pass pro most of the year.

          The line was an issue in run blocking…NOT pass protection. Foles had plenty of time to throw the ball and couldn’t.

        1. Foles is the guy nowhere. Sanchez isn’t the guy either.

          Eagles need a QB. Have no idea what that’s gonna look like come the off season. But if Foles continue to be the guy – better hope the East stays an easy division for years of come with only Dallas being the comp ’cause he’s not good enough to do anything but beat the bad teams.

    1. He turns the ball over….

      He cant beat a good defense…

      He doesnt throw into tight windows…

      He doesnt have a strong arm….

      All the reasons against Foles….yet they more accurately describe Sanchez.


      1. Um…

        They apply to both QBs.

        One however moves better in the pocket. Reads defenses better. And has a quicker release. Oh and can make NFL caliber throws with relative consistency.

        1. Did you just say read defenses better and makes NFL caliber throws?

          Lmao just stop talking….Sanchez cant even throw an out route to the sidelines.

          Seriously you have no clue in analyzing football talent.

    2. Fuck Foles…The QB is not the issue here.

      Did Sanchez make Ertz drop that pass which could have kept a needed drive alive when there was still time to come back?

      Did Sanchez drop a pick six when Davis called the perfect defense against Wilson on 3rd down when the game was still close?

      Did Sanchez let defensive players in the back field that led to 2 freakin sacks in a row?

      What could Foles have done tonight?

      He played licked hot shit all year and even Roger Staubach in his prime would have been horrible tonight against that defense and with th refs only calling secondary penalties against us.

      Did Sanchez fumble tha ball in the first possesion after the half that led to the Seahawks 2 score lead?

      shady’s fumble was the reason for this lost.


      1. Of course the QB is not the issue..he went 10-20 for 96 yards…lol..96. That is a joke. Chip clearly did not trust Sanchez as he took the ball out of his hands. Sanchez can not convert the critical 3rd down and obviously missed passes. Ertz pass was high..stop with the excuses…just stop it. Its always soneone else fault. Against Green Bay it was all on the defense…now today it is the receivers fault. Sanchez is a good back up. Like I said it means nothing. He will not be back. Clearly he is not the guy…just a guy.

      2. @ Songs. I find your argument funny. I agree the QB is not the true issue tonight. However, when the Eagles played the Cardinals everybody gave Foles hell when the defense allowed a 75 yard touchdown to win the game with less than 1:30 to go. Foles walked off the field with a lead and somehow he was blamed for the loss.

        “Did Sanchez make Ertz drop that pass which could have kept a needed drive alive when there was still time to come back?”
        – No he didn’t. He simply overthrew him.

        “Shad’y fumble was the reason for this lost. [sic]”
        – That is just an awful argument. One fumble did not prevent the quarterback from throwing at least 100 yards.

    1. True…but how does that benefit the Eagles..it does not so who gives a shit but you qb hopper…by the way…Wilson is also better than RG 3, WHO YOU TRADED THE EAGLES FOR…LOL FRAUD!

    2. LOL

      Knew you were strokin’ it the oment Wilson ran for his TD. Guy overthrew 15 straight WRs. Can’t read a D to save his life. But ran one in. Scrambled around to keep a couple plays alive….so he;s a hero.

      This game was a gift for the Eagles. But the Birds were limited. Head coach did not trust his own QB and so tried to run an “allrun” college offence.

      Didn’t work….late 3rd tried to let the QB throw and we saw what happened.

      Sanchez stinks. Eagles have a shot if he’s not the QB.

      Move on.

      1. Vinny…Wilson is among tne top 5smartest quarterbacks in the league. To suggest he can not read a defense is beyond asinine. He reads defenses better than Andrew Luck…if u saw him play against the browns he was god awful. Had a nice cone back winning drive…but looked lost today a majority of the game.

          1. Vinnie you saying Wilson looked lost today is just as dumb as TsJohnson saying Mark Sanchez can read defense and make NFL caliber throws consistently.

            Russell Wilson is the truth. In this offense we would be perennial Superbowl contenders.

            Anything else is pure stupidity.

            1. Those two things aren’t even close.

              Mark Sanchez can read defenses better than Foles.

              And can make NFL caliber throws consistently. I didn’t say his game was consistent. ‘Cause it’s not.

              1. Just stop….let Vinny take the lead for dumbass comment of the night. Mark Sanchez cant read defenses better. Pure nonsense.

                In his starts he has a higher turnover % and isnt a threat to beat team against the blitz or over the top.

                You dont like Foles fine. Trying to overhype Sanchez is ridiculous.

                When you have the worst % in NFL history against the rush its the epitome of a guy not being able to read a defense….

                Seriously. Do some homework.

          2. No..he did not look hefuddled at all. All quarter backs have their day. Wilson is very swift reading . He is one of the fastest processors in the league…no question.

  59. I think the Eagles offense is in some trouble. They’ve had similar issues in this game that they had against Carolina, San Fran, Arizona and Green Bay.

    They are not very good on third downs. It is very hard to win games when an offense is incapable of converting on third down. The Eagles have show, regardless of the QB, that they struggle on thrid down.

    They have trouble scoring in the redzone. This has been an issue all year as well. Even though the Eagles have improved in redzone efficiency under Sanchez, it is still one of the worst in the league.

    Turning the ball over. The birds cannot keep the ball in their possession. This is a big factor when determining the outcome of games and it hurt again today. Whether fumbles or interceptions this cannot continue.

    Not consistently running the football. There have been games where the Eagles have been great running the football, however(like many games) they have not done it to the same consistency seen a year ago. Teams unable to rush don’t usually win in the playoffs. I still believe the Eagles need to adopt a power running game. I think that style of play would be unstoppable under Chip Kelly. It would be difficult for any d-line to have to defend the power running game at a pace Chip Kelly likes to go. Kelly should get a power back to complement McCoy.

    All of these issues have come up in previous games, however they only seem to become know to the public during a loss. The Eagles do great in beating lesser opponents, yet don’t fair so well against playoff/ superbowl caliber opponents. I don’t mention Dallas because they pretend to be a superbowl/playoff caliber team up until December every year.

    When the team wins, people just look at the win and disregard the negatives. Instead, people should always focus on how to improve on the negatives (win, lose or draw).

    I am still not convinced with Sanchez. One game he looks great, then he looks terrible. That is the very definition of inconsistent.

    I think the Secondary for the Eagles needs a revamp this offseason. They need to draft corners and a safety to replace Allen. Additionally, please get rid of Copper.

    1. Look as it stands…

      The Eagles can beat the bad teams.

      Will split the okay teams.

      Will lose against the good teams.

      It’s the same as last year.

      It’s only year 2 so it’s too early to say it’s a pattern yet. We’ll see what happens with one more off season and whether or not they get a knew QB or roll with what they have.

  60. A few things to take away from Today’s Game

    1) You can’t win by sinking & dunking down the field versus a good Defense
    (Which I mentioned in pregame) why on 3rd & 8 yards or more are the Eagles calling 3-4 Yard Routes…

    2) Malcolm Jenkins got burned on go ahead TD pass and then Dropped what coulda,woulda been a game changing Int on the only bad pass that Russell
    Wilson threw..

    3) When it counted most on 3rd Down, the Offense could not convert & the Defense could not get off the Field

    4) LeSean McCoy’s Fumble to start the 2nd Half was a real killer
    Emotionally for the Eagle Offense

    5) Bottom Line – The Eagles and Chip Kelly’s Offensive Game Plan is not good enough versus the Top 5-6 Teams in the NFL .. Too many predictable Plays & Formations in this Game

    6) Eagles with a 150 Yards on Offense simply did not Deserve to
    Win this Game

    7) Special Teams played Well

    1. Actually throwing the underneath stuff is a good strategy against Seattle. Testing them deep is how you can get in trouble with them.

      Ultimately it doesn’t come down to anything other than they are the better team, top to bottom, right now.

      Though the Eagles front 7 is something to write home about.

    2. I agree with your assessment but with a quarterback who can throw it deep vertically it’s a different game

      Mike vick would have done a better job today, he at least would have kept the safeties honest

      But unlike foles , who notwithstanding idiot blabbering, has one of the strongest arms in the league, Sanchez has zero hose. He can’t keep the defense concerned about the deep ball

      Kelly knows this. He doesn’t trust Sanchez with the deep ball. When he threw one deeper ball it was badly under thrown and intercepted.

      The only hope for the eagles is the return of a healthy foles

  61. Reality is, we’re a year away. A playoff appearance in Chip’s first year set the bar pretty high, in a season we had a lot of breaks to get there. Still need some pieces on O and D, but I like what Chip’s building. Sanchez is poo with a noodle arm and plays like he has his whole career. I also couldn’t help watching lynch run with some violence while Mccoy got tackled by his own shadow. Mccoy disappears against good defenses and pads his numbers against crap teams. He’s all finesse and thats why we struggle in short yardage. Plus he can’t block. Hopefully Foles comes back soon so we can see what we have going forward. Hopefully he can regain his form or the rebuild will be further delayed with a rookie QB. Hats off to the D today though, especially Cox and Kendricks. A few more pieces in 2ndary and this D will be dominant.

  62. Once foles comes back with this healthy offensive line and a running game and a healthy foles, you will see a different offense

  63. To review:

    1st series: Pass pass pass. 2 terrible decisions – almost intercepted. Coach, like any intelligent fan/person – terrified.

    After that:

    pass short
    pass short
    pass short
    pass short
    pass short
    pass short


    Sanchez throws those two “OMG what’s he doing!” passes in the first drive.

    And then 14 handoffs 6 short throws

    His own coach terrified.

    Game over.

    Songs, TS, Kool – all idiots.

    The coach knows what he has (does not have) in Sanchez. Why don;t you?

  64. Let Foles in for the playoffs. Let him fall on his face or show promise.

    Move on from Sanchez. Draft a guy and pick a reclamation project if someone gets cut or released.


    The rest of the season if they get past the Cowboys Foles need to start by the Giants game.

    1. Exactly! No need to keep wasting time with Sanchez…he is clearly not the future. And he clearly can not get us to the big dance…so no need to screw around with it.

  65. Shady fumbles…mark becomes mark…fletcher gets undressed ..and ,chip tried to keep it a one score game …he changed his personality..his distrust in sanchez can also be a two headed monster ..it gives to the possibility ,chip has such high regard for the back end of his opponent he stopped being himself ..he obviously had mark on a very tight leash…that’s agreeable with me ….but…you must then sustain drives and make rushing 1st downs …they didn’t execute against a Super Bowl caliber defense…watching the film ,and then facing Dallas …a huge drop off ,will get us back on track…..to anyone who makes exclamations that the bright lights didn’t effect this offense as a whole ,wasn’t watching the same game..it’s never just one guys fault..there’s plenty of it to spread around..starting with chip..I never recall being frightened of what bad my eagle quarterback might do . .? Sanchez talk is over …to be real..you just sound stupid …watch the tape and watch the coach…tells you all we need to know…I’ll predict with a great deal of hope that foles plays and is heroic vs Dallas ….we are back on track ..and the mojo returns…but today was humbling…

  66. There is no moving forward, no reclamation project, Kelly knows this, Sanchez is what his record tells us, It’s foles or bust

    1. The plan at QB this off season will not be Foles or bust..I am at the point that Ithink the Eagles will look at the defense and say it can contend…but looking at the offense, the piece that needs to be strengthened is the qb position if the right guy can be attained. I can find d backs in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

  67. Sanchez did exactly what a backupshould do.

    Led the team to wins over pathetic Tenny, Dallas, and Carolina.

    Up against GB and Seattle….not so much.

    Everyone on the planet knows if Sanchez is the QB for the Eagles they’re going nowhere in the playoffs.

    The ONLY option is to re-instate Foles for the end of season/playoffs to see what he can do with a full Oline and Shady.

    At the very least he can trow over 20 yards.

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