Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

losersDisaster In D.C. Reveals Much About Flawed Birds

For third straight week, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles came up short in another losing effort that drives this team further and further from a playoff position.

Critical errors in critical moments continue to cost this team dearly. From the missed field goal attempts of Cody Parkey, to the turnovers from Mark Sanchez, to the baffling stubbornness of defensive coordinator Billy Davis refusing to bench Bradley Fletcher, the ingredients were all there for another letdown.

What we’ve learned over the last three weeks is that is not a very good football team, and its not one that deserves to be in the playoffs.

The coaching staff is largely at fault for how these last three weeks have played out. This team has had glaring issues all year in several areas, and Chip Kelly and his staff have been unable to properly address or solve any of them through 15 games. Specifically, I’m talking about turnovers and the defensive gameplan.

Turnovers have been killing this team all year long. The amount of careless, silly mental mistakes that this club has made throughout the year is just unacceptable. This team averages more than two giveways per game, and anytime you’re giving away the ball at such a high rate, its going to cost you. The Eagles were lucky to have won as many games as they did inspite of how many gifts they’ve served up to teams on a silver platter.

Billy Davis also deserves a great deal of blame for how things have fallen through this year.

I don’t understand why Davis has flat out refused to even consider making a change at cornerback throughout the season. Bradley Fletcher isn’t as bad as he’s looked the last two weeks, but after getting obliterated by Dez Bryant, and burned multiple times by DeSean Jackson, its apparent that he has lost a great deal of his confidence, making him even more of a target than he was before. Wasn’t Nolan Carroll brought in here because the front office believed he could push Fletcher for a starting job?

The excuse that we’ve gotten from Davis all year is that he doesn’t want to mess with his nickel or dime packages by starting either Brandon Boykin or Carroll over either Fletcher or Cary Williams. So instead, Davis sat by idly and watched his base defense crumble because of a critical hole in one area that has been an issue all year. Its flat out inexcusable that that we’re in Week 16 and an adjustment at the position hasn’t even been considered. Davis has done a much better job in this town as a defensive coordinator than many expected, but his stubborn approach really cost this team dearly.

The other element of tonight’s game that was frustrating was seeing Zach Ertz go off for 15 catches and over 100 yards, setting a franchise record for receptions in a game. My question to Chip Kelly is what took so long? Ertz is a guy that everyone can see is just overflowing with potential, and is could have been a real difference maker on this offense if given the opportunity. However, Kelly has inexplicably left him out of the gameplan for most of the season, citing Ertz’s blocking ability. That’s a load of nonsense in my eyes. Here you have a guy that you can use in a variety of ways to create matchup problems and really help the offense move down the field, its absolute negligence that this head coach didn’t make better use of Ertz’s talents this year.

And finally, we still have serious questions about this coach’s ability to succeed in big games and big situations. Its cute that you can run up the score on teams like the Titans and Panthers, but its been a flat out struggle for this club to succeed any time they’ve been faced with a quality opponent or a must-win situation. They failed miserably the last two weeks against the Seahawks and Cowboys to put themselves in what should have been a desperate, must-win situation against a three-win team like the Redskins. And they couldn’t get up to take care of business against one of the league’s biggest laughingstocks.

When you look at this team’s body of work, they’re a lot closer to being a losing team than they are a winning one. They lived off of big plays from their defense and special teams through the first month and a half of the season, and if a couple of bounces go the other way, we could very easily be looking at a team with six or seven wins instead of nine.

Quick Thoughts


  • This offense leans so heavily on dink-dunk with Mark Sanchez as quarterback, its painful to watch. Sanchez threw for 374 yards with two touchdowns, but leaned heavily on the short and intermediate passes, very rarely attempting to take shots down the field. 
  • Sanchez did his part to give the Redskins opportunities to win, turning the ball over twice in critical moments. Sanchez began the game with a lost fumble that set the Redskins up with a short field and an eventual field goal, and ended the game with a poorly thrown ball that was intercepted and led to the Washington game-winning kick.
  • LeSean McCoy ran for 88 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries, and also added 28 yards on three receptions.
  • Zach Ertz was targeted a whopping 18 times.
  • Darren Sproles picked up over 60 yards on 10 touches.
  • We have positive things to say about Riley Cooper for a change! Cooper caught five balls for 52 yards, including two touchdowns.
  • It was a pretty bad night for the offensive line, which picked up several bad penalties and allowed three sacks.
  • The offense went on an impressive 94-yard drive in the second quarter, capped by a third and goal touchdown pass from Sanchez to Riley Cooper. During the drive, the Eagles had several big third down conversions, including a 26-yard pass to Jordan Matthews on a third and 25, and a 22 yard screen to Darren Sproles on third and 16.


  • Fletcher Cox picked up another sack.
  • Its bad enough that Cary Williams is a mediocre corner. Why does he need to compound it with dumb penalty after dumb penalty? Williams picked up a silly personal foul after the Eagles stopped Washington on third down deep in Philadelphia territory. Instead of a field goal try, Washington was given half the distance to the goal and a fresh set of downs. Fortunately, the Eagles were able to stop the Skins again.
  • Malcolm Jenkins dropped another potential pick-six in the first quarter. Jenkins successfully anticipated and jumped a route, but couldn’t hang on to the ball. This led to three Washington points, and could have been a difference in the game.
  • Mychal Kendricks picked up a sack early in the second quarter to force Washington into a third and 19. Kendricks led the team with 10 tackles.
  • Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry each picked up a couple of bad penalties.
  • Bradley Fletcher played a big role in allowing DeSean Jackson to pick up 126 yards on four catches.
  • Nate Allen came down with a huge interception in the second half that started the Eagles’ rally.

Special Teams

  • Its a shame to see Cody Parkey’s season end on such a sour note. The rookie kicker had been such a key element of this team’s success, but he played as big a role as anyone in the loss by missing two kicks. 

Final Thoughts

This is a loss that was embarrassing and utterly devastating for this franchise.

However, as bleak as things feel, its not over yet.

Think back to the 2008 season. The Eagles were in control of their own destiny, but took a terrible loss in Week 16 to (ironically enough) the Washington Redskins in Washington no less. The playoffs seemed out of reach for the disappointing Birds, as they needed all kinds of improbable scenarios to come true during Week 17. The lowly Houston Texans and even more lowly Oakland Raiders needed to help the Eagles out with wins over the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Bucs, and the Eagles would need to take down the Cowboys later in the day.

Things seemed so far out of reached, but things would ultimately play out perfectly for the Eagles.

The scenario as it stands now is that the Cowboys must lose to both the Colts and Redskins, and the Eagles must defeat the New York Giants next week.

Don’t rule anything out.


166 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

  1. It’s Over….
    Onto the 2015 Season… I expect some changes with the Staff
    And a lot of older,aging Players playing their Final Game as Eagles
    In the Seadon Finale vs the Giants…
    The Rebuilding continues…
    The Eagles need to clean house with Secondary minus M Jenkins,
    Add a ILB, and another DL
    On Offense, RG was an issue most of the Year,
    Get Foles back, add at least 1-2 WR’s and then Draft an OT,
    QB & Arab of the Future…

  2. Couple things to remember, Chip is only in his second season of ever coaching in the NFL, we all got caught up because of how fast he started but in the end he’s still early in this n still doesn’t have all the pieces he needs.
    What was the first thing Andy was able to do when he got here? Draft a franchise QB! This guy will never have a chance until that happens.
    I think it’s time for a change at GM, Howie is still shell shocked from the dream team season, you can’t have the ‘I don’t want to overspend mentality’ because of something that happened 3 seasons ago, if they don’t promote Gamble he’s out of here, if that happens the Eagles R gonna have a problem with Chip since its been reported they do a lot of traveling together and are tight,
    Let get back to reality and relax, were a few pieces away from being a good team.

  3. I remember saying earlier in the year that I knew Chip was a great coach because we were winning games despite the fact that we were bottom 3 in the league in both turnovers, red-zone offense, and probably time of possession. But now that Chip was unable to fix these issues, I don’t know what to think. This season which started so promising has turned into Kotite’s last season where they won 7 of their first 9 before collapsing.
    Do the last several games indicate that Foles is a better QB than he looked this season (he won games)? Do the last few games and reports that the Seahawks knew exactly what plays our offense was going to run speak to the fact that the league has caught up to Chip?

    I’m befuddled and numb today, I really didn’t see it ending with a loss to DeSean and the team from Washington.

  4. We can’t sugarcoat it ,we can’t put lipstick on it …it took 60 quarters of football to finally bench a guy for his poor production and play …yes …Bill Davis ,and the Eagles organization has finally realized players and talent ,matter ..I don’t give a flying s–t about culture…how about the culture of a work enviornment where the guy next to you is knowingly ,screwing up ,and there’s no next man up ,no accountability ,best of all NO culpability…that culture is a cesspool..while a front 7 is playing as hard as it can ,you have two corners in williams (dumb ass 3rd down penalties) ,as well as allowing garçon to whiff by him late in the 4th quarters final drive…DJax called it “naive ” the eagles approach to defense …he was being kind…but let’s interpret his words ,as he knows them pretty well…is it naievity . .? Or just plain stupidity? How do you get undressed on national tv by Dezz …by singling fletcher for 3 tds ,and then show your naievity ,by doing so again in a single elimination game on Djax ,who’s best weapon is his speed? Does Bill Davis pay the ultimate price ? As an arizona resident the very same fingerprints were all over his departure in this town…he failed to adjust ,was the common uproar ..he puts as AR used to say ..his players in a better position to succeed …or to fail? Undisciplined football (mental) culture ? Isn’t that what culture breeds ? Discipline and focus? No ..not when talent prevails…we lost to every good team we faced down the stretch of the season …that’s damaging enough ..but to allow a dysfunctional group of dead skins to stomp on your carcass’s embarrasing…This fan base emerges answers …but as we know ,with the start of the season …Djax must go…with zero must now own that …thanks to billy Davis and fletcher and williams ..they shined a spotlight on it…it’s glare is blinding …again no accountability …no culpability..the yellowish paint is fading on the Gold Standard’s distressing because …the season was leaking oil after Green Bay …the coaches went with the old excuse defensively ..we don’t want to disrupt our nickel and dime packages ? By staying naive…they’re now possibly nickel and dining there way on to the unemployment line…last laughs are a bitch..just ask #11

  5. My final thought to Jeffrey Laurie ….you may feel naive wasn’t appropriate …well how does putting 20 million in your pocket feel ? You now face a 100 million in Xmas sales at the holidays streaking down the sidelines as nobody would dare be caught dead wanting anything midnight green from’re a fool…

      1. i went to the clubhouse yesterday morning and bought my dad a $70 hoody and my mom a pair of eagles earrings.

        both are going back tomorrow!

  6. Not all doom and gloom…they need to make changes and it took an embarrassment to take any leverage from them doing the opposite. No different than when Reid sold us Pinkston and Thrash and they finally had to get TO. Forced change can be a good thing.

    If Howie goes than it says this year was a power struggle. If he stays it shows they tried to be smarter than the room and it blew it up in their face.

  7. Guys lets keep it real here, without a franchise QB Chip will always b in an uphill battle, people r saying McCarthy is doing a great job this year, so he wasn’t a good coach last year? He was nothing without his franchise QB, look at Andy, he had the good fortune to draft his franchise QB early in his tenure n look at the run he had, he was never the same here without him, we need a major overhaul in the secondary n a few other pieces but until Chip gets his franchise QB its always going to be a struggle for him.

    1. Yup…we are deluding ourselves if we continue to think we can win big time games with limited, slow, weak armed QB’s!

      You have to roll the dice….do what you have to do to get the franchise QB.

      Chip if you believe in Mariota…you got to put the package together that will get him.
      Two moves the Eagles have to make:

      1. Get a franchise QB

      2. Fire Bill Davis

  8. Izzell…Djax flying like a bird kicking the f….in eagles ..that’s not deck the halls with holly…let me state this matter of factly…it’s all bad ..for 2014 …the other stuff is hope and a prayer …we re watching the boy George culture club..sing Xmas Carroll’s …

    1. Nah the worse moment in the last twenty years for me is Blaine Bishop tearing a hammy chasing Joe Jurevicious and Carolina DBs man handling is at home.

      This is nothing…Birds are a good team with a chance to be something…but I didn’t think we were a contender going into this season and nothing really changed.

      I had 3 questions going in this year..Cox Kendricks and Foles…got answers for two of them.

      Foles injury is the most disappointing thing off this season. Can’t write him off can’t hang your hat on him either…

    1. Desert eagle, You think I’m not sick about it? Because I’m such a die hard I’ve been getting texted non stop from the haters lol, it is what it is, I say let Barkley start the last game, Sanchez showed us enough n we all know he won’t be back, I say we do a Ditka n give up the whole draft next year if we have to to get Mariota.

  9. Cooper plays because he can block, Ertz loses snaps because he can’t block, Desean is in DC because he isn’t a good blocker. Man you dudes can keep on drinking the kool aid but all this is about is the genius thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room. Djax, Maclin, Ertz, Matthews, McCoy, Sprouls would have been unstoppable even with garbage ass Sanchez pulling the trigger. The genius did Foles no favors this off season and now we have questions about the QB again. 20 million under the cap and we get Williams, Fletcher and Allen in the secondary. By the way Davis says Fletcher was supposed to have help over the top if that was the case why was Fletcher benched and not Allen total and complete nonsense.

  10. Until a true talent evaluator is running this team, & they are dedicated to do all they can to put a true contender on the field, nothing will change! $25M+ coming into FA & the draft, & releasing your best WR, for no return, & not replacing his skill set! You have an inept, glorified bean counter running things, with a fraudulent “genius” as a coach, with failures as a coaching staff, so what did you expect! You draft reaches, projects, stiffs & rotational players, sign out of the dumpster in FA, & you expect to win a SB, let alone a playoff game? The secondary ain’t going to get any better this off-season, with very weak FA & draft classes! That ship sailed, the last 2 off-seasons, when there were strong FA’s & high draft picks to draft! Nothing was done, nothing! But hey, sign Jenkins, who led the league for 3 years in missed tackles, & only had 4 total int’s, to replace an equally bad Chung! Bring back Cooper & Casey “I’m not my Bro” Matthews, have square pegs, in round holes in Curry, Thornton, Logan, Cole, Graham playing & not replaced with true 3-4 players! The honeymoon is over, & unless Weaselman, Davis & 3/4 of the defense is replaced, expect similar outcome next year! Don’t be surprised if the coward, fraud Kelly leaves either!

    1. Don’t be surprised if the coward, fraud Kelly leaves either. I agree with you. I have been calling him a snake oil salesman the last two weeks. This whole culture beats scheme and talent is sickening. The best corner in the draft Marcus Peters will be available when the Eagles select their first pick in the draft. Peters attitude got him kicked off the team. Eagles will not touch him, but will take a lesser Bradley Fletcher. DeSean Jackson (talent) beats Bradley Fletcher (culture) all day everday!!!

        1. Izzell, I am not feeling Kelly right now. Yes I am pissed by that loss yesterday. I am angrier today than I was last night. Simply pissed off. No business losing to the deadskins at all. 3 losses in a row, knowing what’s on the line is simply unacceptable. Culture is not beating talent.

          1. Nobody is feeling anybody in Eagles management right now and nobody should.

            And talent doesn’t equate to winning either. It’s a balance. And right now it’s out of whack. Now we see what the next move is.

        2. Izzell, what do you call a guy, who initially turned down our job offered to him, then changed his mind, when he found out he was going to be sanctioned by the NCAA for inproper recruiting, & brought his “Genius” to philly. That is a fraud & a giant pussy, coward in my book! Do you have a short memory? Don’t worry, you’ll come around & agree with me, when he tucks his tail, & goes back to college this off-season. His 2 year NCAA ban is up at the end of 2014. Rumors swirling of 4 NCAA schools going for him. HMMMMM………..

          1. If it happens you get credit until it does it’s nothing….Nick Saban did the same thing…Urban Meyer got out of Florida because of his “health” then ended up in Ohio State..most coaches lie through their teeth

            1. IJ, I agree with you about those other coaches. But, that isn’t the topic, the topic is OUR fraud coach. BTW, I don’t want credit, I want a fucking organization, that is capable, able & willing to do everyhting they should, & could, to make this team a Championship team, not the fraud crap that is shoved down our throats! I’m so pissed & disgusted right now, that we are out, & the Cowbitches are in! IDK who angers me more, the Phillies, or the Birds front offices!

          2. I will say this DCar..and Big will probably jump in and say “I TOLD YOU”….I’m done with Howie…I’ve been listening to his show the last couple of weeks…He’s the one with the culture over talent.

              1. I turned on Howie after I heard his show and a caller questioned him on corners and he gave the culture scheme fit response. Shut started making sense on the moves. They were pure Howie we can get by this year moves. They didn’t see any threats. Thought division was a cake walk except Dallas surprised everyone.

              2. Rubbed me the wrong way especially when Davis started playing more and more single high safety toward the end of the year…If that was the scheme than Brandon Flowers or Antonio Cromartie should have been here…it would be a waste to sign Revis or Talib because the team isn’t a elite contender but they definitely should have upgraded.

            1. IJ, I actually don’t have a major problem with Chip, because I think he is an ok coach, that brought an interesting change to the Birds, my problem is with the unwarranted ball slurping, from the media, fans, & bloggers, giving him the “Genius” label, when he hasn’t won a fucking thing, has many flaws, & is a stubborn egotistical ass! He never won shit in college, & hasn’t won shit here yet! But, hey, our offense is fast, & led the NFL in plays per game, & we won the salary cap bowl again, 7 years running! SMH, I’m disgusted!

              1. Just venting my disgust with this entire organization right now. Salary cap bowl winners again. Other than the 2 anamoly years of the TO/ Kearse off-season, & the butt fucked Dream team off-season, when has this team actually utilized their cap space, & didn’t dumpster dive for stiffs, castoffs, & rotational bums?

              2. IMO I think Howie wanted to move on from DJax and Chip co signed thinking he was getting Cooks or ODB in the draft or something in free agency and it back fired. I also think the VJax rumors were true and that was Chip telling Howie to get him a player. I think a ton congress out in the wash this off season regarding direction etc of the team.

              3. Man I’m medium on this team because I didn’t think this team was a contender before the off-season. I had three questions Foles Kendricks Cox. I got two answers.

                I actually think sitting with shit all off season ears at Kelly and they are forced to make moves.

            2. no team does well when the back up QB has to play half the year. All the idiots on here who think Foles in a game manager… Well 14-5 (including the playoff Loss) with Foles and 5-8 with others. Kool, TS, and the other people with no clue can try and skew results all you want. But the record stands for itself. This is not a plug and play QB offense, and Foles is a winner and a very good quarterback.

  11. If things stay the same no change in FO structure approach etc than of course they are setting themselves up for failure.

    If Gamble moves into that role than clearly this year was a power struggle between Roseman and Kelly.

    If rumors for Vincent Jackson were true, than it shows a fracture between Kelly and Roseman.

    Only time will tell.

  12. You cant b conservative (Roseman) n expect to take it to the next level, all we heard concerning the last draft was how much Chip liked Odell, Benjamin, Dix and a few others, Howie was scared to death to move up, was too worried about giving up picks, as they say, u get what u pay for (smith) I gurantee if Gamble takes over you’ll see a major change in philosophy and players on this team that can come in from day one and have a major impact.

      1. I said it during the draft once Buffalo made the trade up, the Eagles were trading back because it got to rich for Howies blood.

        You need a guy bold enough to make moves and strong enough to tell Chip to shove it up his ass when he wants to pick another Pac12 guy.

  13. I think MSII & the Deal & Selection of J Matthews
    Were Roseman’s doing.. The Rest was Chip Kelly’s
    From Huff,Watkins,Hart,Allen & Reynolds
    Which does not bode well for 2015 Draft
    If Kelly is running Draft..
    Bump Howie upstairs to handle all Contracts & Salary Cap
    Issues and let Tom Gamble handle the Draft
    And let Kelly worry about Coaching and finding another DC &
    Secondary Coach & QB Coach

      1. I don’t trust Oregon Ducks Skills Players,
        They play too reckless and rely on speed & athleticism instead
        of learning the nuances and fundamentals of their Positions..

  14. For the Record and in my opinion,
    This is not as Strong as a Draft Class in 2015
    As compared to last Season
    There are some great RB’s, WR and interior OL
    And Depth at LB, which the strength of this Class..
    The Secondary Draft Class is about the weakest & thinnest
    I’ve seen the last few years and the QB,DE,TE
    Class is below Average..
    If Eagles don’t upgrade Secondary thru Free-Agency
    Then it will take 2-3 Seasons to get this Secondary
    Up to par
    This Draft is not looking like a good one based on what Eagles need
    For 2015

      1. Yes its a Meat & Potato’s kind of Draft, IJ…
        Not a lot of sizzle or big names, but a lot of quality players in the Trench’s,
        The average Fan is going to have to temper expectations if they think a stud CB or Safety is coming in right away and making an impact
        Eagles missed that Boat the last 2 Drafts for those
        I wouldn’t mind seeing OL/DL/LB addressed early in Draft
        The. Good Teams always Select from the Strength of a Draft and
        Not reach for a Positional Need…

          1. Yes you did and he was on Ravens Radar all Draft run up and a perfect fit for them
            There was no chance in hell last Drafthst GM Roseman was going to trade up, remember they only went in with
            5/6 Selections and I was dead on that they would trade back
            To Clevekand 22 for 26 with Cleveland kicking in the 3rd Round Pick
            (86th) which then allowed them some extra picks and allowed them
            to move up in the 2nd Rd to get Matthews
            If they didn’t Trade Back from #22, then the J Matthews Deal most likely Doesn’t happen
            GM Roseman is always going to get his
            6-7-8 Selectiobs every Draft

    1. Yes we did miss with him..
      He’s been benched,burned and simply overpowered by NFL D/Lineman..

      2 OL I was high on did have pretty good Rookie Seasons
      Browns Joel Bitonio and Seahawks Justin Britt
      Who were 2nd & 3rd Rounders
      (DCar liked Britt as well if my memory serves me well)

  15. An interesting Free-Agent OL is Seahawks
    James Carpenter, who played at Alabama, under Eagles OL Coach Souterfield
    A few years back and obviously knows him well..
    Carpenter could Play RG or even RT in a pinch
    I believe Seattle has him playing at LG now and they way the Seahawjs are locking Defensive Players and will have address
    QB Wilson’s deal, they may be out of $$$ to
    Keep a OL Carpenter,CB Maxwell or OLB Schofield
    If I’m Eagles, I am going after all 3 of these Players

    1. I also believe if Brandon Graham’s Extension falls thru
      The Eagles will pursue their Houston Texan Player of the Off-Season
      In OLB Brooks Reid just for old times sake.. Good Grief!

      1. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett got signed dirt cheap to Seattle because they hadn’t proven big numbers over time…Graham is going nowhere. He’s getting resigned.

  16. I disagree, it won’t be up to the Eagles
    Bradon Graham has put up with a ton of shit from local media & fans
    Since his arrival..and now has earned the right for a clean start and a big pay-Day.. I see him heading up to the Midwest
    (Colts or Bears)
    Colts he would basically be Robert Mathis’s Replacement
    As a Pass-Rusher Backer on that fast Turf..
    Bears he would back to True DE
    Graham never moved to Philly full-time
    And lives back in Michigan where his Family is from
    Where he spends his Off-Seasons..
    He’s a goner by his own choice..
    Again with aging Trent Coles certain release or restructure Deal
    To remain an Eagle and the fact that Graham’s status is up in the air,
    This is exactly why Marcus Smith II was Drated,
    Which doesn’t mean MSII ever becomes a good Player,
    But was the Plan by Rosenan to address the OLB
    Position opposite of Barwin for 2015 & beyond..

    1. Your overestimating his worth. Hes never had double digit sacks. With players like Orakpo etc on the market.

      He will get a modest deal and stay in Philadelphia.

      Again you only have to look at the Cliff Avril etc to see that 4-3 DE dont get paid big bucks unless they have been proven multiple year double digit pass rushers.

      1. It’s not me overestimating Graham’s worth, look around the NFL
        And the deals that many DE’s/OLB’s have received in recent Years
        The fact that he has 8-9 Sacks as a Part time Player and has now shown that he can play in a 3-4 Scheme as well as put his hands down in a 4-3 Alignment only adds to his Value…
        As far as Orapko goes, he’s missed a ton of games the last 2 Years
        Look at the Deals aging Players Jarred Allen,D Ware, R Mathis,E Griffin,
        M Johnson, J Peppers, J Tuck, V Miller, P Kruger, have received in the last
        Year or 2 .. A Team looking to add a Pass-Rusher is going to overpay for him.. The Falcons, Bears,Cowboys, Giants, Jets, TB Bucs, Chargers a quickly come to mind
        Graham owes nothing to the Eagles who dicked him around his first couple of Years, he’s outta Philly the First 48 Hours of Free-Agency, no doubt in my mind about this…

    1. If they were sold on Graham in the Spring as being heir apparent to Trent Cole, the Eagles don’t Draft Marcus Smith II with the
      26th Overall Pick of the Draft..
      The reality is they were not counting on him
      To play as well as he did, and now they realize that MSII
      Is a bust, so they are desperate to resign Graham
      The a fact is as usual, the Eagles were still not
      Sure after 3-4 Years what they had in Brandon Graham
      Just like they still don’t know about B Boykin, E Wolffe,
      R Cooper, C Polk,James Casey, and even Players they brought in this Year
      Like Nolan Carroll, Braman, MSII,Josh Huff, Taylor Hart, J Watkins, etc,etc
      Why does it always take 2-3 Years for Eagles to find out about their own Players …

  17. Guys, are you really talking about Graham? He was OK yesterday as a full time starter, let’s not go overboard now, he can be replaced if need be, let’s stick to the bigger issues (Howie, QB, secondary, O line)

  18. Early word from the NFL Office that Eagles will only
    Have 2 National TV Games next Season

    Opening Sunday Night Game at the Patriots
    Which Eagles will be 11 Pt Underdogs
    And the Final Thursday Night Meaningless
    Game at the Linc vs the NY Jets which Eagles are
    listed as a 1 Pt Favorite..

    Wow, How fast have the Eagles have fallen..

  19. Wow…what a nasty cheap shot from Detroit’s center Raiola! He intentional tried to injury the guy’s ankle!

    I wish he was free agent…we could use him on the Eagles!!

    1. Naw, he’s going to be suspended for remainder of season due to multiple plays like that, he is actually hurting his team. it’s one thing to be nasty, but don’t be stupid.

      1. I want some of that attitude in this team’s ‘culture’ instead of getting pushing around and bullied.

        I’m sick of it.

        We watched our offensive line give up penetration all year on stretch plays…there is not enough nastiness and aggressiveness on the lines

        Defensive and Offensive lines…we are too soft!

        Last year we watched New Orleans bully us at home in the playoffs. Ran the ball up our gut while Bill Davis looked befuddled.

        This year towards the end of the year where you have to be creative in your defenses where the opposing offensive coordinators have seen what you do and can respond to it…Bill Davis was outcoached and overmatched….we need new coaching with a new more aggressive approach

        1. You got that attitude in Cary Williams. You have to be smart about it. Plenty of nasty players out there that plays within the rules. Bill Davis’ problem is that he doesn’t adjust, his players on the corners can’t play with the demands that his defense calls for.

        2. Rob Ryan will be available..
          Not sure I trust the guy and think he’s a little slow
          In the mental side of things, but he will bring passion
          And high energy and would die for a chance to Coach where his Dad
          Did in Philly…
          I’m not sure if a Coach Kelly would trust him either
          But it would make an interesting pair,
          And doubt if Kelly’s Ego could handle
          Ryans antics and personality
          Or if Owner Lurie would even want a Ryan as an employee
          Of the Eagles
          Eagles need to talk to 49er DC Vic Fangio the Monday after the Final game And see if he’s interested in coming back East

          1. Unless Bill Davis gets a head coaching job, he isn’t going anywhere, and he is not getting a head coaching position. I would prefer Fangio over Davis, but I do not see Kelly changing DC’s.

            1. Probably not after Year 3
              But being a man of Metrics and Stats
              There is no denying that most of the Defensive Stats are
              As bad as Year 1 which was somewhat expected with new scheme,Players etc,etc..
              But in Year 2 , outside of Increased Sacks, maybe better or lower Rushing Yards allowed, where did the Defense improve?
              What is Kelly’ & Davis Answer’s or Plan to fix it?
              It’s not all B Fletcher’s Fault..

              1. Meant to say, probably not until after Year 3
                Will Chip look to make changes, which may be too
                Late save his own Job.., we’ll see..

  20. Can’t believe we are talking about off season. Damn.

    I blame the gm. Clearly we needed corners. No doubt there. Been this way for years. Some focus on Qb… I focus on D. We need 2 Cbs. 1 ILB. 1SS. 1RG. possibly a WR. No idea what we do for our #2 and#3 qbs but they need to do something different.

  21. ok, let’s start with the 15-20 mil Jeff stuffs under his yamaka every year.

    Who went into the season believing that extra money shouldn’t be spent to improve the secondary?

    Last season showed us the secondary was not good enough, but they know better than the fans.

    The salary cap was structured to give each team an equal chance to acquire equal talent without the imbalance of a lavish owner buying championships each year like the Cowboys and 49ers did in the late 80’s and 90’s.

    The Salary cap also assured the players they would have a chance to cash in with their team or with another team with salary cap space, so stuffing 15-20 mil a year not only cheat the players but the fans who pay that damn money to see their franchise win.

    Now, don’t claim it’s to roll over to sign your own players because we see same savings in consecutive years.

    This is a business model…not a strategy that will win it all.

    Championship teams eventually have cap problems..why?

    The market for championship caliber players are usually high folks.

    We sign mid range trash and players teams no longer want in our free agency strategy. Usually players who are cheaper than high market players.

    That’s the losing strategy we see with this losing organization.

    Can we blame Banner and Reid now?

    It’s the owner!!!!

    We’re always a blind spot away and go into seasons with blatant deficiencies coupled with millions unspent.

    You get the picture now guys?

    That’s why I said years ago the Cowboys would build from nothing while this ownership brags in mediocrity and will win another championship before the Eagles, and fans blasted me.

    Said how pathetic Jerry was and how organized our Eagles were..yada yada yada.

    I saw an owner in jerry who would do anything to win including struggling through a salary cap mess.

    We take one shot to buy good players at the end of Reid’s tenure and now the Eagles Brass used that year as the example just to go back to the cheap business that led to no championships.

    A owner shouldn’t feel wrong for taking shots…that’s what winning owners do.

    The Eagles could have afforded Jenkins and the any top corner on the market last season, yet nosed the fan base by bringing back “Late Allen”, Cary Williams, and Bradley Fletcher.

    Why would Jeff Lurie want these pathetic players after what we seen last season?

    He’s not a football guy. we know…

    But, he could have sat down with Chip and Howie and asked what would it take to improve this defense and insisted on improvement there.

    Now, if he did that and someone told him the secondary is fine and only needs a slight upgrade…that person whoever that is need to fired immediately!

    The Fans were clamoring all offseason, begging this organization to improve the secondary and replace Fletcher.

    The fans know Boykins is the best corner on this team out right, so that leads us to Billy Davis.

    This is why we didn’t want Billy Davis!!!!!!

    He has the demeanor of a good position coach but is not a winning defensive coordinator and now we see why he has failed every place he’s been.

    Why didn’t we improve the corners again?

    Why is Nate Allen still on this team?

    Why is Boykin only playing Nickel?

    The decision to not drastically improve the talent of the corners on this team is really the reason we are not in the playoffs.

    Teams know they can convert 3rd and forever on this secondary. We as fans knew this secondary couldn’t hang with Dez Bryant, DJax, or any high caliber Receiver in the league.

    The Eagles Brass and coaches didn’t know?

    What are they seeing different than the fans?

    Well we know what Lurie is seeing.


    The Eagles will never win a Superbowl!

    They are flawed starting with ownership.

    They have always been flawed starting with ownership.

    I never want to hear again that the Scouts and Coaches and GM knows more than the fans because many of them has been fired through the generations because they ignored the blatant “Blind Spots” the fans pointed out.

    The intern Howie is next, but what will change?

    There will still be anywhere between 10-25 mil under the Yamaka.

    I’ll rant on the offense next.

    1. Dude seriously, the ethnic bullshit is tired. How is your boy Mark Sanchez doing for you, nice interception on the game winning drive for the second week in a row. What a loser you are.

        1. That and the ignorance he displays in the first sentence.

          When are you people going to begin to understand the difference between “Salary cap” and “Payroll”??????????????????

          The Eagles are 4th or 5th in available Salary cap space (pretend $$)

          Eagles are 11th in actuall base payroll at about $77 million in base salary payouts (real $$)

          BUT….add in all bonuses. (again real $$) and the Eagles jump to 3rd or 4th in NFL payroll.

          Eagles also have one of the lowest amounts of “dead $$” in the league, which always counts against the cap. Not having “dead $$” is GOOD!!

          Eagles have been in the top 10 in salaries paid out to players every year since Lurie took over.

          Lurie always has good accountants (salary cap guys) who manipulate the “fake” cap, and maintaining “space”….all the while being one of the top teams in terms of actually paying real $$ to players.

          One of Lurie’s mistakes is not hiring a proper public relations firm to teach the ignorant out there the difference between the cap and real $$.

          That being said, no matter how many lessons, I doubt people like Songs would ever learn.

          1. thank you vinnie, it will not keep the blow hards from blowing hard. But this was a good lesson- I rarely if ever argue about salary of athletes, its flat out stupid and given the ‘branding’ of sports franchises and players i believe its all just funny money…

          2. Haven’t we gone down this road before with the dream team? You don’t buy Super Bowls. The Eagles spend money when they need to. I don’t remember having the line wrapped around the block for Jackson. Jackson having a good day had more to do with Davis and Fletcher then Jackson. Everyone is hurting now and, calling for heads and saying stupid shit. What they need now is a good draft and off season. We will see who gets the last laugh with Jackson he is the guy who is suck with Snyder and a crap Redskin team.

      1. I agree with you there E0S, that’s why I am not harping or depending on bringing in top tier free agents. They are going to do it through the draft. I think there is some players talking about the eagles not necessarily being a top tier destination. Just my opinion based on what I have been reading on Philly.Com and CSNPhilly.

        1. I have to disagree with you EOS and EHL.

          Money talks bullshit walks in free agency. Players chase that money regardless of destination. Eagles will take of their own first…which they must do…because despite their bitter taste their is talent here.

          Cox turned into a force. More than likely you try to sign Kendricks first or let get Cox done before Suh’s contract sets the table.

          1. Izzell, do you think that Kevin Durant would come to the 76ers? i konw it’s two different sports, however, both athletes who are in pursuit of money. Nope, i can’t see Revis wanting to come to Philadelphia. We know players have taken less $ to go to teams they felt were contenders. I do not see any top tier players in their prime running to Oakland, they get castoffs who are at the back end of their careers looking to make a paycheck. We are going to see come March 10, 2015 when players can be signed during free agency.

            1. Cant compare the two EHL. You are talking non guaranteed vs guaranteed.

              Suh said it well….its up to the agent and the most money.

              Especially if its a guys first crack at Free Agency….the uniform more than likely means very little.

              1. Izzell, let’s take the rules of finances out of it for a moment. I was talking about whether a player would want to come based solely on the reputation and direction the team is going. A player can dictate what team they want to go to and not want to go to. In most cases, yes the highest bidder wins, however, that’s not the case 100% of the time. Depends on what the athlete wants and values. If he is young, probably going Rod Tidwell “Show me the $”. If the player is looking for a championship, that will play a major factor where he wants to go.

            1. I think Cedric Thornton will be back. I do not think he will command a kings ransom. I think Maclin will either go to KC with Andy or return to Philadelphia. They maybe able to Keep Herremans if they are interested in doing so for cheap. Listening to Howie after DeMeco got injured, I think Ryans will be back, but his replacement will be drafted. I hope they do not think Najee Good or Travis Long is the answer.

            2. Limbo? 3 of them are injured and will be coming off of surgery….2 arent starters….I is a role player.

              Maclin is the only person of significance in that group.

              The rest can be replaced or resigned cheaper.

    2. and I am ok with this… Just give me a Roster of 53 Nice Guys on and off the Field who represent the Eagles Brand and Community in a upstanding way
      The Rest is all Entertainment and means very little in the “Circle of Life”

  22. Man the worse feeling in the world is knowing that cowboyz have chance to win superbowl. and tony romo mvp canidate. this shit hurts i cant even bring myself to even look at sports philly sucks all the way around eagles is all we had

        1. Who Cares if the Cowboys or any other Team (Packers,Lions,Broncos,Patriots,Seahawks) go on and have Success
          in the Playoffs… Why does this “Sore-Loser” mentality exist with Grown Adults ….Eagles F’n Blew it, Choke it, whatever you want to Call it,
          It’s Time get over it and Deal with it.. Who Gives a Shit id the NFL Channel and National Media are all Ga-Ga over the Cowboys, as they always are … Who F’n Cares… Really…

          1. pman, it’s dialogue between Zilents and myself…do not tell me or anyone else who or what we should care about, get over yourself.

            Z44, the Cowboys will lose in their first round game!!!

            1. You post your crying/whining in a Public Forum, then I am free to comment on it just like all the other dumb ass comments everyone makes on here to each other, regardless of the Subject.. .You need to Grow A Pair– What are your 12 Years Old… Mr Sensitive over here…

              If you want to whine with Zilents44, then send him a Private E-Mail
              A private Conversation on a Public Sports Blog, GTFOH .. Really

              1. LOL..sounds like I struck a nerve. You post your shit slinging and rants against Chip Kelly…bitching and moaning with your “Hey look at me..give me some attention” bullshit. You double talking jive ass dude. Seriously, you meet the criteria of someone with BiPolar Disorder. Flip Floppin ass, that’s why people come after you, and then you start crying about how you don’t care… Well then why respond? Go ahead and keep slinging your shit Chimp Kelly!!! I have never read so many posts from a person who contradicts himself (him…I guess, giving you the benefit of the doubt bitch.) Oooh Ooooh, look at me I was right after you post one thing, then later on post the exact opposite.
                Oh…and How would you know what a pair looks or feels like Paula?

              2. You sounds like a Sore Loser that’s in denial like Chimp Kelly
                I tried to warn you Guys, so take it out on me if you must for it makes no difference for me… It’s all just Entertainment anymore..

              3. paulman this seems out of character for you, are you ok?

                first your criticizing people for not acting like your defintion of how a grown adult should feel about the NFL?

                then calling people 12 year olds

                then calling chimp kelly chimp kelly like a 12 year name calling at the playground.

                seems out of character and hypocritical if you ask me

              4. and you say its all entertainment anymore, what does that mean? it was all business prior?

                you’re confusing me

          2. Dude Pman you got problems it’s the way I feel why da hell does that bother you so much….that I post what i feel damn…I’m sure nobody on here wants to see the cowboyz win a superbowl…..Dude for real if you ever saw me in real life i guarantee you wouldn’t say this shit to my face you little pussy….don’t say shit on here you wouldn’t say to someone in person…GROWN UP

  23. the Eagles play a 2nd place schedule next year. Who would you rather have as an opponent next year? Detroit or Green Bay? Dallas will play the division winner on the schedule next year and the Eagles get the loser of next’s week’s Detroit vs Green Bay week 17 game. I think I want to avoid Aaron Rodgers so I am going to be cheering for GB to win the division next week. Seahawks are in first place so the Eagles get Arizona on the schedule next year and avoid the Seahawks.

  24. no team does well when the back up QB has to play half the year. All the idiots on here who think Foles in a game manager… Well 14-5 (including the playoff Loss) with Foles and 5-8 with others. Kool, TS, and the other people with no clue can try and skew results all you want. But the record stands for itself. This is not a plug and play QB offense, and Foles is a winner and a very good quarterback.

    1. anti trust i agree with that assessment… back ups are back ups for a reason– ask the cardinals who our resident flip flopper claimed were still winning because arians was a better coach when in fact they are 3-3 with a back up– eagles are now 3-4– there are about 15 starting qb’s in the nfl the rest its a crap shoot

  25. No excuse for the secondary. Its been clear forever. Songs is dead on…. except for his ethnic crap.

    Ill be the first to say that M Jenk outplayed his ability this year. Noone expected him to play that well and I dont think we should assume it will keep up. THEY NEED players in the secondary. Last year was the year to find a few. Not sure they will be as available this year. And again…. why not grab them last year?

    I dont believe they are just cheap but they sure are not smart.

    Get it done!! year after year the O is good enough to win… year after year the D is not.

  26. ok after almost 2 days to think im ok with this season.

    shit happens in the nfl, the oline was a mess and we shouldve lost more games than we did early with that line in shambles… we battled through those injuries and we were proud

    then foles gets hurt and its all poop from there on with the lone bright spot of smashing the cowboys on thanksgiving which made for a great day for me..

    i think back to the period between andys firing and the 2013/2014 eagles and my expectations were 6 wins, a top 10 draft pick and development. WELL FUCK ME, LAST YEAR WAS A SHOCK AND A FANTASTIC RIDE

    now going into this year my expectations were show me Chips year 1 wasnt a fluke and get 10 wins or better, and build something… outcome was pretty much exactly what i wanted, chip isnt a joke and can win in this league. we now have a winning culture with chip and i got faith. granted that entire secondary is ass but this is the offseason where we begin fixing that. you cant fix everything in 1 offseason!!!

    so in the past 2 years there was a lot of highs and some lows but in my opinion the highs were more than the lows. i like this team and im not gonna bitch about this draft pick or that one, or this fa or that one. chip got his feet wet now and he has shown he is legit…

    this is the off season where there needs to be changes, stabilization, and a transition from ok to above average

    my year 3 expectations are back in the playoffs, 10 wins or better, brand new pair of corners and at least 1 new safety. basically 2015/2016 should be the set up to a title run in 2016-2017.

    everyone roots differently but this is how i feel. the epic collapse hurts but in the grand scheme of things through 2 years of chip it is going as good as we couldve hoped. 2 years removed from 4-12 we have reestablished ourselves as a legit team again…


    1. imo lots of monday morning qbs out here crying…

      only goof so far since chip took over is the eagles doing nothing with our corners, but thats about to change and quite frankly that may have been the plan. their was nothing better at the time than to sign cary and fletch coming off 4 wins… seemed like a bridge to the future at the time and it still seems that way… well now is the future, fletch is walking, nate is walking, and i dont see anyway cary isnt cut…

      1. Agreed, last years lightning in a bottle, 27-2, o line in tact all year etc. set expectations pretty high. But they have serious work to do they need a MLB, maybe an OLB, half or 3/4 of the secondary… This off season will be very interesting

        1. yes it should be hac

          its easy to be pissed and say this guys a bust, that guy is a bust, chip stinks, howie stinks, and yada yada but cmon… how can marcus smith be a bust? there are little to no rookie defensivene difference makers like ever… he needs at least 2-3 years until he is a officially a bust

          look at brandon graham, people are actually starting to like this looser and want him resigned because he had 1 good season in 4 or 5 years? shit dont happen overnight

          we got a lot to be optimistic about

          1. It goes to show how tenuous success is in the nfl, a break here or there makes all the difference. Well on the positive side I don’t have to spend my Saturdays and Sunday inside fretting over the playoffs… I can watch in a casual manner.

  27. I just came to to realization that EVERY Eagle fan in the world must pray Nick Foles is the ONE. If Foles isn’t the answer we are done for the next 5 years atleast. What if Foles stinks next year what would we do? Draft a rookie in 2016 with probably a mid round pick? Pick up a QB in FA which would be a journeyman? What would we do? We would have no QB. Foles is holding this franchise hostage. Our whole future depends on him if we don’t make a move. If I was Foles agent I would tell the Eagles we need to talk contract now Im not letting y client go into final year with no security.

    1. I came I the realization chips offense will put up points regardless of qb and now we just need to get a real defense

    2. Nick Foles is shit.

      Chip Kelly better get a quarterback that can run the read option if that’s the offense he’s married to.


      It’s predicated off of a quarterback that keep the front 7 honest because they don’t know if the runningback or the quarterback is going to kill them in the run game, which opens the passing playbook.

      That’s what Chip Kelly did at Oregon.

      That’s what he employed when Vick beat out Foles last offseason.

      Foles is not the quarterback for this offense, neither is Sanchez.

      Chip better do everything he can to get his type of quarterback behind center if he’s going to run this offense.

      Teams don’t have the threat of Djax to spread the field so they will just crash on the running back and attack the quarterback every play and that will lead to more turnovers if the quarterback have no mobility.

      I’ll be keeping a close eye on the quarterback position this offseason.

      I believe Chip Kelly will do everything he can to get his guy like Reid eventually grabbing his qb.

      It may not be Mariotta…Who knowa?
      But it will be a quarterback chosen this draft who have speed, mobility, and a serious arm..

        1. There’s the desean jackass thing again. Yea we had a real hard time scoring this year without him


          1. 3rd in the nfl in ppg and yet ur saying we need a new qb that can run and you are sAying our current qbs can’t run chips system and ur implying the offense is fucked up

            Do u have any clue how retarded that sounds?

            The entire nfl fan base knows the Eagles are quite capable of beating anyone with chips offense and that our problem is solely our secondary and pass rush.

            Buy a clue retard

      1. Again please answer this, you all say chip needs a chip kind of qb..why then did he fire Vick? Draft Barkley? Sign sanchez? Hitch his wagon with Foles as a starter….you think you know what chip needs and he sees it different

        1. you clowns never change…same ol shit just a different day.
          Chip needs a QB that can play the season for him…not be sidelined due to injury like Foles and Vick. Vick lost his job due to injury and Foles is one season away from having the same exact thing happen to him.

          Also Mheshe – the Eagles defense and special teams sure had a hand in the points scored with Foles as QB.

          Funny how Sanchez is being blamed but yet the ‘franchise’ QB can’t stay healthy.

          **Sanchez should be blamed by the way hahah…he’s ass and did performed exactly as I thought he would.

            1. Ur life must be so miserable to just come on a message board firing insults – ur a total lowlife looser

              1. its ok realtalk the holidays can be a very emotional time for miserable people like you.

                im here for you.

                i know you are very sad and emotional, just let it out. its ok.

          1. unreal i was addressing the coo coo bird above…that chip needs a mobile, running qb– i still want to know where he or anyone gets the idea that chip needs that.. everything he’s done says the opposite.

          2. exactly…Why do Sanchez get trahed but when Foles was playing like hot shit people made excuses and it was every part of the team outside of Foles?

            Hell, they would even blame Chip instead of Foles.

            Foles lead the league in turnovers at the qb position folks!!!!

            If Sanchez is open game then so is Nick Foles.

            1. Pretty sure nick was winning and not ending games by throwing picks. That’s probably the difference you imbecile.

              Oh and then there is the fact that nick doesn’t have a y record and Sanchez does. Seriously u r dumber than retarded. Do you have a job or have you ever? I would love to know how someone as dumb as you could make any money.

              1. give me Nick Foles record against playoff caliber teams.

                Also, keep in mind he’s injury prone and never started for a complete season.

                A franchise quarterback must be able to stay health for a “16” game season.

                Well he’s good enough for the Philadelphia Eagles no championship fan base though.

                As long as we get to the great “C” word……

                You thought that meant Multiple Championships?

                No that’s not important.


  28. Howie is on WIP…..and it definitely is his mantra with the culture and scheme….Chip is not absolved of blame…his hand is in it….

    But IMO its clears that Howie is still reeling from the Dream Team FA summer and the Watkins draft.

    I see a power struggle coming soon.

      1. Trae Wayne’s from Mich State is 6-1 185lbs, with long arms. Good feet and play making ability on the ball and should be right in that 15th-20th slot
        For the Draft which is probably the Eagles will be
        Mich State plays man to man so Wayne’s would have an easy adjustment
        To Eagles Scheme..
        He can use to add some strength and weight which all Rookies can
        Use but would be excellent pick for the Eagles

          1. Denard is a bit larger closer to around
            195-200lbs.. I like Wayne’s upside for he attacks the ball
            Better and hams better leaping/ball skills,in my opinion,than Denard does..he should be the Pick if he’s on the Board
            Then Pick up a good Free-Agent from the list I mentioned earlier
            and go to battle and then go to battle with Carroll,Boykin &
            Watkins would be a positive Step and finally get rid of
            Fletcher/Cary Williams Duo…

            1. im in on waynes!

              Trae Waynes, CB*, Michigan State
              Height: 6-1. Weight: 182.
              Projected 40 Time: 4.43.
              Projected Round (2014): 1-2.
              12/15/14: Waynes has seven passes broken up, three interceptions, and 40 tackles in 2014. He has been reliable in coverage and has demonstrated the ability to be a press-man corner. The junior is quick and physical.

              Waynes notched four tackles, one interception and one pass broken up against Penn State. Versus Michigan, Waynes had five tackles with a pass broken up. He played well against Wolverines receiver Devin Funchess, although an idiotic official flagged Waynes falsely on one contested pass. He had two interceptions against Nebraska with good coverage. Waynes was called for two pass interference penalties, too, but only one was legitimate.

              Waynes had excellent coverage all night against Oregon. On the first drive of the game, Mariota went his direction, but Waynes nailed a receiver to knock a pass away. Waynes had tight coverage throughout the night on receivers running deep downfield. In the second half, Mariota tested Waynes deep, but he was in the hip pocket of the receiver. Waynes got away with some contact, but it was a better non-call.

              8/27/14: While Darqueze Dennard received all the headlines in 2013, Waynes also had an excellent season for Michigan State. The sophomore was an honorable mention All-Big Ten pick by the coaches and media. He totaled 50 tackles with five deflections and three interceptions. Waynes ended the year on a high note with good games against Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship and Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

              Waynes has the size and athletic ability to be a press-man corner. He should add strength as he matures. The question for the NFL will be if Waynes has enough speed, although he reportedly has run the 40-yard dash in under 4.4 seconds.

              1. i just copied and pasted eaglehaslanded. i have no clue about ncaa guys. the only people i know a tiny bit about is

                cooper – alabama wr
                gurley – rb georgia
                boykin – tcu qb
                jalen strong – asu? wr

                thats about it

    1. Devils advocate Big….a CB would have justified the thinking that is obviously flawed…

      In a weird a way…I’m content with what happened.

      Either they adapt…Or they fall on their face.

      Change is good even if it’s forced on you.

        1. He has to do that….it’s so obvious he stinks like shit Kelly just doesn’t want to lose face with his locker room.

          It’s like having a crackhead brother…You know he’s a cracked and you love him but hate his ass…

          But don’t let nobody outside the fam call him one…lol

    2. CB Bradley Robey was still on the Board and has had a nice Rookie Season for the Broncos..Had personal issues, scandal and baggage at Ohio State so he probably didn’t fit the “Culture” the Eagles were looking for… 🙁

      1. The sad thing is that the talent pool is small enough as it is. I am not advocating for a talented athlete that will be a terrible team mate and person overall. Some of these young men may need a strong structured environments and positive figures in their life and a good culture may help with that. To just eliminate a segment of the talent pool is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Take a look at Marcus Peters, find out why he had difficulty with the coaching staff. Don’t just say “No” he doesn’t fit our culture…but Bradley Fletcher does…that would be a culture of losing!

          1. I saw that rumble between BYU and Memphis…smdh.
            Marcus Peters is definitely better than our starters, he knows how to play the ball when it’s in the air.
            I’ve said this before, I would look at Mich St wr/cb Tony Lippett. Body type and speed like Richard Sherman…less hair than Sherman though. Lippett can cover and uses his receiver skills to play the ball when it’s in the air.

    3. Thats definitely part of the equation Big. Earlier on this year the defense was able to “mask” their weaknesses with turnovers and points scored, All year the DB’s were giving up plays, the defense was giving up yards as a whole, the play calling was inconsistent all season also. Billy Davis will have to “turn over another leaf”, better game planning better in game adjusting, personnel/packages. Starting with some players that needed to see the field a little more often, Curry, Graham to start. How their high production with a small amount of snaps, could go ignored is asinine. Boykins had a very solid season last year, but gets his snaps damn near cut in half this season…DB’s is a place to start, but the DC will continue to struggle.

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