What Lies Ahead For The Eagles In 2015?

Once the clock clicked down the Birds got their 10th win of the season with a 34-26 win over the New York Giants, the questions began to swirl.  They concerned primarily Chip Kelly, Nick Foles, NFL free agency and the 2015 NFL draft.

Will Chip Kelly be satisfied with Nick Foles as his quarterback?  Will he try to go after his franchise quarterback in the draft?  Will the Eagles be able to replace most of their secondary in the draft or free agency?  Will DeMeco Ryans be able to return after the Achilles tendon tear?  Is Kelly happy in Philadelphia or will he consider exiting in the near future?  How happy is he with GM Howie Roseman and the Birds front office?

The 2015  Eagles off season, regular season and hopefully post season will answer some of those questions and they will have an enormous effect upon the future of Jeffrey Lurie’s NFL franchise.  The success of failure of the Birds in the next 13 months will shape the look of the Eagles for the next decade.

We know how “hot and uncomfortable” it can get in the Delaware Valley for an Eagles head coach when the Birds aren’t winning.   Kelly has never experienced anything like during his coaching career in Oregon and New Hampshire.  If the team doesn’t make the playoffs in 2015, he will see a side of Philadelphia fans that he never dreamed of seeing.   I doubt that he will like or appreciate the criticism he will hear.  Kelly was quite combative in his last news conference after going 10-6 and failing to make the playoff.  The heat is not very intense right now on the Eagles head coach, but it’s likely to get hotter throughout the offseason.

Kelly has proven himself to be a skilled game planner, innovator and play caller.  He’s done a tremendous job of designing an offense that puts points on the board despite the inconsistent quarterback play of Foles, Michael Vick, and Mark Sanchez in his first two seasons.  At times, his offense hasn’t been as effective in the red zone, but he’s proven to the NFL that he knows how to put points on the board.

Unfortunately, Kelly with Tom Gamble by his side, hasn’t proven himself to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie as a NFL talent evaluator.  The former Oregon coach and Gamble oversaw the release of Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson, the selection of Marcus Smith and the rest of the “so far” awful 2014 Eagles draft class.  The poor 2014 draft class left him vulnerable and led to the firing of Eagles Player Personnel Director Tom Gamble.

It’s pretty easy to see why Jeffrey Lurie was okay with the Gamble departure at the urging of Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman.  Roseman, whom Lurie gives a great deal of credit for the outstanding 2012 Eagles draft, was able to tie Kelly and Gamble to the “so far” awful 2014 Eagles draft.

When given a choice of going with Roseman or Kelly and Gamble, Lurie chose Roseman.  That surely didn’t please Kelly, so he can’t be thrilled about the situation he finds himself in, in Philadelphia.  He’s got to win in 2015 with Foles, a quarterback he’s not in love with and Roseman, a General Manager, whom he’s currently battling with in the Birds front office.

Winning is the only thing that will give Kelly more power in his situation.  If the team has a big year 2015, he will have the option of staying in place with the Birds, moving on to coach another NFL team or heading back to college.  If Kelly goes back on the market, he will have a bevy of teams, both Pro and College fighting to acquire his services.

In all likelihood, Kelly’s future and the team’s future will rest on the play of Foles, which makes Kelly and the Eagles 2015 hopes, uncertain.

If Foles plays great in 2015 in much the same way that he played in 2013, he could get a huge contract, Kelly might be confident that he has the quarterback he needs to make a Super Bowl run.  We could wind up watching Kelly and Foles here in Philadelphia for the next six years.

ChipKellyandNickFoles1On the other hand, if Foles played like he did in 2014, question marks will continue to surround him and Chip Kelly’s program.  The Eagles will still be forced to make a decision about Foles and their quarterback situation.  At the same time, Kelly will have to make a decision about whether he intends to continue coaching an Eagles team while lacking the quarterback he feels he needs.

Free agency is the first option for the Eagles to improve their football team.  I want to see them sign Seahawk cornerback, Byron Maxwell, who was drafted by Seattle in 2011 in the sixth round.  Maxwell’s blanket coverage on the Bird’s slot receivers prevented the Eagles from converting five or six third down plays when the team’s met in December.  Maxwell is an outstanding coverage corner and tremendous tackler.

He’s got good size at 6’1” and specializes in playing man-to-man in press technique.  Add him to the Birds outstanding front seven and Billy Davis will have the tools for a very, good defense.

I also expect the Eagles to address their secondary needs early in the NFL draft in May.  I could see them grabbing a cornerback and safety early on.  You may think that’s a lot, but remember the Birds will face the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, the Giants’ Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz, as well as the Redskins’ DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon.

They could also use help at the inside linebacker position with veteran middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans trying to come back from an Achilles tendon tear.

The offensive line is getting up there in age, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they drafted an offensive lineman or two.  They may try to add some speed to their wide receiver group in the mid to late rounds.

In addition, there may be a quarterback in the mid to later rounds that they grab, but I don’t see them doing anything regarding the quarterback position early in the selection process.

77 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead For The Eagles In 2015?

  1. They need a lot more than Byron Maxwell
    In their Secondary…
    They need to bring in 2 CB & 1 Safety
    In Free-Agency then Draft another CB & Safety
    Fletcher,Williams & Allen won’t be back in
    They really need to start with getting a new DC
    Billy Davis just does not exude Confidence or Competency
    To be a NFL DC…

    1. pman, what do you think the likelihood of firing Bill Davis to bring in a new DC. Chip Kelly did say he was bringing Bill Davis back? I question it due to the ouster of Tom Gamble.

  2. Pman ..spot on …all agregious issues with this team..but….the very next phase ,hasn’t been addressed by G.Cobb ..in the power struggle …do we really believe ,firing a lower level employee ,albeit ,an aide and confidante of Chip..was the last salvo? B.Davis is going to be skewered ..How loyal will Chip be ? Will he react at all?Hes a very prideful Coach..not sure this organization ,can emasculate him,and have him at the same time…

  3. Eagles0supes…I contend chip knew of the gamble firing before he headed out west …somebody ,planted that question in his final PC to illicit his one word “good” response..on his assessment of Roseman..Coach lauded Gamble as a great football man …he also said Bill Davis did a good job . ..why? Would he say something so absurd? That to me is the Damocles sword ….well see …because I contend this is all about stripping Kelly of his (emperor wears no clothes) ..the organization,wants him to coach…and only coach..I believe parcells told us ..he wanted to buy the groceries.. I don’t think Chip feels any differently..

  4. It’s been reported that howie was pro..desean..was souring on foles…I believe in the 2014 draft the 1st pick was howies..this seems even more transparent,knowing they jerked him inside ,outside (explained it ) due to injuries..then told you ..he needs be consistent..here’s my question..Bill Davis trotted Fletcher out there in his schemes …week after crucial week..do you trust his evaluation of smith? What if smith was a pawn in a gamble/Kelly..power struggle with howie ,who picked him..as a concession they allowed chip to pick his web footed picks…just wondering,.

              1. If that is the case I got it mixed up. I have no problem admitting when I am incorrect. I do recall reading a story where an NFL personnel guy was advising Chip not to take Eagles job.

            1. ok. it seems like that is a similar type of story to hartnell sleeping with carters wife. or lindros sleeping with brindamours girl

              with all due respect that sounds like something paulman wrote…

          1. Andy Reid filled in Bellicheck about Eagles Front Office
            Dysfunction and about GM Roseman and his back stabbing,
            Immaturity, etc who passed it on the Kelly
            There were reports and articles 2-3 Years ago
            Where Bellicheck stated that he would never do
            Business with a schmuck like Roseman again

            1. Unfortunately those stories are the only thing in history to ever be erased from the internet.. You can look up anything from a-z and find it but when you search for a rift between Belichek and the eagles you see nothing but mutual respect articles, working together articles, bill recommending his friend chip… Interesting…
              Never let facts get in the way of a dickie post

            2. So there was an article that said Bellicheck stated that? can you find it and copy and past it?

              how do we explain how the past 2 years the pats done business with the eagles by having joint practices with us?

              god the offseason sucks, im thinking of how we get better and you guys are making up fake stories and turning a football team into a midweek soap show

              1. That’s between the Owners friendship
                (Kraft & Lurie) who are very tight..
                Belichek takes Orders from his Owner like everyone else plus the Eagles logistically are close to Pattriots for these Summer
                Get togethers that are from the NFC Conference
                (Pats have done these with Redskins & Giants too)

              2. All true fraud… But the story of Belichek warning Kelly is 100% false! made up by you internet goofs… There is not one credible or even not credible source of that ‘story’

              3. oh so now you are saying that lurie and kraft put together these practices?

                billionaires just call each other and say hey you want to have practice together?


                my opinion of you is changing by the moment… some days you come across as similar to the kools/songs/ts’s of this site

              4. Hilarious Henski! You know how it is ‘bob we are practicing in New England for three days, can I crash at your place? I’ll bring a case of PBR, you throw some burgers on the grill”

              5. Is Sumner Workouts Henski not Rocket Science
                Teams will schedule Summer Workouts who are not in their Divisions and be relatively close..
                Eagles would have the Patriots,Jets,Ravens,Steelers
                To hold these with..
                While the Pats would have Giants,Eagles,Redskins
                It’s not like Teams are going to fly halfway around the Country
                For Scrimmage Practices..
                No real news here…
                Belicheck does not like Roseman, big deal,
                Bellicheck doesn’t like a lot of People that are true football guys,
                Where’s the Secret or Conspiracy?

  5. here is why i say jameis winston wont go before 15

    1st round draft order

    1 bucs – taking mariota
    2 – titans – just took metenberger (spelling)
    3 – jaguars – just took bortles
    4- raiders – just took carr
    5- skins- have rg3 and cousins. cant see them moving on from rg
    6 – jets- maybe but highly unlikely imo with all their other holes
    7 – bears- are they cutting cutler?
    8 – falcons – no way
    9- giants – no way
    10 – rams – maybe they could take winston. most likely team to take him so far imo
    11 – vikings – nah bridgewater looks good
    12 browns – already got the IT guy johnny “money” runaround
    13 saints – nah
    14 dolphins – nah
    15 niners nah

    1. in the event eagles want winston i think they can trade up to around #9 and get him…

      i dont want him but just saying

      1. I think the Bears would take Winston. I think they want an upgrade from Cutler. As far as Winston is concerned, he is a better pocket passer at this point in his career than Donovan McNabb was when he was at the same point in college….and Winston will get better. If you liked McNabb as a QB, you will like Winston. If he slips by Chicago, the browns would be up next. Browns GM Ray farmer came out last week and said they will not hesitate to draft a QB in the first round if he believes he is a franchise QB. What does that tell you..Manziel is not their franchise guy. Now if he got by the Browns, yeah, the Eagles would have a good shot at him. For the record, I would do it. It’s about taking the best player on the board where they are drafting at, not targeting positions. That’s how we got Danny Watkins, Jaiquan Jarrett, and Marcus Smith.

      1. so jags will quit on bortles after a handful of games?
        skins are dumping rg3?
        bears cutting cutler?
        giants are gonna spend a first rounder on jameis while they have eli still and tons of holes?
        rams – could do it
        browns gonna dump manziel?
        saints – have talent and brees in the tail end of career and are gonna burn a 1st rounder on a back up qb rather than get a guy that can help get brees and saints back on tracK?
        49ers gonna call it quits on krappernicK ?

        while i agree those teams need qbs for now or the future i cant see most of them pulling the trigger given their team needs/situations…

      2. The jets may give Geno a shot. He played pretty well against the Pats. As much as I have clowned Geno, he is performing on pace time frame wise that a QB should be. It will depend on what the new coach wants. if he feels he can work with him, Geno will be the guy. If he wants his own guy, maybe not. It will also depend on what those teams think of Winston . I don’t think the skins, Giants, Saints and 49ers are taking a QB in the first round this year. Definitely not the 49ers.

  6. Titans HC & GM are on the Hot Seat for 2015 per Owner
    Wisenhut will go for Winston as Mettenberger
    Has maturity & leadership issues which is why he dropped
    Into the mid-rounds last Draft

      1. No doubt they would have concerns about
        His maturity, but the Titans HC & GM are not in a position to buy a whole lot of time and would take the chance on him since it means
        Trying to save their jobs.. Nashville is a big Town but nowhere near the Distractions of Winston going to a major City
        Or remaining in his home state of Florida so probably a good fit
        For him personally.. He does remind many of a young
        Steve McNair who the Titans last had success with

  7. If teams are not going to run any read option they better think long and hard about drafting Mariotta he’s never taken a snap under center never had to read defenses and only makes specific throws conducive to Oregon’s offense. Can he walk up under center and make pre snap reads?

    1. You are correct lion… He may be pigeon holed in the same manner that the old triple option, wishbone types were back in the day.
      I haven’t seen much of him before yesterday but he does look good in college running it… As we have seen top performing college QBs don’t usually bring it to the pros

    2. I don’t see Mariotta at 210lbs being able to sustain the hits
      Of running the read-option much at the NFL
      He can scramble, throw on roll outs but to have him
      Run a read option like at the bigger QB’s like Kapernick,Newton
      Will get him killed like RG3 has been
      Both QB’s will need a Year or 2 like 99% of all QB’s
      Do at the NFL Level

      1. Foles had 2 season injuries in 3 years playing from the pocket…Randall Cunningham was known for scrambling yet suffered his kneeing getting blown out in the pocket, and last Russell Wilson runs the read option and have learned how to get down and avoid the big hits, so there’s nothing out there that tells us a read option QB is more prone to injury.

        Now, we can’t use vick as the example because he never learned how to slide…

        Mariotta do slide and can avoid injury by getting his yards then getting down.

        Would you like me to give you a list of pocket passers who went down in multiple years due to injury?

        The fact is “football players” in every position is susceptible to injury.

        Mariota has a better chance than Foles to play 3 seasons without a season ending injury because he have the quickness to avoid a lot of hits.

        1. I take Foles over Mariotta any day and worry more about the Eagles fixing their Defense this Off-Season..
          Their Offense is not what kept them out the Playoffs this Season,
          Even though it was sloppy & inefficient many times
          It was their Defense and in particular, their Secondary and until
          They get that fixed, this Franchise is going nowhere
          With or without a Mobile QB..

          1. That’s not the point.

            You were pointing out the injury risk that comes with Mariotta being a read option QB (Who has a stronger arm than Foles) but that really holds no water when our immobile QB is injury proned playing from the pocket.

            Can you handle that point?

            We are in no position to talk about injury at the quarterback position when our statue QB can’t go a complete 16 games without season ending injuries.


            So we must now talk about other tangibles that makes a winning QB.

            Pocket mobility, to be able to make the defenseman turned loos miss.

            Foles can’t do that.

            An accurate long ball and full command of Chip’s offense.

            The edge…Mariotta.

            Commands attention with the treat of killing a team with his legs when the receivers are covered.


            There’s a reason Foles was a 3rd rounder with his measurables.

            He have the height and an average NFL, but the scouting was a slow release, and usually have slow starts.

            If Wilson had Foles measureables height per se he would have easily been a 1st round pick, so we as Eagles fans have to deal with the reality of what Foles is and not skew the conversation talking about other needs of importance on the team because one have nothing to do with the other.

            We need corners. a safety, and a quarterback better than Foles and Sanchez.

            The Eagles become contenders if all 3 are upgraded.

            1. Everything Songs says – the opposite is true!!

              “statue QB (Foles) can’t go a complete 16 games without season ending injuries.”

              Foles made 17 straight starts before breaking his collarbone.

              “Mariotta has a stronger arm than Foles – an accurate long ball….”

              Nick Foles scouting report:

              “Powerful arm”

              Mariotta scouting report:

              “Strong arm”

              Then again….if Songs says Foles has a weak arm, then he must have a powerful arm, because whatever Songs says, the opposite it true.

              “There’s a reason Foles was a third rounder……” (Implying he sucks)

              Actually, there were several reasons….notably Luck, RGIII, Tannehill, Weeden, Osweller, Wilson, Cousins

              All were “touted” prospects. There were so many teams could “sit” till the 2nd or 3rd round. Foles comes out in 2013 of 2014 and he’s getting drafted higher.

              “there’s nothing out there that tells us a read option QB is more prone to injury.”
              (But then the ridiculous caveat: “Now, we can’t use vick as the example because he never learned how to slide…”)

              Ok then.

              Modern famous “Mobile” (Running) QBs:

              Cunningham – played 3 full seasons in a 13 years as a starter.
              Vick – played 1 full seasons in 10 seasons as a starter
              Culpepper – played 2 full seasons in 7 years as a starter
              McNabb – played 4 full seasons in 11 years as a starter
              Steve McNair – played 5 full seasons in 10 years as a starter

              Modern “statues”

              Drew Bledsoe – 8 full seasons in 12 years as a starter
              Eli Manning – 10 full seasons in 10 years as a starter
              Philip Rivers – 9 full seasons in 9 years as a statue
              Tom Brady – 13 full seasons in 14 years as a starter
              Joe Flacco – 6 full seasons in 6 years as a starter
              Nick Foles – 0 full seasons in 1 year as a starter

              All quarterbacks get hurt…..running quarterbacks get hurt more simply because they get hit more, and hits are (big word coming) cumulative!

              Anyone who doesn’t see this is either:

              a- ignorant
              b – willfully ignorant

              Remember….everything Songs says….the opposite is true!

          2. ABSOLUTELY correct. I’d also have to add that now the O-Line should be at least close to being 100% next year, we’ll see the real Foles! FIX the defense, 1 linebacker, 2 corners, leave the offense alone!

        1. songs remember when you bet me foles would be benched this year?

          and when he wasnt benched you didnt pay your debt?

          spineless piece of shit

        2. Because Russell Wilson is smart and has a high Football IQ,
          RG3 is not, much like Mike Vick..
          Some Players have it, others don’t..

            1. Yes in Chip Kelly’s Offense, having a smart, decisive, accurate QB
              Who is mobile, with a strong arm, and protects the ball & himself would be ideal.. An Aaron Rodgers/Russell Wilson Type
              Are Mariotta,Winston,Huntley or other QB’s in 2015 Class one of these? I am not sure, maybe in 2-3 Years time they could be.
              Is Foles this QB, no he is not for he is not very mobile,
              Has mechanic issues to work out still and has to stay healthy
              Does Foles give the Eagles their Best Chance in 2015
              To return to the Playoffs, yes he does, due to his experience,leadership and his work ethic
              Is he the long-term Answer, who knows,
              2015 will determine this for he’s the only QB
              On the Roster who gives them a chance to Win Games
              As he 14-4 Career Record under Kelly proves out
              This Off-Season must be about fixing the Secondary,
              Retooling the LB’s and correcting Ball Security & Red-Zone Issues
              If they don’t do these things, then it won’t matter whether their
              QB is very mobile or not…

              1. The Red Zone was supposed to be corrected with cutting Jackson to bring in bigger receivers to block in the red zone. They worked on it, and failed to correct it even though they addressed it. It’s execution, which falls on coaching, or the players, both of which lies at the feet of the man in charge of the roster….. Chip!

              2. It did improve a bit with Polk getting some carries
                In the red-zone and more power Rushing towards the end of the Season, maybe they will build on that

              3. pman, they couldn’t have done that earlier…why was that such a revelation at the end of the season. C’mon man, fans were saying at the beginning of the season to use Polk more. He was scoring from the RZ last year.

              4. You’ll have to address to Chip Kelly, EHL..
                It was pretty obvious to most of us all year..
                I say you bring in 4 WR’s and spread them
                Out and then a quick hitter up the middle
                Where it’s 5 Eagles Blockers vs 6/7 Defenders

              5. It will be very interesting to see how the next
                45 Days go as Internal Evaluations go, Any Staff Changes,
                Who else he Hires to run the Player Personnel/Scouting Dept’s
                Chance are Trent Cole,Nate Allen,James Casey
                & Herremans, D Ryans, C Matthews all come back..even Sanchez as back-up Ooh Brother..so probably not many Free-Agent Signings Will be my guess after they are-Sign Maclin,Thornton,Polk, etc…
                Maybe a CB & WR …

  8. Here’s the dilemma tat only comes witht eh dysfunction of firing a top personnel guy before the draft.

    He knows you offseason plan, your board and the players you’re interested in getting so he can throw a wrench in your offseason plans.

    Does anyone else notice there’s already leaks that get out before draft day on this team?

    Dysfunction at it’s best.

  9. Paulman just summed it up perfectly, wilson is bright, he’s got sand, these other m fers, forget them, except for foles, another qb with sand

  10. G I think you got it wrong since Roseman got canned as GM and is now no longer involved in personnel operations whatsoever. It’s highly unlikely Kelly and Gamble were working together in any kind of real capacity based on how the current arrangement is.

    Paulman is wrong, as usual, Davis is not even a small part of the problem.

    Byron Maxwell would be a good pick up if they don’t break the bank on the guy. I get the sense that outside of the Seattle system a lot of the secondary players wouldn’t flourish nearly as well as they would in that secondary competitive environment.

    There isn’t another Russell Wilson or an Aaron Rogers floating around somewhere unscouted at this point just as there isn’t an Earl Thomas eagerly awaiting the Eagles invitation so it would be prudent for the Eagles to give Nate Allen a multi-year deal and hope he continues developing the ballhawk skills most expected him to display earlier in his career under Davis’ defense.

    The best thing the Eagles can do to help the secondary in 2015 is to turn the front seven heat up on opposing QBs. That means re-signing Brandon Graham and making Vinny Curry a starting DE. It also just so happens that Ndamukong Suh is a free agent this year. Davis turned Fletcher Cox loose and turned Vinny Curry loose to rush the passer I can’t imagine him not doing the same for Suh if the Eagles were able to land him. I also can’t imagine him having no interest in playing for the team Reggie White built his career with.

  11. The Eagles need to focus the draft on O-Linemen and the secondary. The O-Line depth is just not good right now clearly the Eagles are a PED suspension or an injury or two away from having their season flushed down the toilet witht he current O-Line and that has to be sorted out post-haste. Cary Williams can only play for so long and should have a young corner pushing him for his job.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Vincent Jackson trade happens though. Still I would like to see Tom Gamble brought back into the fold and re-hired as the GM.

  12. Butch …nothing is a certainty ,of this we are now certain…I’m not sold ,on this flip flop from Sunday to today ..”howie is for certain my GM ” Lurie said..now ,as is his prerogative “I’ve changed my mind” …Jeffrey also needed to add…there was no ultimatum ,demands …just a compassionate plan and vision that chip laid out..yeah and I’ll be building waterfront condos under the Ben Franklin bridge..I’ve stated all along ,follow the $$$.. Chips signed for 6.5 large for the next 3 years …howie ..not near that I’d assume …what will be a fascinating few months ,will reveal who Chip covets on this roster…and who he has issues with..there won’t be any ,agendas ,politicking..just plain and simple …I need this dude to complete whatever bill of goods he sold Jeffrey …and we now know he’ll get it…he’s got his whole foods shipping cart and the wheels that were going in all different directions ,are now moving forward …he’s picking through the groceries …I’d assume if Billy Davis stays ..he’ll be stocking up to save his ass …he’ll need beasts on that side of the ball…that’s what we all want ..so that’s a positive..if he has a bias however ,it’s on his side offensively…this vision he sold Jeffery …will be coming into focus ..soon …and don’t believe for a second he didn’t come back from the Peking duck bowl ,empowered …the only vision he showed Jeff was his rear end walking out the nova care door…

  13. Butch you must be high dude ..they just removed gamble physically from the workplace ..you think the red carpet is awaiting his return . ..? Williams quit on bill Davis …he was fatigued ,winded ..covering the Giants Beckham …not happening …so far you have two strikes care to swing for the fences and say Chips first free agency splurge is Fletcher in a big sign ? C’mon man ..

    1. Didn’t you read about text that GM Roseman sent Gamble
      This evening that he was only kidding and something about a New Years Prank..

    2. Appearances would be bad if the Eagles re-hired Tom Gamble, but like I said I don’t think anyone in the organization outside Roseman and his office staff knew anything about Gamble getting fired until after it happened. Roseman was the General Manager and President of Football Operations it’s not like he needed anyone’s permission to fire anyone, but the Coach/Coaching staff. Getting demoted is in line with with a reprimand for Lurie’s golden boy for acting like a the brat and fraud that he is.

  14. My new Source, Chip Kelly, confided with me,that he
    Has 2 main Targets for Free-Agency in 2015

    1) WR Dez Bryant of the Cowboys
    2) DE Greg Hardy of the Panthers

    We’ll see what happens..
    Go Chip!!!

  15. Watching replay of Tennessee vs Iowa Bowl Game
    From earlier today.. This young QB (Dobbs)
    Is killing it out there and looks to be a QB with a bright Future as the entire Tennessee Team does.. Keep an eye on this Dobbs,
    I believe he is a true Freshman..

  16. It is going to be hard to replace 3/4 of the secondary, 3 LB positions, 5 TECH DE, & #1/ #2 WR, & our own wanted FA’s, all in FA. Even with the $20M+ we will have carrying over & the additional money they can save, cutting Cole, Ryans, Williams, Casey & Herremans. So this is my my hopes & what will probably happen, for the off season.

    My hopes- Sign FA CB Maxwell, CB Parrish Cox, FS Raheem Moore, OLB Jason Worilds, ILB David Harris/ Brandon Spikes, OG Mike Iupati, WR Randall Cobb. Let Maclin, Graham, Matthews, Allen, Fletcher, Sanchez, Smith, Maehl & Curry leave. Offer contracts to Thornton, & Polk. Release Cole (Only $1.5 dead $), Williams, Casey, Ryans (No cap hit/ dead $), Herremans ($2.4 dead $).

    Birds will do- Sign FA CB Maxwell, Safety Da’Norris Searcy, OLB Jason Worilds, BU-QB Locker. Restructure & bring back, Shady, Cole, Ryans, Matthews, Williams, Herremans, & Casey. Resign Polk, Thornton. Let all their other FA’s go.

  17. Wish list & can be accomplished. *Who I want*
    CB- *Byron Maxwell*, *Kareem Jackson*, Brandon Flowers, Parrish Cox, Buster Skrine, Brandon Harris.
    Safety- *Rahim Moore*, Louis Delmas, Devin McCourty,
    OLB- *Jason Worilds*, *Justin Houston*, Jabeel Sheard, Sam Acho, Sean Weatherspoon.
    ILB- *David Harris*, *Mason Foster*, Brandon Spikes, Rolando McClain,
    WR- *Randall Cobb*, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree.
    OG- *Mike Iupati*, James Carpenter, Clint Boiling, Orlando Franklin.
    WR- *Reggie Cobb*,

  18. I like the Following Free-Agents

    CB – Chris Culliver, Davon House, Walt Thurmond,
    Buster Skrine, Shareece Wright &Phillip Adams

    Safety – Da’Norris Searcy, S Gilchrist, L Delmas

    ILB – Jerome Whilhoite, Dan Skuda, Takeo Spikes
    Mason Foster & Kelvin Shepard

    OLB – Jerry Hughes, O’Brien Schofield, J Sheard
    DE – Greg Hardy
    OL – James Carpenter, Clint Boling & O Franklin
    WR – Dez Bryant , Randall Cobb,Torrey Smith

    Back-Up QB – Jake Locker, Casey Keenum,
    Thad Lewis (Not much to choose from)

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