Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Releases Statement About The Status Of His Organization

JeffreyLurie1Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie released the following statement regarding the new structure of the Eagles front office and the status of his football organization.

Today, we made an important announcement and one upon which I would like to offer further perspective.

In the normal process of evaluating the end of the season, I meet with key executives for thorough discussions and evaluations of all aspects of football operations. During those lengthy meetings this week, we discussed a comprehensive approach on how to seamlessly integrate the personnel and coaching departments in order to maximize every facet of the process.

Working with Chip, Howie and Don we came up with what we believe will be a more thorough and thoughtful model that would best be overseen by Chip.  It’s most important that we find players that match what our coaches are seeking.

This new approach goes even further than we have in the past starting with Day One of the scouting process. This is part of an all-encompassing vision that takes you from the scouting process all the way to on-field performance.

Howie, Chip and Don are all united in their desire to win. Together, we decided this approach was the best course of action for the Philadelphia Eagles.

You have heard me say many times that I want strong leaders who feel free to express their opinions.  And that is what happened here.  Chip will now lead this process going forward with the continued full support of Howie, Don and myself.

Chip will not be doing this work by himself, obviously. He has been charged with recruiting and hiring a new personnel executive that will report directly to him and together we will move forward with this new, highly integrated approach.

When I said – after the Giants game – that Howie was returning as general manager next season, I meant that. But after carefully listening and reflecting on the lengthy discussions that I had with our senior team, I changed my mind.

I have a very good relationship with Chip that continues to grow stronger and stronger. When we spoke, he was thoughtful, thorough and professional. There were no demands, no threats- quite the contrary- he was passionate, engaged and articulated a dynamic and clear vision on how this fully integrated approach will work.  We look forward to seeing it come to life over time.

Let me also stress that Howie will continue to play a vital role in our operation. He has been elevated to the role of Executive Vice President of Football Operations and received a contract extension.

In closing, we have looked hard at where we are today and what we want to become. We are all united in our desire to win for this city.

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  1. Putting together everything I’ve read over the last few days.. This is what I THINK happened. Of course I do not know…. No more than pman for example.. But this is what I see…

    Through the season Chip/gamble belittled howie.

    Howie told this to Jeff.

    Howie and Jeff fired Gamble.

    Chip made a push… Explained his side… Told Jeff how Andy… And a billion coaches feel… What is said about the lawyer. It made sense.

    Jeff went back and demoted Howie.

    Now we are off and running.

    Il be honest. I’m not a huge fan of this yet. We all want to know why Chip drafted so many ducks. We all want to know who picked the first rounder last year. Who is accountable to that? Was it gamble? I’m not so sure.

    What matters is who the Gm will be… Who are they getting to help Chip? A college guy? A low level someone somewhere? We need a D. Who is getting us the weapons we need?

  2. Guess Lurie decided keeping Chip happy was more imprtant than keeping Roseman happy.

    Looks like Howie won the battle (getting Gamble fired) and lost the war (getting demoted).

    Things will be interesting moving forward.

    1. Wasn’t a Roseman guy but gave credit for the 2012 draft. The 2013 draft, still not sure if more him or Chip. But from all reports, the 2014 draft was heavily Chip. If this last draft is any indication of Chip’s personnel evaluation prowess; I’m nervous as shit. People can call Roseman a bean counter, clerk, Lurie lapdog or whatever,but the last draft (2014) apparently has “Lord Chip’s” stench(for now) all over it. Just hope he doesn’t mortgage the future for Mariota -who I like- instead of buckling down and building all facets through good drafting.

      1. All Facets will mean nothing if your quarterback leads the league in turnovers and is injury prone.

        The most important position in the NFL(QB) must get fixed first if this team is looking to win against top teams in this league.

        Free agency can help the secondary, the defensive line is in place…we just need a serious threat at QB and if Chip can pull of moves that eventually lead to acquiring Mariotta or a QB that strikes fear in opposing defense then I’m all for it.

        1. Our Special teams are ready….The defensive front 7 is ready..our Running game is ready.

          If Chip improves the secondary, replace Cooper with a threat on the outside and give us a threat at QB, this team will have a good run in the playoffs next season…

          The league is wide open and doesn’t take much to improve quick.

          I don’t think Chip will waste another season in hopes of an improved Foles.

          Even after the 27-2 season Chip made it clear that he was looking for Foles to improve and we all see how that went when Foles didn’t have receivers running free with the loss of Djax.

          The Eagles can take the next step…
          I beleive Chip will find a way to get down low enough to swing something.

          If you see the Eagles move down in the low teens within a few months know Chip is serious about addressing QB now, but if he stand pat that means he’ll let Foles compete and play out the final year knowing the Eagles have tag rights that will keep him if he drastically improves.

          1. Name the QB putz.

            Who’s available that’s better.

            And if you name a rookie, you are a joke. A rookie QB behind centre next year and its 7 wins – max.

            So name me this mysterious “threat” qb that will be available. I’m curious.


    Chip Kelly‘s search for a a new personnel executive is underway.

    Ed Maryonwitz has emerged as a “serious candidate”, according to Pro Football Talk. Maryonwitz is currently the Eagles’ assistant director of player personnel.

    Prior to joining the Eagles in 2012, he worked as the director of player personnel for the University of Alabama, playing a key role in the program’s recruiting efforts. He was a scouting assistant for the Dolphins before that, working alongside Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland.

    The Media, PA native played quarterback for LaSalle University.

    Maryonwitz is considered one of the up-and-comers in the organization.

    “Chip will not be doing this himself, obviously,” said Jeffrey Lurie, upon handing full personnel authority over to Kelly. “He has been charged with recruiting and hiring a new personnel executive that will report directly to him and together we will move forward with this new, highly-integrated approach.”

  4. In my Opinion what has happened, is done..
    Moving forward, if we don’t see Chip Kelly
    Replace DC Billy Davis & QB Coach Bill Musgrave,
    then I am not sure about his Overall Football Acumen..
    Kelky needs to Hire a strong Football Mibd and Talent Evaluator
    And Focus on upgrading His Staff all in the next
    7 Days, then use the following Off-Season to
    Focus on Free-Agency, Draft and Contracts/Extensions
    For the key young Core Players
    If Chip Kelly brings back DC Billy Davis,
    Then he is wasting Year 1 of being in Charge..
    MAybe he gives him 1 more Season with an upgraded Secondary to see what he can do, But I think he should cut the chord with him immediately.

    1. Well guess what paul?…Chip has already said that Billy Davis is his d-coordinator and he will be back in the same capacity. That is not going to change. Gotta move on from that.
      He said it in his morning presser after the Giants game.

      1. Well a lot of things that were said after the Giants Game from everyone have not held up for very long either…
        If he truly evaluates his Staff as he said he was going to do,
        I am not sure why he would bring him back?
        Total NFL Defensive Rankings
        2013 – 29th Overall
        2014 – 29th Overall

        If Kelly’s a numbers and metrics guy as he says he is,
        Then how can you bring Davis back who had 2 Seasons with most of the same Players and no overall improvement ?
        What’s the Benchmark ?

          1. Ken Norton Jr would be an excellent Hire GMCliff
            He’s moved up thru the ranks as an NFL Coach and would
            Be a great Fit for helping rebuild this Eagles Defense
            Which has been pretty bad for about 6-7 Years now

            1. Is t it funny that two failed eagles DC are squaring off .. Kickoff in five minutes?
              I seem to remember many bloggers on here pissing and moaning about both of them. Screaming that Todd Bowles couldn’t even manage a secondary (he was secondary coach) let alone a defense. Sean McDermott was over matched etc…The wheels on the bus go round and round…
              The difference between Todd Bowles (hot HC prospect) of today and TB of the eagles day is minute, a player here or there, a break here or there…

              1. Brewski, this morning I re read some stuff from AR last year. I had totally forgotten about washburns insubordination and getting canned… What a fucking disaster… AR absolutely lost perspective of what was important… When you look at his coaching tree you know he’s no joke but those last couple of years, hiring an all star staff and signing an all star team just goes to show that football is about culture and gelling and tEam first dtuff

        1. Ice gone back and forth about a new DC or not. The problem for me is this… We have watched DC after DC come and go without giving them good Cbs. The 29th stat 2 years in a row don’t mean much with this O putting the D out there about 2 games more per season. What I want to know… And what would determine the need for a new DC is this…
          1. Whos call was it to sit and watch corners and safeties get locked up during fa last year? Whomever it is should be shot.
          2. What do they feel we need outside this year? Are they going to pay to get it?
          3. How bad would a new system screw with what they have? Because as bad as they are… They are light-years better at getting to the Qb as they were under Andy.

          So… Unless Davis was the brains behind keeping both our corners…. I say he gets another year because they actually look to be moving toward better.

        2. paul, don’t get me confused, I agree with you. I would love to see Vic Fangio come in here. However, I don’t think Chip will do it because of his loyalty and stubbornness, think keeping Bradley Fletcher in the game.

  5. My take on rebuilding the Defense is
    With a pretty good & Young DL, and the fact the Eagles will probably
    Have 3-4 New Players in the Secondary, and 1-2 in the LB Corps,
    then why waste Another year with B Davis?
    I would rather get a Ken Norton Jr, Ed Donatell
    And rebuild the Defense since half of them will be new to the Team and playing with each other anyways..

    1. Well paul, like you told me..correctly by the way… That must be taken up with Kelly. I’m looking at Kelly’s loyalty, stubbornness, and the fact that he does not concern himself with the defense..his words!

  6. Don’t see how some of the people are for this move when they were against the DJax cut or lack of secondary upgrades. Those were Kelly decisions through and through. No GM would have cut an in his prime Pro Bowl player for nothing when he was still under contract for multiple years. If you want to get rid of him, you make a trade, plain and simple. It was bogus to claim DJax couldn’t be moved because he had hardly any guaranteed money left on his deal. Any team could trade for him knowing that they could cut him after this season if he didn’t work out. The Jets traded for Harvin with that exact thinking in mind.

    Fletcher and Williams being here with no real upgrades made in the secondary are Kelly’s fault. The proof is that either Kelly or Davis would give spirited defense of both players when asked about their performance and refused to try anyone else at their positions. If these were guys that were forced on you because the GM didn’t want to spend in free agency, no way do they keep their jobs with no challenge from anyone else on the roster. The mediocre Oregon Ducks being on this roster should be obvious to anyone who’s responsible for that. The next play Jeff Maehl makes will be the first, yet he made this roster two years running. Taylor Hart in the third round? I mean c’mon!

    Don’t understand the hatred of Roseman. He made mistakes in the past with the 2011 draft, but rectified those errors with the 2012 draft, which is the bedrock of this roster. The 2013 draft he was mostly in control of yielded 3 starters. The 2011 free agent haul shows he isn’t afraid to swing for the fences, or spend money. I blame the coaching staff for getting the least out of those players. Namdi was a consensus top corner, it took him being asked to be what he’s not for him to fail miserably here. If there’s anyone who thinks they can win with mediocre talent it’s Kelly. He’s always looking for mediocre players who buy in one thousand percent to his methods rather than talented players who buy in at 95%.

    If Kelly doesn’t improve drastically in how he evaluates players this will be a monumental error. The fears I had about Kelly were his dealings with players who are now grown men not completely under his thumb, and whether he would seek lesser talents instead of managing the egos you have to deal with at this level. I was all aboard his offensive system and sports science. This offseason was a complete fuckup that was largely due to his decisions. Him getting all the power now doesn’t inspire confidence.

    1. Great points. As far as giving credit for Rosemen… We know nothing about who he did and did not bring in. THATS the problem with the system they have had. Maybe he was the brains behind the 2014 #1 pick. Maybe HE was the reason we had vice young. We just don’t know. I agree tho… Chip has done NOTHING to show he knows D. Or that he knows anything about drafting players.

    2. Cutting Jackson was fine. It’s all conjecture that hey would have been better or worse (yes that’s a possibility) with him. It’s water under the bridge, it was a decision made and the man that made it moves on. The eagles were obviously not primed for a SB run… He’s gone get over it
      This is a great move, no more finger pointing… One man, one decision,…perfect.
      If you do t think THIS is the man ok, only time will tell but organizationally it had to be done, has to be stuck with thru thick and thin….all the upheaval in previous years was due to in fighting and politics… This should remove that dynamic… Lurie has GOT to stick to his guns at this point… If he allows Howie a midnight audience where Howie tells tales late at night in a whispered tone then the disaster will continue

      1. It’s not conjecture, numbers don’t lie. Cooper was the # 2 he had 500+ yards
        Let’s say Jackson was the #2, he gets you 1100 yards
        Maclin, 1200 yards.
        Simple math! Maclin, Jackson and Mathews is more formidable than Maclin, Bum ass Riley Cooper, and Mathews. Obviously we are not getting over it because it continues to put a spot light on talent evaluation here by Kelly.

        1. Only you label them with a number ..the top three WR this year had more yards and TD then the top three last year.. Those are real numbers… Look it up

          1. Maclin , Jackson and Mathews would be more productive…stop with the madness. if you think Cooper is a better option with mac and Mathews than Jackson, you are foolish!

            1. ‘Lets say’… In the real world you can’t do that because it’s conjecture!
              You also don’t know and can’t measure because it’s conjecture what impact he would have to the negative… Move on from him, you weren’t i. Meeting rooms or in practice, you can’t say what his impact would have been both positive or negative…
              Stop focusing on cooper he became the number three option since you like to decide the number.. His numbers were of a third WR… Don’t get caught up in funny money that is not yours

              1. HAC…Cooper did not become the #3 option, just because his bum ass did not catch enough passes and make enough impact plays that a #2 wideout is supposed to make does not make him a #3. He was always opposite of Maclin on the outside, that’s what made him the #2, as the slot guy is the traditional #3..this is simple football. We can’t change the rules to give credence to your silly argument. Sure, you would like me to stop focusing in on him because it points out the failure of him being the #2 option as well as a failure in talent evaluation. You don’t give 25 million to a #3 receiver. And sorry HAC, you do not get to set the rules here as far as what I get to think about. This is simple football. Just because it does not fit into your perfect scenario of the Eagles organization to make the correct decisions talent wise does not mean that it is not correct. I will not move on from Cooper, he is an abject failure at the 2 wideout position. I don’t have to be in the meeting room…what is wrong with you? LOL. He was paid to make the plays he made last year and be that player, not the bum he turned out to be this year. Dropping a spot on game winning pass against San Fran, disappearing in multiple games, throwing his QB under the bus, talking about Mac’s contract situation, running the wrong routes…lmao..WTF? Here’s what I do know for a fact, DeSean never produced at such a low rate, he would have easily doubled Cooper’s output with Maclin on the opposite side. Cooper performed better with Jackson than with Maclin, so I know Jackson would have easily outperformed Cooper. It’s not even close! You are arguing a ridiculous counterpoint. Cooper should not even be on the team. Like I said, PFF rated Cooper the worst wide receiver in the entire NFL. One thing I have come to know about you HAC, you like to try to prove people wrong, even when you clearly, truly have no idea what you are talking about. Enough said!

              2. Again eagles have landed… You and bloggers are assigning numbers, I assume based on paycheck that this guy is the #1, #2 and 3…..
                You are focused on him being the number two option… Why? He wasn’t.. For the record I don’t like cooper, never have… I’ve rooted for him as an eagle etc… But you really seem hung up on money that isn’t yours? It is something I don’t get. So in 13 when avant made like 2 million and cooper made 500 grand or whatever it was did that make avant #2 even tho cooper had more catches?
                You are focused on money and what ifs…. There are no such thing as what ifs

              3. HAC, no, as I stated, I am assigning Cooper a number as to where he lined up, on the outside, opposite side of the field of Mac, which is where all #2’s traditionally line up, and the percentage of snaps he took on the field. QB progression reading is simple, first, second, third, fourth option.
                Cooper received his $ based off of last years performance and what he was projected to do going forward. What if Coop continues to progress. let’s give him X amount of $ based on that past performance and base future projections off of past performance. Simple formula they use to sign players to contracts. Cooper is the #2. You can’t win this argument, your argument is pay no attention to the $. My argument is look at where he lined up on the field and the # of snaps.

              4. Landed, you obviously don’t know who our coach is… He sees that whole shit in a different a way. In a traditional, john madden 100 years ago or even bill Walsh that might be accurate… Kelly sees each game, defense differently… Let me ask you didn’t it look easy to get ertz 15 catches? That made ertz number one.. Kelly could care less what your contract says, where you line up etc… That’s our coach… Get used to it

              5. HAC, um, why wasn’t Ertz playing more than Brent Celek? Because he did not earn that playing time and because Celek was a better blocker. Sounds pretty traditional to me. Matter of fact, Chip’s play calling was rather Andy Reid-ish this year. I am used to that. Truth be told, I don’t think any of us know who Chip Kelly really is. Um, you do know that when Jordan Mathews was drafted Chip said that Mathews was not going to play the #2 spot because he wanted him for the slot. So Chip acknowledged the # 2 receiver position and the slot position. So if chip calls receiver position by numbers 1,2, and the slot, I think it’s ok for me to also. Once again, this is football, as much as you want to embellish Chips system, even he says it’s not complicated, it’s simple. They run four formations and the QB decides where to go with the ball according to the formation. Those formations have 1,2,and a slot receiver. Do you actually think Cooper could be the main receiver, a #1, of course not…I hope you don’t anyway..lol. You do know the best cornerback is assigned to the best receiver, the #1, the next best corner normally gets the #2, and the nickel back, gets the slot receiver. Don’t try to make Kelly’s system complicated, it’s not, Kelly said it, not me. Sounds like you don’t know who the coach is. I know one thing for sure. SF, GB, Seattle and Arizona did not think Kelly’s offense was nontraditional. They laughed at it, SF, GB, and Seattle defenders said they knew what was coming…not to complicated HAC, not to complicated.

              6. Chip said he is going to play in the slot, not the number two.. You are locked into semantics …. Fact is the top three WR this year performed better than last years.. Would maclin mesean and Matthew have been better? Maybe … It would be a guess from me and you as well…

              7. Ertz got into Chip’s doghouse because his man ( Whitney Mercilus ) broke Nick Foles shoulder. Ertz did not give 100% until the whistle as he half ass pushed Mercilus away from the pocket and quit on the play. Mercilus did not quit and kept playing until the whistle and slammed Foles to the ground. Lack of effort was why Ertz was MIA in the middle of the season.

              8. Good point zero
                Also the day Matthews was drafted Kelly stated he will get most of his reps out of the slot, he didn’t say he is number 1, 2 or 3.
                Kelly doesn’t label it like that get used to it…
                You are too focused on coopers contract…I think you would be brutally surprised if you sat in on an end of the year offensive meeting where the coaches were candid about personnel moving forward… Btw I’d love to be in that room!

      2. It’s not a “possibility” it’s a FACT they would have been better…Check Jackson’s annual stats, average them and add them to the 2014 Eagles and it would have made HUGE difference. That’s not even considering how much of an impact he has on defenses that directly lead to improving other players.

    3. Skayne, I’ve not talked to one person or read one comment by anyone here that actually believes that this is a good idea. I don’t know anyone that’s felt like the favoritism towards members of Kelly’s previous amateur team is beneficial for the Eagles. How I see this going down is precisely what you’ve said…instead of having a talented playmaker that can think independently, like say a LeSean McCoy, Kelly will trade him and get a generic RB like Shonn Greene and allow Kelly to do all the thinking for him.

      The only benefit is seeing an over zealous individual so clearly incompetent as talent evaluator removed from making any decisions related to talent evaluation.

    4. …As for Roseman’s track record and the justified criticism of him.

      The guy has never played football at any organizational level, has never been around football players and it shows even after being coddled in a professional football organization for 16 years.

      The 2010 “Fast Ball” draft was horrible (Brandon Graham may be the last guy standing from that draft after this year), the 2011 draft was horrible as we all know. It was also clearly Howie Roseman’s vision to create the “Dream Team” that never was that year. We know this if only going by the title other executives labeled him after their initial interactions…”The Shakedown Artist” based on that we know that it fits a pattern and style of management. He’s flashy, takes shortcuts routinely and is constantly peeking at other people’s tests. AR certainly wouldn’t have gone on a mission to build a mercenary “Dream Team.”

      It’s fairly well known that after the “Dream Team” debacle and those two horrendous drafts that were wastes of time, energy, money the scouting department was turned over.

      Roseman gets 0 credit for the 2012 draft Rick Mueller is primarily responsible for that and it was what he was hired for. Roseman needed somebody to save his ass.

      It’s important to detail all of these things if only to outline the fact that if there weren’t EXTREME favoritism/cronyism involved Roseman would have been out in some public, non-sports related, New Jersey law firm YEARS ago.

  7. Chip Kelly in his first Official Capacity as Personnel Player Boss
    announces New Contract’s
    For Casey Matthews, Jeff Maehl & Kijon Barner and
    He also extends Deals to Taylor Hart,Brandon Bair
    And Signs QB Dennis Dixon to a Guranteed 3 Year Deal
    My Sources now have the Eagles approx $2.5 Million
    Under the Cap going into 2015 Season
    Meanwhile,Howie Roseman,has ordered 3 Truckloads of
    Toliet Paper for the Linc’s Restrooms & Locker Room’s Facilities
    Good Times in 2015…

    1. I heard Howie just got a few more duties added to his role.
      He’s now the official candy machine shaker in the cafeteria when purchases get stuck in the spiral.

  8. Got the Panthers on
    Watching 2 Rookies on Panthers D
    CB Benwiekie & Safety Tre Boston
    Who have been a part of the Panthers D turn around
    And players I liked out if the Draft last Year

  9. A couple of Free-Agents on Cardinals Defense that could help the Eagles
    OLB Sam Acho and CB A Cromartie
    And CB J Powers..

  10. Looking at Panthers vs Cardinals playoff game
    pick 27- Deone Bucchanon- Cardinals
    pick 28-Kelvin Benjamin- Panthers
    Both players starting for their teams and making plays.
    Eagles pick 26- Marcus Smith ???????nada
    Talent evaluation….Thanks Chip… Bang up job!!!

  11. You guys are not following the $$$ …this move was hastened ,by the owner flapping his gums ..answering a question after the Giants game…Yes howie is my GM ..that emboldened the lil fucker who ,then looked to purge his antagonists …he had Gamble fired while chip on New Year’s Eve was off dining on webbed feet and wings at the rose bowl ..shooting one across Chips bow was completely miscalculated ..Jeffrey with any semblance of corporate sanity ,would have said ,listen we need to involve Chip in this decision ,then and only then would have a sane by committee,decision be made …instead Jeffrey ..gave Chip an opening and for the first time all season chip played red zone offense ..successfully …he took a selfie of his ass …walking out the door ..Jeff opened that door and chip kicked it in..this wasn’t done with due diligence ,it was a reactionary blink mode decision..now you just backed yourself into the proverbial corner ..a more sane approach and negotiation ,should have and could have been done addressing Gamble ..Jeffrey keeps impeccable notations..he and only he had leverage ..he could say ..look you wanted this he wanted this ..accountability would have prevailed ,as numbers ,results can’t be debated ..instead you had one too many with your butt boy and went and crushed a beer can on your Head …if it weren’t my football team ..I’d be enjoying this mess …I hope by mistake ,it all works out ..I truly do..

    1. Much of that may be true but I think the Kelly ass picture (I shudder at the thought, yuck) might be a but of hyperbole… If there is any shred of truth to Luries comment chip came in and said look, it’s divisive to have an organization like this we have to move forward … He may have threatened a but which is ok… I have always been skeptical about the draft by committee thing with Howie somehow getting to spin to the owner… I know this is unpopular but I thinK AR would still be winning with a more streamlined organization…

      1. You give Reid way too much credit hac. Reid had total control of this team. His multiple(consistent) in game miscues were beyond tired. I’m glad to finally have a coach who values the run -and I’m hardly a kelly fan. The unwillingness to address special teams, real talent at wr, mlb, safety, philly’s high taxes, WTC bombing, and rapper Trina not giving me a lapdance are ALL HIS FAULT.

        1. reid lost his way– he certainly had his faults as you point out… he wasn’t a total bafoon till the end when i think he got desperate… he won a shit load of games — did not get over the top, agreed but you don’t don’t win that many games without knowing a little somehting…
          but he lost his way– he reached on the Mudd, washburn nambdi time…

  12. HAC not disagreeing ..just saying this could have been handled “in house” without the wives of broad street drama …there’s no question from Wednesday to Friday the owner flip flopped…he had leverage and just gave it all away ..

      1. Panthers have Played the Seahawks very tough
        This year and last year and actually match up very well against them
        They will not be intimidated playing them at all
        Facing smash-mouth type of Teams benefits the Panthers
        They struggle versus the spread out Teams like the Packers,Eagles
        Etc.. Get them vs any other Team in the NFC, minus the Packers
        And they can hang in and try to win ugly..
        It’s how they are built and how they Play

      1. Ha Ha.. Nothing, no matter how Small or in this case,
        How Large, gets by the GCobb Posters…

        1. AR is easy to make the butt of jokes on GCOBB… It’s low hanging fruit!
          Zona with this qb doesn’t stand a chance… Butt fumble is god awful but for a backup… You kind of have chance…

  13. RB Stewart running hard and Panthers OL dominating Cards Front 7
    This Team is for Real, despite their crappy Overall Record
    But has played very well the last 4-5 Weeks

    1. Yeah ok whatever makes you guys sleep well at night. On his worst day he’s better than any qb we have. hard for me to criticize Cam when so many were predicting his demise since his drafting. Let’s see; 2 very good rbs who can’t stay on the field thus making Cam the defacto best rb; Steve Smith slightly long in the tooth but still a gamer the only real threat at recvr and Olson. Please! Cam may not be Rodgers, but he damn sure is the primary reason that team has been relevant.

      1. And the I forgot Benjamin (who should be an eagle)…….plus the brilliant front office lets Smith leave. Cam= instant upgrade without having to mortgage the future for Mariota. But I already know he will be franchised.

        1. i like cam kind of… he is athletic, tough and i think smart… he just has serious flaws and i don’t think he can win with his arm…

    1. I don’t understand you guys. Have I missed something this year in regards to qb play(other than a bunch of excuses)? I just watched my young promising starter look pedestrian at best in a year he could have ceased control of the position and put to rest any doubt about his Madden season last yr. I also saw our back up fail as well to cease the moment when there for the taking. And as much as I love Benjamin, our Djax less crew is better than that slop in Carolina. Do we have the luxury of talking about other team’s qbs? Every team with the exception of zona and Cincy has a better signal caller than the eagles.

  14. If the Panthers had a qb the Game would be over, the punter for the Cardinals giving it away

    1. 3 floaters, one worm burner – all to wide open guys.

      One “almost” pick 6 that was dropped.

      And a pick 6.

      This with the Arizona punter doing his best to set the all time lowest punting average in history. Carolina has spent the entire half in ‘Zona territory and are losing.

      Oh….and one shot of him sitting on the bench with the towel on his head. Expect more sulking to come!

      Can’t you just imagine Newton in a Kelly offence??

      Wouldn’t that be just peachy?

  15. Thought it would be interesting now that we know who is calling the shots ….what will be the first ducks name ..that chip hangs upside down in the Chinese restaurant and let’s go?

      1. Just because a tv talking head says it, does not mean its true.

        You, nor I, nor Gruden knows what Newton/Crochery were supposed to do there.

        Crotch thought to go in, Newton out.

        Why do you assume it was Crotch made the wrong call?

        Wait….can’t fault the hero!

        1. On a crossing pattern you keep going…you run across the defenders face, that is a fundamental…
          I hate cam and truly that is a basic pattern, he looked back to watch a play behind him…

        2. Huh?

          Um…I can see with my own tow eyes. Clearly Crotch wasn’t even looking for the ball and bailed on his route. And this is why no one takes you seriously. You can’t let your hate see plays for what they really are.

          1. Even the announcers said as such. But these dumbasses on this site can’t allow their hatred for certain “types” of qbs to subside. Think if we had a true franchise qb they’d see the need to always worry about other qbs? But when yours are avg at best and holes were clearly on display this year….gotta deflect and throw shade somewhere. Think if Foles had shown what he was suppose to people would be discussing moving up for Mariota(which I disagree with)? He shit the bed and a patched up oline that actually passed blocked rather well took the blame. Sanchez of all people for a small window, did just as well as the Starter.

  16. Lot of Game left, Cam is a 2nd Half QB
    They have to get back to Runnung the Ball,
    Cardinals are wratcheting the Pressure up
    And Cam is not handling it well..

    1. I would like to see the Panthers Win and move on in the Playoffs.
      I follow and root for them on a casual level,since I’ve have lived in NC since 1994..

      1. yeah and so did Foles.

        Foles looked like hot shit this year and it make me wonder how fans can talk about other team’s qb when thieir QB played like hot shit getting bailed out by special teams and defensive scores.

          1. No he’s just exposing people like you and the usual suspects for you bullshit. Foles did NOTHING to inspire confidence this year. Unlike Songs I’m on record for backing this kid. All I’ve seen on this site was excuse after excuse for his play. You guys go on and on about Kap’s regression, but what about Foles? And no,l’m not a Kap fan but I’m aware of what he has done in his short run for that franchise. You guys act like inaccuracy, missing open recvrs, and bad mechanics weren’t on display all season and often discussed via sports shows and etc.

            1. actually i;ve used kaps regression to point out that it is natural at this stage of the development… it is normal–
              foles did not have a good year– the detractors just evaluate him on a different level than all others–
              all i ever say is he ends up winning lots of games…
              go ahead defend the short bus guy..i don’t care!

        1. No what’s funny is all the naysayers on this blog are bitching about a QB who is in the playoff.

          That’s why there isn’t even a need to respond. One guy is in the playoffs. The other team is sitting home. lol.

          1. Lo too funny… I think our guy has as many wins in half a season as the ‘playoff’ qb had in 16..
            Go ahead ts, swoon over cam he is awesome, they are carving his bust in canton.

            On another note… The difference between a marginal qb cam and a third stringer is immense… Whenever you go to a back up ie butt fumble you will struggle

            1. Actually I wasn’t swooning over anyone.

              I was commenting on how silly is to pick a part a QB that’s in the playoffs while your team’s QB is at home. I mean instead of just enjoying the game, folk are picking apart every play every move like someone the Ealges playoff game is coming up and we’re playing Carolina next.

              1. Hell Foles didn’t even finish the season, but yep lets complain about Newton who is PLAYING with two broken bones in his back. Bunch of certified idiots here.

              2. Nope again wrong point, Newton is playing with 2 broken bones in his back came back to lead his team into the playoffs, where did Foles lead the Eagles to ? Can’t be a leader or franchise guy in the training room.

            2. Yup Foles broke a collar bone, got slammed…
              You guys are right cam is really good, funny Foles wins and plays ugly it’s because of defense and spec teams… Just someone from the other side acknowledge cam played like shit and his defense or lack of Arizona offense and special teams helped him win

  17. When a team is sending the house over and over and over against a 4th year starter, you know what the defensive co-ordinatoe thinks about the QB.

    That’s what you do with 1st and 2nd year QBs…..if its still happening 4 years in…you suck.

    (This despite Gruden slathering Newton’s nards all first half – “look how he’s audibling from an inside run to an outside run – he’s progressing!”)

    Ya? Wow. A 4th year QB can audible from one run to another. How exciting.

    But he’s athletic.

  18. I just seen cam get a first down after everything broke down…I wonder what Nick folds would have done there?

    Can someone say throw it away and call in the punt team?

    1. They still punted….AND…their QB ate turf about 4x.

      Listen…this team has started every drive in Arizona territory today and have 13 points.

      The QB is responsible for 7 of the Arizona pts.

      Give it up….isn’t it you who leads the “Foles in the 1st half against New Orleans….” charge?

      Now Cam Newton can do no wrong?

      This game is a complete blowout if Anderson is playing over Newton. The running game is rolling. The field position is incredible.

      And the QB is missing wide open guys and throwing pick 6s.

      They’re going to win, because Arizona cannot move the ball..but this should have been a blowout mid-way through the 2nd if not for the QB

      1. Oh…and he’s getting bailed out by 2 totally ticky-tack illegal comtact…

        And now that pathetic pass int call.

        Without that help,….its a beyond pathetic performance.

        What a joke call that was.

  19. Did I miss something? Cam coming here next year? Let’s figure out how to win with what we have or.. Figure out how to get what we need. You 2 won’t stop this stupid debate. You can win in this league with either style. Enough already.

    1. Stevo it’s always the same punk asses who start this shit every year and then accuse those who call it out with having an agenda, The thread clearly shows who they are. Mcnabb and Vick are no longer here AND OUR OWN QB HASN’T DONE SHIT all year before getting hurt; so play our usual flame game under guise of legit sports talk.

      1. pointing out the agenda is a problem for many… ‘foles hasn’t won a playoff game” — oh really songs? hmmmm cam was 0-1 before last night? wtf are you defending that moron for!

        1. Foles is fair game because he’s currently the starter for OUR team. You know, like how McNabb and Vick were before it became ridiculous and clearly not legit debate. Again, you should really try employing your baseball logic when discussing football. You’ve become every bit of what your call out in the baseball threads.

  20. What a Game for 2 Struggling Offense’s..
    This is what the Playoffs are all about and you have to
    Like to see both Teams battling back and leaving it on the field

  21. Was that Pass even Catchable???
    The Refs have sucked for both sides so far and not a good sign for the NFL
    Why they break up Referee Units to work the Playoffs is Asinine

  22. Why Ted Ginn Jr, was even try to return that Kick
    9 Yards Deep in the end-zone was stupid in the first Place

  23. As I stated all year, Cardinals CB Patrick Petersen
    Is one if the most Overrated CB’s in all of the NFL

      1. Petersen is the Highest Paid CB in all the NFL
        As well, more than Sherman,Revis,Talib, etc,etc..

  24. If I’m Carolina I wouldnt even think about giving Cam major money, this guy is never gonna last, besides that he still makes rookie mistakes n has no touch, whoever thinks this guy is good has no clue.

    1. Lol sings.. Cam in his fourth year is getting ready to beat Lindsey, Foles had the lead against Bree’s, left the field and the d lost the game… You just are mentally challenged I understand… It’s not your fault

      1. Foles never won a playoff game…..

        Last I checked a QB don’t get a “W” for leaving the field with the lead before the team loses.

        Only people in Philadelphia would use such a pathetic scenario to prop up a QB when the reality is his poor play in the 1st half lead to the team losing by keeping the opposition in the game to be able to strike and win it all in the end.

      1. Did the cardinals have an offense? Did the panther d and special teams aid in the win? That is how you qualify Foles wins! Do the same with a qb that is more ‘your style’ he sucked

  25. I like this OLB Sam Acho of the Cardinals who is a Free-Agent
    this March.. Eagles should pursue and replace Trent Cole

    1. Pman, I believe Cole n Graham is gone n with that money they get Worilds from the Steelers, if u remember, we tried to get him last year but they franchised him, I think he’s tops on the list.

      1. I am not as High on Worilds as many of you guys are..
        He’s a nice Player on a well coached Scheme in Pittsburgh..

        1. Worilds had 59 Tackles with 7.5 Sacks
          This Season, 1 Forced Fumble and 2 Int
          Which is Solid, but not Great by any means

          1. Panthers LB Thomas Davis had 100 Tackles
            Like Kuechly, who GMCliff stated was overhyped
            When coming out of Boston College, had 153 Tackles to lead the NFL
            Vontaze Burfict played in only 4 Games in 2014 with Concussion,Nexk and Knee Injuries for the Bengals

            Kuechly has never missed an NFL Game
            In his 3 Seasons and has made the Pro-Bowl
            Every Season including Defensive Rookie of the Year in
            2012 and NFL Defensive Player of the Year in
            Even GMCliff has misses with his Drafts..

          2. LB Worilds let Ravens TE Crockett Gillmore get free behind him
            That Put the Game away.. 30-15…

  26. As great as Arians coached this year he couldn’t overcome losing his starting QB, that’s it in a nutshell, no matter how good or innovative you are, you have no chance without a franchise QB

  27. Bowles and MsDermott is better than Billy davis….hands down.

    The Eagles need to hire the Panthers linebacker coach as defensive coordinator.

  28. Congrats!!! Panthers, Cam. and Mcdermott.

    That Panthers defense did it tonight and hats off to Cam for regrouping and driving his team down the field in critical moments.

    Damn we haven’t won a playoff game since 2008.


  29. There goes my Safety (Tre Boston) from last Years Eagles Mock Draft,
    making another Play.. The Eagles should have Drafted Tre Boston
    Over Ed Reynolds.. I said it then, I say it now..

  30. Steelers/Ravens Winner will be determined
    By what QB can expose other Teams poor Secondaries…
    Ravens backend may be worse than the Eagles
    With all the Injuries they’ve had this Year
    And the Steelers Secondary is not much better
    If I am with Team, I abandoned the run and pass,pass,pass..
    Expect a 31-30 Type of Game with 80-90 Passes
    Between each Team.,

      1. Ravens have 2 Starting OL out and are Starting
        A Rookie LT in his first NFL Start …Good Luck

  31. These mixed “Referee Units” are an embarrassment
    To the Integrity of the Game… Shame on the NFL

  32. Steeler Players who probably played their last game
    For Pittsburgh
    LB James Harrison
    Safety Troy Palomula
    CB Ike Taylor
    DE Brett Keisel (who is Injured)

    Cardinal Players who played their final Game
    For Arizona
    WR Larry Fitzgerald (Due $15 Million in 2015)
    LB Larry Foote who has played for years

    1. Pdiddy, harbaugh is very under rated. My wife’s family are ravens people and I went to Delaware so I’m a flacco fan, so I watch them quite a bit and follow them. I think Ozzie new some and the ravens FO structure is very solid (to bring it back to the eagles). Hopefully this come to Jesus moment for Lurie will bring about FO stability…

    1. E0S this was the correct way to go remember I’m not a Kelly guy but let him put his program in place if we see a parade of Ducks and pac-12 guys who don’t produce then all of our questions will be answered and we move on. Will it setback the franchise? Yes but we’ll know quickly if it’s Kelly the genius or Kelly the fraud.

    1. Big Ben cost the Steelers that Game,
      He was off all night and needed a very good to
      Great game to win without RB Bell and he was simply average
      Missed Receivers, and really missed Bell coming out of the backfield

    1. I see that pick as a good one for Arizona
      He’ll sit a year or so behind the aging
      Carson Palmer…
      They also need a legitimate RB
      Maybe a Gordon, Gurley type to complement


      1. Would it be possible to say…Baltimore got rid of a low character a.hole in rice, replaced him with a scrub who played ok but fumbled, they came together as a team, won a tough game on the road…just saying there are two sides to every coin…

        1. Ray rice’s production was down to like 3 yards per carry, his production had slipped the past two years, no major loss there. And Rice was on a different level, he is a real scum bucket. Actually, RB Forsett has played pretty well in the RB role for Ravens this year..5.4 ypc for 2014. Not to shabby! Plus they have Bernard Pierce too. Could it be possible to say that the Pittsburgh O line was overmatched by the Ravens D-Line! It starts in the trenches. Pittsburgh would have definitely benefitted from a better talent in the backfield though. L. Blunt!

          1. Ok so getting rid of a scum bag and then winning a tough game means nothing, but getting rid of a scumbag and losing does? Proves my point…

              1. Blunt over 11 games averaged 24 yards per game… On pace to be MVP I believe… Odds on favorites
                Landed you should use football reference before making assanine statements… 24 yards per game… Rice last yeR was 50… Sounds like two ass holes who were contributing to their teams but by no means one a stud one not… Both got fired, ones team won last night and one lost… So your point about culture?

              2. Rice knocked his wife out, What did Blount, not blunt do that comes close to that? Blount is a pain in the butt like Marshawn Lynch, not on same level as Rice though. Detail what Blount did ?

              3. Wait? A few posts ago you were talking productivity. You changed your tune now we are measuring degree of assholeness…I can’t keep up…
                I used the term BLUNT as a degree of sarcasm considering he smoked one on the way to a preseason game… I thought you’d be sophisticated enough to catch it… I think that’s a double entendre or something .. Maybe a play on words… whatever the term it obviously sailed over your head..

              4. Yup, it sailed way above my head. Lol, so smoking weed is on par with knocking a woman out..because it seems you are making both guys out to be equal bad guys based on their actions. Lol…weed makes him a bad guy, President Clinton smoked weed( though he says he did not inhale..lol). George Bush Jr. did cocaine, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher are the biggest weed heads the USA has to offer.

                The Eagle receiving corps would be more productive with Jackson in the place of Cooper. That was my original point. take it easy dude…or any way you can get it!

              5. Dude I’m not saying smoking weed is bad, good or whatever. Blount has been a bad guy for a long time. You brought up productivity… Saying cutting a productive guy (26yd per game) for being an a.hole was stupid and caused them to lose…I pointed out that the other asshole was more productive… Now you are trying to say which is the bigger asshole… For the record rice, who I ripped on here is a bigger asshole..no doubt. However going all the way back someone, maybe you said, cutting a guy Blount because he’s an ssshole is stupid and that culture didn’t help them win… I said well the opposite could be said for Balt…. They cut an asshole, re
                Paced him with a journeyman and came together as a team…

              6. HAC…Blount with the Steelers was averaging 4.1 yards per carry this year. With the Pats he is averaging 4.7 yards per carry. Ray Rice was averaging 3.1 yards per carry in 2013. Where are you getting your bogus stats? Mines is coming from teams sites and NFL.com. Making things up again? Did you look at amount of carries, situations, and the fact that Rice was main back for Ravens, Blount was not the feature back in Pitt, Bell was. You make ignorant asinine statements without factoring in all of the variables. You do know Blount did a lot of the goal line work which would attribute to the low total game average ? I guess you didn’t. You are in over your head with me. Stop embarrassing yourself, try it with someone else, you don’t have the ability to match football wits, or any other kind of wits with me!!
                Quick question for you… Bill Bellichick, who does know a little something about football, and by the way has multiple SB’s brought Blount back. I wonder why? Can you tell me HAC?
                if you can’t figure it out, let me help you. Talent!!! I don’t think Bill is to worried about culture with the playoffs on the line. But hey, the Eagles don’t have to worry about it, we are at home But we have our culture. Kum Baya! 🙂

              7. 24 yards per game .. Indispensable… Twenty fucking four!
                So now you are back to productivity? I can’t keep track…
                Two teams cut assholes to try to improve their culture, make a statement to the team, fa base or whomever… Two teams cut assholes one won and one lost… Apparently the one that lost made a mistake because culture does t matter… The one that won had nothing to do with culture…

              8. 11 games for 266 yards with the steelers… This then turns into an elementary division problem… If you’d like you can use a calculator, or you can do as I do and perform something called LONG division..266 /11=24.2 yards per game.. Try the math my friend

              9. If division is too tough you can change into a multiplication problem…6 carries per game (highly productive) X 4.1 yards per carry = 24.2 yards per game ..see it works both ways.. If you’d like I could show it to you as an addition problem as well

              10. Looking at yards per carry, which means more to me than total yards, which is dependent upon the amount of carries one gets per game. Blount’s YPC were/are better than Rice’s. You can yell, scream cuss, all you want. It does not change the fact that Blount’s production was better than Rice’s . If you can’t keep up, write it down. I do not measure better running stats by total yards, nor does the NFL. It’s measured in yards per carry. Funny, you did all of that for Blount, but did not discuss Rice, who you claimed was better! Yes, it’s simple math 4.1 and 4.6 > 3.1.

                In 2013 Blount averaged 5.0 ypc
                Rice 3.1 ypc. That is the true comparison….lol! Not even close. You don’t even know what you are looking to compare!

              11. Yes those 24 yards per game were very productive..he was a huge part of the team… Like I said, you started with productivity, I demonstrate that 24 yards per game isn’t too productive … Since you are big into conjecture and such I propose that as his carries went up the average would go down (he did have a 50 yard run spike his YPC) , then you change to who is the bigger asshole, I concede that rice is a bigger asshole, although his was a single incident, blunt has a long history and was said to be a dick in the team room… Even with that said, a dick is a dick… One team cut based on character and won, one team cut based on character and lost… You can’t argue that the loser was affected by cutting character and the winner didn’t benefit by cutting character.
                Landed I can only assume, you are an internet all star, you probably kick ass in madden

        2. Yeah & Baltimore also won a SB with a scumbag who got away with murder, a primodona Safety, & a bunch of cheap shot artists on DF. So what is your point havenoclue?

    2. For the Record, OLB Jarvis Jones is a major bust
      And looks nothing like the same Player he was back in
      Georgia… It appears he put on 30lbs…

      1. 2nd Round Pick OT Mike Adams from 3 Years ago
        has been a Bust
        For the Steelers also
        See even the a Steelers miss on Draft Prospects

    1. You might want to check pro football reference before making that statement…before the hit helluva lot of targets, after the hit..oops, 2, 3,3,2,4 etc …

  33. HAC, you’re a funny guy. You even try to translate what the coach says into something other than what he said in order to try to make someone wrong and you right. I think Kelly is pretty straight forward, not much room for error or translation with what he says.

      1. Have at it! It was right after he was drafted. He also stated it when Cooper was stinking the joint up and reporters were asking Chip if he considered putting Mathews in the #2 position.

        1. May 27, article on GCOBB… Kelly has already committed the slot receiver spot to Matthews, as stated by Kelly, the slot receiver is a starting spot in today’s nfl…
          Again you would be totally shocked being in a coaches room during the discussion on the receivers…oh btw you would be equally shocked being in he redskins coaches room during candid discussion…

          1. Is that all you have, multiple wide receiver sets are common in football. I thought you were going to give me an article with Kelly stating receiver positions other than 1,2, and the slot. I heard Kelly say that. That has nothing to do with Cooper being a number two, Maclin a #1. If Maclin went down, would Kelly line Cooper up in his spot? That spot is the main receiver spot, the #1. Nope, he would put Mathews there. Kelly acknowledges the slot position…traditional #3, and he is correct. That is a starting position in a lot of NFL offenses. He is not on the outside where the #2 lines up at. It’s a simple formation position for the supposed second best wr on the team.

            How would you know about Redskin coaches discussions, when were you in there? HAC, seriously, candid discussions go on in all football business rooms. Nothing shocking there.

            1. I wasn’t… In my opinion you would be shocked at what you here about your idols by men who know…
              Fact and last time since your density level is extremely high… The eagles top three receivers were more effective this year than last and the coach that makes 6 million and IS in the meeting room would agree. Don’t bother responding you aren’t up to the task

              1. HAC…yes, and your coaching idol failed to get us to the playoffs this year with this new set of receivers who damn near disappeared in 3 out of the last 4 games. Maclin, Mathews and DeSean is a better group than Maclin, Cooper, and Mathews. And definitely a better group than last years corps of Jackson, Avant and Cooper.
                For some strange reason, it appears you have difficulty staying on topic. For the record…the focus of our discussion was about Cooper being a #2 receiver, not which receiving corps was more effective between last year and this year. I may not be up to the task, but you can’t stay on task!!! Maybe Kool is right, to many blunts, it does impair ones long term memory. Dcar is also correct, have no clue fits you perfectly!
                LOL…you tell me not to pay attention to Coop’s money, but you bring up the coaches money..because it gives credence and relevance to job performance and expectation. go ahead, use the money now since you feel it helps your argument. Once again, you don’t give 25 million to a #3 receiver. You’re a joke!!!

              2. Eagles, you can’t argue, with irrational, delusional stupidity. Don’t you know by now. I’ve been doing it for 3 years with the dude!

  34. ***NFL Trade Rumors***
    Eagles & Chip Kelly offer QB Nick Foles,
    DE Vinny Curry and 2 1st Round Picks
    (2015 &2016) & 2 3rd Round Picks (2015 & 2016)
    For the Titans #2 Overall Pick of 2015 Draft

    Clock is Ticking in Nashville
    This Trade would ensure Kelly getting either
    Mariotta or Winston to run his Offense

    1. Kelly then Trades RB L McCoy to the Oakland Raiders for their
      2nd Pick in 2015 and their 3rd Round Pick to
      Gain some Draft Picks back

  35. Eagles 2015 Draft

    1st (#2 Overall) – QB Mariotta (Oregon)
    2nd (#36 Overall from Raiders) – WR J Strong (Arizona)
    2nd (#52 Overall) – CB Marcus Peters (Washington)
    No 3rd Rounders
    4th (From Bills) – RB Abdullah (Nebraska)
    4th – OL – Highest Rated OL on Board

    1. He’s a beast.. I always like the OL from University of Wisconsin’s Program
      They are well Coached and Fundamentally Sound

  36. Everytime their was a post on here or comments talking about why Foles regressed I always commented that it had to do with Lazor leaving, below is an article I saw that kind of backs that up

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. You can’t win a Super Bowl without a quarterback, right?

    Odds are then that if you’re a Super Bowl team you’d better have a darn good quarterback coach too. The Eagles did, but when Bill Lazor left to be the offensive coordinator for Miami, Nick Foles’ development took a serious hit.

    Shaky decision-making, unsettled feet—despite the 5-2 record (Texans game excluded) Nick Foles clearly regressed this year. Foles’ second season in Chip Kelly’s system resulted in a stat line of 2,163 yards 13 TDs and 10 INTs following his amazing 27 TD, 2 INT performance in ‘13.It gets worse. Foles completion percentage dropped from 64% to 59.4% with nearly the same number of throws and similar offensive weapons.

    LISTEN: Vince Quinn and Ray Boyd discuss the latest speculation surrounding the Eagles on Sports Beyond Measure

    There are plenty of ways to shoo off the idea that Foles’ regression isn’t related to coaching, but Lazor’s impact on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is fairly similar.

    Here’s the numbers from Tannehill’s career thus far:

    2012 484 58.3 3294 12 13
    2013 588 60.4 3913 24 17
    2014 590 66.4 4045 27 12

    As you can see, 2014 was another career year from an average quarterbacking talent under Bill Lazor.

    But just like a cheesy made for TV product, “That’s not all!” Lazor improved the quality of play at the quarterback position during his stint with the Redskins (2006-2007) and survived a regime change with the Seahawks following the 2008 season.

    Does this mean Nick Foles is doomed to a life of being a disposable, average quarterback? No, but Lazor’s departure is worth discussing when deciding on Foles’ future as an Eagle.

    1. Good find Andrew. I’m have been asking the same thing at many points this season also. I questioned the effect of Lazor leaving in seeing Foles regression much as Randall regressing after Doug Scoville’s passing. I really believe that Lazor leaving was a big reason for the difference, and that Musgrave was not a good fit for Foles.

  37. Ryan Tannehill is probably the Best & most consistent Young QB
    With upside In the NFL under 26 Years old, outside of Luck & Wilson
    Is take him over RG3,Kapernick,Newton, Foles
    And last years group of QB’s from the Draft

  38. Two observations from the early game. One, do you remember the debate about who should go number 1, rg me or luck? Um the answer is as a obvious as the leaf, manning debate and two, Marvin Lewis must have porn pics of the owner with a 12 year old boy… The guy is a nice coach but man the post season is not kind to him

  39. I read another post that said Chip wanted Matthews with the first pick but Howie told him he could get him or a player like him in the 2nd, this tells me two things
    Smith wasn’t Chps pick
    Chip is defiantly gonna need a guy to tell him no, between hearing this n him wanting Hart in the 3rd Chips issue drafting is going to be overvaluing players.

  40. I LOVE that the idiot talking heads spent about 3 hours talking about how great the Cowboys Oline was before this game.

    They are kicking the shit out of Tony Romo.

    Oh wait….Songs…..haven’t you been spending the past month or so waxing poetic about how great Romo is??

    Whatever Songs says….the opposite is true!

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