Roseman Gets Extension And Chip Kelly Gets Complete Control Of Personnel

chip-kelly-howie-rosemanThere has been a war going on in the Eagles organization and it’s been going on for much of the season.  I had a source tell me that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly might be leaving in a year or so because of his strained relationship with team General Manager Howie Roseman.  I laughed at him.  Looking back, he obviously knew what he was talking about.

I was told that Kelly and Roseman were battling over control of player personnel, such as, elements of the draft and free agency.

Kelly’s anger at Roseman must have boiled over earlier in the week when Tom Gamble, the Director of Player Personnel for the Birds organization was abruptly fired.  Kelly had to feel disrespected by the organization to have the person he knew best and confided in most, fired.

Think about the fact that Kelly was giving Gamble a glowing endorsement during his Monday news conference.  He described him as an outstanding personnel guy.  The next evening according to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Gamble is being ushered out of the Nova Care Complex by security.

I’m sure he let Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and Roseman know it.  After the astonishing firing of Gamble, the Kelly and Roseman relationship was in desperate need of repairing and Lurie had to do something about it immediately.  The Eagles have come up with what they believe is a solution to the problem.

That’s how I see it, but Lurie says it didn’t happen like that.

“I have a very good relationship with Chip that continues to grow stronger and stronger,” Lurie said. “When we spoke, he was thoughtful, thorough and professional. There were no demands, no threats – quite the contrary – he was passionate, engaged and articulated a dynamic and clear vision on how this fully integrated approach will work. We look forward to seeing it come to life over time.”

Lurie has now given Kelly complete control of the Eagles player personnel department.

“We are a good football team and we believe these steps will help make us a great team,” said Lurie. “That step – from good to great – is the most difficult one for any organization to make. To do that, sometimes you have to step back and really look hard at where you are today and what you want to become.”

Roseman has been with the Eagles for a total of 16 years in a variety of roles.  He has been in the role of general manager since 2010.

“Philadelphia is my home and the Eagles are my family. My number one goal is to help bring a championship to this city and that will never change,” said Roseman. “I believe this will solidify the trust we have all placed in Coach Kelly.”

Kelly, who was hired as the Eagles head coach in 2013, has had two ten-win seasons.

“I am very confident about where we are headed as a team and as an organization. I look forward to continue working with Jeffrey and Howie as well as the personnel department,” said Kelly.

“This is not a one-man operation,” added Kelly. “It will truly take a team effort to acquire and develop the best football players and then put the best team on the field each week. It will take all of us working together.”

So, you’ve got the picture.  Kelly is running the show from a personnel standpoint with Roseman working the contracts, but not making any personnel decisions.  Chip will now hire an experienced personnel guy, whom he believes in and can work with.

Roseman gets the contract extension but he’s demoted to not having any power over the team’s personnel.  That makes me wonder why bother firing Gamble because he is really the experienced NFL personnel guy whom Kelly trusts and wanted to work with.

I hope Kelly gets a quality guy to put in that position and surrounds himself with quality people he can lean on because one guy can’t do it all by himself.

One thing is for sure, something needed to be done.  I hope it works out for everybody.

174 thoughts on “Roseman Gets Extension And Chip Kelly Gets Complete Control Of Personnel

  1. None of this makes any sense. Its the move of a dysfunctional organization that lacks true vision and stability. Why fire Gamble in a move that obvious said…”We run this here Chip”…only to turn around and give Chip complete authority?

  2. Actually hot air it is a move that makes them more functional. It is the stupidest model to have a draft, FA and say pick number one was this guys pick, pick number two this ore guy is responsible… At least now the buck stops with one man. Also, maybe it was chip that wanted gamble gone?

    1. haveablunt…in your blazed mind it makes sense…but it is a dumb move. Every report says that Chip and Gamble was close…he just spent the previous day saying how good a ‘football man’ Gamble was.
      If this was a well run organization…they would have given Chip Kelly this promotion and THEN fired Gamble.
      Its obvious only to a smoke head and apologist for the organization like you haveablunt that this moves makes since.
      We have already seen this kind of organizational structure with Andy Reid and Joe Banner…it failed miserably. Also, It was Chip Kelly who had control of last year’s failed draft!
      The Eagles organization is dysfuntional

      1. As I said… It just made them more functional … Flat out. I’m sorry your immature , non-developed mind doesn’t see it but you lack depth and understsnding

  3. Finally, the bean counting, inept Weaselman, with no football acumen, is ousted! Now, IMHO, everything is on the “Genius”. This isn’t college recruiting, & you need to spend your salary cap space, & not dumpster dive! Apparently Kelly was pissed Gamble was severely disrespected this week, fired & escorted out of the building, & the rumors of him going to leave were true! No other way of looking at it, but Limp wrist Lurie, changing his mind, & benching his paper boy & bean counter, after all of the bad press, rumor, & the Gamble debacle! At the very least, Kelly IS, a true football man. Enough is enough, with losing good player personnel guys, like Grigson, Licht, & Gamble, to appease the ego, of the spoiled little Weasel & his unwarranted promotions! They better have a good off-season, with upgrading their dire needs, & spending their cap space, or Kelly will have ALL the pressure on him next!!!!

    1. I guess Howie’s pedigree for talent evaluation wasn’t thought that highly of, if Lurie feels we can put the draft, free agents, and football decisions in the hand of a man who has an unnecessary affection for prospects that aren’t NFL Players….

      So much for that stupid Howie Roseman Challenge huh??….He is no challenge…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. gmcliff, that is the first thing I thought of when this happened! LMMFBO!!!! FU E0S & Izzell! Who doesn’t know what they are talking about now! All you know nothings, can just step off, & beat it, like you beat your meats!

      1. hac, I hope they do rehire him, but I think that ship has sailed, & he will get a job elsewhere, & he’ll be better off, than staying with this assclown circus. The unwarranted disrespect shown to him, would be enough for me to tell them to go kick rocks!

  4. Let’s all hope & pray, Kelly’s ego doesn’t get in the way of making major upgrades to the atrocious secondary, & replacing Billy Davis. No more square pegs, in round holes, & Oregon players either! Let’s hope he doesn’t mortgage the next 3 drafts for Mariota neither!

    1. You know it Diddy! If the “Genius” blows this off-season, & DOES mortgage the future for Mariota, he needs to be run out on a rail too. You CANNOT waste as much as it would take, to get that #1 pick, to get him! No F^#@ing way. We have TOO many dire needs to fill, if they truly want to contend for a SB next year, like limp wrist Lurie says they do! I see Weaselman being another Banner, dictating the salary cap $$$$ being spent, thus sabotaging moves Kelly wants to make, just like Banner did to Heckert & the Hindenburg.

  5. Kelly got pissed. Gamble was obviously a kelly guy, but he was looking to leave because he probably couldn’t take roseman. Roseman convinces lurie to fire gamble. It got so heated security escorted gamble out.

    Kelly would have none of it. Lurie Is a liar when he says it was a calm dialogue. Kelly told him he is out unless Lurie benches the paperboy weasel as dcar states.

  6. It’s really funny reading these comments, everybody is now freaking that Chip is in charge, two days ago everyone was freaking that Howie was in charge, you guys are like the media, no friggin clue!! If you guys think the coach hiring his own GM can’t work go look how it’s working in Seattle, it’s the same exact setup, they let Carroll bring his own man in, how’s rhat working? I’ll go with that blueprint until it doesn’t work, until then I’m happy Howie is out n have respect to lurie for having the balls to admit he made a mistake n did something about it.

    1. andrew, where in any comments above, do you see anyone freaking, as you say, that Kelly is in charge! Can you read, having reading comprehension issues, or just retarded? You don’t have a fucking clue, clueless! No one, including myself is freaking at all! I’d rather have a football lifer, than the bean counting paperboy! My issue, is giving unwarranted power, to a college coach, who has never proven, nor won shit, at any level he’s coached! This isn’t college, where you can illegally recruit, whomever you want! Get a clue bruh, before you rip others! BTW, aren’t you one of the @$$muppets, that gave him the moniker of the “Genius” on here?

    2. Also, limp wrist Lurie has no balls! He had no choice making this move, after all of the heat, & bad press his team was getting all week, due to his bean-counting paperboy’s move. He got an ultimatum from Kelly, & he caved! Kelly was getting considerations from multiple NCAA teams, & he asking out of his contract, after Gamble got canned, dissed, & escorted out of the building. Total disgrace, the way the little weasel acts like a spoiled little, two faced brat!

      1. Dcar, what r people saying when they say he’s gonna bring in all Oregon players or he picked Oregon players last year? Read between the lines! I don’t care what it took for lurie to grow some balls, the bottom line is that he did n put Howie where he belongs, it’s over with gamble, what’s done is done, let’s see who Chip brings in n where we go from here, as of today theirs no more guessing on who’s cutting players, drafting ect, it’s all on Chip now, as of now I’m on board n believe this is gonna work out great.

        1. If we are true fans, we no choice to be on board. But, I have never, nor ever will blindly follow anyone, nor anything! Anybody with half a brain cell, knew Weaselman was a glorified bean counter, & Limp wrist Lurie’s dickey warmer, & should have NEVER gotten the job! This could have been all avoided, like I said then, if he was shipped out with the Hindenburgh. Kelly better come through this off-season, because he gets no pass from the fans. If he did have final say on roster decisions, he is as responsible as Weaselman! It’s 3 off-seasons now. It’s now, or never!!!!!

          1. My brother, I’m on board with you, I agree 100%, all I’m saying is, whatever it took to put Howie where he belongs (cap guy) worked, that’s the bottom line, was it 3 years to late? Absolutely! He’s out, now we have to hope Chip brings in a good guy and we can all move forward, again, I’m excited about it, This never happened here before, not even Andy was able to do this, he had to work with luries guys (banner, Howie ) I think this is gonna turn out good.

  7. Here’s my take on this ,strictly from a business perspective..Perceptions are ,reality…the timing and firing of gamble was reminiscent ,of theGodfather .going to the mattresses,Jeffrey was foolish and naive ,hitching his billion dollar franchise to Howie…he sen

  8. As the steward of this franchise ,he sent a very definitive message,that he was choosing sides ,in firing Gamble…anointing Roseman and then pulling the proverbial green rug,from under him..this Waffling House of cards ,almost came crumbling at his feet…he saved his ego ,by not admitting to his own flip flopping ,by soothing his ego ,saying “chip shared with me hi s vision” no demands or ultimatums were given…translation…chip took a selfie of his own ass ,walking out the nova care front door….that would have been the biggest blunder in the NFL …I find it interesting that Jeffrey’s end game was to look foolish…in this power struggle..he showed a fierce loyalty ,then flipped and now he had better learn…you have no just gave howie the keys to the store on New Year’s Eve and took them back Friday and flipped the keys to Chip…you better hope chip has EZ pass….

  9. In my view this is good regardless of what you think of chip. I think it is absurd for us as a fan base and the media to speculate than ‘Howie drafted this guy’ ‘chip wanted this guy’ is stupid way to run the organization… It seems like for the last five years it was ‘Andy drafted this guy’ ‘MUDD and Howie liked the firefighter’… Now if a draft pick doesn’t get on the field…it’s chips guy.
    Seems like Lurie as fantasy owner liked to keep score as to which of his guys picked his draft pick or that draft pick

    1. Exactly! No more excuses, from this point on its all on chip, I’m ok with that, let’s see who he brings in n how it works, they let Carroll bring in his own guy n it’s worked well in Seattle so far, let’s hope we get the same results.

  10. HAC ..I couldn’t agree more …the culpability ,and accountability is now transparent…but mark it down…weasel boy…if he stays ..will be the first to point a finger …this better be a smooth boat ride (never is) ….little howies been emasculated ,he either cowers and keeps it to himself,or he waits for a cheap shot vs the guy who took his keys ,to get revenge …either way ,somebody’s going out on the rowboat on the lake …grab the cannolies..

    1. desert, couldn’t agree more! BTW, where are all the Weaselman idol worshippers at? E0S, Izzell, Lil Bron-Bron, & others, where you at???

      1. I’m no worshipper but if true chip tried to draft Taylor hart in the 3rd round then the Eagles and we are totally fucked. Fubar…

        If chip really wanted hart in round 3 as is widely reported then I’ll take Howie all day over this guy

        Chip circus is starting to wear on me.

    2. Reports were that all presented to Lurie but Howie got to shape the reports in his favor. I don’t know how accurate that is…
      I flat out don’t care who makes the picks or even who the picks are… I just want to win and have some enjoyable football

  11. Absolutely Correct Dcar, This All could have and should have been avoided lurie should have cleaned house when they fired the Hatfield pig

  12. What I find most humorous in all this st nova care massacre….they put out a release that howie gets a promotion? He went from being the second most powerful man in the organization,picking and choosing players ,negotiating with them ,to…overseeing the equipment manager …that’s like going from owning a mcdonalds franchise ,to asking if you want fries with that …hilarious..only in Birdland

  13. Chip Kelly was responsible for releasing Djax. Chip Kelly brought in Fletcher, Williams, and resigned Nate Allen. Chip drafted Huff, Long etc. Your damn right right Chip drafted M Smith to. Chip also moved up for Barkley and brought Ed Renyolds from the Pac 10. So lets be very careful about celebrating Chip Kelly and his unlimited power.

    1. I doubt very much Chip had much to do with bringing
      In Free-Agents in 2013 (Fletcher,Williams,Barwin)
      You have to remember that akelly eas just a Hired that
      Han of 2913 and was focused on getting his Staff Together
      That Free-Agent Class was Howie to whole way

    2. The point is giving power to one man is better than three stooges pointing fingers as to who wanted whom. Under the previous system you had know idea who pushed for a guy… The way MS was treated by the coaching staff I suspect he was a Howie guy… But there again we truly don’t know… Now we do.

      1. We have seen this play before as Lurie gave Ray Rhodes and Andy Reid absolute power over player personnel and talent evaluation. I’m ok with Chip the coach, not so much with Chip the GM/talent evaluator. Listening to Howard Eskin this morning, he made it clear, Chip was responsible for the MSII pick and he had final say on all of the draft picks, either he said yes, or no to them. His decision on re-signing Riley Cooper, who has been rated as the worst WR in the NFL in 2014 by PFF. Sproles and Barwin good, Fletcher, Williams, re-signing Allen, BAD! Chip has done nothing to demonstrate he can evaluate impact NFL talent, to give him this power was a weak move by Lurie…who obviously collapsed like a house of cards.

    3. I see no reason to celebrate at all….Chip Kelly has not proven that he is a competent NFL talent evaluator. He is the guy who got rid of DJax and has all of his Oregon buddies here…
      Chip Kelly has gotten more juice for the least amount of accomplishment than any coach in NFL history. Andy Reid had to a least win a playoff game before they handed over authority to him like this….
      Kelly hasn’t done anything

  14. Dag..if all that is true ..he chose bill Davis …he had the power to ,bench fletcher all season long ..he had sanchez throwing 40 plus times in crucial games,he put huff a rookie out there for an opening kick off vs Dallas…his judgements that we have seen are indeed suspect…his penchant for webbed feet athletes …if we thought he was arrogant in the past…what will the pressure and glare be now..knowing the heated spotlight is directly on himself..

  15. Dcar, read the above comments n you’ll see what I was saying about people freaking on Chip running the show, as I stated, a couple days ago people were freaking that Howie fired Chips guy n was running things, now people R starting to freak cause Chip is now running things, bottom line, no more finger pointing or excuses, all picks, trades, cuts all fall on Chip, as I stated, the only places we ever saw a coach bring in his own guy is in Seattle n New England, seems to be working, seen a lot of bad drafts n pickups on both teams but they still end up in it every year, This is a good thing n is gonna work!

    1. Andrew I agree… Both those teams have plenty of failed picks, as do other perennial playoff teams but when it comes down to one man there isn’t panic and finger pointing when it’s one guy… Think about 2011…. It was a bunch of finger pointing, he wanted this guy, that guys etc… When New England fucks up… They move on.. One direction one voice… Simple, clean and professional… As parcells said… If you want me to cook the dinner, better to let me buy the groceries…

      1. Exactly! And that’s what this move is doing, not even Andy had this kind of power, he had final say but they weren’t his people working with him, they were luries (banner, Howie) this was never done here before, like I said, I like it n I think it’s gonna work.

  16. Andrew …HAC…if we are emulating the Seattle blue print ..and ..New England’s…we also need there talent level..that’s a huge part of there’s fine to be built as an organization ..but players make plays .go get the best ..and my hope is the bean counter doesn’t void chips credit cards purchases…the buck still stops with the lil..worm..

  17. He will have a personnel guy still coming on board …I hope he doesn’t pick a yes’s still always important ,in any organization have checks and balances ..that’s his first order of business…we will be enabled to scrutinize that ….hire

    1. desert…he is picking a yes man. Gamble was a yes man as he co-signed on Kelly’s moves. Howie was the checks and balances in point..telling Kelly not to draft Taylor Hart in the 3rd round. I don’t trust chip the talent guy and am not willing to drink the Kool-Aid. I hope he proves me wrong, but looking at his moves talent wise, right here, right now…In Chip I don’t trust!

  18. If you see Eagles making a trade to get in the low teens and position the Eagles pick well before the draft then know what Chip’s plan is without a shadow of a doubt.

    keep your eyes on the eagles movement.

    1. Songs…elaborate, what would that plan be? And who would he be targeting. Normally does not happen because you don’t know who is going to get drafted where.

      1. I really think the Chip will make a move to close enough before draft day to pull off a move on Mariotta.

        If the Eagles can get from 20 to about 12-13 by packaging a player or two well before the draft, it will make getting down into the top 5-8 slot much easier.

        There may have been a conversation between Chip and Mariota years ago to reunite in the pros, with Mariotta knowing he would be better utilized under Chip opposed to a serious learning curve that might lead to failure in an unfamiliar new offense.

        Once Chip get in the low picks coupled with Mariotta insisting he want to go to Philadelphia (Similar to Eli demands on draft day to go to NY) may have Tampa trade out of the 1st pick and get additional picks and a player moving down a few spots.

        Tampa do need many areas addressed and know a rookie QB would be a waste and will lose confidence on a losing team with many holes.

        Tampa will be looking to improve their defense, so there could be an opportunity if all sides get what they want……Including Mariotta.

        Now, where the Eagles are positioned right now (20) is a pipe dream but don’t be surprised if you see them move closer well before draft day.

        I think this is the reason Chip has made a play for full control.

        Let’s see if he sit pat at 20.

        1. Songs..first Chip would have to know that Tampa was not going to take Mariota. Don’t think Tampa is showing their hand. I don’t see it happening. You are doing to much speculating.

  19. Was Jeffrey Lurie drunk New Year’s Eve? Did he almost implode his organization? He drew a line in the proverbial sand ,and then kicked sand in the face of his coveted coach…the same coach who said he didn’t want the responsibility of picking personnel..when first hired …who now is the absolute ruler of the kingdom …will free agents bolt ? Will they buy in? Stay tuned

  20. Songs …what I will be watching how howie tightens his purse agents..he wants and how much he spends…the buck stops in the equipment managers office…EHL ..I feel we have no choice but to drink the Kool aid…we just watched the owner put all his CHIPs on the proverbial table

    1. Nope, I will be a fan…always. Doesn’t mean I have to buy what Chip is selling. If he gets a guy that can evaluate talent and will not be a yes man, I’m on board. By the end of the draft, that will be clear. if we get Pac 10 and Oregon guys drafted higher than they should be, it’s all Chip with no checks.

  21. Another point.

    It seems this move has entrenched Chip long term and he will not continue with this uncertainty at quarterback any longer.

    Foles is here for a very low number so there’s no rush there…Chip already said he knows what he have in Foles.

    After the Fles 27-2 campaign everyone said well let’s see what he does next season and even Chip in the offseason explained publicly the areas he wanted to see Foles improve by not holding on to the ball and making quick decisions.

    I think Chip wanted to see a quarterback who can carry a team without Desean Jackson and we all now see the grade is low, to average, or incomplete.

    You can’t continue to bank on hoping the most important position on the team is the guy.

    Teams who have won with QB’s with Foles skill set had shut down defenses with top defensive coordinators.

    The Eagles don’t have a top defense and our defensive coordinator have had some of the worse defenses and had always had questionable playcalling.

    You need the offense running like we seen Mariotta run it on new years day to compensate for a below average defense.

    Even with better corners in the secondary we will still have Billy Davis calling games against superior offensive game callers.

    We need to be able to put up so many points it doesn’t matter and stay out of as many close games as possible with Billy Davis, and a QB who put the foot to the floor and score like this offense is designed to score.

    If Chip pulls it off this offense will be unstoppable.

    1. I think Jameis Winston is the best QB overall in this draft. I think Mariotta is a system QB, one that happens to be a good fit for Kelly’s offense. However, it all depends on what The Bucs..Lovie Smith in particular wants in his QB. If he wants a traditional drop back with pocket mobility, Winston is his guy. If he wants a system guy that is very athletic, Mariotta is his guy. All we can do is speculate, bs and talk about it, and wait til the draft.

    2. That offense, run by Mariotta ran the exact same screen play 4n a row on the first drive in the 3rd.

      That will never, ever work in the NFL.

      So to hope for a Mariotta to come in and run what you saw Thursday would be disastrous.

      1. Added to the fact that to get Mariotta to run the pop gun Oregon attack that we saw Thursday, we will do so by…

        Trading Sahdy, Foles – or both….not drafting a replacement for the RG issue, not drafting a replacement for Ryans or at LDE….and then rolling with 4th and 5th rounders at CB for the next 6 years because they’ve had to trae away multiple 1st and 2nd round picks.

        Trading up for Mariotta = franchise suicide.

        Kelly knows this.

        You do not…..know why?

        Because everything Songs says…..the opposite is true!

        1. Vinny, I don’t know what Chip wants to do. He hasn’t given Foles his full endorsement when given the opportunity to. I’m telling you, something about Chip is rubbing me the wrong way. To much uncertainty with him. At least say Nick is my guy, but, he keeps pussy footing around the question. He needs to establish who his Qb is verbally if he is already on the roster. His players don’t even know if Nick is his guy, we know the offensive players like Nick, but the coach has been luke warm on him…at best when asked about Nick being his guy! You can’t run this like a college team, ready to run in one guy after the next because you say your system is made for plug in and play…that’s college. He needs NFL talent at every position, can Kelly draft legit NFL talent . Outside of J. Mathews, we got squattah from the rest of his picks!

          1. He’s not saying Foles is his guy b/c he’s not. They are prob going to look for better options this off season. If they find someone they like he’s out. Or maybe they find someone to compete.

            Ultimately however Foles is the default guy…hence the heming and hawing by Chip. They want better but may realize that better is not available.

            1. Why would any personel guy make any statement on a third year guy that’s under contract… A guy that has had some real good success… Do you not understand the off season? Chip is Foles your qb ‘um I’m not sure if he is good enough’ or ‘yeah he is the best ever’ serve zero purpose when you are constantly looking to improve. You never ever show your hand when you have a wild card … It’s stupid and he is not stupid.
              I predict Kelly is real happy with Foles and it is not by default. If he is starting in year three he is chips guy. Three years nfl time is a long as time… There has been two QBs of recent years Wilson and flacco that have won in their early career….if chip goes into year three with Foles, it’s Foles …there have been ample opportunities to get as you folks like to say ‘a chip kind of qb’
              There is no hemming and hawing

            1. HAC…What contract negotiation is going on with Foles, where did you read that or hear it reported? I have heard nothing close to the Eagles starting preliminary talks with Foles on a new contract or extension. Please enlighten me..where did you get that information? Can you copy and paste for me? Or are you just speculating? Also, Chip came out publically after the last game and said he wants Mac back.and he is an unrestricted free agent. So your theory holds ZERO water. Why would Kelly endorse bringing Mac back who is an UFA and clearly will command a big contract, but not endorse Foles who is still under contract, and by the way his play last year would not demand any real money? Chip could praise Foles, his play is what will determine his contract and what he is worth….get real!
              So quick to want to prove people wrong, so quick to try to defend the indefensible.
              Did you not read the article written that Howie lost faith in Foles? Did you ever hear Chip endorse Foles? Nope! Damn, Chip gave more praise to that turnover machine Sanchez than Foles.
              Just because you want it to be Foles, does not mean it will, no matter how much you want to rationalize it out and reason it out and be logical. Your claim is foundationless at best…..mere speculation based on hope, not fact!

              1. Dude he is on he last year of his rookie deal ‘negotiations’ mean posturing… Kelly comes out and says he’s Bart Starr and Foles agent says well damn pay the boy… Mum is the word…do you not understand business? Kelly being overly happy about Foles costs money.. Naive bro, naive
                You are the one speculating that there isn’t posturing (better word for you I guess)… Welcome to the bigs boy…

              2. HAC…just like I thought, you have no proof. The Eagles are not in negotiations with him. If they wanted to be, they would be! Stop it with the semantics you’re making yourself look silly right now. If what you say, every player at the end of their contract is in negotiations. If a team does not want a player back on the last year of their contract…are they negotiating…lol…lmao…stop it!!!!

              3. LMAO…HAC, stop lying and making shit up. The Eagles are in negotiations with Foles my ass!!! What, where, when???…LOL. You said negotiations- to confer with another so as to arrive at the settlement of some matter.
                posturing- state or condition..attitude.
                Two completely different things. Yeah, try and clean your crap up..stop back tracking!!!

              4. I don’t care about many young QB’s, I’m talking about the Eagles situation with Foles. You said they were in negotiations! Don’t change the subject!

              5. My bad… Point is there is no reason to talk to the public about his feelings about Foles, nothing to be gained… Have you noticed coaches say very little ‘coaches speak’?
                Don’t give me ‘ he talked about Ryan’s ‘ dude is 31 last year of contract etc…
                I contend that the eagles make NO significant qb moves this off season… A journeyman backup that several of you will get excited about Kyle orton or JP losman, jake locker or something… I may be wrong … I just don’t see it… Kelly has done nothing in two years to get ‘his type’ (according to GCOBB posters) … He likes Foles

    3. If chip decides that Foles is not his guy going forward, and fails to get a QB he can win in the playoffs with, Chip will be gone by 2017. I give him two more years.

  22. Just throwing it out there if Chips talks to
    Bill Polian about overseeing the Player Personnel and getting the right people in place moving forward..
    Polian was reportedly ready to go back to
    The Bills earlier this week until HC D Marrone
    Surprised many and took his $4 Million Option
    And walked out leaving them without a HC
    If nothing else, it would be wise for Kelly to
    Reach out for Polian for ideas,references, etc..

  23. Chip gets put in charge of whole operation and weaselman gets put in charge of bandaids ,q-tips,neosporin cortisone cream and KY they got that one right LMAO! That’s what the weasel gets for trying to maneuver his punk ass in position to try and run this show tired of us losing guys who could have helped this team. Chip went crazy after the weasel got Gamble fired he knew he was positioning his sick ass to try and make a move well guess what Chip went to Lurie and said this shit aint flyin and Lurie said I agree! I don’t know why everyone worried just sit back and let this pan out besides we are better off with Chip than that idiot like Bill Parcells said you want me to make the dinner than I gotta buy the groceries!,

  24. Exactly DonP, that little nerd weasel man is out, good luck with equipment detail, stretched jocks, the in shape dudes don’t want some loose jock from some fat ass oline, good luck puny ass, back stabbing lying ass fool, nerd.

              1. Was he ruled out due to his injury that week? I don’t remember if he was a healthy scratch he was benched, according to your flawed logic Fletcher wasn’t benched either, he had a mysterious injury I do remember that. So please explain away.

              2. Your quick to jump to conclusions without thinking Cigar, I don’t give one shit about Songs or The Spellchecker but what proof does anyone have if Foles was healthy or not? Or if Chip decided to ride it out with that bum ass Sanchez. We don’t know and neither do they so just drop that dumb shit. You need me to explain further?

              3. Ok lion use your logic as you see fit… Make it fit the argument… You treat songs like your handicapped little brother… Help him on and off the short bus.
                With the eagles out of the playoffs and Foles getting healthy there was no reason… He wasn’t even a backup.
                As for fletcher if you don’t see your flawed thinking there then you aren’t quite the person I’ve respected above all others on here than I thought you were

              4. Dumb shits foles was never cleared.

                Leave it to retard ts and retard lion to say something retarded and give their uneducated retarded 2 cents

              5. Why so angry spellchecker? I asked a question was he cleared you said he wasn’t who gives a shit except you? I’m just pointing out more idiotic behavior on your extremely stupid ass history of posting. Cigar was a Fletcher benched or was he a injury scratch against the Giants? Your constant trying to be right makes you look foolish. It really does.

              6. Fletcher was independent of this… I and you can only assume what the deal was with him…
                Whether Foles was healthy, not healthy it didn’t matter he wasn’t going to play in a meaningless game… He is the horse they expect to ride when the battles matter

              7. Angry? Haaaa. I’m not angry I’m just pointing out that and ts are once again displaying your retardation

              8. Also. Tell me where the question is here retard:

                January 3, 2015 – 7:20 pm

                Hmmm if he wasn’t IR’ed then technically he was benched for the Giants game.

                Where’s the questions Ya idiot?

              9. Find my post above at 8:30 spellchecker you are a classic dumbass. Again make a stupid ass bet on a public forum and cry like a bitch when there is no conclusion to the bet. Oh he wasn’t benched he was injured if was never cleared he couldn’t have been benched. If Kelly decided to move on does that mean he was benched? Oh that can’t count that’s next year. Spellchecker the next time you use that term retarded look square in the closest mirror. Idiot

              10. Biglion821
                January 3, 2015 – 7:20 pm

                Hmmm if he wasn’t IR’ed then technically he was benched for the Giants game.

                No retard a player can be an inactive and not medically cleAred to play. If a player is not on ir that doesn’t mean he was benched retard.

              11. I stopped reading anything you said after this:

                January 3, 2015 – 7:20 pm

                Hmmm if he wasn’t IR’ed then technically he was benched for the Giants game.

                That post shows you got diarrhea brains.

              12. Give it up spellchecker you are a first rate grade A idiot. You didn’t put your helmet on when you rode the short yellow bus to school did you?

  25. Here’s an interesting question.

    What is a more successful season, going 10-6 winning the division and lose at home on Wild Card Weekend, or win your division with a 7-8-1 record and win at home on Wild Card Weekend?

    Is Panthers 2014 campaign better than our 2013 campaign?

    1. You are right, the panthers are super successful…
      If the eagles with Foles did what they did you would say ‘they won despite Foles, the defense, special teams, the third string qb’… Admit that’s what you would say.

      1. Who said the Panthers were “Super Successful”?

        Please don’t do hypothetical “ifs”.

        Answer the question.

        Is the Panthers season more successful compared to our last 2 seasons?

        1. Panthers won five straight in the nfl. Just because they were inferior opponents means nothing. Five in a row nfl is great. Fantastic season for sure, all kidding aside… Speaking of ‘more ‘ successful…? I guess so.
          Now, answer this, do you qualify all of Foles wins by saying yeah but…yeah but the cardinals had no qb, no offense, special teams won the game?

          1. Foles is shit against winning teams, so Foles shit play this year coupled with our shit secondary the Cardinals probably would have found a way to beat us with the 3rd string QB.

            1. I tried songs to have a reasonable conversation with you… Shame on me. Never again… You are an idiot, racist and you use terrible grammar

    2. You have to say the Panthers with 2 back to back
      NFC South Division Titles and a Playoff Win so far.
      Looking towards next Year, they Start
      4 Rookies on Offense now and 2 Rookies on Defense now,
      And only have 3-4 Starters over 30 Years old
      So the Future is bright for them…
      Eagles meanwhile have an aging OL
      Only 1 Rookie this Year contributing (Matthews)
      And a new Secondary to rebuild..

  26. Boy, I wish the Eagles drafted Martavious Bryant instead of Josh Huff. I had Bryant on my Eagles mock draft. I also had him on my 2014 draft impact player list. Maclin, Bryant, and Mathews. Receiver corps set for years! Nope, gotta get the Oregon family back together right Chippa?

    1. Yes you liked him Bryant all Draft run up and for good reason..
      I thought the move to make since they Drafted Matthews was the Speedy
      John Brown to replace D-Jax’s deep threat and also be the future Returnman
      For Sproles has 1 possibly 2 Seasons left

  27. I hope foles can be Flacco, that’s a tall order, Flacco is a championship caliber qb, but I agree with your thinking

    Good luck trying to reason with some of the idiots here

    Mariota in my opinion will never be as good as Flacco or even foles, but that’s what they are screaming for, “skill set”

    1. “I hope foles can be Flacco, that’s a tall order, Flacco is a championship caliber qb”
      Sorry to shatter your dreams but…Nick Foles is nowhere near Flacco!
      He is not as smart as Flacco…cant read defenses like Flacco
      He is no where near as accurate a passer as Flacco
      His arm is far weaker than Flacco
      He doesn’t have the pocket awareness of Flacco
      Foles game is so no where close to Flacco.
      The best we could hope for Foles in trying to win a championship is to be a Trent Dilfer and we become a team that wins with defense!

    1. Wonder if a Call to Steve Spagnola as an Eagles DC would be worthwhile
      For the Eagles.. He currently is Secondary Coach for Ravens

    1. Finally, we got answers. Just a few days after Chip’s right hand football man Tom Gamble gets axed and escorted off the property and a full day of people in the Philadelphia area losing their shit thinking Chip Kelly might be leaving, this is the result. Howie gets “Promoted”*, Chip gets full control of personnel and football operations.
      We’ll never know what went down, but here’s what I think happened: Howie went over everyone and fired Gamble for unspecified reasons. Chip went to the owner Jeffrey Lurie, claimed he’s angry for reasons of horseshit, and threatened to wiggle out of his contract if he wasn’t allowed to run the team the way he wants. Lurie agreed and made the most amicable resolution possible. But the biggest takeaway is this: The Philadelphia Eagles are now Chip Kelly’s team – Win or lose. There’s nobody to blame if another Marcus Smith is selected in the 1st round or we enter next season with a late term abortion rotting in the secondary. Chip and his balls have the keys. Let’s ride.
      PS – I would love nothing more than for Chip Kelly to rehire Tom Gamble as the GM. That FU erection could be seen from space.
      *Only could a Jew get essentially demoted into a position of more money. Not even mad, I’m impressed.

  28. Haveacigar to biglion:

    ” You treat songs like your handicapped little brother…”


    Best friggin’ line of the night. I don’t even care what it was about because its so true. Biglion rushes to the defense of Songs, Kool and TS the moment anyone calls them on one of their stupid ramblings.

    Called on it in a most creative way. Nicely done HaC.

    1. That was a good line coming from the company ass kisser, but after your constant ramblings about your man love for Foles just be brave and exit the closet. We won’t judge.

      1. See the problem is Vinnie you, Cigar and Spellchecker have is you will never ever win a war of words with me, so you pick at Songs and Kool and when I point out the ridiculous points you three continue to make you cant deal. So shut up and find some other inane stats to show us your love of your boy.

        1. Guy doesn’t know the difference between worse and worst and thinks he can win wars of words. Haaa

          Lion your a fake ass fan and a troll. every Eagles fan knew foles was medically clear that means your not a fan. Just some weirdo that comes to a message board to start shit.

          You sir are a looooooooooza

        2. You defEnd the incoherent ramblings of songs and hot air… Lion you usually at least try to have a healthy debate raising your concerns, articulating them, admitting your biases etc. until it comes to those two with an assist from ts… You are passive aggressive in your defense of their agenda driven drivel
          Henski, worse or worst.. With auto correct … That isn’t a real strong argument. I said ‘worser’ last night because it is a word that we use in my house as a joke..started when we were teaching grammar to the kids… Unless it’s a gross, consistent misuse of words, subject verb agreement a la songs…
          My space button and cap button seem to go hey wire

          1. LMAO@haveablunt! You and your cohorts are pompous and condescending jerks who try to hide behind a false veneer of ‘objectivity’. Stop it!
            Some of the most ridiculous, incoherent, and downright ignorant ramblings come from your cohorts-mhenski and vinniedaloserass.

            You and mhenski’s obsessions with ‘grammar’ can be likened to an old Aunty coming to a sports bar to teach people manners and the proper fork to use with a salad!

            We all know you and your cohorts agenda and what drives that agenda! Hint: It has nothing to do with the Eagles winning a Super Bowl!

            Pompous, condescending jerks!

            1. I have an agenda you are correct… I do try to present the other side of the argument, I try to present it from an unemotional side, I try to point out the stupidity of some peoples blind spots…. So there ya go my agenda is on my sleeve… Tell us yours! Include taj Boyd, Vick, g. Smith and DJAX in your response

          2. No cigar let spellchecker do his job, makes him feel important. Now there is nothing passive aggressive in my approach to anything. You cats pick and pick and pick at Songs, Kool and TS for what? Having an opinion. It’s all BS period, the condescending shit I see on this board is ridiculous but I guess you don’t see that either.

            1. Lion, being condescending to those rocket scientists.. Come on man, I get it… Maybe you are right, we shouldn’t pick on the kids .. That you know… Um are in those other classes… You are really are.
              From now on we will grade those three on a curve.. Oh shit… I believe I was just condescending… Damn me!

              1. Hey everyone look at me look at me I come on an Eagles website and stick up for dumb dumbs and tell everyone I’m an Eagles fan but I don’t even know if my teams starting qb is hurt or not.

              2. Nope but if read their posts… It’s not an opinion it’s an agenda based on one thing and one thing only… It’s the thing that we should not mention, the sensitive issue.. It is the elephant in the room.
                If you read my back and forth (my last back and forth with him) last night, pointing out the panthers win was similar to a lot of eagles wins this year, def steps up, spec. Teams step up, the other team battled injury (remember what they said about beating GB last year?) and he just comes back with that ignorant, uneducated, in articulate response

              3. First of all Spellchecker, Sanchez was the QB, I knew he was playing so why don’t you continue checking grammar and when your done go stalk some posters and explain to us why Songs and Kool are the same people. LOL Clown.

  29. I personnelly like Howie and the job he has done with player personal ;If it wasn’t for Howie last years draft would have been more F_ _ _ up then it already was. This is a mistake . Chip is a very good coach, but do me a favor Chip……… STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE PAC 12 DURING THE DRAFT THERE ARE GOOD PLAYERS IN OTHER CONFERENCES DUMB_ _ _

  30. Bleeding green …if this is accurate it’s distressing…chip wanted to pick Matthews in 1st round…was tempered by roseman ,to wait,he’ll be available later ….chip wants hart at 3 ..wait…and gets him in later rounds…If Jeffrey kept copious notes ,why would he put himself and his organization into this potential mess? simple ..he miscalculated the salvo he shot across kellys bow,by firing and removing Gamble from the facility…in doing so he set off a feeding frenzy ,and blinked…he knew he owed chip 6point 5 million for 3 more years ,and he was flip flopping from Sunday to Friday ..choosing sides first for Roseman to Chip…he gave up all his leverage (his copious) notes….he had to anoint possibly the guy to pick the groceries,who was known to have a lesser grasp on draft positions..

    1. Desert, I read those same reports at BGN. No doubt that we will see many more “leaked reports” from Roseman to try and discredit Kelly. So if you take the Matthews report at face value, does that mean that Smith II was a Roseman recommended pick? And given the way that Smith II cannot even get on the field, what is the real difference if we had taken Matthews in the first?

      We have all been through this before with Reid getting the ultimate power, and in the end it did not get us the ultimate goal of a SB. This next hire by Kelly will be extremely important, says Captin Obvious, but in the end Kelly will need to draft players that will be able to play in his system and get on the field to contribute. He is a smart guy, and wins will ultimately decide his fate, so whatever moves he makes he should know that getting a smart GM will ultimately be what this team needs, not a yes man.

      1. Greenfan, Lurie gave Ray Rhodes the power to pick his own players, then Reid, now Chip, after just two years, no playoff wins, after a season of regressing. At least Reid and Rhodes had an extensive NFL background. This was clearly a panic move by Jeff Lurie. I don’t like Jerry Jones, but I admire his kiss my ass attitude. He is a strong owner, Lurie, a wet noodle.
        Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. This is Jeff’s third time doing this. Kool maybe correct. Dallas may win a SB before the Eagles do….God Forbid!

  31. Very few posts from Pman last night….word is that he was posting on the Panthers BigCatCountry all night and is now officially driving their bandwagon.

  32. In my opinion ,this next hire had best be the right hire …we all know drafting is not an exact science ,but in this draft ,it had better be damn close..

  33. Having a diabetic pick the groceries ..choosing sweets aisle over the fruit and produce ..heart attack for eagle fans waiting to happen…let’s hope he has made a New Years resolution…

  34. Green fan…if it’s so obvious exactly my contention..Jeffrey knows all the draft questions..all he needs do is re-examine his bountiful notations…if he knew this ,and still blinked…that’s the issue that he did …well see how it all plays out …he’s the CFO ,he’s supposed to make informed decisions …as we know ,you can’t fire the owner,but you can sure as he’ll put his feet to that proverbial fire,..he backed himself into this …how he extricates himself will be interesting to watch..

    1. Desert the Captin Obvious quote wasn’t meant for you, I was referring to myself making the very obvious statement that this will be an important hire. When you look at the statements that Kelly and Roseman made after the draft and what has been unfolding since the end of the season, there is a stark contrast. At what point in this season did the break occur? unfortunately we lost a veteran NFL front office exec before Lurie finally stepped in, and only time will tell if it is the same mistake that he made with Rhoades and Reid.


    This is what scares the hell out of me. Ray Rhodes and Andy Reid all over again.

    According to NFL insider Jason Cole, it doesn’t seem like Eagles 2014 first round pick Marcus Smith II was selected by Chip Kelly. If Kelly had his way, the Eagles would have drafted wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who the team drafted in the second round, in the first.

    “Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman were highly at odds over the first two years in draft strategy. Chip Kelly, for instance, wanted to take Jordan Matthews in the first round this last year. Howie Roseman basically had to explain to him, “No, you’re going to be able to get a guy like Matthews in the second round.” That happened in a number of other circumstances according to sources who I’ve talked to who understand the Eagles situation.

    So basically Chip Kelly is now going to have to formulate his own strategy and how he handles the draft board, and he’s going to have to hire another personnel person, and the question is: will that personnel executive, who Chip Kelly hires, be willing to stand up against Chip when he might be willing to overdraft a player and not understand the whole NFL strategy of the draft.”

    This 2014 draft is long gone, but this report is obviously relevant due to the new Eagles power structure. Kelly will now oversee Philadelphia’s player personnel department so he’ll have an even bigger influence on the draft than he did before.

    The report raises some concern for Eagles fans. It is known that taking Matthews in the first would have been a reach considering he was still available when the Eagles traded up to pick No. 42. The rookie receiver from Vanderbilt didn’t have a bad season by any means; he actually ended up being the most productive player from the Eagles draft class. But that isn’t the point. The key is that Kelly doesn’t really have a good sense of where draft prospects will be available, which could lead to missing out on talented players.

    Matthews isn’t the only example of Kelly wanting to overdraft a player. The Eagles coach admitted he wanted to take Taylor Hart, his defensive end from Oregon, in the third round last year before Roseman convinced him he would be available later on. Philadelphia ended up drafting Hart with a fifth round pick. The rookie lineman was a healthy scratch for all 16 games in 2014.

    Now that Kelly has all the power, there’s nothing really to stop him from taking players wherever he wants. That is, unless, he is willing to heed the advice of the player personnel executive that he hires.

    Getting back to Smith II, it’s interesting to see that Kelly didn’t really want him in the first. The rookie linebacker couldn’t really get on the field in 2014. He only played 105 snaps the entire season. Kelly hasn’t necessarily spoken glowingly about the Louisville alum when asked about him.

    But does that mean Smith II was a Roseman pick? Not necessarily, according to Cole. So if it wasn’t Kelly, and it wasn’t Howie… was it Tom Gamble? And is that part of the reason why Gamble was fired? With no clear answer, one can only guess.

  36. The funny thing about that report is…

    If they had taken Matthews with the first pick, there was a good chance Smith II would have been there in the 2nd. They instead took Smith and Matthews was available in the 2nd.

    They would have got both guys wither way……

    1. Vinny, that is the bottom line. The real scary thing is that they could have had players, two of which went right after the Eagles pick that would have started. Especially Mr. Deone Buchannon.

  37. There goes another Paulman Mock Draft Player for the Eagles
    Making Plays for a Playoff Team..
    How Chip Kelly chose WR Josh Huff over WR Dontae Moncrief
    Tells me all I need to know about his Talent Evaluation for the NFL
    Level .. Eagles are in Trouble moving forward…

    1. All of the available receivers on the board after Huff was selected, that not only outperformed him, but was clearly a better talent…smdh! Yep paul, you are 100% correct.

      1. Looking over my Pre-Draft Notes for 2014,
        I had Huff as a 5th Rd Prospect & Hart as a 6th/7th Round

        Other notable Receivers I had Rated above Huff and that were on the Board When the 3rd Rounded Started
        1) D Moncrief
        2) M Bryant
        3) J Brown Jr
        4) R Grant
        5) D Street

  38. I read that same Article and I thought the most important issue
    Is how does Coach Kelly handle Veteran Players and their Contracts
    When it’s time to request Players to Restructure, Take Cuts, etc..
    Sometimes, Coach’s get to emotionally to close to players which clouds their judgements of fair market value
    This will be very critical for Kelly this Off-Season
    And separate the Coach in him when dealing with Player’s
    He likes (Cole,Ryans,Herremans & Casey)
    How he handles these will determine his success
    In overseeing “Player a Personnel” and be a very telling sign
    On how he will handle these issues moving forward
    Is always easier for the Coach to approach Players
    As blame the “upstairs guy” if a Player is unhappy with his Contract status
    Now Kelly will be these Players Coach and the “upstairs guy” which will cause rifts in time, within the locker room…

  39. This is my take on the Marcus Smith Selection last year
    Going into this Season GM Roseman that Trent Cole’s
    Contract was escalating big time for his final 3 Seasons and that he likely was playing his Final Season as an Eagle
    GM Rosenan also knew that Brandon Graham’s Futurure
    Was also unclear and he hasn’t quite lived up to his 1st around Selection
    During his time in Philly so the Selection of MSII was a move to Select a highly rated OLB to groom for a season or two and be ready to replace Cole and possibly a Graham if he left via Free-Agency after this Season
    It’s a simple as this..

  40. To demonstrate how close the nfl is, our eagles who we know didn’t make the playoffs have beaten two winners so far from the weekend …Indy and Carolina. If Dallas wins that would be three of the four winners… But they can’t beat good teams.. Ugh… I guess that and $1.29 will get you a wawa coffee.

    1. It’s all relative now that Season is over for the Birds would have difficult time beating the Colts or Panthers as both those Teams improved as the Season went along as the Eagles peaked too soon and struggled down the stretch and were not playing good team ball…

  41. Like all of you I’m salivating watching what a dominant defense can do in a game …it’s just so hilarious how overhyped this Vaunted great offensive line was?. Not when you get punched in the mouth…STARTS with a tough ass dude who leads …give me SUH green for Xmas…team him with cox and Kendrick’s and we can cover a lot of back end issues..right there

  42. Major fuck up by Jeffrey ….we ,do understand ,we can’t fire the guy ,but he dropped the ball as the steward of our football team..he flip ,flopped ,about the power structure in his own organization,at the highest level..that’s incompetence …he tried to double talk ,his way to soothe his delicate ego…by making what was a complete line in the sand meeting ..him or me? Chip …wasn’t taking what was a wide open door (set up by Jeffrey) by not waiting to fire Gamble ,until chip returned ,so it could be done in some semblance of collaboration..Jeffrey had his notes to point fingers …he knows who fucked up,yet everyone stays …the only one to leave was Gamble…he was escorted out . . ? Yet the press release said it was mutual…c’mon man…the dude said let me at that pencil head..sob…or did he attempt to pilfer ? He was being rumored for jobs around the league..That’s why his exit ,could have come by him getting a job,nice and acrimony…we’ve not found out the why? And why so swiftly? Did howie do this without consulting Jeffrey? Then Jeffrey to save his buddy ,pulls the proverbial rug out from under the guy who he backed on Sunday ? I can handle the truth…just tell me if you know from your notes ,that chip showed his draft acumen ,do you now hand him that to cover up your bumble of firing Gamble in the abrupt way you did ..You caused this rift..and you gave the keys to a drunk driver..Jeffrey you fucked up twice

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