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The Worst Decision In Super Bowl History

ButlerInterception1Everybody is talking about the unexplainable decision by Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll to throw the football on the one-yard line rather than hand the ball off to his powerful running back, Marshawn Lynch.  Carroll explained that he didn’t want to run the ball against the Patriots big goal line defense.

Are you kidding me?  The ball was on the one-yard line and you’ve got the most physical running back in the National Football League.  He had just bashed through the Seahawks defense for four yards taking the ball from the five-yard line to the one.  You had a timeout to use if he didn’t make it, but you surely had to hand the ball to Lynch.

If you were to throw the ball, you would at least use play action with a ball fake to Lynch and Russell Wilson would be rolling out.

You’re supposed to simply hand him the football and start celebrating because you’re now Super Bowl Champions for the second time in two-years.  Instead, Carroll made the worst decision in the history of the Super Bowl.   He decided to take a huge risk and throw a slant route on the one yard line.

On a slant route, the ball could have been tipped into the air by a defensive lineman, linebacker, defensive back or the intended the receiver.  This happens all the time in tight areas and those passes are usually intercepted.  You surely don’t want to put the ball in the air with a Super Bowl title on the line.

The Super Bowl crowd gasped when Russell Wilson dropped back to pass.  Of course the New England Patriots fans started celebrating when rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler picked off the pass.  The Seattle fans were stunned as they walked out of the University of Phoenix stadium.  They couldn’t believe that their team had turned the ball over at the one yard line with an opportunity to win a Super Bowl.

How does a team with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield not give him the ball on the one-yard line with the season on the line?   A child could have made the correct decision.  Unfortunately for the Seahawks and their fans, Carroll over thought the situation and didn’t keep it simple.  The Seahawks should have sent their goalline package into the game with extra offensive linemen as tight ends.

The Seahawks got to the Super Bowl by punching their opponents in the mouth.  They could have won the Super Bowl if they had punched the Patriots in the mouth one last time.  Instead, they tried to get cute and trick New England.  They didn’t trick the Patriots, they tricked themselves and blew a great opportunity. on Facebook

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102 Comments for “The Worst Decision In Super Bowl History”

  1. Shades of both Andy Reid & Chip Kelly who think they always have to outsmart their Opponents in the Red-Zone, when most common sense people know its about forcing your “Collective Will” & “Physicality” on your Opponent which actually wins at the line of scrimmage more often than not in short-yardage,red-zone situation’s……
    Both Reid & Kelly will never Win a Super Bowl for this reason alone…
    I would fire Chip Kelly today if I’m Jeff Luries for his 20 Seconds every PLay crap cost his Defense to ever have a chance and being effective, fresh or to be able to compete at the Highest Level of the NFL
    You continually expeose your Defense to 35-38-40 Minutes a Game and 70-75 Plays to your Good Opponents, you don’t have a Chance ..
    Chip Kelly’s “System” is Flawed for Success at the NFL Level just for this Reason alone…. The Sooner Owner Lurie realizes this, the Franchise can move on…but Lurie is not a Football Guy so this “Kelly Experiement” will last Kelly’s 5 Year Contract and then be followed by another new Coach

    • I was thinking the same thing Paulman. Andy and Chip would have made the same call. OMG what do we have to look forward to.

  2. Eagles Worst Off-Season Decisions by Chip Kelly so far…

    1) Retaining DC Billy Davis
    2) Retaining Andy Reid Leftover Players like Trent Cole, Todd Herremans, Cary Williams, DeMeco Ryans and Kelly’s Pick TE James Casey.. All 5 Players must go and must go now saving $28.5 Million of Cap Space
    3) As a Result of “Not Releasing” the 5 Above Players, the Eagles will be limited in Signing Quality Secondary Players which means they are toast for the next 2-3 Season Defensively again…

  3. ***President Obama’s Worst Decisions in 2015****
    1) Remaining as President… Obama should Resign his Position for the Dignity of the Office of the Presidency of the United States..

  4. **Nazi Leader Adolph Hitler’s Worst Decision****
    1) Invading Russia, which gave Hitler a 2 Front War in which his Supply Lines and more importantly, his Armies became further and further spread out from “Oil & Gas” thereby minimizing his “Blitzkreig” Attacks

  5. ***JFK’s Worst Decision as President of the United States*****
    1) Appointing his Brother Robert F Kennedy as Attorney General, who went hard after Organized Crime,Mob Families who actually helped JFK get elected in the first place and Clashed with FBI Director, J Edgar Hoover, which in turn were are related in the Assassination Plot to get rid of JFK some 3 Years into his First Term for the purpose of getting RFK out of the Government … (Kill the Head, and the Body Dies…)

  6. Last week Tony Dungy compared Russel Wilson to Joe Montana.

    There were a whole lot of posters on here agreeing.

    If you truly have Joe Montana at QB, then what the hell is wrong with a throw?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    He completes the throw and all you’d be reading today is how brilliant the call was and how great a QB WIlson is. Bevell is a genius because he saw NE in their goaline D, recognized the advantage on the right against a rookie CB.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think they should have run the ball. I think a pass there, especially from that formation, is a bad, and completely unnecessary idea. The only type of pass that would be defensible is a play-action to a TE or FB out of the backfield as NE defenders crash down on Lynch.

    But I still find it funny that the biggest Wilson homers on here are the ones screaming the loudest about how bad the call was.

    Is he a great QB or isn’t he? And if he is great, then why are you all freaking out that he was asked to throw it??

    • Vinnie, it’t not necessarily about how great Wilson is or isn’t. It’s about the fact that when you have one yard to go and the best power running back in the game, and a time out to boot, you run the ball there. The play they ran was just an unncessary call throwing into traffic like that and running the risk of it getting tipped or deflceted for an INT. Instead, it actually was picked by what I consider more of a great play made by Marcus Butler as opposed to a bad play by Wilson. If Lynch gets stuffed, they still have two more cracks at it.

  7. Gcobb website’s worst decision was allowing a pathetic attention whore to troll their site. Fraudman you are truly pathetic and should leave politics and history to those of us who truly think. You look like a 12 year old trying to inform adults.

  8. Great piece Garry. Nothing worst than over thinking and getting cute in the most unnecessary of scenarios.

  9. Extremely thin line between genius and dummy. With benefit of hind site and 20/20 vision but if it’s a td we cheer the ‘gutsy call’ ‘outsmarted hoodie’ ‘everyone in the world thought lynch was getting the rock’ etc.
    in the end it was a football play that went th wrong way for them

  10. Conspiracy alert Conspiracy alert this one is for you Cigar, that playcall was designed to keep the too black Lynch from being MVP so the not quite black enough Wilson could be the MVP and it blew up in their faces. News at 11, Jon Hart is looking for sources. LMAO

    • for a jesus lover ur a real judgmental racist piece of shit. no wonder why you have no real friends to watch the superbowl with

      • What an idiot, so you don’t understand a joke when you see one? Wow you need to get out more and stop talking with that imaginary friend of yours otherwise known as Team Hurnt. Keep posting you’re just burying yourself with each thing you post. Oh wait are you just angry you gambled and lost on the Super Bowl?

    • Hell that makes more sense then the play call. Anything makes more sense then the play call. Like I said on my Facebook Bevel intentionally throwing the game makes more sense then that play call. You know a call is bad when the damn conspiracy theories make more sense then the decision made on the field. It’s way too hard to believe that a professional at that level is that stupid.

      • That in itself is a damn shame TS.

        • Big,
          In all honesty I think it was just blatant cockiness on the part of Carroll. This coach and team has won every gamble for two years now.

          All the chips have fallen Seattle’s way for so long now that this coach thought fate would never bite him in the ass.

          Fake field goals – On-sides kicks – last minute pass falling into a receiver’s hands lying on the 5 yard line…. I’m sure Carroll thought anything he did would work, because God has been smiling on his team… until then.

          • Hey Irish 2 questions, one do you think Carroll was consulted on that call and just said okay run it and two why would Bevall come out and say Lockette should have been stronger to the ball? That comment wasn’t cool now what if Lockette comes back and just hand the damn ball to Lynch?

          • Hey Irish 2 questions, one do you think Carroll was consulted on that call and just said okay run it and two why would Bevall come out and say Lockette should have been stronger to the ball? That comment wasn’t cool now what if Lockette comes back and says says. s just hand the damn ball to Lynch?

            • I would think Bevall suggested that final script of plays and Carroll just nodded approval.

              Lockette unexpectedly ran into a brick wall…. It appears that Lockette is totally unaware of Butlers presence until he is blindsided. To me, it seems unfair to blame Locket.

              I would put the blame, FIRST on the bad call, and second on the QB for not seeing Butler and leading the receiver into that collision. If you look at the youtube video of the play – RW never takes his eye off Lockette. He never sees Butler. I am a RW fan, but that was an ill advised pass. It’s too bad, he rarely makes mistakes…

              • Yes on the throw it should’ve been more back shoulder or even at his left hip, Butler said Wilson looked right at Kearse and Lockette before the snap and that tipped him off.

  11. ***Gov Chris Christie’s Biggest Mistake as Governor of NJ*****
    1) Becoming a Dallas Cowboy Fan and Jerry Jones Slurper and then to add insult to injury, disses Philadelphia Eagle Fans as the Worst NFL Fans..

  12. ***President GW Bush Biggest Mistake as President*****
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    This 5 Year Period of 1978 to 1983 has directly impacted and was the precursor of all the garbage,terrorism and threats that we have been putting up with from the Middle-East….

  16. Parliaments are you going through?

    • Paulman ….damn autocorrect….what are you going through?

      • No more Football TS for the next little while, so I was focusing on some of the larger mistakes of Recent Presidents and tying in the real blunders of the US’s lack of a cohesive, focused, tangible Foreign Diplomacy Plan of the last 30 Years or so which has put us in the shit we are in now….
        Our Gov’t’s Foreign Diplomacy cannot simply change every 4 to 8 Years based on who’s President which is part of our Problem…
        I thought this may be a nice pace of change in conversation since our Eagles have little Drama going on right now ….. Ha

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  18. I think there has been too much attention paid to this one play and not enough credit given to Brady. Brady came back from a 10 point deficit late in the second half against the self-proclaimed “legion of boom.” He picked the defense apart through most of the game. With the game, and championship, on the line, he drove his team down the field and threw the game winning touchdown. Yet, all of the attention seems to be on the one play Seattle didn’t make.

    Bottom line, it was a great play by the Patriots defender, however Brady should be the talk for real football heads.

  19. To be the best you must beat the best …it’s a standard ,cliche ,but it rings with great resonance the day after the Super Bowl….great coaching matters ..size on the edges matters …a defensive scheme suited to your players strengths ,and not trying to fit stubbornly round holes with square pegs..both offenses got drives together when it mattered most ,and showed red zone proficiency …Brady who I witnessed beat my eagles in Jacksonville was still a decade later ,getting it done ,with a different cast of characters …he’s that exceptional..R.Wilson was equal to the task…not quite as efficient ,especially early on ..but ..what I love about his game ,is his determination ,and sticking to the game plan ,and eventually executing it..we all witnessed the kotitean Super Bowl moment at the end …all genius coaches try to be too cerebral ,when pounding the rock is always tried and true …from the ice bowl to the desert …it wins championships…why do great coaches make stupid ass decisions when the pressure is ratcheted up? It’s part of football lore …what I wondered ,had lynch scored ..would we be skewering bellicheat ,for having 3 time outs left in his pocket…the Goat monicker is one act of Great luck from reality…a great play by a rookie Dback …who will be paid 100s of thousands for his picture ,jumping that slant ….it’s why sports at the highest level ,is so compelling’s literally a play away from infamy….

  20. Now we turn our focus not to the history of presidents …but to the Benjamin’s…pay the elite ,and you will become elite ..players matter ….culture is overblown …it’s all fine and good,to purge the morons …but you must have great coaching and internal leadership ,to combat ,mutinous personalities..find those guys and sprinkle in a few bad asses and you’ll find yourself going to Disney land …get rid of mediocrity …as an eagle fan …we seemingly always ,buy from the dollar store …the pats ,scouting department ,the hawks finding a Chris Matthews …that’s what defines a great organization…my plan is simple …beat the teams firstly in your division with shut down corners and punishing safeties…the runs after catches that our team allowed vs the gang style abandon we witnessed yesterday is strikingly different …would bill Davis given the same talent be as good? I’d say no …it starts with coaching …players that respect there coaches matters most …they buy in…I only hope Chip was watching and had Ed taking stenography …

  21. Final thought …not to be holier than thou..but sports and talking about it on a forum are recreational ,fun aspects of my daily life …let’s agree that the personal attacks (other than in jest ) are really going above and beyond…we are I’d assume eagle brethren ..a house divided can never survive ..let’s get our focus back on fixing the car in the garage and less about eachother …it’s not what we come here for .. I enjoy reading insights ,respectful ,of each other’s opinions ,and with the exception of the foles nonsensical shit’s a diversion ..I truly enjoy…nobody should feel they need throw rocks in glass houses the spirit of EAGLES …let’s just get along ….and get this broad street parade …before we all need a walker to get there …

  22. It was not a bad play call, unless you believe the qb is not good enough to execute a very, very high percentage throw against throwing a pic, by the numbers ,almost a sure bet against throwing a pic

    But it’s a dumb call if you have a qb like Russell Wilson making the throw

  23. Russell Wilson is a game manager, he should never have been asked to have won that game.

  24. Failure by Bevel Carrol and Wilson.

    The defense got chopped up and the offense sputtered most of the night. Brady was 4/5 in the red zone and RW was 3/5.

    And I was never a big Brady fan…but what he did to that defense with those WRs and RB was AMAZING.

    I also was a big Richard Sherman fan but his act is wearing thin and he was neutralized by the Pats by just running Lafell or his man deep and and flooding his zone underneath.

    • Izell that’s why he’ll never compare to Revis, plays one side of the and never matches up with the #1 receiver.

    • He doesn’t run around. So he’s no good.

      Running Qbs……..

      Last 2 weeks teams (finally) adjusted. Putting a ‘spy’ on Wilson, pulling the ole “mush rush” and, for the most part, kept him in the poket.

      26 of 50 (52%) 456 yrds 3 td 5 int….I figure 100+ of those passing yards Sunday came from 3 pretty poorly thrown lob balls…2 to Matthews and then that underthrown but bounced off 2 guys lucky catch at the end.

      Gotta learn to win from the pocket, ’cause once those Ds take that scramble away…..

      • You take away what you can to neutralize the opposing QB, but you do realize it took a great play by Butler or else he wins back to back Super Bowls. Vinnie dude was 6’5 those weren’t poorly placed passes. This incessant whining about QB’s is just ridiculous, yes bad ball placement caused that pick but guess what Dez Bryant makes that catch, Ricardo Lockette not so much.

  25. @paulman why all the hate on Chip Kelly bud. If his system is so flawed how did he win twenty games in his first two seasons…one of which his roster was decimated by injuries. I will not argue that yes the “blazing fast time to the line of scrimmage” style of play CAN put of defense in bad positions but your forgetting one major fact my friend. If the defense could do there job better …like ya know force some three and outs and turnovers more often they would be off the field more and fresher correct ? All im saying is it goes both ways if the d was better they wouldnt be tired. To be honest i think Chips offense is tremendous and if we can get a safety two corners and oline depth…(plus stopping with this Mariota nonsense) we can be a legit contender and top five team. Not be being a homer just one mans humble opinion.

    • I don’t like Kelly’s Scheme to Win against the Good Teams at the NFL Level
      Yes he won 20 Games his First 2 Seasons, but not very good against Teams with Winning Records..
      This Up-Tempo Pace works great in College or Inferior Teams where you simply wear them down with the Pace and Volume of Plays, but this does not happen versus the Better Teams/Better Coached NFL Teams and Players, in fact the opposite happens and puts way more Pressure on a average to poor Eagles Defense making them even worse by being on the Field way too much.. This is why I don’t like it… To use it at times is fine, but not every Series of Every game, you have to mix things up at the NFL Level and not just go-go-go… The Good Teams catch up with this….
      The Eagles even though they were 5th in Total Offense were still among the League Leaders of having their own Offense with 3 & Outs putting way more pressure on their biggest weakness as a Team, their Defense.. Why would you want to expose your Defense more ? Why not Shorten the Games to protect your weakness as a Team ?

      • I agree. I just want to see a physical team line up and play some smash mouth physical ball. Jeff Lurie’s obsession with finesse, west coast gimmicky type of football has not produced a SB winner. I am tired of the new motto’s, gold standard, culture, culture beats scheme..shut the hell up, draft well, pick up good FA’s to fill in some holes, stop ignoring impact talent because he does not meet a certain measurable. Some players are going to have a little baggage, but, if he can ball, and if your locker room culture is what you want it to be, then that culture should be able to handle one or two knuckle heads. Not drug type guys because they will not be available like Josh Gordon or the Jaguar receiver, but some Marshwn Lynch, Richard Sherman type guys that are impact. Just tired of losing!!!

        • Except EHL the Pats are the epitome of a finesse team…kill you with tempo and dink and dunk.

          • oops!
            there are many ways to win in the nfl— that is why belichek is so good– he isn’t married to any one formula- each team truly is built around available personnel and each game plan is built around the team they are playing.

          • Honestly Izzell, I don’t care about the Pats.. I get what you are saying, but DAMN… I am tired of losing, I want one…just one superbowl victory. Why is it that the pats win, they are willing to do what it takes. I still prefer smash mouth ball players, who on the Eagles is an intimidator in the defensive backfield?
            Plus, the Pats have Brady, we can’t mimic them because we do not have their level of talent.
            I am in football distress with the Eagles right now….just tired of not having the right to say we are champions. I need an intervention!!!

            • Sir…back away from the ledge….slooooowly……

              • i think the sky really is falling!

                dude we all get it, but in the end the quality of your life, the quality of your relationships etc don’t hinge on the success/failure of a team that you route for– or it shouldn[t anyway.

              • LOL, I know man, I am trying to slooowly back away from the ledge. I just feel like the Eagles are spinning there wheels and the future is uncertain. Just venting in a tantrum type of way. I am sick o hearing about QB’s, culture, this type and that type of player…get it f@#$% done already.
                I am going through football withdrawal, also Eagles withdrawal. Forgive me!

              • HAC, it doesn’t, but I want a SB, other than that, my life is great. But I am a driven person, all I have attempted to achieve in life I have, I project the same drive towards the Eagles, failure is not an option for me, but my team keeps failing! Not good!!

              • LOL cannot be a hypocrite and tell you to back away from the ledge after my last two days of posting but yes EHL it was tough seeing the Patriots celebrating and we’re stuck year after year in the who’s going to be the QB hell. SMH

              • LOL, Big, obviously I feel what you are saying. The uncertainty is just brutal. These mofo Pats under Kraft for 21 years 6 SB appearances-4 SB’s, Under Lurie for 20 years, one SB appearance that resulted in a loss. Now we are trying to figure out if the FO is good to go, how will they draft blah blah blah. Year after year this team has more questions, drama and mediocre players that can’t get it done in the clutch.
                I am telling you, Tony Washington is a nightmare draft pick that I can see Kelly taking…ignoring a Max Valles who will be a better player, not in my opinion…he will be a better player!

            • I feel the frustration…but I just view this team differently than most…I honestly saw a total rebuild from Andy being fired…I actually think we are ahead of the curve in some aspects because Chip salvaged parts that I thought he would throw away(Foles McCoy etc).

              I also just think there is going to be a different dynamic moving forward when there is one voice one vision….

              And ultimately no matter what…if we don’t find our QB whether it be Foles or whomever within the next 2 years then forget about it.

              • A good draft will be a good start, If they fuck the draft up I am going to flip out. I swear, if they draft a Tony Washington, or a player like him to early I am going to friggin snap..seriously. This draft, this whole off season is going to be huge.

              • How important is this free agency period and draft? Personally it all starts this off season for Kelly he cannot miss on anything that’s just my opinion and if Tony Washington winds up on this roster I am officially done fellas.

              • lion free agency is key this year- more so than in the recent past. we don’t need the shiniest free agent but we need two above average players at key positions-
                the draft if we can come away with two real key first year contributors (aka the year we drafted ertz and johnson) and then a couple of depth pieces we should be good. that and wouldn’t it be nice if by some miracle Smith actually turns out to be able to play…

              • Before Free-Agency even Hits in Mid-March,
                The action and decision that I will be looking at closely is what Kelly does about these 4-5 Players, who are all under Contract with large Salaries but are all probably on their Downside of their Careers due to Age & Injuries or Underperforming Play (Trent Cole, Cary Williams,Todd Herremans, James Casey and possibly DeMeco Ryans due to Injury)
                If these 5 Players are all back with no adjustments in their Salaries, then Eagles are Screwed and not going to be able to participate much in Free-Agency
                To me, If Kelly is truly committed for the long-term, then he must cut the chord with these 4-5 Players, I listed and use the $28.5 Million in Savings to rebuild this Defense and get bigger,faster and younger in the Secondary & LB because it makes Football Sense and Financial Sense to do so
                I have a feeling he’s bringing all these Players back minus Cary Williams and James Casey and don’t feel that’s enough change
                This is not the time for Kelly or Eagles to feel sentimental about Veteran Players , if he wants to change the Culture and build this Team in his likeness then he needs to get Younger even if it’s a short-term taking a step back..

  26. Good points Paul. Ill take being second and fifth overall in offense in Kellys first two seasons. I just cant see changing the way you approach offense ,espically if your going to be top five every year, just to hide the deficiency of the our secondary that is comprised of walmart door greeters and burger king employees. I think you said it best leading back to my point the defenseive secondary is a weakness on this team to be exploited. So if they fix it ( saftey on the other side of jenkins and two new corners) and your secondary is better to go along with your very good front seven its no longer a weakness correct? You would honestly still change our whole o which is proven on the nfl level. Agreed the sample size and quality of opponent are taken into account but that offense is still winning games and putting up numbers. I guess long story short i think we can beat ELITE teams in this league with this offense …IF WE SHORE UP THE D lol.

    • The Top Coach’s change it up week to week like Belichek does..
      They Pass for 50 Times one week and play up-tempo, the next week they rush it 40 times and take time off the clock…
      Chip Kelly is too much like Andy Reid in my opinion where it’s “His System” Hell or High Water and plug in and play regardless of Injuries, Opponents strengths and weakness’s and the Fact that Kelly is not very engaged on the Defensive Side of the Ball similar to what Andy Reid was is not a Formula for success to me

      • i disagree paul– i disagree 100%-
        listen to all the arguments on here about ‘his type of qb’– meanwhile he said coming in that he doesn’t have a type– he will fit his scheme to match player strengths-
        eveeryone including me thought we would get RO 100% of the time and there is no way kelly can operate with a statue– yet he’s done it.
        the eagles have also gone high number of rushes/low pass and vice versa.

        • I never thought that Kelly would run RO 100%, regardless of who the QB is, for Kelly is smart enough to realize that QB’s at the NFL can’t be exposed to that kind of pounding and last very long… A Team would go they 4-5 QB’s if they ran RO 100%

  27. Falcons gave Dann Quinn final say over the roster…..

    We need to calm down with the sky is falling in Philly syndrome…..

    • Look who is in their Front Office

      GM Thomas Dimitroff and Asst GM Scott Pioli who Drafted all these Pro-Bowlers on the Chiefs and both of these Guys worked previously for the New England Patriots so they have exposure to excellence
      Dimitroff will focus on Contracts & Salary Cap Issues and Marketing for thats his best strength while Scott Pioli will focus on Draft, Free-Agency and overall Roster Management with Coach Dan Quin

      Pioli was responsible for the KC Drafts of Players like Eric Berry, Jamall Charles, T Hali, J Houston, D Poe, Brandon Flowers,D McCutcheon,etc, etc… and knows Talent…

      • But wait! Quinn has no headi coaching experience! Only two years as a DC

      • Doesn’t matter Paulman….HE HAS FINAL SAY.

        • We’ll see.. I expect Scott Pioli will have a huge Influence..

        • Umm Paulman, Izell, Cigar and Vinnie, do you really give a damn what the Falcons and Dan Quinn are doing? We know who has final say in Philly and that’s fine by me.

          • The point is when this happened in philly the usual craziness and sky is falling mentality…this could be a growing new way of doing business

          • Falcons Hired Kyle Shannahan as OC to work with Matt Ryan and Company
            Falcons Hire Richard Smith as DC, Raheem Morris as Asst Coach & Secondary Coach

            I predict a 10-6 Record for 2015 Falcons and a Return to Playoffs in 2015 in a Wide-open NFC South

            They Need RB, DE, OLB, Safety and OL In Draft

            • Falcons 2015 Mock Draft (Version #1)

              1st Rd (8th) – DE Alvin Dupree – (Kentucky 6-4 267lbs)
              2nd Rd (40th)- OLB Nate Orchard – (Utah 6-3 252lbs)
              3rd Rd (72nd) – OT Jake Fisher – (Oregon 6-6 300lbs)
              4th Rd – RB Jeremy Langford (Mich State 6-0 212lbs)
              5th Rd – ILB Taiwan Jones (Mich State 6-3 258lbs)
              6th Rd – TE Blake Bell (Oklahoma 6-6 265lbs)
              7th Rd – WR/Returnman Evan Spencer (Ohio State 6-2 208lbs)

          • BigL….my point is not anything about the Falcons but that the sky is falling final say the Kelly has now and wanted is the same all over the league most coaches want it and get it if they either have enough pedigree or are the most sought after coaches on the market.

            • But who is arguing against this? And who is saying the sky is falling? I don’t even like Chip Kelly and I’m glad he has full control. Just get it right no Tony Washingtons and a bunch of pac 12 stiffs. And as much of a flip flopper Paulman is he is correct about the front office personnel of the Falcons proven football guys who Quinn can lean on.

              • When the move happened there were many woe is me comments on here about dysfunction and kellys experience ….
                It will all work out…people tend to have these negative oh my god what are we going to do reactions

  28. The outcome of the play call makes it terrible.. but going back to Pete Carroll’s decision making process, it wasnt the worst decision in the world to throw the ball on 2nd and Goal from the 1 yard line considering the Seahawks only had 1 time out. Pete simply was not expecting an interception to be thrown. If you run the ball on 2nd and goal from the 1, and say Lynch gets stuffed… you have to take your final timeout. Then you leave yourself in a tougher spot to run on 3rd and Goal (from the 1 or 2 depending on where he was stuffed), because if you fail, the clock may expire.

    Carroll’s reasoning isn’t that terrible if you look at the overall picture prior to the pass being called and not just the result. Pass on 2nd and goal – if incomplete, you get a chance to run the ball on third and goal and STILL have your Final timeout if that run in unsuccessful.

    The bigger mistakes were 1) the type of pass play called (a slant over the middle is idiotic. throw a damn fade). 2) the pass thrown by RW (not a good decision or throw). 3) the waste of the timeout they had prior (if Seattle has 2 timeouts instead of 1, then of course you run 3 straight times). 4) They should have put less thought into the scoring with as little time left as possible and more thought on just scoring to take the lead.

    People are vilifying Carroll over the selection, when really it was the execution that was poor. I’m sure Wilson had other options than having to throw that slant (which was thrown too far ahead of the receiver).

    Hindsight is 20/20. I’m just glad the seabirds lost.

  29. ***Russell Wilson has Checked into Betty Ford Ctr outside of Phoenix***
    He also is changing Hair-Style and getting rid of that Curly Doo Look which most of his Teammates have not liked and told him about …..

  30. What’s with these 3 Young Coach’s that Kelly Hired ? Anyone have any insight to these Guys.. All College Guys???
    The Eagles have to have the lowest Paid Coaching Staff in the NFL…
    Anyone else get the Feeling that Kelly will blow this Team up this Off-Season and really rebuild as he probably wanted to last year but since they made the Playoffs in 2013 and overachieve, decided to stay with Status Quo for 2014 which in hindsight did not end well… I think the AR Players are Maxed out and time to move on and cut the Chord with many of them…

    • You’re off base on this Paulman….something that gets overlooked is Kelly hiring a lot of minority coaches who may not have gotten shots in other places. I was just about to post that this should be applauded…

      • White, Black, Green or Blue Staff doesn’t matter to me. Can they Coach Professional Football Players? Do they have a record of Success, What Schemes, Processes do they Include in their Teachings, who were their Mentors and Exposure to Schemes, etc,etc

        • 2 of them are Kelly guys from Oregon, the other cat I have no idea

          • ILB Coach Stephon Thomas appears to be the most Experienced
            with 3 Years as LB Coach/Asst DC at Princeton, with Stops aat University of Buffalo, University of Delaware and a stop at Southern Mississippi, where he has Coached LB’s and some Secondary’s as well.. He’s 31 Years Old

            The other 2 Hires spent Time at Oregon as Players and on their Staff and 1 is to be Asst to Special Teams Coach and the other as an Asst Secondary Coach so both are younger and less experience

            • Read some good things about this ILB Coach Stephon Thomas..
              Appears to be a very sharp,smart and teacher type of Coach and well thought of…

  31. Paulman, one thing I learned about our coaching staff is that the the guys Chip brought with him from college has worked out better then the guys from the pros, our O line n D line coaches are doing great and you see especially on the D line how the players are growing, the pro coaches, the secondaty, D coord, not so good, I know why Chip brought them in, he figured since he didn’t know the league it was wise to bring in some experience, now that he knows his way around I think he’s more comfortable going with more college coaches, I think it’s s good thing, they are more focused on teaching then Xs n Os

    • I agree with a lot of your assessment about the Younger
      I really believe that Kelly is behind 1 year in his original rebuilding
      Plan as he was most likely no expecting to Win and make the Playoffs in Year 1 which they did and then made last year (#2) more difficult to start cutting,releasing, Trading off the Veterans in order to get Younger,Bigger and Faster as he Stated in Day 1
      Now fast forward to Year #3, where Coach gas total Player
      Personnel Authority and I believe we will see sone Veterans
      Moved to make way for a Younger Players..

  32. We are all vested .in the new Chip off the old block…we can’t be delusional about certain elisions we’ve already witnessed…Retaining Bill Davis and endorsing him ,even before ,other teams parted ways with there assets …unless a guy is the greatest thing since slice bread (which 29th ranked) disputes the facts …then you at least ,leave open your options…it’s not like everyone was looking at Bill D as low hanging fruit…the Dog and Pony show in pursuing a GM was an organizational joke of serious proportions …they boxed themselves in ,from within ,by declaring chip had final say …and we all ,know he hired a 30 year old from within…Without having any chance ,zero ,of bringing in a quality guy from the seahawks ..or elsewhere ..Organizationally ,that’s not maximizing your opportunities..It’s a draft ,and free agents, cutting ties with over-priced mediocrity ,upgrading any and all possibilities…that’s a lot of perfection …in any pursuit of the trophy ,at the forefront are great organizations ,ownership ,coaches ,scouting ,all the way to the last dude in the building…here’s hoping nova cares lights are burning …and not our asses…

  33. I want to feel joy…just once …then I’ll want it twice…but I really want that feeling of being the last team standing…confetti..tears of joy…I want it so bad…

    • I think most of the long-term Eagle Fans want the same thing
      Deserteagle, to have that experience of a lifetime where
      Our Team, the Eagles, are the SB Champs..

  34. Eagles and Chip Kelly parted ways with Tra Thomas
    Who has been on Staff since 2013 as an Intern/Offensive Line
    It was also reported tre Eagles have Hired the
    Director of Football Operations at University of Alabama
    J Pannunuzio,but did not state what his role for the
    Eagles will be… (Front Office perhaps)

  35. lol like Andy Reid running Westbrook 12 times in Superbowl loss….Andy would have thrown it. i hope Chip would not 50 % hopefull;

  36. Joe Montana would have handed it off. people forget the 49ers were very balanced

    • You are right!

      Like on 3rd and 3 in 1982. 49ers were ripping it up on the ground with over 130 rushing yards. And Montana was stinking it up with 3 picks.

      There was a time they ran it.

      Oh wait….that was “the catch”

      If you think you have Joe Montana, and that’s what everyone was saying Wilson is just last week, then you cannot be upset with a pass call.

  37. National Signing Day. Like Christmas in February.

  38. ****NFL News****

    NFL Suspends Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon for the entire 2015 Season which puts his Career in Jeopardy

    Titans to Hire Former Steeler’s DC Dick LeBeau, who turned down the Arizona Cardinals DC Job, due to the far distance from his Home & Family which are in Cincinnati… LeBeau will join the Titans DC Ray Horton who was a former Player and Coach in Pittsburgh under LeBeau and Horton will remain as the Titans DC

  39. The Official Off-Season is now upon us and the PLayers of the NFL
    Today’s News

    GB Packers DL Letroy Guion Arrested in Hometown of Starke,FL with Marijuana, Weapons and $190,000 In Cash and then get Arresting Officers a Hard time

    Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle was Arrested again In hometown of Wichita,KS but this time for Marijuana.. If you recall, he was Arrested at a Dallas Area Mall for Shoplifting back in November.
    This Time Police answered a Domestic Violence Call at the Wichita,Ks Hotel and found Mr Randle in Possession of Marijuana as it’s unclear who was responsible for the “Domestic Violence” whether there were other people involved or Mr Randle.. Either way, this is Twice in 4 Months he’s been arrested and likely that he’s played his last game for the Cowboys

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