Eagles Ed Marynowitz Is Looking For Chip Kelly’s Guys

EdMarynowitz1This morning Eagles Director of Player Personnel Ed Marynowitz gave us the Birds evaluation of the top of this year’s draft.     “There are 8-10 difference makers in this year’s draft. After that, it’s  up to how the team views the players”, Marynowitz said.

He said the toughest part of evaluation process is the stuff you can’t see on tape.  Does the prospect fit in our culture?

This really means is the player is a Chip Kelly guy.  He says they’ve changed “the best player available” philosophy to we want “the best player available for us”.

This team is going to be put together with players that Kelly likes, but Marynowitz says he’s not going to be a yes man.  Meaning if he doesn’t feel good about the player, he’s going to let Kelly know it.

“I know that’s a common (perception) that everybody throws out,’’ said Marynowitz. “Is this guy just a yes man. Are you (always) going to agree (with him)?

“I’ve never been a guy to agree (with someone) just to agree. To support the head coach, I don’t believe (the best thing to do) is tell him he’s always right and everything.’’

Hopefully he does give Kelly his true opinion, so the head coach has somebody to bounce his ideas off, but Kelly has laid out clearly what he wants the team to look like.

“Not because we’re all agreeing with him but because we’re all speaking the same language,’’ he said. “We al see players in a very similar capacity. Chip has done a great job of supplying the vision to the entire organization, to the coaching staff and personnel department, of what he’s looking for in order to build a football team.

“At any type of position, he’s going to give us the parameters, give us the prototypes. Clearly communicate what he’s looking for. And it’s our responsibility to find those players.’’

I can guarantee you that there won’t be any 5’11” inside linebacker. like Mychal Kendricks on that team.  There aren’t any 5’10” starting cornerbacks like Brandon Boykin on the imaginary football team that Chip Kelly described.

He said character vs. talent will always be a conversation when talking about evaluating players.  The tough job for decision makers is to figure out if player has the right mindset to be a great player.

As for evaluating guys who have character flaws and have been in trouble, Marynowitz said no one is officially off our board at this point.  They may not be officially off their board, but you can believe that many are practically off their board.   He said next week they will go through that process and remove some players.

It’s sounding more and more like the safety who will be starting besides Malcolm Jenkins on already on the roster.  I think we’ve got players on the roster who can compete to play safety next to Malcolm Jenkins

Versatility is an ability that Chip Kelly values.  If you have a player who can play tackle and guard, he’s more valuable to the team than a guy who can just play guard.  It like manner, a guy who can play both corner and safety is more valuable than a guy who can only play safety or cornerback.


114 thoughts on “Eagles Ed Marynowitz Is Looking For Chip Kelly’s Guys

  1. Jerome Couplin, Ed Reynolds or Earl Wolff will all have the Chance at that Open Safety Position.. I like this Couplin kid…
    I also expect Jaylen Watkins to get some Reps though I think he ill battle Nolan Carroll for the CB Starters Spot ….
    ILB M Kendricks and CB Brandon Boykin will likely be moved over the Draft Weekend in a Trade or a Move up in a Round type of Deal..

    1. I think what they end up doing with Watkins depends on what happens in the draft. Looking at possible guys like Jones (UCONN), Rowe (UTAH), Randall (ASU), like Watkins, Chip would have the ability to either use them at CB or S.

      I personally like Watkins “more” as a safety, but I really want him to get the opportunity to start “somewhere” this season.

        1. You have to ask that to DC Billy Davis and to the previous Def Secondary Coach’s who seemed very reluctant to make any changes last year
          so I would not be that concerned on Watkins but not many 4th Round Draft Picks get significant Playing Time on Playoff Type Teams

    1. agreed unless maxwell proves he is a legit shutdown corner. or unless sanchez is starting while yota develops.

      1. Not to burst any Bubbles but Byron Maxwell is no Shut Down Corner,
        He will be a nice improvement over Fletcher/Williams, but lets not put
        undue high expectations on him just because the Eagles Overpaid for him which is what happens in Free-Agency and not Maxwell’s fault.. He’s part of an Improvement, but there is a lot of improvement needed on Defensive side of the Ball besides Maxwell

        1. But he is a DEFINITE upgrade from Bradley Fletcher. No one has said he is a shut down corner Paul, and I’m sure he’ll get beat once, in a while – and many will overreact – but he is still an upgrade.

          He’s the ONLY improvement the Eagles have given the Defense…The only one!!

          – We still have no consistent Pass Rush, a NT that is too small to help keep the Offensive Lineman off the Linebackers, allowing them to be more effective, no Safety to complement Jenkins, and no other improvement on the other side of Maxwell…..So how is the Defense Better??

          Don’t give me Kiko Alonso; He isn’t enough, and you don’t know what you’re getting out of him playing for the Eagles behind Benny Logan, who should be a DE in this 3-4.

          1. Cliff- We definitely have holes but I think you are way off base talking about the front 7 as a weakness on our team. It is actually one of the best strengths we have. Top team in stopping the run is attributed to the front 7 including Bennie. We also weren’t too bad with our sack numbers either. I, for one, love our front 7 rotation and think the holes are still in the secondary.

            Offense is a different story, but you seem really down on the front 7 and I just don’t see it.

            1. I’m not even close to being way off. I never said our front 7 was a weakness, I’m insinuating that it needs to be upgraded with better talent…..Answer this how many Big games did it win us????

              Top Defenses make the playoffs right???….and not just Statistical Leaders right??……I rest my case.

              Those stats are averages that were exaggerations of stats against weaker teams.

              Our Front 7 has talent, but it isn’t good enough to win us the Big Games, or a Super Bowl. We need a Bigger NT, better pass rushing ability off the snap from our OLB, a better Safety option, and better option opposite Maxwell…….period

              1. That’s an unfair question because I’m sure in your opinion we didn’t win any “big” games last year since we didn’t make the playoffs. Regardless, I can think of three games without even going much into it when I thought the front 7 had a huge impact in the game…..

                Giants at home – Killed Eli
                Dallas Turkey day – Killed Romo and kept Demarco way under season average against arguable the best O-line in the league
                Caroline MNF – Made Cam’s life a living hell.

                I know your response is going to be that those games mean nothing because they weren’t big games so no need to come back with that.

                Regardless, the point is that the front 7 now has Graham and Barwin on the outside which means there is probably no draft pick that will start over either of them (and they are both pretty damn good IMO). A rotation of Kendricks, Ryans, and Kiko inside (and I love how you discount a defensive rookie of the year as “don’t give me Kiko”) so really no draft pick is starting in there. Then the line gives us two very good ends and a nose tackle who is no stud but more then holds his own.

                Honestly, if he doesn’t draft Arik in the first round I doubt we will add anyone to the front 7 in the first 4 rounds. Maybe grab a situational pass rusher in a late round but definitely not a starter.

                My point was there are plenty of other places to address. Running back and front 7 are last on the priority list.

              2. If they are really good in your opinion….then that tells me all I need to know about you eye for talent.

                and you making my point we didn’t win any big games other than the Dallas game.

                and yes I think your overvaluing Kiko Alonso……and so is Kelly

              1. you just make shit up? The eagles were #2 in sacks last season – behind only Buffalo and tied with Baltimore – did you REALLY just post that it was the SECONDARY that had such great coverage that we got sacks… Really? Seriously? Our outstanding CBs and Safeties (shout out to Nate Allen) did such a stellar job that our front 7 got 49 sacks – so Vinny Curry’s 9 sacks were coverage sack – cause that’s what you wrote – and Connor Barwin – coverage sack 14.5 of them…

                you are a complete and utter fool – there ya go my fellow Eagle fans – we don’t need a Safety or a CB – we need a better NT because we only got 49 coverage sacks last season –

                what color is the sky in your world – when you look at the sky at night – how many moons did you see –

                is there ANYONE ELSE on this site that thinks it was the secondary that made it so the Eagles were #2 in sacks in the NFL last season – and not the fact our pass rush needed to get there quickly or our secondary was in trouble – anyone – anyone – Beuhler – Beuhler –

              2. Again for those who are still in the Phonics stage of reading..

                Most of our sacks last year, were coverage sacks…..MOST, not all…..and they were…

                The secondary was horrible, but when it did do it’s job. Those players benefited…

              3. Cov sacks? Did I just read that? Yikes.

                On D… S and Cb. Front 7 is solid. We had lots of sacks last year and almost NONE of them were Cov sacks. Lock up some talent in the secondary (2 out of 4 not enough), and this D will be tough.

            1. I saw him play…..one season….playing behind Marcel Dareas…

              What does that mean coming off his second ACL, playing in Philadelphia.

              Many here look at his rookie season, and take that for granted, but they don’t look at the big picture in what allowed him to have the season he did, because he won’t have that luxury playing behind Benny Logan.

              You can only stop the run on so many Gang Tackles….

              1. and again how does he improve the entire Defense?????

                Don’t be enamored, and fall in love with names….fall in love with the chemistry created by the impact of the player – along with his other teammates. when the chemistry is achieved.

    1. I mean these quotes are precious –

      you can only stop the run on so many gang tackles – wtf does that even mean?

      fall in love with the chemistry created by the impact of the player – someone has been sampling the product a bit too much -along with his other teammates when chemistry is achieved

      reads like a bad Dr Suess book –

      1. E0S- Get off of the man’s back already! This childish, multiple profile use BS, of beating down & disparaging this man, is getting old, & making you look like a POS! Grow the fuck up!!!

        1. LOL, in wine there is truth is not me my man – nor any other profile with the exception of …
          JawanCarter admiring the appearance of the Eagle QB’s. ( that was me) I knew he would explode with a little innuendo. What I didn’t expect was for him to add Jaylen Brown and Tyler Dorsey to his family, bwahahahahaa!!!!!!!!! What a sweet reward that tidbit of fantasy was for the little poke.
          I’ll grant your request and leave GMCliff alone until week one.

        2. Don’t sweat his non sense DCar. He wishes my children weren’t who they are.

          Gary’s just looking at the pattern I suggested to him to observe. Only his alias sign ins will speak admiringly of his post, and we’ve already seen at least 5 of them in 2 days.

          Don’t worry, he’ll be gone soon. Let him entertain himself

  2. really GM Clown – phonics stage – here ya go – because you are really special –
    The goal of phonics is to enable beginning readers to decode new written words by sounding them out, or in phonics terms, blending the sound-spelling patterns.

    YOU used the word most – the definition of the word MOST –

    adj. Superlative of many, much.
    1. Greatest in number, amount, extent, or degree:
    2. In the greatest number of instances: Most fish have fins.

    so now that you are doing your typical spout horse manure – get called on what a fool you are, now trying again – how many of the Eagles 2nd in the league 49 sacks were ‘coverage’ sacks – you said most – that implies some number great then 25… again – we the rest of the Eagle GCOBB world who actually watched the Eagles and the secondary last year would like to know how many times the power combo of Fletcher, Bradley and Nate Allen ‘covered’ long enough to attain those ‘most cover sacks’

  3. another comment – did you really print that you have a son, that his mother died and you are allowing another man to raise you kid? I didn’t comment on it, because I thought it was a cruel joke that someone printed, but you wrote – he wishes my children weren’t who they are – so that seems to imply you are excepting that you as a man have fathered multiple kids, with multiple women, and that in fact you have at least one son that does not live with either of his biological parents – did I read that wrong?

  4. Mr Dcar – I am not EOS – and the moniker does mean from (or in) wine the truth) I like some of the banter that goes on and enjoy reading some of the posts (your commentary is often amusing) , but there are a few folks on here that try to come across as ‘experts’ when it is clear that they have no idea what they are saying – exhibit A – most of the Eagles sacks were coverage sacks…. that’s just plain not correct.

    1. E0S, you’re not fooling anyone, with ANY of your profile alias’

      Do stats reflect how good you are, or do wins???….Most,…The majority of sacks were coverage sacks against inferior teams – averaged in a 16 game season statistically gives the impression they were better than they were. Yet they still need better options at OLB, and a bigger, Stronger, more stout NT – LLIKE IT OR NOT, AGREE OR NOT….

      Yes you did read that. But is it’s also something you don’t have to worry about as well. Only E0S is obsessed with my personal life for some reason, and he is consistent at it. You can’t help yourself.

      So don’t put the GCobb Family name on your ranting to sign in as someone else, and make it seem as if some are siding with you……….We already know you’re an asshole, and you stand alone in your opinions…..

      Just continue to kick rocks as usual…You will NEVER know more about Football than me – nor be smarter……and your children can only wish I were their Father. At least they’d have a better chance at success in life instead of being the prodigy of an asshole with no life, that has never accomplished anything………

      Do all of us a favor and jump in the pit now and ask your kids to throw dirt on you now to spare them anymore shame loser.

      1. so half of your post is written like you think I am someone else, half of it written like you are directing it at me?

        apparently I am fooling you – I have no idea who E0S is but its clear you two don’t like each other –

        so I correctly read your statement and thesis – the Eagles – because most of their sacks were coverage sacks – need a more stout nose tackle – you wrote that – again – I think you and you alone think the majority of the sacks last year were coverage – I asked you to provide a number and some details but you want to speak in vague generalities that can never be verified and in three separate posts you have tap danced and sugar shuffled your response

        You probably should not post details like you posted about your private life if you don’t want that to be an issue –

        Don’t know if E0S is an asshole – never dealt with him – I think many will agree with me that you are dead wrong that the majority of Eagles sacks were coverage sacks – I also think the majority will agree with me (and I can provide credible reporting sources) that Lane Johnson is an up and coming player in this league – so I know I am not alone in my opinions

        kicking rocks damages your shoes – I may or may not know ‘more’ about football – not sure how you measure that, especially since one party continues to change the question and the answer at each post – I do know that the majority of Eagles sacks were NOT coverage sacks – as for being smarter then you – how would you like to test that –

        I have no children (I am single – and in my family no wife, no kids) but your comment about someone else’s kid wishing you were their father – can you explain why one of your children lives with another man and his new wife vice living with you if you are this awesome father?? You have to admit that is a bit of an unusual situation – do you pay child support to another man to take care of your kid?

        Never accomplished anything – I did disappoint my parents when I decided not to attend seminary – but I think overall I have done fine – PhD in Math – got a good job I like teaching – never arrested, no kids out of wedlock, nice little house, cute girlfriend my family loves, a couple of German Shepards to keep me busy – what is it you have accomplished that I should strive for – what level of greatness should I attain before I reproduce (because my mother is driving me crazy with the need to settle down and make grandbabies conversation)
        Try switching to decaffeinated drinks – you seem wrapped a little tight –

  5. I don’t have a beef here. Don’t know any of you and I don’t post often. But cliff… The birds did NOT have 25 or more cov sacks last year. Sorry. Wrong on that one. Peace to you all. Try and remember… We are all Eagles fans here.

    1. Steveo, I never stated that the Birds had 25 Coverage sacks. I stated that the majority of their sacks were coverage sacks.

      Some were blitzes off course,

      VERY LITTLE came from any individual domination – Which is what pisses of the ones that have commented on my statement, because some would like to think some of our players are better than they really are….and they are not

      The majority of Connor Barwins 14-15 sacks last year, were also compliments of a combination of Blitzes, Coverage, and inferior competition – He’s not a dominating type Linebacker – don’t be fooled by those numbers.

      Eagles0Superbowls is not an Eagles fan – He likes to elaborate on Petty details – But you’re correct because Most of us are fans of the Birds.

      I’m just someone that doesn’t take things at face value or base my opinion on someone else observations, or reasoning’s.

      1. I don’t think you understand the word “most”.

        All teams that get sacks get them from different ways. On D.. You need some blitzes… Some str8 up man to man beatings and some cov sacks. The point you were trying to make was that in your opinion, the front 7 is not as good as everyone else thinks. You tossed out the “most” word on cov sacks and it was an extreme exaggeration. Our DBs were good enough for this. Come on cliff… You know this. Fletcher didn’t jam ANYBODY long enough. You can spend your day googling away trying to find a stat that supports your claim but… Noone is buying it

        1. That’s right….Our front 7 isn’t as good as some think.

          I heard the same thing when Jason Babin had 18 sack in a season
          Many stated that Brandon Graham sack totals would blowup with more time….

          Their production was situational at best , because neither was as good as his numbers indicated nor, in Grahams case, close to potentially being.

          When a QB is scrambling , and can’t find anyone open, then is sacked in the process that is a coverage sack….That happened a lot…..

          I really don’t need anyone to agree with me, but that statement is not an exaggeration…….the confidence in our front 7…that’s an exaggeration.

          1. Thank God for YouTube. I’m stuck in a hotel and so I watched the highlights for the season. It’s like a 12 min video. The majority of our sacks or.. MOST… of our sacks came from well timed blitzes from multiple places. We were good against the run and applied pressure everywhere. The word I’ve used is swarming. The problem however is the secondary.. As in if anyone here really needs to hear this…. When the blitz didn’t get there… The corners were snit!! And… Late Allen was wandering around midfield looking to be bailed out. Sad thing is… I think we will miss him this year.

            MOST of our sacks came from good blitzes and smart and strong front 7 play.

            In fact… The smallest part of our sacks came from cov sacks.

            All the evidence supports my claim. Sorry cliff.

          2. We have to understand that “good” does not mean championship, shut down. playoff quality good! Our front 7 is okay but c’mon….there are no untouchables on our team. Cox is a very good player the rest are average to okay….none of them are superstars.

  6. GMCliff has been an anti Conner Barwin Fan since he signed with the Eagles
    Similar to Lane Johnson and even Bennie Logan, GMCliff will never swallow his pride and state that he was wrong about these Players and that they are good Players and major contributors for the Eagles… It is what it is ….

    1. and Cliff is just fine in his thinking……That too is what it is…

      Bennie Logan is fine. I just think he’d be of better use to the Eagles as a DE in this 3-4, because he isn’t a NT.

      I’m not wrong about Barwin, or Lame.

      1. Barwin and LJ are poised to make the Pro-Bowl in 2015 so most who follow, watch,play, coach & scout for the NFL disagree with you..

        1. They don’t have to agree with me…..

          Barwin, and Johnson just have to go do it right? They have to fulfill their expectations, for there to be any weight to what they predict, and assume right??

          If those who coach, and scout the NFL, are wrong then that means you look like the fool because you based your opinion on what they say, and what you saw….right???

          1. Tell me what makes them POISED to make the Pro Bowl???

            Barwin won’t have the season he had last year, and you will be in denial, and say – “He does so many other things”

            Lame won’t and you will say – ” He just needs more time”….you think he is a future Pro Bowler. Lets see if HE proves it…..I don’t think so

              1. They reviewed his draft and Todd McShay admitted he didn’t see him not being successful. He didn’t kno what happened. He THOUGHT, he was a future Pro Bowler – so did Paulman, and others – saying GMCliff was a fool, because all the so called experts said otherwise…..

                One person screamed at me that HE KNEW, Kadeem Carey would be a star……How’s that working out??…He also owes me $1,000….

                There is no exact science to this thing, but so many so called experts, and so, so so, many more have been wrong on GCobb than GMCliff…..

                We all have our opinions, and all of us have been wrong one time or another, so please don’t act like you get it right more than myself, because you, and others who criticize haven’t….

              1. For the Record I was never high on Trent Richardson as Cliff Suggests, I didn’t think he would be the complete Bust that he’s become but I was not high on him like I am not on most Players from Alabama who are physically maxed out by the time they get to the NFL and generally overhyped..
                I was spot on in not only stating that the Eagles pursue Connor Barwin in Free-Agency 3 Years ago but that he would also become a Leader and Fan Favorite which is happening…
                Cliff will never admit that he was wrong, it’s the way he is…

              2. That’s not true Paul. You’re saving face, and flip flopping as EOS states as Izzell Jenkins all the time. He isn’t your ally Paul. They are one in the same.

                I acknowledge Barwin being voted to the pro bowl, anyone with the stats he had – even though he padded them against weaker teams – should be acknowledged……

                I say it was an aberration – he did the same thing in Houston, only to come back to earth the following year, because he’s really just an average linebacker.

                LOL!!!..Lame received one vote, and it was probably from one of you. who cares. Lets see if he can get 1 more vote this year…lol

              3. Now tell us all the other predictions that have been wrong.
                There are way too many to list…Be honest Bruh. …You’re still my boy but, there is no way that you can claim, or act like you’re infallible…..

                You mention over 100 prospect a year, and claim any that have even a sneeze of success. That’s not what I call spot on.

                I’m still waiting for E0S’s 7 round draft. I don’t pay attention to what he states about Prospects. He knows nothing; He guesses based upon what he reads after the combine. He has no real knowledge – nobody cares what non- eagles fan think, or what he think for that matter.

            1. There goes LyinagAssCliff. I suggest you stfu and stick to fucking with EOS. Those lies you said earlier, he didn’t even scratch the surface. I just don’t feel like fucking with you because I already proved your a liar.

              1. LOL!!!…..I definitely know who my children are…..I don’t need to defend that with anyone…

                I don’t need you to believe to justify my statements. I have all the receipts for child support, the baby pictures, and the birth certificates. What you read about their adoptive parents, step fathers, and – in Tylers case – his step mother, is irrelevant, to the fact that I am their Father….This is the last response I will have in reference to my children.

                …….However, you KEEP TRYING, KEEP DIGGING….You will never know the story.

                And I will continue to request from Gary, Jeff, and Denny to remove you from this site.

              2. Oh really, enlighten us and show us what you found.

                I told you , that you would never know the story. So go ahead and put your foot in your mouth, sense you claim you have inside information.

                I’m used to you rambling so others would think you have something you don’t. This time I’m begging you to show me what you have so you can make a fool of yourself, just like your inside information that I don’t live where I live.

                You’re all talk, but you want to continue an issue that really doesn’t concern you, that you have no chance of winning?????

                I say you shut the hell up. Stop being jealous, and stop hating, and accept the FACT that you have NO idea what you are talking about.

                So, Okay, E0S, – and all your other profile alias – tell us what you think you know…….

              3. DCar
                April 24, 2015 – 5:49 am

                E0S- Get off of the man’s back already! This childish, multiple profile use BS, of beating down & disparaging this man, is getting old, & making you look like a POS! Grow the fuck up!!!
                GMCliff, I have granted this request, I’ll pass and keep debate between the parameters of basketball and football.

              4. That’s what I thought, and already knew. You have nothing that says otherwise to the truth, because the truth is just as I stated……

              1. Lol…..gmc I doubt seriously izell is eos…..the way izell speaks….his lingo….he is a brother who lives in dc….he just know too many hot spots in the dmv and especially the lingo around here…..Eos might have somd other names but you are deflecting trying to pass eos as izell cuz izell be getting you

      2. gm, you are wrong about Barwin. Let it go, my man. Admit you were wrong about him, & move on. I got you on that one bruh. He ain’t no Babin 2.0, like you say. He’s been our best, most consistent LB, since his signing. You our right about Lame, & Bennie “milk toast” Logan.

        1. If, and when I see some dominance, and consistency from him DCar, I will – until then – I stand pat on my opinion of him.

          He did the same statistical aberration in Houston, and they found out all they had was fools gold, and let him go. He can be upgraded.

          He disappears from games – especially big games – where you barely hear his name all game.

          Until I see it, we’ll just agree to disagree bruh.

        2. I also disagree that Barwin is our best , and consistent Linebacker.

          I think Kendricks is our best, and most consistent Linebacker, before he got hurt that honor belonged to DeMeco Ryans.

  7. It baffles my mind as to how some of you hitch your wagon to a player and some hate a player simply to be proven right. News flash… You are not GMs and noone is reading gcobb looking for scouts. Why does vinnie love Kolb and foles and hate Vick? Why when proven wrong over and again can’t he just suck it up? Same with cliff here… I’d take Barwin alone because of his tips… And add his sacks? Come on!! And Lane has been solid. Now.. M if the secondary can give them time.. They will add some cover sacks as well.

      1. Typical Vinniedaloser

        Stuck in a rut over Foles!

        Once again, Mr. Irrelevant provides stats and facts that simply do not connect to logical conclusions.

        “frankly”, you should be sued for the stupidity, Vinniedaloser

        Its time to move on Vinnie…no one that has looked at film of Nick Foles sees much value in that 14-4 record you keep sprouting…his film tells the true story of why GM’s across the league have no interest in Nick Foles…
        So we know that no other QB excited you like Nicky Foles…he really pushed your button of man-love to the extreme!
        You have to get over it Vinnie..Chip Kelly moved on because it was best for the team…you need to move on too!

        1. You’ve hitched your wagon to Sam Bradford. Spent the last 3 months squirting over his “upside” Sheets to be cleaned at a later date.

          We’ll see how that woks out for you.

  8. You know what the biggest smoke screen would be is eagles trading up to one and not selecting mm but instead getting famous jameis I would be stunned for life

  9. ***Breaking News****
    QB Winston arrested this afternoon for Stealing
    2 Large Cheese Steaks from Pats Steaks in Philadelphia…
    Winston’s Lawyers state that Owners of Geno Steaks
    Put him up to this and that they all were just playing around…
    Eagles Owner calls a Press Conference and Fires
    Chip Kelly & Ed Marynowitz immediately and
    Names Howie Roseman back as GM who then announces that
    Pat Shurmur as the new HC of the Eagles
    First move GM Roseman makes is Releasing
    Loud mouth Mark Sanchez for telling reporters that
    Tebow is just a Camp Arm..

    1. Armstead is moving up the Boards
      Bears, Giants,Lions, Dolphins,Chargers & Browns
      Are like him…
      Word from Dallas, is that Jerry Jones & Cowboys are really high on
      Him too..

    2. e0, Armstead sucks! Another project, that should not be drafted that high. He would be a 5 tech in this system, something we don’t need, & have enough projects already. If our 1st rounder is wasted on him, that will be infuriating!

    1. Flowers is the better, stronger Run Blocker, no doubt
      But raw in pass-protection..
      Humphries is the more Athletic with better feet and pass blocking skills and
      Had the more Upside of the two in my opinion..

      I would take Humphries over Flowers

      1. But if Chip emphasizes more of a Rushing Attack which is
        Very possible, then Flowers would be a beast in the Run Game

          1. Flowers is a big man and has mostly played outside as OT in College/High School and I am not so sure how athletic he is to play the inside where Guards need to pull, etc.etc.. I think Flowers makes a very strong RT in the NFL
            Maybe have Flowers at RT and slide Lane Johnson to LG to replace the departing E Mathis which would all be a work in progress

            1. Shawn Andrews did play much Guard in College he was a right tackle. I see Ereck Flowers with that type of athleticism to play Guard. He is very powerful, and he is better at the run game than pass protection, but can be coached.

              1. It’s possible but will take some time, Flowers is nowhere near as Athletic as Crazy Shane Andrews was …
                I think Flowers is a perfect RT in the NFL..
                Maybe he can become like an Orlando Franklin type as a Guard
                I think the Lions are real high on Flowers as they need help along their OL

              2. I like guards Glowinski (West Virginia)
                & Morse (Missouri) in the 3rd/4th Rds
                I always thought Dennis Kelly had potential
                as a RT/RG but it seems like he has not played much
                Since Chip Kelly took over.. This will be make or break
                Year for him for his Rookie Deal has to be up after 2015
                Same with Vandervelde,

              1. I would too as he’s poised to dominate and make his 1st Pro-Bowl in 2015 at RT, the Eagles do need to start grooming an LT to replace J Peters who has 2 Years Tops left

              2. We have adequate depth on the line. They are higher on Babre than I am but that’s their call. If your backups have to play more than a couple games you’re screwed anyways. A swing guard tackle would be good and the 2nd and 3rd round have a couple. I like DJ Humphries. Would trade up for Collins.

  10. ****NFL Rumors*****

    Eagles Send QB Bradford, RB D Murray & LB Kendricks and their 2nd Round Pick in the 2015 Draft to Titans for the #2 Overall Pick and Select Mariota

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