Obviously, Mychal Kendricks Isn’t A Chip Kelly Guy

MychalKendricks15Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same is true of evaluating football players.  Personally, I like Eagles inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks.  I think he’s on the verge of having a break out season with a trip to the Pro Bowl.  He’s starting to see plays before they happen and he has the ability to be a big play guy, which are hard to come by.

I don’t care how short he is, I wouldn’t let him go.

Chip Kelly obviously doesn’t see that.  He’s sees an undersized inside linebacker, who can’t play in pain and can’t be counted on when you need him to tough it out and play.  It’s common knowledge around the National Football League that Kendricks is available if you want him.  Kendricks missed four games last year with a calve strain and Kelly can’t forget it or won’t forget it.  He doesn’t believe in Kendricks’ toughness.

Kendricks knows that the odds are very high that he’s not going to be playing for the Birds this season, so he isn’t attending the workouts at the Nova Care Complex.

It’s simple, he’s not a Chip Kelly guy.  Kelly doesn’t want a 5’11” inside linebacker regardless of whether he is a playmaker or not.  Kendricks is becoming more adept at making plays and he’s a step or two away from being very consistent in making big plays.  More than anything else, guys who can make big plays help you win football games and championships.

Although undersized, he’s got that big play speed and quickness.  Kelly doesn’t care about that, he doesn’t want any undersized linebackers. Getting rid of him is going to put a great deal of importance on the health of DeMeco Ryans and Kiko Alonso.  Ryans is trying to return from a ruptured Achilles tendon and Alonso is trying to come back from a ACL tear.

Once Kendricks is released Ryans and Alonso will need to stay healthy because they won’t have the experienced depth at the position with three accomplished inside linebackers on the roster.

I don’t agree with this move, but I’ve seen a lot of great coaches who are sticklers for a certain type of player at certain positions.  Chip had better be right on this one.

This house that Chip Kelly is building could easily come tumbling down if they sustain injuries at key positions.  Inside linebacker will be one of them once they work out a trade with another team which involves Kendricks.

35 thoughts on “Obviously, Mychal Kendricks Isn’t A Chip Kelly Guy

  1. Since when did Demeco Ryans grow to be 6’3 isn’t he listed at 6’0? So that one inch makes a difference with this guy? This just isn’t going to end well.

    1. Big, “end well”? This hasn’t been well since the start, when the “genius” made one of his 1st coaching staff hires, with Billy Davis, who has been an EPIC failure his entire coaching career. Then carried it over with his play calling, use of the clock, challenges, gimmick offense, & at best, sketchy roster moves! F^#@ this turd. He’ll be another egotistical, delusional failure, who will bail in a year, or 2. Remember, his NCAA ban is over with, & he can flee at any time now, if a job is offered to a NCAA team.

    2. The only thing this clown has shown me, is that he knows how to decimate a roster full of good players, get no return, or not enough return for them, that he’s a hypocrite, a liar, & clueless to how to build an NFL roster!

    3. In one breath, he says-
      “Durability is the best ability” then goes & signs/ trades for Alonzo (knees), Thurmond (made of glass), Bradford (porcelain knee), Matthews (made of glass), Austin (tissue paper hamstrings), Jones (sucks & has hammy issues), Matthews (always hurt, always on the injured list), Murray (Injury history, & overused last year), resigns Ryans (2 Achilles tears), & Resigns Sanchez (Shoulder hasn’t been the same since his Labral tear). And backtracks, & says “Injury is part of the game.
      “Doesn’t care about ego’s, & says that’s part of the coaching duties” then goes & gets rid of DJax & Shady, in less than a calendar year, for almost ZIP, that’s undoubtedly for attitude conflicts.
      “Does not like to sink a lot of money, in any one position”, but has sunk major $$$ & assets at RB, in which he downgraded, to do so.
      “Said he had say on the players he wanted the 2 years” but when pressed on the Smith pick & all the other failures, he blamed Weaselman.
      Not to mention, him turning down Lurie’s initial job offer, only to accept it, & jerk off Gus Bradley when he was going to be hired, while he was staying at Lurie’s estate, only after he knew he was going to be sanctioned, for his illegal recruiting violations. Just like you, I said it then, & I’ll say it now, he is a gimmick college, with ZERO NFL experience, & NO clue how to run a NFL organization.

      1. LMFAO…
        Not to mention, him turning down Lurie’s initial job offer, only to accept it, & jerk off Gus Bradley when he was going to be hired, while he was staying at Lurie’s estate,

        Sounds like you need a Hug

  2. Your right he will not be released, Tenn. wants him along with three number 1 draft picks to include this years pick and one more player to move us up to get MARIOTA……….theirs a deal in place and its been in place since last Feb.

  3. I see many Landing Spots for ILB Michael Kendricks who will get Traded over the Draft whether it’s part of a Marcus Mariota Deal or a stand alone Deal
    Here;s a list of Teams that need ILB Help..
    I really could see Kendricks going to a 4-3 Team and Playing a “WILL LB”
    in a 4-3 Scheme, where he would rush the Backfield/QB to where I think he could really be a Special Player

    Titans, Saints, Browns, Falcons,Colts,Cowboys, 49ers, Chargers & Raiders

    The Cowboys lost both ILB Bruce Carter & Justin Durant to Free-Agency and are very thin at ILB and really only have Sean Lee who can’t stay healthy..
    You never want to trade to a Divisional Rival but the Cowboys may make the Best Offer for Kendricks..
    Would a 2015 2nd Round Pick (#59 Overall) Plus 2nd Year WR Devin Street or a Mid-Round Pick in 2016 be sufficient…

  4. G I think he likes his playmaking, and if he thought Kendricks was tough…he would keep him.

    But when you dont believe in a linebackers toughness…well then it makes sense to get rid of him

    It maybe time to cut bait with Marcus Smith too…if you are not tough enough, dont have the heart to play special teams as a linebacker your probably not tough enough to play…

    1. I agree and think MSII gets Cut/Released after Week 2 of Pre-Season..
      And could even be packaged in a Trade this Draft
      I remember when many Posters wanted Kendricks even smaller Brother (Eric) to be Drafted by the Eagles.. .I said no way would that ever happen and that Kelly likes Bigger, Longer LB’s.. Haven’t heard too much buzz about Eric Kendricks since….

  5. If Kendrick’s gets traded to the Cowboys I will lose my mind. Kelly isn’t that much of a dumb ass to give him to the enemy. Ya I don’t get this whole he isn’t tall enough BS or that he’s soft and unreliable. Give me a f**king break already. The dude was a 2nd round pick and is now coming into his own. You NEVER trade or release any player regardless of size or height if the dude is making plays. So stupid

    1. Its kinda like releasing a guy who is 5 10 180lbs coming off 3 probowls in 5 years and all he does is catch 60 yard tds because he cant block the greatest. Then keeping a 6 3 210 lb guy who catches 30 balls a year but can block.

  6. Eagles lost 3 out of the last 4 games of the year and the lone victory was a token last game of the year NY Giant win of no importance.
    Why is every one getting so upset Chip Kelly is chucking players off the roster who wilted on him in December. I’m upset he kept Mark Sanchez who collapsed.
    Bobby Wagner said Lesean McCoy was falling backwards in the hole to avoid contact and the Eagle OL was weak. There are reasons for all these changes and they aren’t all as obvious as Bradley Fletcher.

      1. Z I wouldnt go that hard on McCoy but I think it became obvious his struggles as a short yardage/goalline back could stall out the offense at times.

        Kelly saw an opportunity to move on and he did….

        and the league is showing that our talent wasnt as special and coveted that many on here think it is.

        1. Which is always the Case IJ..
          Home Town Fans no matter which City that are in tend to “Over-Rate” their Teams Talent Level.. There are just too many emotional connections that Fans Make with their Players that skews there ability to be fair when talking or judging about “Talent Impact & Market Value” ,etc,etc…

    1. Exactly…..this team was the equivalent of being a 4/5th seed in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. No real threat to do anything but win maybe one round then get bounced.

      But no tell me how the players left were god sends that had us on the precipice of winning it all.


      1. And Kelly is adding parts that will have his ass back in the college ranks in a couple of years. It’s not who he’s moving its the so called upgrades or the lack of anything that makes sense. E0S you want Howie in one post the next your defending Chip on ridding the roster of Howie’s players. Flip Flop much?

        1. BigLion – I heard Brian Baldinger say finding a Head Coach is harder and more important than finding a General Manager when discussing the San Fran decision with Jim Harbaugh. He made a compelling argument and I agree with him, that was even before the Chip/Howie decision. Jeff Lurie had to back Chip Kelly, and I support that decision after hearing Baldinger explain why the head football coach is more important. Doesn’t mean I don’t like Howie. I am not on board with all these changes –

      2. Because the changes he’s made has all of a sudden made them better?

        He could have kept the pieces and made some upgrades at key spots and been a contender.

        Instead he threw out the baby, bath water and the tub and started with parts that have even bigger question marks.

        1. TS I disagree that we could have been a serious contender with key spot upgrades. I’m fine with the philosophy and player change right now.

          9 days we will either have a franchise QB prospect in Marriotta or hopefully a clearer understanding on where he is investing talent from the draft (I would go OL CB WR).

          1. I think what TS and other Fans probably think is that the Eagles were coming off back to back 10 Win Season so a few tweaks here and there could maybe get them over the Top to be serious Contenders..
            Chances are pretty obvious by Chip Kelly’s Actions is that he believes that he got the most of out the Team that he inherited from AR and it was time to get Players that fits his likeness and that he what he wants which is what I was saying early on this Off-Season.. I didn’t expect some of these moves (Foles Trade, RB D Murray Signing) but Kelly is clearly moving forward with his Roster…
            and only time will tell whether it was the right or wrong move but at the end of the Day, Chip Kelly knows this Roster better than any of us, he knows who all in and whose collecting paychecks, and he also knows what type of Players are just better fits his System ..
            My Big Question of Concern is Chip Kelly adept and know enough
            about Creating A Roster of NFL Players who can excel on the Defensive Side of the Ball.. Does Kelly work closely enough with DC Billy Davis to know what works best and what doesn’t.. Does Billy DAvis know.. This is Year 3 for him and after 2 Seasons of the Defense being Ranked 31st and 29th out of 32 Tems the Past 2 Season just doesn’t cut it with me.. So unless there is some marked improvement and some of this is the Talent Level, but some of it is Scheme and Coaching by Davis and his Defensive Coach’s ..
            Either way, Eagles Defense has to be no worse then middle of the road statistically to they will not be competing for Super Bowls regardless of how strong the Offense is
            If the Eagles Defense can get to 14th-18th Overall Range in 2015 Statistically, then this would be a big step in the right direction

            1. Paul 80% of what you say makes perfect sense. Kelly got the most out of Andy/Howie players. And now he wants the kinds of players he values….and it’s unconventional. Hell I’m all in for MM why the hell not…
              As for working with Davis my guess is absolutely

            2. Sorry but Kelly has shown time and again he’s not a very good talent evaluator.

              And if his type of guys means from Oregon or coming off of major injury then I’m not a fan.

              A better QB and a better secondary would have DRASTICALLY upgraded the team. So no there was no need for a blow up. But hey we’ll find if the Kelly way is the right way moving forward.

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