Ken Whisenhunt: Andy Reid’s Story Influenced Me Away From Deal

PNI0909-spt asu fb 090520120131pbPeter King reports that former Eagles head coach and now Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid influenced Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt not to make a deal with at the Eagles to trade the second pick in the draft.

Reid recounted to Whisenhunt about his decision to refuse an offer from Mike Ditka, who was coaching the New Orleans Saints at the time, and offering his entire draft for the second pick in 1999, so he could move up and get running back Ricky Williams.  Of course, Reid had his eyes on Donovan McNabb and knew if he didn’t get a franchise quarterback on the roster, his time with the Eagles was going to be short and very disappointing.

“I was talking to Andy today,’’ Whisenhunt told King on Thursday night. “He told me the story about Ditka offering a whole draft for his [Reid’s] pick. I understood what Andy was saying. It certainly helped solidify what I was thinking—that’s for sure.”

Reid didn’t tell Whisenhunt about that entire draft.  There were five quarterback prospects that were all talked about before that draft.  It was Tim Couch, who went first to Cleveland, then Donovan McNabb, who Reid selected with the second pick.  Cincinnati grabbed Akili Smith with the 3rd pick.  Daunte Culpepper was scooped up by Minnesota with the 11th pick and Cade Mcnown was selected by Chicago with the 13th pick.

Couch, Smith and Mcnown was all complete busts and they got a number of coaches fired.  McNabb and Culpepper lived up to the hype.

Ian Rappaport of NFL Network says the Eagles had put two first round draft picks along with Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Sam Bradford, Brandon Boykin and Evan Mathis on the trading block in an effort to move up for Marcus Mariota.

Personally, I don’t think Mariota fits into Whisenhunt’s system and it’s going to take a while for the youngster to learn the new system.  Whisenhunt has been successful with pocket passers like Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner.  He has been very clear about believing Zach Mettenberger , a classic pocket passer was going to be a star quarterback in this league.

I think Mariota is going to struggle in Tennessee because it’s going to take him a while to become a pocket passer and he won’t have a lot of talented targets in Nashville.  I could see a reunion of Mariota and Chip Kelly at a later date in his career.

319 thoughts on “Ken Whisenhunt: Andy Reid’s Story Influenced Me Away From Deal

    1. Agreed. I think Mariota had an opportunity to surpass McNabb had he been drafted by Chip, but I don’t think he’ll be successful in Tennessee. I don’t expect much from any of the QBs in this draft.

      1. Winston is going to be good in Tampa…not immediately…he’s going to have growing pains…Mariota is going to suffer in Tennessee…no offensive line and he has never taken snaps from center…how they expect him to start in that offense from Day one is ridiculous..

    2. April of his rookie season… Only time will allow you to make that statement.
      Could be taken two ways, ‘he’s no mcnabb because he ends up winning a couple of Lombardis’ or ‘he’s no mcnabb because after 5 years in the league he is only 18-30″…. Oh wait those numbers sound so freaking familiar!


    1. Mariota would be a day 1 starter if he were here.

      Otherwise he’s looking at being a bust in a more pro-style system. Do I think he has the skills to make the adjustment….yes…but it would take time…time they could use to smooth out Zack’s rough edges or another QB fit for the more pro-style offense Wisenhunt wants.

      Dumb on Tenn I think.

      1. I agree 100% TSJ and that was probably the stupiest thing that the Titans could say publicly… Mariota is going to Flop Big Time in Tennessee
        Chip Kelly can sign him once he hits Free-Agency in 2018 if Chip is even still Coaching in the NFL

        1. Wisenhut’s & GM are tied to the hip in Nashville
          Who is under a new Ownership Team since the old man died last year
          There is no real Leader in that Position right now..

  2. Sam Bradford’s Agent is still wanting to be Traded to a Team and City that wants him… Still No Takers yet…Eagles will probably have to wait until to Summer Camp and see if any Teams incur Injuries at the QB position
    Does anyone think in their right mind that Bradford is going to want an extension to lower his Cap hit for 2015 — F’ No …
    Kelly got Schooled Again

    1. Not at all Paulman! Bradford wants to stay right here cause of shurmur, he knows his best year was with him n he knows with him he can extend his career n get another contract if he stays healthy, the kid isn’t stupid.

      1. I cant wait until the season and Bradford is doing very well, running the offense efficiently, not turning the ball over making accurate passes both short and deep..I’m going to roast the hell out of you naysayers crying over Nick Foles…

        1. Bradford is not Mentally Strong enough to withstand the Pressure and Scrutiny of Playing in Philadelphia…
          As I have stated many times, I have no problem with Foles being gone as many of us were expected him to move on due to his lack of mobility but don’t tell me that Bradford with 2 ACL’s is quicker, smarter, more accurate for he hasn’t played a Full Season in almost 3 Years ago and is in no way an upgrade…
          Bradford having a Comfort level with OC Pat Shurmur, which is reasonable to understand, but this 2015 and that 2010 Season was a long,long time ago in Football Years for Sam Bradford and before the Injuries came piling on..
          Go Mark Sanchez ….. Good Grief…

          1. You have this knowledge of Bradford make up because of your intense study while getting your license to operate a psychiatrists office? On wait you operate without a license

          2. paulman…Foles is gone because Bradford with 2ACL’s is smarter, more accurate, with a quicker release and stronger arm.
            He was the best option available for us……Foles was not dumped by Kelly because of his lack of mobility.
            Kelly has been open and honest on this…he got rid of Foles because of all of those open receivers he missed, his mental slowness, his turnovers…what he knows about Bradford is that the guy is a smarter and more accurate QB

            When you are a pocket QB and you struggle to make simple reads, struggle against zone defenses…cant process quick enough mentally…you are simply a poor fit for a Chip Kelly’s offense that requires quick decisions and getting rid of the ball quickly..

            1. and Bradford will not ready until late July/Early August and hasn’t played competitive Football in almost 2 Years and will be asked to run a high-paced Offense with new Players that he’s never played with…
              Mark Sanchez will be the Opening Day QB for 2015
              Bradford is a $13 Million Bum… Another

  3. I think you are all blowing the Bradford thing up a bit. Shurmur wants him here. MM was a reach.. and they tried. I think they are happy to give him the starting spot.

    1. Stevo I said the same exact thing simultaneously on another thread. MM was due diligence … Let’s take a look. I bet the talks were not as hot and heavy as the media made it out. They have an awful lot of air time to kill. Even the mcshays of the world toned it down by about 730 saying titans are taking him.

      1. A lot of the ‘sources’ for these reports were agents…agents who are not above being a bit careless with the truth to look out for their clients…
        If I was Bradford’s agent and I’m trying to get another megadeal for my client…I would have done everything I can to stop the Mariota deal..lies, rumors, exaggerated claims…all of that is fair game during the draft.
        Chip has done a good job…and now that Howie’s out of the way…I think he will get players who fits what he wants to do…

        1. 2015 will be Sam Bradford’s Final Season in the NFL..
          He will have earned $75 Million in his 5 Years in the NFL as the #1 Overall Pick in the 2010…
          He has been a Bust and Underachiever, Plain and Simple…
          And No I have Zippo confidence in Sam Bradford ..

    1. 1 Step Forward – 2 Steps Back…

      Eagles need to come away with 2-3 Good Players tonight

      Rd 2 – Safety Adrian Amos (Penn State 6-0 218lbs)
      Rd 3 – OL Mitch Morse (Missouri 6-5 307lbs)
      Rd 3 – WR Chris Conley (Georgia 6-2 213lbs)

      (Eagles Trade LB Kendricks for a 3rd Round Pick tonight)

      1. What happens if chip is right…this specific profile make up that he is into? What if because of it all the guys he gets fit his idea of what a player should be?

        1. That would be a very good WR Corps for years to come
          2 Big Targets in Conley & Matthews and 2 Tough, strong, athletic Receiver in Huff & Agholor to go along with Ertz/Celek and then Backs Matthews/Sproles out of the Backfield

          Eagles would have 4 Young, Hungry WR’s who would all be on their Rookie Deals for the next few Seasons freeing up $$$ to adress other areas on the Team… (OL,QB,Secondary)

    1. With all the WR’s taken in the 1st Round and few that will probably go early in the 2nd, a Run of CB/Safety is waiting to happen right around 40, followed by the LB & OL will then follow afterwards

  4. A bum and an underachiever Paulman? How could u say that? Yes he hasn’t achieved what most experts thought he would, but the dude has had some straight up bad luck. 2 Acl tears is bad enough, but being on a team where he had multiples offensive coordinators and head coaches doesn’t help. Being on a team where your number one reciever (Amendola) is hurt more than he was doesn’t help. Tavon Austin went down.. I mean shit his best wr was Brandon Gibson who we drafted lmao!! These are the facts,during his time in stl his team led the nfl in drops multiple years and he was te most hurried and most sacked/hit QB in the league. Maybe not number one every year but top 3. To top it off he never had a running game to shout about either or great defense. Put Andrew luck in St. Louis with this all occurring and not even he can save them. Now he has a team where his old college coach is a head coach that will play to his strength and a 3 headed rb monster with tight ends and recieving corp that is decent an young and promising. Him having a defense tht forces turnovers and sacks and is only getting better is the icing on the fuxking cake. And us having the best special teams is the sprinkles. Give the dude a chance. Just ONE legit chance. I’m not saying he’s gonna lead us to the promise land and throw 35 tds or some shit.. Idk what’s gonna happen. But anyone who says the dude can’t play doesn’t kno shit. He’s running the same system he did in college and has his rb he played with in school as well behind him

  5. I have no problem with agholor as a player and would be a great pick if we had a qb that’s why “charles kelly” should’ve upgraded the D not the wr Corp

    1. Have you been paying attention? Apparently he is slipping because GMs don’t think he has the mental capacity or emotional capacity to play nfl football

      1. He is slipping because of his bad decision making as it relates to marijuana use. Just like Ray, and DGB and countless others have in the past. It has nothing to do with mental or emotional capacity to play football. Stop making shit up as if you know what you are talking don’t.. Have No Clue

          1. I saw the report, no team is going to pass on a player for a mood disorder that is so common they prescribe meds for it like they are giving away candy on Halloween. There are tons of players with scripts for disorders, news does not make headlines because it is no big deal, plus you can not discriminate against them job wise due to the ADA!

      2. haveablunt, you would know all about diminished mental and emotional capacities due to heavy blunt smoking! Of all people, you should empathize with the kid…

      1. mh..I watched Gregory for 2 years, he can play the run. He has an issue with maintaining his weight, that is where a good nutrition and strength and conditioning program would benefit him.

        1. ESPN NFL Insider Jon Gruden says that game film shows Nebraska edge rusher Randy Gregory can’t stop the run and reminds us that “Melvin Gordon ran for 400 yards against Nebraska when Gregory was on the field.”
          “This bothers me when you are taking a guy in the top 10 or in the first round who gets stuck on blocks,” Gruden wrote. “If I am coaching against Gregory, I want to tell our quarterback to stop the game, audible to 96 stretch, and run it right at No. 4 and see whether he can stop it.” It isn’t just Gregory’s run defense that concerns Gruden. The analyst is also a little spooked by the failed drug test at the combine, his checkered collegiate career (committed to Purdue and had to go the JUCO route due to ineligibility) and struggled with injuries at Nebraska. Apr 29 – 2:21 PM
          Source: ESPN Insider

          1. My only concern with Gregory is his weight, which plays a role in run stopping, his issue is shedding the block, as I said, conditioning and strength will solve that. To much talent and to high of a ceiling to worry about that.

            1. ‘He can play the run at 5:56 and struggles with it at 7:27….
              Oh and Nebraska doesn’t have a strength and conditioning program? Silly!

              1. You do know that as he ages his body will fill in and get stronger with a strength and conditioning program…it is called physical maturation. A simple projection. Duh!

              2. Yup….I just stated I saw something about it. You said I made it up…I did see something you are bi polar or stupid… Oh didn’t get bi polar meds today.. Got it

              3. I am doing my best HAC impersonation I guess you recognize yourself.. Once again, you have no clue as to what BPD is or looks like havenoclue.

              4. I’m sorry… It took me awhile to remember you actually do suffer from it..I now know why you made that stuff up about me making stuff up.

              5. Hey man I’m sorry, I was not making fun of mental illness …I truly forgot. I was just saying I saw something about him having mental health issues, you defended him and said I made it up. I reacted without thinking of your situation. Accept my sincere apologies. I will be more sensitive in the future.

              6. You’re corny, senility is obviously creeping in as you are recognizing it yourself.
                Top questions asked to you:
                Do you remember your name?
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              7. No, you are senile! And you clearly have issues that are a result of your senility. Anyway, tired of busting your shriveled up stones. Get your warm milk and go to bed gramps.

  6. Wait a football player with mental issues? Holy shit never thought that’d be possible. Although I must admit he does look like he used to eat paint chips.

  7. 2nd Round is underway

    Giants trade up with Titans to #33 to Select Safety Landon Collins

    Redskins select at #38 and take DE Preston Smith (6-5 279lbs)
    Another great pick for the Redskins as they are beefing up along the OL & DL

  8. Surprise – Panthers trade with Rams and move up from #57 to #41
    OT TJ Clemmings or OT Jake Fisher or DE Danielle Hunter
    Or RB T Coleman or DE Odighizuwa or WR Sammie Coates

    1. Wow. WR Devin Funchess added to Kelvin Benjamin for the Panthers
      To go along with WR Boykin, Ted Ginn & Philly Brown

        1. Watching him play two times this past year at corner, I was not impressed. I never saw him play at safety. At corner I did not see anything special, reminded me of Cary Williams from a skill and physical stand point.

          1. He is a press cover..He’s physical…he’s got man on man coverage skills
            its a sound pick!

              1. look at the Michigan -Utah game and watch him go up against Devin Funchess

              2. I saw the game as I am a Michigan fan. Devin Funchess is a TE and the QB was god awful. Please do not use that as a measuring stick. As I said, I hope I am wrong, I just have not seen anything to get excited about as far as ball skills etc.

      1. He’ll start out at CB, see how he does but I think hes a natural safety that can play CB..

        They’re gonna move him all over the place all over the field imo

  9. Whoa!!!! Great move…Eric Rowe CB…tall…great cover skills….excellent, excellent move!!

    1. He’s very good, long arms, great reach, good ball skills and Is not afraid of contact.. Has the quickness to play inside or outside..
      He reminds me a little like a young Anquan Talib…

  10. I think Rowe may stay outside as CB paired opposite of Maxwell
    Thurmond the Nickel Back
    Safety’s M Jenkins and. J. Watkins with J Coupling as Backup

  11. Anyone who thinks chip does not have a plan is not paying attention. His plan is getting clearer…high character, certain un negotiable measurables…you, me or whomever that disagrees he doesn’t care. People who say he is going by the seat of his pants are stuck in a different era…

  12. Boy the Browns are having a nice Draft so far…
    Added OLB Nate Orchard

  13. I think Rowes a lock for safety but if they start him at CB that means Chip will go Watkins at Safety.

    Boykins can’t be long for these parts….

    1. 5-6 Players so far, and still have TE, CB PJ Williams and RB Karlos Williams

  14. Filling up spots…getting it done…next up…a good offensive lineman..

    No reaches…good solid picks

    No whiffs..

  15. According draft pick value chart, the Eagles gave up 442.5 points to Dolphins in Eric Rowe trade, received 445 back, who said Chips inexperience would get him robbed by other teams? Chips the GM is doing a great job so far!

      1. They fit your profile have some issues you need assistance with. You just have not acknowledged it yet so getting you help is not an option at this point in time. Crack pot.

  16. I see chip getting that kid Amos from penn state, I think he wants Rowe at corner, it’s either him or O lineman

    1. I am concerned about your mental state…I thought you were going to the bar…or did you forget you were going. Senile..yes you are. FYI, the claims are not substantiated. You know there are a lot of players in sports with mental concerns right? I guess not.
      Weirder, that name describes you to a tee!

        1. Lol, you act as if I hurt your feelings. I am just a guy on the internet, what I say or think should mean nothing to you. Lmao at you as you sound scorned. OK HAC, I went on there and saw it. You did not make up the report. absolution is yours. Now back to your warm milk.

              1. As I said I apologize for inadvertently taking a shot at your mental illness. I really just wanted to say that teams were concerned with Gregory mental state… That’s all I said…you came to his defense ( I understand why) but you said I made it up… I didn’t …drop it EHL…move on

              2. No need to apologize for saying something that has no merit. I just see it as your blind ignorance. Senility brings that. I wish you well. I see you never made it to the bar, you probably forgot how to get there, if you remembered you were going.

  17. Gregory was 90 minutes late for workout/Interview with the Saints and was a no-show for a weekend with the Raiders , so the concern is he out partying, does he want to play in the NFL bad enough

  18. NO Saints Select the 3rd QB taken this Draft Class with Garrett Grayson of Colorado St with the 76th Pick

    1. they reached for him…he probably would have been available in the 4th round

  19. I think OL with Guard Mark Glowinski of West Virginia or OT Sean Hickey of Syracuse or DT Carl Davis of Iowa

          1. Koolbreeze, Lindys draft guide has Hicks projected as a 4-5th rounder, CBS sports has him rated as a 4th rounder, Athlon Sports has him rated as a 5-6th rounder. Averages out to a 5th round prospect. Where are you getting your rankings from?
            Clearly he was not a second rounder, as 32 teams did not see him as such, not even the team that selected him. Tell me where you got your ranking from on Hicks.

            1. Koolbreze has no idea what he’s talking about and thinks every move Kelly has made has been a good one…

              1. koolbreeze is in nirvana with Chip Kelly ever since he tossed Foles, prior to that he was never this in love or on board with Kelly’s moves.

              2. It really is crazy vinnie hates chip nos that foles is gone and kool loves every damn move he makes……yswl both fake ass eagles fans

              3. Paulman your a fraud..I’ve repeatedly challenged you and others to demonstrate why his moves are bad and what alternative moves you can make..all we have gotten is the sound of crickets to that…

            2. Ourlads had him rated as the 5th best inside linebacker..the Bengals were going to take him at #84…the Eagles had him as a second round grade on their board…he performed very well at the combine and his Pro day…

      1. I was hoping Tre Jackson but this is the shit that gets me ranting and raving about the LLCB. How many damn injured inside LB’s we need man shit.

  20. Jordon Hicks at 6-1 238lbs will likely be groomed for ILB and will get to
    245-250lbs in 2 Years time ..Not so sure about this Pick

  21. Don’t like this Pick at all, light in the pants, injury history… Argh…

  22. Jordan Hicks played all of last year…injuries not that much of a concern because he played a full year and really opened some eyes…speed, excellent tackler, toughness…can rush the passer and defend the pass…you dont have to take him off of the field…he is an excellent backup in case Demeco goes down and gives you something on special teams. Plus if we trade Kendricks…(which I now dont think will happen) hegives us more depth and replaces Matthews at the linebacker spot….another sound good pick up by Chip!

    1. Nah kool thats a bad pick we should have oline hicks is not needed….we have goode and brad jones that is a wasted pick

  23. The Rowe pick seems nice. Fits a need. Eagles were 2 for 2 on their first choices….but a MLB?? That’s the one position on the team where the Eagles are actually “stocked”.

    Pick made no sense at all….never mind that most mocks had him in the late 4th or 5th.

    Of course they couldn’t wait till then as they have no more 5th round picks……….if only they had traded down a bit in the first like they should have and picked up an extra 4th or couple of 5ths……..

    1. z, foolbreeze is a fucktard, & has had chip drizzle running down his face, every since Foles got traded. Go back & look what he was saying, when his hero Vick got the axe. He is a clueless, ignorant, ill-informed imbecile. The 3rd round pick is terrible, at least a round reach. Although I’m ok with #1 & #2, all 3 picks thus far, have been reaches. Too me, Kelly is out of his league. He said in his interview, he had Hicks rated high 2nd round! Clearly the genius is in over his head, & belongs back in the NCAA. The new team moniker for the birds, will be the Philly M*A*S*H* unit. Big red + as the new team logo. Absolutely hysterical & disheartening!

    2. z, most of you guys are in pure bitch mode…including asswipe Dumbcar
      your credibility is shot when all you do is whine without providing any clear analysis on alternative moves…

      1. You, the man who has negative credibility, talking about mine. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Don’t make me laugh son! I’ve discussed what my moves would have been for months! If you weren’t so busy with your race wars with vinnie, 7 sucking Kelly’s dick, maybe you would have seen them. STFU clown, you are a racist, hypocrite fraud, with NEGATIVE credibility!

      2. Kool wr got 6 damn inside backers we needed oline and their were plenty highly rated lineman their… thats my analysis…..look i back chip but sometimes its just dumb moves

  24. Couple FACTs for those hating the Hicks pick
    Missed just 2 of 71 tackle opportunities against power five competition last season
    Had the 9th highest coverage grade of all LBs in this draft
    The Bengals who picked after us said they were taking him if we didn’t, but what does all this mean, u guys on here are the real experts.

    1. Just like Chip didn’t offer players for the First and Second pick right? Come on Andrew bad pick unless Brad Jones was a bad signing unless Alonso was a bad trade how many inside backers do we need?

        1. LB’s Ryans and Alonso may also be having issues
          With their current rehabs and not be ready
          Like Sam Bradford is having..
          Good Grief!!!

          1. That’s a good point….Ryans and Alonso might be having troubs with their rehabs from injury….so its good to back them up with a guy who has missed 2 years due to injury including a torn achilles. 🙂

    2. andrew, either you are a paid shill from the Birds planted on here, are a stupid ass, that believes everything he hears, or you are the biggest, blind loyal lemming, I’ve ever witnessed on here? AND THAT, is saying something on this site, with the likes havenoclue, dickzzell, stevo & Lil Bron-Bron, running loose! Just stop the BS, of the “genius” can do no wrong, & the nauseating “in chip we trust” diarrhea! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

      1. D, the problem seems to be u obviously can’t read between the lines,moves are being made n the kid is compared to kendricks, that doesn’t tell u anything? If it doesn’t than I can’t help you!

        1. Caught lying & disappeared?? I actually have a family, & a life loser! I don’t have time, to be on here 24/7, like you losers! You think too highly of yourself dirtbag! Don’t waste my time clueless!

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              7. What lie did he catch me in? Embid & Noel can’t play together, are not PF’s, & are not good offensively! So where the fuck did he catch me in a lie. YES, I said those things, & YES, I’m not wrong! So, go back someone else, instead of your retarded DC brethren!

              8. Aite dcar you a grown ass man I know what I saw yesterday……I aint got to prove shit….it just happened yesterday…..its ok to admit to shit

              9. #retard
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              10. Race check
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                Feel free to add on lol.

              11. Desperate misdirection, says the king of it! Hypocrite you are! It’s amusing! What lie, still waiting for it? Said Embid & Noel CAN’T play the 4! They can’t & aren’t! They can not, will not, & should not play together! And neither can score consistently. Embid was a project, even before he became made of glass, hurting his leg & back. Noel is a joke, & I guarantee you he’s gone at the draft! BANK on it! Where is this imaginary lie I said! I said those things, admitted to it, & BTW, I’m right!

              12. Still waiting for an answer & the lie! Go away son, you’ve been exposed, & schooled! BEAT IT! I’m out.

              13. What were my original comments about the two? Where is the lie? Waiting. If I forgot something, that I said months ago, that I am right about BTW, doesn’t constitute a lie! Go educate yourself you dumb fucktard! I know you have to be barely out of highschool, because you are an immature, clueless fuck!

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          2. Got caught flat out lying and flipflopping lmao

            You got exposed like the B.A.N you are lol always talking shit and you’re own post got you.

      2. DumbazzCar…you are nauseating with every post

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        1. Dumb ass, says the 3rd grade educated, in need of hooked on phonics, retarded, ignorant, racist, imbecile! Don’t waste my time son!

    3. These guys are looking for anything to bitch about…

      Hicks looked good in the combine, his film looks good…and he fits our scheme…you should always stack up on linebackers when you run a 3-4 defense…it makes sense do do so

      1. Koolbreeze won a contest with the Eagles 3 months back. Free happy mean and a new Bradford poster. All he has to do was come on here and wax poetic aout everything Kelly does till September.

  25. In Chip we trust! Sounds like Reid & Fisher schooled Big Chip! I’m curious to know how the proposed trade bait handles this! Win at all cost! The Birds got jacked from the gate…Sam Bradford (13 million) and the loss of a 2nd round pick.

    1. See below about holding the bag. There are levels to this whole situation aside from the FO. Players and agents have some ability to make a GM make their mind up.

  26. nfldraft scout had this guy ranked #9 OLB in draft – nothing but positives to say about his speed, tackling, coverage abilities – he was projected in 4th – but comments said he could go in 3rd (or as low as 5th) –

    where does that leave us for LBs – I wrote before draft I thought we would pick up WR/DB and OL in first 3 rounds – OL/DL and OLB help in later –

    funny – all the talk of Kendricks not being a ‘Chip’ player – Kendricks is 6 ft 240 Hicks is 6’1 236 –

    How many LBs did the Birds keep last year??

    Ryans, Acho, Kiko, Hicks, Barwin, Braman, Graham, Goode, Jones, Kendricks, some dude named Hepburn from practice squad, Long, Smith on roster now – 13 total –

    last year they kept 8 – and 1 on practice squad – 3 on injured reserve – sounds about right to go into camp doesn’t it?

    Must say I am a little surprised we have not bolstered our OL – we carried 9 OL with 2 on practice squad (2 on IR) –

    if we carry 9 off the current roster –

    Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Barbe, and Johnson (my best guess at starters)

    with Molk, Kelly, Tobin and Gardner as backups?

    right now there are 12 OL on the roster – 3 centers (Vandervelde, Kelce and Molk)- 2 listed as guards (MAthis and Andrews) – and the rest tackles – Peters, Johnson, Barbe, Kelly, Tobin, Graf and Gardner

    Andrews and graf were practice squad last year – Barbe IR

    They did not draft an OL last year either –

    1. Unless we pick one in round 4 I think you will find similar options for line help in cuts made during camp as to kids you can draft. Remember you can sign guys off practice squads also.. So unless the have identified a hidden gem I would say it’s more likely that draft secondary help then BPA period.

    2. in a 3-4 defense you always want to stock up on linebackers…all three of the Eagles picks are solid picks that meets Eagles needs!

  27. Foles was most likely traded because when approached about a contract he wanted more than the Eagles were going to pay him. If foles had remained and signed it would have likely been 12+ Million per year. Files was likely told by his agent to seek a trade in an effort to get paid and not play out his Rookie deal as the Agent has seen guys like Matt Flynn make other agents big money for less than what Foles did.

    Point is that under those circumstances a 13 mil risk on a former #1 pick for a year (no extension yet) was not a terrible risk. I agree that the 2 rounder was not ideal however a trade down next year coul net a 2 or high 3

    1. The plan was to use Bradford, draft picks and any other players to get Mariotta. It didn’t work! Now, you have a disconnect in the locker room. The players mentioned as trade bait and others will be less than enthused with performing for their rogue coach. It ‘s not all about the money, for some.

  28. That was the media’s plan. Chip knew the likelihood of getting MM was so small he had to decide on Foles. He did..he picked Bradford who if healthy is more talented…And I liked Foles.

    Did chip want MM. yes. could chip get him. no

    We all live in reality not the world of wishes.

    1. Still doesn’t change the fact of what Keith just said, and I’ve been saying for weeks, is you have a locker room filled (not just 1 or 2 guys) but 7 or 8 who have been doing nothing but reading/hearing about how they’re all on the block.

      I can only imagine what those guys have been texting each other over the past month.

      I wonder about the enthusiasm with which some of them will be implementing Kelly’s coaching demands…….

      1. Vinny the first contract renegotiation and those same players are koolaid smiling with an Eagles hat on…you are over exaggerating that point.

      2. I think Kelly acting as was Media creation only and the fact that it is PROFESSIONAL football will make the road smoother.

        The message is clear… DO YOUR JOB (What ever I tell you to do) or You will be GONE. (See also 10,25,26) Performance or Personality if you are not part of the solution you ARE the Problem.

        1. RegalEagle The fact is most of the players here now are his players that he either brought in or the ones he identified he wanted to keep.

          The ones like Kendricks and Boykins Mathis that are rumored to be traded simply have no leverage. They are playing for what may be their last major payday. If they can’t be professional they want be around long here and on top of that won’t be getting paid.

      3. Wow…I’m surprised

        More moaning, groaning, and bitching

        Vinniedafool, they get a check…thats the bottom line!

        They are professional football players

        The locker room will be fine. It was reported that Chip Kelly reached out and called several players as well!

        Stop whining…the draft is going well…we are in good shape!!!

        1. This Draft has been more missed opportunities than anything else…
          Not impressed by Kelly/Marynowitz Draft Management or playing the Draft Board better.. They’ll learn but this was a disappointment
          2 Solid Picks a Draft is not going to cut it..
          Eagles went in with 6 Selections in the Top 156 Selections
          With only Agholor,Rowe & Hicks to show for it is not a good start in my opinion

          1. Agreed, thus far underwhelmed. Second straight year no impactful O linemen selected for a line that is aging with sub-average depth at the position.

      4. My question vin is so what? You think these guys have thin skin. They are professionals and it goes with the job. Peyton manning isn’t finishing his career with the colts, Favre and packers, white and eagles , Montana and .49ers…. Um I think Kendrick’s is fine.

  29. I was a little surprised by the Hicks pick. I must admit I don’t know much about him. I will say this, you guys gotta get off the draft projections crap. That shit means nothing. Those predictions/pundits are 90% wrong every year. Maybe he can play, maybe he can’t but I’m not basing that on what some blogger says.
    I would have preferred OL because now is the time to snag hundley. 4th rd is good value for him.

  30. Sean Payton took Drew Bree’s favorite weapon and tossed him. A year after a contract negotiation. Please stop with this locker room nonsense.

    1. La’el Collins to going to sit out and re-apply for the 2016 Draft
      There is a maximum pool of $$ that Teams can use for UDFA so there is no
      Bidding war for Players… Plus UDFA Players are locked in for 2 Year minimimum Salaries are part of the CBA

      1. The NFL has stated that Lael Collins can not re-enter the NFL draft in 2016. He has to either get drafted or get picked up as an UDFA.

        1. GOOD! That’s what he gets, for being a stupid ass, & not going & speaking to the Police about his supposed baby mamas killing. They said he wasn’t a suspect, but shows major guilt by not going. Did he really think an NFL team is going to draft his dumb ass, with that hanging over his head! Some of these dumb ass kids today, make me scratch my head, & want to grab them by their collars, & slap the shit out of them!

        2. EHL he can’t enter the supplemental draft but if he gets drafted and doesn’t report or sign with a team he can be redrafted next year.

          1. He will Sue and re-enter the 2016 Draft
            His legal situation will likely take months to work its way out and the NFL has issued a “hands off” until they investigate this case themselves
            Meanwhile, Collins sits out and sues for 2016 which NFL Settles and Collins is back next Draft

              1. He doesn’t want UDFA and be locked into a 2 year minimum deal
                He will sit out 2015 andSue tore-enter the 2016 Draftso he can be a 1st Round Pick and get a good 4 Year Deal
                It would be stupid of him to do otherwise and risk injury on
                A UDFA Contract which are different than a Free-Agent Contract

              1. Daniel Jeremiah on NFLChannel says Each Team has a pool of $$$ and it’s not much to go out and add 6-7-8 Players to a standard 2 Year Maximium Contract ..

              2. Need numbers though can he get a million to sign or capped at like 250k….big questions.

                Did read something on Twitter sit out get a Lloyds of London futures insurance policy etc.

  31. The Seahawks taking my Mid-Round OL Players in Glowinski & Pool

      1. Yes, OT Tyler Pool maybe even went a Round Early
        I liked both Players upside for 5th Rounders
        Glowinski is a hard-nosed Player and the type that Kelly likes along the OL
        Watch him have a solid Career for Seattle

  32. Went from hopefully optimistic in this draft, to an overdrafted 3rd rounder of no need, having no 4th, 5th picks, & virtually useless 6-7 round picks. Still have cow turds at QB, holes at CB, o-line, & major depth issues. BUT HEY, we 30 RB’s, & 40 ILB’s, with mashed potato legs!

  33. I hope Agholor & Rowe a day one contributing starters, or this is an entire busted off season!!!!

      1. Z, McBride’s problem is that he is a player from a small school who did not have a lot of production. You have to dominate that talent if you are going to be considered a good NFL prospect. He may be around when the Eagles select again in the 6th.

  34. McShay says the Oregon CB has first round talent would’ve been drafted in first …then turns around and says he could be a really good third corner in the league.

    This pundits ALL GRASP. Their projections aren’t worth the paper they written. They are there to generate reactions.

  35. Ravens, Steeler, Redskins, Patriots, Panthers & Jets are having some nice Drafts

        1. Collins is a goof Fit for Giants Scheme under Steve Spagnola and will
          Be that “Safety in the Box” that plays a big part in stopping the run for them.. Look at their Roster at Safety and it’s very thin… So if they get a athletic Safety to pair with him then it’s a good pick
          If the expect Collins to cover Receivers 20-30 yards down the field,
          Then they are in trouble..
          He will come in with a big chip after falling out of the 1st Round

  36. On a Side Note
    If NFL wanted to have Draft in Philly,
    Where would the best Place to have it be?
    Down by the Stadiums, off the River, Center City?

    1. Neither are getting cut.

      More than likely they are still going to be the starters.

      And then possibly get replaced during the year by someone else.

      Though I think Manuel has a better shot at success than Smith.

      1. I see Smith before Emmanuel. Fitzpatrick is the starter. And if the rookie shows anything in the preseason it may just be mutual between Jets and Smith.

    1. Cowboys are The Island of Misfit Toys – they dealt with Dez issues they likely feel they can deal with Gregory’s.

      Probably needs a good head shrink and some quality meds. He’ll be fine.

      Sounds like some serious (read debilitating) anxiety issues. I know what that’s like and it can be brutal.

        1. Yeah…the meds can either make you REALLY fat or REALLY skinny (screwing with your appetite what have you) – they also can make things worse if not properly calibrated.

          Hope whatever it is it’s not too serious. BUT Schaffer is reporting that all Gregory’s folk said he would need Dez Bryant level babysitting if he were drafted. Someone would have to be with him at all times.

          So it seems there is a lot going on there.

          1. Yes TS people don’t understand that the reason the NFL bans Ritalin/ADHD is that is an amphetamine and one of the side effects that are sought after by athletes are the hyper focus and appetite suppression.

  37. Well draft was fun. It’s Mayweather Vs Pacqiuao time. Let the festivities commence. If youre drinking and have to drive UBER is your friend!

    Pac by decision.

    1. Pac by controversial decision.

      ‘Cause the money is in the rematch (not like the first fight is too shabby on the money front however).

      Otherwise May out boxes him easy.

  38. As the draft winds down we can look back now on chips first dance .They obviously had two need positions (holes) addressed in there minds .We were not going to fill all the holes through just the draft ,that was ,folly.A great outcome will be if the 3 picks are special teamscontributors and or first string starters on day one.We have a huge surplus of backers ,and rehab players .We have still holes and the 6th round is usually a crapshoot at best ..If we weren’t all in on MM plan B had to be create and fill with as a any picks as possible a percentage of opportunities to fill OL..Corner /safety …and edge rusher to compensate for back end issues and a defensive coordinator who im on record …..we basically created a hole in maclin and refilled it ,we put a healthy qb situation ,at risk and at a higher cost …(risk-reward) ..because sanchez was always a given in the equation.interseting to listen to the Rams gm talk about what his immediate perceptions are in Nick foles..others garbage becomes another guys Mona lisa …he did say ,its not that we didn’t like sam..he just wasn’t available..and our assumption ,and value of bradford was such …we gave more than we got ..but it will yield substantially more on draft day ..dead way to dispute the now we have a . . Question ? At qb ..or sanchez as our starter …that’s a 13 million dollar gamble ..he better be right on that ,or nothing else will matter ..if anyone can see Mark sanchez hoisting th elombardi…well…not even the Boone chimp ,can make that shit stick..

    1. Healthy QB situation at risk? We got rid of a QB who led the league in turnovers and was hurt every damn year himself. So I wouldn’t say we had a “healthy” QB situation. Or did you forget Foles missed multiple games every year?

  39. I’m in the camp this ain’t done yet ..he’s still going to find MM is a square peg trying to fit into a round hole Tenny ,and they’ll look for a way out ,and only chip Kelly holds that card ..not today …but eventually .he has a lot of pressure as chip was assumed to have offerd multiple ones and pro bowl ones ..If MM starts poorly that fandom will wonder what if?

      1. No Mariota in Philly, He’ll be fine in Tenn once they replace Wisenhut and hire the Oregon Coach (M Herzlich)
        Chip Kelly will be old news amongst NFL Circles by 2017!!!!

        1. Well my take was assuming Kelly would still be here.

          With that said if they hire the Oregon Coach it won’t be a problem.

    1. Highly unlikely with little History in Nashville, fans are more excited about
      Having a potential franchise QB than they are with a bunch of Eagles Players who haven’t won anything…
      The MM Dream is over and has been since about 530pm Thursday afternoon when the Titans turned down Kelly’s best offer of 2 1st’s, 1 2nd , 1 3rd along with Players Bradford, Cox & Kendricks…

    1. Dang, no one has taken My man Tre McBride..

      Damn Ravens get gems every year with having probably the best GM in Ozzie Newsome as well as probably the best player development program in the NFL, every year they let over priced players walk and plug in Draft picks who were groomed and ready to step up

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