LeSean McCoy: Eagles Chip Kelly got rid of “all the good black players”

ChipKelly&LeSeanMcCoy2Former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy took some shots at his former head coach Chip Kelly in an ESPN Magazine story.  It seems that McCoy is saying that there’s a racial reason for Kelly to get rid of DeSean Jackson, himself and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.  Here’s the exact quote.

“The relationship was never really great,” McCoy said. “I feel like I always respected him as a coach. I think that’s the way he runs his team. He wants the full control. You see how fast he got rid of all the good players. Especially all the good black players.  He got rid of them the fastest. That’s the truth. There’s a reason. . . .

“It’s hard to explain with him. But there’s a reason he got rid of all the black players — the good ones — like that.”

The Pro Bowl running back doesn’t say that Kelly let go of these top players because they were black, he just points out that he let go of these outstanding players, who were black.

McCoy went on to say that others had made some of the same comments.

“Oh, man. People have heard it. I mean … [ESPN host] Stephen A. Smith has talked about it,” McCoy said.

“Other players have talked about it. But that’s one of the things where you don’t even care no more. I’m on a new team, ready to play. So it’s nothing to do with Chip. I have no hatred toward him, nothing to say negative about him. When he got [to Philadelphia], I didn’t know what to expect. When he let DeSean go last year, I was like: ‘C’mon. DeSean Jackson?’ So it is what it is.”

Former Eagles assistant coach and former Eagles Pro Bowl offensive tackle Tra Thomas went on FOX-29 a while back and said that some of the players on the Eagles believe there’s a “hint of racism” in the decision-making.

“One of the things that you’re seeing right now, and these are the things that you have heard from the locker room from different players is that … they feel like there is a hint of racism. I personally … when you put that tag on someone, you gotta be careful with that, but there are some of the players that kind feel like that’s what it is. Especially when there was a report that came out last year that the Eagles were one of the whitest in the NFL.  So you start to see the culture of the team change extremely quickly, when Coach Kelly takes over.”


96 thoughts on “LeSean McCoy: Eagles Chip Kelly got rid of “all the good black players”

  1. I wonder if Kelly would have released Riley Cooper after that incident Would all of these racial undertones come up ? In my opinion probably not. This guy is far from being a racist or prejudiced in this respect. Oh and by the way I’m an African-American if that matters any …………

  2. So Chp gets rid of Black Desean n replaces him with Black Maclin, Black Maclin leaves n gets replaced by our Black number one pick, Black Lesean leaves n gets replaced by Black Murrary, sounds to me like Lesean can’t get over it, Lesean, get over it! He talks about Cooper, getting rid of Cooper would of left dead money, we did that dead money thing with Desean, that was ok cause we had major cap space but this is different, we can’t eat that kind of money, you can believe Cooper his out of here after this season unless he has a monster year which might b impossible since it looks like he’s gonna b our number four receiver.

    1. They resigned Cooper. the season ending, AFTER Cooper’s racist rant! He should have been cut in training camp, & all this BS would be a moot point! Cooper blows, & should have never been resigned anyways. You can thank Screaming A. Stiff for this crap! He’s nothing but a racist, race baiting, attention whore, who sucks in young, clueless, ignorant, entitled punks like Shady! Kelly is inept, & in over his with his decision making, & I highly doubt is a racist! Nothing less, nothing more!

    1. I disagree this topic is not ridiculous and it needs to be discussed that’s the reason why there’s so much polarization in America. Not to get off the subject but

  3. race baiting… lowest form of scum bag …
    why with full power did he draft only AA players? I believe they are all AA…not sure about the TooTall guy…

    1. Shady went race but I know what he was trying to say and so should everyone else, keep talking that culture crap and some guys who grew up in a different culture will interpret that as a slap in the face. Maybe Shady should’ve said he doesn’t like certain types of black guys which most of you were implying anyway. Damn shame when people cannot have an honest conversation without immediately being defensive. Follow up question what did Chip do to give you that impression? Do you know how damaging accusations like that can be? But no follow up no nothing ridiculous.

      1. hell no follow up… reporter heard that and couldn’t get it out fast enough… I’VE GOT A STORY THAT WILL GET MILLIONS OF CLICKS!

        1. I think that you are right BigL. But he approached it the same cowardly way that Stephen A did. He didn’t come out and say it. He says “there’s a reason” and alludes to calling Chip a racist but he can’t actually say it.

          1. well sports reporters aren’t known to be the brightest people…actually they can be lazy… how bout checking some facts- or as you say a follow up would have been real nice…

      2. I heard Chip has banned all “Rap Music” at NovaCare Center and only allows Players to Play Country Music or Elvis Presley Tunes with some Motown Mixed in..

    2. That’s 7th Round Pick Brain Mahilak from Boston College, HAC,
      When was the last time you heard a name that ended in “hilak” that wasn’t working for Vladimir Putin as a Russian Spy… Watch out for this Mahilak Guy..

  4. Sorry …… But the more you talk about something the faster you can move past it and not mention it again that’s just my opinion

    1. Izell race will always be an issue in this country because nobody can be honest about how they really feel, except on faceless blogs.

      1. I agree with you BigL. Shady pulled a bitch move on this one.

        Race plays no part…attitude does.

        If I was Maclin or Cole etc I would have been like hold up so Im a different kind of black than you?

        McCoy is just proving that the incidents off the field of him being a classless loudmouth….were true.

        Riley Cooper needs to go and all will end.

  5. All I can remember saying when Chip Kelly was first Hired was that the Eagles would not truly be his own team until he got rid of the “Big 3” (Vick,D-Jax & McCoy) and that I expected all 3 Players to be moved, traded, etc,etc..
    Chip Kelly is putting his own Stamp on this Eagle Team and little by little,
    the old carry over Players from the AR Era are being Cut/Released/Not Resigned, whether they are Black or White, (Trent Cole, Todd Herremans, James Casey, Cary Williams, Casey Matthews, Bradley Fletcher, J Maclin, Chris Polk, Nate Allen, Brad Smith, etc,etc)
    Its the Business of Football when a New Coach comes in that it takes a year or two or in this case, 3 Off-Seasons to purge the Roster of Players who the Coach doesn’t feel can bring the Eagles a Championship with or that fit his scheme.. Since 75% of NFL Players are Black, most Players who get cut,released,traded, etc, etc by any Team are going to be Black…

    1. paul you did say that from day 1…
      mccoys statements are not based on fact… they just aren’t– I think Alonzo and Bradford are the only white players brought in???

    1. Vin, your comments are now getting beyond the norm! U don’t like the guy fine, now judging him? That’s crossing the line! You’ve done nothing on this blog but spew hate since day one, it’s a little overboard now, Chip is the man! Took a second string receiver (Maclin) n had him put up numbers his number one receiver the year before put up, until proven different that gives him all the power in the world to do that with his RBs n QBs. Get that hate out of your heart, it shortens lives.

      1. It doesn’t make McCoy look bad.

        It only makes McCoy looks to Eagles fans…he doesn’t play here any more. He looks like someone who felt he got screwed over, so he feels no need to hold his tongue anymore.

        1. We agree to disagree…consensus online…national radio etc is McCoy looks like a scorned lover and looks terrible.

          Hold his tongue one thing…..inferring hes a racist and letting your mouth run…TOTALLY DIFFERENT THING.

          1. The “inference” of Kelly being a racist has been there for a minute now.

            Folk start screaming anytime it’s brought up…cause unless you got a white sheet and burning a cross…no one is ever a racist.

            I’m sure folk will start showing those pics of Kelly with African children again to make their point. lol

              1. Nope.

                The way initially handled Cooper started the rumblings. Gettign rid of Jax continued it. And from there it just kept going.

                So what if Stephen A Smith threw his hat in the ring.

                Like I said…this isn’t new…I’m just waiting for folk to start saying Kelly has black friends. lol

              2. No racists are going into L.A. recruiting black players lol I’m sorry doesnt happen.

                Riley Cooper situation rubbed people the wrong way. I understand if people dont like that the Kelly and the Eagles decided to keep him. I also think that if the leaders of the locker room at that time said he was a goner than he would have been a goner.

                But thats just my opinion.

              3. Yeah.

                You’re totally missing the point. I never said Kelly was racist.

                You don’t know that. I don’t know that. You also have no definitive proof he isn’t either.

                People kill me talking about what racists won’t do? Really?

                The point is this isn’t the first time this has come up. McCoy isn’t the first to make the suggestion, inference whatever you want to call it.

                So no, McCoy only looks “bad” to folk who feel the need to go “Oh No He Can’t Be Racist” which are generally the same people hollering “Oh Know He Can’t Be Racist” even when folk do (or say) blatantly racist ish.

              4. Not trying to misconstrue what you say TS. Basically thats how it sounded. McCoy isnt the only one that said so it must be true….but I understand your point that it doesnt mean you brush it aside. However IMO i think its nonsense.

                Reminds me of when people used to say Barkley is racist….then I used to see him around Philly with his white wife and Howard Eskin was he right hand man lol.

              5. Yea u can still be racists and be married to another race…..trust me if the person feels they own you then in their sick little mind they are only with you to treat you like shit

          2. I think the Eagles do need to throw a gigantic bucket of water on this and they cannot let this go with a no comment. just my opinion.

              1. I don’t think you respond to a whiney petulant and immature baby. he is not a man he is a coward…I would not dignify it with a response…
                i guess ryans, jenkins, cox, logan, sproles etc are not good… because he gets rid of all his good black players

            1. What I dont like about it is lets say they kept Maclin and Reid doesnt throw the bank at him. What infers also is the black players that like Kelly or are Kellys guys are Uncle Tom sell out types….or a different kind of black. Which is a whole other can of worms.

              McCoys message was a very brain dead stupid response.

        2. So he has to throw in the race card? Ya, that to me is a cowardly statement. Too many people use that race card without thinking things through. Shady is one of my favorite players and he will be sadly missed, but this is a business and players come and go. That will never change

  6. And we still have no superbowls. Id take Tom Brady any day of the week on this team. Id also take his legacy, obviously. Greatest QB ever.

  7. I think McCoy is doing a bad job of expressing exactly what his complaint is… It’s not that Kelly don’t like blacks…. It’s that Kelly don’t like arrogance… And the only players on the team that were good enough to act arrogant just happen to be black….

    It’s that simple – Kelly is an arrogant man, but he doesn’t tolerate arrogance in his players… Kelly is sort of a JO – let’s face it… Good coach, but a JO.

    1. He’s a JO..because he made moves that you dont like…stop with the bullshit.
      If Kelly doesn’t like ‘arrogant’ players then what is the racist Riley Cooper doing on the team? What about some of the ‘arrogance’ from Evan Mathis and his refusal to show up for the teams practices.
      I dont know if Chip is a ‘racist’ or not. I dont see any clear evidence to support that accusation…Shady is clearly hurt by Chip getting rid of him and a little bitter…he’ll get over it!

      1. Cooper is arrogant? Exactly what does Copper have to be arrogant about? I think you are mistaking being a dickhead with being arrogant… You have to be good to be arrogant.

        As for Mathis, maybe you missed it when Kelly said publicly that he can’t find anyone who wants Mathis… Kelly would love to trade Mathis.

  8. this dancing around the subject by shady has at its core the very reason (not because he’s black) that he no longer carries the rock for pinnochipio..even in his verbal assault he bobs and weaves.Id have a lot more respect for an individual if they’d call it as it is ..They know in there hearts there’s no substance .Chip payed homage to a fallen hero ,philly policeman ,who btw ,is a black man.This is the problem today with social media ,say it ,and stir the pot..Stephen A is the opportunist ,and the only loser is the younger fans who can’t separate at a young age ,how there heroes can be wrong..shameful..

  9. I blame the leader’s in the locker room at the time for Riley cooper bullshit. The Vick’s,Mcoy’s,Avant’s etc they all had Riley’s back at the time. He called them niggers and they said he was a nice fuckin guy whatever.

  10. Then Vick complained because Riley didn’t text him back after he got his new deal with the Eagles. Hello mc fly he’s a racist he’s not going to text you idiot

  11. It’s funny, last time shady talked about this it was about Chip didn’t want any stars on the team because he wanted to b the face of the team, now he turned it into the Black skill players, it’s amazing, we all thought Desean was the problem yet we haven’t heard squat from him except in the very beginning when he tried to clear his name about the gang relations, this Shady to me seems just that,SHADY! He’s gotta get over it move on instead of getting into his feelings, acting straight soft!

  12. He likes smart, unselfish players…sorry shady by your stupid comments you don’t qualify.
    Chip would fill the team with smart Asians if they could play… Smart and unselfish are his two biggest requirements.

  13. Hac…paulman from day one said the core guys had to go ,when chip took the job from AR ..first was desean ,as we know that was personal.I believe it also was calculating ..Chip knew he inherited a decades worth of ARs types …I liked Andy ,but it was time …let’s be revisionists .andys son and his tumultuous home life had to permeate into his locker room.I think no fault of Andy ,he had the inmates running the asylum..when that was observed and analyzed ,chip was graced with a huge dilemma ..his best players were culpable..they tried to temper shady ..by throwing desean out with the bath water ,as an example…it didn’t work ..that simple ..so he’s gone .I get what that’s about ,wanting “my guys” especially…after all even Sinatra …did it my way ..

  14. Exactly ehl..this is what makes it so intriguing and gives the Stephen As of the world a soapbox…if chip had cut the real racist ..shady wouldn’t be so baffled by …why me? It’s was and still is a bad decision ,in my opinion keeping a guy who can’t keep avoid speaking like a dumb ass racist in public.who can’t ball ,and isn’t worth the introspection..that’s what annoys me with chip….actions have consequences ,his as well..

  15. Organizationally it would send a resounding message ,and in these difficult times ,it makes sense for your brand,and is unifying in its spirit of zero tolerance in the community..

  16. In this day and age where people are fired and team’s reputations are paramount it just seems to me that you better have some proof before you say it. McCoy knew what is was doing he threw the race card to do harm to both the Eagles and Kelly for trading him. He thought he was beyond getting traded because he was the star and that is why he is playing in buffalo. It’s like the woman that cries rape when the man is trying to break up from her.

  17. Chip Kelly didn’t offer Lesean McCoy to the league for best deal possible. He called up Buffalo and only Buffalo because no body wants to play there. Marshawn Lynch, CJ Spiller, and Willis McGahee couldn’t wait to get out of that town. Shady is fuming, the last place on earth he wants to play football is that hard old concrete astro turf in below zero temperature. bwahahahahahaha

  18. What proof do you have that McCoy was only offered to Buffalo ? So McCoy signs a long term contract, plays the race card, and now is fuming that he is playing in Buffalo?

    1. i’m only going by what the Chipper and Buffalo said about the deal. They said it happened quickly, Eagles contacted Buffalo and asked if they had interest in McCoy. Eagles requested a draft pick the Bills said they forfeited their first last season for Sammy Watkins and couldn’t offer draft picks. Counter offered Kiko Alonso. Chip Agreed, deal was done.

      1. That’s about how it went down EOSB per Sources in the Bills Organization
        The Deal was completed within about 30 Minutes from Initial Call to Agreement
        Word is that Kelly & Rex Ryan had casual discussions at the Indy Combine about Team Needs and it was obvious that CJ SPiller was not Rex Ryans type of Back and would be leaving in Free-Agency and that Back-up Fred Jackson was long in the tooth and that Rex likes Durable, Reliable RB’s which McCoy is certainly one of those..

  19. I’m not sure that’s the same thing ……….but fair enough…. I just think McCoy is proofing why he is not an Eagle. Maybe Kelly does not like me players and would prefer team type players.

  20. I dont think Andy Reids locker rooms were cancerous…but they didnt have any real accountablity IMO. I had a respect for guys like Avant and even Vick(he served his punishment…paid off his debotrs etc). Djax more than likely would have been cut or traded or not been resigned by the new coach. McCoy viewed himself as Mr. Eagle.

    His feelings are hurt…but hes just going about it all wrong.

    1. You would be amazed what can cause a locker room to implode…..cancerous is definely the right term for the last few years of reid….you could just see the team stop caring about winning and it became ok…..that is cancer to me

      1. going about it the wrong way? really? hmmm ya think?
        with all the real racism and problems in this world– lets see you are a football player that got traded and signed a huge contract as a result. djax got cut and signed a contract–revis has been cut and traded does that make the coaches that cut and traded him racist.. stupid baby

        1. Andy Reid got too comfortable in his Role as Coach/GM and most of the Regular Starters then became too comfortable and the Organization was on a collective ‘auto-cruise control” for the most part from the Front Office to the Coaching Staff to many of its Players during AR’s final few Seasons and once the Personal/Family things happened to Andy, it became even more Difficult for the Front Office to really get hard or demanding of AR for they felt kinda of sorry for him as a Person and this affected the Owner-Front Office to Coach to Players Relationships in which AR began to coddle and insulate Players from the Front Office, the Media & Fans as a sign of his Loyalty ..

  21. Didn’t Reid’s teams start really falling apart when he brought in the dream team? A bunch of me types of players both and white? Maybe Kelly knows best ?

  22. The start of the downfall of Andy Reid was when he brought in T. Owens – He was 12-4 and made the NFCC game the two years prior – went 13-3 in his first year and made the SB – but guess what TO didn’t play in playoffs – 2004 was the year the Eagles had the best D – ( I think 4 from D went to pro bowl including 3 of 4 starters in secondary) – McNabb and Akers in prime –

    next season TO destroyed team –

    to review – without TO -24-8 2 trips to NFCC game – playoff record without TO – 2-2

    record with TO – 19-13 playoff record with TO playing 0-1 failing to make playoffs for first time in 5 years –

    with TO gone the next year – 10-6 and lost by 3 in NFCC game –

    it was about the arrogance –

    What I thought was interesting was how does a dude like Ryans or Peters think – I am black, I am still here – does this mean I am not good, or does McCoy really think I am not important to team – tells you all you need to know about McCoy’s view –

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