There’s No Merit To LeSean McCoy’s Comments, But…..

LeSeanMcCoy&RileyCooperLeSean McCoy is still angry about being traded from the Eagles to the Buffalo Bills and every time he gets a chance to take a shot at Chip Kelly he can’t help but take it.  I don’t think it’s legitimate for him to insinuate that Kelly is a racist, just because he released DeSean Jackson traded McCoy and failed to resign Jeremy Maclin.

Implying that somebody is a racist is very serious.  You shouldn’t do it unless you have clear evidence.  I don’t see any evidence.

Jackson was a “me first guy” and Kelly wanted to make a point of getting rid of “me first guys”.

McCoy wasn’t Kelly’s type of back because he’s a cutback, jitterbug, dancing type of running back.  He wants a one-cut running back, so Kelly went out and signed DeMarco Murray, who happens to be black.

Kelly made a good offer to Maclin but Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs needed him even more, so they were willing to over pay for him.  Ultimately, he’s being replaced by rookie Nelson Agholor, who was born in Nigeria.

Every NFL head coach is given the freedom to set up whatever criteria, he wants to set up to decide what players he wants on his football team.  Kelly has made it clear that he was going to put a premium on making sure he players were character guys.  I listened to and talked with each of his top three draft picks last week and I was astounded by the quality of the young men that he drafted.

Keeping Riley Cooper on the team does leave Chip open for criticism because the former Oregon coach has emphasized being a good teammate as being a prerequisite to being an Eagle.   He’s talked about wanting to avoid players who create problems off the field.  Kelly could be accused of cutting some slack on those demands with one guy and that’s Cooper.  Everybody else has had to live up to it.

In fairness, Kelly left the future of Cooper up to the players on the team back in 2013 when Cooper was video taped using the N-word.  Michael Vick and Jason Avant stood up for Cooper in the locker room and that’s why the entire team accepted him back. Kelly decided to resign him and extended his contract.

74 thoughts on “There’s No Merit To LeSean McCoy’s Comments, But…..

  1. well if it was up to the team and the team (including shady) voted to have him back then the issue has been taken care of…. its resolved! cooper created one off field f. up, peters has had a couple, shady had a few … i don’t think he needs choir boys– shady was not his style and made too much, djax is an example as you point out…there are no BUTS!!!!

  2. yeah – those damn coaches that win 20 games in their first two seasons – so overrated… had anyone ever rated Chip higher then that?

      1. uhhhh – 20 wins – is that to hard for you to understand – clemenza called him overrated – I stated he has won 20 games in two years – what did it get us – 20 weekends of being happy the eagles won –

        so seriously ass clown – how is Chip overrated and exactly who is overrating him?? How many coaches in the history of the NFL have won 20 games in their first two years –

        according to Wikipedia – 448 as of Oct 2012 –

        how many won 20 or more games in first two years – from my research I can find 7 (lets round up to 10 just to be safe)

        so here ya go big dummy (448-10)/448 = .9777

        .9777 * 100 = 97.77%

        so Chip – after taking over a 4-12 team – then went on to win more games in his first two seasons then almost 98% of all those that proceeded him

        but I forgot – this is super tough, super cool GCOBB where a group of ‘know it all clowns’ can sit there and say a coach that rose up to be one of the top college coaches, then transitions to the NFL and wins 20 games and a division championship ‘what exactly has that gotten us’

        your not cool, your not smart, your a clown

        1. The only clown here is you , wear your clown shoes to the parade down Broad St celebrating those 20 wins. Dude you might get a pass from the others here but you gets nothing here buddy.

        2. Navy why did you respond to a reply Big gave, to invinoveritus, then say you said 20 wins? Are you another with multiple screen names on here? WTF is going on with this site?????

          1. DCar, When Navy used to reply on the regular years ago, he was just Navy.

            Now he is NavyEAGLE…..

            Do you see the connection to he, Invinoveritus, E0S, and all his other profiles like ChipsEgo, Iggles, Cantakeitanymor, _gmcliff, and yes IzzellJenkins?????

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              1. Who’s begging…he already stated his observation….

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              3. concrete_marley
                April 23, 2015 – 8:22 am

                With all due respect Cliff this sounds kinda like BS. You’re saying that you are the father of two HS All Americans of the same age? Two kids that I have never heard were related and I cover HS ball for a living. There is plenty of info out there about who these kids parents are and none of them sound like you.

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              1. Yo cliff I have said since day 1 im from lynchburg va…..I moved to dc area for job oppurtunities are way better then lynchburg va….i went to a football camp at uva a long time ago and billy mcmullen was already playing for uva…..dude most people on this site live in the NE Area…..just because I live in DC area one of the bigbiggest cities in the world me and izell are the same…..For real im tired of your dumb shit because you make up crazy stories and if people dont believe they have multiple profiles…..people like you better hope a stroke takes your life because you gonna come across a person like me one day and hang your bitch ass from your ball sack……real talk

              2. Z I was out of pocket for talking to BigL like that last time dont get riled up. No one believes his shit. I don’t even like going at DCar like that honestly but he throws daggers so I throw them back.

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              5. IzzellJenkins
                May 6, 2015 – 2:54 pm

                Jaylen Browns mother is MECHALLE….not MIchelle….lmao

                April 23, 2015 – 8:22 am

                With all due respect Cliff this sounds kinda like BS. You’re saying that you are the father of two HS All Americans of the same age? Two kids that I have never heard were related and I cover HS ball for a living. There is plenty of info out there about who these kids parents are and none of them sound like you.

                [ *– You didn’t even spell Jaylen’s mom’s name correctly – *] – gotcha you lying SOB

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  3. After this training camp this will all be moot as I believe that 14 does not make this roster. 1 Million is not enough loss to keep him in place. Miles Austin will be an expensive cut also. Two of the UDFA if not all three will press for space over more expensive vets.

      1. Please cooper….and davis is talor made for this offense…..rac im teliing you he reminds of TO……he is a monster with the rock in his hands

  4. Shady is funny and he will continue to chirp but Chip isn’t an idiot like Osi Umenyiora or Shady’s baby mama to get in a ridiculous public war of words. Shady will have to play the end of his career in that awful stone cold hard astro turf in Buffalo, NY with zero night life. I hear the Denny’s is rocking with polka dancing Saturdays.

      1. Shady be eatin some wings … Strip clubs the chic come out in layers and strip all the way down to their sweater! Make it rain buffalo boy

              1. Izell this site is ridiculous read above navyeagle and this invino cat are one and the same what the heck is going on? Is it that serious?

              2. Yeah, I was thinking about taking a fictitious name too… I was going to go with – ‘The Polish Rifle’, but my fingers just won’t type that name.

  5. This site is like the old WWF loser leave site matches only to show up as the masked avenger after a couple of weeks, damn I just don’t get it. Jake is crazy as all get out but he was sniffing this out. Even funnier Jake said Izell was Navy and Cliff said E0S is aka Izell and Invino and Z and about 20 different dudes.

    1. Big, I caught it too. Just like mhenski is teamhurnt, Izzell is E0S, & havenoclue is schiller. Just read their responses, & posts, the similarities are/were almost identical. If this site wasn’t getting so pathetic, race baiting, & imbecilic, it would be amusing. Too many a$$clowns, trying to tell everyone how to think, & comment, if they aren’t flawed, blind faithful, blind loyalists like themselves. It’s nauseating. “You are wrong, stupid, negative & not a real fan, like the bestest, bestest fan I am, so I’m taking my ball, & going home, if you don’t kiss the genius’s ass, & slobber all over the failed front office sacks of the Phillies, like me”. F^#@ these a$$clowns!!!!

      1. Its real simple, this is a wordpress site lol they log every IP on every posts. Now on the count of three beg “Jeff Kolsky Jeff Kolsky Jeff Kolsky”.

        See you wont do it…why because it’s easier to use the lie.

    2. Do you guys remember the tag team the Killer Bees. 2 dudes who were black and yellow lucha libre masks? Those guys would always cheat. One would be hurt and the other would sneak into the ring when the ref wasn’t looking to replace him. It was a simpler time back then.

      If you guys need me, I will now be posting under my new screen name.


      1. B Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell !!!

        I’m the One Man Gang…I disappeared and they brought be back as an African Soul Brotha named Akeem the African Dream with Brother Slick

          1. Nah the best was Dusty Rhodes in the WCW he’d come back as the midnight rider I think and Jim Ross would lose his ever loving mind.

            1. Those were the old Jim Crockett days BigL!!!! When I thought wrestling was real! Like when my brother tried to call 911 because the Undertaker locked the Ultimate Warrior in a casket lmao.

  6. I remember Dusty Rhodes didn’t he turn into something super gay like GOLDDUST….lol…..I’m 28 but I can’t remember Crockett or the bees or jumpin Jim….I don’t know any of that shit

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