Zach Ertz: Sam Bradford’s Arm Is Stronger Than Vick, Luck & Foles

SamBradford15Eagles newly acquired quarterback Sam Bradford isn’t even at full strength and he’s already impressing the Eagles receivers.  3rd year tight end Zach Ertz has been working out with Bradford and he told Derrick Gunn and Reuben Frank on their Quick Slants Show on Comcast Sportsnet that Bradford has a stronger arm than any quarterback he’s ever played with and that includes Nick Foles, Michael Vick, and Andrew Luck.

“We’ve been throwing for the past three weeks and I can honestly say I’ve thrown with Andrew, Nick and other guys, and I don’t think I’ve thrown with a guy who has a stronger arm than Sam Bradford,” Ertz said.

“He hasn’t been able to really truly get his full legs underneath him. But the ball still comes out effortlessly, and it’s a lot of fun to run routes with him.”

Others have raved about Bradford’s accuracy and his intelligence.  This guy is the greatest quarterback that nobody knows is a great quarterback because I didn’t see him do anything special in St. Louis when he was healthy.  He didn’t have much help, but he still didn’t do anything special.

Of course the key to Bradford will be staying healthy.  We know he has talent because he was the number one pick in the 2010 draft but can he stay healthy over the course of a season.

Came you imagine how the air is going to be sucked out of Lincoln Financial Field each time Bradford drops back to pass and is hit?  Hopefully he will make it to the field.

45 thoughts on “Zach Ertz: Sam Bradford’s Arm Is Stronger Than Vick, Luck & Foles

    1. I wanted the Eagles to take Randy Gregory..but I knew that was not going to happen so it’s a wash. I wanted the Eagles to go and get Collins..but they did not. Dallas got both, I am pissed, not at the cowboys though. I laud their desire to get better talent.

  1. I heard Sam Bradford is going thru some “Vodoo – Holistic Living Training” to help keep himself Healthy and Motivated in Mind and Body… Word is that he’s seriously considering hanging it up after this Season regardless of what happens on the field .. I am not comfortable at all with Sam Bradford whose Heart appears to be halfway committed to the Eagles and to Playing Football in general..It will be Sanchize Time again, whether we like it or not for 2015..

  2. Sometimes the best moves you make are the ones you don’t make..I’m certain a guy who needs constant supervision because he can’t make prudent decisions (Gregory) ,is different ,than a guy who was involved romantically with a murder victim.Dezz also has “baggage” ..its a conundrum..would I prefer have talented “bad dudes” or choir boys ? No brainier give me a talent laden team .last I looked they don’t give you the Lombardi trophy for having a culture club of good ole boys..G …Zachary Ertz knows where his bread is buttered …now kook and Ertz have said SAMs arm strength is superior..that about sums it up 1-29..,

  3. Gloomy ..after losing the nfls rushing leader and team leader in demarco Murray there rival .exactly how did they drop the ball? They both signed FA ..seems like fair game to me..

  4. Whenever some makes a statement that starts with ” I can honestly say ” it’s almost always a lie or half truth. That is truely a rookie comment.
    Vick has a absolute cannon of an arm. I think those old commercials of him throwing balls out of a stadium may have been done without special effects.

    This whole season comes down to one person; Sam Bradford.

  5. It’s a good thing we have no deep threats with that bazooka Bradford has. Should I be excited about his arm or wonder why the coaches haven’t gotten any real speed merchants to take advantage of this ultimate weapon we are learning about. Didn’t we pass on the Perriman in the first for a polished receiver who I really like. Perriman is big and super fast, custom made for a big arm like Flacco or Bradford. Zach has to be reasonable in his praise of the qb, lets manage expectations.

  6. The whole discussion is muted,until.. the Sam I am ,can play in pads ..playing catch doesn’t embolden me fact I see Sanchez waiting ,and that distresses me be fair ..”if he’s healthy” is the first name of most of chips guys..he really has a huge gamble now in Sam..I truly think he got snookered ,and the draft bore that out …nobody nibbled …he’s got to own that big enchiladas ..his whole season is riding on it …unless ….tebow….nah…

  7. Not saying he can’t pull this rabbit out of the hat ..but ,this duck has some moon sized balls..but shit for brains at times. Especially when he could have been had for nothing ..We now can put the pieces together ..Sam was being petulant and wouldn’t rework his contract ,thus ,the Browns were out..Had chip stood his ground on draft picks only ,the Rams would have had to concede ..there only other option was to cut him..he hadn’t played in 2 consecutive full seasons..Nobody was drooling over Sam ..he can’t even stand upright in May?his feet aren’t under him? Great news for nobody but Sanchez…geez…

    1. If Bradford had been cut after we traded Foles for just picks and we were sitting here with JUST Sanchize you would probably feel FAR FAR worse.

      We were not Getting Marcus Mariota with the 10,20, and 3 more 1s because the Titans wanted one of the top 2 guy’s. So someone else would have got Bradford and we would have Sanchez and Tebow.

  8. Chip needs learn one vital clue..when you release and piss off ,offensive skill players ,don’t go into a knife fight with bill Davis on that other side of the ball..

  9. I find it hard to believe that Sam Bradford has a stronger arm than Vick. Vick could put more zip on the ball while falling backwards than most QB can stepping into a pass…

    1. Remember guys Bradfords arm strength isn’t the issue although stronger then Vick is a stretch. The issue has been his unwillingness to throw the ball downfield. The people in St. Louis was tired of the dinking and dunking.

      1. That’s exactly it. No one is questioning his arm strength…..but the fact remains, the guy never pulled the trigger on that Cannon.

        He has averaged the 2nd lowest % of “deep” throws in the NFL over the past 5 years. Only Alex Smith throws the ball deep (% wise) less.

        Bradford may have a gun…he just never uses it.

        And whenever got hurt, STLs percentage of deep passes immediatly climbed from dead last in the leagure to middle of the pack.


        1. Once again…Vinnie…facts have to match conclusions!

          Or else its just meaningless babble like most of your statistical drivel

          Throw out the St Louis stuff, he had no Offensive line, no receivers, and poor offensive coaching.

          Jeff Fisher is no offensive genius at all!

          Bradford is coming to a team with better offensive weapons, a better running game,better more creative offensive coaching

          He simply has to stay healthy!

          1. Twit. If that’s the case…if it was just the oline, the WRs, the coaching, and everyone else around him (already with the prepared excuses)…if it was just that…..

            Then why when his backups came in, On the same team, why when the backups came in did the deep passes increase from about 14% of passes (lowest in league) to around 21% (league average)??

            This happened every time the backup came in. Every year.

            Those backups were playing with the same oline, wrs, coaching etc.

            They threw it deep. He didn’t.


  10. What makes this situation better for Bradford is that he has a better O line in Philly, and he has much better receivers. If he does stay healthy, then I see a productive season under Kelly’s O.

  11. I believe Bradford has a quicker “release” but not the “strongest” arm
    Ertz went to Standord too… Poor words by him…

    I keep reading the same excuses about why Bradford hasn’t suceeded,
    A bad OL, No Rushing attack (they had Steven Johnson who had some big years) Coached by J Fisher (Steve McNair had a nice Career under Fisher)
    In 5 Seasons in the NFL, Sam Bradford has done little to prove he was worthy of the #1 Overall Pick of the Draft… His overall lack of Leadership, Confidence & Success has still yet to be Proven as a bonfire Leader & Winner in the NFL..
    The Draft and Hype that goes along with it is always built aroung “Potential”
    Well 5 Years into his Career, that’s all that is left with Bradford is the potential and that’s not good enough for me .. Looking back, Chip Kelly should have Selected QBTedy Bridgewater last year at #26 if he didn’t feel that Foles was his QB..

  12. Y’all kill me how the hell can anyone on here argue with Ertz he has played with all these guys. It’s his opinion right now, so how can any of you disagree. Who else on here has caught passes from all three guys?

    1. Diddy, I don’t care about his arm strength, I went back and watched his games calling this guy checkdown Charlie would be an understatement, clean pocket checkdown, first hint of pressure checkdown. Almost nothing went 15 yards downfield.

      1. Not arguing that fact that bradford in an injury prone bust big. I agree with you on that. It’s just guys on here swear they know everything. I am arguing strictly the fact that Ertz said he has the strongest arm of all the quarterbacks he’s played with. Ertz have first hand knowledge, he caught passes from all three dudes. It’s guys on here like know he’s wrong what.

  13. You people have a lot of nerve censoring my reply to these negative respones to everything said on this site.No bad language, just not something this site wants to hear.My response was basically sam bradford will be great this year and the people who frequent this site, and are regular responders seem to let facts and the truth get in the way of their agendas .Chip kelly is one of the best coaches we have ever had ,and some of the responders to this site are ready to have him fired after 2 ten win seasons.These same people do not take the word of their te that sam bradford has the strongest arm hes ever played with ,and they are basically call zach ertz a liar .im done with all the negativity that spews from the people on this site, both media members, and those that respond to the negativity.Go ahead and censor this.

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