Eagles Name Dwayne Joseph Director of Pro Personnel

DwayneJoseph1The Eagles have hired former Bears associate director of pro personnel Dwayne Joseph as the team’s Director of Pro Personnel. Joseph has a relationship with Eagles VP of player personnel Ed Marynowitz.  They worked together in 2007, when they were with the Miami Dolphins.

Joseph will be replacing former Eagles director of pro personnel Rick Mueller, who was let go right after the draft, when Chip Kelly cleaned house in the scouting department.

Before working with the Bears, he was with the Dolphins from 2004 to 2011.  He was a Pro Scout, while with Miami.  In 2007, he was Miami’s Assistant Director of Pro Personnel.

Joseph was undrafted free agent for the Bears in 1995.  He picked off two passes, made 31 tackles and forced one fumble, while playing in 16 games.


8 thoughts on “Eagles Name Dwayne Joseph Director of Pro Personnel

  1. Has been involved with some nice Drafts of the Bears the last few Seasons which brought them some Talented Players like RB Matt Forte, WR Alshon Jeffrey, Guard Kyle Long, OT Jordan Mills , OLB Shea McClellin, CB Kyle Fuller, LB Jon Bostic, DT Stephen Pea, etc,etc

    I am not sure if he had any involvement with the 2015 Draft for the Bears which included some great picks like WR Kevin White, DT Eddie Goldman,
    Center Hronis Grasu, RB Jeremy Langford & Safety Adrian Amos who many believe will be 6 Future Starters for the Bears and 2-3 of them right away..
    but Dwayne Joseph has an eye for Talent… Welcome Aboard…

  2. Anyone else, see this as a reactionary hire, to try to squash the racist chip rumors? Someone in that organization, needs to speak up for themselves, & shut it down, or that perception will not go away, & this will be looked upon skeptically, with an eyebrow raised. I know chip is a different type of cat, & couldn’t care any less of the perception of him, but I myself, would be pissed off at what the bitter apple, racist @$$holes, Shady/ Screamin A Stiff, said about me. The longer Lurie, & chip stay silent, the longer the moniker lingers.

    1. The issue isn’t Chip being racist that isn’t the point? It’s the fact he doesn’t like certain types of guys black or white. Shady didn’t get his point cross by saying he doesn’t like black stars. If he would’ve said Chip’s ego won’t allow players to outshine him no problem. Dcar I do agree the Eagles should address this issue, call Shady out for being an idiot, call Tra Thomas a disgruntled ex-employee and sue Screaming A. Smith.

  3. I don’t believe it was reactionary… I would think the process was underway when shady made his immature, whiney comments.

    As for speaking up… should an organization react to a stupid comment by a disgruntled ex employee? What can a person say to convince someone that they aren’t a racist?
    Fact of the matter is shady was replaced by an effective black man (2) at a cheaper price…. djax was replaced by a black man at a cheaper price…

  4. Report that I read said that the Bears tried hard to keep him and did not want to let him go. He has a prior working history with Ed M. and from all reports is a solid personnel guy from what I can see. I believe that Chip and Ed new that they were planning on making moves once the draft ended. They fired they guys right after the draft and have hired replacements within 2 weeks. Not reactionary, efficient. I believe that Chip and Ed and on the same page with regards of what they are looking for and how they want to build this team and organization. Whether or not they are correct or made the right choice will only be known over time, but as far as a process, I believe that they have moved at a good pace and made an experienced hire.

    1. I agree that this was not a Reactionary move and was probably in the works since January when Marynowitz was Hired and probably started working on getting his Hire in place… The Bears, similar to the Eagles had a new GM & HC Hire so it’s no secret that employees would move on or be replaced by the new GM/HC now in Chicago
      Football like many other business’s is still a People Business and When there are changes at the Top of Management, there will always be changes in the Staff that follow…
      Most Knew that Rick Mueller would be gone after the Draft as the Eagles allowed him to Interview for the Jets GM Position back in January
      It’s the way it is …

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