NBA Title Is Totally Up For Grabs

LeBronJames6When I look at this year’s NBA playoffs, I don’t see a team that has stood tall like a clear cut champion.  In past years, San Antonio or Miami made it clear early that they were going to take it, but this year isn’t the case.  The Spurs are sitting at home and LeBron’s Cav’s are trying to limp to the finish line.

The Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t unbeatable and they’ve been hit by the injury bug with Kevin Love injuring his shoulder and missing the rest of the playoffs.  LeBron and Kyrie Irving are limping around.  It’s look like they’re going to get by the Chicago Bulls but they could still go down.  I expect the Bulls to come out strong in game six at home.

LeBron takes too many jumpers.  When he’s putting his head down and going to the hoop, he’s unstoppable.  Irving lacks durability and he isn’t consistent. His playoff toughness is questionable.   With Love out, they have no one else to turn to.

Cavaliers head coach David Blatt is a joke.  Here you have a coach forgetting that he doesn’t have any more time outs.  He compared his job to that of a pilot.  LeBron disrespected him by telling everybody that he had discarded the coach’s in bounds play and demanded the basketball.

The Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards don’t put fear in anyone.   The Hawks have gotten it done this year with a committee of scorers, but they have trouble when somebody has to take over.  In the playoffs, you need dominant players and I don’t see them on the Hawks.  The Wizards are playing on borrowed time.  I don’t see either of them getting by the Cavs or the Bulls.

I can’t believe Dwight Howard.  I’ve never seen an athletic big man stand by and watch guys dunk the ball or get layups.  Howard is supposed to be dominating the paint, but he stands there and watches Blake Griffin dunk on his teammates.  He’s been the most under-achieving player, I’ve ever seen.  Somebody needs to put a foot up his butt.  Kobe tried to make him a champion, but Howard started crying like a baby.

He does all that weightlifting so he can look good, but doesn’t use those muscles in the game.

I think the Clippers have a chance at winning the title, but they are inconsistent.  Griffin is an outstanding player, but sometimes he’s more interested in a spectacular play rather than just scoring.  With Chris Paul playing in pain they may come up short.

I would like to see them battle it out with Golden State, who has the work cut out for them with Memphis.  The Grizzlies play fundamentally sound basketball and their physical playoff attitude is definitely old school.

I have been entertained by their battle with the Warriors because you have two teams that play the game in opposite ways.  Memphis wants to score in the paint and Golden State is looking for their shot the time they cross half court.

132 thoughts on “NBA Title Is Totally Up For Grabs

  1. after watching jimmy butler the whole season and into the playoffs I really want the sixers to sign him to the max deal……he is a true two way player with great offense and defense……pair him with mudiay and there goes your back court for the next 6 years….with emblid and noel plugging the hole up that would make our defense nasty…..the team would be ready to at least challenge for bottom spots in east then in 2 years of being together would be cointenders

    1. I don’t see how the Bulls let Butler leave Chicago…
      76ers will probably go out and sign Kyle Korver again…. Good Grief…

  2. GMCliff’s PF LeMarcus Aldridge is a Bum too..
    What has he won in Portland ? He and the Trail Blazers choke every Spring
    Aldridge will sign a Deal with the Mavericks and return home to Texas anyways..

  3. Paulman Butler is not a lock to stay. If Thibs is moved and reports are the Bulls want a shot at Hoiberg etc then the entire team will be reshaped. Rose is the only stand still because of his contract. Butler could be the key to getting younger talent across the board and jettisoning contracts as well.

    Bulls want to keep him but theres a lot more in play. A max deal for Butler could impact them free agency wise during the 2016 run.

    1. Thibs is a goner for we already know that (he’ll end up in New Orleans)
      The Bulls wil rebuild around Rose & Butler while making everyone else expendable (Noah,Gibson, etc,etc) as far as their Current Contracts go..

      I expect J Noah to land with NY Knicks

      1. You cant move Noah or Gasol now. Gibson could get you something in return because he has a reasonable salary but it would merely be a dump.

        Butler commands a max from someone and in actuality a short term max doesn’t benefit a team like the Bulls but a team like the Sixers(not suggesting he comes here) who has the ability to sign him to a short max then offer him a long term max the 2016 season.

        There is a ton at play. Bulls aren’t in the best situation right now. They are totally in flux.

  4. Draft lottery tomorrow night. Let’s Go!!!

    I see the Sixers doing something huge if they end up with the 1st or 2nd overall pick.

    The options they’d have…

    1.Trade down and acquire more picks
    2.Draft Towns or Okafor and dangle them as trade pieces
    3. Do the above and package Saric and additional picks (heats and okcs included) to acquire a Kevin Durant or Paul George or Russell Westbrook Etc, a superstar elite talent

    This Is what Hinkie has set this franchise up to have




    1. Sixers don’t have to do anything but stand pat.

      1. They aren’t trading down out of top 4
      2. They only draft Towns at no.1 . They prefer Porzingas over Okafor who doesn’t fit anything they are trying to do
      3. None of those players will be available until summer 2016 at the earliest where Sixers cap flexibility will be coveted by teams trying to rebuild roster with new money etc.

  5. IJ if the get the 2nd pick and Towns is gone, you don’t think the dangle that pick for those hungry for Okafor? I wasn’t aware they liked the Porzingas kid that much. What would be the incentive not to trade down and gain an extra pick/asset and still get Porzingas?

    1. Brewskis if they get the 2nd pick it’s either Russell/Mudiay. I’m fine with either. Russell can step in day 1 get buckets…Mudiay higher upside better athlete.

      The shine is off Okafor a bit and Okafor only has trade value if a team wants to jump whoever is in third to take him. For Example the Lakers are 4th and they want to jump the Knicks if they were in third.

      Plus a lot depends on the Heat pick as well. We won’t know until tomorrow but say the Sixers get the Heat pick…then I can see them moving up from that pick for a shot at someone inside the top 10.

  6. Hoping this drafts lands us a shot at the following 3.

    1. Russell
    2. Winslow
    3. Mudiay.

    If the Sixers can land Russell than the next move is target Tobias Harris or Kris Middleton.

    If we fall out of the top 3 and take a Winslow I would look toward targeting Brandon Knight.

    A lot depends on where we land tonight on the direction of the team. I do think the Sixers want to maximize Embiid next year and open up the floor so shooting will be key this offseason. Which is why I think they are moving away from Mudiay.

      1. Bugsy Im not in love with Mudiay but from a physical comparison he and MCW are nowhere close. Hes much more explosive than MCW and can score in traffic and is a terror in the open court.

        If they select Mudiay its purely on upside and developing him long term. If Russell were gone I would take Winslow. But I am big Brett Brown fan and think he could do a lot for that kid.

        Defensively the young kids would be ridiculous in the open court off of turnovers etc.

      2. If I had to chose between Mudiay and Winslow I would take Winslow…hes built in the same mold of Jimmy Butler. The key with him will be transitioning to the two guard. He measures 6’6 but that is small in todays NBA for the SF position.

        Hes MGK with a better offensive game.

        1. IJ, I know that Mudiay is more athletic than MCW, but my point is that I am tired of drafting guards or 3s “who just need to work on their jumpshot”. It never ends with drafting guys that can’t shoot.

          I would rather have Russell or Winslow than Mudiay.

          1. I agree with you Bugsy….but Mudiay is still a rock solid prospect and he probably has the highest upside potential.

            IMO Russell/Winslow compliment Embiid/Noel and provide much clearer paths in free agency to add.

            You add Winslow you can go after a point guard like Brandon Knight. If you add Russell theres Tobias Harris/Kris Middelton available this summer. With Kawhi/Butler as long shots.

        2. Hmm. You don’t think we could sign or draft a Trevor Ariza type to fill his role IJ? I have Russell, Mudiay, Grant, and Dunn as can’t miss prospects at point guard in this draft. I admit to be intrigued by Winslow’s bball IQ and athleticism. But that Duke thing also has me nervous…lol.

          1. Im a Duke fan Brewski….I’m on record not being a huge Okafor fan….only one other player has irked me like Okafor…thats Carlos Boozer. And to me Okafor is a Carlos Boozer CLONE. Gifted post scorer who cant play defense limited athletically. On top of that Okafor just doesnt rebound his position as well….hes Brook Lopez one dimensional in that aspect. He can get buckets…but hes not a cornerstone to me.

            Winslow IMO can be Shane Battier on steroids.

          2. Brewski who do you like from the wing position(Solid 3 that can guard multiple positions)? Stanley Johnson and Winslow are obvious but outside of that I dont see any real 3 and D possible guys in this draft right now. Sam Dekker and guys of his ilk are not defensive players.

            1. no to winwslow to all who dont like ohio state players I have no faith in duke players dont like duke at all…..for all the talent they get they dont pan out well…..I really only want mudiay and try our damnest to get butler

              1. lol dude we cant agree on everything…..I really hate duke…..but yea i would be ok with russel but would rather have mudiay….and mudiay would flourish in brett brown system….look at how good he made ish smith look…..just ask hart he was the next rondo….lol

      3. Bugs I’m on board the Russell train like IJ and many others, but I don’t think there are many similarities between Mudiay and MCW other than height. Mudiay is a far superior athlete who has great pg instincts. And his jump shot is bad compared to a sniper like Russell, but still better than MCW’s. Shit, you and I would beat MCW in a jump shot contest.

        1. I agree Brewski….Mudiay would take longer to develop but will get buckets regardless in transition and the way the team played defense last year that would open up the floor to get out and run. He will struggle in the half court with pretty much everyone on the team.

          My concern with Mudiay is how it would stunt Embiid….I would like to see them develop the young man based on an spread floor plan surrounded by shooters.

  7. Word is that 76ers are in Talks with NY Knick’s Phil Jackson about the 76ers Sending their 1st Round Pick & Nerlins Noel for Future Assets.. .

      1. I don’t believe that GM Hinkle feels that this is a Strong Draft Class in 2015 to help his 76ers, so he will trade down, acquire Assets and hope that 2016 is better..

      1. Scuttlebutt is the Knicks prefer Mudiay over guards…plus Prozingas and Winslow are picking up steam.

        Just saw two mocks with Winslow to the Sixers at 3.

  8. Also add Cauley-Stein to the list of risers right now. Im not a fan but teams are falling in love with the measurables. I only see a Brandan Wright clone.

  9. regardless of the pick the sixers get tonight. they need to trade it for player(s) and an unprotected 1 next year.

    franchise changers next year in jalen brown and ben simmons

  10. 76ers to Trade 2015 Top Pick and Nerlen Noels to the LA Clippers for JJ Redick and their # 1 Draft Pick in 2021 …. More News at 11pm

  11. More Rumor’s

    76ers Trade SG Covington to the Charlotte Hornets for Big Man Cody Zeller

  12. We will have a top 3 pick!!! This is what I wanted!!!

    Anywhere in the top 3!

    If they get the 1st overall watch Hinkie wheel deal and F the entire draft up

    We will run it, like we do each year



            1. I think it’s Russell as well BigL for that exact reason. If Russell is gone I’m starting to lean more towards Justise Winslow at three in stead of Mudiay. Winslow would compleat what they are trying to do on the post as well. And defensively this team would be ridiculous on the perimeter

  13. Hinkle announces Trade of 76ers 3rd Overall Pick & Nerlins Noel to
    The Los Angeles Lakers for Kobe Bryant
    Lakers will now have the 3rd & 4th Picks to help rebuild
    One of cornerstone NBA Franchises which is a priority
    For Commisioner Silver, the NBA, The Networks and the
    National Media…
    Not many outside of a 50 miles Radius of Philly
    Give a damn about the 76ers Future
    Commisioner is also working on how to pilfer good Players
    For the NY Knicks too.. 76ers are doomed

    1. Screw off Paul

      Taking what I said on here the past 2 years plus about the league wanting teams like the Knicks and Lakers who are in big markets to return to prominence (And I was right both teams in the top 4)

      Cut the BS Paul and try for once to resemble originality

      1. GTFOH Hart,
        As if no one knows that the NBA is only Strong and relevant
        As a League as when it’s 2 Biggest Market Teams (Lakers/Knicks) are competitive and not the garbage Teams they have been in recent years.
        Congrats Hart, your a real fucking Genius ….
        Big Scoop you make… Most on here have been saying this for the last few years…Go Vacumn your Room !!!

    2. Paulman is just trolling. Just shut up already be honest that you don’t follow the NBA and stfu already.

      You’re making Jon Hart look sensible….

        1. DCars JH obsession continues… YEARS later hahaha

          Get a life already..

          And while your at it get a new place to live, instead of the section 8 place you call “paradise” r

          Roach whisperer

          1. I see they let you out of solitary confinement today, for a little computer time, huh, convict??? I told you before, & tell you again you delusional chump, I can buy & sell you, & you have to be worth something, or be of some what of importance, to be obsessed over. It ain’t my fault, that your lack of intelligence, buffoonery, retarded brain, delusions, & sources in your empty head, make you an easy target! You should have keep your manhole licker shut 2-3 years ago, when you poked the bear unwarranted, & all of my ripping of your stupid ass, would have never started! Now go get your f^#@ing shine box, & get back to your cell stalker!!!!

      1. Oh Izzell.. go take your attention seeking whore-ish ways somewhere else

        You answer under everybody’s message.. jeez louise

        Take a break from the computer, ok buddy?!

        1. Don’t get upset because youre never right about anything and showed how stupid you are basketball wise when you compared Ish Smith to Rajon Rondo and acted like we found a steal and future PG.

        2. And be right about something once….especially in relations to your sources…I mean twitter feed copy and paste submisssions.

          If you don’t want to be treated like an idiot….DONT POST LIKE ONE.

          1. Hahahaa you actually think I give a damn wtf you think or say?!?!

            Try to bring some worth to the site instead of your constant comment after comment under everybody’posts trying to sound like a all knowing sports god

            Get your ridiculous ass outta here Izzell Jenkins

            1. You say you don’t care then respond.

              You say someone sounds like they want to be all knowing….

              Then you post your bringing worth to the site…

              Hello pot meet kettle you lying dumb fuck

              1. Neither do you, “pot”! LMMFBO! The delusional, irrational, hypocritical, BS, never ceases to amaze me on this site! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  14. New Reports state that 76 Coach Brown has turned in his
    Resignation for he says there is no way is he Coaching Kobe Bryant
    And will be returning back to the Spurs..
    GM Hinkle says that maybe Kobe can be both the Head Coach/Captain
    And Pkayer for the 76ers and has extended Kobe’s
    Contract thru the 2019 Season..

  15. 1) Timberwolves Selects Okafor
    2) Lakers Selects Towns
    3) 76ers Select Russell
    4) Knicks Select Winslow

  16. OKC pick is still in play if the Thunder have to move pieces to resign Enes Kanter. Philly has cap space to absorb several contracts they need to move.

  17. I see Noel gone at draft time. Good riddance!
    Can see him go to-

    Detroit #8 (SG Herzonja/ SF Winslow/ PF Porzingis).
    Boston #16 (PF Portis) & #28 (SG Anderson).
    Phoenix #13 (PF Kaminsky) & #44 (?)

    76ers- #3 (Russell).
    I wanted Okafor (Terrible at the line, more inconsistent, than Towns, but better back to the basket big man. Reminds me of DeAndre Jordan), or Towns (More of a finesse post player than Okafer; Better rounded big man; Reminds me of Cousins without the insanity), so they’d be perfect PF along side Embid (Better pray he pans out, or we’re f^#@ed). Mudiay although is ultra-talented, he is overrated/ over hyped, & has shooting issues, & not to mention, the lack of quality competition over in China. I give don’t give a f^#@ how good he supposedly looked. Don’t want him. My ultimate draft will be Okafor/ Russell; Trade Noel, get either Herzonja/ Winslow with the pick.

    1. Here is a name that is a better shooter/athlete than Hazonja. His name is Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, who will be playing at Kansas this year – 6-8 SG – Think a more athletic Mano Ginobili….He will be available for next years draft

      DCar, I am on record saying that I don’t trust Ohio State NBA Prospects, and I don’t. The way that their coach uses their superstar players often makes them look better than they really are…

      You make good arguments in reference to Russell, and Mundiay, but their deficiencies offset. Mundiay, isn’t the better shooter, but Russell, isn’t the better point guard. We need a point guard….My choice hands down, would be Emmanuel Mundiay.

      I go into next years draft which is there is more talent…Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, Jaylen Brown, EC Matthews would be my targets……add a Max Player or two, and the tanking is over…

      1. gmc, I agree, I’ll take either of them. It’s an apples, & oranges type of deal with them, depending on what style of PG you want. I love Jaylen, but next year, is next year. Let’s get some f^#@ing players to build for the future this year. For GOD’S sake, don’t give the snake oil salesman Hinkie dinkie, any ideas! LOL! Honestly don’t know anything about the Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk kid, so I might have to investigate. I’ll check him out.

        1. LMBO….You are wild DCar……I don’t want to give him any ideas LMBO!!!!, I would have a problem with him trading anyone of value away at this point – except Noel

          You can check out Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk highlights on, or try youtube

  18. I don’t like Towns, Okafor, Winslow, Russell, or any player from Kentucky as pros. This is a very weak draft of prospects that should have stayed in school.

  19. i choose mudiay all the way…..something doesnt feel right about russell he has skills and i touted him earlier but I just have a bad feeling about him now

    1. I am not very High on PG’s Russell or Mudiay to use the # 3 Pick in the Draft on.
      If I am 76ers – I take best Player Available even if it’s a Big Man or Forward
      I would rather see them Trade Down and Grab Guard Cameron Payne of Western Kentucky (6-2 185lbs) or Jerian Grant of Notre Dame (6-4 198lbs) or Tyus Jones of Duke 6-2 185lbs) and acquire another Asset or Two

      This Draft does not have any impact Players at the Guard Position or Wing Positions either.. There are some nice Young PF/C Players and that’s about
      it so 76ers are not going to be able to make a big jump regardless of who they Take and may have to concentrate on Free-Agency or Trade a Nerlens Noel type for a true PG..

      1. We will not pass on mudiay Pman……I do like Jerian Grant…but Mudiay has derick rose abilities….without the injuries…can’t pass on him

        1. Z they will pass on Mudiay if Russell isn’t there IMO. I can definitely see a trade down possibly to a team like the Kings or Nuggets(I wonder if Ty Lawson could be thrown in with a trade down from 3).

      2. Devin Booker R.J. Hunter Sam Dekker Stanley Johnson Justise Winslow Kelly Oubre….

        Yup no impact possibilities at the G/F positions….

        SMH Why do you talk basketball…..

      3. See that Paul’ All three of those guys you mentioned are booty….

        Tyus Jones, especially, should have stayed in school – He is Tyler Ennis part 2 – He isn’t even ready for the NBA…..C’mon Paul…

        1. I do however agree with your statement about the lack of impact in this draft. I think many of it is totally overblown. This IS a very weak draft in terms of potential superstar players – you MAY FIND SOME VERY NICE COMPLIMENTARY OFF THE BENCH PLAYERS – But players like:

          Devin Booker R.J. Hunter Sam Dekker Stanley Johnson Justise Winslow Kelly Oubre are ALL overrated by some as talent, and potentially impactful NBA Players.

            1. I think this entire Draft is overrated like the NFL Football Draft was a few weeks back… Most of the 1st Round Players Drafted will be part-time, role players
              IN terms of Guards, I see very little difference in the Upside of the 5 Top Guards
              IN fact Jerian Grant may be the most NBA Ready out of the gate but probably doesn’t have the upside of a Russell/Mundiay whic both will need a good 2-3 Years of Development and in my opinion are not much more Talented tan Tyus Jones/Cameron Payne can be in the same 2-3 Years down the Road…

              1. Paul, you can’t mention Tyus Jones to me….He is not an NBA Player. We had the same conversation about your boy Gary Harris –

                BTW, How’s he doing???…..Don’t want to tell you I told you so but……..
                you can add Tyus Jones to that list or this year. I don’t understand why you can’t see it. He can’t touch Mundiay.

          1. cliff and paul for two guys that talk an awful lot about the draft– year after year… all drafts lack a dearth of nba talent and you always say that overall they lack taent.. its why the nba is what it is. everyone says it takes a marquee player and you just have to stay in the lottery and hope to be lucky enough to find one.. makes the league the joke it is.

            1. I admit HAC, I know very little about most of the NBA Prospects, especially the young 1 Year players and International Player for I just don’t follow the Sport of Basketball like I used to years ago.. I hardly even follow the NBA for the Pro Game just bores me to death, despite the level of Athleticism…
              I have these same conversations every Year with Cliff and others about NBA Prospects which is very rare that a Rookie makes any impact
              I remember a few Years ago, when I liked Jeff Teauge out of Wake Forest who probably should have stayed in College another year and many on here were he’s a bust, didn’t play a minute his Rookie Season … Sometimes A player has to get to the right Team in the right system with good Coaching and it still takes 2-3 Years to Develop at the NBA Level..
              I bet the Tyus Jones from Duke in 3 Years Time is a good, quality NBA Guard.. Not an All-Star, but a Solid NBA Player… I am not sold on either Russell/Mundiay being Special Players or Impact Players at the NBA Level

              The 76ers need to add at least 2-3 Players in Free-Agency if they want to be a legitimate Team competing in the Playoffs… There is not enough time for anyone to see success strictly building a Roster on 2-3 Draft Picks a Year

              1. Because I can HAC… It’s a Sports Blog so I can toss out my Opinion and 2 Cents Worth and take Risk’s in some of my Player Assessments and will make a call on the Players that I am familiar with, unlike you and others who never make a call about anything…. but then still criticize without ever participating.. To Each their Own I guess

              2. I make player assessments all the time- of players that i’ve seen!!!! making an assessment and a blanket statement “i don’t think there is nba/nfl talent in this draft’ is your negative narrative– and now that you admit to not actually watching them…. even more proves you just go with the negative.

              3. I live in ACC Country HAC, so College Basketball is very big down here and on TV all Winter Long which I do watch and follow, but just not as passionately as Football .. so I actually do pay attention to College BB, but just not with the critical eye like I do College FB
                I don’t Research or Follow Players that are on the AAU – High School Circuit that some do on here so the 1 & Done Kids I see what most see and that is 1 Year of College Competition and Coaching and believe me, for 85% of the Kids that go 1 and done, they simply are not ready for the NBA from a Physical Basketball point let alone a Mental or Maturity level and so many of them are over-hyped since they were 14 Years old as can’t miss Prospects..
                Most go on with average NBA Careers at Best.. It will be good for the SPort and the NBA when Commissioner Silver ups the Age Requirement up to Qualify for the Draft come next CBA Agreement

              4. Its easy for you to throw a million kids name out in football Paulman and saturate with post after post about some fringe prospect. You cant get away with that bullshit talking about basketball so you troll and misdirect.

                Just stfu about it already and talk about what you know.

              5. Bottom line for me is that I don’t enjoy or like the NBA for what it has become over the last few Years so therefore I end up paying less and less attention to NBA Prospects, Free Agents, Coach’s or just about anything else to do with the Sport… It has zero impact on me on what happens in the NBA

              6. I bet the Tyus Jones from Duke in 3 Years Time is a good, quality NBA Guard.. Not an All-Star, but a Solid NBA Player?????

                Okay, and I guarantee you, he (Tyus Jones) will be NOTHING in the NBA. …I’ll bet a 3 month Country Club Membership that he won’t be anything close to that in the NBA….Just another player from Duke in the spotlight because of his team success not his skill level…..

              7. Then it begs the question. Why the hell are you giving your worthless opinion on players and a league you just stated you know nothing, nor care about?

    1. vinnie the NBA is a niche sport– watered down to the point of near insignificance- ESPN TNT try to pump it up for its self serving reasons- i think i saw something that more people watch the nfl draft than the nba finals???

      1. Niche watered down sport? That is one of the dumbest statements made on here in a while.

        You just chastised Paulman for saying dumb shit about a sport he doesnt follow or have any knowledge of.

        FYI….that watered down niche sport…is on the verge of one of the biggest tv deals in history so big its talk of causing a lockout from the players. The NBA Finals have drawn massive ratings the last decade.

        1. Oh I’m not saying it doesn’t make money…I’m saying multiple teams openly tanking and in some cases multiple times is a disgrace and makes for a smelly product. I don’t follow it because the games are putrid by and large.
          Their ratings have been up and down… And they are on in summer when tv and sports are slow.

          1. Is the NHL relevant anymore? How about MLB? 162 games of boredom that leads to so many playoff series that the World Series is rendered anti climatic. I grew up loving baseball now I’m sleep after an inning. I’ll take basketball 7days a week before I attempt to watch a baseball or hockey game. And that’s with the ridiculous tanking. The Sixers need to be relevant this year shit on losing another 50-60 games.

            1. Lion, I love basketball…I don’t like the nba where without that one guy you have zero chance of winning. Baseball takes 25 guys, nba your 9,10,11 and 12 rarely play. Baseball also is outside with a rhythm etc…hockey has always been a niche sport…I remember the old spectrum 17,000 fans every night and the rest of the area didn’t care much till playoff time.

      2. Izzell . Bird, Mchske , Parrish, dj and Ainge…doc, Moses, Mo, BJ, 22,…magic, worthy, Kareem, cooper…Havlicek, Russell, Cousy… Come on

        1. Bird is the Celtics team…Isiah was the Pistons Magic was the Lakers and dropping Havlicek Cousy just shows your bias and out of touch with the game you are.

          You lost me when you said niche watered down
          Sport. When it’s the solid no.2 sport. Ratings through the roof etc…

          You want to know when the ratings were down? When nets Spurs Pistons were rotating Finalsand not true superstar were manning those teams….the numbers don’t lie.

              1. I believe I mentioned several black players in my comments….has nothing to do with race. Has everything to do with a diluted talent pool and every year teams in the lottery praying their guy is the next Lebron…

              2. Or Celtics praying for Duncan?

                Or Olando praying for Shaquille?

                It’s a one player franchise league. GSW has pretty much been in the lottery since they broke up RUN TMC(Tim Mitch Chris) and with the 7th pick landed Curry…and our mediocrity kept us picking in the teens.

  20. old man sheep aint nothin like it use to be……….im sry but the nba is awesome now….nobody wants to see a team without a superstar……boring old people shit

  21. Z there was a lull in the game post Kobe Shaq break up but the league is just fine. Has nothing to do with not enough players or too many teams just too many bad front offices.

  22. The Knicks have JR Smith Iman Shumpert AND a 1st to Cleveland that they used to acquire Timofey Mozgov….

    Management goes hand in hand with players and winning.

  23. the players you mentioned are bonafide game changers… they are in the lebron category– so the sixers will tank until they get a lebron… hey you are on record as loving the tank and retank– i like to win.

  24. Izzell, you are right the NBA is a beautiful game-I’m ordering my season tixkets for next year! It will remind me of coaching JV basketball and going to a game at 3:30 in the afternoon, you can hear a pin drop and the squeek of the shoes on the gym floor– will bring back great memories!

      1. I just ordered my season tickets why all the hate? I can’t wait for those big match up games in mid-winter- oh yeah sixers/knicks- mello will be sidelined with a stuffy nose because they will be tanking again because they only got the number 4 pick! oh and the lakers game– kobe on the shelf because he’s 90 and they will be tanking — but i will be there to witness all 24 of the players that show up on their roster! sixers fever…. I’ve got it!

          1. but a season ticket holder none-the-less!
            Hey man i was one of the dudes at BWW chanting 1-6-11!!! that we could have gotten a top phenom, followed by another top phenom and of course an almost phenom at 11! damn!

              1. They are trying to build a real team in TODAYS NBA. All this yesteryear and social commentary on the game is nonsense.

                They are trying to build the team from the inside out. They traded one player of significance. A PG they maxed out usage wise for highest possible value to either themselves or another team.

                I’m looking at player development etc. They have good young players that can actually play and who are all pretty much homegrown. Thats a testament to coaching and scouting. Noel got knocked heavily before the year. Kid played the entire year and kept getting better. Covington was MOCKED HEAVILY on here when they signed him. Go back and read the thread. They plucked a helluva rotation guy and solid starter for nothing. Those are damn good positive signs this regime knows what they hell they are doing.

                I follow them closely….down to the D League(basketball is my favorite sport).

                Embiid alone can possibly have this team making noise for an 8th seed. Not my cup of tea because the 8th seed in the East isnt saying anything IMO. Throw in Russell(best fit and compliment) they are going to make some noise next year.

                Have no problem with the total blow up that NEEDED to be done here. There was no talent here of significance.

              2. Izzell i understand exactly what they are doing. I understand the need to blow up a mediocre team– i get it. my only point was saying the NBA would be a monster, in my opinion if they eliminated a few teams and consolidated the talent– you would have more teams that played like a ‘team’== and when i say play like a team i guess that is old school and for that i won’t apologize– I love watching the spurs play for example… anyway- I hope they do get in the playofffs and learn how to win as a team– they have a coach i think who can get them there.

              3. I took the Brett Brown hype of player development guru with a grain of salt…hes coming from the Spurs who are class top to bottom and I thought his contribution couldnt have been that big.

                Brett Brown is an EXCELLENT coach for a young team. When you are bringing castoffs like Ish Smith with limited potential and maximizing making them look worth more than they are thats a testament to coaching.

              4. The Sixers were able to tank the way they have been because of a perfect storm of circumstances.

                1. First and foremost the rules allow them
                2. A horrible 5 years of decision making previous
                3. Back to back years of best player available at their pick being injured.

                The last one is truly the luck of the draw….you think they are sitting Andrew Wiggins last year?

                Knock on wood Russell doesnt fall down an elevator chute…..

    1. when the success of your franchise is predicated on a ping pong ball and the false hopes of a 19 year old AAU phenom makes most off seasons league wide a failure!

  25. After all the Deals the 76ers made at the Trade Deadline, What Picks do the 76ers have for the 2015 Draft ? Just # 3 in the 1st Round ?

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