Sixers Get Third Pick In NBA Draft For D’Angelo Russell?

D'AngeloRussell176ers General Manager Sam Hinkie has been staying on message through the ups and downs as he tries to rebuild their basketball team.  It may finally be starting to pay off.

The Sixers weren’t fortunate enough in last night’s NBA Lottery to the get the Lakers picks or the Heat’s pick, but they did get the 3rd pick in the NBA draft, so they’ll be able to final meet one of the needs that has had the franchise running in place for far too long.

Most people act like it’s a done deal now in the June 25, 2015 NBA Draft with the Minnesota Timberwolves selecting Kentucky’s big man Karl-Anthony Towns and the Los Angeles Lakers grabbing Duke’s low post monster Jahlil Okafor.

That will allow the 76ers to grab the guy everybody thinks they’re going to select and that guy is Ohio State’s 6’5″ point guard D’Angelo Russell.   Russell, who is a lefty  is expected to come in and be the floor setter and distributor needed to utilize the talent of Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel.  He’s got a very high basketball I.Q., a nice handle, the ability to create his shot and an accurate jumper from long distance.

“There’s been a lot of talk, but you never know what’s going to happen”, Russell said responding to a question about the 76ers picking him. “I don’t know what they want. I know they need a wing, a guard or whatnot.”

Although, Russell is the favorite to be the Sixers pick at number three, there’s still a chance they could be sold on Duke’s swingman Justise Winslow.

Hinkie traveled all the way to China to see guard, Emmanuel Mudiay.  Mudiay is said to be quite a player, but he can’t shoot from outside in much the same way as Michael Carter-Williams.

We won’t know what Hinkie’s going to do until they make the announcement on June 25th.  It’s about time, the Sixers gave us a reason to really pay attention.

72 thoughts on “Sixers Get Third Pick In NBA Draft For D’Angelo Russell?

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Lakers select Russell. Regardless the Sixers are in a great position at the #3 spot

    1. DMAN, that’s what I think is going to happen. The Lakers are going to throw all they can, into getting Marc Gasol. Randle will be back at PF, so drafting Towns, or Okafor, would be unnecessary. That’s cool with me, Towns, or Okafor would be good consolation prizes to me. I believe in my heart of hearts, that the snake oil salesman, is trading Noel at the draft, for as high as a pick as he can get.

  2. Lakers are a lock for Okafor. They will be making a run at Kevin Love(If Cavs win it this year…even more likely). Gasol will either head to SA and replace Tim Duncan or stay in Memphis. SA is also in the running for LaMarcus Aldridge.

    Okafor is still in play for Minnesota on current reports. Some rumblings Rubio wants out of Minny even after signing new 55mil deal.

    Knicks want out of 4th pick….rumors being floated that Denver is a possibility with them wanting to get out of both Ty Lawson and Kenneth Farieds contract. A swap with the Kings as well allowing them to get Mudiay and Kings sending Ben McleMore is a possiblity as well.

  3. Lakers will end up with Okafor, Love, and then get Randall back to go along with Kobe to get back into the Playoff hunt

    L Aldridge will sign with the Mavs and eventually replace D Nowitzki who doesn’t have much left

    76ers Sign Guard E’Twaun Moore & Forward Al-Farouq Aminu

      1. Why do you say that…
        Randall is an Inside Player while Love likes the Outside..
        Couple these 2 Players with an Okafor or Towns and a Guard like Kobe and they are back in the mix…
        Randall and Love have different games and can co-exist on the Floor..

        1. Randall and Love can not guard the 3 position. And neither can play 5 either. They are strictly 4s. They can not be on the floor at the same time.

        2. And Love does not primarily play on the outside….thats a myth and one of his main struggles with fit in Cleveland. Love prefers working from the post first because he can face or play back to basket depending on matchup.

          1. As usual, it depends on the opponents, match-ups, Coaching Schemes, etc,etc.. I’ve seen Love plenty of times, playing outside and covering the #3 Spot while with the Timberwolves and even back in his UCLA Days.. Just like I’ve seen Randall play mostly inside at Kentucky which is what they asked him to do, but Randall will need to adjust to the NBA Game and learn to play outside a bit more for his lack of Height will cause a problem in the NBA if he things he will strictly be a Post Player..

            1. Youve never seen Love matched up with any perimeter based 3 that can put the ball on the floor as a scheme. Love can not guard the 4 position let alone play from the 3 pt line down.

              Randle and Love are not Horford and Milsap. If you go small you have to have the ability to guard multiple positions on the switch. Love in his UCLA days was not guarding the perimeter as strategy thats nonsense.

              1. It’s all about Coaching and the Matchups– I’ve seen Love play out against #3’s with the Cavs during the Season
                Teams and Coaches sometimes have to sacrifice good Defense for Scoring
                about 1/2 the Players in the NBA are weak defensively, its a matter can the other Team take advantage of it often to outweigh what that plays brings Offensively… Look at Dirk Nowinski, who is he shutting down?

              2. Hiding one player defensively and hiding multiple players are two totally different things. Think its a coincidence that the Mavs best teams were with Tyson Chandler at the 5 with the ability to switch Chandler on a scoring 4 like they did against the Heat with Chris Bosh?

                Only time you ever have seen Kevin Love against a 3 is either on a bad switch or a 3 who couldnt put the ball on the floor and it was rare. At no point this year has Love been schemed to take the opposing teams 3. Thats nonsense.

              3. Happens every NBA Game where due to Match-Ups, Fouls, Switch-Ups, Schemes, the Score, the Refs, etc,etc that Players have to Cover on the Fly
                and what happens is what it is..

              4. Many Games the Cavs have had Love and PG K Irving who is not a strong Defender on the Floor…
                I could go around the entire NBA and pick-out bad Defensive Combo’s together..
                Teams, Coach’s adjust its the way it is in the NBA
                If you have a combo that can shoot lights out, you’ll give up Defense
                (Carmelo Anthony in his Early Years as an Example)
                Nothing new here..

              5. paul, you continually say ‘I don’t follow the NBA’ which is fine because I really am a casual watcher… but then you comment about ‘many games the cavs have whoever on the court’ etc… and speak about specific players and who plays the 4 or 5 and who can guard who… i don’t understand how you know these things without watching?

              6. I watch enough of all Sports, even Hockey and Soccer…
                I’ve been watching the NBA Playoffs a lot more this Year for some reason..
                I enjoy watching the Warriors, Rockets, Grizzlies and the Wizards to check up on the new up and coming Teams & Players…
                Also the NHL Playoffs which I always follow for its the most demanding, grueling Playoff Chase there is in my opinion.. I rarely watch the Regular Season of Hockey outside of a couple Flyers Games here and there
                But I will never be as passionate about the NBA as I am about the NFL, which is my All-time Favorite sport.. It’s just the way it goes… and when I get tired at night, I put on the MLB Channel and fall asleep to Baseball …

              7. Kyrie Irving is matched in the backcourt with Iman Shumpert a defensive 2 that can guard 1-3. Behind Irving they have Mozgov LeBron and Tristan Thompson for help D.

                Sorry Paulman but you are severely lost on this…….

              8. IJ if you give this idiot another free basketball lesson, I’ll strangle you. My 98 yr old grandmother knows more about basketball than fraudman.

              9. Stop it paul, a line up with Randall and Love on the floor together would be a recipe for disaster, they wouldn’t be able to guard anyone and would struggle to score the ball because of the lack of pure athletic ability.

    1. It depends who the Small Forward is.. Lakers could put a Kobe on a #3 for short Spurts… Lakes could play 2 #4’s With Love and Randall as #4’s and go Small.. tons of scenarios…

      1. Randle and Love are not 4/5’s. They are not able to guard mutliple positions. Hell in order for you to survive defensively with Love on the floor you have to have a defensive minded big man to cover up for his mistakes.

        Randle at this point in time is purely a rim post player. The further from the basket he is the more of a liability he would be.

        Gasol and Randolph work because they can switch out of the 4/5 depending on matchup but struggle with the stretch 4.

        Duncan/Diaw….Horford/Milsap etc it can only work if you can survive the switch.

      2. the problem with your scenario pman is neither them can play defense or known for defense and neither are athletic enough to even think about doing that…..defense wise they would be a hot mess

        1. There is no doubt that having Randall and Love out there together is not going to scare any team Defensively, heck even Okafor is not very strong yet in his Defense and Randall is basically going to be a Rookie again next Season since he missed all of this year ..
          Maybe they go hard after Gasol from Memphis Instead to Play the # 5 and Draft a Guard to go along with Randall & Kobe…
          Maybe LA Clippers end up with Love…

          1. Towns fits the Lakers perfectly. Okafor actually fits the TWolves in my opinion better than Towns for the fact that they have Gorgui Deng who can play the 5 and allow Okafor to play the 4 and have help defensively.

            If Okafor in private workouts blows Towns away from an offensive standpoint it may be hard for the Wolves to pass up that instant offense fit. The have enough athletic players to make up for his shortcomings.

  4. and to tell you the truth pman if you watched the lakers last year offense wasn’t a problem it was their defense that was horrific

    1. What will 76ers do with both Embiid & Noel’s when facing a Team that has smaller, more Athletic #4 Players who play Outside more ?

      Can both of them be on the Court at the same time ?

      1. Noel can guard multiple positions and switch on pick and roll high screens. Defensively its not a problem. Offensively at times they will struggle but defensively they can pretty much switch anything and be fine. Embiid is a classic 4/5 depending on matchup. I love Noel and Embiid defensively it is offensively where specifically Noel will have to further develop and why its a must to surround them with shooters to open the paint.

  5. Dont sleep on the 35th and 37th picks either…they can get the Sixers back into the first if one of the teams dont want the salary cap implications at the end of the first round or they can euro stash etc.

    I’m super interested in the kid Upshaw thats a headcase but talented. He could be the next Hassan Whiteside and worth a second round pick.

    1. I think Tyus Jones goes higher, In that #16-#25 Range because of the lack of Depth at Guard in this Draft…

        1. How was the Cavs Defense the first 50 Games of the Season… Now they are set up well after their Trades, but they weren’t earlier in the Season ?

          1. They were terrible defensively before the trades. They were playing Marion at 2 for stretches thats how bad they were. Adding Shumpert Mozgov and Smith(underrated defensively can guard both positions) changed their entire dynamic and let them play multiple schemes.

            The sole primary factor to getting Mozgov was how atrocious defensively Love was getting roasted having to guard his position. They couldnt play him and Sideshow Bob together at all.

  6. Rumor has 76ers Sending Nerlins Noel to the Knicks for their #4 Pick

    76ers go with Guard D Russell at #3 and then PF K Porzingas at #4

    1. If that rumor was true, it would be more intelligent to draft Russell to play the SG, and Mudiay to play the PG, which I would be on board with – in fact I absolutely love that idea – and still have potentially 4 lottery picks next year.

      The Ukrainian Prospect , is a Dirk Nowitski clone that plays the same position that Dario Saric was drafted to play – Makes no sense to trade to draft him at all.


        We could see, Ben Simmons , Jaylen Brown, Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, EC Matthews, or Thon Maker all in a Sixers Uniform, and still be in a position to sign 2 max players…

        kudos to Hinke for pulling us out of never escaping mediocrity; The future is bright for the 76ers…

  7. thats wha. i was thinking if you do the trade then take mudiay for point and russell for shooting then we would have saric next year for stretch four… that is a good move and would be solid starting 5 with just getting a ariza type to play 3

  8. Knicks have the 4th Pick dangling wide open to the Market.. Knicks need a Center, a real Defensive Presence around the rim…

  9. The Sixers are pushing hard to bring Dario Saric to Philly for this upcoming season!!!

    They are in talks to buy out his overseas contract!!!




    1. Can’t Buy it out until 2 Years are Fulfilled by Dario Saric to his Turkish Team
      per the International Basketball Agreement with the NBA, unless both Parties side-skirt the Agreement..
      Saric signed a 3 Year Deal with his Turkish Club last Year just before the NBA Draft…

  10. It could be bought out but Saric would have to pay a considerable amount of the buyout because the Sixers can only dedicate so much money to it. So they are speculating that he might use his NBA salary to pay this off especially since it was reported that he wasn’t happy last year in Turkey.

    BUT others speculate that he may want to play out his contract because it would be 3 years past when he was drafted, so he could get something other than a rookie contract. That is probably why the 6ers want to move more than them winning next year.

  11. As if where I live, makes any difference to what the standing NBA & International Basketball Federation Agreements are ….
    I was probably the only one on here who stated that GM Hinkle & 76ers would even Target Dario Saric in last years Draft ..I was talking up Dario Saric way back in December of 2013 when most of you said I was crazy and didn’t know anything about Basketball …
    It is what it is…

  12. Oh boy dick sucking has begun pman everybody knew he saric was a target…..stop with your I said first shit u suppose to be a grown ass man

  13. And what the hell you saying sixers wanted saric gotta do with jhart statement about sixers wanting to get him over here now… sound jealous jhart beat you to it…..grow up old man that attention is played out

  14. Only Paulman would try and act like he uncovered an international gem on GCobb. When anyone following the NBA(WHICH HE DOES NOT)knew about Saric and that he was on the lottery scene for two years. The only reason he didn’t go higher was the contract.

    Paulman also knew nothing about R.J. Hunter who played in the Sun Belt until we started talking about him then all of a sudden he posts he was following him forever.

    Its some old pathetic lying bammas on here.

    1. INcorrect IJ..
      I got the RJ Hunter from you 2 Years ago..
      My Local University in Boone (Appalachian State University) switched from the Southern Conference to the Sun Belt Conference in 2014 so I actually had a chance to see the kid PLay when Georgia State came to Boone to play App State… He’s a Good Player, but I am not so sure he’s NBA material in my Opinion..
      Now his Dad and Coach Ron Hunter is a fella I know a little from his Days of Coaching IUPUI in Indianapolis since I lived there in the late 80’s-90’s where he played and then went on to Coach… He had some Good Teams in that pretty competitive Horizion League and I believe Indiana Pacer SG George Hill also played for him during his College Years…..

    1. Not much to chat about Z until the NBA Draft and the first preseason game.

      Finals have been incredible. What Lebron is doing is ridiculous. I went to see the Heat Championship against the Spurs, I was right behind the basket when he made the block on Tiago Splitter. I thought the dude was ridiculous then….my goodness this is another level.

      If they are up 3-1 I think I gotta take my butt to Cleveland for Game 6.

  15. As for Dario Saric….yes theres a chance for him to come over but HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

    Point blank unless he is utterly MISERABLE in Turkey it would be the dumbest financial move that an agent would let a player make.

    Saric plays out the 3 years of his deal he no longer is held to the rookie wage scale. Couple that with the increase of the salary cap after next year he at minimum would make double what his rookie deal would have been.

    Mirotic got 3 years 15million from Chicago. Basically the MLE.

    Saric isn’t coming people. Awesome if he does but highly unlikely.

  16. Dario Saric will end up with the NY Knicks as Phil Jackson is very High on him
    and wants him bad…

  17. i think the cavs are fucked as they have been double mushed

    once by mush paulman a

    and a second time by jon haRT

  18. You 2 mushed the fuck out of the cavs. They dominated the first 3 games then mush hart and mush Paul mushed them and the Warriors crushed them.

    Even the great Lebron James can’t overcome these mushes.

    1. I haven’t really followed the NBA Finals too closely and it doesn’t matter to me who Wins, just hope it goes to 7 Games and the Games are competitive, close ones to add to the excitement..
      I have been watching and enjoying the NHL Finals between the Tamap Bay Lightning and Chicago Black Hawks.. Some of the Best Hockey I have seen in Years.. The first 4 Games were all decided by 1 Goal… Its been exciting and Hockey played at a very High Level…


    Jon Hart
    June 10, 2015 – 11:03 am
    Profile photo of Jon Hart

    Cavs will close this thing out on the warriors home floor

    Bron Bron smells blood

    This team knows they can beat the warriors

    They have taken the heart out of them

    This team is nothing without steph scoring and he’s on lockdown thanks to Delly

    Cavs win the next 2 and closes this thing out

  20. D’Angelo Russell opting not to take the workout with the Sixers today is interesting to say the least..

    He flat out cancelled it is what I’m hearing…

  21. They did interview Russell last month at the combine…

    Id prefer Mudiay over Russell anyway

    But if we were to trade picks for Paul George I’d be ecstatic…

    My wheels are turning lol…

    1. Again Wrongman, If you knew talent and projection, you’d know that Justice Winslow is not a top 3 talent.

      He’s not even on the Sixers radar at 3 unless they decide to trade back..

      Keep up Fraudman haa

      1. Its not what I think JH, but what I think 76ers GM Hinkle’s will do …
        I would take the best Player available at #3 which will probably be Big Man Okafor… (Towns & Russell likely go 1 & 2)

        Winslow is Rated anywhere from #3 to #7

        Personally I kind of like the upside of Mario Hezonja from Croatia at 6-7 200lbs who can be the SF/SG and handle the Ball and Pass Well.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if 76ers Trade Noels to Knicks for #4
        then at #3 & #4 76ers Select a Big Man and a Guard…

  22. D’Angelo Russell did not work out for the 76ers because he was “real sick” on Friday.
    A team source added that Russell has a chance to work out with Philly in the near future. This is interesting because there has been more buzz of the 76ers drafting Kristaps Porzingis, who is having a workout today in Las Vegas. We’ll keep an eye out whether or not Russell gets another workout in, but the 76ers could still take him at No. 3.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Jun 12 – 4:07

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