Ryne Sandberg Gets Off The Sinking Ship

RyneSandberg1The Hall of Fame second-basemen turned Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg couldn’t take anymore.  Sandberg resigned last night after the Phillies were beaten by the Washington Nationals 5-2.  The Nationals starter Max Scherzer was off his game last night but that still didn’t give the Phils much of a chance.

Big changes are coming for the Phillies and everybody knows it.  Chase Utley had delivered the knockout blow when he publicly challenged Sandberg’s decision-making by chastising pitching coach, Bob McClure during a blowout loss.  Subsequently, Utley went on the disabled list with nobody informing the skipper.  It was time to go for Sandberg and he read the writing on the wall.

“It’s a tough enough job to do, but when you wore the shoes that I was in and felt what I was feeling on a daily basis and being dissatisfied with what was going on as far as on the field and the record, that weighed a lot on me,” Sandberg said.

Now we wait for Lee McPhail to take the reins of this franchise.  Everybody is just covering their butts and looking for a landing spot before that happens.  The ship is surely going down.  Sandberg made his decision about how he wants it all to end.

12 thoughts on “Ryne Sandberg Gets Off The Sinking Ship

  1. lot of respect from me for Ryne to walk out. that team with Howard , utley are two of the most selfish players to ever play the game, Silly ,show off racist taunts at me will not be necessary. I just tell it like it is. Good man .. ryno way to stand up to these overpaid bums.

  2. Are you saying that quitting = standing up to? I think that’s the opposite.
    The young guys were openly defiant to him! A 23 year old pitcher pulled one of the most disrespectful acts on a field I’ve seen!
    The roster obviously is flawed however the fundamentals and lack of execution shine brightly on the managers inability to run a ball club.
    That said there is a whole lot more to this story.

    1. sandberg is well know n baseball circles , to be an honest, straight shooter, no backup , with the mr howard situation, no back up with utley. no backup from f.o. for any type of discipline. Everybody needs discipline, except Jesus. .,if no one even thinks about having your back you are in a hopeless deal. So at this point it is the best thing to do .to leave a company that is going nowhere in the next 5 years or so. Takes a strong man to quit ,when he knows, not thinks he is no longer wanted by fans. players. owners

      1. You don’t Quit on your Team as the Manager…
        It goes against the grain of every true Teacher,Coach or Manager…
        You hang in until the Season is over and do the best you can with what you have, but you don’t Quit mid-season on your Staff and Team..

        1. Paulman ,I read your comments often . to me you are a heavyweight, well researched, very opinionated , more than not pretty much on target , mostly with the Eagles, So I don,t take on too many heavyweights, I,m a light heavy weight..still believe you are wrong, but not a good enough sports orator to take on the likes of the Paulman peace and enjoy the Eagles season

          1. Not a heavyweight anymore Patrick as I am on a Diet now and have lost 10lbs so far.. But on a serious note, feel free to post your opinions on any Subject for that’s what this Site is for.. I’m sure some or most of you get tired reading the same Dozen-15 Posters responses on here all the time… We are all Fans and the more that contribute, the better this Site can be..

      2. Sorry.” you said he stood up to… He did the exact opposite. He let 23 year old rooks show him up. He did not teach fundamentLs..,,he was terrible. Quitter!

  3. Sandburg will likely ride off, never to manage or be heard from again..
    He just isn’t cut out to be a Manager .. He didn’t have much to work with but he handled things poorly from the get go and it snow-balled on him big time this Season.. He doesn’t energize, inspire, or exude any confidence what’s so ever
    And Players read and react to his lackadaisical, been there, done that type of condescending attitude that he has…

  4. Wtf does Jesus have to do with this? I thought we were talking sports? Do you remember when Jesus told Reggie to take more money in GB? Jesus could care less about sports! Everybody needs discipline except Jesus…. Oh man that’s funny

    1. , iwell hac if I brought you a little smile or laughter even for a minute ,in this rough, tough violent world , I did you good service. Amen .

      1. A fucking men! Jesus looks over the champs and ignores the losing team, guy hits homerun, salutes Jesus but the equally as religious pitcher just have up a HR…. Is one more blessed than the other!

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