NFC East: DeSean Jackson: “The Eagles tried to blow me up”

DeSeanJackson11Last night on BET, former Eagles and current Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson debuted his reality show, “DeSean Jackson: Home Team”.  The show is about what Jackson does during the offseason and the people in his life such as: his Mom, his sister, his publicist, his life long buddies and his girlfriend.

Up until this point, Jackson had been very quiet about his release by the Eagles in comparison to LeSean McCoy.  Last night he went after the Birds for releasing him and how they did it.  He accused them of smearing his name.

At the start of the show, Jackson basically tells where he is at in his life and career, then how he got there with the starting point being his release by the Eagles.

“I was at the top of the top. And then I got released. … It was a smear campaign. Things media said about me, I bet you could say that about the majority of people in the NFL. I got a second chance to play in the NFL and I’m proving I’m one of the best receivers in the game.”

“When I was released by the Eagles, I feel they tried to paint a picture that definitely wasn’t true,” Jackson said. “It was a slap in the face, coming off one of my best seasons in the NFL. . . . The Eagles tried to blow me up. That’s cold how they did it. . . . Have I went to jail? . . . I ain’t done none of that.”

Remember when Jackson was released on the same day that an article appeared on by former writer Elliot Shorr-Parks.  In his article, Elliot cited people in the Los Angeles police department, who talked about Jackson’s possible ties to Los Angeles gangs.  The Eagles publicly denied the accusation that they let him go because of gang ties, but a lot of Eagles fans were left thinking that.

Nothing has become of the gangs ties that were talking about, but it was an interesting plot for the first show.  Later in the show we find out that Jackson is going going to be a father soon.  His girlfriend is pregnant and the next show will show Jackson giving his mother the news.

I think the main football reason Jackson is no longer an Eagles is because of his inability to block on running plays.  DeSean weighs about 165 pounds soaking wet, so he’s not the wide receiver you would send out there to block somebody.  Chip Kelly values his running game more than anything else and he wants his wide receivers to block.

Quite honestly the show was better than I thought it was going to be.  I did expect a cameo by LeSean McCoy or some of Jackson’s current teammates, but that was just the first one, so they’ve got plenty of time to get in one of them.

I predict before too long, you’re going to have five to ten NFL players with reality shows.

16 thoughts on “NFC East: DeSean Jackson: “The Eagles tried to blow me up”

  1. To be honest at first I was against letting a talent like Jackson walk away. I couldn’t comprehend why an NFL coach could NOT find a way to coexist with a star athlete of his caliber.

    After watching that show last night I could not be HAPPIER by the decision someone in that front office made to cut this player. I hate to speculate but his priorities are not in the right place for any football team… Well maybe the Redskins. So good riddance.

    1. with what he said and of course lesean- classless individuals. both just POS– I never heard one word from the eagles about the gang thing– these two are baby boys- crying– no wonder they were let go.

      1. You’re exactly right. This guy has some awesome talent but he isn’t putting his priorities in order. His mom seems to be little help and his sister is what we call a leash here in the south. It’s very sad to when the first documentary his brother Byron recorded when his father was alive and comparing it to this one. You can tell his father was a very influential person in his life. No way Desean makes the financial decisions he has made with his father alive.

  2. DeSean Jackson is STILL a SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER WIDE RECEIVER THAN /ANY/ WIDE RECEIVER ON THE EAGLES ROSTER TODAY. If any of you had been publicly blindsided by “anonymous” news stories completely fabricated and designed solely to make you unemployable, then you were later vindicated…spew all the bs you want to I can guarantee none of you would be silent.
    (this year’s untested pick wasted on a position that didn’t need to be filled before Barney Rubble screwed the team over offensively doesn’t count)

    @heavy cigar …Of course the Eagles didn’t say anything about the “ILLEGAL” fabricated rumors they floated about DeSean Jackson to news journals imbecile. Slander of any public figure is punishable under the law.

  3. so its an inaccurate accusation by jax? as you say the eagles didn’t say a word, about gangs etc.. so desean is making it up! you just admitted it.
    if he is so freaking great why is the records of teams on which he played so freaking poor? ‘significantly better’? hmmmm ok– dude runs fast! yipee!

  4. Still commenting about the same player you claimed nobody gives a F about. You better not open your damn mouth the next time fraudman or dcar rips the phillies like they have the last 3-4 years. you’re nothing but a troll in the same mode as Vinnie and jake.

    1. wah, wah, wah…cry baby!
      i commented because the poster contradicted himself-
      and i will add to the comment about ‘significantly better’– i will say MAYBE more talented but there are a lot of things that go into significantly better… many more things…his record of wins/losses for his career is not very good-

      1. Dude, who looks at wide receivers and discusses wins and losses as if they are responsible when the team around them is so so. Jackson made the players around him better…see Riley Cooper and Nick Foles!!! They had great years with Jackson as a team mate, the following year after he leaves, both Cooper’s and Foles’ play suffer, coincidence? I think not!. Some of the greatest running backs and wide outs have been on garbage teams which directly impacts their performance. Look at Barry Sanders, most of his teams were flat garbage, but, he still performed at a high level. Unfortunately, it did not translate into a lot of winning seasons for him. Perhaps Jackson wins and losses, (who by the way certainly contributed to a lot of the Eagles success with average to good QB play, who also made the pro bowl as a WR and punt returner in the same year) is more of a product of coaching, QB play, and some so so defenses during his time here. I do not know any wide receiver that could go to Washington with that QB situation, coaching situation, and talent level, and make them a winner. Take a look at Barry Sanders’ teams winning percentage, nothing to smile about, but he was an elite talent. BTW, Jackson is still head and shoulders above ant receiver that is on the Eagles roster today. Some of you same guys who cry, whine, bitch and moan about moving on from Jackson do not lead by example, and can’t resist commenting on him be it a response or initial comment. People who are all up in athletes personal lives and worry about what they are doing outside of criminal activity typically do not have a life of their own. Athletes are here to entertain us, that’s all. I have not heard one athlete yet wonder what a fan does, or how a fan acts with their co-workers, or at work yet. I do hear them comment about fan performance/behavior at the games …let’s keep it on the field.

        1. i dunno i always thought it always comes down to wins/losses– i guess not-
          great players tend to have a hand in the outcomes of games- great players end up in more winning games than losing games…
          as you point out it is entertainment, they are entertainers and with that comes scrutiny to your more private life– read the internet, look at the mags in the checkout isle- also when you put yourself out there in a reality you are
          ASKING for comment–

            1. of course he did–a lot!!!! but unfortunately NOT ENOUGH-
              i’m not arguing that he isn’t talented… he is real fast, can catch etc– no argument from me… just saying there is more that goes into it– and we have a coach that believe in that combination of: talent, buy in, character (whatever his definition is), intangibles etc… and i bet you a dollar to donuts that more nfl coaches feel that way than not–

              1. You may be right, more coaches may feel that way, but, they are not willing to put their job or reputation on the line for that feeling.
                We will see this season, it’s put up time for coach Kelly’s way of doing things…culture, sports science, practicing full go the day before the game, scheme, play calling, culture beats scheme, etc…no excuses!
                The scheme the Redskins employed to beat the Eagles last year beat culture, as the malcontent Jackson beat Kelly’s culture, scheme, and talent…knocking the Kelly lead Eagles out of the playoffs! Poorly coached game by Kelly too!

              2. they kicked the snot out of them for sure-
                and as i was told all winter/spring there is no room for a step back, not allowed- i agree–
                and come on …lots of guys who are good players get cut and traded!

              3. has landed… this all comes down to the one big decision he made..Bradford- if bradford is his guy and healthy the receiving core is fine, certainly the D is upgraded– i’m confident the line is fine- the sky didn’t fall when mathis left– i wonder why the best guard in the history of the nfl is unemployed??? right now there are 64 starting guards ahead of him and countless backups??? yikes!

              4. HAC, I agree, this all comes down to Bradford, hope his knee holds up and he performs extremely well. I am not as confident in the O line as you are, the Guard situation is still shaky and unsettling to me. They have upgraded the defensive talent, the question is, can Billy Davis make game time adjustments!
                As far as Mathis, he overplayed his hand and his self worth. He will get a job, but not for what he was going to make this season. He and Drew blew this one.

  5. DeSean Jackson was a great WR when he was here. I think when it became clear that the Eagles were very likely to release or trade him the media tried to find a reason why… Let’s face it, until Kelly showed up coaches didn’t cut or trade the best players on the team.

    I think the whole “gang affiliations” story was created by the media in an attempt to understand why a team would cut their best player…. We have since found out that Kelly has a habit of cutting, trading, or not re-signing great players.

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