The Competition At Eagles Practices Will Make Team Better

NolanCarroll5I loved what I’ve seen from the Eagles defensive backs so far this Training Camp.  They’re competing on every play.  They’re getting physical with the receivers.  The atmosphere is changing and it’s going to make everybody better.

What chance will Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff and Riley Cooper have if they compete daily with defensive backs, who lett them release all the time without battling them before and during their routes?  I enjoyed listening to cornerback Nolan Carroll earlier this week as he talked about the difference in the technique he was utilizing in Miami and what Cory Undlin is demanding that he do here in Philly.

“What I was doing in Miami compared to what Coach is teaching was wrong,”  Carroll said.  “He wants everything to be lateral, not take a step back and give ground.  That’s what I was kind of doing just because I’m a little bit faster, I felt like I could take a step back, and the receiver can do whatever they want and then release.  But he wants us to be stout at the line and get physical at the line and not give them (the receivers) that space to move around and run.”

Previously he was letting the receiver release and running with him.  Now he’s moving his feet and staying in front of the receiver, so he can jam him and delay his release.

Are they going to be some holding penalties called on the Eagles secondary?  Yes, there will be, but once they build a reputation for playing physical, the referees will begin to expect it and eventually they’ll let them play.  The offensive players hate it, but it winds up making the offensive players and the defensive players better because they have that competition in practice.

The same is true of the offensive and defensive lines.  I haven’t had the chance to focus on the play of the guys up front, but competition between the Eagles offensive and defensive lines will make them better.  I was checking out the Dallas Cowboys training camp practice on ESPN and their All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith was battling defensive end Greg Hardy.  They were getting after each other pretty good and for the most part Smith was schooling Hardy and showing him, who was boss.

If the Eagles want to be an outstanding team, they must continue to raise the temperature of the competition at practice.

Getting a jam on the receiver at the line creates serious problems for the offense and we saw that in the Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl.  Peyton Manning caught the snap and had no where to go with the football because his receivers were being held up and delayed on their releases.

Normally a quarterback has about three seconds to get rid of that football.  If a receiver is delayed at the line of scrimmage, it forces the quarterback to abandon that option and look elsewhere.  it forces to hold on to the “hot potato”, which is that football. Sometimes all the receivers are delayed in their release and it causes a panic in even the best of quarterbacks.

The tension rises as each second passes and every time the quarterback looks up a receiver and finds out he’s being delayed in his release.  The quarterback always knows the clock is ticking and the hunters are coming.

I’ve seen that panic occur a few times in the Eagles practices.  It’s a beautiful thing.

42 thoughts on “The Competition At Eagles Practices Will Make Team Better

  1. Good News about the Competition level…
    Give us some Reports on the OL & DL when you get a chance to focus on them for they will be critical position groups that will determine the Success of this 2015 Team…

  2. Kiko Alonso and DeMarco Murray not practicing today. There was no team practice yesterday..hmmm?
    Reading this kid Denzel Rice UDFA CB from Coastal Carolina is having a good camp. Will be watching for him during game time.

    1. The Carolina Panthers have a good young CB named Josh Norman who also Played at Coastal Carolina, which is in Conway,SC just outside of Myrtle Beach on HWY 501 as your entering Town….

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        1. Is that even Music… Does Rap have Instruments or Musicians in it…. Good Greif..

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      2. is that real music???????

        definition of music:
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        paulman you sound like a man of no culture bro. narrow minded

          1. Rap — An Art Form no doubt about it, Music ? No ,not really to my ears..
            Just born in a different era than most of you when Music was real and not
            over-produced, synthesized and thru machines like it is today..
            Hell even Country Music is Modern Pop Music..
            I enjoy the Music of the ’50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even some of the 80’s ..

            1. its music period and its not debatable, its not art its music. dont matter what your ears enjoy or dont its music

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  3. Being reported that Kiko Alonso has missed practice due to a, there was no practice yesterday and they are not even hitting or tackling at all?!?!?!

    1. guy probably got his hands on DRE’s album and was bobbin his noggin too hard and he concussed himself

  4. Players who have been injury prone (Kiko, Murray,Austin) are starting slow this Camp with ongoing issues.. Not a good sign for the 1st Week of Camp…

    1. Mhenki u funny as shit bopping his head too much……seems like demarco been eating pu nanny gotta little sea sick lol……..pman i enjoy a little old school music myself but jesus the 50’s

      1. Am I reading this right desean jackson seperates shoulder on blocking sled…….thats exactly why he dont block…..he will just hurt himself

  5. *****NFL News****

    49ers Troubled DE Aldon Smith Arrested last evening for Hit & Run, DUI & Vandalism… Chances are he will be Suspended by the 49ers and by the NFL and is in his final Season of his Contract which the 49ers will let him walk and are tired of babysitting him.. I know GMCliff likes Aldon Smith as a Player, but there is no chance in hell the Eagles would ever approach a Player with this much off-the-field issues as Aldon Smith has been Arrested 5 Times since Jan 2012..

  6. He is elite pass rusher but this year no one will touch him but a year in rehab and he will be on a team like raiders or atlanta

    1. it’s funny because we all know he’s trouble, he’s just the outside rusher the Eagles need. Let’s go for it, he’s no role model but he can play.

  7. According to all media Bradford BLEW UP TODAY

    Sam Bradford
    Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford stands in-between drills during NFL football training camp, Friday, Aug. 7, 2015, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) (Matt Rourke)
    Print Email
    Eliot Shorr-Parks | NJ Advance Media for By Eliot Shorr-Parks | NJ Advance Media for
    Email the author | Follow on Twitter
    on August 07, 2015 at 2:38 PM

    PHILADELPHIA — Slowly but surely, the Eagles quarterbacks are catching up with the defense.

    After a slow start to camp, the Eagles’ offense has been moving the ball up-and-down the field the past two days at practice, and that was especially true on Friday.

    Here is a breakdown of how each quarterback did, with their stats:
    Sam Bradford:

    Thursday’s Reps: 30 reps (5 with first team)

    Thursday’s Stats: 17/23, 4 TDs

    Overall Stats: 139 reps (14 with second team), 84/107, 7 TD, 1 INT

    Analysis: If you have been reading this offseason, you know this reporter has been skeptical of the team’s acquisition of Bradford.

    Although it was just one practice, Bradford finally looked elite on Friday.

    Bradford picked the Eagles’ defense apart all day Friday, putting the ball down the field, across the middle and taking what the defense gave him when nothing was there. When Bradford is in his zone it is something to see, as he throws the ball down the field with great anticipation and timing.

    One day after struggling to get the Eagles in the endzone, Bradford had four touchdown passes, and he could have had six if Miles Austin didn’t drop one, and his receiver would have stayed in bounds on another.

    There are still plenty of questions for Bradford to answer, but he finally showed flashes of having “it” on Friday, which should have Eagles fans very excited.

    Grade: A


    1. To Confirm the above Information

      Sam Bradford only took 5 Reps with/against the 1st Team out of 30 Total Reps ?

      Who were the other 25 Reps against? The 2nd & 3rd Stringers ?

      1. google the article and write at the top it reads “Email the author” why dont you do that and ask Elliot

  8. ***NFL News****
    49ers Cut Aldon Smith and are done with him making him a “Free-Agent” but will have big Legal Issues in front of him as well as a NFL Suspension for the Team that does sign him…
    Possible landing spots on Teams who may take a Shot on him
    Cowboys, Bears, Cardinals, Falcons, TB Bucs or Raiders

    Chances are is that he sits out the 2015 Season to get his Legal Issues taken care of…

  9. The rams just locked up foles for 2yrs 24 million 13 million in guaranteed money but can be voided the final season due to performance.. congrats foles wish you the best

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