Running Back Kenjon Barner Scores Twice In Eagles Win

KenjonBarner11Eagles running back and punt returner Kenjon Barner put on a nice show as a running back and punt returner for the Eagles yesterday.  He got into the end zone two times and each score was an outstanding run by Barner.

On the first score, Barner was supposed to take the run outside but he used his vision to see the cut back hole and he hit it.  He made the great cut on pitch play and went into the end zone untouched on a nine-yard touchdown play. It was a good job of blocking by the Eagles offensive line, but he did a good job of using his vision. Barnet gained 29 yards rushing yesterday on six carries.

His most outstanding play occurred on a punt play.  He caught the long punt from the Colts and looked like he was going to be tackled as he went to his left.  Instead, he used the momentum from the tackle attempt to take the ball to his right.  Barner headed to the right side line and opened up the gas.

The former Carolina Panther went untouched down the sideline for 92 yards and a touchdown.

“If he continues to perform like that we’ll find a way to fit him in, we’ll have to fit him in”, Chip Kelly said after the game. “We’re going to keep the best 53 players here. When you get an opportunity to do something and you step up like that, a lot of guys will get their chance, you have to make the most of it.”

He’s got a chance to be the Birds fourth running back.

Barner’s main competition for that final running back spot is rookie running back Raheem Mostert.  He had a nice game as well for the Eagles, with 11 carries for 33 yards and he also caught a pass for a 40 yard gain.

Ryan Mathews played for a series or two and gained 18 yards on two carries.  He had a nice 13 yard run for a first down.

Darren Sproles also played for a series or two.  He and Mark Sanchez were unable to hook up on a short throw which would have been for a big gain.

Eagles number one running back DeMarco Murray didn’t suit up for the game because Kelly is letting him rest up for the season.

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  1. If Barner Plays like he did Yesterday, Can he supplant and take Snaps from Darren Sproles as that 3rd Down RB, Punt & Kickoff Returner with younger and stronger legs and a much smaller Contract… Sproles still has Value but 2015 is probably it for him Do you keep a Barner with hopes you have a Productive Player in that Role for the next 3-4 Seasons who should improve…
    Also if Barner can Play some of those WR Routes and End-Arounds that Josh Huff does.. Can you keep Barner and Release/Trading Sproles and Huff, Then you would open up a Roster Spot for another Position and get some Draft Picks in Return… All things that Coach & GM Kelly have to ponder and weigh…

    Something to follow

      1. I agree that its a close call between Barner & Tomlinson
        The Issue is that is Tomlinson goes to Practice Squad, he will be scooped up and If Barner makes Team, then Sproles has to go…
        You can’t have a 4th RB who just Rerurns Punts and does nothing else to make your 48 Active Player List for Games ..
        If you Trade Sproles and get a 5th Rounder in Return, then Barner is your Returner and Scat/Back

        If both Barner & Tomlinson really shine throughout the Preseason and I’m Chip Kelly I would offer Sproles to the Patriots for a 5th Round Pick.. Belicheck would love and use Sproles..

  2. I did not watch one down of this ‘game’ as it is the most meaningless waste of time on a beautiful sunday afternoon in august! arguing over who the 50-53 men are… ha!

    1. Probably the most Important Game in Chip Kelly’s NFL Career and HAC misses it to watch Harry Potter for a 23rd Time … Good Grief… And you call yourself an Eagles Fan who can’t make a contribution, a decision, a prediction or stand about anything pertaining to Football or the Eagles, but yet, wait for it to be over and then Criticize other Fan’s Post’s … Get the Hell out of Here…

      1. The most important game? Its practice. Ok here is a couple predictions. 1. You will make contradictory predictions time and time again 2.bradford will start week one3. They win 11, make a run in playoffs. 4. The defense will not necessarily have great overall ranking but will bevery good

        1. 5. Smith will contribute at OLB 6. Murray an Matthew will combine for 2000 6. Bradford will start 14 games 7. You will continue to pretend to know football

    1. I did not judge those that watched. I had a full day with family on Saturday and Sunday i wanted to chill poolside– I simply stated that the game is meaningless- those arguing about the 53rd man have no clue – we still have like 4 weeks of camp, injuries etc will happen.
      I’ve been trying to not be such a slave to the evil empire (NFL)- I hate that they make you ticket holders pay for 2 extra ‘games’ (they are not games)- I’m pissed they have turned fucking combine into a tv event etc- me not watching a meaningless scrimmage in august won’t kill me- it won’t dampen my enthusiasm for the team nor will it diminish my knowledge of the players.

    2. eagles zero did you see that a knucklehead actually said ‘the most important game (its not a game) in chip kellys pro career’– i mean is that the stupidest thing ever written by this idiot!

  3. the guy that was the most disappointing out there was Marcus Smith…he’s not an NFL player that was painfully obvious as he got thrown around, pushed around out there…the guy can’t play

    1. The Most Disappointing Player in Sunday’s Game
      1) OT Kevin Graf could not sustain 1 Block
      2) CB Byron Maxwell – Eagles will Regret Singing him to his Big Deal
      3) WR Riley Cooper – Taking Snaps away from younger, more promising WR’s
      4) QB Tim Tebow – Not an NFL QB, Rather see GJ Kinnie in there playing
      5) DB Jaylen Watkins – Overmatched physically when tackling, very poor technique that he needs to straighten out or will be a goner

        1. 8) Nolan Carroll – 3rd and 9 and was is playing 12 Yards off Andre Johnson
          who isn’t going to run any Deep Routes for that’s not his Game.. He’s a 8-15 Yard Route Runner .. Why was there not Tighter Coverage on a 3rd and 9 Play?

          1. 9) Kicker Chris Parkey – 2 Missed Kicks left 4 Points off the Board
            10) RB Darren Sproles – Dropped a Pass from Sanchez on opening drive on a 3rd and 2 play where he was matched up 1 on 1 with a LB and had open field and yes the ball was a tad high, but a ball that should be caught by Sproles

              1. #1 Worst Eagles Fan – It’s Haveacigar who states nothing matters until things are over and played out and then bitches on all others Posters Comments and has nothing to add to any conversation and rather watch “Harry Potter” for the 23rd Time on Summer Sunday afternoon instead of checking out and following his supposed Favorite Team, the Eagles…

              2. not sure where the HP thing came in since i’ve not seen it once but ok- you are just mad that I continually call you out on your contradictory predictions and the not understanding football terminology.
                I made several predictions for you– i won’t change them so you are wrong again.
                as i stated the first preseason game is meaningless and arguing over who player 53 is going to be is sheer speculation as you are seeing only a fraction of their contributions — you see no practice, no film study, no classroom– you see 10 plays in a meaningless practice

  4. This Saturday’s Game versus the Ravens is now shaping up to be Chip Kelly’s most Important Game as the Eagles HC… Lets see how he handles Sam Bradford, RB Murray & Matthews, the emergence of Tim Tebow
    It should be Fun, Exciting TV which is what the NFL and Owners Want..

      1. henski thats just lenny looking for attention. it continues to show his complete lack of knowledge about sports. fraudman was the team manager that while practice was going on he would draw plays in the dirt, bug the coach to put in his play, then one day the coach out of the niceness of his heart had the kids run it in practice, so fraud explained the play lined them up in the formation, they ran the play and the defense kind of faked running after the play, falling down as the runner went into the endzone where he spiked the ball– fraudman was lifted to the teams shoulders and carried off the field!

  5. HAC I couldn’t help but notice your repertoire .The depth of a violent game ,matters ,as “next man up” is a mantra of each and every team in the NFL (not for long) .Watching the meaningless games to there conclusion ,is a means for a fan(s) to at least try to see withthe small sampling,how guys perform with live bullets flying.With the exception of fiscal considerations,Nobody is kept on the roster who can’t help contribute to the football team.The status of potential trade chips also emerges (Barkley) .Not watching the games is a choice ,I respect you wanting to spend quality time with your family ,but for starved football fanatics who watch the damn draft ,we have different priorities.Lets assume you lived in Boone ,and your thrill was watching the time change at the local bank clock,it doesn’t mean you don’t have a life ,it just seems that way .

    1. desert i absolutely understand the ‘next man up’ nature of the league. I simply stated that the sample size of watching these guys is tiny- at some point you have to say the coaches have more data- I didn’t judge anyone for watching but i continue to challenge the chimp who tries to sound like a know it all and he just has no depth of understanding. Simply stating that the coaches have criteria they look for and that in reality the 45-53 men are possibly the most important decisions…

  6. I definitely watched too many Pre-Season Games this PAst Weekend
    Rain Showers Sat & Sunday Afternoon had a lot to do with it and messed up my Hiking Plans…
    This week will be a nice Test Practicing and then Playing against a Quality Opponent in the Ravens and then the 3rd Week’s Preseason Game 1st Half versus the Packers..
    So far, the Eagles are in pretty good shape health Wise and will get Bradford, Murray,Matthews, Sproles & Celek up to speed with more Reps..
    They added another LB today off the Waiver Wire and the competition at the LB Position is very good & deep this Summer and it also may mean that Ryans and Alonso are injured or slow to return a little more than what’s been released to the Media

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