Chip Kelly: Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley Both Played Well

TimTebow116Chip Kelly’s news conference this morning was full of evaluations of his players and information about the health of different players.

Regarding the battle for the 3rd quarterback position, Kelly said he thought Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow both played well.  He also said they both threw the ball well on Sunday afternoon.  Kelly said each got in trouble for something that wasn’t their own doing. (Barkley on the interception and Tebow on the sacks)

“They were accurate with their throws”, Kelly said. “Matt got a little bit more throws than Timmy had just in terms of play-calling, but that wasn’t by design, it was just how the game was expressing itself, but I thought both of them took advantage of their opportunities.”

That should tell you a lot right there.  I thought Barkley threw the ball better than Tebow, but Kelly seems to see them at the same level.  Of course you know he is using the scramble for a touchdown by Tebow to even the score.  The Heisman Trophy winner used his speed and power to get into the end zone, which are abilities that Barkley doesn’t have.

There’s no question that Tebow adds the running element to his game and it is viewed as extremely valuable by Chip Kelly.  I would venture to say that Kelly values the running ability of a quarterback on a higher level than any other NFL head coach.  That’s one of the reasons, Tebow is on the team in the first place.

Regarding the right guard position Kelly responded: Andrew Gardner is very consistent. You know exactly what you’re getting. He’s always in the right spot.

It wasn’t a raving endorsement of Gardner but it was enough to let you know he’s in the lead for that starting position.

Regarding the one top receiver on the roster, who was missing in action Sunday, Josh Huff – I thought he has been very consistent during this training camp.  He wasn’t targeted on Sunday, but we think he’s had a great camp.

In regards to injuries: Earl (Wolff), DeMeco (Ryans), and (Zach) Ertz  will not practice today.

He praised the play of nose guard Bennie Logan – I thought he played really, really well. He understands the plays they’re running against him.  He recognizes the blocking scheme.

Kelly talked about the wide receiver position: We will be doing more rotating at the wide receivers because we have upgraded the bottom of the position.  (It’s a way of getting Agholor on the field for passing plays and having Cooper on the field for running plays. Even if Aghlolor doesn’t start, he will be on the field a great deal and we will be throwing the ball to him.)

Kelly: I think Miles Austin has a role on special teams. (Austin did not play any ST snaps Sunday)

Kelly singled out the play of rookie CB Eric Rowe for causing two fumbles.  He caused one fumble that was recovered by the Eagles and another that was recovered by the Colts.

Chip talked about some of the reason Kenjon Barner is playing better: There’s an advantage for Barner being here last year? Advantage over rookies. Watch the nice job Kenjon did on returns. His experience here gives him a leg up on the rookies.

Kelly let us know that LB Kiko Alonso will be back today but will work back in slowly.  Mychal Kendricks is back out there practicing with his teammates.

In regards to the motivation to playing against Ravens, who they will practice against tomorrow, Thursday and Friday:  For the defense, Baltimore will have more two running backs sets.  The defense will also get the chance to compete with a very good quarterback in Joe Flacco.

74 thoughts on “Chip Kelly: Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley Both Played Well

  1. Trade Sanchez.

    Hope Eagles switch Tebow and Barkley’s order this week or next. Would like to see Tebow behind a line that didn’t include Molk and Graf. No QB is going to look decent behind those 2 guys.

    One is tiny, and the other just seems to enjoy backpedaling.

  2. Tim Tebow Played Well ??
    He had a nice Series when he first came in and was all downhill from there..
    He cannot read and decipher Defenses quick enough at the NFL Level to play QB effectively for any consistent length of time.. He’s not an NFL QB

    1. paulman
      August 18, 2015 – 10:25 am
      Lets see how he handles… the emergence of Tim Tebow

      August 18, 2015 – 1:28 pm
      Tim Tebow Played Well ?? He cannot read and decipher Defenses quick enough at the NFL Level to play QB effectively for any consistent length of time.. He’s not an NFL QB


  3. The “Emergence of Tebow” as reported to the masses of hype that is Philly Local Media.. Anyone who follows Football knows that Tim Tebow is not a legitimate NFL QB… Do I have to explain every Post to you, Every bit of Sacarsm & Humor… Are you that dense HAC and take my every written word so literal??

    1. actually paul everything you say is so ludicrous its impossible to determine. When you predict this guy will make the team in one post and an hour later completely contradict yourself.
      Actually, most of the media (those that know a little) are saying pretty much that he blows– its the fans that are talking about his ‘intangibles’ etc– its all ridiculous- the guy isn’t accurate enough that i’ve seen (admittedly i didn’t watch the game) – going off of reports.

  4. I thought the announcers during the game made an interesting point.Defenseswill have to scheme for tebows read option ,especially in red zone circumstances.Not too many 3rd string Qbs do much more than hold a clipboard and certainally don’t bring an element into the game planning.Would he be activated as a 3rd string QB?just for that aspect alone? Im not anamored with Sanchez ,I really am still bewildered why he was so coveted .Id love see much more of Barkley and possibly entrust him with the back up role ,an deceive higher trade compensation than a Barkley would provide.What might as perceived one of the best back up QB in the league get in terms of draft compensation? Chips comments about Riley cooper are very telling.Hes out there on running plays ..That’s a tip off to any defensive coordinator and means he’s moving down the receiver food chain.Idlove see Ed Reynolds continue with his ball hawking skill set .He did a lot of that at Stanford and if not for his injury he could be a sleeper.That makes in he and shepherd two pretty good late round secondary possibilities.I know it’s very early but I’m sensing this teams depth ,far exceeds any of the two Chip had,and it seems like the coaching of two concerned areas O line and the back end have been shored up a bit..all in all I’m anxious as are all of us to see the final 53 and the starters all healthy vs Atlanta .

  5. Interesting and all plausible points DE
    With only keeping 46 Players Active on Game Days, it’s very unlikely that a Tebow or any 3rd String QB is Active if both#1 &# 2 QB’s are healthy..
    Bottom line with Tebow is that he has to prove he can pass the ball and make the proper reads which he has struggled to do over his NFL Career and though he has worked hard on his Delivery and Mechanics, you still have to read and react and know your progressions…
    I think QB Bradford will get the 1st Quarter (3 Drives at most) vs the Ravens
    Followed Barkley and thenTebow… I would not be surprised to See Sanchez sit out Game #2 as Kelly really wants and needs to see Barkley under some live conditions versus a better and more active Defense tha the face inthe Ravens

  6. I’d assume if a starter QB goes down that raises the bar on Sanchez…would he get us back -anything under those circumstances ? And what would Barkley bring by constants to Sanchez in yourestimation?

    1. I think Sanchez would return a 3rd Round Pick and possibly a 2nd Rounder if a Playoff Contending Team, all of a sudden lost their #1 QB due to Injury (Seahawks,Broncos,Bengals, would probably overpay to get an Experienced QB if they had to)

      I believe Barkley returns a 6th Rounder and possibly a 5th Rounder if he continues to play well inPre-season

      1. In the words of Jake Blues….”No. Fucking. Way”

        There is no way Sanchez draws a 2. Ever.

        1 – 3 months ago no team wanted him. FOR FREE. No offers from any team.
        2 – He can’t throw the ball over 20 yards.
        3 – He can’t throw the ball over 20 yards
        4 – He can;t throw the ball over 20 yards
        5 – Any attempt to throw over 20 yards results in a high floater that hangs in the air just long enough to get his crossing WR killed.
        6 – He just went 2 for 7 and the 2 catches were both spectacular catches on terrible balls.
        7 – No one wanted him for free 3 months ago. No one. (‘cept, for some strange reason Kelly and Koolidiot
        8 – He can’t throw the ball over 20 yards.


        2nd round pick. Please. At this point you’re just….what’s the stupid word everyone uses for these situations? Trolling?

        1. A Team that is all in to Win in 2015 (Seahawks,Broncos as prime examples that would likely be willing to over to get a QB who could help them continue to Win a Super Bowl.. Would Pete Carroll be comfortable with Tavaris Jackson or Broncos with Brock Osweiler ? Only a Team with a legitimate chance of a serious Playoff Run who don’t have a viable Backup would be willing to overpay for QB which there is only a few Teams
          As I stated above, when taken these few Teams out of the mix, then your likely looking at returning a 3rd Round Pick..
          How many QB selected in the 3rd Round or later have as much NFL Experience and 2 Championship appearances as Sanchez does? If your a bottom half Team inthe NFL, then your rebuilding and not interested in Sanchez but if your Steelers or Bengals and Big Ben or A Dalton go down for the Season
          do you not think they would have an interest in Sanchez and still try to Win in 2015

          1. For some insane reason you keep using the words Sanchez and playoffs in the same sentence.

            No team (other than the Eagles) even made him an offer to be a backup.

            NFL GMs know that he’s a joke, and to keep saying “who will want Sanchez to keep them in a Super Bowl hunt” (paraphrasing) is asinine, because no NFL GM thinks Marc Sanchez can lead their team to the SB.

            Sanchez better put on a show Saturday because he’s closer to being released than he is to leading anyone to a SB.

            1. 1) Sanchez has been to 2 Champiomship Games by basically being a Game Manager and handed the ball of 65% of the Time (Like the Seahawks do)
              2) Sanchez signed his Deal with the Eagles during the 1st Week of Free-Agency so saying no one wanted him is irrelevant since Chip Kelly wanted him back… How many NFL Teampursue a backup QB the first week of Free-Agency?
              3) Sanchez probably looked around the NFL for his options and probably thought his own best chance for Success was remaining with the Eagles and compete with QB Nick Foles for the Starters Spot

              Believe me, I am no big fan of Mark Sanchez but as a Backup QB, he’s fine
              And if I were a Teams GM who is built to win it alright now and found out this morning that I lost my Starter for the Season, I would call Chip Kelly about Sanchez availability
              Look at Steelers,Seahawks & Bronco Teams and Current backups?
              Do they even make the Playoffs without their Franchise QB?

  7. If Russell Wilson tore his ACL and was done for the Season, I would think Pete Carroll would be very interested inSanchez or Barkley to run the Seahawks Offense as Pete Carroll recruited and knows both QB’s strengths & weaknesses

  8. Barkley is way better than sanchez I would love for them to trade sanchez…things I hate about sanchez
    1. Can’t throw over 10yds with accuracy ( Matthews td pass)
    2. Throws to high to receivers ( agholor, Matthews )
    3. He has no connection with sproles at all doesn’t know how to throw a touch pass at all he’s throwing a 5yd high bullet to a 5’6 player
    4. He locks in 1 wr and doesn’t scan the whole field
    5. He has very little throwing power which is the reason all his passes are 10yds and under
    6. His pocket presence is awful that’s why he takes unnecessary sacks doesn’t know when to move left or right or when to step up in the pocket
    7. He butt fumbled

    1. sanchez blows but barkley is trash.ill take sanchez over barkley all day. u have no clue here gloomy barkley is steamy sewage

      1. He did have his best completion % of his career last year.Sixty plus.I hate the guy ,his body language is toxic.The heisman trio on this team as now constituted is a joke.Getting rid of one or both and receiving compensation is the goal.Chip can out scheme vanilla defenses on tape in pre-season and prop. Up a guy to look better than he is ..that’s the hope .

        1. so far in training camp barkley has more INTS than tebow, sanchez and bradford guy is putrid gloomy. dont let a few preseason game throws against 3rd stringers fool u.

          so far at camp:

          Bradford – 295 reps (19 with second team), 163/218, 18 TD, 2 INT
          Sanchez – 256 reps (44 with first team), 149/205, 13 TD, 1 INT
          Tebow – 146 reps, 71/107, 4 TD, 1 INT, 3 rushing TD
          Barkley – 137 reps, 81/108, 7 TD, 4 INT, 1 rushing touchdown

    2. What is the basis for this statement Gloomy? Sanchez is not good, but he is a much more capable back up than Barkeley.

      None of want to have Sanchez as a starter, but I would trust him way more than Bark.

  9. Nobody is gonna say this but me buy I think the 2 te’s should be ertz and Burton I think they could be the next gronk and hernandez ( without all the killing) I’m tired of celek being praised for being a glorified blocker he sucks in the passing game I mean if anybody is near him it’s a dropped pass he bulked up so much to Block it took away from the little bit of speed he had when he first came into the league… hell Jimmy graham is a good blocker at all but he’s one hell of te chip is making his offense struggle by having celek on the field hell even on the team for the matter..

  10. Vinnie..I find it interesting that “nobody” but Chip ,coveted Sanchez in the off season ,and to Chips dismay ,the same can be said for coveting Sam I Am during the draft process. It brings to mind that somebody else’s garbage is another mans treasure.I put out the question ,what would be the plausibility that Buffalo or the Jets would offer for Sanchez? The buttfumbler?There situations don’t need to evolve based upon an injury as both situations already are dire in everyone’s estimation.What is Barkleys contractual status ? Would he be more attractive than Sanchez based solely upon his numbers of dollars? One last food for thought..what if Sam I Am plays really well and appears healthy ,would a trade still be enabled by a Cleveland or dare I say tennesse?

  11. 15 yards downfield on the flanks is a dead zone with Sanchez as QB unless he bootlegs out to shorten the throw. Mark Sanchez attempted 2 deep passes in the 1st preseason game to the flanks and both were bootlegs to get him in a straight line with the intended receiver. Once to Trey Burton who was opened by 5 yards ( under thrown but should of been caught) . The other to Jordan Matthews who he missed for a TD.

  12. If Sanchez gets his feet set and hips turned and hits Jordan for the TD which was a gimme we would be saying, great Game by SAnchez..
    Then the Following does not Occur
    1) The Next Pass to Agholor
    2) If the Pass to Agholor was on target and accurate, Agholor gets tackled after the catch since the Defender has no reason to leave his feet thinking he has a chance for an Int… and there is no TD… Its a game of inches either way…

    Sanchez ran the Offense fine with Tempo and Pace, his Accuracy sucked for he was probably a tad nervous and typically starts off games throwing high for he doesn’t have his feet set …

    Burton and Sproles both should have caught those Passes from Sanchez

    Sanchez is not likely to Win any Championships for any Team but when you look around the NFL and you take a close look at the Back-up QB’s that Teams have, who Wins you a Championship? Heck, you can look a the bottom 15 Starting QB’s in the NFL and who is going to Win you a Super Bowl

      1. Believe it or not, I actually agree with HAC..
        If Chip Kelly didn’t believe these Players (Sanchez,Cooper & Celek) gave the Eagles a Chance to Win, then they wouldn’t be here on the Team and until he has other Players to replace these 3 in question, then its a moot point what us Fans think…
        I like this TE Eric Tomlinson and have been pulling for him all camp..
        He actually can block so is he continues to look good as a Receiver he could be kept at 4th TE on the Team but would also have to contribute on Special Teams or could end up on the Practice Squad though he could very well be scooped up but another Team who needs depth at TE (Redskins, Jets,Ravens,Steelers,Falcons,Titans could all use Depth at TE)

  13. Gloomy. Celek and cooper are both “good blockers”. I agree eventually skill sets who can bring that and ability downfield to make plays wins out ,making both ,expendable

  14. I’ve seen enough of Sanchez to know if he started for the eagles all yr that we will end up anywhere from 6-10 8-8….. I don’t know what our record would be with Barkley… and I’m tired of people bringing up his completion % if your throwing 10yds and under yiu should have a high % hell rg3 had 70% last yr is he a good qb sanchez blows go back and watch his games from last yr you will see every flaw I mention… when he came in maclin and sproles numbers went down I rather have vick here in a backup role at least I know he can threaten the defense deep and with his legs hell they should traded for Matt cassel over sanchez I’m. .. and for the person thst had yhe so called training camp stats they mean nothing if you play like shit in the real games..

  15. I’ll tell you this much if Bradford goes down were screwed anyway no matter who yhe backup is but sanchez played 500… ball last yr and they won in spite of him not because of..
    1.panthers Game defense had 10 sacks and special teams was great
    2. Defense abd shady beat the titans
    3. Defense and shady beat the Cowboys
    4. Then thru win a meaningless giants game
    I’m rooting for them to trade him and keep Barkley and tebow they win spite of him and lose because of him.

    1. 300 yards passing in both the panthers and titan games… look i am not a dirty sanchez fan but come on… the premise of your post is that those games were won by other facets of the game- ok well those facets are PART of the game and every team gets some wins/losses based on them- its always a combination.

  16. Gloomy im actually with you on this if bradford doesnt play we are screwed anyway might as well give barkley and tebow the reigns and get trade for sanchez and get a nice 4th rd pick back

  17. Completely agree. This whole thing hinges on Bradford (who I still don’t believe was Kelly’s plan). Might as well trade Sanchez.

    Problem is, I think Sanchez’s “value” around the league is non-existent.

    On another note….Gloomsmitty earlier said that if all you do is throw under 10 yards, comp % should be in the 70s….then explain Bradford. No one threw more short passes than Bradford over the past 5 years…..yet his career comp % is 58. All the guy did has done is throw short.

    And before you go on and on about the lack of “talent” around Bradford…..

    2013 and 2014
    Bradford 60.7%
    Clemens 58.9%
    Davis 63.3%
    Hill 63.3%

    How were Hill and Davis able to complete a higher % of passes to the same players ALL THE WHILE throwing deep on a much higher percentage of their throws than Bradford was?


  18. That’s easy sanchez had light yrs better talent around him than Bradford every had hell I don’t think Bradford had one guy better than celek and celek sucks. .

    1. Those were the other 3 Rams QBs that came in when Bradford was hurt. With the same players around them, and tossing a much higher % of deep balls, 2 of them were able to post a higher comp% than Bradford. And they all suck.

  19. Truth be told I don’t need to see sanchez at all in the preseason I know who is an inaccurate poor pocket awareness guy who turns the ball over and a guy who throws clutch ints… I need to Barkley and tebow

    1. Gloomy. I agree .Also we’d be able to see these guys working with the ones and twos..better protection and better weapons to work with.Weve seen Sanchez ,with that sampling ,however we haven’t witnessed the Barkleys or tebows with those assets surrounding them..

  20. To paulmans comments on tebow..needing better pocket awareness ..Its a lot easier to sit and read your options when somebody isn’t breathing in your ear hole..

    1. It’s a Special SKill that not that many have in the NFL..
      Pocket-Awareness, Hi Football IQ, Decisiveness, Reading Defenses, Going thru your Progressions, etc,etc… Many of these Traits/Skills can be enhanced with good Coaching but I believe that the Great QB’s have this innate Ability to be able to play thru the Fires and Execute calmly and efficiently..
      Most Teams in the NFL are hoping their QBs have these Traits..
      but it seems to me if a young QB hasn’t really shown he has these Traits naturally by his 3rd Year in the NFL that he’s destined to be a Career Back-Up or maybe a Starter for a Bad Team.. but never rise to an Elite Level

  21. Vin..I find it interesting that you don’t think Chip was all in on Bradford..I’m assuming you feel as. I do that he was duped into making the deal on Foles and a second round Non conditional pick,in hopes that clev.would trade For Sam.He failed to calculate that either that was a smoke screen,or to enter into the calculus that Sam wouldn’t redo his deal with a Cleveland,or anyone else for that matter.The irony Is what I felt all along ..the Rams were ready to release him ,and Foles might have had more value on or after the draft ,and Sam could have been picked up without any leverage on his behalf..

    1. I do agree. The Bradford thing was an attempt to keep trading. Otherwise why the flirtation with Tebow? And did you see the offence change with Tebow? He’s read-optioning everything, and running around.

      Deep down, that must be what Kelly wants.

      I also will continue to believe (insist) the Rams were going to release Bradford and Kelly got fed on the unnecessary trade. Could have had Bradford for nothen.

      In fact, if Kelly had just held his horses and not gotten “duped” what would have the Eagles had?

      Bradford (as a FA), Foles AND a 2nd round pick.

      Instead we have Bradford, Sanchez and are OUT a 2nd round pick.

      Still inexcusable.

  22. ***Panthers News***
    WR Kelvin Benjamin down with a Knee Injury and looks to be severe at Practice Today and was carted off the Field … Could be a Torn ACL which would be a huge blow to their Offense and Cam Newton…. Next Man Up…

    1. similar news

      Chiefs second-year RB Charcandrick West mixed in with the first-team offense at Wednesday’s training camp practice.
      Knile Davis hurt his knee in the preseason opener, while West shined with 87 total yards on nine touches. A SPARQ freak with off-the-chart measurables, West dominated at Abilene Christian before going undrafted and signing with the Chiefs. He spent most of his rookie season on the practice squad before getting the call-up in Week 11. Talent versus talent, West may be better than Davis.

  23. riley cooper doing absoultely nothing this camp. wouldnt shock me to see him cut, think he would get cut if someone could take his job on special teams.

    bradford and huff have quite a connection this camp. wanna see these two in action. huff has most td catches from bradford so far

      1. im summarizing local beat guys articles, tweets and reports…

        i happen to think elliot shorr parks has the best coverage. dude has me drooling over bradford, elliot hated bradford all offseason and early in camp and i mean he hated the move, hated his skill set just pure hate… and bradford has won him over and dude just gushes over the guy.

    1. humor… either ya got it or ya dont. not even a chuckle paul, guaranteed not 1 chuckle by anyone here pretty much at any “joke” u ever attempted unless it was laughter at you

      now carry on with what you do best, talk to yourself, post news stories about players irrelevant to philadelphia, flip flop, and make contracting posts.

  24. Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 6m6 minutes ago

    Shocker — Barkley with another INT. Right to the #Ravens LB. #Eagles

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 10m10 minutes ago

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 12m12 minutes ago

    Rowe knocks the ball out of Steve Smith’s hand. Would have been a TD #Eagles

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 13m13 minutes ago

    Matthews with a TD catch from Bradford #Eagles

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 19m19 minutes ago

    Walter Thurmond picked off Ravens QB. Hard to tell who. Some say Flacco. #Eagles

  25. **NFL News****

    Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin Torn ACL and out for the Season

    Seahawks Safety Kam Chancellor still holding out of Camp as Week #3 comes to an end, apparently there has been no talking between the Parties and some the Players and Coach’s are starting to get concerned ..
    Remember both Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are coming off Surgeries and Injuries so this Seahawk Defense can be had early on this Season.
    as it will take a while to get these Players back and Healthy and together..

    49ers WR Jerome SImpson (who has had multiple issues while with the Bengals and Vikings) was Suspended for 6 Games for Violation of the NFL Substance Abuse Policy…

  26. Iupatti out 6-8 weeks…. hmmm they just paid him $40M– do they want to sink another couple million into mathis or go with the next man up…my bet NMU!!!!!
    if they go with mathis it will be a minimal contract!

  27. Wonder if the Eagles canTrade WR Riley Cooper or Miles Austin to the Panthers for a 2016 Draft Pick and then they can keep WR Rasheed Bailey on the 53 Man Roster and develop him along with the other young WR’s for a dynamic WR Corp for years to come…

    1. 1. Why would the Eagles do that?
      2. Why would the panthers do that? They have their version of rookie WR… They have a next man up philosophy….

  28. What we found all off season is that patience is a virtue Pman..My one criticism of Chip was that he was too amped up to do deals.Lets let the pre -season take form with our own potential injuries before we move possible valued pieces .The best solution is to watch Chip highlight guys that he deems trade worthy and allows them opportunities to create tape and heighten the revalues.

  29. Knee “jerk” reactions ..jerk being the operative word..sit back let the landscape lay itself out ..and pray for good health ,with a surplus of assets ..

  30. Tajh Boyd cut by the Steelers…

    I remember some of the regulars around here saying Boyd was just what the Eagles needed to run Chips offenses. I won’t mention any names…..

  31. ***NFL News***

    Chicago Bears Announce that Adrian Amos (5th Round Pick from Penn State) will be the Starting Safety for the Bears// Both HC John Fox and DC Vic Fangio have been praising this kid since OTA’s and Summer Camp..
    Its a shame the Eagles, who worked out Amos didn’t select him as he seemed to have the Skill Set for the Eagles Scheme at Safety..
    Keep your eye on this kid for he probably will end up as an Pro-Bowler Type 2-3 Years down the Road

    1. no eagles 4th (traded for a 3 next year) or 5th round pick this past year so this is just irrelevant to the eagles. who cares what a 5th round pick is doing for the bears


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