Report: Tim Tebow Will Make Eagles, If No Major Mistakes

TimTebow115How many times do I need to tell you that Chip Kelly wants to have Tim Tebow on this football team?  He wants to have a quarterback on the roster, who can run with the football.  Kelly’s running game was designed to utilize a running quarterback and you’re probably going to see Tebow run with the football tonight against the Ravens.

Quite a few times everyday during Eagles practices, Tebow will take off with the football at the end of the read option or after looking for an open receiver.  Kelly and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur encourage Tebow to utilize his abilities and one of them is running with the football.  It’s one of the reasons they signed him.

There was a report a couple of days ago by ESPN that said Kelly is growing in his excited about Tebow’s improvement.  Here’s a few sentences from that article. 

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly continues to be impressed by quarterback Tim Tebow, who will earn a spot on the team if he doesn’t make any major errors the rest of the preseason, a team source tells ESPN’s Dianna Russini.

The source said Kelly’s excitement for Tebow is getting stronger. Kelly is impressed by Tebow’s running skill, and although he’s not perfect, he’s improved throwing the football, making him valuable with the new two-point rule and in short-yardage situations.

Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley are all quarterbacks, who can operate in the pocket.  Tebow is a quarterback, who can operate outside of the pocket.  He can run the read option the way it was designed.  The former Heisman Trophy winner can put pressure on a defense by being a run threat.

We all saw that last Sunday when he pulled the ball down and ran for a touchdown.  That’s what Tebow brings to the party.

His throwing has gotten better.  He’s been working tirelessly on his fundamentals.  The left-handed quarterback must start recognizing when he must throw the ball away.  He needs to give up plays quicker rather than hold onto the ball and take a huge sack, still he has come a long way.  I think Kelly is looking for improvement in that area, which is very important for NFL quarterbacks.  I think Tebow is getting a better feel for making those decisions each time he plays.

The former Florida Gator needs to simply take care of the football and he will be a member of the Eagles this season.

I say that and feel badly for Matt Barkley who has had a great camp and shown everybody that he is a good NFL quarterback.  I think Barkley has improved so much that he is better than some of the 32 starting NFL quarterbacks.  His arm has gotten stronger and he was amazingly accurate last week against the Indianapolis Colts.  Barkley has become very good at analyzing the defense, processing his options, making a decision and getting rid of the football.

If he continues to play so well, the Eagles are going to end up getting a draft pick for him in a trade.

41 thoughts on “Report: Tim Tebow Will Make Eagles, If No Major Mistakes

  1. Matt Barkley is too small and his arm is too weak…no one will give you a draft pick for him…Nice kid he should try the CFL

  2. Falcons QB Matt Ryan andTheir Passing Attack clicking…
    Eagles will need 30 + Points Opening Game to Beat them….
    Marty Ice isthrowingdartsto Julio,Roddy and even L Hankerson looks good who never did anything while he was with the Redskins

      1. This 1st Half vs the Ravens and next Weeks 1st Half vs the Packers will tell us where this 2015 Team isinrelation to the better Teams of the NFL
        Watching for the battles along the Line of Scrimmage, Bradford’s QB Play andDecisionmaking and of course the Def Secondary Play…
        Ravens WR Corps is young and not very deep behind Steve Smith so thryshouldlookgood tonight, next week vs Rodgers & Co is a much different matchup for Eagles Secondary ..

    1. Seahawks’ D laughed at the Eagles’ offense after their game last season. Saying the Eagles were weak. Even the Chipper admitted the Birds got beat up up front. Matthews and Murray are stronger than Shady but are Gardner and Barbre stronger than Herremans and Mathis? For the Birds to get to the playoffs they are going to have to rush that ball into the end zone which Shady and the running game couldn’t accomplish last season.
      Vinny identified the lack of a pass rush without blitzing as a concern. GMCliff also is concerned about that. Looking to see how they generate a pass rush this week.

  3. Chiefs WR J Maclin played well last evening versus the Seahwaks, caught a few Passes, ran a reverse, caught a TD coming out our of the backfield…
    Chiefs with RB Charles,TE Kelce and now WR Maclin may finally start scoring some points and running a more open Offense that we are used to seeing from
    Coach AR .. Backup QB Chase Daniels is having a nice Camp so far..
    Seahwaks OL is a mess right now,backup RB C Michael cannot hang onto the ball.. Safety K Chancellor still holding out, DB’s Earl Thomas & Richard Sherman are still not 100% so get the early this Season for the Seahawks Offense is going to struggle some

  4. I think I termed it the “emergence” of Tim Tebow last week…
    Let’s see if he reverts back to his shaky play or shows improvement from the Pocket…

    Players to Watch Tonight
    QB Bradford & Barkley & Tebow
    Kelce,Barbre, Gardner, Moffitt & Vanervelde
    TE T Burton & E Tomlinson
    RB Matthews &

    WR Huff, Austin & Seyi

  5. Eagles Front 7 getting Pushed around.. Nice Stop by GMCliff’s favorite Eagle
    Barwin & Acho but Ravens OL are winning the battles up front …

  6. Paulman’s DB Nolan Carroll with a nice Play and Tip back to Walter Thurmond.. Nice Pressure by Rookie LB Jordan Hicks to make Flacco move off his spot to help hold that pass up a bit, another impressive way to look at Hicks Play was that he had the discipline on holding up and not getting a late hit/penalty which is real easy to do for young Players who want to make a big play ..

  7. Bradordexcited, throwing high and late (similar to how Sanchez was last week
    Ravens Front 7 adjusting and causing problems for Eagles OL
    Bradfordmay only play 1 Series here

  8. Excellent job by Bradford…especially for his first life action and getting the cobwebs out of it!

  9. took a cheap shot at the knees…a hard clean shop…but led the team right down the field! Good job-Sam Bradford

  10. Nice Drive,Bradford keeping his composure, took a few hits and has weathered the storm .. Good Running and Play-Calling and Execution ..

  11. Great play by Carroll stride for stride early

    Awesome drive by birds although Bradford missed some ez throws

    Good pick by Maxwell although I don’t get the cushion he keeps giving wr is that billy Davis?

  12. Nice Pressure and Coverage on Maxwell’s INT but a Poor Pass by Flacco
    High & late and had 2 Open Receivers that he just misfired on

    Go Sanchez – no surprise that Bradford only played 1 Series

    1. When you run laterally inthe Red-Zone, your in Trouble…
      Eagles last few years with McCoy ran too many “outside” the Tackles running plays which take too long to develop and don’t work in the red zone

      Sanchez looking pretty good and getting the ball out.. Seems like he has a bit more zip on his passes from last Year… Eagles have a very good Situation at QB with both Bradford & Sanchez..

  13. funny how people want Celek out of here, did you see him on the TD run? what a seal on suggs… he is a player- bradford is a good qb … ok decent start.

  14. Very smart special team play…Kenjon Barner was well covered and instead of trying to do to much…he took what was available…smart kid!~

  15. Barneris making this Team
    The Decision is if you keep Barner as the 4th RB/Special Teams
    The you can only Carry 3 TE’s (Celek,Ertz & Burton) or
    Just 5 WR’s instead of 6 (Matthews,Agholor,Huff, Austin & Sejiourto)
    And no Riley Cooper which I am hoping…
    If Copper has a broken thumb, maybe he goes on short term IR for 4-5 Weeks
    To buy a little time
    The only other option I see by keeping Barner is to trade Darren Sproles which I am ok with and get some Value in Return while they can…
    Call NE Pats who would Trade for Sproles in a heartbeat and get a 4th or 5th Pick in Return .. Barner is basically a Younger healthier Sproles…
    I make the Call to Belecheck, Chip ..

    1. I am not concerned about QBPressure.. It will come as they start game planning and more reps with the 1st Unit. This 2nd Unit DL with Hart,Bair, Allen& Curry are getting it done..
      Barkley has command of this Offense.. IthinkaTeamlike the Pats, Ravens,Bears, Steelers,Jets & Bengals can use upgrades at Backup QB

  16. Barkley looked pretty good, nice Grabs by Bailey, Mostert
    Good Kick by Parkey, Eagles dominating In all Phases
    Eagles2nd Units OL & DL have dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage just like last week against the Colts. The volume of practice reps is really helping to elevate the backups playa execution over these other Teams backups..

  17. Stop it with the tebow headlines the guy is shit and shouldn’t be in the NFL.

    Article on utley or gtfoh

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