The Eagles Three-Headed Monster Makes Its Debut

RyanMathews15After the game Sam Bradford compared himself to a point guard in basketball in that he’s just trying to get the ball to his teammates, so that they can get the opportunity to make plays.  The Eagles definitely have plenty of weapons to throw at a defense each week, but one the keys to their season will be how well they run the football.

Chip Kelly has put together a trio of running backs, which are sure to create serious problems for the opposition.

Last night, we got a taste of that three-headed monster, which Chip Kelly wants to turn loose on the rest of the NFL.

DeMarco Murray blasted into the line, didn’t see a hole, so he made one by dropping his shoulder and bulldozing for six yards.  Murray was also a target out of the backfield last night.  Murray carried the ball five times for 17 yards and he also caught a pass for 14 yards.

Next up was Ryan Mathews who finished the first drive with a tough 14 yard burst into the end zone.  Mathews has an outstanding combination of size and speed.  He’s a big back with the speed of a little back. Mathews ran three times for 19 yards and of course part of that effort was the 14-yard touchdown run.

Next up you’ve got Darren Sproles, who uses his speed to get outside then comes out of the backfield, makes a move on the defenders and catches the pass for ten to fifteen yards.  Last night they had Sproles split outside in the slot position. He ran twice for a total of ten yards and he also caught two passes for another fifteen yards.

They do their jobs differently because they have different skills sets, but with all of them the results are positive.

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    1. Absolutely! He deserves a spot…another very good special teams player! Looks like we are going to be strong in that area again and if any of the running backs go down…plug in Barner…gives us good depth!!

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